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MAY 7, 2010

B anyan Newsletter First Grade Library: Reading, Writing and Social Studies I hope you all had a chance to SCIENCE BIRDS Banyan students drew detailed drawings of the taxonomy birds. They examined each bird closely and drew a full view of the bird as well as close ups of particular body parts. They also picked a bird to research and draw. WORD WORK WORD WALL WORDS We finished putting all our words on the word wall for the year! Now, we will review and practice the spelling of these words. I will post these on the webpage as well for home use. WORD WORK WORD STUDY Banyan readers and spellers are sorting and writing words. Every two weeks, students will get a set of words that they will sort, write and play games with. Look for the word sets in your child’s reading folder. You can practice these words at home. Let your child show you how they sort them and spell them. Have fun! MATH TEN PLUS Students have been learning how to change an unfamiliar math problem into a tens problem. For example, 9+8 can also be 10+7 or 6+7 can also be 10+3. When we change a problem into a 10+ problem, it is suddenly easier to

that libraries were not always

check out the first grade library.

healthy commons that allowed

As you could tell, your children

everyone to enter and partake.

worked so hard all year to

Richard Wright was not allowed

produce some thoughtful pieces of

to have a library card or to check

writing around a variety of

out books for himself because of


the color of his skin. He

The students read with their fifth grade buddies and with the

eventually figured out a way to get some books and read which

Holly class. They took much

opened a whole new world for

pride in carrying out their jobs

him. He went on to write some

each morning. During social

incredible novels: Native Sun and

studies, we discussed how a

Black Boy.

library is a commons. A

We also visited the Corte

commons is defined as the

Madera library last week and


talked to Marilyn, the librarian.

•Something we all share

During our visit, we learned that

•Everyone is allowed in it

they had a “read to a dog” program. When we returned to

•Everyone is responsible for taking care of it We also discussed what makes

MCDS, Jen Conley (Maple

a healthy commons:

Richard to have our own “read to

•It has a set of rules that are

teacher) arranged with Doug and a dog” program at our library!

agreed upon and that people follow

The first grade library

•People respect each other

encompasses work that first

•It is clean, neat and

graders have done in multiple

organized •Everyone helps to take care of it •Everyone has a job We read Richard Wright and the Library Card. We realized

subject areas: reading, writing and social studies. I am so proud of all the first graders’ hard work! Check out slideshows on the media section of the webpage!

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each morning. During social agreed upon and that people the Library Card. We realized Madera library last week and produce some thoughtful p...