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Jackie Robinson January 31, 1919 - October 24, 1972

Dash N. Buckeye Room May 2013

Introduction Famous Quotation: Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he's losing; Nobody wants to quit when you're ahead. Best known for: being the first Black person in the MLB.

What I find interesting is that he sometimes lost his temper.

3 Key Qualities: 1. Persevered 2. Impact 3. Bravery

I chose this person because I like baseball and I want to know its history.

Overcame a Hardship/Challenge Jackie held his words when people said things that made him mad. Like when people said bad words to him.

I think that would be very hard because insults made him mad. People said offensive things and he tried to ignore them.

Took Action Jackie said yes to joining the Montreal Royals. Branch Rickey asked him to.

I think that it would be pretty hard job when you are the only black player in the MLB.

Persevered When Jackie got lifethreatening notes he responded to them with a HOME RUN!

I think that is pretty brave because he got threatened to be killed. He ignored the threats.

Impact: How Things are Different Today Because of Jackie Robinson, people of all colors can play any sport they want.

I think that is a great impact because everyone gets to play the sport they want. It would be unfair if people didn't get to play what they want. They're all good people.

Viewed Problems as Opportunities Jackie played in the MLB no matter what people said about him.

I think that would be pretty annoying to hear bad stuff over and over again. He stayed in the MLB and he made a change.

Demonstrated Bravery Jackie some times lost his temper. Once he argued with a police man. He had to spend the night in jail.

Sad, very sad. But that's what he gets for talking back.

Learned from Mistakes It was August. One game Jackie finally lost his temper. But it wasn't insults.The umpire threw one Dodgers out of the game. Jackie got mad. He stormed out of the dugout shouting. The umpire threw him out, too.

Why did he mess with ump? He didn't want his teammates to get thrown out of the game. But it still was not smart.

I’m a Change Maker when I teach my brother math.

Author Talk

I’m similar to my Change Maker because I like Baseball. I like pitching and practice to get better.

My Change Maker is connected to Hank Aaron because they both played baseball. They are both African American baseball players.

Communicated and Shared When Jackie joined the army, he complained that black people should get the right to have a higher ranking in the army.

I would want a higher ranking, too. I don't think it was fair that only white people got high rankings.


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Glossary A Change Maker is someone who makes people have better life.

Montreal Royals: a training team for the Dodgers.

MLB: Major League Baseball, a professional baseball league in the United States.

Umpire: the official in charge of a baseball game.

Time line

Big Hit By Dash N.

The first black is up to bat urgent to get a run. Anything an R-B-I or a home run. The pitcher pitches one low then high hits it into left field what an R-B-I.

Dash N.