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Photo by Lazzat Photography

Photo by Lazzat Photography

The Perfect Wedding Begins with the Perfect Location The Hilton Pensacola Beach offers outdoor ceremony spaces with a breathtaking backdrop, as well as beautiful indoor spaces that can accommodate dinners and receptions. Our dedicated on-site catering manager will gently guide you through all of the important stages of planning your event, and our award-winning chef will work with you to create a menu that your guests will rave about. This is where your unique story can become an‌ unforgettable wedding celebration! To connect with our weddings team, please contact Victoria Branch at weddings@hiltonpensacolabeach.com or by calling 850-343-6792.

12 Via De Luna Drive | Pensacola Beach, FL 32561 | hiltonpensacolabeach.com 2 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

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come tie the knot with us Voted "Pensacola's Best Ceremony & Reception Venue" by                                  2018 2018 & 2019 Tie The Knot Nautically: Lat 30° 23.96 N Long 87° 14.37W

But most arrive and depart at: 1897 Cypress St, Pensacola, FL 32502


Our food, service options, and hospitality are only second to our location. We are situated right on Bayou Chico with views of the Pensacola Bay from every room. Enjoy the privacy of our exclusive club, not to mention the huge parking area we have for you and your guest. We take time to get to know you, because working with good people who genuinely care about the success of your BIG DAY makes for an experience you’ll feel confident and relaxed with. Possible Event Spaces: Ballroom A and/or B; Patio (Tent Set-up Available); Lawn Area; Private Bridal and Grooms dressing rooms available. It is our pleasure to assist you in helping determine which area best complements your event needs. And your company never looked so good here, in a private club setting you and your guests enjoy the benefits of incredible service, and world-class culinary delights.

If you are wanting a one of a kind wedding we can make it happen! Contact: Scott Segers, Event Manager scott@pycfl.com

Editor’s Note Each January the staff here at Ballinger Publishing eagerly awaits the deadline for submissions to our annual Pensacola Magazine Weddings cover contest. Once all of the submissions are in, we gather around our art director’s computer and begin the fun but difficult task of selecting a winner and runners-up. When we look at the images, we usually know nothing about the bride and groom. We are looking more at the overall image quality, composition and the emotion the image evokes. Once we choose, we contact the finalists and ask for a little more background on their courtship and wedding—without revealing the winner, of course! It’s always fun to hear about the couple’s love story and wedding experience. This year, we fell in love with the composition and color scheme of our winning cover, but more than anything, we loved the pure joy and happiness on Dannon and Christopher’s faces. This is a couple in love with each other and with life, we thought. So, when we received the answers to our background questions, we were overjoyed to see that our assumptions matched up with reality. This fun loving couple seems to be made for one another, and we congratulate them on their happy union and on winning our 2020 cover! Over the years, we’ve learned to work smarter here at Ballinger Publishing. For a long time, we took on every task in the Wedding issue ourselves, bringing in one or two outside vendors as needed. In recent years, we’ve learned to delegate and out source to the many talented wedding professionals and freelancers our area is so fortunate to have. This year, we have two styled shoots that were put together by dozens of local vendors, photographers, caterers, planners, hair and makeup artists—you name it. We couldn’t be happier with final products, and we honestly couldn’t have done it better ourselves. We are a town of talented and passionate folks. I am beyond impressed with the work ethic, passion, creativity and professionalism these vendors brought to the table. If you are getting married in Pensacola soon, you certainly have an abundance of talent to choose from to make your day exactly what you want it to be. We hope you will find inspiration in our styled shoots and consider some of the vendors for your big day.

Kelly Oden Executive Editor



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Lauren Clark by Amber Fletcher


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Petunia’s Bakery Adding a lil’ sweetness to anybody’s life! Gluten free and Vegan options available

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group of friends and I sat around the dinner table recently and began a discussion of food, focusing on our likes and dislikes. I commented on the fact that I like pretty much everything, with the exception of liver. I cannot possibly imagine how desperately hungry someone must have been to have considered this as food. I don’t care how many onions you bury it in. Everyone spoke of their own personal “liver” stories as we all have them. To one of my closest friends, oysters invoke the same response. I did not grow up in an area where oysters were a way of life, but once I finally gave them a fair try I was hooked. How is it that we can all have such varying ideas about what is good and what isn’t? Are our taste buds really that different? Upon further reflection I realize I must have been born with a food bias. Since infancy I wouldn’t touch milk. I always gladly accepted the wrath of my father for knocking over a glass of milk rather than engage in the only other apparent alternative. Milk is not the only food that makes it on the liver list. I clearly remember when I was very young and my mother had to go into the hospital, leaving my brothers, sister and I with my father who had to assume the role of cook. We nearly starved. My father’s first challenge was actually finding the kitchen, a room he had rarely visited. His next mistake was browning sausage and then adding eggs to scramble — in the same pan. The five of us kids stared at the mixture on our plates as if it were a cow patty. God did not intend for those two things to be combined. Certain rules must be followed in food preparation and while we may have appreciated my father’s efforts, we refused to eat. Doesn’t every kid have memories of school lunches? I remember running to catch the bus on the first day of first grade. My memory cells still recall how excited and nervous I was. I was armed with a new book satchel and an aluminum lunch box that obviously was not 10 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

equipped with a safety latch. Stepping up to the bus, the door was not the only thing that flew open. In horror, I watched my lunch spill into the street. My mother packed my lunch every day because she knew that the 35 cents would be completely wasted on a cafeteria meal for me. I never liked the way the school cafeteria smelled, and after teaching for 25 years, I still didn’t. The cafeteria always reeked of baked rolls, fried chicken with the skin on and canned green beans. Don’t forget what completed the meal — the dreaded milk carton. How much worse could it get? One day, I forgot my lunch and my wellintended teacher forced me to have a hot lunch. I am not sure my teacher or the other kids in my class had ever seen the gag reflex in action as many times as they did that day. Tears burned my eyes as I tried to eat and I am certain that the expression “saved by the bell” was born that moment. To make matters even worse, the school offered rewards in the form of a button for the “Clean Plate Club.” Kids proudly pinned the monstrosity on their chests, and I swear they received preferential treatment at school. “There goes little Susie who never leaves a crumb on her plate,” the teachers would boast. Needless to say, in my drawer that holds pins, buttons and other memorabilia that I have collected throughout the years, there is not one “Clean Plate Club” button to be found. No, I preferred my red-checkered aluminum lunch box filled with mom’s waxed paper packages. There were only three sandwiches that I found acceptable — chopped ham (whatever that is) with mayonnaise, leftover

meatloaf with mayonnaise or peanut butter with no jelly, as that would be mixing foods. My real favorite was a tomato sandwich, but it would be too soggy by lunchtime. A tomato sandwich remained a gourmet treat reserved for weekends and summer vacation. As if it needed to be said, all sandwiches were made with soft, white Sunbeam bread. There was usually a can of potato sticks and some homemade cookies as well. I did not care for store bought cookies except for pecan sandies that miraculously passed my taste test. Through my entire 12-year public school experience, little changed about lunches. At some point the lunch box gave way to brown bags, but the staples remained the same. As kids, we rarely ate in restaurants. For years I assumed the reason for not eating out was that it was too expensive for a family of seven to go out. Later, I learned that while it was hard enough to get dinner on the table for our crowd, it was still better than the risk involved with all of us in public. Plus, there were only two restaurants that my parents felt reasonably safe taking us. Piccadilly Cafeteria was pure heaven. Walking through the line and choosing whatever you wanted was our definition of fine dining. It was the only time my baby sister could get away with selecting French fries, mashed potatoes and hash browns. The other restaurant was Shoney’s because we all loved their famous strawberry pie, though I do not know why. It is nothing short of amazing that I became adventurous in dining. The foods I grew up with were traditional and cultural. We ate the same foods in our home as were served in the homes of all our relatives. Aside from one uncle who grilled the world’s best hamburgers, no men in our family ever engaged in food preparation other than carving the Thanksgiving turkey. My father’s attempt at breakfast set them all back a generation. These days my son is quite the chef and my husband even wrote a cookbook. But some things never change. Got milk? NO.

Featuring world-class cuisine by Executive Chef Gus Silivos, a 15-room boutique hotel with a large bridal suite, and a friendly & knowledgable staff, Skopelos at New World has everything you need to make your wedding day truly special. From our spectacular courtyard to the intimate rooms and grand ballroom, our beautiful location is the all-encompassing canvas for the wedding of your dreams. 600 S. Palafox St.  |  Downtown Pensacola (850) 434-7736  |  events@skopelosatnewworld.com SkopelosAtNewWorld.com WEDDINGS 2020 | 11


WeddingsCover 2020 Contest Winner Dannon & Christopher Hooks photography by Kista Haas

Chris and I met at the first ever Dragon Boat Races festival back in 2014. I was there as the team leader for Junior League of Pensacola, a women’s volunteer organization. Chris was there with AppRiver, where he worked at the time. He was the hype man— his face was painted and he was getting everyone pumped for the races. Our Junior League team was eliminated in the first bracket after being beaten by two Boy Scout teams. As the team leader, I hung around to get our participation trophy for being the only all-female team the first year. A Junior League friend of mine also worked at AppRiver. She invited me over to hang out at the AppRiver tent and introduced me to Chris. Their team went on to take first place. Before leaving, Chris and I exchanged phone numbers and planned a date night, so, basically, I won, too. The rest is history! Chris popped the question on Christmas morning. We had looked at rings together a few times, but I never thought my hints were actually sinking in. I was totally surprised. We were married at Pensacola Yacht Club. The venue was absolutely perfect for us—we wanted an outdoor ceremony with a view of the water, but not on the beach, and an indoor reception. We made use of the rooms upstairs to get ready, so everything was on-site. Our theme was just about celebrating love—true love in its many different forms. As an interracial couple, we hope others will see us as an example that love knows no color. No matter your skin tone, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or ethnicity, love is love—and love always wins. We incorporated “love” into our decor and even into our favors, which were jars of jellies, so our guests could “spread the love” later.

By far, my favorite moment was after Chris and I said our vows to each other. He got down on one knee, put a ring on Shaylee’s finger and vowed to always love her and to be a good father to her. She almost knocked him over with a giant bear hug. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience. It was so special! Our advice to newlyweds-to-be is don’t break the bank on your wedding. Set a budget and stay within it. Do some DIY projects to keep costs low, which will allow you to invest in the big-ticket items that are most important to you (like a really awesome photographer). I worked with the dream team! Chelsey Domschke did our hair and Hayley Gurney made us all look fabulous.

WEDDINGS 2020 | 13

Lauren & Alec Clark by Amber Fletcher We spent all four years of high school math classes sitting on the opposite side of the room vying for class clown/mathlete. When he started getting better grades than me by senior year, I was determined to find out why and befriended him. After I realized just how cute and kind he was, I sat by him at lunch every day until he reluctantly agreed to fall in love with me. Over seven years later, we are still solving problems and cracking each other up.

course! Yes! I can’t believe this,” before Alec told me—not for the first time, nor for the last—“Please stop talking,” so that he could get his proposal started without interruption.

Alec proposed right before our undergraduate college graduation. Heading to a “graduation photo shoot” on the beach, I saw my mother pull my father to duck under the boardwalk and I started crying and beaming right away. Following the rose petals around the sand dune, I ran up to Alec in his suit already stuttering “Of

The most special part of the wedding was our vows. We wrote our own and they turned out to hit on similar promises, which made us feel even more connected. We also made sure to take moments to scan the audience in front of us and feel the magic of having so many incredible people love us. Instead of being whisked away

We got married at 5eleven Palafox. The theme was Bohemian Industrial. We used a lot of greenery, antique teapots, lanterns and décor made out of our personal memories —like framed notes left on each other’s cars in high school. that night, we stayed until the end of the night and started a bar crawl down Palafox with our guests. We figured we had the rest of our lives to be alone together, but only one day with all so many of our loved ones in the same place. We ended a perfect day eating What-aburger on our couch in our

pajamas. The next day we went to Portofino for a few nights and celebrated being a great team while looking out at a beautiful view.

that with our closest loved ones. Our encouragement to newly engaged couples would be to stay true to who you are as a couple. Our greatest joys in retrospect are found in the demonstration of our commitment in choosing to love one another, the way in which this honors the Lord and the

coming together of two cultures to create something new and lovely.

Cathy Bridges at Montage Salon did my hair and Randall Scott did my makeup.

Rovy & Olivia Lopez by Erin Perez of ERA Photography Rovy and I first met when I visited the international church he serves at as a part-time youth pastor. I fell in love with the church and began attending and serving there but, little did I know, Rovy would fall in love and ask to pursue a courting relationship with me, as was custom to the very romantic Filipino culture that are his roots. The day before my college graduation, I was busy preparing a graduation party in the Fellowship Hall of the church where my parents pastor. To my surprise, in the room over, Rovy had prepared an even bigger surprise—flowers and candles, our closest family and friends and a film composed of many moments throughout our relationship. A rose from each of Rovy’s closest friends and brothers was given to me, and my dearest friends and sisters each read a 14 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

letter Rovy had written to me at various points in our relationship. Then my beloved came—with a rose in his teeth and a grin on his face, we danced to our maid of honor and best man singing “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” With that, the declaration was made and the question popped! To say the least, my graduation party was the best as it was upgraded to include an engagement! On December 7, 2019, we were married at the most dreamy wedding venue, Bella Sera Gardens. An autumnal color palette, the meeting of vintage and modern, and the beautiful melding of our lifestyles and cultures inspired our theme. What was most important to us was exhibiting the core of our relationship throughout each point of the day and celebrating

Wedding vendors included Bella Sera Gardens, ERA photography, Makeup by Brooke W, Hair by the bride, Liv Love Look and film by the groom’s company RL Films.


Andres & Hana Bole by Olga Afanas

Allia Grace Martinez & Daniel Sharp by Zac Green

Tom & Anna Schoenfeld by Patsy Brown

Alex & Bailey Bakker by Zac Green

Blaire & Charlie Beck by Ann Sinclair Photography

Blayze & Casey Spencer by Cedar Relics Photography

Brittany & Kolby Cook by Jessica Greene Photography

Brooke & Jon Potrzeba by Perla Martinez

Caitlyn & Ryan Patton by Aislinn Kate Photography

Caitlyn Guidry & Tom McMillian by Aislinn Kate Photography

Carly Rae & Logan Christopher Hundley by Kayla Baptista

Mac & Caroline Whitmeg by Ash Simmons

Dannon & Christopher Hooks by Kista Haas Photography

Joe & Erin Nunnari by Zac Green

Ian Kantor & Erin Smith by Katherine Hewlett Photography

Grier McLaurin & Jack Noyes by Aislinn Kate Photography

Deidre Zimmerman Erin Vargas by Aislinn Kate Photography by Aislinn Kate Photography

Anna Clairre Weekley Ashley & Jeremy Darby & Brett Bentley by Melissa Wilson by Aislinn Kate Photography Photography

WEDDINGS 2020 | 15


Rovy & Olivia Lopez By Erin Perez of ERA Photography

Kristina & Eric Shirley by Indie Pearl Photography

Robert & Hanah Sammons by Courtney Davis

Kristyn Suelflow Austin Farrell & Lucas Zaler & Laurel Woodfin by Aislinn Kate Photography by Aislinn Kate Photography

Malerie & Zach Cates by Farren Day of Faraday Photography

Jennifer Rivers by Mae Grace Photography

Benjamin Danler & Jacqueline Egan by Cami Zi Photography

John Aaron Castle & Mary Pope by Jen Tewell

Molly & Dan Risen by PS Cobia Photography

Jarrod & Patricia Moulyet Rachel & Ashley Westley by Jenna Loomis by Aislinn Kate Photography


Kallie Mendiola & Jacob Hendren by Jenna Loomis

Karly & Jerrett Richardson by Jessica Greene Photogprahy

Lauren & Madison Eiss by Jessica Greene Photography

Andrew Edwards & Liz Tringas by Aislinn Kate Photography

Nathan & Morgan Adair by Daly Photography

Tim Joyce & Mary Elizabeth Bush by Aislinn Kate Photography

Kyle & Rachele Johnson by Jessica Greene Photography

Rebecca Stauffacher & Stuart McCrory by Aislinn Kate Photography

Weddings 2020

Devin & Regan Gray by Autumn Beury

Shannon Kane & Renato Segatto by Ash Simmons

Samantha Ann & Michael Sara McCain Theodore McClellan & Stephen Schmitz by Kayla Baptista by Aislinn Kate Photography

Shawna Thompson by Ash Simmons

Tessa & Brian Dow by Daly Photography

Bryce & Sara Coleman by Lucy Steiner Photography

Shernethia Riley Sophia & Winston Bolinger by Aislinn Kate Photography by PS Cobia Photography

Tori & Joe Brown Emily & Tyler Watford by Kista Haas Photography by Love is Wild Photography

Seanne & Jesse Shanahan by Travis Revell

Stephanie HarringtonJohnson by Abigail Wellinghurst & Rachel Graham

Lauren Clark by Amber Fletcher


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Register Locally by Kelly Oden

While many soon-to-be brides and grooms choose national department stores or chains for their wedding registry, it’s worth considering supporting your local mom and pops as well. Local stores often carry unique, one-of-a-kind pieces and offer a broad range of prices and styles with personalized service. We’ve curated a collection of excellent registry options—all from Pensacola retailers who offer wedding registry services. Whether your tastes run modern or traditional, you’re sure to find that perfect item for your new life as a married couple.

PENSACOLA HARDWARE pensacolahardware.net Wusthof 7-inch Santuko knife with cutting board: $139 Le Creuset enamel on steel 8-quart Caribbean stock pot: $95 All-Clad 3-quart copper-core saucepan: $199 All-Clad 6-piece stainless steel tool set: $99

WEDDINGS 2020 | 19

Register Locally URBAN OBJECTS urbanobjectspensacola.com Christian Lacroix by Vista Alegre “Love who You Want” Indilion dessert plate: $50 Christian Lacroix by Vista Alegre “Love who You Want” Mister Tiger dessert plate: $50 Bugatti Glamour thermal carafe: $146 Bugatti Via Roma kettle: $165

AQUA DÉCOR & DESIGN aquadecoranddesign.com Etu Home Large Farm Table wooden plank: $124

SO GOURMET & KITCHENRY sogourmetpensacola.com Lodge 12-inch cast iron wok: $62 Boska mini electric raclette: $52 20 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

ARTESANA artesanaimports.com 12-inch wooden dinner plates: $15 Tree trunk ice bucket: $145 Beatriz ball melamine salad bowl: $60 Beatriz ball melamine salad servers: $20

DUH FOR GARDEN AND HOME duhpensacola.com Vietri Lastra Collection grey jumbo cup: $42 Vietri Lastra Collection Grey canapÊ plate: $21 Match Italian Pewter XL rectangle tray: $640 Match Italian Pewter double jigger: $100 Match Italian Pewter large wizard’s goblet: $100 Match Italian Pewter chalice: $202 Match Italian Pewter whiskey glass: $70 Match Italian Pewter crystal wine glass: $90 Match Italian Pewter balloon wine glass: $90 Match Italian Pewter tall carafe with top: $410 Match Italian Pewter Martini pitcher: $225

WEDDINGS 2020 | 21



Perhaps the two phrases associated with every rom-com marriage scene or romance movie are “repeat after me” and “you may now kiss the bride!” While the focus is always on the gorgeous couple being wed, the wedding officiant standing between them is the conductor of ceremony—the elocutionist of memorable phrases. For many wedding planners booking the minister or officiant is right at the top of the list along with venue and date. Sometimes, however, it slips through the cracks. When my sister struggled to find an officiant on short notice to ordain her beach wedding during a busy weekend in October 2015, I did what any sister would do: I Googled how to ordain a wedding. Ten minutes later, I became an ordained minister and began writing a custom wedding service. The average couple spends between $200-450 on a wedding officiant, though the U.S. national average is $300. Having a close friend or family member become an ordained minister, or wedding officiant is not only cost-effective, but it also allows for extremely personal and memorable wedding services. It is easier than ever to become a wedding officiant. Many websites and churches offer a free registration within seconds. However, officiating a wedding is not always an easy task. The officiant is responsible for writing or borrowing a wedding script, attending rehearsals, signing the marriage documents, and most importantly, speaking slowly and fluently in front of a large crowd. Couples are often emotional and nervous during their service, so 22 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

the officiant must be able to speak slowly and repeat themselves if needed—especially during the “repeat after me” moments. Whether the service is traditional, religious, non-religious or downright avant-garde, the service is the foundation of any wedding: the moment a couple is wed. Once someone has gone through the quick online process to become an officiant, it is up to them to plan and orchestrate the service. Officiants work with the couple to decide what type of service they would prefer, what readings or passages they would like and if they have any unity ceremonies or family traditions during the service. Sometimes officiants even assist the couples in writing their wedding vows. Services all have a general layout to them: The processional, words of welcome/introduction, readings, exchange of vows, exchange of rings, unity ceremony, the kiss and final blessings/readings/declaration of marriage. The order of unity ceremonies and readings always vary slightly. There are thousands of sample wedding service scripts available online; however, most officiants use templates to write their own service. Services become very personal for couples when officiants use the introduction to tell the attendants about the couple’s history together or hand select passages or readings that remind them of the couple. The most important things to remember for officiating a wedding are to communicate with the couple, practice reading the service and show up on time to the rehearsal and wedding. Hiccups are bound to happen during an officiant’s first few weddings, but stumbling over

a word is quickly forgotten in lieu of the elegant clothing, beautiful venues and decorations. DO’S AND DON’TS FOR OFFICIANTS Do know the wedding laws for the state you are officiating the wedding in: every state and every county is different. Check the county websites for laws and ensure your ordained ministry company is verified in the state. Do visit the wedding venue and ensure you have everything you need to perform a ceremony: microphones and speakers are a must, especially at a beach wedding or large venue hall.

Do consult with your couple on clothing attire and rehearsal. Do print extra copies of your wedding service and practice reading it. Don’t use a quiet or monotone voice during the service. Don’t forget to smile! The officiant will be in the background of every photo of the couple. Don’t assume a poem, piece of literature, or religious text is fitting for every couple. Ensure the script is approved by the couple. Don’t forget to bring a pen with you to sign the marriage license or wedding certificate before the newlyweds embark on their honeymoons. •

Timeless & Romantic Wedding Imagery WWW.PSCOBIA.COM PSCOBIA




Pensacola Brews

by Kelly Oden • photo by Guy Stevens

Pensacola’s beer renaissance is upon us. The variety of sudsy brews available in our little town is staggering. Still, locally brewed beer makes a perfect addition to any wedding festivities. PENSACOLA BAY BREWERY pbbrew.com Being Pensacola’s original stand-alone craft brewery, Pensacola Bay Brewery offers more than a dozen flavors ranging from the locals favorite Riptide Amber Ale to Queen Anne’s Revenge Imperial Stout. GULF COAST BREWERY gulfcoastbrewery.net Gulf Coast Brewery sits at the edge of the coveted East Hill neighborhood where

they brew 23 beers onsite. Favorites include the Pensacola Pilsner and the Hammered Hefeweizen. EMERALD REPUBLIC emeraldrepublicbrewing.com Emerald Republic brings scientific brewing and a hip style to the western edge of downtown Pensacola. Emerald Republic is currently brewing six beers—everything from apricot IPA to cream ale. A standout option is the citrus saison. PERFECT PLAIN perfectplain.com Born from a passion for community, history and beer, Perfect Plain offers a rotating selection of roughly 20 unique brews—rye, stout, sour, and even a raspberry beer.

ODD COLONY BREWING CO. facebook.com/pg/oddcolony Odd Colony Brewing Company is a farmhouse inspired brewery with a heavy focus on seasonality. While Odd Colony offers a variety of unique beer options, standouts include lager, saison and IPA. MCGUIRE’S IRISH PUB mcguiresirishpub.com A world famous Irish pub, McGuire’s also offers fine ales, porters and stouts brewed on-site in traditional oak and copper barrels.

WEDDINGS 2020 | 25

Spirits & Mixers by Kelly Oden • photo by Guy Stevens

FRUIT WINES, RUMS, VODKA, CRAFT SODAS AND COLD BREW COFFEE— Pensacola beverage producers are creating some truly unique options for your wedding day and beyond. BIG JERK SODA COMPANY bigjerksodacompany.com Big Jerk Soda Company creates all natural sodas and cocktail mixers right here in Pensacola. Big Jerk offers unique flavors such as Cherry Limeade, Cranberry Ginger Beer and Pineapple Upside Down Cake—all made from real fruit juice with no artificial colors, dyes or preservatives.

smooth flavor that mixes perfectly with milk and stays fresh for one month in the refrigerator. ROLLINS DISTILLERY rollinsdistillery.com The award-winning Rollins Distillery handcrafts fine spirits from its Gulf Breeze distillery. Rollins core brand, Esprit de Krewe, uses Florida molasses to create a line of vodka, a variety of rums and specialty distillations throughout the year.

DELUNA WINERY deluna.com Named for Pensacola’s founding father, De Luna Winery ferments and bottles their well-loved fruit wines in a 25,000 square foot winery, tasting room and event space in downtown Pensacola. Flavors include pomegranate, blueberry splash, cherry sangria and strawberry-kiwi.

MRS. JONES COLD BREW mrsjonescoldbrew.com Pensacola-based Mrs. Jones Cold Brew crafts delicious cold-brewed coffee concentrates and have recently expanded to include cold-brewed coffee in a variety of combinations. The cold brew process produces an intense but

De Luna Winery’s Cherry Sangria is fantastic over ice or with a splash of club soda. Combine Big Jerk’s Ginger Beer with Esprit de Krewe vodka for the perfect Moscow Mule.


Mrs. Jones Cold Brew Concentrate with a drop of chocolate and nitro foam makes a delicious nonalcoholic dessert shot.









by Emily Echevarria

The modern wedding is every bit as unique as the individual couple getting hitched. No two are the same, and the name of the game nowadays is customization. From the traditional stroll down the aisle clad in white to the barbecue party that turns into a surprise wedding to the shock and delight of guests, every couple chooses their own adventure for the big day. In Pensacola, there are plenty of additions that bring offbeat flair, quirky fun and photo opps, or something special and unique to the happy couple to share with attendees.

photo by Guy Stevens WEDDINGS 2020 | 29


axewarriorsmobile.com axewarriorspcola@gmail. com 850-291-2696

photo by Kista Haas Photography


tapthecoast.com tapteam@tapthecoast.com

A vintage renovation adding unique flair to local weddings and events is Tap the Coast, a mobile beverage service. A fully renovated 1975 camper houses a self-serve tap trailer that can dispense any type of beverage for the big day. Wife and husband team Dannon and Christopher Hooks started the business in 2019 after seeing similar offerings in other cities while planning their own wedding and realizing there was nothing like it in the area. They found and renovated the vintage camper themselves for over five months to get it into useable and picture-perfect condition for events. Now the “tap trailer” is pulling up to weddings and events to serve anything from kegs of beer to wine, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks for events both small and large. The tap window is on the outside of the trailer, but the inside is functional as well - it’s a digital video and photo booth complete with fun props where guests can snap and share their memories instantly. It can be rented as a package with the mobile beverages or on its own as a “dry hire” for the photo booth only. 30 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

Dannon says one of the most exciting things for her is that the business is able to partner with other local companies to give couples the perfect sipping drink on tap at their event, whether it’s a keg from Perfect Plain, a choice cocktail from The Kennedy or a beloved bottle of wine from Aragon Market, among other local businesses. There are also plenty of unique options available without alcohol. “We can do nitro coffee. For nonalcoholic drinks I absolutely love Big Jerk Soda,” Dannon says. “We can do kombucha on tap, that’s something maybe people wouldn’t think of, or mocktails.” Dannon says the local partnerships have grown and thrived organically, and she looks forward to offering even more options for different types of events in the very near future. “Our goal for 2020 is to be able to have options for any size event and to be able to go indoor or out, so we’ve added the double tap wall and we’re adding single-serve whiskey barrels,” she says. “There are definitely more options to come.”

A mobile axe-throwing range may not be the obvious choice for a wedding, but this hot new activity would definitely give guests something memorable to do. Axe throwing bars have been popping up across the country and as with anything, a mobile version gives prospective participants the added benefit of coming directly

to them. Axe Warriors has been spotted with their mobile range at various events around town since starting the business last year. The range is a 9 foot tall enclosed cage built onto a 20 by 7 foot trailer and includes two wooden targets, turf flooring, and lighting for night time use. Operators give participants plenty of instructions on the safest way to throw, and throwers need only sign a waiver and wear closed-toed shoes in order to try their hand at the sport.

THE POSEY BUS supposey.co hello@supposey.co 850-776-0553

Photo areas or booths are becoming more prevalent at weddings, with couples inventing their own shareable hashtags to help catalog shots taken at their big day. The Supposey Bus adds a new level of fun to the photo booth trend, with the booth being housed in a renovated 1973 VW bus. Winchester’s husband Nick Sexton, Supposey’s rental director and installation manager, had the inspiration and the very specific interest that brought the Posey Bus to life. “My husband started it. He’s super into Volkswagens and collects and flips them and all kinds of things,” Winchester says. “We just thought it would be something really cool to bring to Pensacola.”

Supposey is a wedding brand dedicated to flowers, rentals, and planning, and the company streamlines planning by combining all the elements under the cohesive aesthetic the couple has chosen for their day. They even have two different Posey Buses to better match the bus to the style and scheme of the event - one is a tan champagne color and the other is blue. Props can also be coordinated with the event’s aesthetic, and Winchester says they have a huge selection from boas and hats to more specific props. “The package includes all of the props so if it’s a beach wedding we’ll do things like life jackets, parrots, sunglasses, fun beach-style stuff, so we try to stay with the wedding style and colors,” Winchester says.

photo by Guy Stevens

TOP IT OFF, THE CUPCAKE BAR facebook.com/TopItOff. TheCupcakeBar

For Top It Off, the Cupcake Bar, customization is key once again. With this unique dessert business, guests can pick and choose from cake, icing, and topping options for an interactive treat where every guest gets exactly what they want in their cupcake. Owner Nina Savage started the business late last year, and says she was partially inspired by her own Goldilocks-like reaction to dessert options at events. With Top It Off, every cupcake is just right for the guest who created their own perfect combination. “I’ve always enjoyed making people happy, and watching them pick what they want and taking that first bite of their creation is really rewarding,” she says. The trend toward tailoring many aspects of a wedding to fit the couple and their guests fits in with the Top It Off ethos. Guests can select their ideal

flavors and even the amount of icing on the cake. “People love having options,” Savage says. “That’s why my slogan is ‘The perfect cupcake, is your cupcake!’” For events that don’t need a full cupcake bar, Top it Off also takes orders from a mouthwatering menu of specialty cupcakes including “Pretty in Pink” a champagne white cake topped with fresh strawberries, and “Triple Shot,” a buzzworthy coffee and chocolate concoction. Savage is happy to play with flavors and combinations, and works with each event host to select the perfect array of options for any cupcake bar she creates. “I sit down with the hosts of an event and create the menu to include any special toppings they want to see on their bar,” says Savage. “In December I created the ingredients for someone to make a peppermint mocha cupcake, and people loved it.

WEDDINGS 2020 | 31

A Place for You




700 E. Chase Street

601 E. Chase Street






2187 Airport Boulevard

5049 Corporate Woods Drive





1144 Airport Boulevard

6000 Cobble Creek Road



Business Vacation Extended Stay HIGHPOINTE.COM 32 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE



THE HONEYMOON IS ARGUABLY THE BEST PART OF THE ENTIRE WEDDING EXPERIENCE. After the intensity of the wedding ceremony and all that goes with it, some private time away with your newly betrothed is the perfect way to ease into married life. While some folks hop on the plane next morning for a week or two in an exotic locale, not everyone has the time, money or desire to travel the world with their new spouse. Enter the “mini moon”—a short trip to a nearby destination of interest. Luckily for newlywed Pensacolians, the Pensacola International Airport offers nonstop flights to at least 17 destinations. Most flights are under two hours and are extremely affordable— especially when booked in advance. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite nonstop honeymoon destinations. Each one offers world class accommodations, dining and attractions — all with nonstop flights under three hours. »

WEDDINGS 2020 | 33

NASHVILLE, TN The Catbird Seat This small, 23-seat restaurant has received accolades from some of the country’s most reputable publications, including Bon Appetit. Guests sit at the bar while chefs prepare and plate a ninecourse tasting menu, allowing for a casual and interactive way to experience fine dining.

Airline: Southwest Flight Time: 1h 20m Average Cost: From $212 RT HOTELS Noelle Noelle is an experiential hotel and creative gathering place for adventurous people seeking a true Nashville encounter. Created by some of the area’s finest makers and artists, this one-ofa-kind collaboration is designed specifically to bring guests faceto-face with the warmth, talent and delightful unpredictability that make Nashville unique. Urban Cowboy Located in the cultural epicenter of East Nashville, Urban Cowboy’s eight experiential suites housed in a historic Victorian mansion, are sure to create unforgettable memories. In the Stable House out back, the Public House Bar and Kitchen serves up amazing wood-fired food and craft cocktails.

Hermitage The only Forbes Five-Star, AAA Five-Diamond hotel in Nashville, the Hermitage was built in 1910 and was the site of the offices for both the suffragists and anti-suffragists during the fight for women’s right to vote. Make sure to check out the grand Capitol Grille downstairs and its surprising men’s bathroom! DINING

Loveless Café Established in 1951 and currently serving more than half a million guests a year, the Loveless Cafe is a Nashville landmark that stays true to its Southern flavor. Its welcoming neon sign on Highway 100 promises hot biscuits and country ham every day, drawing food enthusiasts, locals, out-of-town guests and celebrities alike. ATTRACTIONS Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is often called the “Smithsonian

Tailor Tailor Nashville offers a simple, timeless dining experience that emulates an intimate dinner party photo by Lauren Reubenstein in the way it fills both the bodies and souls of its guests. Culinary Creator Vivek Surti honors his heritage through the South Asian American cuisine that is representative of Surti being a first-generation American of Indian descent.

of country music” because of its unrivaled collection of country music artifacts, recordings, photographs and videos. Hatch Show Print located inside the CMHF&M Hatch Show Print, a letterpress print shop that has been in full operation since 1879, has designed and printed posters for clients ranging from Mumford & Sons and Taylor Swift to CNN and Anthropologie. Broadway Nashville’s “Honky Tonk Highway,” located on Lower Broadway in downtown Nashville, is a row of honky tonks offering up live music every single day with no cover. Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Gretchen Wilson, Dierks Bentley and other stars began their careers on this amazing street. Some favorites include Robert’s Western World, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, Paradise Park Trailer Resort, Acme Feed & Seed and Legends Corner. Grand Ole Opry Enjoy an evening with Nashville’s most famous radio show, the Grand

photo by Chris Hollo


photo by John Scheikert

photo by Andrea Behrends

Ole Opry, to see first-hand some of country music’s rising stars and legends. The Grand Ole Opry has been a Nashville staple since it began as a simple radio show in 1925. Today, it is a live entertainment phenomenon, dedicated to honoring country music’s rich history and dynamic presence.

INSIDER TIPS: ROMANTIC DESTINATIONS Love Circle Love Circle is a loop of a road just southwest of the Vanderbilt University campus. Given its name, relative seclusion, and great views of the city, it’s a

popular place for couples on warm spring and summer nights. On cold winter nights, with no leaves on the surrounding trees, Love Circle presents a stunning view of the Nashville skyline. Cheekwood Estate and Gardens Once the private estate of the Cheek family (of Maxwell House coffee fame), it is now home to 55 acres of charming botanical gardens featuring a sculpture garden and a museum of art

that consists of a permanent collection of contemporary and decorative art, paintings and sculptures. Pedestrian Bridge Take a stroll across the Pedestrian Bridge and take in the sights of downtown. City information courtesy of Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp. www.visitmusiccity.com

CHICAGO, IL create a new icon in Chicago hospitality. Guests will enjoy cocktails at Bridges Bar, overlooking the drawbridges of the famed Chicago River. LH, a tri-level rooftop bar, offers a unique indoor and outdoor dining experience, re-imagined American cuisine and a variety of specialty drinks. DINING

photo by Patrick L Pyszka

Airline: United Flight Time: 2h 40m Average Cost: From $289

HOTELS Ambassador Chicago With a rich history rooted in Chicago’s Jazz Age, Ambassador Chicago is the city’s original boutique hotel dating back to 1926. Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, the iconic property has hosted the who’s who of the 20th and 21st centuries having served as a local beacon to countless celebrities. Uniquely individual, Ambassador Chicago is nestled among graceful mansions in a quiet, gilded neighborhood tucked into the center of the Windy City offering incredible views of Lake Michigan with easy access to Chicago’s main shopping boulevard, Michigan Avenue. With 285 spacious guestrooms, a 24-hour fitness center, two restaurants, thoughtful programming and amenities curated by local artisans and chefs, Ambassador Chicago maintains its distinct and legendary character while offering guests an authentic Chicago experience. 36 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

Hotel Zachary Nestled across the street from Wrigley Field, Hotel Zachary at Gallagher Way is a 173 room lifestyle hotel located in iconic Wrigleyville, the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. Inspired by the designs of world-renowned Wrigley Field architect and Chicagoan Zachary Taylor Davis, Hotel Zachary at Gallagher Way is where history and style come together. From thoughtful amenities and artistic touches in every guestroom to locallyinfused dining and signature cocktails, Hotel Zachary at Gallagher Way delivers a genuine Chicago experience, an authentic place of rest, revelry and rejuvenation, whether you’re a baseball fan, curious traveler or local in-the know.

An outpost in the heart of downtown Chicago complements the West Loop location. City Winery on the Chicago Riverwalk provides Chicagoans and visitors a way to engage with the city in a unique way. City Winery brings food, wine, beer, cocktails and spectacular views to the Chicago Riverwalk. The menu features delicious food that pairs well with wine and is ideal for al-fresco dining. In addition, wine is served through a unique tap system to showcase the company’s commitment to sustainability. Skydeck Chicago has a restaurant service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With incredible views 1,353 feet in the air, dining at Skydeck can make any occasion memorable. Enjoy world-famous Chicago-style pizza 103 floors up!

Le Colonial, Chicago’s famed Vietnamese institution, is a celebration of the seductive spirit and vivid flavors of 1920’s French Colonial Southeast Asia. Heralded as “an escapist’s paradise,” Le Colonial features a dining room, bar and lounge, private chef’s dining room and an all-season terrace overlooking the bustling Oak Street. A multi-dimensional Japanese restaurant located in the West Loop, Chef Mark Hellyar oversees the Japanese seasonal kitchen. The subterranean Izakaya was designed by the world renowned Avro|KO. ATTRACTIONS Experience a fascinating, 90-minute journey through Chicago’s diverse riverfront architecture as passionate, volunteer docents from the Chicago Architecture Center provide a detailed narrative of Chicago’s various architectural styles and the stories of the people who designed and built the city. The Art Institute of Chicago is home to the greatest collection of Impressionist paintings outside of

LondonHouse Chicago North Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive is renowned as the place where the Magnificent and Cultural Mile begin; in Chicago, it starts here. LondonHouse Chicago has combined classic and contemporary architecture, modern design, sweeping vistas, distinctive history, unique amenities and luxury service with a landmark location to photo courtesy of the Arts Institute of Chicago

Paris, including works by Monet, Renoir, Seurat, and Van Gogh. Explore the Renzo Piano— designed Modern Wing and its extraordinary collection of works by Chagall, Dalí, Matisse, Picasso, and Pollock. Millennium Park is an awardwinning center for art, music, architecture and landscape design. It’s prominent features are the Frank Gehry-designed Jay Pritzker Pavilion, the most sophisticated outdoor concert venue of its kind in the United States; the interactive Crown Fountain by Jaume Plensa; the contemporary Lurie Garden designed by the team of Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Ltd, Piet Oudolf and Robert Israel; and Anish Kapoor’s hugely popular Cloud Gate sculpture. Dare to Stand Out on the 103rd floor—1,353 feet straight down, with a glass

Campus houses three of the city’s leading institutions all in one place. Spend a day exploring natural history and world cultures at Field Museum, underwater worlds at the Shedd Aquarium, and far-out galaxies at the Adler Planetarium—and all from a breathtaking lakefront vantage point. You’ll find sweeping views of the skyline and Lake Michigan just outside the Adler, making for a perfect photo opp. boxes extending 4.3 feet out from the Skydeck, providing never before seen views of Chicago. Enjoy 360-degree views spanning up to 50 miles and 4 states. The new, multi media elevator ride gives visitors one of the fastest in the world, while referencing points of interest that match the ascending height. Atop the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, Skydeck Chicago

is a “one stop Chicago” experience featuring museum quality interactive exhibits. INSIDER TIPS: ROMANTIC DESTINATIONS It doesn’t get much more romantic than a city skyline view to the west and beachfront views over Lake Michigan to the east. Chicago’s amazing Museum

Cabana Club features 180-degree views of the Chicago skyline. To the East you’ll spot Chicago’s 1,127-foot high John Hancock building as well as the tops of more earthly neighborhood churches. You may even catch a glimpse of a passing L train or two—the Damen Station is right here. Chicago natives and citizens of the world welcome. City information courtesy of Choose Chicago. www.choosechicago.com


Airline: American Airlines Flight Time: 2h 9m Average Cost: From $334 HOTELS The Riggs Riggs Washington DC, formerly a historic building once home to Riggs National Bank, known as the “Bank of Presidents,” features 181 guest rooms and suites – each reminiscent of a private safety deposit box, paying homage to the building’s legacy – in addition to an all-occasion European brasserie-inspired café, as well as a bar from the internationally-acclaimed, London-based Mr. Lyan team. Thompson Hotel Washington DC Located in the emerging Navy Yard neighborhood, the new hotel features sleek and modern guestrooms and suites, along with restaurant and bar concepts by Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, positioning Thompson Washington D.C. to serve as a modern hub for locals and visitors against the backdrop of the city’s dynamic waterfront neighborhood, located less than one mile from Capitol Hill and other major D.C. monuments and museums. 38 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

Kimpton Hotel Palomar Washington DC. Amid the vibrancy and bustle of Dupont Circle, surrounded by Embassy Row and an array of fine art galleries, Kimpton’s 335-room Palomar Washington DC is right at home. The luxe lifestyle hotel welcomes visitors from around the world with warmth and timeless sophistication. But its personality and decor also flirt boldly with artful elements designed to surprise and inspire.

MXDC The menu consists of small plates and family-style dishes that offer a fresh perspective on traditional Mexican cuisine elevated by high-end ingredients. The Drinks - A strong tequila program featuring approximately 100 tequilas served in imported Mexican glass quartinos and half-liter carafes. The Atmosphere - An exciting addition to an area right around the corner to the White House, the two-level open interior is a balance between modern and rustic architecture lit by copper chandeliers and brimming with lush succulents. Supra Supra introduces the incredible cuisine of the Republic of Georgia to DC visitors and residents alike! From the amazing “khachapuri” (housemade breads stuffed with melted cheese and more) to their “khinkali” (soup dumplings) bursting with broth, it is not to be missed. Plume Michelin Starred and located in The Jefferson Hotel, Plume was recently named the only fivestar restaurant in Washington,

DC by Forbes Travel Guide, Plume serves as a discreet and elegant backdrop to the artistry of an award-winning culinary team. Choose a cozy nook or a table by an inviting fireplace as you savor classic dishes crafted using traditional techniques with seasonal, fine dining restaurant menus that are inspired by the harvest from Thomas Jefferson’s kitchen gardens at Monticello. Savor a bottle of the restaurant’s more than 1,300 labels to select from. Plume’s wine list spans more than a dozen nationalities and dates back to a rare 1720 Borges Madeira. Among more than 50 vintages are those that Jefferson himself enjoyed in his time as well as newer wines, which he would certainly select were he alive today. Providing the final flourish to this unforgettable upscale dining experience is service as discreet as it is attentive and always informed. ATTRACTIONS Library of Congress The largest library in the world makes for a fascinating historical and literary experience in the nation’s capital. Washington Monument Built to honor George Washington, the Washington Monument was once the tallest building in the world at just over 555 feet. The Washington Monument is located on the center of the National Mall between the U.S. Capitol and Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial The iconic memorial built to honor the 16th U.S. president is a must-see for every visitor to the nation’s capital.

rendering courtesy of M18 public relations

POV Rooftop Bar at the W Hotel The chic POV Rooftop Lounge

photo by Gina Falcone

INSIDER TIPS: ROMANTIC DESTINATIONS National Mall is best at night! photo by Anne Kim

and Terrace at the W Hotel serves as a beacon for cupids, Casanovas and the like. Sip some bubbly and pass the hors d’oeuvres while taking in aweinspiring views of the National Mall and White House.

Odyssey River Cruise With a variety of year-round dining cruises to choose from, Odyssey’s bottomless mimosa brunch is not to be missed. Two hours aboard the stunning fully glass-enclosed vessel will leave you speechless.

Snap a selfie with AMOR. National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden is home to the Spanish-language version of Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE sculpture. District of Columbia War Memorial - Nestled in a clearing among trees along the flank of the Mall sits the elusive

District of Columbia War Memorial. The domed temple serves as a romantic hideaway and is one of the few sites on the National Mall where you can get married (should anyone need a do-over.) Spanish Steps, located on 22nd Street in Dupont Circle. This little lover’s nook is a prime picnic spot and off-theradar gem. City information courtesy of Destination DC. www.washington.org

Fully Renovated Downtown Home

515 N. 7th Ave 3 Bedrooms 2 Baths 1,613 Sq. Ft. $395,000

Great Location Downtown Fully Renovated Pool!

Toast Worthy

Pensacola Bay Brewery • 225 E. Zaragoza Street • Pensacola, FL • 850-434-3353 • www.pbbrew.com


Coastal Wedding Perfect

by Melissa Bailey

Whether you are a local bride or a bride thinking about a destination wedding in Pensacola, the Pensacola Bay area offers breathtaking vistas, professional vendors and southern style – all perfect elements for a dream wedding. WEDDINGS 2020 | 41

The Perfect Coastal Wedding

Pensacola is home to some of the most talented artisans who have perfected their craft over the last two decades. These vendors have partnered together to visually illustrate how it can all come together to bring you everything you need for your Pensacola wedding. Pensacola’s top venues, unique opportunities, accredited photographers and award winning floral designers are all at your service. Great Southern Catering and Events collaborated with top Northwest Florida vendors to host a coastal-inspired, stylized photo shoot aimed at showcasing the possibilities for the bride-to-be and highlighting just a touch of 42 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

Pensacola’s many coastal offerings. The color palette for the afternoon was a sky blue-gray to mimic the feel of nature, water and oysters. Katie Henry, the bride, was styled by Tiffany Latshaw. Katie wore a timeless, clean-lined dress accentuated with an Eloise Lace long sleeve coverup which was designed by Heidi Elnora from BuildA-Bride. Simplicity is the key to an outdoor affair, and simplicity was the inspiration for hair and makeup, courtesy of makeup artist Carrie Buchheit. Katie’s makeup reflected a carefree, easy style that would work well in the shade or sun which played

nicely with the silhouette of the dress. Josh Johnson, the groom, was styled by Gents Formal Wear, featuring a gray tux with sky blue-gray accents, opting for an open collar. Chloe Winchester of Supposey styled the table set-up as well as the florals for the shoot. The farm table, lined with gray linen, was arranged on the Harborview Deck at Atlas Oyster House overlooking Pensacola Bay. The table featured an organic composition complemented

with coastal-inspired candle holders, golden flatware and china. Napkins were weighted gold with a personalized, polished Pensacola Bay Oyster shell. Winchester chose to have a combination of sophistication and a wild, carefree southern flair for the floral arrangements. The bridal bouquet reflected the same. The caterer for the afternoon, Great Southern Catering and Events, focused on presenting a menu which reflected the southern style and location, featuring fresh seafood, local oysters and, of course, grits. Along with the fresh southernstyle menu selections, Great Southern featured a champagne and traditional-style Bloody Mary bar. The champagne bar included fresh berries and

VENDOR TEAM Models: Katie Henry and Josh Johnson Bridal Gown: Tiffany Latshaw, Build a Bride buildabride.com/tiffanylatshaw Tuxedo: Gents Formal Wear gentsformalwear.com Stylist Makeup/Hair: Carrie Buchheit, The Original Mermaid Floral Design and Tablescape: Chloe Winchester and Nick Sexton Supposey Florals Rentals and Events supposey.com

juices with the Bloody Mary bar decked out with Absolut Vodka, pickled okra and green beans including a highlight of smokey-crisp bacon. The stunning photographs were taken by the team at Studio Lux Weddings – photographers Hara and Ralitza. Their creativity and unparalleled technique allow them to have the ability to skillfully capture natural magic on your wedding day and also bring forth a magic of their own.

Pensacola is the perfect choice for a wedding. This photo shoot is a sample of what Pensacola’s most talented wedding vendors can do for your big day. Please be sure to visit their website to learn about all of the offerings they have available for your big day. For over a decade, Great Southern Catering & Events has provided Northwest Florida with premier event planning, venue rental and catering, ranging from intimate dinners to large

functions with hundreds of guests and everything in between. They currently have nine distinct event spaces including the Palafox House, a dedicated event space that can host events of any size. The catering menu has been crafted by the same award-winning team at Great Southern Restaurants, and it can be customized to fit any needs and budget.

Photography: Studio Luxé Weddings, Hara Gabrielle and Ralitza Mihaylova studioluxeweddings.com Seafood supplier: Pensacola Bay Oysters pensacolabayoyster.com Catering: Great Southern Catering and Events greatsouthernrestaurants.com Venue: The Harbor View Deck at Atlas Oyster House

WEDDINGS 2020 | 43


Dannon & Christopher Cook by Kista Haas Photography

The Venue: Add your Flair by Sean Michael

No flower arrangement would be complete without somewhere to be presented in; no wedding party can kick off without a dance floor to kick off on; and no bride can walk down an aisle without an aisle to walk down. Finally, it’s time to choose your wedding venue, and a big choice it is. Your venue should be just that yours. Your venue brings your wedding together, so it’s important to choose a venue that matches the wants

and needs of the happy couple. Thankfully, Pensacola and its surrounding areas offer a variety of venues that fit any need: large or small parties, indoor or outdoor, formal or casual, and anything else you’re looking for. Pensacola Magazine is here to help you by arranging some of the best venues in Pensacola. We’ve arranged our top 12 venues in order from least to largest party accommodation, covering a mix of options and themes.

Paradise Beach Homes Location: Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach Capacity: Up to 37 people per house The beach is calling you, and Paradise Beach Homes can help you find a rental to host your wedding, serve as your honeymoon getaway or as a crash pad for when you take to the beach. Whether you just want the view of the horizon from a porch or are looking to get a little sand in your toes, you can find a house to fit your needs. Houses are as small as three bedrooms up to 11 bedrooms to accommodate everyone in your wedding party. For more information on rentals at Pensacola Beach, call 916-0777, for more information on rentals at Navarre Beach, call 710-3308 or for general questions e-mail info@paradisebeachhomes.com.

Gulf Coast Getaways Location: Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach Capacity: Up to 30 people per house Planning to spend some time in the sand? Find a beach rental on Pensacola or Navarre Beach that will fit your need. Need something for the whole family? Done. Looking for something a little more intimate? Gulf Coast Getaways has you covered. Like the beach, but aren’t a fan of the waves? Rentals are available on the sound side of the beach, so you can skip the noise. If you are a fan of the ocean, gulf front are also available. Wedding season is September to April, so book your house early. For more information or to reserve the event space, call 417-8054.

WEDDINGS 2020 | 45

The Venue: Add your Flair 5eleven Palafox Location: Downtown Pensacola Capacity: Up to 145 people Housed in the former Trader Jon’s building with a view of Palafox Street, this historic space is a great spot for a downtown wedding. Its claim to fame is large windows allowing for beautiful natural lighting and a built-in bar, along with an adjacent kitchen space available for caterers to use. Need a bit more room for your party or looking for something outside? 5eleven has a courtyard and adjacent lawn that can be used during the event. There is a list of required caterers for the building that is available on their website 5elevenpalafox.com. To reserve the event space or for more information, call 637-1044 or e-mail events@5elevenpalafox.com.

Palafox House Location: Downtown Pensacola Capacity: Up to 100 people If modern flair in a historic location is what you are looking for, then the sleek and stylish Palafox House may be a good fit. This 1912 historic building has a panoramic view of Palafox Street with high windows, exposed original brick walls and gorgeous chandeliers. Along with the main event space, there is an additional room with a built-in bar and reception area and an adjacent kitchen for caterers. As a part of Great Southern Weddings, Palafox House also offers full-service wedding planning. For more information or to reserve the event space, e-mail contact@goodgrits.com or call 433-9450.

Old Christ Church Location: Downtown Pensacola Capacity: Up to 185 people

photo by Tahiry Humrich

Live Oak Plantation Location: Beulah Capacity: Up to 180 people For those looking for rustic charm and perhaps a bit of grandeur for their wedding, Live Oak Plantation might be just what you want. Located 22 minutes from downtown Pensacola on a 22-acre lumber farm and pecan orchard-turned event space, the plantation has all the natural beauty and privacy for your day as you could want. With a huge selection of views on the plantation grounds, including the Cathedral of Live Oaks, Duck Island and, for when rain happens, the Cotton House, you’re sure to find that magical spot to take your vows. For more information or to reserve the event space, call 4492100 or e-mail donna@LiveOakPlantation.com. 46 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

As one of the oldest surviving Protestant church buildings in all of Florida, Old Christ Church has all the historic charm enhanced by careful preservation and renovations throughout the years. Pristine white on the outside, the church boasts a unique Norman-Gothic style with early stained glass windows for a very classic feel. With high wooden ceilings, the natural acoustics of the church will enhance any vocal or instrumental sounds and music for your wedding party to enjoy. For more information or to reserve the event space, contact Casey Campbell at ccampbell@ uwf.edu or call 595-5985 x107.

Tiger Point Gulf Club Location: Gulf Breeze Capacity: Up to 200 people Located on a beautiful golf course overlooking the shores of the Santa Rosa Sound, Tiger Point Golf Club offers both indoor and outdoor facilities with an array of wedding packages to fit your needs. Want a more intimate space? The Pavilion offers a covered outdoor space to host a reception. Or looking for something with a bit more elbow room? The Garden has space enough for 200 seated guests surrounded by beautiful oak trees to enhance the natural atmosphere of the golf course. And of course, don’t miss your chance to shoot 18 holes before or after your big day. For more information or to start planning your visit, call 932-1333.

Barkley House Location: Downtown Pensacola Capacity: Up to 200 people One of the oldest venues available in Pensacola is the beautiful high-house overlooking Pensacola Bay, Barkley House. As one of the most popular wedding venues in Pensacola, Barkley House knows how to do weddings, specifically southern Gulf Coast weddings. With vintage furniture and heart-pine flooring inside the house and a gorgeous view on the porch or on the lawn, this venue is a good choice for someone looking for a classic beach feel with less sand. For more information or to reserve the event space, contact Casey Campbell at ccampbell@uwf.edu or call 5955985 x107.

Holland Farms Location: Milton Capacity: Up to 200 people Need something that is off the beaten path and away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Have your wedding on an actual working farm. Holland Farms offers all the natural beauty of the countryside with their Heaven’s Trail event barn. This venue is air conditioned, equipped with bathrooms and a kitchen with all the atmosphere of a big wooden barn. Although the barn has large windows and high ceilings for natural light, it also has chandeliers and electric lighting for any late night shindigs you have planned. For more information or to reserve the event space, call 675-6876 or e-mail heavenstrailevents@gmail.com.

Margaritaville Beach Hotel Location: Pensacola Beach Capacity: Up to 200 people Ready to relax or want a more casual wedding experience? Or maybe you want all the grand flairs for your wedding, but looking forward to have a day on the beach afterward. Margaritaville Beach Hotel offers both with a gorgeous overlook of the beach as a bonus. Boasting a expertise in island style weddings, get all the glamour and relaxation of a destination wedding without ever leaving Pensacola Beach. With both an outdoor and an indoor option for your wedding and reception, you’ll be comfortable and ready to walk down the isle in style. For more information or to reserve the event space, call 916-9755. WEDDINGS 2020 | 47

The Venue: Add your Flair Hemingway’s Island Grill Location: Pensacola Beach Capacity: Up to 250 What is more iconic of Pensacola than the beautiful sugar-sand beaches of Pensacola Beach? Hemingway’s Island Grill has been a staple of Pensacola Beach since opening in 2002, with a view of the Beach Ball water tower and overlooking the quiet sound side. Take over the downstairs patio and bar for a night of celebration and, of course, great food for your reception or rehearsal dinner then take to the sand for fun, relaxation or to take your vows. For more information or to reserve the event space, call 293-2237.

Fountain Park Location: Downtown Pensacola Capacity: Up to 200 Searching for a picturesque park to host your wedding? Try Fountain Park, located in the heart of downtown Pensacola and named for the three-tiered, seven-foot-tall Fleming Fountain donated to the park by the Fleming family. Engraved with a pictorial history of Pensacola, from the Blue Angels over the Naval Air Station to shrimp boats off of Fort Pickens, the fountain can serve as an interesting and beautiful center for any ceremony. Make your own history at this historical location. For more information or to reserve the event space, contact Casey Campbell at ccampbell@uwf.edu or call 5955985 x107.

The Lee House Location: Downtown Pensacola Capacity: Up to 275 people Trying to find the one perfect place for your entire wedding experience? Accommodate out of town guests, serve rehearsal dinner and host your wedding ceremony and reception all without ever leaving downtown Pensacola at the Lee House. With both indoor and outdoor spaces and rooms for 10 to 275 people, the Lee House is one of the most flexible venues in all of downtown Pensacola. Along with its variety of event options, the Lee House offers a beautiful, historic atmosphere for your big day. For more information or to reserve the event space, call 912-8770.

Museum of Commerce Location: Downtown Pensacola Capacity: Up to 250 Want something unique for your wedding venue? Try the reconstructed 1890s downtown Pensacola on display in the Pensacola Museum of Commerce. This special setting means not many decorations are needed to make the space look great, as it comes with all the natural flair and charm of an old streetscape. Once a warehouse, this huge space means you can invite your entire list of family and friends to celebrate with you. As part of the UWF Historic Trust, this building has a lot of history to add to your big day. For more information or to reserve the event space, contact Casey Campbell at ccampbell@uwf.edu or call 595-5985 x107. 48 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

Sanders Beach Location: Downtown Pensacola Capacity: Up to 350 people Looking for a beautiful location for a smaller budget? The Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center has a view of Pensacola Bay and is located in historic downtown Pensacola. With a large capacity ballroom, the center is able to host some of the largest private events in all of Pensacola, with the convenience of air conditioning. Or if you are looking for something for a smaller wedding, the center can accommodate you in the ballroom or in one of their large meeting rooms. And, bonus, this venue allows you to choose any caterer or vendors you want. For more information, contact Beth Huhn at 4365198 or e-mail bhuhn@cityofpensacola.com.

Sowell Farms Location: Milton Capacity: 275 Sowell Farms, a working farm located on 100 acres of land, also doubles as one of the most natural, rustic wedding locales in the Florida Panhandle. As a family-run farm, the Sowell family strives to treat every bride and groom as their daughter, son, brother or sister, with all the southern hospitality and country charm included. If you need something indoors, Sowell Farms also has a converted barn that can serve as the center for your wedding, or take to the fields for the natural farm setting. For more information or to reserve the event space, call 626-2746.

Skopelos at New World Location: Downtown Pensacola Capacity: Up to 700 people Hosting a huge wedding and need enough space for a small town while still being a beautiful location? One of the largest venues in Pensacola can be found at Skopelos at New World, a gorgeous event space that is all Pensacola. Celebrate your special day with the charm and atmosphere of Florida’s oldest settlement. As a bonus, the venue is located near the New World Inn, an actual working inn, with 15 boutique hotel rooms and a bridal suite available for out of town guests. For more information or to reserve the event space, e-mail events@skopelosatnewworld.com or call 434-7736.

Pensacola Yacht Club

photo by Ais Portraits

Location: Downtown Pensacola Capacity: Up to 400 people Nothing says Pensacola more than a beautiful scene overlooking the bay, the smell of the salt water and a wonderful historic building. The Pensacola Yacht Club checks out on all those fronts as one of the premier venues in Pensacola. With space for a huge dance party reception or a small wedding ceremony and more than 100 years of experience hosting events, the Club will be able to provide for all your needs with southern Pensacola hospitality. For more information or to reserve the event space, contact Scott Segers by e-mail at scott@pycfl.com or call 433-8804 ext. 102. WEDDINGS 2020 | 49

ThePentonHouse.com Salon Pensacola: 493-5554 Salon Pace: 994-8633 We specialize in Color, Highlights, Balayage, Styling and Formal Styling! Don't forget to have your skin ready by receiving a FACIAL!

An Artisanal Dining Experience with a Twist of Southern Taste and Exceptional Hospitality DOW N TOW N, P E NSACOL A • 8 50 · 444·8 0 74

It’s a Classic


or many weddings in Pensacola, the “Something Blue” is the beautiful water of the Gulf of Mexico. Others prefer something more elegant and sophisticated, but still Southern and still “Pensacola,” in look and feel. For those looking to keep their toes out of the sand, look no further than using a Classic Blue color tone and an iconic Pensacola venue like 5 Eleven Palafox. Pantone’s color of the Year, Classic Blue, is the perfect way to incorporate both sides of Pensacola. Classic Blue is a timeless addition to any color palette. It gives a strong balance that can be beautiful and feminine, while not going overboard, and it lends itself to a masculine elegance as well. It’s easy to incorporate one or even two other colors with Classic Blue to create an unforgettable event and make it totally your own. – by Perryn McLeod, Sweet P Weddings 52 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

Credits VENUE 5 Eleven Palafox events@5elvenpalafox.com PHOTOGRAPHER Indie Pearl Photography hello@indiepearl.com COORDINATION Sweet P Weddings & Events hello@sweetpweddings.com CAKE DESIGN Emerald Coast Custom Cakes emeraldcoastcustomcakes@gmail.com FLORAL DESIGN Florals Sunshine Designs sunshinedesigns24@gmail.com BRIDAL DRESSES Bridal Suite bridalplaza9mile@gmail.com MENSWEAR Gent’s Formal Wear bridalplaza9mile@gmail.com JEWELRY Jewelers Trade Shop jts@jewelerstradeshop.com HAIR STYLIST Hair by Tonya tonyapenrose@hotmail.com MAKEUP Vy Nguyen Beauty @vynguyenbeauty VIDEOGRAPHY Salt and Light Visuals saltandlightvisuals@gmail.com MOBILE BEVERAGE SERVICE Tap the Coast tapteam@tapthecoast.com CHINA, GLASS GOBLETS AND FLATWARE Vintage Rentals by Suzi

vintagerentals850@gmail.com CHAIRS, TABLES AND LINENS Wedding Walls

tracy@weddingwalls.com STATIONARY AND SIGNAGE Scripted Calling scriptedcalling@gmail.com CONCRETE PLANTERS AND GIFTS Urban Botanic Studio

urbanbotanicstudio@gmail.com EVENT HELP Wedding Bees


WEDDINGS 2020 | 53


Just like the Classic Blue color, 5 Eleven Palafox has a timeless Pensacola vibe to it while also allowing for versatility. Both color and venue can be used in different ways — a more classic, elegant affair as well as a more relaxed, garden setting. 54 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

A classic black tuxedo is one way to elevate your event. Ladies aren’t the only ones with accessories. A wellmade watch can make a great gift for the groom.

Delicate bangle bracelets from Jewelers Trade play nicely with the soft chiffon of Vy’s dress, and are a lovely wedding (or anniversary) gift for the bride.

The big soft bow on the back of this dress inspired this shoot It’s the most elegant and feminine dress, yet it doesn’t go overboard or outshine the woman wearing it. Big bows are a huge trend right now, and the South is completely on board with it.

An intricate, but soft updo keeps the brides look sophisticated while also showing off the back of the dress.

WEDDINGS 2020 | 55

THE DETAILS A stunning floral tablescape uses ginger jars and blue china patterns to breathe new life into the old southern theme. Creamy whites and a dash of blue combine to create a powerful impact using soft tones.

Acrylic signs and eclectic accents welcome guests and help keep the feel elegantly modern but not at all stuffy.


Creamy white candles in gold toned candlesticks combine perfectly with the quilted tablecloth and white cake with subtle blue details, proving that nothing beats simplicity.

Gold and blue details will always be timeless—whether used as a tablecloth paired with tall gold Chiavari chairs or on the invites and wedding vow keepsakes.

WEDDINGS 2020 | 57


A garden party wedding goes a little heavier on the Classic Blue, but is balanced by the greenery and open space of the outdoors.

A navy suit is less formal than a traditional black tuxedo, but still easily pairs with an elegant dress, giving the wedding ensemble a modern feel.

Fur babies are family, too, and including your pups in your big day adds a touch of warmth and whimsy.

Hair pieces are a whimsical, modern way for the bride to stand out without the traditional veil or crown piece

The translucent layers and creme colored base of this dress gives a soft glow to the already beaming bride.

WEDDINGS 2020 | 59

The Garden Party flips the color scheme by using Classic Blue as the base color and creamy whites, silver and greenery as accent.

When using more heavy or dark details like a deep blue tablecloth, off setting it with pops of white or light colors can really make it all stand out. Here, the crisp white chairs really pop against the deep blue. 60 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

Creamy and cozy seating creates an atmosphere of comfort and style. The blue and white pottery adds drama and texture to the seating area.

A Classic Blue floral accent on the cake matches the floral candlesticks. Including color schemes and themes in your cake design is a very popular and fun way to pull the decor together.

Unique vendors add a memorable twist to the reception. Tap the Coast offers a self serve bar with unique taps and custom brews — plus the vintage camper matches the color scheme perfectly!

WEDDINGS 2020 | 61



Event Help in Your Hands Setting Up • Moving Rentals • Clean Up www.wedding-bees.com weddingbeescompany@gmail.com

Tonya Penrose • Hair by Sweet T



ly Own l a e oc




For info and appointments, please contact us at:

SunshineDesigns24@gmail.com (850) 477 5358 SunshineDesignsFlorist.com





n it y

iv r D


Everything old is new again. Before



Perm-a-Koating Process

We can repair water-damaged MDF cabinets! After

Transform your cabinets to bring your room to life again... kitchen, bath, bedroom, entertainment center, more


Beautifully affordable, color-matching system

Professionally prepped and pre-treated with special bonding primer • 21st-century painting technology • Any color available Scrubbable, stain-resistant finishes • Smooth, beautiful finish - semi-gloss or satin • Hardware re-used or replaced

Cabinets-a-New • Doors-a-New • Furniture-a-New • Garage-Floors-a-New

Since 1974 A Matter of Integrity

Free Estimates: (850) 432-3660 • www.paintersplusonline.com 64 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE



“Mark transformed our office doors! Before, they were dull and weathered. Now, they are the center of attention. They probably look better than they did when they were purchased! Mark took his time to make sure that the doors were right. My wife and I never thought that doors would bring us so much joy!”

-Aaron Watson, The Watson Firm

...with the integrity of our hearts and the skillfulness of our hands Have you looked at your door today? • Residential Doors • Commercial Doors

• Historical Doors • Church Doors

• Garage Doors • Metal Doors

We are Pensacola’s finest exterior door refinishing experts! With over four decades of experience, we bring a level of expertise that is unmatched in the Pensacola area. We would love to help bring life back to your doors!


Free Estimates: (850) 432-3660 WEDDINGS 2020 | 65

Rovy & Olivia Lopez by Erin Perez of ERA Photography


WEDDING DIRECTORY BRIDAL SHOPS The Bridal Loft 4400 Bayou Blvd. #48 (850) 475-8296 pensacolabridalloft.com Brides Maids Galore & More 28666 N. Main St. Daphne, AL (251) 626-8866 Bridal Suite 1340 E. Nine Mile Rd. (850) 494-9989 ebridlesuite.com Build-A-Bride buildabride.com

Men’s Wearhouse Cordova Mall 5100 N. 9th Ave. (850) 475-5891 Randall’s Formal Wear 4400 Bayou Blvd. #10 (850) 432-8246 Rosie’s Fashion Center of Mobile 3510 Cottage Hill Rd. Mobile (251) 661-0660 Ruthy’s Creations and Alterations 1010 N. 12th Ave. Ste. 236 (850) 554-8764 ruthyscreations.com

David’s Bridal 5912 North Davis Hwy. (850) 208-3181 davidsbridal.com

Two Times a Lady 7155 E. Olive Rd. (850) 474-3778 twotimesalady.com

Gent’s Formal Wear 400 E. Wright St. (850) 434-3272 gentsformalwear.com

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J’s Bakery & Café 2014 N. 12th Ave. (850) 439-6546 jsbakeryandcafe.com Milton Quality Bakery 6727 Caroline St. Milton (850) 623-3676 miltonqualitybakery.com Nouveau Pastries 5113 Westport Dr. Milton (850) 626-1615 nouveaucatering.com


Creative Celebrations 25 Second Ave. Ft. Walton Beach (850) 315-0969 creativecelebrations.org

Oh Snap Cupcakes 707 East Cervantes St. (850) 466-3363 ohsnapcupcakes.com

Adonna’s Bakery 811 W. Garden St. (850) 696-2227 adonnasbakery.net

Edible Arrangements 4350 Bayou Blvd. Ste. 6 (850) 473-2277 ediblearrangements.com

Petunia’s Bakery 707 East Cervantes St (850) 466-3363 petuniasbakery.com WEDDINGS 2020 | 67


WEDDING DIRECTORY Hot Spot Barbecue 901 E La Rua St (850) 497-6060

Sherry’s Cake Shop 510 Massachusetts Ave. (850) 433-4208 sherryscakeshop.com

Custom Water Workz 101 Palafox St #13383 (850) 434-6159 customwaterworks.com


East Hill Market 1216 N. 9th Ave. (850) 469-1432

McGuire’s Irish Pub 600 E. Gregory St. (850) 433-6789 mcguiresirishpub.com

The Fish House 600 S. Barracks St. (850) 470-0003 fishhousepensacola.com

Petunia’s Bakery 707 East Cervantes St (850) 466-3363 petuniasbakery.com

Flounder’s Chowder House 800 Quietwater Beach Rd. Pensacola Beach (850) 932-2003 flounderschowderhouse.com

Polonza Bistro 286 N Palafox St (850) 912-6454 polonza.com

The Aragon Cafe 47 N 9th AVe (850) 444-8074 thearagoncafe.com Apple Market 1021 Scenic Hwy. (850) 433-4381 Bamboo Willie’s 400 Quietwater Beach Rd. (850) 916-9888 bamboowillies.com Bambooze Fine Wine & Liquor 8084 N Davis Hwy. Ste. F3 (850) 474-1944 pensacolaliquor.com Cactus Cantina 5121 N 12th Ave (850) 912-8565 mycactuscantina.com Carrabba’s 311 N. 9th Ave. (850) 438-0073 Casino Beach Bar and Grille 41 Fort Pickens Rd Gulf Breeze (850) 932-6313 casinobeachbar.com Classic City Catering 214 W. Intendencia St. (850) 433-8064 classiccitycatering.com Culinary Productions 700 W. Main St. (850) 469-0445 culinaryproductions.net


Founaris Bros. Greek Restaurant 6911 Pensacola Blvd. (850) 969-9099 founarisbros.net Four Winds International Food Market 6895-F N. 9th Ave. (850) 477-2808 gofourwinds.com The Global Grill 27 S. Palafox Pl. (850) 469-9966 globalgrillpensacola.com Grover T’s BBQ 5887 US-90 Milton (850) 564-1231 grovertbbq.com Hemingway’s Island Grill 400 Quietwater Beach Rd #16 Pensacola Beach (850) 934-4747 hemingwaysislandgrill.com Honey Baked Ham 7010 N. Davis Hwy. (850) 478-7702

Portabello Market 2014 N. 12th Ave. (850) 439-6545 Restaurant IRON 22 N. Palafox St. (850) 476-7776 restaurantiron.com Scenic 90 Café 701 Scenic Hwy. (850) 378-1143 Skopelos at New World 600 S Palafox St (850) 432-6565 Shane’s Rib Shack 3707 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Gulf Breeze (850) 934-7427 Siam Thai Restaurant 6403 N. 9th Ave. (850) 479-2882 siamdiner.com Sonny’s Barbeque Multiple Locations sonnysbbq.com

CONDOS, BEACH HOMES, ETC. Eden Condominiums 16281 Perdido Key Dr. Perdido Key (800) 523-8141 edencondominiums.com Gulf Blue Group 212 South Alcaniz St (850) 776-2655 gulfbluegroup.com Lost Key Golf Club 625 Lost Key Dr (850) 549-2160 lostkey.com Luxury Coastal Vacations 13700 Perdido Key Dr b120 (877) 859-0113 luxurycoastalvacations.com Meyer Vacation Rentals 1585 Gulf Shores Pkwy Gulf Shores (866) 382-9635 meyerre.com Paradise Beach Homes 27 Via De Luna Dr (888) 860-0067 paradisebeachhomes.com Pensacola Beach Properties, Inc. 50 Fort Pickens Rd. (850 )934-0099 pensacolabeachproperty.com Paradise Coastal Realty 29 Via De Luna Dr. (866) 749-3732 paradisecoastalrealty.com Perdido Realty 14250 Perdido Key Dr # B (850) 492-1102 perdidokey.com Portofino Island Resort 10 Portofino Dr (877) 684-8005 portofinoisland.com

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(up to $500 value) when you book YOUR WEDDING with us by March 13, 2020.


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McAlpin Interiors 427 W. Garden St. (850) 438-8345 The Mole Hole 425 E. Zaragoza St. (850) 434-7329 Nina Fritz Gallery 775 Woodbine Dr. (850) 433-2009 ninafritzgallery.com 72 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

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The Original Mermaid Carrie Buchheit 850-449-8800 Paraiso Hair Salon 1991 Hwy 87 Navarre (850) 936-0090 Paramount Hair Studio 409 N. DeVilliers St. (850) 346-8974 Penton House Salon & Spa 47 N. 9th Ave Ste. C (850) 439-5554 thepentonhouse.com Perdido Hair Styles 13309 Mirella St. (850) 492-3990

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Mickie’s Beauty Villa 603 E. Government St. (850) 607-7718 mickiezbeautyvilla.com

Posh Color Bar 4474 Woodbine Rd Pace (850) 637-7674

Montage 2040 N. 12th Ave. (850) 898-3838 montagesalonpensacola.com Moonflower Salon 32 Palafox Pl. (850) 497-6444 moonflowersalon.com


Profiles Hair Studio 817 W. Garden St. Ste. A (850) 432-9819 Regis Salon 5100 N. 9th Ave. Ste. L-1101 Cordova Mall (850) 474-1199 regisalons.com

Robin Klag Makeup Artist (850) 530-1798 robinklagmakeupartist.org

SNOB Salon & Spa 321 N. DeVilliers St. Ste. 107 (850) 288-3079

Rock Star Hair Designs 1401 Greenbriar Pkwy Gulf Breeze (850) 932-7777 rockstarhairdesigns.com

Studio 98 7575 W. Hwy. 98 (850) 456-6200

Ryan The Stylist 1717 N. 9th Ave. (714) 720-8414 Salon Allure 3495 Gulf Breeze Pkwy Gulf Breeze (850) 934-1525 thesalonallure.com Salon on the Avenue 2515 N. 12th Ave. (850) 607-2311 Salon Panache 9405 Holsberry Rd (850) 476-7444 salonpanachepensacola.com Salon San Carlos 58 W. Garden St. Ste.1-3 (714) 437-0007 salonsancarlos.com Salon Suites 918 Cervantes St. (850) 444-9399 Shears Unlimited 5715 Walton St. (850) 476-4247 Shirley’s Beauty Salon 5600 Collinswood Dr. Milton (850) 626-1617 Smart Style Salon 8970 Pensacola Blvd. (850) 471-9040

Strut Salon & Skin 5147 Bayou Blvd (850) 293-5713 strutsalonskin.com STYLE Downtown 192 N. Palafox St. (850) 497-6648 styledowntown.com Styles of Life 910 Michigan Ave. (850) 433-9673 Suntouched Hair Salon 40 W. Nine Mile Rd. #C (850)478-8293 Swavè Studio 7999 Pensacola Blvd. (850) 696-3067 Tease Hair Beautique 1001 E. Nine Mile Rd. (850) 484-4770 The Blue Magnolia Salon 2878 Gulf Breeze Pkwy Gulf Breeze (850) 733-9774 The Kat House Hair Studio 1814 Alpine Dr. Navarre (850) 684-1562 thekathousehairstudio.com The Loft 311 N. Davis Hwy (850) 432-4322 The Powder Room 404 E. Wright St. (850) 324-6571


850.455.8536 • 4111 B A R R A N C A S A V E N U E , P E N S A C O LA WEDDINGS FL 2020

| 75


WEDDING DIRECTORY The Next Level Salon 700 Bayfront Pkwy (850) 438-8308 thenextlevelsalon.com

Pensacola Grand Hotel 200 E. Gregory St. (850) 433-3336 pensacolagrandhotel.com

Hilton Pensacola Beach Gulf Front 12 Via De Luna Dr. (850) 916-2999 hilton.com

Lee House Bed & Breakfast 400 Bayfront Pkwy. (850) 912-8770 leehousepensacola.com

Tiffanie Hudson Makeup Artist (850) 346-8277

Courtyard by Marriott 451 Creighton Rd. (850) 857-7744 marriott.com

Holiday Inn Pensacola/University 7813 N. Davis Hwy (850)472-1400 holidayinn.com

Margaritaville Beach Hotel 165 Fort Pickens Rd. (850) 916-9755 margaritavillehotel.com

Courtyard by Marriott/Downtown (850) 700 E. Chase St. 439-3330 marriott.com

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Pensacola W. I-10 130 Loblolly Ln. (850)944-8442 holidayinn.com

Paradise Inn/Pensacola Beach 21 Via De Luna Dr. (850) 932-2319 paradiseinn-pb.com

Trends Salon by Laurie & Co. 5018 Grande Dr. (850) 477-6911 trendssalonpensacola.org Ulta Beauty 1650 Airport Blvd. (850) 476-6211 ulta.com Vibe Inc. Studios 236 W. Garden St. Ste. 1 (850) 332-7859 vibeincstudios.com Vivid Artistic Hair Design 801 N. 9th Ave. Ste. B (850) 207-6817 Volume One Salon 7 West Main Street (850) 434-5409 volumeonesalon.com Vy Nguyen Beauty vynguyenbeauty@yahoo.com Wade Scott Salon 1329 College Pkwy Gulf Breeze (850) 934-8180 wadescottsalon.com HOTELS AND B&B’S Ashton Inn & Suites 910 N. Navy Blvd. (850) 455-4561 ashtoninnsuites.com Candlewood Suites Pensacola 1953 Northcross Ln. (850)435-4690 holidayinn.com 76 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

Days Inn/Historic District Downtown 710 N. Palafox St. (850) 483-1107 wyndhamhotels.com Days Inn/Pensacola Beach Front 16 Via De Luna Dr. (850) 934-3300 wyndhamhotels.com Hampton Inn-Airport/Cordova 2187 Airport Blvd. (850) 478-1123 hilton.com Hampton Inn/Pensacola Beach 2 Via De Luna Dr. (850) 932-6800 hilton.com Hampton Inn & Suites 7050 Plantation Rd. (850) 505-7500 hilton.com HighPointe Hotel Corporation 311 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. (850) 932-9314 highpointe.com Hilton Garden Inn/Airport 1144 Airport Blvd. (850) 479-8900 hilton.com

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Milton E. I-10 8510 Keshav Taylor Dr. (850)626-9060 holidayinn.com Holiday Inn Express & Suites / W. Navy Base 307 North New Warrington Rd (850)696-2800 holidayinn.com Holiday Inn Express Pensacola Downtown 101 E. Main St. (850) 433-231 holidayinn.com Holiday Inn Express Pensacola Beach 333 Fort Pickens Rd. (850) 932-3536 holidayinn.com Holiday Inn Resort Pensacola Beach 14 Via De Luna Dr. (850) 932-5331 holidayinnresorts.com Homewood Suites 5049 Corporate Woods Dr. (850) 474-3777 hilton.com

Pensacola Victorian 203 W. Gregory St. (850) 434-2818 pensacolavictorian.com Portofino Island Resort 10 Portofino Dr. Pensacola Beach (877) 523-2016 portofinoisland.com Residence Inn by Marriott/ Downtown 601 E. Chase St. (850) 432-0202 marriott.com SolĂŠ Inn & Suites 200 N. Palafox St. (850) 470-9298 soleinnandsuites.com Springhill Suites by Marriott Pensacola 487 Creighton Rd (850) 475-0055 marriott.com Springhill Suites by Marriott Pensacola Beach 24 Via De Luna Dr. Pensacola Beach (850) 932-6000 marriott.com

Home & Auto go together. Like you & a good neighbor. Michael Johnson, Agent 3127 E Langley Avenue Pensacola, FL 32504 Bus: 850-478-7748 www.michaeljohnsonagency.com


Some things in life just go together. Like home and auto insurance from State Farm®. And you with a good neighbor to help life go right. Save time and money. CALL ME TODAY.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL State Farm County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas, Dallas, TX State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL State Farm Florida Insurance Company, Winter Haven, FL State Farm Lloyds, Richardson, TX

Full Service catering expertS Your choice of venue or Our Banquet Facilities • Wedding

receptions • rehearsal Dinners • Bridal Showers & More!

contact: Destiney lee • 850-564-1231 5887 Hwy 90, Milton Fl 32583 www.facebook.com/grovertsbbq WEDDINGS 2020 | 77



Aislinn Kate Photography 205 Cevallos St. (850) 912-4888 Aislinnkatephotography.com

Hartman Photography 4373 5th Ave. Pace (850) 995-9090 harmanphotos.com

Afleet Limo Services (850) 287-0685

Barrett McClean Photography (850) 607-3111 Barrettmcclean.com

Indie Pearl Photography 3025 Via Conquistadores Navarre (850) 819-4740 indiepearl.com

Ambassador Limousine (850) 712-5466 doorsteplimo.com

Bethany Lauren Photography (850) 712-1951 @btheanylaurenphotos (Facebook)

Dreamcatcher Shuttle Service Inc (850) 982-7433 dreamcathcershuttle.com

Carmen Jones Photography 1118 E Strong St (850) 982-6405 carmenjonesphotography.com

A Prestige Limousine Service Co (850) 457-1010

First Class Limousine of NWFL LLC (850) 516-4924 fclimo.com Hummer4Hire 1901 North U St (850) 450-4528 hummer4hirellc.com Karola’s Limousine Service (850) 470-0030 akarolaslimousineservice.com 654 Limo (850) 654-5466 654limo.com PARTY FAVORS Custom Baskets & Balloons 9254 N. Palafox St. (850) 479-4438 custombasketsballoons.com Kent’s Special Events and Party Supplies 3877 N. Palafox St. (850) 932-3505 gokents.com PHOTOGRAPHERS A Wedding 2 Remember (850) 474-0718 awedding2remember.com 78 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

Captured Moments 2188 E. Olive Rd. (850) 346-2022 capturedmomentsartphotography.com Documented Photography 55 S A St #120 (850) 287-1864 documentedphoto@gmail.com East Hill Photography 223 W. Gregory St (850) 450-7968 easthillphoto.net Ferebee Photographic (850) 380-4241 ferebeephotographic.com Frank Hardy Photography 3011 Garcon Point Rd (850) 449-1279 frankhardy.zenfolio.com

John Hill Photography (850) 492-1537 johnhillphotography.com Kay Brown Photography 6282 Quintette Rd. Pace (850) 994-7954 Melissa Wilson Photography (850) 776-6463 melissawilsonphoto.com A Thousand Words Photography 5140 Prieto Dr. (850) 456-1000 patsybrown.com Rae Leytham Photography (850) 554-2538 raeleytham.com Savanna’s Studio Photography (850) 454-4146 savannamorgretphotography.com Southern Exposure Photography 809 N. Reus St. (850) 572-4765 rosesphoto.com

Gary Langhammer Studios 1121 Barcia Dr (850) 433-2400

Studio Luxé Weddings Hara Gabrielle and Ralitza Mihaylova 850-287-1864 info@studioluxeweddings.com

Grand Photography 38 S Blue Angel Pkwy (850) 346-7286 @grandphotographyllc (Facebook)

Studio One 103 W. Intendencia (850) 712-0639 @StudioOnePcola (Facebook)

Sunshine Wedding Company 163 Kel-Wen Cir Destin (850) 502-0393 Tara Cook Photography 4620 Geri St Milton (850) 698-2189 @taracookphotography (Facebook) Timothy Ludvigsen (850) 982-3183 timludvigsen.photoshelter.com @Tim.ludvigsen (Instagram) OFFICIANTS Abercrombie 24-Hour Notary 945 W Michigan Ave (850) 471-1382 Ida’s Legal Forms 1850 N. W St. (850) 434-7524 IdasLegalForms@yahoo.com Occasions by Karen 2833 Venetian Ct (850) 384-5767 Unity Church of Christianity 716 N. 9th Ave. (850) 438-2277 RINGS Beasley Jewelers 875 E Nine Mile Rd E. Nine Mile Rd. (850) 477-7311 Bere Jewelers 5033 N. 12th Avenue (850) 477-6818 berejewelers.com Elebash Jewelry 36 Palafox Pl. (850) 432-5136 elebashs.com Elite Jewelers Cordova Mall (850) 505-7879

Imagine your home, totally organized!

Custom Closets, Garage Cabinets, Home Office, Pantries, Laundries, Wall Beds, Wall Units, Hobby Rooms, Garage Flooring and more...


for 12 Months With approved credit. Call or ask your Designer for details. Not available in all areas.

Locally Owned and Operated

Walk in Closet

Garage Cabinets

Home Office

Serving the entire Emerald Coast!

% Off 40Free

Call for a free in home design consultation and estimate

(850) 805-8407 www.closetsbydesign.com



40% off any order of $1000 or more. 30% off any order of $700 or more. On any complete Closet, Garage or Home Office. Not valid with any other offer . Free installation with any complete unit order of $500 or more. With incoming order, at time of purchase only.


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Bedroom Closet

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We’re Embrace Florida Kids. We provide homes, healing and hope to vulnerable children who come from families in crisis, placed in foster care at no fault of their own. Together, we’re embracing children and empowering families to create home environments where adversity meets God’s grace and unconditional love. Ready to get involved? Learn how you can love and support vulnerable kids in our Northwest Florida communities.

Sometimes, the one thing a child needs most...is to feel loved.


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WEDDING DIRECTORY Gunner’s Gulf Coast Jewelers 4375 5th Ave. Pace (850) 994-5515 gunnersjewelers.com Helzberg’s Diamonds Cordova Mall (850) 477-3173 helzberg.com Jeweler’s Trade Shop 26 Palafox Pl. (850) 432-4433 jts@jewelerstradeshop.com Kimberly’s Jewelers 707 N. Eglin Pkwy. Fort Walton (850) 864-2040 kimberlysjewelers.com Kay Jewelers Cordova Mall (850) 477-5677 La Bona International Boutique 507 S Adams St. (850) 857-1211

Rock Hard Designs 16 N. Palafox St. (850) 438-5119 Sandi Pearls etsy.com/shop/SandiPearls (850) 516-8174 @SandiPearls (Facebook) Santa Rosa Jewelers 5159 Santa Rosa St. Milton (850) 623-2925 Stone Jewelers 8621 Lillian Hwy (850) 455-1177 Susan Campbell Jewelry 420 S. Palafox St. (850) 434-8948 susancampbelljewelry.com Trinity Collection 700 W. Garden St. (850) 433-0005 trinitycollection.com

The Market and Mainly Shoes 700 S Palafox St (850) 434-3012

Warrington Jewelers Inc. 4051 Barrancas Ave. (850) 456-1385 warringtonjewelers.com

Marks and Morgan Jewelers Cordova Mall (850) 478-4411

Zales Jewelers Cordova Mall (850) 478-8797

Meadows Jewelers Inc. 36 S. Palafox Pl. (850) 432-5454 meadowsjewelers.com


Reeds Jewelers Santa Rosa Mall (850) 244-2416 Richard Bryson Jewelers 6871 N. 9th Ave. (850) 477-6360 pensacolajewelrystore.com 80 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

AC Nail & Spa 2475 E. Nine Mile Rd # D (850) 478-8698 acnailspensacola.com Aqua Nails & Spa 3836 N. 9th Ave. (850) 607-2535 Eimaj Spa & Salon 1506 W. Garden St. (850) 332-6454

Fusion 5 Via De Luna Dr. Gulf Breeze (850) 932-7724 fusionspasalonaveda.com

Still Waters Medical Day Spa 20 N. Tarragona St. (850) 432-6772 stillwatersmedspa.com

Mark Lees Skin Care 4400 Bayou Blvd. Ste. 57 (850) 476-3509 marklees.com


Maui Whitening 102 E. Nine Mile Rd. St. 2 (850) 529-5393 mauiwhitening.com Nails by Lynn and Spa 1105 N. 9th Ave. (850) 466-5879 nailsbylynn.com Penton House Hair Salon & Day Spa 3660 Hwy. 90 Pace (850) 994-8633 thepentonhouse.com Pure Pilates 221 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Gulf Breeze / 426 S Palafox Pensacola (850) 932-3424 (Milton) / (850) 6072772 (Pensacola) purepilatespensacola.com Royal Eminence Beauty Lounge 551 Creighton Road Ste. D104 (866) 963-2221 @MsRoyaltey Sami’s Nails & Spa 3 W. 9 Mile Rd. Ste. 6 (850) 473-0081 Serenity Salon & Day Spa 3331 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Gulf Breeze (850) 932-4255 Stay the Spa 240 S Jefferson St (850) 438-3580 staythespa.com

Award Masters Inc 5353 N. Palafox St. (850) 438-2124 awardmastersinc.com Baker Creative Advertising 3584 Pleasant View Ct. Milton (850) 995-9557 Call a Graphic Artist 1410 E. Olive Rd. (850) 478-5646 Copy Cat Printing 1201 Barrancas Ave (Pensacola) / 3740 N Pace Blvd (Pace) (850) 438-5566 IBK Stationery 5353 N Palafox St (850) 432-4002 Inked Romance hello@inkedromance.com inkedromance.com 509-306-1709 Printers of Pensacola 1207 W. Garden St. (850) 434-2588 Scripted Calling @scriptedcalling (Instagram / Facebook) scriptedcalling@gmail.com TENT/FURNITURE RENTAL A Grand Affair Party Rental 12189 County Road 65 Foley (251) 943-8188

Veranda of Pensacola

Resort-Style Retirement

Independent & Assisted Living • Spacious floor plans • Extensive activities • Delicious cuisine • Weekly housekeeping • Limousine transportation • Pet-friendly • Maintenance-free living • Heated swimming pool Did you know that we offer short-term respite and recuperative stays? Learn more at www.verandapensacola.com

Assisted Living Apartment Available For Immediate Move-In!

Veranda of Pensacola, Inc. · 850-396-4866 · 6982 Pine Forest Rd., Pensacola AL#11190

The Palmer law Firm harbourtown Village, Suite 41 913 Gulf Breeze Pkwy Gulf Breeze, Fl 32561

Raymond B. PalmeR 850.916.1000


Real estate attoRney Your legal resource for real estate closings, 1031 exchanges, wills & Trusts, Probate & Business estd. 1995

member of The real Property, Probate & Trust law Section of the Florida Bar


WEDDING DIRECTORY Grand Rental Station 5615 Bauer Rd. 497-8590

Springdale Travel 313 S. Palafox St. (850) 434-2543

Forever I Do Weddings (850) 314-9448 foreveridoweddings.com

Gulf Coast Tent Rental 3506 Sycamore Ln. Gulf Breeze (850) 932-3311 gulfcoasttents.net

Gulf Breeze Travel Agency 3233 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. (850) 932-9276

Sara Gillianne Weddings & Events 130 S. Palafox St. (850) 291-6502

Kent’s Special Events 3877 N. Palafox St. (850) 932-3505 gokents.com Marry Me Wedding Rentals 4904 Chaney St. (850) 607-8090 marrymeweddingrentals.com

Majestic Travel 3043 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. (850) 934-3597

Gold Coast Event Services 2737 Gulf Breeze Pkwy Gulf Breeze (850) 313-0583 gulfcoasteventservices.com

VIDEOGRAPHY Ron Little Studios 9255 N Palafox St Ste B (850) 484-9814 ronlittlestudios.com

Megan K. Events 2515 N 12th Ave (850) 619-1440 megan@megankevents.com

North Hill Chair Covers and Linens 5045 Mobile Hwy. (850) 937-6894

Momentus Films 1507 E La Rua St (850) 450-3135

Nancy’s Haute Affairs 555 Scenic Hwy #6721 (850) 434-0112 nancyshauteaffairs.com

Tap the Coast (850) 322-8579 tapteam@tapthecoast.com

Rising Star Video Productions (850) 516-6214 risingstarvideo.tv

Samantha Jackson Weddings (850) 221-3638 samanthajacksonweddings.com

Vintage Rentals by Suzi (850) 748-2132 vintagerentals850@gmail.com

Salt and Light Visuals (850) 712-6701 saltandlightvisuals@gmail.com

Wedding Walls 5465 Woodbine Rd. Pace (850) 995-9988 tracy@weddingwalls.com

StoryLive Productions Cantonment (850) 503-1735 storyliveproductions.com

Shelby Peaden Events 327 S Co Hwy 393 Unit 201 Santa Rosa Beach (850) 685-9186 shelbypeadenevents.com



Around the Globe Travel Inc. PO Box 620 Cantonment (850) 473-1400

A Wedding 2 Remember (850) 474-0718 awedding2remember.com

Berkshire Travel Centre 2556 Cove Rd. Navarre (850) 939-5779

Enlightened Events 904 E Scott st (850) 686-0898

Cruise Planners (850) 696-6636

The Eventful Planner 150 Industrial Park Rd St #2 Destin (850) 460-4023 theeventfulplanner.com

Elite Travel Agency Inc. 2105 Airport Blvd. (850) 478-7740 82 | PENSACOLA MAGAZINE

Sweet P Weddings & Events (574) 286-5606 hello@sweetpweddings.com Tropical Beach Weddings (850) 496-2633 tropicalbeachweddings.com LeeLee’s Blooms, Floral & Event Studio 4831 Woodcliff Dr (850) 466-5975 leeleessassyblooms.com Wedding Bees (574) 286-5606 weddingbeescompany@gmail.com

WEDDING VENUES Angelena’s Ristorate Italino 101 E Intendencia St (850) 542-8398 angelenaspensacola.com 5eleven Palafox 511 S. Palafox St. (850) 637-1044 events@5elevenpalafox.com Barkley House 410 S. Florida Blanca St. (850) 595-5985 historicpensacola.org Pensacola Beach Weddings 1427 Sound Retreat Dr. Navarre (850) 293-2457 pensacolabeachweddings.com Bodacious Shops 407 S Palafox St (850) 934-8444 ext. 333 Autumn@bodaciousolive.com Casino Beach Bar and Grille 41 Fort Pickens Rd Gulf Breeze (850) 932-6313 events@casinobeachbar.com City of Pensacola Department of Parks & Recreations Administration 222 W. Main St. (850) 436-5670 cityofpensacola.com The Club at Hidden Creek 3070 PGA Blvd. Navarre (850) 939-4604 theclubathiddencreek.com Coldwater Gardens 7009 Creek Stone Rd Milton (850) 426-1300 coldwatergardens.com


4400 Bayou Blvd. Suite 10 (across from The Bridal Loft) Pensacola, FL 32503 • 850-432-8246 Cordova Square 2151 Airport Blvd. Mobile, AL 36606 • 251-478-7683 www.randallsgulfcoast.com

Fall2020 2017 Spring



rking ts Wo ther Toge A’S



fOOd fOr T HOUgH T



The Fish House 600 S. Barracks St. (850) 470-0003 fishhousepensacola.com

&JA zz



ONE, COME ALL COME d Han Bare ive Collect A s Create ce New Spa Arts For The nity Commu

g rgin s EmE t s ARTISTS ArtLi OCALATCH TO W 4







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N 2018





Wedding Officiants

non-denominational faith-based, spiritual, and secular wedding or, commitments ceremonies, and vow renewals for all couples.



Fountain Park 300 E Zaragoza St (850) 595-5985 historicpensacola.org The Garden Center 1850 N. 9th Ave. (850) 432-6095 pensacolagardencenter.com Gulf Coast Getaways 913 Gulf Breeze Pkwy Ste 22 (850) 417-8054 floridagulfcoastgetaway.com Hemingway’s Island Grill 400 Quietwater Beach Rd #16 Pensacola Beach (850) 934-4747 hemingwaysislandgrill.com HighPointe Hotel Corporation 311 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. (850) 932-9314 highpointe.com Hilton Pensacola Beach Gulf Front 12 Via De Luna Dr. (850) 916-2999 hiltonpensacolabeach.com Historic Pensacola Village 120 Church St. (850) 595-5985 historicpensacola.org Holland Farms 2055 Homer Holland Rd Milton (850) 675-6876 hollandfarmsonline.com Imogene Theatre 6866 Caroline St. Milton (850) 626-2117 @TheImogeneTheatre (Facebook)


The Lee House 400 Bayfront Pkwy (850) 912-8770 leehousepensacola.com

Start Your New Life In a New Home

Live Oak Plantation 7874 Beulah Rd (850) 449-2100 liveoakplantation.com Margaritaville Beach Hotel 165 Fort Pickens Rd (850) 916-9755 margaritavillehotel.com The Milton Garden Club Center 5256 Alabama St. Milton (850) 626-2003 miltongardenclub.com The Museum of Commerce 201 Zarragossa St. (850) 595-5985 historicpensacola.org New World Inn/Skopelos 600 S. Palafox St. (850) 432-4111 skopelosatnewworld.com Old Christ Church 405 S Adams St. (850) 595-5985 historicpensacola.org The Palafox House 196 N. Palafox St. (850) 433-9450 palafoxhouse.com Palafox Wharf Waterfront 617 S. Palafox St. (850) 748-5102 palafoxwharf.com Paradise Beach Homes 27 Via de Luna Dr (850) 916-0777 paradisebeachhomes.com

Call us to find that perfect Wedding Gift !

850-332-6432 2704 N. 12th Avenue Pensacola , Florida 32503 www.PropertiesbyNeptune.com

Pensacola Bay Brewery 225 Zaragoza St (850) 434-3353 pbbrew.com Pensacola Cultural Center 400 S. Jefferson St. (850) 432-2042 Ext. 100 pensacolalittletheatre.com Pensacola Grand Hotel 200 E. Gregory St. (850) 433-3336 pensacolagrandhotel.com Pensacola Little Theatre 400 S Jefferson St (850) 432-2042 pensacolalittletheatre.com Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum 2081 Radford Blvd. (850) 393-1561 pensacolalighthouse.org Pensacola Museum of Art 407 S. Jefferson St. (850) 432-6247 historicpensacola.org Pensacola Yacht Club 1897 Cypress St (850) 433-8804 ext. 102 pensacolayachtclub.org Polonza Bistro 286 N. Palafox St. (850) 912-6454 polonza.com Sanders Beach Community Center 913 S I Street (850) 436-5198 cityofpensacola.com

Get a special friend to help you celebrate your biggest life moments...

Get th read em y for your b at ou ig day r sal on!

850.637.1123 PetlandPensacola.com

Scenic Hills Golf & Country Club 8891 Burning Tree Rd. (850) 476-0380 scenichills.com

Seville Quarter/Heritage Hall 130 E. Government St. (850) 434-6211 sevillequarter.com Sowell Farms 7650 Sowell Rd Milton (850) 626-2746 sowellfarms.com

BRI DGE T KAY Pensacola Expert Panel 9-11am

Tiger Point Golf Club 1255 Country Club Rd. Gulf Breeze (850) 932-1333 tigerpointgolf.com UWF Historic Trust 120 Church St (850) 595-5985 uwf.edu

Join Bridget’s Panel of Lifestyle Experts


Wellness Spa SERVICES OFFERED AT THE SPA Facials Massage Body Waxing Eyelash Extensions Acupuncture Microneedle

1008 W Garden Street Pensacola, FL 32502


SereneOrchid.com MM : 3 7 7 1 4

286 N Palafox Street

Hosting small weddings, rehearsal dinners & parties Contact Jami Brown (850)602-1223


y t t e r P Posh WOOD FLOWERS

Flowers for your special day that will last a lifetime. poshandprettyflowers poshandprettywoodflowers Poshandprettywoodflowers@yahoo.com 850.543.9098

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Imagine pristine white sands and turquoise

Imagine pristine sands and turquoise blue waters as yourwhite backdrop. blue waters as your backdrop. Where only your beauty upstages the wonder of the natural setting. Dazzling event details at

Where only your beauty upstages the wonder of the natural setting. Dazzling event details at With miles of unencumbered, pristine beaches. And, where dream weddings come true.



With miles of unencumbered, pristine beaches. And, where dream weddings come true.

w e d d i n g s @ p o r t o fi n o i s l a n d . c o m • p o r t o fi n o i s l a n d . c o m • 8 4 4 . 7 4 8 . 2 8 6 7 WEDDINGS 2020 | 91

w e d d i n g s @ p o r t o fi n o i s l a n d . c o m • p o r t o fi n o i s l a n d . c o m • 8 4 4 . 7 4 8 . 2 8 6 7

5033 N 12th Avenue • Pensacola, FL 32504 (850) 477-6818 • berejewelers.com

I take you, in laughing until we cr y

I take you, until forever Forevermark Engagement & Commitment Collection

Our vow to you is that each uniquely inscribed Forevermark diamond is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced.


Forevermark Icon™ Round Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

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