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BALMULLO COMMUNITY COUNCIL Newsletter: Ina Cameron 870253


Chairman: Zoë Sanders Vice-Chairman: Alison Jeffrey Treasurer: Andrew Falconer Secretary: Sue Smith Minute-Secretary: Ann Falconer

Councillors 870674 870496 870221 870496

Useful Contacts Burnside Hall Keeper: Lynn Murphy The Minister Rev. Caroline Taylor Dog Warden Community Police Officer: P.C. Gavin Rae

John Normand Gwenyth Mitchell


Fife Councillors Maggie Taylor 01382 552718 Tim Brett 01382 330905 Bill Connor 077 1866 8792 RAF Aircraft Noise:

01334 839471


GALA Committee:


Member of Parliament Sir Menzies Campbell


0845 155 0022

Member of Scottish Parliament Rod Campbell


0845 600 5702

Statements made or opinions expressed in this Newsletter do not necessarily reflect the views of the Balmullo Community Council or any of its officers. Advert Prices   

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You can rent advertising space on a month by month basis or on a longer term basis. The Balmullo Newsletter has a circulation of 700 and is hand delivered FREE of charge. TO ALL ADVERTISERS – Please check your advert. If you would like to remove it or change it in any way, please let me know. Either by phone or email. My details are on page 3 of this newsletter - Ina Cameron.


ANNOUNCEMENTS Once more we had a fine turnout for our meeting which turned out to be very interesting as Kate Watson, an Environmental Officer from Fife Council gave us information about her work monitoring dogs and dog walkers. She has been patrolling the East Fife area since August and 28 fixed penalty notices for dog fouling have been issued. Her working hours are 7am to 18pm but these can be changed in response to requests for attendance outwith these hours. She advised that anyone can call her number (see p.2) and report problems with dog fouling but remain anonymous. Various street problems ie Burnside, Park View kerbs and Smithy Road parking have been reported to Cllr Taylor who will discuss them with Fife Council. Parking around the school is again being discussed. Details of double yellow lines are being considered by Fife Council. These can be inspected at Fife Council HQ at Glenrothes or on their website. There will be some work taking place on School Road beyond Quarry Road to help with the flooding problems. As and when has not been decided. As you may all know the application for a Pharmacy within the Pitcairn Practice premises was approved by Fife PPC on 1st November. There is a 21 day appeal period but we are hopeful that

COMMUNITY COUNCIL it will now go ahead. There have been some minor changes to the No 42 bus service so if you use this number be sure to check the new timetable. There have been reports of residents on Hayston Park being alarmed by youths banging on their windows late at night. This has been reported to the police. There have been further concerns with water flooding the footpath along the Hall side of Burnside. Scottish Water have been asked to check this further. Our Christmas Carol Concert will go ahead on Sunday 16th December from 6pm in Burnside Hall but with no organised Choir. We are hoping all will come along for tea, coffee and mince pies and join in the singing and make it even more successful than last year. It’s all free and the children can do their bit too. We will hope to have the Christmas Tree up and lit by then if not before. Primary 3 pupils at Balmullo Primary school were presented with an Innovation Award from Beautiful Fife for their Quick Reader (QR) Code Village Trail that informs people through their smart-phones about the history of the village.

Our next meeting is Monday 10th December, hope to see you there.

EDITORIAL I have very little to add this month (thank goodness everyone is saying). The Police meeting we were at spoke about the window banging vandals and that they have this in hand. There was another point made at the Community Council meeting – no not dogs again, this time cats. We do have a lot of cats in the village and it would be helpful if the owners could put a sand box or similar in the corner of their garden to try and avoid the neighbours using hoses, or something more drastic, on wandering cats.


INA CAMERON The other point of annoyance is a horse is being walked along Murray row. As this is more of a walking zone it would be helpful if the owner would return and move the horse droppings either into a bag or at least over to the side of the road as cyclists and Mums with prams and young toddlers are finding it very difficult.

Articles for the next newsletter should be sent to me by 10th December. MR FERGUSON, HILLVIEW ROAD

In the September edition of the newsletter, an article was published as An Open Letter saying how we were plagued by dog fouling in our garden. For a short period afterwards, I am pleased to say that the problem seemed to have been resolved. However, having just returned from being away from home for just over two weeks, I now find that a dog has decided to recommence using our garden as a toilet, for, whilst tidying up the leaves etc which accumulated during our absence, we found not one, not two, but SIX piles of excrement. As I stated previously, we find this extremely nauseating. If the owner of the dog involved cannot afford a lead on which to restrain his/her pet and keep it out of my property, I will gladly buy one for him/her. Or, if this owner has a personal dislike for me and is waging a vendetta, I would be quite happy to meet and discuss any problems. - I have alerted the Dog Warden who will contact you. (Ed.)



THE 200 CLUB DRAW - NOVEMBER’S WINNERS £50 £20 £20 £20 £20 £20 £10 £10 £10 £10 £10

Mrs Charles, Park View Mr Falconer, Inchlaw Mrs Shoemark, Mansfield Road Mr Duncan, Park View Mrs Ferrier, Park View Miss Dingwall, Park View Mr Smillie, Park View Mrs Herd, Smithy Lane Ms G Mathers, School Road Mrs MacIsaac, Hillview Road Mrs Wilson, Smithy Road

How to Join Our 200 Club? - It's easy to join the 2 0 0 Club . Ca ll o r ema il I n a a t or call 870253. It only costs £1 per entry per month, and you can enter as many times as you like. We are currently trying to raise money for various Balmullo community activities and projects.

FOR SALE HP 3 in 1 wireless printer. New (still in box), plus complete set of inks. £45 – phone 870898

TAKEN FROM Balmullo Primary School a little girl's silver scooter with black handles and flashing base. If found please return to the school or call 870897 THANK YOU. LEUCHARS & DISTRICT GARDENING AND CRAFTS CLUB Leuchars Gardening and Crafts Club Crafts Evening 8th November 2012. Twelve very talented, skilled people gave generously of their time to demonstrate a huge range of hobbies and crafts. Stained and painted glass, card-making, quilt-making, landscape painting, jewellery, needlework, the making of health-giving candles from beeswax, fretwork and intarsia of the highest standard, breadroll baking and achievable quality photography for the amateur were all demonstrated to a select but, unfortunately, small audience. Who knows, some young person inspired at such a diverse and fascinating display of crafts and hobbies, might become the next Jack Vetraino or David Mack - if only they had been

BALMULLO S.W.R.I. President Mrs. Ann Falconer welcomed members to our annual business meeting on Thursday 1st November. The meeting included the prize-giving ceremony for the year. Overall points winner was Mrs Wilma Mackie with runner-up Mrs Grace Steven. The Ina Brown Quaich was won by Mrs Wilma Mackie and the Joan Gray Trophy by Mrs Evelyn Erskine. Members of Dairsie SWRI attended to supervise the election of our new committee. Mrs Ann Falconer was re-elected as President. Other committee members elected were Mrs Rita Crush, Mrs Evelyn Erskine, Mrs Betty Gough, Mrs Elizabeth Johnston,


there. Gwenyth, the Chair of the Committee, thanked both the visitors and the demonstrators for their attendance and generosity. All in all, a very inspiring and enjoyable evening. The next meeting of the Club will the A.G.M. in the Burnside Hall on Wednesday 21st November at 7 pm. Since some key posts on the committee will become vacant, all those with a real interest in the continued health of this Club which has been promoting crafts and gardening for over 75 years, are urged to attend. A committed few hours per month and a couple of full days per year are all that are required. Anyone who volunteers will be carefully mentored. 'Phone Gwenyth for details on 01334 870010.

ANN FALCONER Mrs Wilma Mackie, Mrs Mary Reilly, Mrs Grace Steven and Mrs Jacqueline Stockton. The Red Cross also came along with Christmas gifts and cards, giving members the opportunity to purchase items and support the charity. The annual Christmas party will be held on Thursday 6th December, where a wide variety of festive dishes will be provided by the members. We look forward to seeing as many members as possible for this special night.

New members are always welcome.






Pitcairn Plumbing Services Plumbing, Installations. Maintenance and Repairs Bathrooms and Kitchens etc. No job too small Competitive prices and Free Estimates

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WHAT’S ON? NOVEMBER 30th Burns Club St Andrews Night Dance. Tickets available. In the Balmullo Inn. DECEMBER 1st St Athernase Christmas Buffet Dance, Burnside Hall, Balmullo phone 838 934 for tickets or information 6th WRI Christmas Party 10th Community Council meeting in Burnside Hall 7.30pm, all welcome. 14th Bowling Club Prize Bingo. Eyes Down 7.30pm. All welcome 16th Paths Group walk, leave Burnside Hall at 1pm (1 week earlier than usual) 17th Floral Art at Christmas, with Alison Christie and Andy 7:30 pm in Burnside Hall.


Christmas Dance in Bowling Club 8pm till late. Force Two Combo 31st Christmas Eve Family Party, 8pm to late in Burnside Hall JANUARY 2013 19th Burns Supper in Balmullo Inn. Phone 870328 for tickets or information 27th Paths Group walk, leave Burnside Hall at 1pm FEBRUARY 24th Paths Group walk, leave Burnside Hall at 1pm

Running an event? Email



Do you like the Newsletter? Could it be improved? What could make it better? We’d love to hear from you but first consider the facts. Recent newsletters with colour covers or inserts, especially the June issue, have generated lots of positive feedback. However, the perennial comment is that “there are too many adverts” and “not enough interesting articles”. Let’s look at the finances. The income from adverts in the last few issues has averaged around £400. The printing costs for over 700 copies of a typical 28 page newsletter are also around £400, but only if it’s monochrome. So the adverts finance the basic newsletter. If we have colour it can cost £150 - £200 more, depending on the number of colour pages and that’s where we need the 200 Club. Income after prizes allows us to have some colour newsletters, but not every issue. Some of that income also goes towards the floral displays and other expenses like the Christmas tree on the main road. We do get an annual grant from Fife Council but that’s needed for essential expenses like renting the Burnside Hall for meetings and insurance for Balmullo Gala. That explains why we can’t have colour every time, but if we get good enough reports with photographs then more colour issues are likely. As far as content is concerned, we get news from clubs and societies as well as occasional reports from the Primary School, the editorial, what’s on, and Community Council announcements. However, we need more volunteers to submit articles and raise the level of interest e.g. members of the WRI are now providing a monthly recipe. Many people around Balmullo have hobbies and knowledge that would be interesting to others (and a few have contributed). We don’t expect literary genius and we’ll sort out the size and style. Please have a go – e-mail to the editor.


4 oz. margarine 1 cup sugar 1 cup sultanas 1 cup milk 2 eggs, beaten 2 cups self-raising flour

GRACE STEVEN Method Mix margarine, sugar, sultanas and milk well together and bring to boil in pan. Simmer for 10 minutes and allow to cool.

Stir in the flour and beaten eggs and place the mixture in a 2lb. loaf tin or two 1lb. loaf tins.

Bake in a moderate oven for 45 minutes (2 lb. tin) or 30 minutes (1 lb. tins).

Join in the fun at the next Balmullo Community Council meeting on 10th December 7.30pm in the Village Hall.



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Fast and reliable service Emergency Call-Outs 207782

MILLBANK, 28 SCHOOL ROAD, BALMULLO TEL/FAX: 01334 870691 MOB: 07966 937842 EMAIL:




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Dates for your diary for the Paths Group Walks. 2012 November 25th and December 16th, this one is a week earlier than usual). These leave from Burnside Hall at 1pm.

2013 January 27th and February 24th both leave from Burnside Hall at 1pm. March 31st; April 28th; May 26th; June 30th; July 28th; August 25th; and September 29th. These walks leave from Burnside Hall at 2pm. October 27th and November 24th leave from Burnside Hall at 1pm.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT We would like to thank Balmullo Community Council for their very kind donation, the residents of Balmullo for their continued support during our fundraising, with donations of prizes and money for our Bingo's at Balmullo Bowling Club, and to those who were able to attend, which enabled us to participate in the Junior Triple Crown in Wales, representing Scotland at Tenpin Bowling. We would also like to thank our family, our Gran & Di (Margaret & Peter), Grandma & Papa (Linda & Eddie) and our Aunties (Lynn & Dawn) for all their support too. We had a very enjoyable weekend, both bringing back medals in the 5 Man Team Event. The Under 19 Girls lifted the silver (Danielle) and the Under 16 Girls (Julie), for the first time ever, lifted the Gold in a victory over England. Without the generous support from the Community Council and the village residents, this would not have been possible. - Many thanks again - Danielle & Julie

Christmas Fair Santa Claus Is Coming To Balmullo @ Balmullo Bowling Club

Sunday 2nd of December - 1 ‘til 4 Games & Fun for all the family More details to follow or see the Balmullo Gala Facebook Page for updates

For tickets please call Michael on 078 1659 3327


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PLANNING APPROVED FOR BALMULLO MUGA We have been making slow but steady progress with the MUGA project over the summer and autumn in our pursuit of planning permission to build a state of the art multi-use games area (with floodlights) in Balmullo Park. The new facility will make it possible for the community to enjoy a range of sports including tennis, netball, basketball, hockey and 5-a-side football. The main aims of the project are to help the school develop its contribution to healthy and active pupils, provide park users with safe and enhanced facilities for both play and organised sports and to improve access to sport for the entire community. The first milestone of bringing the community together to form a management group was achieved last year and the second milestone of achieving full planning permission was achieved in October this year. You can find full details about the planning permission by following the link on the website the main condition being that the floodlights do not operate beyond 8pm. The third milestone is to achieve the full funding requirement which we estimate at £100,000. We have made a good start with over £7,000 already in the bank but with planning permission now granted, funding becomes the core focus. We have the key elements in place to help secure funding. 1. We have community wide engagement in the project. 2. We have planning permission in place 3. We were the only endorsed London 2012 Inspire Project in Scotland building a new sports facility. Part of the detailed applications we will make to funders include rules of use and other facility management procedures. When not in use for clubs and groups our plans are to have the MUGA accessible to anyone using the park. However, only those groups, clubs or individuals who are members of the management group will be able to book time, make changes to the MUGA configuration and access the floodlights. If you would like to access the MUGA or have any ideas to input to the project then please come along to the next meeting which is scheduled for 6.30pm on Monday 21 st January. All are welcome. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to support this project over the last couple of years. We’ll get there eventually! Ronnie Davidson 01334 844900 / 07748415993








I have used Fletchers casserole venison for this

Photo - Caroline Trotter

900g diced shoulder 2 tbsp plain flour seasoned with salt and pepper 2 medium onions chopped 4 sticks of celery chopped butter 225 g button mushrooms cut in half ½ bottle red wine 2 tbsp Trotter’s hot pepper jelly 2 tbsp olive oil 4 crushed juniper berries bay leaf salt and pepper

Heat a frying pan and add a tbsp olive oil. Toss the venison in the seasoned flour shaking off the excess and brown in batches in the hot oil. Place meat in a casserole. Add the chopped onion to the pan along with the celery and soften, add to the casserole. Put about a tsp of butter in the pan and quickly fry the mushrooms adding more oil if necessary. Add to the casserole pour in the wine and bring to the boil scraping up the juices and pour over the meat etc in the casserole. Add the juniper berries bay leaf and hot pepper jelly. Bring to the boil and cook in a medium oven 190C gas 5 for a couple of hours. Serve with celeriac puree. Entries/2010/3/30_Hot_Pepper_Jelly.html


Christmas Trees from 3rd December (Limited !) Free range eggs, Duck eggs, Jams, Marmalades & Fruit Vinegars Neeps, Sprouts, Cabbage, Kale, Carrots, Leeks, Sprouts & more‌..

Tatties: Wilja, Kerrs Pink, Arran Victory Rooster, Maris Piper, Kestrel & Golden Wonder for Christmas Dinner Frozen: Rasps, Strawbs, Black/Redcurrants, Gooseberries, Brambles & Worcesterberries Puddledub Bacon & Ham shanks, Cairn O Mohr Wines & Heather Ales Shop open for Christmas goodies week before 25th Dec. Euan 07949995906 Farm 01334 870233




It has been a strange start to the session at Balmullo Primary School. It all began quite normally with our new Primary 1’s quickly settling in. Everyone else enjoyed being one year older and most soon got to know their new teacher, for a lucky few the teacher stayed the same. Primary six went off to Ardroy Outdoor Education Centre accompanied by old hand Mrs Else and the newbie Mrs Haldane. All survived the experience, including Mrs Haldane! Then we were into September and Mrs Else left us to a seconded post as an Education Officer in West Fife. The school passed into the hands of Principal Teacher Mrs Haldane, who has since juggled teaching P6/7 and running the school. In October we held our Halloween Disco, due to a mix up with the booking, the celebrations were held in the afternoon for the first time. As it was such a dreich night, maybe it was a good job. All children and staff enjoyed socialising together and all the dancing certainly helped us keep fit. As we move into November we are looking forward to Christmas and preparations are already underway. This year the school show will be at Christmas with our pantomime, Dick Whittington. There will be two performances Tuesday 18th December at 6.30pm and Wednesday 19th December at 1.30pm. All staff and pupils are also looking forward to welcoming our new Acting Headteacher, Mrs Anna Coggins who moves from Depute at Castlehill Primary in Cupar, to take up post on 19th November.



Dear Parents/Carers It is with great pleasure that I accepted the post of Acting Head Teacher of Balmullo Primary School and I am very pleased to have officially started at the school today. The school has an extremely good reputation locally and throughout the whole of Fife and I intend to work hard together with the staff, pupils and parent body to pursue the very highest quality of teaching and learning experience for all the children in our care. I wish to thank Mrs Siobhan Haldane, principal teacher, who took the role of Acting Headteacher during this transition period. I have also had the opportunity to discuss many aspects of the school including the School Quality and Improvement Plan with Mrs Else. This morning I enjoyed meeting some of you ' at the gate' and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the forthcoming Parent/Teacher meetings which are being held on Thursday 22nd November. Please come and say 'hello'. Kind Regards Mrs Anna Coggins Acting Headteacher


SILLIES I was at the airport checking in at the gate when an airport employee asked "Has anyone put anything in your baggage without your knowledge?" To which I replied, "If it was without my knowledge how would I know?" He smiled knowingly and nodded - 'That's why we ask'. When my husband and I arrived at our local Ford dealer to pick up our car we were told the keys had been locked in it. We went to the Service department and found a mechanic working feverishly to unlock the Driver's door. As I watched from the passenger side I instinctively tried the door handle and discovered that it was unlocked. 'Hey' I announced to the fitter/mechanic 'it's open'! His reply 'I know, I already did that side.'




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Councillor Tim Brett, Councillor in the Tay Bridgehead area, has recently met with Jackie O’Donnell and Kay Watson who are two of the new Dog Wardens operating in the North East Fife area. At the end of the last financial year, the North East Fife Area Committee agreed to fund three additional Dog Wardens for a one year trial period as a result of the large number of complaints and concerns that Councillors in the North East Fife area were receiving about dog fouling. Councillor Brett said “it was really helpful to meet Jackie and Kay to hear about the way in which they were working and to get the results on the work that they have achieved”. The Dog Wardens are working four days on and four days off from 7am until 6pm but they can also work flexibly so that they can attend evening meetings of Community Councils for instance. At any one time, there are two Dog Wardens on duty and they are working in different areas each day within the North East Fife area. They have particularly targeted ‘problem areas’ based on information provided by local communities and Councillors and the results are encouraging. The Wardens work by speaking to dog owners and reminding them of the importance of supervising their pets and cleaning up after them when they foul. They have put up additional signs and notices and are finding that in the main they are receiving a very positive response from the communities. To date, 25 fixed penalty notices have been issued since the end of July and the notice means that the dog owner has to pay a fixed penalty of £40 within 28 days. If this is not paid, then this increases to £60 and after a further period, the case is reported to the Fiscal. Councillor Brett said “I was very impressed with the local knowledge that the Dog Wardens had about problems in my own ward and across the wider North East Fife area. The Wardens are always happy to hear from members of the public and they can be contacted on 08451 550022”. Councillor Brett continued “The number of complaints I have received about dog fouling has dropped significantly since the new Dog Wardens have been operating in the North East Fife area. I would still encourage people to report problems and, if possible, give the time, location and type of dog that is causing the problem. The Wardens will follow up all calls and let people know what action has been taken”. “I believe that the appointment of the additional Wardens has made a significant difference in tackling this problem in North East Fife and I hope that it will be possible for us to find ways of continuing this after the present funding comes to an end in March 2013”.



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Balmullo Newsletter - November 2012

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