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William Rolfs

General Manager

Greetings Ever’man Members and Patrons, Wow, has it ever been a hot summer. That hot weather should start coming to an end very soon. Fall will be in the air and we will be able to enjoy the outdoors again. Late summer and early fall is also the peak of hurricane season. Please be careful and make sure you have a family hurricane preparedness plan. Stock up on items like water, tuna, soup, juices, snacks and other items to hold you until the power is returned. In the event of a storm, Ever’man will be here to help. As long as our employees are safe, we will stay open. In the event of a closure, we will open back up as soon as it is advisable. Ever’man is equipped with a generator to keep our refrigeration running during a power outage, so we can reopen quickly after a storm passes. Check our Facebook page for updates. School has resumed and everyone is getting back to their routines. If you are looking for a healthy way to pack snacks and lunches, Ever’man can help. We have all kinds of tasty and nutritious items such as organic fruits and vegetables, lunch meats, breads, snack bars of all varieties, bulk trail mixes, boxed juices, bottled water and the list goes on and on. Our staff members can give you plenty of suggestions if you need a little help.

Fall is also a time for football and other sports and we are ready to help with all your tailgating needs. We have party platters full of fruits, veggies, cheeses, lunchmeats, sandwiches or deviled eggs. Please give us 24 hours’ notice for most platters. We are moving along on our 9 Mile Road store project. The architects and store planners have been giving us some really exciting and cool ideas. We believe you, our membership, will love the new location. This new store, with all its features, will be a destination, not just a store. If you plan to join us for our Membership Appreciation Event on Saturday October 7th, we will have some exciting drawings of the new location on display. We will be glad to answer any questions you might have. Currently, it looks like we can break ground just after New Year’s Day. If you can’t join us on October 7th, the drawings will be in the store after the event. In closing, I hope you have a wonderful fall season. Stay safe and watch for the little ones as they go to school. At Ever’man, we continue to strive toward our ultimate goal to be the “Best Grocery Store” in the Pensacola area. Hope to see you in the store soon.


Because of Ever’man, the community will have: • education about health, nutrition and environmental issues • access to healthy, natural food and products at the lowest possible price • support for responsible, local agriculture and small business • an example of green business practices


Monday - Saturday 7:00am - 9:00pm Sunday 9:00am - 8:00pm 315 W. Garden Street · Pensacola, Florida 32502 850.438.0402 ·


Member Survey Results:



Our General Manager talks about what is new at Ever’man and offers insights into how members and customers are being served.

Protect and Preserve our Local Environment

4 | board news


Ever’man Board President discusses the importance of family meal time, the changing season, and updates on the 9 Mile Road location.

5| Board of Directors elections

Dates, rules, and minimum qualifications for upcoming elections.

8| What’s Trending at Ever’man

Experts give tips on how to get back in the swing of back to school


Quick and Easy Weekday Night Dinner Recipes

Find out what makes a company Fair Trade Certified

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13| Member Survey Results

Two recipes to prepare in under 30 minutes for your busy weekday dinner

Educating our community about health and nutrition


14| Get More out of your store

See how Ever’man is making a difference in the community

16| Educational Center class descriptions See whats happening at the Ever’man Educational Center.

18| Plant the seed

VENDOr Highlight

The future of organic gardening


19| Budget Friendly Recipes

Make a great meal and save money all at once!


October 7th Annual Membership Party Pg. 14

Read about the new, non-GMO, herbal supplements offered by the husband-and-wife-owned Oregon’s Wild Harvest. A perfect match for Ever’man!

The inserts in this issue were placed by ARC Gateway, Inc. residents.

For more updates about the store, membership, education, recipes and the Ever’man Cafe daily menu, follow us online! Website: Instagram: evermannaturalfoods Facebook: Sign up for the Ever’man e-mail newsletter: Twitter: @evermancoop Pinterest: Tumblr: evermancoop



Dave DeBlander

Board President


As fall arrives and the temperatures cool, the beautiful autumn season is upon us. With the fall harvest coming to Ever’man, it is a great time to try FOR MORE INFORMATION out some new recipes. I know my wife and I love ABOUT THE BOARD VISIT: the recipes in The Healthy Alternative and in other EVERMAN.ORG/ABOUT/ publications available in the store. Slowing down, EVERMAN-BOARD cooking, sitting around the table and socializing is -OF-DIRECTORS something that is being lost in our culture and that has its consequences. When I met my wife 43 years ago, I had come from an athletic family that seldom ate dinner together as my brother and I had practices that got us home at odd hours. Our family situation was so bad, that I cannot MONTHLY BOARD MEETINGS ever remember going out to dinner with our family…. ARE OPEN TO MEMBERS. ever. How sad. Then I met my wife and her family was THE NEXT SCHEDULED the exact opposite. They would have dinner together MEETINGS ARE every night and go out to eat at least once a week. The AS FOLLOWS: best part, though, was the conversation that took place at the dinner table. When I first met my wife, I had no Member Appreciation Party idea how to be sociable. I would watch them sit for Saturday, October 7th hours and talk and tell jokes and stories and have a 12pm-3pm wonderful time. Fortunately, over time, I learned how Monday, October 30th to be engaged in conversation, how to talk and how to 6 pm listen, and now I really enjoy the precious meal time spent with family and friends. Meetings are held at the Ever’man My hope is that not only do our wonderful recipes, Educational Center and start at 6:00PM. cooking classes and nutritional organic and natural We welcome your participation and Bonnie Bayly DIRECTOR

comments. If you are unable to attend meetings, consider sharing your feedback via email at:


foods improve your overall health but that they help you slow down and spend more time on what’s important: building relationships, learning and listening and being a blessing to others. Speaking of building relationships, our new store design is coming along and you are going to love it. The 9 Mile Road location will be much more than just a store, with a beautiful deli and cafe with indoor and outdoor seating, and a beautiful, open, spacious and full-of-natural-light store layout and a green space that will be amazing. Ever’man is a wonderful meeting place now and the new store will continue to have that same environment. I guess you could say we are a bit excited. Autumn is also that time of year to think about if you would like to run for the board. Applications are available at the customer service desk and if you are committed to the organic, healthy lifestyle, and you have life skills and qualities that would be beneficial to the board, why don’t you consider running? If you need more information, the board will be having some events that will give you a better idea of what is expected and required so keep an eye out for those.

Ever’man Cooperative Board of Directors 2018 Election Applications are now available at the Ever’man Customer Service desk and online for those interested in serving on the Ever’man Board of Directors. Applications are due by November 1st and can be turned in at the Ever’man Customer Service desk. Any questions about the application or election process can be sent via e-mail: .

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS TO SERVE ON THE EVER’MAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS •Must be at least 21 years of age. •Must have been a member of Ever’man for at least 6 months without lapse. •Must not be an employee or the significant other of an employee or Board member. •Must not have been terminated with cause from employment with Ever’man for at least 3 years. •Must not have a conflict of interest with Ever’man (seller or supplier to Ever’man, or in competition with Ever’man, landlord to Ever’man, etc.). •Must sign a code of conduct form and a code of ethics form. MINIMUM DIRECTOR REQUIREMENTS •Participate fully in Board meetings, Attend all monthly meetings, as well as any meetings of committees you may serve on (2-5 hours a week). Special projects may require more time commitment.

•Be prepared for meetings, including reading—carefully and thoughtfully—the agenda packet in advance of every Board meeting. •Attend & participate in the Annual Member Appreciation Party and other meetings. •Shop regularly at the Co-op. •Actively participate in the annual election by spending time in the store (or other get-out-and-vote activities) to remind members to vote. *Please note that candidates must also attend at least one board meeting prior to January 1, 2018. As of printing, the next board meeting dates are Monday, October 30th 6pm and Monday, December 4th at 6pm.


Member Survey Results:

Protect and Preserve our Local Environment In response to feedback from members, Ever’man continues to find new ways to minimize our environmental impact in the Pensacola area. These efforts include both individual store initiatives, which impact our local environment and economy, as well as national scale projects. As a founding member of the National Co+op Grocers (NCG)—a business services cooperative for retail food co-ops located throughout the United States— Ever’man also supports programs with a global impact. A large part of our individual store efforts include consistent, daily efforts to buy from sustainable, organic farms and vendors. We also work to educate our community, coop members, and shoppers about the positive environmental and financial impact that buying organic has on our Pensacola community. We are pleased that this year our partnership with Cat McCreery, our heirloom garden expert, grew beyond her work on our Community Teaching Garden, now extended to her teaching a monthly class about organic gardening and a

class on seed-to-table cooking. When possible, we purchase from local suppliers. Through Ever’man’s continued support of organic and sustainable agriculture in the Pensacola area, we are working towards reducing the amount of chemical farm runoff entering the local watersheds, the sort of pollution which ultimately finds its way into the Gulf of Mexico. Preventing chemical pesticides and herbicides from entering our local waters maintains the progress made in the area over the last few decades to clean up the Pensacola, Perdido, and Escambia Bays. By focusing on supporting local organic farmers—and gardeners—we can avoid additional petroleum-based fertilizers from entering the Gulf: pollutants that contribute to hypoxia, the condition that deprives aquatic organisms of oxygen and causes the massive “dead zones” in our beautiful Gulf waters. We continue to operate the member and shopper programs that reduce our collective environmental impact to include: providing store items in bulk





Having access to items in bulk has been important to Ever’man members and shoppers since the store’s early years. Items purchased in bulk reduce the amount of inputs and packaging, which reduces harmful outputs and trash that can end up in local parks, waters, and beaches. And, in our effort to reduce waste, this past fiscal year, we diverted from the landfill more than 8,000 pounds of food through our partnership with St. Joseph’s Soup Kitchen and Waterfront Rescue Mission.

the Community Garden for the local Girl Scouts. The 40 girls learned all about vegetable plants and marigolds, and each girl planted both a seed and a plant, earning their Ever’man Earth Day Patch at the end of the day. Additionally, store employees were very involved in Earth Day events; the Education Coordinator had a booth at Earth Day Pensacola on April 22nd, we hosted an upcycled art exhibit in the cafe seating area, and we held our Keep Pensacola Beautiful Bag Swap event for the second consecutive year.

As in past years, Ever’man continues to show environmental education leadership in the community through our Earth Day events. This year, staff members and Cat McCreery ran a gardening class and a planting of

Donations Made

Bag Charities We are proud to be first in the Pensacola area to roll out a Charity Eco-Friendly Bag Program. For each eco-friendly bag used, Ever’man donates 5 cents to a charity of the shopper’s choice. Charity choices fall into three 501c3 categories; an organization that is committed to providing healthy food, another that supports sustainable environmental practices and one that ensures the well-being of our pets and wildlife.

and special bulk orders; ECUA paper/ cardboard recycling bins for customers, as well as a bailer for store use; store packaging recycling; the lending bag library; the ECUA fats, oil and grease recycling station (FOG); and the Charity Eco-Friendly Bag Program that rewards shoppers for bringing their own re-usable bag.

Bags Saved

$711 14,588 $687 13,310 $406 7,475 $1,804 35,373

Water Fire Mold Restoration Home Remodeling Renovation

All natural cleaning solutions for most carpets. Utilizing Bio-Kleen’s grapefruit seed and orange peel extract cleaner!!! We use a totally natural disinfectant made from the herb thyme for most mold and water damage jobs. Carpet Tile Oriental Rug Cleaning 850-484-8500 850-FLOODED THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE | 7

What’s Trending At Ever’man? Experts Weigh In

Sonny Porter Meat & Seafood Manager

We carry several different options in the Meat & Seafood Department to make weeknights quick, easy, and healthy. A member favorite is our selection of gourmet hamburgers: bacon cheddar and jalapeño, ready to pan fry, bake or grill. Add your favorite fixings and you are ready to eat. Our house made sausages are quick and easy to prepare and offer flavorful, healthy alternatives to beef main dishes. Another great choice is the Niman Ranch pulled pork. It has an excellent flavor and is super-fast and easy to prepare. All you have to do is heat it up, put it on your favorite bun and watch the smiles on everyone’s faces as they take a bite.

Lyn Sparks Wellness Manager

In the Wellness Department, we offer Protein or Meal Replacement Shakes as a healthy, nutritious option if you are on the go. To add flavor, you can blend in your favorite fruit. Many of the shakes suggest water or milk as the liquid, but you can also add teas as a substitute. These meal replacements have fiber added to the formula, which make you feel full and reduce food cravings. If you have any questions, please come to the Wellness Department and look for a staff member. We are glad to help you.


Darrell Melton Grocery Manager

Steve Cochran Produce Manager

Belinda Carlino Customer Service Manager

Jay Porter Prepared Foods Manager

With summer winding down and our kids back to school, our thoughts naturally turn to the activities that come with Fall. The lazy carefree days of summer are replaced with planning daily school lunches and dinners with the whole family gathered around the table. Here in the Ever’man Grocery Department we have all of the items you need to effortlessly plan healthy and nutritious back to school lunches. We also have lots of different selections to help you create delicious dinners that will have your family asking for more. So stop by the Everman Grocery Department on your next visit and check out all of the exciting products we have to keep your family happy and healthy.

Here at Ever ‘man, we know that after a long day at work you need to relax. That’s why you can always expect a warm smile and a friendly attitude from our Customer Service Department staff members. We will brighten your day, so come in even if just to say “hello,” as it is important for us to make a member or a customer’s day! Not only will it put you at ease, it’s also a wonderful serotonin release. We like to call it the “happy hormone.” So when you visit Ever ‘man, expect a warm greeting and eagerness to assist you with shopping. See you soon!

In order to help you make week nights quick, easy and healthy, the Produce Department offers several fresh items that get dinner on the table quickly. For instance, you will find a variety of cut fruit for that quick breakfast or healthy snack after school, and for that sweet ending to a good meal. Additionally, we have your favorite vegetables–cut and ready to go–so you don’t have to do all the work slicing and dicing after a hard day’s work. And don’t forget all the varieties of pre-washed salads, ranging from baby spinach, baby arugula, to all the varieties in ready-to-serve salads.

Weeknight dinners can be a challenge for anyone who works hard all day and isn’t looking forward to spending all the time and energy required to prepare an evening meal. Ever’man Cafe staff are here to help! Before heading home you can stop in and pick up all the prepared components needed for a quick and easy dinner. We have many entrees to choose from, such as rotisserie chicken, meat loaf, spinach lasagna, and even pizza. Compliment your selection with many prepared salads or make your own from the salad bar. Start your meal with a freshly made soup and finish it with a delectable dessert from our bakery. Make your life easier with naturally fresh foods from the Ever’man Cafe.

Mushroom Swiss Burgers Hamburgers are a weekday favorite! This recipe uses mushrooms to add extra flavor. Mushrooms are a low-calorie, non-fat food, high in fiber, potassium, B vitamins, vitamin D, copper, selenium, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. If you don’t have a food processor, just dice the mushrooms, sautÊ and add them to the burger meat! If you are watching your calories, use lean turkey meat instead of beef.


8 ounces button mushrooms 1/2 teaspoon olive oil 1 pound grass-fed ground beef 1 large egg 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 4 slices Swiss cheese 4 hamburger buns


Place half of the mushrooms in a food processor and pulse several times to mince. Place a large skillet over medium-high heat and add the olive oil, then scrape the mushrooms into the hot pan. Add the remaining mushrooms to the food processor and mince, then add to the pan. Stir, scraping the bottom of the pan, until the mushrooms are sizzling and give up their liquids. Add the Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper and reduce the heat to medium. Stir until the pan is dry,

about 5 minutes. Transfer to a large bowl and let cool. Add the ground beef to the mushroom mixture and stir with your hands to combine. Divide the mixture into 4 equal portions and gently shape into patties. Refrigerate until time to cook. Grill or pan-fry the patties for about 3 minutes per side. When the burgers are done, top each with a slice of Swiss cheese and let sit in the hot pan for a few seconds to melt the cheese, then serve on toasted buns.

Nutritional Information

500 calories, 24 g. fat, 145 mg. cholesterol, 770 mg. sodium, 36 g. carbohydrate, 1 g. fiber, 35 g. protein

Reprinted by permission from Find more recipes and information about your food and where it comes from at THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE | 9

Ravioli and Chard Diavolo Diavolo refers to a spicy pasta sauce but for this recipe, your preferred red pasta sauce will also work. Pick your favorite ravioli, either frozen or fresh! Ever’man carries a total of 10 varieties of frozen Organic Rising Moon Raviolis and Tortellini in Aisle 6. If you want a meat option, Crab and Lobster Ravioli or Italian-Style Chicken Ravioli are also stocked. For vegetarians, Butternut Squash Ravioli, Basil Asiago Pine Nuts Pesto Ravioli or Five Cheese Ravioli are also options! Sautéing the chopped chard stems gives this dish a little crunch, and smoked mozzarella adds a deep, smoky richness.



1 pound frozen ravioli 1 bunch Swiss chard, stems and leaves separated 2 cups spicy pasta sauce (Diavolo-style) 1 cup frozen peas, thawed 4 ounces smoked mozzarella, cut in small cubes 1 teaspoon olive oil

wilted. Add the sauce and peas and bring to a boil. Add the cooked and drained ravioli and toss to coat with sauce. Stir in the mozzarella cubes and stir until they start to melt. Serve immediately.

Serving Suggestion

Serve this pasta dish with steamed green beans and crusty bread to round out the meal.

Nutritional Information


470 calories, 13 g. fat, 40 mg. cholesterol, 1050 mg. sodium, 66 g. carbohydrate, 7 g. fiber, 22 g. protein

In a large sauté pan, heat the oil over medium-high heat and sauté just the stems of the chard for about 2 minutes. Add the leaves and stir for a minute, until

Reprinted by permission from Find more recipes and information about your food and where it comes from at

Boil a pot of water for the ravioli. Cook the ravioli for the recommended time, about 5 minutes, then drain. Chop the chard stems and leaves and keep them separate.

Ever’man Celebrates National Coffee Day Friday, September 29th, 2017

Fair Trade: A Primer We all want to feel good about our food choices, and buying produce from a local farmer makes it easy. But what about food that comes from afar? In some communities around the world, impoverished workers are paid low wages while their land is depleted by industrial agriculture. Luckily, the Fair Trade Certified label can help us steer clear of foods grown under such conditions. When a product sports a Fair Trade Certified label, it means producers were paid wages that allow them to support their families and contribute to the betterment of their communities. Fair Trade farmers deal one-on-one with importers (rather than middlemen), and Fair Trade encourages democratic decision-making, transparency, gender equity, and independence.

Enter to win this Mug! This handcrafted Ever’man branded mug, made by local potter Lyvonne Patterson, is being raffled off for National Coffee Day. Enter to win by stopping by Ever’man on Friday, September 29th, and filling out an entry form. A lucky winner will be picked at the end of the day. Ever’man Celebrates National Coffee Day Friday, September 29th, 2017 Coffee Demos All Day

Taste your new favorites among our coffee vendors: Amavida Coffee, Bio Coffee, De Luna Coffee International, and Equal Exchange.

By choosing Fair Trade, we can support the environment, too. Since Fair Trade supports small-scale farmers, it encourages biodiversity (think shade-grown coffee and cocoa, which protect wildlife habitats) and sustainable practices like organic

farming. There’s no need to sacrifice quality with Fair Trade either; one emphasis of Fair Trade is supporting farmers in improving the quality of their crops. Fair Trade Certification is not yet available for every kind of food, but it’s a growing trend; you’ll spot the label on coffees, teas, spices, chocolates, sugar, vanilla, fruits, wines and other foods. Fair Trade Certified non-food items like clothing and accessories, bodycare items and home and garden products are also available. On your next trip to the co-op, try looking for the Fair Trade Certified versions of your favorite products—and feel great about helping to improve the lives of farmers and conserve the environment. Reprinted by permission from Find articles about your food and where it comes from, recipes and a whole lot more at

Vendor Highlight

Wellness with Naturals The next time you are looking for an herbal supplement, the Wellness Department staff will be happy to show you the many choices available. We recently added a new line to our herbal section, Oregon’s Wild Harvest. This may be a great choice for you if you are looking for organic herbs. Founded in 1994 by the husband and wife team of Randy Buresh and Pam Martin-Buresh, Oregon’s Wild Harvest is a grower and manufacturer of USDA certified organic herbal supplements. As organic farmers, Oregon’s Wild Harvest is on a mission to protect the non-GMO seed supply, healthy soil, pollinators and clean water. These resources are vital to its future. Randy’s background as a registered surgical nurse for over 20 years piqued his interest in traditional herbal medicine. A compassionate caregiver and farmer by nature, he was always in search of less invasive treatments for health conditions.

Since Randy had an opportunity to work on his uncle’s farm as a teenager, the idea of stewarding the land by growing and procuring herbs was a perfect segue into starting an herbal supplement business. As co-founder, Pam put her energy into gaining extensive experience in the herbal products industry. She was determined to do things right from the very beginning. Ensuring the highest level of integrity in plant material wasn’t just a good idea, but a moral imperative for the couple.

“It’s about making sure there’s a rich and reliable source of quality plant material for the future. It’s for our kids and grandkids. By reconnecting with the earth, we’ll regain the understanding that good food is our best medicine.” - Randy Buresh, Co-Founder

With the wellbeing and care of people at heart, the company is committed to growing and procuring only the highest quality, whole herbs, which are tested for optimum potency and prepared in small batches. Growing and procuring the best plant material, saving non-GMO seeds for the future and caring for the land to ensure healthy plant material is available today, tomorrow and for generations to come are the only laurels Pam and Randy will rest on.

Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Dysoco; Wellness Associate


1. Can you share with us what prepared you to be an Ever’man Wellness Associate?

2. Tell us about your interests and how you spend your free time.

When I began working at Ever’man, I started as full-time cashier, where I worked for a year. Later, I decided to apply for a position in the wellness department. I did not think that working in vitamins would be very difficult, but as it turned out I had to learn a lot of new tasks and information about the large variety of products that we carry. As time has passed, I have grown much more comfortable in the role. Through research and sales representative-led training, I was able to quickly learn a lot of information about herbal supplements so that I can now confidently answer questions that Ever’man shoppers and members might have about our products.

I spend a lot of my free time with my family. Much of this time is spent exploring new areas in the Pensacola area. We enjoy trying new restaurants, but when we aren’t feeling adventurous, there is always Cordova Mall or the beach.

Member Survey Results:

Educate our Community about Health and Nutrition As a cooperative grocery, Ever’man has a long history of offering our community education about current health, nutrition and environmental issues. We educate by reporting about these issues in our bi-monthly publication—The Healthy Alternative— teaching cooking skills in our Educational Center classes, and by informing shoppers and vendors about our product standards. And, in our teaching garden, we educate about companion planting and heirloom varieties of flowers and vegetables. Of course our knowledgeable staff is always prepared to serve members and customers and to answer any questions about our products, wellness, and nutrition. With the steadfast support of our members, Ever’man operates a dedicated Educational Center, a 1,900 square foot facility equipped with a commercial teaching kitchen, which comfortably accommodates 42 attendees. Our cooking class attendance continues to grow each month, with

special interest in classes that focus on healthy eating, and classes concerning specific diets. We continue to add new cooking classes that highlight healthy meal options including sushi rolling, tamale making, kombucha fermentation, and Indian vegetarian cooking. In response to member and customer feedback, Ever’man Cooperative adds value to membership and supports our community by offering classes on topics of interest at our Educational Center. Our monthly class calendar of 70+ classes offers a dynamic range of topics and activities. These include yoga and an introduction to nutrition and wellness, to more in-depth classes like visualization for stress relief and aromatherapy. Interest in and attendance for these courses continues to grow, so keep an eye on the event calendar in the store or on our website before space fills up in your class of choice.

5,592 people participated in


co-op classes and events in 2016


Get more out of your store Ever’man Charity Eco-Friendly Bag Program In support of our local community, we were proud to be first to roll out a Charity Eco-Friendly Bag Program. Since its inception of the program in July of 2015 a total of $3,365.96 dollars has been donated; $146.11 from member and customers who directly contributed by adding to their total receipt purchase amount and $3,219.85 from the 5 cents donated for each of the total 64,397 reusable bags utilized during shopping trips. That is 64,397 less plastic bags that ended up in our local trash. Our program makes it easier than ever for members and customers to contribute to worthy community charities. For each eco-friendly bag used, Ever’man will donate 5 ¢ to a charity of the shopper’s choice. From September 1st through October 31st Ever’man is happy to announce that our Charity Eco-

Friendly Bag Program donation options will be: Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen, Inc. Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen provides a safe and welcoming place for our homeless men, women and children in need of uplifting and a good meal. Keep Pensacola Beautiful, Inc. Keep Pensacola Beautiful maintains and promotes community beautification programs by working with volunteers to reduce/recycle litter and beautify our community with plants, flowers and trees. The National Park Foundation The National Park Foundation directly supports America’s more than 400 national parks. In protecting our natural landscapes, we protect our wildlife.

Your Old Coat Wanted! Ever’man is excited that we will once again be collecting coats, light sweaters, and jackets starting October 1st through October 31st. This donation drive is sponsored by The Mission Anglican Church for the non-profit One Warm Coat. One Warm Coat is a national, nonprofit organization that assists in the donation of coats to those in need of one. Coats collected will be delivered to local agencies who distribute them free of charge to men, women and children in our community. Look for the collection box next to the Ever’man Customer Service counter.


Become a Co+op Explorer

Our Co+op Explorer program is a free fruit program offered to promote healthy eating in children – and more positive shopping experiences for adults. When you show your Co+op Explorer card to the produce department or customer service, your child can choose from an apple, banana, or orange to enjoy while you shop. Bring your card back, so your little one can have something healthy to snack on every time you’re at Ever’man!

Co+op Deals Coupons The fairest deals of them all are now available at the co-op! The September-October edition of the Co+op Deals coupon book is packed with deals to help you and your family celebrate the excitement (and importance) of Fair Trade Month and Co-op Month! Stop by the co-op to pick up your copy today, and save on cooperative brands like Organic Valley, Maggie’s Organics and Aura Cacia. In this coupon book, find great discounts on many products that help co-ops grow Fair Trade around the world. Look for coupon books beginning in September. Coupons are valid through October 31, 2017.

The Annual Membership Appreciation Party

Saturday October 7th noon-3PM We welcome all members to the Annual Membership Appreciation Party to celebrate the progress of our cooperative and our community. Come join us for fun outdoor activities for adults and kids, door prizes, music, your favorite vendor samples, and much more! Bear With Me, a premier Folk New Grass band, will be providing music that everyone can enjoy. Ever’man will be serving a picnic style lunch, so bring your appetite! The Annual Membership Party will be held in the green space at the Store located at 315 W. Garden Street, Downtown Pensacola.

Keep Our Friends Safe Adopt-A-Manatee® Sept 2017

Call 1-800-432- JOIN (5646) Photo © David Schrichte

Chris�m�s on the Co�st

One World, Many Voices

From toys to tinsel and snowflakes to Santa, the Pensacola Children’s Chorus knows how to celebrate the season. Your family won’t want to miss Christmas on the Coast, where we’ll transform sunny weather into a winter wonderland. You’ll experience all the sights and sounds of the holidays that will have you humming through the New Year! December 8, 9 & 10, 2017

A Celebration of Diversity Through Song

One World, Many Voices is a celebration of music’s rich cultures and how we can achieve oneness through song. Guest conductor and renowned composer Andrea Ramsey will take the podium to bring her own style and flavor to our eclectic program. Join us as we bring a global message to our small town home.

Show�ime Do you like Broadway? Get your ticket. Country, rock, or even disco? Then Showtime is right for you! Join us for a celebration from music across all genres, featuring our amazingly talented PCC singers. From lights to sound and costumes to choreography, you’ll leave dazed and amazed. Don’t miss this musical extravaganza!

February 18, 2018

May 4, 5, & 6, 2018



Educational center class descriptions Kids Classes Story Sprouts: Children ages

3-5 are invited to do arts & crafts, make a snack, and have story time. The classes are always creative and have an organic, environmental and local twist. Cost: complimentary.

STORY SEEDLINGS: Story seedlings builds on the foundations begun in Sprouts with emphasis on listening to a story or books. During each session, activities offered are: storytime for 4 to 8 yr olds, hands on healthy snack preparation, and arts & craft. Siblings under 10 are welcome to join and participate as they like! Cost: complimentary.

Info Classes

Cooking Classes Lumpia Making with Pat Johnson: We’ll make traditional

Filipino lumpia, which is kind of like a meat egg roll, but wrapped in a thinner wrap. Everyone will have a chance to try their hand at wrapping some, and of course we’ll eat what we wrap. Cost: complimentary.

“All Grain” Beer brewing : Pat Johnson will be

teaching folks how to brew beer using the “all-grain” technique used by the bulk of homebrewers and professionals. We’ll be brewing 10 gallons of an American Wheat Beer. Although the demo will start at 9:00am, the most important parts will occur between 9am-11am. Cost: complimentary.

DEBBY’S KITCHEN: This is a cooking class for the novice cook at any age! This class will be educational, fun and offer some basic knife and sauce skills to appeal to anyone. Bon Appetite! Cost: $10 for members, $15 for non-members.



Join our gardener Cat for a cooking class featuring fresh harvest from our community garden. Cost: complimentary (you will just eat a sample, not a full meal).

Fitness Classes FUNKY FLOW YOGA: Funky

Flow is a creative hour with fun postures and music, combining yin and yang postures. Please wear comfortable clothing, all you need is yourself, a mat if you have one, and an open mind. Cost: complimentary.


Vinyasa flow is the art of moving through a series of postures with the breath. This class is for all levels of practice. Please bring a mat. Cost: complimentary.

PILATES MAT: Pilates engages the mind and body together to create exercises that involve the whole person. Pilates strengthens the core, improves balance, increases coordination and decreases stress! Cost: complimentary.

Gardening Classes “It’s Sizzling Outside - But It’s Time to Think Fall Veggies” with Paul Flores: Learn how to get the most

from your garden by planting seasonally and by extending the garden season. Grow fall tomatoes and beans, winter lettuce, spinach, and broccoli, and know what to select for your fall garden. Cost: complimentary.


means the Wisdom of Myth. Come explore how hidden wisdom can be revealed in the old stories and the words we use. A transformational technique ‘Thinking Mythically’ will be offered. Cost: complimentary.

ECUA RECYCLING: Jim Roberts, Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) public information officer, will create public awareness and provide instruction on recommended environmental strategies. Cost: complimentary. “The Wisdom of Myth:” with Scott Davis:

Mythosophy® means the Wisdom of Myth. Come explore how hidden wisdom can be revealed in the old stories and the words we use. A transformational technique ‘Thinking Mythically’ will be offered. Cost: complimentary.

Support Groups Crohn’s & Colitis Support Group: The Crohn’s &

Colitis Foundation offers a local support group where patients, family members, and caregivers can connect with others for support, resources, & health related materials. Cost: complimentary.

GAY GRASSROOTS: Gay Grassroots is a social, advocacy, and support meeting open to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons, as well as Straight Allies. Cost: complimentary.


Come join fellow members of Pensacola’s transgender community. Share stories, support, and find fellowship among fellow transgender individuals. Cost: complimentary.


Mission is to help mothers breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother. Cost: complimentary.

VETERAN’S MEETING: These monthly meetings focus on veteran services in our community. Cost: complimentary. These meetings are open to active duty military, retirees, and veterans. If you have questions contact Everlyn Coleman at (850) 543-2258. LEAPS (Love, Encouragement, and Postpartum Support): A

self-care support group focused on helping moms connect and engage in activities that promote balance, stress management, and overall wellness. Guest speakers and self-care activities will be provided and are free of cost. Pre-crawling babies welcome. Cost: complimentary.

Wellness Classes HEALING CLINIC & MEDITATION: Pranic Healing offers

several guided meditations depending on the week. Following meditation we set up our Healing Clinic. We have a group of well-trained Healers who do energy work on the physical, emotional, and mental issues attendees want/need. We also collect food for Manna Food Bank. Cost: complimentary.

oils are unsafe to use. Recipes for blends for different ailments will be discussed in detail. Come learn a safer alternative for treating your best friend’s ailments! Cost: complimentary.

Naturally Simple Sleep Solutions: Good sleep is an

important part of a healthy lifestyle, while lack of sleep can be harmful to the body and decrease quality of life. Healthy eating, regular exercise, reducing stress, and getting enough sunlight during the day all contribute to a good night’s rest. However, sometimes we need some extra help calming and relaxing the body at the end of the day. Come learn a few natural solutions to the age old concern of “getting a good nights sleep!” Cost: complimentary.

REIKI FOR PETS : Reiki is as

helpful for animals’ emotional pain as for humans, releasing it so disease can heal. This group will meet on the lawn (weather permitting). Cost: complimentary.


Group that studies about the illness of cancer. Presentations are done through DVDs or by live speakers who share personal insights and experiences. Cost: complimentary.

Do you Want to Teach at our Educational Center?

Contact our Marketing Department at (850) 438-0402 ext. 17 or by e-mail: Please note that the classes taught must fall within the guidelines of the Ever’man Cooperative Grocery & Cafe Ends Statement and you must have proof of qualifications. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Full calendar online at www.

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR ANIMALS: The use of essential oils

has been utilized to help us heal mentally, physically, and spiritually, since its beginning from ancient Ayurvedic texts which describe sophisticated methods to concentrate the aromas of medicinal herbs. This class will give you a broad overview of how essential oils can be utilized on our animal friends and which

Ever’man Educational Center 327 W. Garden St. Pensacola Fl. 32502

Pat Johnson Pat Johnson has taught a variety of how-to classes at Ever’man, including soap making, drink fermenting, tamale making, canning, sausage making, yogurt fermentation, sushi rolling and lumpia making. He is a long-time instructor at Ever’man who started back before the Educational Center building was in use and classes were still taught in a small room at the Ever’man store. Pat has been teaching most of his adult life. He got his start in the 1970s in the Navy when he taught Torpedoman’s School, first in the South Pacific, then the Philippines, later during the evacuation of Saigon, and in Orlando at the official Navy A school. He spent five years in the Navy at the end of the Vietnam War, most of which was in the South Pacific. It was while in the Navy that he discovered his talent and joy in showing folks how to do stuff. He describes himself as a bit of a

renaissance man who likes to learn to do things. He enjoys taking the intimidation out of things that may seem more difficult than they really are. Pat has been teaching since he left the Navy. Before teaching at Ever’man, he instructed on boat building, then traveling on a shoestring budget, and eventually on beer/wine brewing. He is also a “foodie” and likes to promote sustainability and living within/below ones means. Pat spent his working life post-Navy first in his own business, and later for a food distribution company that delivered grocery items to the military. He was President of the local Escambia Bay Homebrew Club for several years. These days, he considers himself “FunEmployed” and does a lot of boating, traveling, gardening, and cooking. He also volunteers to brew beer at The Gulf Coast Brewery.


“Plant the Seed” for the Future of Organic Farming Stop by the co-op in September to learn how you can support the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund. Blue Marble Brands, the company that brings you some of your favorite products like Woodstock Organics, Koyo Ramen and Mediterranean Organics has long supported the importance of organic farming. With their promotion, “Plant the Seed: Eat. Learn. Grow Organic,” you can pick up a coupon at Ever’man that not only gives you a $1 off select Blue Marble Brands products, but also supports more organic farmers. For every coupon redeemed, Blue Marble Brands will donate $1 to the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund. The Fund is a program that provides educational opportunities for students who focus on organic agriculture. The grant is awarded to K-8 teachers for an educational experience called “Look at Agriculture…Organically!” It is also used to fund

Future Farmers of America (FFA) projects for high-schoolers as well as tuition and educational expenses related to organic agriculture programs for higher education students. You can learn more about the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund by visiting the website www. Do you know any local schools, FFA members or college students that could benefit from this grant? Encourage them to apply in their respective category – and help grow organic agriculture!

All Boar’s Head Cheeses are expertly crafted to ensure extraordinary taste. These premium cheeses are made from the milk of cows not treated with rBST*


Ever’man now carrying a selection of premium Boar’s Head Cheeses & Simplicity Meats

All Boar’s Head Simplicity Meats are premium foods that meet the highest standards of quality. You can expect Ever’Man’s selection of meats to be humanely raised, vegetarian grain-fed and raised with No antibiotics ever, with No Nitrates or Nitrites added.


Farmhouse Bean Soup Looking for a delicious yet affordable way to feed family and friends? This crowd-pleasing recipe calls for items from Field Day. Their brand includes store products that are part of our Co+op Basics program, which is designed to offer you more affordable essential grocery items. Ever’man is proud to carry the Field Day line; most of their food products are USDA certified organic and made in the USA. And, for those products that are not certified organic, Field Day remains committed to sourcing non-GMO foods.


2 tablespoons Field Day olive oil 1 yellow onion, diced 1 large carrot, peeled and diced 3 parsnips, peeled and diced 3 cloves garlic, peeled and minced 1 15-ounce can Field Day diced tomatoes 4 cups Field Day vegetable broth 2 teaspoons dried rosemary 2 teaspoons dried thyme 1 15-ounce can Field Day Great Northern beans, rinsed and drained 1 15-ounce can Field Day pinto beans, rinsed and drained 1 15-ounce can Field Day kidney beans, rinsed and drained 5 cups fresh spinach, chopped Salt and black pepper to taste


In a large pot, heat the oil over mediumhigh heat. Add the onion, carrots, parsnips and garlic and sautĂŠ 5 to 7 minutes. Add the tomatoes, broth and herbs and bring to a boil. Add the beans, reduce heat to simmer and cook 20 to 30 minutes until vegetables are tender. Stir in the spinach and season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve warm.

Serving suggestion

Thanks to convenient and nutritious canned beans, this soup is a fast and tasty weeknight main dish. Just add a side salad and a plate of corn tortillas.

Nutritional Information 300 calories 6 g. fat 0 mg. cholesterol 200 mg. sodium 49 g. carbohydrate 18 g. fiber 13 g. protein

Estimated cost

Total: $14.86 Cost per serving: $2.48 The nutritional values and information are approximations, and ingredient costs are estimated.

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