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SHAKE SHACK SPICES UP RAMADAN Can you handle the heat? By bazaar staff

We love food! All kinds of it! We love fancy dining, street food and homecooked meals. But we absolutely have a soft spot for big juicy burgers and a side of fries. Burgers are simple, consistent and most of all, delicious. The fries complete the experience of comfort food corner and we would be happy to live there forever! And while we are all for the classic cheeseburger without anything else, turning up the heat makes us even happier! So, when we found out that Shake Shack was coming out with a new spicy burger on May 16th, we were first in line. We really mean it; we were in borderline breakfast territory because of how early we were. The new Pickled Jalapeno burger is part of their Ramadan specials, so it is available only for a limited time, which makes it even more special. A 100% all-natural Angus beef cheeseburger topped with a slice of American cheese, marinated shallots, pickled jalapeĂąos, and Sriracha mayo; the sauce is on point, adding some heat and flavor without overpowering the entire burger. The jalapeĂąos and shallots are covered in a spicy batter and deep fried, making them crunchy, zesty and definitely crispy! We love it when different textures and tastes explode in our mouth! We got the single burgers, but for the hungrier among us, you can order a double or even a triple patty version of this new Shake Shack addition! It is spicy, but we think most people can handle it. What happens when you add the juicy, expertly grilled burger and melted cheese into the fluffiest potato bun? Can we talk about those buns for a minute, or two, or five? Buttered and toasted so they never get soggy, the potato buns at Shake Shack easily make our list of favorite burger buns. Knowing that there are no hormones, antibiotics or GMOs in our meals is also always reassuring. Along with their signature crinkle-cut fries, fried for the perfect crisp, our comfort food corner just got a lot cozier. And because you need something to cool down with after a spicy meal, we tried the newly released Red Velvet Concrete. It is a dense, rich and creamy frozen custard with red velvet cake all mixed together. They actually spin this magical conconction daily at their locations. It is so packed they actually challenge you to hold it upside down. Nothing falls out of the cup! 102

While we love our kunafas and qatayefs, we think they are better suited for the colder months. The Concrete is just the perfect summer Ramadan dessert! It is sweet, cold and delicious. We will be back at Shake Shack for more, because we know that the limited edition

Pickled Jalapeno burger is not going to last forever! Shake Shack has seven locations across Kuwait. For more information and the latest updates, please follow Shake Shack on Instagram @shakeshackme.