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June 2014

EAST HILL MEETS THE BEACH Drinkable Garden Herbs for Cocktails and Tonics

Succulents Earthy and Elegant

Perdido Key gets Tanked

p e n s a c o l a m a g a z i n e . c o m


June 2014


June 2014

editor’s note > my two cents on the subject

While summer may not officially begin until June 21, here in Pensacola the heat is already on. I don’t handle the heat particularly well, so I try to do my yard work early in the morning when possible. While my tomatoes are doing less than great this year, my herbs are looking stellar—basil, cilantro, lemon balm, sage, rosemary and thyme. While I love the many culinary uses for herbs and spices, I especially enjoy the taste of fresh herbs in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If you’re like me, you will love Emily Lullo’s article on drinkable gardens. With lots of advice for tasty herbal concoctions and a couple recipes from local Old Hickory bartender Melissa Temsook, it’s sure to get your summer off to the right and refreshing start. So take a page out of our book (magazine), and mix up some lovely herbaceous blends this summer. Then, take a seat on your porch or in a shady spot and indulge, imbibe, refresh. You deserve it! Emily also had the opportunity to visit with Jonathan and Kim Newlin in their lovely Pensacola Beach home. The Newlin’s home effortlessly blends the old and the new, creating a timeless beach house filled with historic style from antiques, heirlooms and refurbished industrial accents—all with an oceanside view. I particularly loved all of the architectural details—many of which came from New Orleans, the city I grew up in. I think you will also enjoy this sneak peak inside their unique home. And, speaking of gardens, have tried your hand at growing succulents? These elegant and earthy plants are easy to care for and are incredibly versatile. From bouquets and centerpieces to walkways and potted arrangements, succulents provide an endless array of decorating options. Check out Madelyn Mancera’s article in this issue for more information and ideas. As always, our Play, Give and Live sections highlight all the events coming up this month. So check out the listings, pick a few events, embrace the heat and get out and enjoy this gorgeous, sunny Florida summer.

Kelly Oden Executive Editor

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June 2014

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June 2014






















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June 2014



TANKED After receiving a grant from BP following the oil spill, Tina Morrison, director of the Perdido Key Chamber of Commerce, and her staff began brainstorming ways to use the money. One goal was to use a portion of the grant to build an educational exhibit in what would be their new Visitor’s Center. They had high hopes for an exhibit but never expected it to work out so perfectly. “Out of the blue one day, Lori Raisch (events coordinator for the Chamber), said, ‘How about if we put a really cool fish tank in the Visitor’s Center with that educational exhibit money?’” Morrison explained. “I thought it was a great idea. So Lori said, ‘How about we call up those Tanked folks?’ just out of the blue. So she calls, and they seriously answered the phone.” The popular Animal Planet TV show Tanked will be making its way to the panhandle next month. The Tanked crew usually builds the fish tanks according to what best fits their clients and the area. After months of phone calls and brainstorming, Pensacola’s pirate history became a topic of conversation. Morrison said the crew immediately jumped on the idea of a pirate-themed tank. The show will be building the Perdido Key Chamber a scaled replica of a Spanish Man O’ War ship to represent the history of the Pensacola area. Not only will the crew be building a pirate ship fish tank, but the project and the Chamber will also be featured on an episode of Tanked a few months after. The tank will end up being an approximately 12-foot long exhibit, which will hold around 400 gallons of water. As for the fish, Morrison said they have requested that all of the fish be local from the Gulf Coast. There will also be an educational aspect of the ship, which is designed to draw in more school groups and visitors wanting to learn more about the Perdido Key area. “At the back of the ship, there will be some touch screens that will have some information about the Gulf of Mexico fish and the ecosystems here,” Morrison said. A fish tank of this size will take a lot of time, effort and resources to clean and maintain, but luckily for Morrison and her staff, Perdido Key’s sense of community is unparalleled. “The maintenance of the tank, the feeding of the fish, everything is already paid for through the first three years,” Morrison said. “[The sponsor] wanted to remain anonymous, though. It’s a local Perdido Key company, and they did not want any recognition or glory for the sponsorship. They just love what we’re doing and think it’s a fantastic thing.” Additionally, the local Alabama Credit Union has volunteered to sponsor the educational portion of the tank by providing any supplies the Chamber may need for children on field trips. The fish tank is meant to represent everything Perdido Key has gone through and overcome, which would not have been possible without the support from its generous community.


June 2014

By Larsen Lien

The tank will be approximately 12-foot long and will hold around 400 gallons of water. June 2014


Design Star Fabrics Offers Custom Looks By Karianne Payton Photos by Guy Stevens II

Walking through the doors

of Design Star Fabrics gets the creative juices flowing. The walls are covered in a colorful array of fabrics and the helpful staff is well equipped to guide you to just the right choices for your next project. Design Star is an interior and exterior home fabrics store located in Downtown Pensacola. The store imports their fabric from places like Spain, France, Europe, China and India. Their specialty is upholstery and drapery fabric for both inside and outside, and they also offer reupholstering services. Originally called Garden Street Fabrics, the store moved to Gulf Breeze in 2009 and the name was changed to Design Star Fabrics. In 2013, owner Jeff Spradlin decided to move the store back to Downtown Pensacola, bringing it back to where he always felt it belonged. “The importance of a downtown location for this type of business is so critical,” says Spradlin. “The moment I moved it back downtown, business took off again.


June 2014

If you need that splash of color or specialty design in your decor, Spradlin can most definitely help. The store is filled with a variety of fabrics in the hottest textures, colors and prints, like peacock, orange and metallic sheen. With something for just about everyone, the prices run the gamutanywhere from $2 a yard to $800 a yard. You don’t have to be a millionaire to get that designer look. Spradlin explains that trends are constantly changing, saying, “It’s really funny because it sort of cycles through. By that I mean, one week there will be five sofas for reupholstering that come in and the next week it’s all draperies that come in. It’s really an odd thing, that you can never predict what the next wave of things will be.” Spradlin is more than willing to help and the fact that he loves his job is evident in his work. He understands the importance of custom work and knows that in order to find the right designer, the client has to be completely comfortable. This says a lot about the kind of designer he is. “When you think about how everything is mass produced—probably one of the nicest things about this business is that you can create something that is just made for that person; no one else has it. It’s nice to be able to bring, I think the French word is haute couture, to something that is specially made for just that person,” says Spradlin. Spradlin has a history working in designer retail. He was originally in corporate retail with Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, and because he loved the world of fabrics and designs he decided to open his own store. He is also opening up another store in Ft. Walton Beach. This way he can expand and reach his clients to the east as he continues to serve those in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze area. Once Spradlin opens his store in Ft. Walton Beach, the store’s name will change once again. “After four years, people were still confused about the name, which told me I needed to go back to Garden Street Fabrics and Design, the original name,” says Spradlin. “So we will be going back to the original name and the new Ft. Walton Beach store sits adjacent to the city garden. So I think the name will still be relevant over there.” Design Star Fabrics is located at 200 East Garden St. and is open Monday through Friday from 10 am-5:30 pm and Saturdays from 10 am-2 pm. Visit Design Star Fabrics on facebook or call 773.0204 for more information. June 2014


Dogs Days of Summer sand sculpture from Fiesta of Five Flags Sand Sculpture Contest

SANDMAN: Sandsculpting 101

By Johnny Wilding

Left: Johnny Wilding creates scales on his sculpture. Right: The finished creature’s claw Way back up in the hills of the Ozark Mountains, the Arkansas River runs through beautiful sheared cliffs of red limestone. Normally the waters run deep, but in the dog days of late summer, wonderful elongated sand bars appear from the bottom. Each summer in this slow and easy place to live, out of nowhere the sand would move and transform into large formations of strange shapes and fantastical creatures. Rumors flew because the phenomenon would just magically and randomly appear overnight. There was even talk of possible alien involvement. This is where I confess my jest. For it was me that would row out to those sandy islands under the shadows of night to shape and mold the sands into large scale sculptures that could easily be seen from the bridge far overhead. Imagine casually looking over the rail of the bridge and spotting a great monstrous creature laying in the middle of the river looking back at you.


June 2014

I decided to give sand art a try after watching a fantastic artist on television. Being the jokester that I am, I plotted to keep it a secret early on. With only sand, water, sugar and food coloring, I began to practice parts such as ears, noses, eyes and feet until I had perfected each one. It took the good part of summer to get it right. It paid off though; I was ready when the sands once again rose out of the waters of the swift little river. I loaded the sugar, premixed food coloring/water in multiple spray bottles and hand pump garden sprayers along with shovels and an assortment of tools into a canoe. I had it all stashed in an old moonshine runner’s hidden cove on the river just upstream of my place and at midnight on the dot I set out covered by the darkness of a new moon. The sand was already mounded up, so with concrete tools, garden tools, spoons and whatever else I could find, I began to put all the parts together in one scale-covered monster from the

deep. Sand is very forgiving. If I made a mistake and cut too deep, I simply filled it in and tried again. First I would get the general shape and melt sugar with the river water and douse the entire piece with the mixture, which would make the loose sand firm enough to hold its shape. Using various sizes of paint brushes I smoothed down the surfaces. I found the bottom of a glass pressed into the sand in halfmoon shapes make excellent reptilian scales. I would work the better part of the night creating a strange creature fully tinted in food coloring lying among colorful cubes, circles and twisted triangles. Needless to say the local residents honestly didn’t know what to think. It made tongues wag for miles around. After two years of this strangeness, the weird creatures stopped appearing in the shifting sands. I had moved away and took the creatures in my head with me. I never told them it was me. Sand sculpting is fun in the sun at its best. Everyone at one time or another has molded the beach sands into various shapes from complex castles to simply carving your name. Break out your imagination this summer and give it a try. There are no rules to break, so don’t think you can’t do it. Our beautiful white sands are perfect for such endeavours. Grab your family or just a friend and head out to the beach. If you do it on large scale, it can be a vigorous workout and great excersise. Tips for the beginner: 1. Whenever possible, dig down into the sands instead of piling the whole sculpture on top of the beach. It will save wear and tear on your back. 2. Use sugar water or Elmer’s glue and water to stablize the sand. Both work fine, though most competitions call for the glue. 3. Repurpose whatever you have around the house for tools. An egg spatula is one of my personal favorites to cut and shape edges. 4. For colorful sculptures, food coloring is the only way to go because it is totally biodegradable. 5. If you want to try large scale sculptures, break down the components and practice each invidually. A big nose is easy to construct and is a sculpture on its own. 6. Don’t fear trying. Like I said, art has no rules; there is no way to do it wrong. Free your self-expression and just enjoy. Have fun with it. That’s the whole reason to do it. 7. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

June 2014


June 2014



Celebrate Beer The Fish House Second Annual Beer Festival

BEER, IT’S THE BEST DAMN DRINK IN THE WORLD This is Jack Nicholson’s well-known opinion on the subject of beer, and chances are your dad agrees with him. For Father’s Day you have the option of giving the gift of beer because the Fish House is holding its second annual Beer Festival on June 14, also known as Father’s Day eve. The Festival is expected to be a hit that will feature over 50 beers and a craft liquor station. There will be free refreshments, live music, and professionals discussing the craft beer process and styles. Pensacola Bay Brewery, Back Forty, and others will be present to share their arts with attendees. If you missed the 2013 Beer Fest at the Fish House Deck Bar, now is your chance to be a part of the excitement that turned into a success for its masterminds. General manager Jean Pierre, said “It was our inaugural event and we wanted to test the waters to see if the demand was there for this event. We were pleasantly surprised.” The fortunate guests who attended last year will be surprised by the festival’s expansion. “This year, we are taking things to a new level, focusing on education and interaction to allow for the guest to come away from the event more confident in their likes and dislikes for the wonderful market that is craft beer. We plan on growing this event each year, learning from the past and from our guests,” Jean Pierre explained. Therefore, 18

June 2014

BLUE ANGEL PRACTICES 6/3, 10, 11, 17, 24, 25 By Madelyn Mancera

The Blue Angels will perform practice air shows over Pensacola Naval Air Station most Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, with autograph sessions with the pilots inside the National Naval Aviation Museum on most Wednesdays. Admission to the Blue Angel practices is free and open to the public. Bleachers are available for seating about 1,000 people. Viewers can also bring their own lawn chairs, hats, sunscreen and water. For more information, visit


Photo by Mark Johnson

if you get the chance to make an appearance, your tastes will help shape future Fish House Beer Fests. The event will start at 3 pm and the $25 wristband grants you full access to unlimited beer samples, snacks, and access to Master Brewers. One of the special guests will be Fish House Red, the new special-blend house beer made by Pensacola Bay Brewery, which will be competing for your attention. The tickets are available online or in the Fish House gift shop. For more information visit

Pensacola has had five different flags flown over the city: Spanish, French, British, Confederate and American. Come out and celebrate the founding of Pensacola and honor members of the court through the Coronation on June 6 at the Pensacola Bay Center at 7 pm. For more information visit

June 2014




6/7 Take a tour of the Lavalle House, Dorr House and LearRocheblave House and get familiar with the Historic Pensacola Village. Tours will take place every 30 minutes from 10-12 pm. For more information visit or call 5955985.

BLUE WAHOOS HOME GAMES The third season of Blue Wahoos baseball is underway! Take yourself Home Games: out to the ballgame to May 31-June 4 cheer on Pensacola’s vs. Suns newest home team, June 19-23 the Pensacola Blue vs. Stars Wahoos at the glorious June 29-July 3 baseball field. Home vs. Suns games for this month are listed at right. For more information and time for games, check out

Pensacola Bud Light Fishing Rodeo





6/27 The Hill-Kelly Drive In Movies are officially back. Bring your blankets, chairs and snacks with you so you can enjoy a movie on the lawn at the Community Maritime Park. Concessions are available if you get hungry. Parking begins at 6:30 pm and the movie will show from 8:30-10:30 pm. For more information call 436-5670 or visit pensacolacommunitymaritimepark.

It’s not every day that you get a chance to enter into a fishing tournament. The Pensacola Bud Light Fishing Rodeo will be held at Flounders on the beach. Registration is $25 or $30 with a shirt. You can earn prizes or just soak up some sun. For more information visit

ATLAS BEVERAGE CLASSES AT THE FISH HOUSE DECK 6/12 Atlas Oyster House presents the next installment of Atlas Beverage Classes (A.B.C.). This semester will feature handcrafted beers, two featured spirit brands, and now cocktails with beverage director Josh Goldman, each paired with small plates. Classes are held on the Deck Bar the first Thursday of the month and will feature a presenter for four tastings. Classes cost $20 per person (plus tax and gratuity). The June 12 class will feature “For the Lovers of Rum.” Reservations are required. Call 516-2324 to reserve a seat.


June 2014

Naval Aviation Museum Discovery 6/7 The 70th anniversary of “D-Day The Last Great Crusade” will be open to the public for free admission at 10 am. Take a tour through the museum and learn about the planning and execution of the military operation that took place on June 6, 1944. For more information visit

FPAN Exhibit Explore History of the Snapper Industry Through June The Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN) has opened a new museum exhibit titled Talking Smack: Northwest Florida’s Historical Red Snapper Industry inside the Destination Archaeology Resource Center. The Resource Center is located on the first floor of the Florida Public Archaeology Network headquarters at 207 East Main Street in Downtown Pensacola (next to the Fish House restaurant). Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. Admission is free. For more information please contact Mike Thomin, or 595.0050 ext. 107.

Cooking Demonstrations & Wine Pairings with Chef Irv Miller 6/18 Enjoy a Cooking Demonstration and Wine Pairing at Jackson’s Steakhouse with Chef Irv Miller. For the June 18 demonstration Chef Irv will present “Flavors of Florence.” Tickets are $45 and there will be two seatings. For reservations call 217-2347.

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Pensacola Do Downtown ow wnto own w

Ch hase Str 85

700 East Chase Street 850-439-3330 courttya

Airport/Cordova Airport/Cordo ova Mall

2187 Airport Boulevard 850-478-1123

1144 Airport Boulevard 850-479-8900

Football Camp 6/18 Kids that want to play football but need a little help finally have the perfect opportunity. Kirk Broussard will be a personal instructor at the Youth Football Camp for children ages 8-15 yrs old. It will be held at SW Escambia County Sports Complex from 9-2:30 pm. For more information call 201-2927767.

5049 Corporate Wo oods Drive 850-474-3777

Pensacola Beach

16 Viia DeLuna 800-934-3301 850-934-3300 dayyssinnpensacolabeacch

850-932-9314 •

June 2014




By Madelyn Mancera

On May 15, Evenings in Olde Seville Square (EIOSS) held its first concert of the summer season. The Pensacola Civic Band and Mcguire's Pipe Band had the honor of performing at the kick-off event. Jehan Clark, executive director of Events Pensacola (the nonprofit in charge of EIOSS) said, “The concert went great! We had a huge amount of people come out.” The contributors are delighted with the results, and they are looking forward to a successful turnout during the rest of the summer. Clark believes the concerts will continue to grow each week because the kick-off concert was a hit even without major advertising. The non-profit organization is counting on the community it serves to spread the word and be a part of the entertainment. The popular concert series draws a weekly crowd of approximately 3,000, and it has been a tradition since 1988. It is held in the summer months and at Christmastime. The shows are free and they take place every Thursday from 7-9 pm. In 2012, the Pensacola Heritage Foundation had to end their sponsorship of Evenings in Olde Seville because of expenses and undersupplied volunteer efforts. However, Events Pensacola was quickly organized and it saved the series from extinction. As a result, we have EIOSS 2014! June’s concerts feature remarkable artists. On June 5, Heritage Band will perform their reggae jams. You can learn more about how they pump up their audiences with their music at Then on June 12, see Mass Kunfuzion play for the fourth year in Seville Square. The band’s motto is “stay kunfuzed!” but it is very evident that they enjoy playing for Pensacola. On June 19th, you can see Shades the Band play for the first time at Seville Square. They feature amazing vocalist, Erma, and The Chase Street Horns. Their music has the tones of classic R&B, 70s horn bands, jazz, and jazz instrumentals. The Sarah Mac Band will end the June concerts on June 26. Sarah Mac Band was a crowd favorite in 2013, and Evenings in Olde Seville regulars are extremely pleased by their return! Their music is a combination of blues, jazz, and acoustic rock and their music is recognized as Americana and alternative. Stayed tuned to see about July and August shows in upcoming issues, or check them out on the Evenings in Olde Seville Square website


June 2014

IMPROVABLE CAUSE AT PLT 6/7 Improvable Cause is Pensacola’s best (and only) improvisational comedy troupe performing the first Saturday of every month in the M.C. Blanchard Courtroom Theatre at the Pensacola Little Theatre. Improv is unscripted theatre where dialogue is created instantaneously. Tickets are $7 available at the PLT box office prior to shows.

60TH ANNUAL MEMBERS JURIED EXHIBITION June through July 26 Take a walk through the Pensacola Museum of Art to see the artwork of many different artists. The opening reception will be on June 6 from 5:30-7:30 pm. Mike Roberts, from the Pensacola News Journal’s “Eye on Art” Column, will be giving awards for Best of Show, second place and third place. The top winner will have a solo show in the Charles W. Lamar Sr. Gallery. For more information visit










6/8 Enjoy a nice and relaxing night listening to the soothing sound of the blues. The Randall K. and Martha H. Hunter Amphitheater at the Community Maritime Park will be holding a free concert. Bring your chairs, blankets and coolers so you can enjoy the Diedra + The Rouge Pro Band at 5 pm. For more information visit June 2014


At Seville Square This Month Seville Square hosts a variety of outdoor music concerts. For more information visit

June 5: Heritage Band June 12: Mass Kunfuzion June 19: Shades the Band June 26: The Sarah Mac Band

At Vinyl Music Hall This Month hosts a huge variety of musical acts featuring many musical styles. For more information check out


Through June Come view amazing creations at the Pensacola Museum of Art for an exhibition featuring largescale sculptures created out of iconic LEGO bricks by New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya. The Art of the Brick is one of the largest and most popular art exhibits touring the globe. For more information visit

June 1: Waka Flocka Flame June 6: Cedric Burnside June 10: Black Star Riders – The New Thin Lizzy June 11: Attila Sarcophagi June 13: The Mad Violinist and The Symphony Crack Orchestra June 14: The Mad Violinist and The Symphony Crack Orchestra June 28: Alejandro Escovedo, Bettysoo

SETSCO Presents The Taming of the Shrew 6/6-8; 13-15 Join the Southeastern Teen Shakespeare Company at the for a Neo-Victorian tale of tempers and true love. Dress up in costume on June 13 and receive a special gift, then join the crew at Al Fresco for the after party with the cast! Tickets available through the Pensacole Little Theatre box office. Call 434-0257 for tickets.

A NIGHT OF SPIRIT WITH JAMES VAN PRAAGH AT THE SAENGER THEATRE 6/14 The awe-inspiring James Van Praagh bridges the gap between two planes of existence, that of the living and that of the dead by providing evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages. For one night at the Saenger on June 14, James will amaze the audience as he selects people for the audience to participate in the calling of spirits. Tickets are $35, $46.50 and $80. For tickets and information visit


June 2014

Scooby-Doo Live 6/4 The gang is back; Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Velma, and of course Scooby-Doo will be at the Saenger, doing what they do bestsolving mysteries. This is not just any ordinary show; it will be filled with music and laughter. The musical will start at 7 pm and tickets will start at $21. For tickets and information visit

Christopher’s Concerts at Christopher Church 6/5, 12, 19, 26 Enjoy family-friendly musical entertainment on the lawn of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church each Thursday evening in June from 6-8 pm. Bring lawn chairs and snacks if desired. Concessions are available, including sandwiches, hot dogs, soft drinks and ice cream. For more information call 433-0074.

June Fest 2014 6/21-22 Enjoy different bands and artists that will showcase their music at the William Bartram Memorial Park. For more information call 602-3292

5 Flags Speedway 5 Flags Speedway hosts a variety of different races. For more information visit June 6: Modified, Pro Truck, Sportman, Bomber and Vintage June 13: NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, SS, SP, B June 27: Modified, Pro Truck, Sportsman, Bomber- Future Racers of America

Songs for a New World 6/20-22; 27-29 Presented at the Pensacola Cultural Center, this show sits on the boundary between musical and song cycle, but it is neither; it is an abstract musical, a series of songs all connected by a theme: “the moment of decision.” Call 434-0257 for tickets.

June 2014



The F recracker 5K Benefits the Ronald McDonald House Take advantage of the chance to begin your Fourth of July festivities early by taking part in the Ronald McDonald House Firecracker 5k on June 28. For the race, families and friends dress up in their red, white, and blue attire and line up for the downtown course. There is a reason why many of participants keep coming back every year to be a part of the run/walk/wheelchair race. Twana Bright, the Ronald McDonald House events coordinator said, “We have many families and individuals who have been running this race for years. It’s always great to see so many familiar faces come out to this event.” The ‘firecrackers’ race to get into the Independence Day spirit, and the competition is fun for the whole family. The race is open to little ones of all ages, which makes it the perfect occasion to get an extra use out of those adorable little Fourth of July outfits. There will be winners for different age groups, and for walkers and runners. The winners will receive an award and recognition at the award ceremony that takes place at the after-race celebration.


June 2014

By Madelyn Mancera

Before the post race party begins, there is a free Rock Our Socks Fun Run for those who missed the race and want to skip through downtown in Ronald McDonald socks. There are no rules against impersonating your favorite firecracker noise while you run. The post-race party is on Government Street between Palafox and Tarragona. There will be food and beverages, entertainment, music, and Ronald McDonald will attend. Last year Captain America and the Hamburgler were part of the race, which makes the Firecracker 5k the perfect way to begin your Fourth of July. As usual, early registration offers a discounted fare, but it is possible to join on race day. There is a convenient day-of registration between 6 and 7 am. Late guests will have time to pick up packets and line up in time for the race at 7:30 am. The packet includes a race bib, t-shirt (first 1,000 registered), and goodies that promote fitness. The participants also have an opportunity to see the latest running equipment, talk to experts in the field of running, and stop by sponsors’ tables for information and prizes.


6/21 The Bear Family Foundation, Wind Creek Hospitality and WEAR TV3 & WFGX My 35 present Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Bowl for Kids’ Sake. The event will take place on Saturday, June 21 at New Liberty Lanes, 3200 N. Palafox Street. Teams consisting of four to six bowlers may choose from the following bowling times: 5 pm and 7:30 pm. Individuals are encouraged to invite family and friends to help make this fund-raising event a FUN-raising event. All individuals need to set a goal to raise a minimum of $100 each. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida’s goal is to raise $70,000 at this year’s event. All funds stay in Northwest Florida and go directly toward matching children with a caring, supportive and carefully screened Big Brother or Big Sister volunteer. Register your team online at, or call 850-433-KIDS(5437) or email to register your team and preferred bowling time. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida has been the area’s leader in one-to-one youth service for over 25 years by providing caring, adult mentors to children ages six to 18. Their mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one-to-one relationships that will change their lives for the better, forever. Research has found that after spending time with their BIG, the LITTLE was 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs, 52% less likely to skip school, and 27% more likely to receive a four-year college degree. In 2013, Big Brothers Big Sisters served 562 children in Northwest Florida. June 2014


GulfBreeze Area Chamber of Commerce

To advertise in any of our publications call Malcolm Ballinger at 433-1166 ext. 27


June 2014

Photos by: Top clockwise; PipthePony, Tzuhsun Hsu, K.L.Gaffney



Herbs for cocktails and tonics

By Emily Lullo

Splendor in the Lemongrass This perfect summer cocktail has the inviting sweetness of peach, a spicy punch of ginger and the perfect garden complement in aromatic lemongrass. 1 ½ oz. St. George Botanivore Gin (or any herbal gin) 1 ½ oz. Shrub & Co. Spicy Ginger Shrub (or substitute ¼ teaspoon pureed ginger) 1 ½ oz. peach puree ¼ oz. fresh lime juice ¼ oz. honey 3 one-inch pieces of lemongrass In a mixing glass, pound lemongrass to release flavor. Add remaining ingredients and shake with ice. Double strain through fine mesh into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with fresh lemongrass.

Herb gardens are the lazy gardener’s perfect summer project, because many of these types of plants are resilient and offer plenty of culinary benefits. For those that would rather relax on the back porch with a refreshing cocktail in hand than spend hours toiling in the dirt and measuring soil pH for a full scale vegetable garden, a cocktail herb garden can yield many benefits for a relatively small amount of upkeep. Herb gardens do well in either containers or in the ground. Just read each plant’s label and make sure to plant or place containers in an area with the appropriate amount of sunlight. Pick out herbs you think you’ll use often, but keep an open mind for some experimentation, says Melissa Temsook, cocktail master at Old Hickory Whiskey Bar in downtown Pensacola. “Definitely include mint, rosemary and basil as your basics, but if you want to be more adventurous, I would also include thyme, sage, and cilantro,” Temsook says. “But what I like to have fun with are the specialty hybrids out there like pineapple sage and cinnamon These tricks will separate the master These tricks will separate the master herbalist basil.” herbalist the muddler. amateur muddler. Impress yourwith guests from the from amateur Impress your guests You can group several herbs in one large planter, or give with to bring herbed concoctions few ideasideas to bring youryour herbed concoctions up a up fewa notches. each its own space. Mint in particular is known to rapidly notches. Use fresh herbs and try to keep them as intact as possible. grow and encroach on other plants, so it should be given Use fresh and try getting to keepbits them as intact asteeth possible. This keeps yourherbs guests from stuck in their and plenty of space or its own planter. Herbs should be cut This keeps your guests from getting bits stuck in their teeth and also also keeps the herb from taking over the flavor of your cocktail. back regularly in order to promote bushiness and keeps themuddle herb from taking over the yourascocktail. If you fresh herbs, use a flavor gentleof hand you are only trying sprouting, which should leave you with a bountiful youthem muddle fresh herbs, use not a gentle hand into as you are only trying to toIfget to release their oils, turn them pesto. harvest that’s primed to add some appealing depth and get When them to release their oils, not turn them into pesto. using herbs for garnish, give them a light slap in your hand to flavor to your next beverage. Whentheir usingoils herbs garnish, give them a light in yourand hand to release andfor aroma and adds another layerslap of scents flavor To start off, Temsook says a good rule of thumb is to release oils and aroma and adds another layer of scents flavor to yourtheir cocktail. Remember, when garnishing your drinks withand herbs, pair more pungent herbs like rosemary and mint with tothose your herbs cocktail. when garnishing willRemember, be right next to the drinker’syour nosedrinks when with they herbs, take a darker liquors like bourbon, whiskey, and aged tequila. those herbs will with be right next to or theyou drinker’s nose takeyou a sip, so garnish a purpose can spoil thewhen flavorthey profile Subtler herbs like lavender or thyme pair better with sip, garnish with a purpose or you can spoil the flavor profile you hadsointended. lighter elixirs like vodka, gin, white whiskey or light rum. had Iintended. love the look of herbs in ice cubes but they really won’t add “The best way to get the most flavor from your herbs I love the look of herbs in ice cubes but they really won’t any flavor until completely melted at which point your would be to infuse them into either a simple syrup, a mixer add any flavor until completely at which point cocktail will be watered down.melted Consider boiling youryour like lemonade or tea, or into a liquor itself,” she says. cocktail willwater be watered down. your herbs in and using thatConsider water to boiling make ice “Infusing is as simple as adding whole fresh herbs to a liquid herbs in water and using that water to make ice cubes. Then add a small leaf of that herb to the and letting it sit for anywhere from a day to a couple weeks.” cubes. add a it. small leaf of that herb to cubeThen to identify As the name implies, simple syrup is easy to make, and it adds the cube to identify it. a punch of sweetness and flavor when infused. Just bring one cup of water and one cup of sugar to a boil and add the herb of choice. For a



June 2014

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Herbed Lemonade Start with your favorite lemonade, whether homemade or store bought, and elevate the flavors for an even more refreshing treat. Lemonade Cilantro Mint Add whole leaves of mint and cilantro to your lemonade of choice. Let sit for one hour to overnight. Either strain out herbs or leave them in for garnish and enjoy.

stronger taste add between 12 and 20 leaves. For more delicate herbs, add twice as much for more flavor. Take the pot off the heat and cover. Once it’s cooled, strain out the herbs and put the syrup in a jar or squeeze bottle with a tight lid and keep in the refrigerator for up to three weeks. With summer quickly approaching, Temsook has a few ideas for the perfect refreshing cocktail for your next backyard soiree or just an afternoon on the patio with a good book. Lemonade offers the epitome of summer in sipping form, but some herbs from your garden can take it to the next level with a surprising punch of flavor. “Lemon and fresh herbs can make anything better. I will infuse a sour lemonade with fresh sage, basil or mint and sometimes all three,” she says. “If you have that on hand it pairs well with any liquor. Just combine 1 1/2 ounces of vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, or tequila and 4 ounces of herbal lemonade over ice.” Sangria is another fruity summer favorite that Temsook recommends perking up with fresh herbs. Use your favorite

recipe and add stronger herbs to red versions and lighter ones with white to make all the fruit flavors pop. For another Latino treat, try adding rosemary to your next batch of margaritas along with a nice anejo tequila instead of a blanco. Another popular summer drink, the mojito, can benefit from an herbal upgrade as well by using cilantro instead of the usual mint. Lovers of fruit martinis can spruce up their favorites with herbs as well. Try thyme in a lemon drop or pineapple sage in a Cosmo. Regular martini drinkers can get in on the action as well. “If you are a gin martini drinker, try rubbing the glass with a leaf of Thai basil and then floating it on top,” Temsook suggests. The best way to find your new favorite pairings is to experiment with your garden’s bounty and your favorite beverages. Have a few friends over to taste-test your latest pitcher and its aromatic additions. With an herbal pairing appropriate for almost any cocktail, the promise of a delicious drink elevated with fresh herbs can make the relatively small amount of toiling in your garden well worth it.

June 2014




Succulent flower

arrangements have exploded in popularity. The modern arrangements draw attention because of their elegant look, rustic sophistication, and durable beauty. Flowers and leaves of succulents are recognized for their full and augmented flesh. Their full petals add intensity to any display—an intensity that gives the illusion that succulents come from an alternate realm. Since their unique exterior is quite unlike the beauty of traditional bouquet flowers, succulents seem to have been imported from a fairyland. Their smooth and voluminous physique is dreamlike. In reality, succulent plants originate in dry desert climates, which is why they have thick water-retaining petals. Succulents can shine alone or add character to any bundle of traditional flowers. When added to fresh blooms, succulents instantly add character while creating a beautiful layered look. The plant’s distinctive texture has resulted in widespread


June 2014

demand. Succulent arrangements are currently fashioned into centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, and cake embellishments. Their earthy elegance creates trendy houseplants, gifts, party souvenirs, or party décor. At events, they can be displayed in orbs or uniquely shaped terrariums to create a mystical atmosphere. Styling succulents into wedding arrangements is the latest wedding trend. It is the new must-have in wedding décor for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that the eco-friendly flowers may be planted after the ceremony as a wedding tribute. Unlike most flowers that require detailed care, succulents will thrive with minimal upkeep. Some blooms perish despite all your efforts to keep them, but succulents easily flourish. The trait of durability is ideal in weddings because it represents longevity and permanence. Succulents are available year round, so they can be part of a winter wedding just as easily as they can enhance a summer one. They can be sewn into hairpins, stitched into gift boxes, and twisted into boutonnieres. The plants make ideal boutonnieres because there are various types of succulents that give the impression of masculinity. Succulents make a stronger statement than traditional flowers because of all that they embody.

Photos by: Left to right; Dennis Hill, Steven Boisvert, Clyde Johnson, Jkehoe Photos

When not displayed as an aesthetic innovation, succulents are used in medicinal remedies. They contain natural healing agents that are extracted for vitamins and ointments. Sour Fig, or Carpobrotus, is a succulent that you can grow at home. It is used to treat several oral and throat infections. An ointment made from the fruit can be applied to cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Also, the leaf juice can be squeezed onto to sunburns or eczema for instant relief. Pigs Ear, or Cotyledon orbiculata, is another example of the natural healing powers of succulents. The fleshy leaves of Pigs Ear have helped fix skin conditions, and when prepared by an herbalist, the juice from the plant is used to treat ear infections. Africa contains the widest variety of medicinal succulents. Aloes, mesembs, and asclepiads are all in abundance in Africa, where they help cure thousands of illnesses. A common misunderstanding is that succulents are narrowed to desert environments. While it is true that plants with succulence are much more common in arid regions, they are not exclusively a desert plant. In the Florida panhandle, succulents thrive because they do not require constant direct sunlight. Consequently, they can live and stay healthy through the weeks of the rainy season. When succulent flowers are placed in homes and businesses, they bring with them the essence of healing and survival, but they also carry many spiritual traditions. Business owners place the succulent “money plant� in a southeast location to bring prosperity and success. Many beliefs such as these are prominent in Eastern Asia. Succulents play a symbolic role in the Chinese New Year for luck, but they are also a vital New Year decoration. The physiognomy of succulent flowers has also inspired fictitious flora. Cartoonists base their flowers and shrubs on succulents because of their signature dreamlike quality. In prominent films such as Jumanji and Avatar, many of the invented plants are based on succulents. The exotic and magical plants in Avatar were developed from succulents

Photos by: Left to right; Anyu, CasparGirl, Andesine, Jeff Turner

because of their medicinal usefulness. Succulents are extraordinary. Their popularity as a domestic aesthetic is both beautiful and complex. Succulents have replaced other common blossoms in arrangements. Along with their distinct beauty, they have a splendor that represents healing, longevity, and cultural tradition. The exquisiteness of succulent flowers has inspired everything from succulent-themed weddings to magical succulents in fiction. They survive harsh climates because of their ability to store water, which essentially makes them the camels of the flora world.

June 2014


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June 2014

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June 2014


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  The open kitchen offers a roomy area for cooking and food preparation, with gorgeous walnut countertops which, along with the cabinetry was made by Majestic Cabinets Inc. Handcrafted with walnut boards, the counter tops are eco-friendly because of their renewable source and they have a mineral oil finish for a natural look. Plenty of storage and a double refrigerator help to keep things organized, but the eye-catching Lacanche stove, which was made in the south of France, is the pride of the kitchen. “That’s one element that we just love,” Jonathan

says. “I love cooking and Kim’s a great cook. That’s why we wanted this stove.” “It’s got a gas range and an electric stove, because electric’s good for baking and then the gas is good for cooking meat,” Kim says.

The Newlins purposefully sought out natural materials in the elements of their home, avoiding manmade materials and particle board. The master bedroom features solid doors which Kim brought back from upstate New York and the ceiling is solid tongue and groove pine that, along with the window framing,

was left completely natural. The wood floors continue into the master bath, which has oak cabinetry with marble countertops, but the eye-catching Victoria + Albert standalone tub is the star of the room. All of the tubs in the house are six feet long and very deep to accommodate Kim’s height. AnneMarie’s room features

repurposed shutters from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. Originally arched shutters from a church window, the Newlins had the arches removed and the shutters cut to fit the windows.

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A running theme throughout the Newlin’s house is unique lighting fixtures and the family favorite is the centerpiece of the house’s only room with a vaulted ceiling: the music room upstairs. The piece was created by Eloise Pickard, an Adairsville, da d Georgia artisan who restores and refurbishes antique gas lighting fixtures into usable electric versions. Her work has been featured nationally in publications like Southern Living. The room is a perfect space for lounging on the Roche Bobois couch while strumming a guitar or for Jonathan to work on recording music. The doors opening from the hallway to the music room and from the hallway to the office come from a single set of doors that are one of the many architectural elements that the Newlins gathered from Ricca’s Architectural Sales in New Orleans, Ricca’ Louisiana. Ricca’ Ricca’s houses and sells antique and historic doors from the New Orleans area as well as from around the world, strips them down and sells them. This set of doors came from a storefront in Holland, and they were stripped and fitted with tempered glass. The transom that was originally above the doors is a decorative element in the first floor hallwayy. The office lamp is an heirloom from Jonathan’s grandmother and it’s more than 100 years old. “A rule in our house is to never sell any antiques that were handed down,� he says. Jonathan is a sixth descendent of Josiah Fox, who designed the famous nav avaal frigate the USS Constitution, a ship known as “Old Ironsides,� and the grandfather clock was commissioned by his grandson, Elijah Fox some time in the 1830s. The clock has been fixed and still works.


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   Jonathan Newlin is a chiropractor but in his spare time he, Kim and AnneMarie enjoy spending time at their home, often Th entertaining the many family members that live nearby. They can even see Jonathan’s brother’s home from the upper deck. The family makes good use of their proximity to the beach, often making the short jaunt over the dunes to relax in the sand or even catch some waves. Jonathan is a lifelong surfer and he’s passed that passion onto his daughter. “I surf and AnneMarie surfs and when the season’s right we get out there and enjoy itt togetherr,� he says. June 2014


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