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Muhammad Ali Born 1942

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May 2013

Introduction Famous Quotation: "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

Muhammed Ali was a symbol to blacks for boxing. He said, we don't have to be underdogs, we can be strong too.

What I find interesting: his brother did not have the same talent.

3 Key Qualities: 1.self belief 2.took action 3.viewed problem as opportunity

My dad is a boxer, he is a boxer. My dad's name is Mohammed and Muhammad Ali's name is Muhammad. My Dad believes in himself.

Overcame a Hardship/Challenge Rudy, Muhammed's brother, and Cassius (Muhammed) could not go on the bus. Even if they could their parents would not be able to pay for both boys. I think they must have felt bad that they could not ride the bus because of their skin color.

Showed Compassion and Empathy From beating Sunny Listen, Ali got 5 million dollars and he shared with charity.

I think he showed Compassion and empathy because he had 5 million dollars and he shared some with charity. He could have used it for himself but he shared.

Took Action Muhammad Ali said no to the Vietnam War.

I think he took action because he did not go to the war. He could have gone to jail and paid a fine and he took that risk. He stayed true to his religious faith and discipline.

Persevered He was banned from boxing and he still spoke against the war.

I think it must have been hard to spend 4 years without a job and not to box, his passion.

Impact: How Things are Different Today The Supreme Court agreed people did not have to go to war if it was against their religion.

I think he made a difference even when he did not box. If your religion is against the war, you do not have to go to war.

Viewed Problems as Opportunities He thought that boxing as a sport is more important than boxing in anger.

I think when he got his bike stolen, he started to box and the bike getting stolen disappeared from his mind.

Demonstrated Bravery He won a gold medal for his country and when he came back there was segregation and he tried to stop it.

I think he could have gone to jail.

Learned from Mistakes Muhammad Ali lost 8 matches but he won more.

I think he won more because he learned from his mistakes. He learned that not every bout is perfect.You are not always going to win, that's life.

Communicated and Shared He said bragging words but he was communicating with black people.

He was communicating by TV and poetry. He was a symbol for other African Americans and blacks and said we can box, we don't have to keep our heads down.

Change Maker’s Name Persevered when: He was about to lose but he did not because he persevered.

Showed compassion when: He donated some money to charity.

Took action by: Saying no to the war.

Made a difference when: He said no to the war.

Author Talk I'm similar to my Change Maker because...I take karate and that's similar to boxing.

My Change Maker is connected to...Jesse Owens because they are both black athletes.

I’m a Change Maker when my dad carry things down the stairs.

Bibliography The Story of Muhammad Ali

The Story of Muhammad Ali

Glossary A Change Maker is: Someone who changed the world.

Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War is a war between North and South Vietnam the USA assisted South Vietnam from 1960's to the1970's.


Heavy Weight

A bout is a boxing match.

Heavy Weight means a Heavy boxer.

• His heart is pounding flying fists like floating rocks hot heads and finally the champ Ali wins!


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