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The Insider’s Guide to Middle School at Baylor

Why Baylor School? It’s a question you’re probably asking yourself right now, and one that anyone on our campus could easily answer. But when it comes

to Middle School at Baylor, we defer to the students who live and breathe it every day. Each fact, stat, and word of advice on these pages comes straight from Baylor students. They told us how using iPads in the classroom helps keep them super-organized. They shared how much they look up to Upper School students. They couldn’t stop talking about co-curricular experiences such as Walkabout and the Middle School play. When asked, “Why Baylor School?” our sixth, seventh, and eighth graders gave us hundreds of reasons – all reflective of their joyful, engaged attitude toward learning. That eagerness to collaborate and contribute reminds us why most students are drawn here in the first place.


When I think about leadership, I think about the Baylor mission statement– having the ability and desire to make a positive difference in the world.

Baylor builds you up to do great things.

– Teddy Lepcio, Baylor 8th grader

Exploring. Connecting. Creating. Just another day at Baylor. Baylor classes are big on student participation and group work, so every day is an active day.

As you explore ancient Greece in history class, Team Athens battles it out with Team Sparta. Sustainable energy is the main topic when Earth Science class visits the campus solar farm. Studio Art unleashes everyone’s inner artist with painting, drawing, sculpture, and design. At the head of each class is a fun, fascinating faculty member. Mr. Wong is famous for giving students candy-inspired nicknames, like Fireball and Gummy Bear. Ms. Watson comes in early every day to help her students get the jump on math. And Ms. Vines is armed with a flair for Latin – and a sword. She’s an internationally ranked fencer and naturally, a Baylor fencing coach. After classes end, there is plenty more to do. All Baylor students

participate in co-curricular activities after school, from community service and dance to soccer, golf, football, and lacrosse. Words of wisdom from Baylor Middle School students. “When you visit Baylor, be sure to walk all over campus – you’ll want to see everything. That means a lot of hills, so get ready for a hike!” “Don’t be afraid to speak up. When Gandhi’s grandson came to campus, I got to ask him a question. How many people have the chance to do that?” “No goofing off! In ethics class, we sit at at a big oval table where you can see everybody. It makes us pay attention, and we have some really great discussions.” “We can ask our teachers for help with anything. I used to be nervous about talking to teachers, but not since I came to Baylor.”

To see all the after-class options, visit For a complete look at the Middle School curriculum, go to baylorschool. org/middleschool.

Awesome Advisers Every Baylor student has a faculty adviser – someone you can talk to about classes, homework, sports, clubs, friends, whatever. Middle School advisers keep things interesting all year long with trips to the Food Bank, bowling, kickball, and even whitewater rafting down the Ocoee River.

Welcome to the family.

It’s not surprising that classmates get together for football games, movies, or just hanging out ... until you realize we’re talking about Baylor graduates from 15 or 20 years ago. Being a member of the Baylor family means friendships that last forever. Our Middle School community is made up of students from dozens of elementary schools in the Chattanooga area. As you discover Baylor together, you’ll connect with students you’ve known for years, as well as new friends who share your classes and your interests. You’ll also get to know your teachers. Just ask our current students: “Teachers are really involved. You can see how much they love teaching. They come in early in case you need help.” “They’re fun, too. We’ll have tea breaks in ethics class.” “And our geography teacher has the best sense of humor – and such a poker face when he’s joking. I learned so much from him; I’ve kept my geography notebook even though I don’t have that class anymore.” Baylor brings all kinds of people together. Learning side by side with students from other elementary schools, neighborhoods, and even countries, you’ll learn the true meaning of community.

“In sixth grade, we get students from many different schools and build a community here. Some of their grandfathers went to Baylor and some may have come from a different continent, but that community building happens in middle school. And it’s amazing.” – Ward Fleissner ’75, sixth grade Humanities teacher

Inside Middle School at Baylor Baylor’s Middle School is designed especially for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. We’ve done our homework on how middle schoolers learn best and planned our classes to keep you interested, challenged, and never bored. The school day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 2:50 p.m. In the afternoons, you’ll participate in athletics or other co-curricular activities. You can also take advantage of “Extra Help” sessions with teachers, or work on projects with classmates. Most core Middle School classes are held in Barks Hall, but you’ll venture to other areas of campus for arts classes, physical education, lunch, and chapel.

Speaking Baylor’s Language • The Middle School operates on a “modified block schedule,” which means some classes are longer than others. This gives teachers the ability to do more in certain areas – and it gives you time to really get into the subjects with discussions, projects, and even mini field trips. • For your “Project-Based Learning” class, you’ll work in groups to figure out many possible solutions to a problem you’re given. At the end of class, you’ll share all your favorite ideas with your classmates. • Everyone in the Middle School joins a “Spirit Team” that has sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. All year long, you earn spirit points by participating in fun events or attending classmates’ ballgames and performances. • In “Lit Strat” class (short for “Literacy Strategies”), you’ll read, read, read. You get to choose your books and you’ll track the number of pages you read toward your goals.

Want to ask questions about Baylor School or visit our campus? Call: 423-267-5902



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A Guide to Middle School at Baylor  

Baylor School is an independent boarding and day school, grades 6-12, located on the banks of the Tennessee River.

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