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Editor’s Note Beautiful brides abound in this year’s wedding edition of Pensacola Magazine! Our annual cover contest received so many incredible submissions—from high fashion editorial images to laid back joyous wedding parties—it really was difficult to choose a winner. But, choose we did. This year’s cover winner exudes the happiness and joy of being a young bride. Katie Christofferson’s hip boho style pairs perfectly with the funky Pensacola postcard mural and eclectic Volkswagen bus at Brew Ha Ha, where she was photographed. Congratulaions to Katie and to our equally gorgeous runners up, Michele Schamberger and Stephanie Noa Goodman. This year also brings two fantastic photo spreads to inspire your wedding planning. The team at VolumeONE put together a stunning hair shoot—complete with all the latest trends and tips you need to keep your tresses looking perfect on your big day. East Hill Photo and East Hill Styling and Coaching gathered up some of Pensacola’s most talented vendors to bring you a fun and playful retro film inspired fashion shoot. Whether you loved the 80s style of "The Dukes of Hazzard," the futuristic fashions of "Back to the Future" or the noir inspired colors of "Sin City," you’re sure to find some inspiration in these whimsical shoots. Thanks so much to all of our contributors and vendors for putting together such incredible spreads. All this, plus tips for planning the perfect wedding music and advice from local caterers on what’s trending in wedding food. We’ve also put together a list of Pensacola’s most stunning wedding venues—from country barns to hip, urban settings, there is a place for every bride’s dream wedding location. Don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Wedding Directory at the back of the issue. Here, you’ll find every business and vendor you’ll need to pull together the ultimate Pensacola Wedding! Happy wedding planning!

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THe Wedding Singers 16

Whether DJs, bands or playlists, these tips will help create the soundtrack to your special day.

catering to your every whim 19 Local caterers offer full service experiences to make your wedding stress free and delicious.

Sublime Settings



Fnd the perfect venue for every wedding party

elements of a modern bride 31 The VolumeONE Salon creative team brings to you an exclusive guide to the trends, tips and tricks of 2018‌


lights, camera, action! 36 Local vendors create film inspired magic for your Big Day

2018 Cover Winner Katie Christofferson 8 Pensacola Magazine




photo by Aislinn Kate Photography



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At what age does a parent finally get some relief and get to stop worrying about their children? The reasons for concern vary at every stage of development, but regardless, the intensity is always there. When my two kids were young, my concerns were, understandably, the same as those of any other working mom. Was I, pursuing a career, doing them an irreparable injustice by not staying home with them? Was I doing everything I could to keep them healthy and safe from deadly diseases? Exactly how much was too much television? As they grew, I acquired a whole new guilt set. Would divorce cause them to become serial murderers or result in them having multiple personalities? Would being a single mom drive them into the arms of a gang? Would dating and ultimately remarrying cause them to spiral into drug abuse? Mercifully, none of these things happened, and, if they did, I do not now want to know about it. I have made it this far without knowledge of any major crimes and would prefer to keep it that way. All of the sharing and confessing that kids do in later life is, in my opinion, overrated and they need to be more grateful that they were nurtured into adulthood. On more than one occasion I had second thoughts about my decision to give birth.

10 Pensacola Magazine

It is, of course, the unconditional power of love that drives us to nut land over our children. Haven’t you had those nights when you wake at 2 am in a cold sweat with remorse and frustration over not being able to do more to help your child? As adults, they need us every bit as much as they did as infants, just in a different way. They may be all grown up with cars and houses and husbands and wives, but the need for parenting never goes away. Their struggles are our struggles. Their disappointments, their successes, their fears, their conquests – all ours. We are a part of each other and though we can be friends as adults, we are parent and child first, foremost and forever. I love my kids more than I love air and sun and yes, even more than red wine. My most recent emotional challenge as a mother involves my son. He had done well for himself since college graduation. He is smart, sensible, frugal (where in the world did he get that) and kind. No mother could be prouder. I also respect his business sense enough to reluctantly accept the occasional risks he takes. The first time he made a career change, I fought a panic attack. Wasn’t it better to stay in a job, albeit unfulfilling, than enter uncharted waters? He was far wiser

than I was. He recognized a changing market and understood when a move was necessary. And he was right. I never realized that all of my incessant advice over the years about doing what you love, etc, etc, would actually be taken to heart. I suppose the old cliché about teaching our little birds to fly and then watching sadly as they leave the nest is true. I have more respect now for my own mother and what she has been through raising five of us. So now my wise young man has made the ultimate move—he is getting married this spring. And isn’t it crazy what goes through your head as a mom? We love his bride-to-be and think that, of course, she is getting the greatest husband ever. But I cant help but remember him in diapers with his glow worm or the way playing in a tupperware cabinet while I cooked dinner made him the happiest child alive. God help me when he stands at the alter and says “I do”. Where do the years go? And so the cycle continues. I have become my mother, and that is a very good thing.


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Weddings 2018

Photos by Documented Photography

Katie Christofferson Cover Contest Winner

Colton and I met through mutual friends at an IHOP next to Baylor University our freshman year of college. I played hard to get for the first few months, but his caring heart and charming smile won me over. I've lived in Pensacola for my entire life, so I knew I wanted to get engaged there with my family watching. We went to Fort Barrancas and Colton was planning on proposing in the beautiful white hallways there. However, when we arrived, the weather was horrendous. Lightning was flashing everywhere, the rain was torrential, and tornado sirens were going off. We had to stay huddled together in the bathroom of Barrancas with another family for about three hours. Finally, the weather relented

12 Pensacola Magazine

and Colton, along with the park ranger and my family, went into the fort. Colton was looking around but everything was completely dark due to the weather. Thankfully, he found a little patch of emergency lighting on a path, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. After that, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and champagne toast at the Grand Marlin. We got married in Malibu, California. However, we had a wedding reception in Pensacola for all of our family and friends. The wedding reception was a bohemian backyard bash. The theme for my wedding was ethereal. The theme for the reception in Pensacola was bohemian. My favorite aspect of the wedding

was seeing my husband and celebrating with all of our family and friends. We honeymooned in the Big Island of Hawaii. It was incredibly relaxing and a time for Colton and I to adventure together. We went on numerous hikes to waterfalls and probably gained ten pounds eating malasadas.

My advice for newlyweds is to keep God the center of your relationship and have fun together! Go on adventures and befriend other newlyweds. We have dinner weekly with another newlywed couple and it is such a blessing.

Michele Schamberger 1st Runner-Up

Photos by East Hill Photography

They say God puts people in your life at the right time and place. Neither Rick nor I were looking to be in a relationship. Yet in mid-2013, our paths crossed while working an editorial art project. Over the next three months, we became best friends and couldn’t be separated. Surprisingly, we both loved fashion, vintage clothing, and editorial photography, making our friendship that much more unique. We would spend hours discussing art projects and fashion designs. Some have said I was his muse and Rick was my passion. Although we knew we wanted to get married right from the beginning, we waited until Christmas 2016 to announce to our parents that we were going to become officially Mr. and Mrs. At that time, we asked Rick’s parent’s permission if we could share their wedding date of July 3, which they of course said yes to. What better way to celebrate such a joyous day than with your gracious and loving parents! On July 3, 2017, Rick and I got to experience the wedding of our dreams

at Live Oak Plantation. Our wedding party consisted just of our parents, which made for a very intimate wedding. From the dress to the getaway car, we went for a modern-vintage look. Plus, Donna and Joe Meeks, the owners of Live Oak Planation, made sure every little detail was what I envisioned. One of my favorite memories was seeing Rick crank an old vinyl record player as I got ready to walk down the aisle. Since our quartet canceled two days before our wedding, we had to improvise our music. Nevertheless, my heart melted when I heard which vinyl Rick picked for me! As Rick cranked the record player, “That's Amore" sung by Dean Martin started to play. There was no doubt we were each other’s twin flame. Most people go away for their honeymoon; instead, we did a staycation. What better place to relax than on the most beautiful beaches in world! We played in the sand, enjoyed local eateries and celebrated our joyous occasion by watching fireworks on the 4th of July.

Stephanie Noa Goodman 2nd Runner-Up

Photos by Aislinn Kate Photography

Stephanie and Brenton met in the fall of 2012 over a box of Kinder Happy Hippo cookies. While delivering the cookies as a favor to a friend, Brenton was introduced to Stephanie. Brenton immediately felt enamored by Stephanie’s quick-wit and beauty, while Stephanie, in the middle of her triathlon training, was more interested in the cookies! Brenton and Stephanie soon began messaging each other and in turn realized a shared affinity for much more than cookies. Their relationship blossomed over a 4-year span in which Brenton went to law school and Stephanie pursued an MBA. On July 29, 2016, Brenton called Stephanie to the kitchen of their house. As Stephanie rounded the corner into the kitchen, she heard her favorite Ed Sheeran song. Stephanie followed a silk laden path full of rose petals through the kitchen and found herself in their courtyard which Brenton had transformed into a rose garden with the help of three dozen long-stemmed roses that he planted that morning. Brenton, on bended knee and with their French bulldog “Sophie” veiled and sitting at his side, presented Stephanie with a wedding ring he helped design. Following the proposal, Brenton scheduled a shopping

trip, manicure, and massage for Stephanie that prepared her for their surprise engagement photo shoot. Additionally, Brenton brought all their family and close friends together that same night for an engagement party without Stephanie suspecting a thing. On November 4, 2017, Stephanie and Brenton recited their vows at Temple BethEl under a chuppah, a Jewish wedding canopy, elaborately garnished with flowers. The ceremony was followed by an elegant and electric reception. Guests enjoyed food from around the world, five signature cocktails, a beer garden and an open bar while they conversed to the sounds of modern hits played by Pensacola Symphony Players and later danced under the stars to the sounds of the Miami based band, Flavor. The only time guests left from underneath the light of the 12 hanging chandeliers in the reception tent, was to go watch the firework display over the Gulf of Mexico specifically arranged for the wedding. One week after the wedding, Stephanie and Brenton flew to Miami where they set sail on a two-week cruise to the Eastern Caribbean Islands.

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Weddings 2018

Cover Contest Entries Anna Chauvin & Bobby Calvun by Aislinn Kate Photography

Janna & Nick Costarides by Barret McLean Photography

Ashley & Troy Luckenbill by K Pursell Photography

Chris & Patricia Worth by Incee Netinai

Chuck & Jo Rich by Natalie Zepp

Erin Yea & Jordan Manning by Troy Battle

Hanna & Nicholas Belle by Lavendar & Bells Photography

Jacqueline & Jordan Cooke by Jessi Fields

Jamie & Chad Soleimani by Andrea Myers

Kate Trigger & Taylor Shoaf by Aislinn Kate Photography

Kate & Colton Christofferson by Documented Photography

Kayla Priefer & Mason Glass by Aislinn Kate Photography

Kelly McCrory & Sean Branch by Aislinn Kate Photography

Kimberly & Matt Weber by Ashley Schuster

Laura Guilday & Pete Steger by Aislinn Kate Photography

Samantha Bauldree & Benjamin Hoffman by Birdsong Photography

Samantha Miller by Amber Fletcher

Savana & Hunter Fennel by Michael Tucker

Shawna & Michael Motala by Kristi Barbour

Shelbie & Chris Simpson by Courtney Lassiter

Stephanie & Dustin Heckman by Jon Haugh

14 Pensacola Magazine

Brandy & Chad Wallace by East Hill Photo

Brittany and Steven Jarod Allen by Alli White Photography

Cameron & Thomas Gore by Meg Burke Photography

Elsbeth & Kyle Grassel by Meg Burke Photography

Katie & Justin Rhode by Meg Burke Photography

Celeste & Mitch Blum by Dusti Ramos

Jessica & Zack Worley by Barrett McLean Photography

Jordan & Michael Lamar by Patsty Brown

Judy Nguyen & Daniel Owyang by Aislinn Kate Photography

Kaitlyn & Harley Brown by Documented Photography

Kasey & Casey Vogler by Stephen Vance

Kate Sutley & Asa Baugherr by Barrett Mclean Photography

Mallory Mullis & Brice Agerton by Aislinn Kate Photography

Matthew & Ashley McKibben by Incee Netinai

Jessica & Matthew Tinch by Patsy Brown

Melody & Eric Wilkinson by Incee Netinai

Meredith & Garrett Edwards by Bethany Wilson

Michele Schamberger by East Hill Photo

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Stephanie Noa Goodman by Aislinn Kate Photography

Yasmeen Al-Haribi & Sultan Nassar by Taylor Kadery

Ashley & Steve Woodcock by Barrett McLean Photography





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The Wedding Singers by Tanner Yea

The rings have been exchanged, the toasts given and the food eaten, but the night would not be complete without a little dancing. When it comes to music at your wedding, you have a lot of options to choose from to tailor the sound you want to back your event. Pensacola Magazine has detailed three major options for wedding music, as well as the pros and cons for each. If you only choose one option or a combination of them, they will be sure to help create the pulse of your wedding and form long-lasting memories. 16 Pensacola Magazine


One of the current most popular ways to handle music at a wedding is through hiring a professional DJ. Having evolved from their early days in the 80s and 90s, wedding DJs are becoming a staple. Jason Meyers, owner of New Life Entertainment, is one such DJ. “My role is to play music and what the customers ask for,” said Meyers. “I don’t expect the guests to be music experts, just to have fun.” Meyers said that the main part of his job as a DJ is to people watch. “I have to see what music makes people happy and what they don’t enjoy. I also have to judge when is a good or bad time to do events – like cutting the cake or the garter toss,” he said. Many people often see a DJ as a chance to request their favorite songs and Meyers suggests asking each guest to submit a song to a ‘request list’ before the actual event. A DJ will then take those songs and mix them in with their normal set list. “That way, everyone feels like they are heard, but there is no huge request line at my booth that stops people from dancing,” he said. Aside from that, Meyers said more and more

couples are trusting DJs to do what they do best – a far cry from early wedding DJs who often had to stick to rigid playlists. Meyers said that while doing something like curating your own playlist may be possible for small weddings, it is much harder during larger ceremonies to split your time between the ceremony and the music - especially since it may be difficult to read the crowd in that situation. He did stress that it is important to find the right DJ and suggests that you hire a DJ whose main focus is weddings. Many DJ services offer other amenities as well – for example, A DJ Connection can also provide projectors, light shows, fog machines and inflatable screens for a dance party atmosphere “There are times when dance club DJs do side gigs as wedding DJs, but they are used to catering to a whole different crowd. Hire someone who does weddings strictly and you’ll get more bang for your buck,” he said.


If you want a finer control over your music throughout the wedding, one option would

be to create and curate your own playlist. A number of music streaming services are currently available, making the prospect easier than ever. Though many streaming services are free to use, their ‘free’ option is usually fairly limited. Many of these services have long advertisements that can easily ruin the mood of a wedding, so it is advisable to splurge on the premium versions. Some services, like Spotify, offer limitedtime trials of their premium services if you are short on money. When streaming or playing off a playlist, it is also important to have backups. If a phone dies during the reception, having an iPod or a laptop with access to the same playlist means you can keep going even if technology is not cooperating. It is also a good idea to download your playlists, especially if you are doing a destination wedding in an area with sparse internet connection. Most streaming services include that ability in their premium version.

John Ripley is one such instrumentalist; performing beautifully romantic music on his baby grand piano he can even bring to a beachside wedding. “Good live music has a special energy that we don’t get from hearing a recording, and I work very hard to create the perfectly romantic ambience,” said Ripley. When it comes to the dancing part of the night, the best option would be a larger band – luckily, there are many professional wedding bands around the Pensacola area that specialize in bringing a variety of music with an unstoppable energy. Cover or variety bands are quite popular, playing classic wedding standbys as well as covers of new and old favorites. Motown and jazz bands are also staples, and due to Pensacola’s proximity to New Orleans, you can easily find some of the best in the country.

means accounting for lodging and transport – which can get pricey. Regardless, it may be a small price to pay if you are looking for an unforgettable night. “A wedding is one of life’s most special events, and for most people the biggest celebration of life up to that point,” said Ripley. “I am honored to be a part of these celebrations and I’m extremely conscientious in helping to make them as special as the bride, groom and the families want them to be.” At the end of the day, your wedding is your special day and it is up to you to decide how important music will be during the ceremony and the reception. These tips will hopefully help you form the perfect soundtrack to make your wedding a real-life movie you will remember forever.

Though the sound and experience of a live band is hard to match, they can vary wildly in price. Local solo acts and bands will be cheaper, but hiring an out-of-town band

Making a playlist is a cheap alternative and perfect for those who want to plan every aspect of a wedding, but it can be difficult to play the part of DJ while also being involved with the event. Alternatively, they work extremely well with smaller weddings of around a dozen guests, or as some light music to wind down the evening with.

Live Music

Though live bands are not as common at weddings as they once were, there are still many options available for those who desire the energy that a live band can bring. The most common place to see a live band is often during the ceremony itself and cocktail hour, and these are usually some variety of instrumentalists. Small orchestral quartets, trios or duos are able to bring a classical flair to an event without the driving sound of the traditional pipe organ. Solo musicians are also common during the same time, usually offering a more subdued sound than a full ensemble. Classically trained flutists, pianists, violinists, guitarists and even operatic vocalists are all available to help walk down the aisle or loosen up before dinner.

“If you’re Big or Tall, Lil’ John’s Has it all!” XL-14XL & LT-6XLT

Lil’ John’s Big and Tall Men’s Fashion & Alteration Shop 5700 N Davis Hwy Suite 1 Pensacola, Fl 32503 850-484-0904 www.LilJohnsBigAndTall.com Pensacola Magazine


18 Pensacola Magazine

Catering To Your Every Whim

photo by Ashley Victoria Photography

by Tanner Yea

Planning the ceremony for your wedding is by far the most difficult and timeconsuming task of the whole landmark event. However, perhaps just as important is what comes after: the reception, and specifically the catering. Luckily, there are easy, affordable and fashionable options to help you wine and dine your special guests.

There are many options when it comes to finding a catering company for a wedding reception in the Pensacola area. These companies specialize in taking all the stress out of your wedding day meal preparations Culinary Productions owner Mike DeSorbo has over 21 years of experience in the catering business, and said the goal is to free up couples to simply enjoy the day. “I always like to say we are a true catering company, in that we cater to them,” said DeSorbo. “All they have to do is just show up, get married and have a good time.” Full service catering companies like Culinary Productions work fully off-site. They prep everything at their main kitchen, and send their fully staffed crew out to the venue – no matter where it may be. Their

services includes setting up the reception space, making table arrangements and even clean up and break-down at the end of the night. DeSorbo said that he has noticed a lot of new trends in his catering service, both on a local and regional level. Around the south, he says that a buffet-style of catering is more popular than a traditional tableservice reception. There is also a heavy focus on hors d’oeuvres before the main reception during cocktail hour. For the food itself, DeSorbo said that stations have been gaining popularity. “People want to make the dining experience more interactive by make the food part of the reception,” he said. Pensacola Magazine


photos by Aislinn Kate Photography

Find the caterer who will work well with you and who goes into it with what the client wants to see.” The stations vary, mostly between carving stations – where guests can get freshly carved chicken, beef and pork – and buildyour-own stations. DeSorbo said he has hosted omelette bars, waffle bars, mac ‘n’ cheese stations, grits bars and more. Gus Silivos, the executive chef and owner of Nancy’s Catering and Events, has also done stations involving pretzels, root beer floats and more. “Millennials enjoy ‘experience’ in everything. They like the idea of their guests moving around and being interactive with the event,” he said. Nancy’s Catering and Events caters to a gourmet style of catering, which has previously won them the distinction of “Best Wedding Catering.” Silivos is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has worked in the restaurant business for over 35 years. DeSorbo said modern customers are looking for ‘simple elegance’ in both the food and the reception in general. Customers want a down-home, casual Southern feel that is warm, rustic and lowkey, he said. This results in a lot of menus with both comfort food options, as well as locally produced and fresh flavors. “It doesn’t matter if the bride is from New Zealand, Wyoming or Tallahassee, they are all saying the same thing about receptions,” said DeSorbo. Dietary restrictions are also becoming a larger aspect of many modern weddings. DeSorbo said that they are offering and consistently creating vegetarian, glutenfree and vegan fare. He also said that many

20 Pensacola Magazine

catering companies are hosting all-vegan weddings in order to cater to people’s dietary needs. Dessert is also seeing a lot of change. The traditional tiered wedding cake is becoming less popular – though a smaller cake is often used for the cutting ceremony. This has paved the way for more creative desserts like cupcakes, macarons, donuts or pies. Late night snacks are also gaining popularity, like cookies or tacos being served as the night and the party begins to wind down. A popular option for those late-night snacks is to hire a food truck. Many food trucks, including local ones like Nomadic Eats and Two Birds, will drive to your venue and offer their menu throughout the night. Alcohol is also often an important part of

a wedding reception, and though not all catering companies handle alcohol, they can serve as a go-between – helping arrange the bar and alcohol and offering bartending services, and directing clients to the best suppliers of beer, wine and liquor. Silivos said around Pensacola, beers from local breweries are being served more often, with people being excited to share their favorite craft beers. He also said ‘His & Her cocktails’ are popular – two specific cocktails for the bride & groom that show off their personality. Non-alcoholic drink stations are also common, offering refreshments like flavored water, different coffee blends and exotic sodas. There is also always the option of doing the catering yourself, which is often more manageable and cost-effective for smaller,

intimate weddings. Both Silivos and DeSorbo said, however, that many of the benefits that come with hiring a caterer outweigh the expenses of it. “Doing all of the food and cooking takes time away from your guests, and also potentially takes time away from your daughter or son on their wedding day,” said DeSorbo. “With a caterer, everything is predetermined. We have an extensive timeline and play-by-play, we know where to put things and what to cook. It all results in easing stress on the customer.” As for what is on the horizon, Silivos had a few examples. He said that gastropubstyle food, ‘relaxed’ food stations of food like nachos and pizza, and brunchthemed receptions with breakfast foods are beginning to pop-up. Whether you choose one of the dozens of catering companies around the Pensacola area or if you use trends as a jumping off point for crafting your own menu, DeSorbo says to go with it your heart. “Find the caterer who will work well with you and who goes into it with what the client wants to see,” said DeSorbo “We are always customizing and evolving with what the customers want.” For more information on Culinary Productions and Nancy’s Catering and Events, visit culinaryproductions.net and nancyshauteaffairs.com.

Pensacola Magazine



reasons to visit


F OL E Y, A L | 7 M I L E S F R O M T HE B E A C H

Vis itOWA. c om | 251-923-2111

photo by Alp & Aisle Fine Art Weddings

Sublime Settings: The Perfect Venue for Every Wedding Party

So you’re going to do it. Settle down. Get hitched. Walk the aisle. Tie the knot. You’re getting married. Congrats! Now, where do you want to make those everlasting memories? More than just a chic backdrop, your wedding venue is the place you’ll associate with one of the best days of your life. From simple country settings to elegant ballrooms, we’ve put together this list of memorable venues in and around Pensacola. Pensacola Magazine


5 eleven Palafox

Downtown Pensacola

This specially-built event space is housed in the former Trader Jon’s building on Palafox Street in Downtown Pensacola. Built in 1896, this historic building has been home to various shops and stores over its 120-year history. 5evelen Palafox opened its doors in 2010 and has been a popular spot for weddings and receptions ever since. Boasting huge windows facing Palafox Street, a built-in bar, kitchen and courtyard, and adjacent lawn, 5eleven is capable of hosting 550 people. Rates range from $800 to $2,800 depending on day of the week, side yard usage and furniture. Reservations can be made at (910) 269-8322 or by email at events@5elevenpalafox.com

photo by K. Lewis Photography

Tiger Point Golf Club Gulf Breeze, FL

photo by Amy Chapman Photography

Tiger Point Golf Club has the venues and staff to make your dream wedding come true. There’s the open-air and covered pavilion, which holds over 100 guests and overlooks acres of green and a waterfront view. For smaller weddings, there’s Tee Box 4, which makes for a beautiful waterfront wedding surrounded by wetlands and the lush, green golf course. Last but not least is Tiger Point’s most popular wedding site among the grand oaks, which has a 180 degree view of the water and can hold up to 100 spectators. If you prefer to adopt the motto “less is more” when it comes to planning and décor, then you’ll fall in love with the venues at Tiger Point Golf Club, which require little decoration thanks to the location’s natural elegance.

24 Pensacola Magazine

Sanders Beach Downtown Pensacola

With its unbeatable views, convenient location, and ample space, the Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center offers some of the best value around for hosting your small or large wedding. Situated on Pensacola Bay in the Sanders Beach neighborhood, the Resource Center is just minutes from the shopping, dining and entertainment on Palafox Street. Floor to ceiling windows in the 350-person capacity ballroom overlook Pensacola Bay. A full kitchen is on site and available to your caterer of choice. Ballroom rates start at just $225 per hour for the first three hours, or $1,400 for an eight-hour package. Reservations can be made by contacting the City of Pensacola’s Parks and Recreation Department at (850) 436-5670.

Sublime Settings

The Lee House

Sowell Farms

Downtown Pensacola


To complement the indoor event space at Downtown Pensacola’s historic Lee House, the 30 foot by 40 foot Alcaniz Courtyard was designed with open-air weddings and receptions in mind. From very small to very large, Lee House is prepared to meet any need with its covered porch area, outdoor bar, and a landscaped backdrop with six table and chair sets, as well as a casual seating vignette. The courtyard is ideal for an open-aired, charming garden wedding, and don’t be shy about asking for additional tables and chairs if you have a big guest list. Should you choose to have your reception with Lee House, guests may move into the dining and living rooms for cocktail hour while the courtyard is transformed for dancing and reception entertainment under café lighting.

If you plan on wearing cowboy boots beneath your wedding gown, consider exchanging vows at Sowell Farms. This familyrun farm in Milton offers ceremonies and receptions at their purpose-built reception barn capable of hosting up to 275 guests. Set on 100 acres of land on Sowell Road, this is a real live farm complete with pot-belly pigs, goats and even a camel! Don’t worry though, the wedding venue itself is pristine and the Sowell family are on hand to make your big day the best it can be. Reservations start at $2,500 during the season, and $2,200 in the off-season. More info and reservations at (850) 626-2746.

Palafox House Downtown Pensacola Celebrate your big day in the heart of downtown Pensacola. Located at 196 North Palafox Street, The Palafox House is operated by the same folks who run The Fish House, Jackson’s, Atlas Oyster House and 5 Sisters Blues Café. A wall of windows, high ceilings, chandeliers and original brick all add to the ambiance is this mid-century event space. In addition to the main event space, there is also a side rppm that houses a built-in bar and reception area. Great Southern Weddings even offers full-service wedding planning. Contact Director of Catering and Private Events Melissa Bailey at (850) 433-9450.

photo by Davis House Photography

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Old Christ Church Downtown Pensacola

Although you wouldn't guess by looking at its pristine, white exterior, Old Christ Church is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Florida. From its Norman Gothic arches to Venetian windows and early stained glass artistry, there's plenty of old-fashioned charm that makes Old Christ Church a memorable place to tie the knot. The church can seat approximately 185 guests and, because of its popularity and affordability, dates fill up fast so you’ll want to make your reservations as soon as possible. Although a digital piano comes with the cost of renting the church, all instruments and vocals have resonating sound thanks to the natural acoustics created by the vaulted wood ceiling. As an added bonus to the wedding package, couples may prepare for their walk down the aisle in the Pfeiffer House. Although part of the UWF Historic Trust, Christ Church is managed in partnership with Great Southern Management. Reach out to contact@ greatsouthernmanagement.com or 850-619-2745. photo courtesy of UWF Historic Trust

Barkley House Downtown Pensacola

Fountain Park Downtown Pensacola

Nestled in the heart of downtown, just south of Seville Square, you’ll find the perfect picturesque park for your outdoor wedding—Fountain Park. Invite up to 200 guests to join you in the park for your special day. The park’s namesake and symbol is the seven-foot-high, three-tiered Fleming Fountain. The fountain’s detailed panels tell the story of Pensacola and its people from the depiction of Blue Angels soaring over the Naval Air Station to shrimp boats drying their nets at fish houses near Fort Pickens. Although part of the UWF Historic Trust, Fountain Park is managed in partnership with Great Southern Management. Contact coordinator of events Melissa Bailey at either contact@greatsouthernmanagement.com or 850-433-9450.

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Overlooking Pensacola Bay, the Barkley House is one of the city’s last remaining examples of a 19th century high house. Hundreds of weddings have been hosted at this historic venue, which offers both indoor and outdoor options for ceremonies. Go for a classic indoor setting with heart-pine flooring and vintage furniture throughout, or step outside for a formal event under tents. Up to 75 standing guests may fit inside Barkley House, while more than 300 guests may be accommodated with seating on the lawn. A wrap-around porch catches bay breezes and provides a vantage point overlooking the landscaped and manicured grounds. The large pergola shaded by oaks makes for an idyllic ceremony scene. Barkley Houses offers Southern charm and sweetness that is sure to make your day an unforgettable experience. Although part of the UWF Historic Trust, Barkley House is managed in partnership with Great Southern Management. Contact coordinator of events Melissa Bailey at either contact@greatsouthernmanagement.com or 850-433-9450 for more information.

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Pensacola Yacht Club Downtown Pensacola

Have your guests talking for years after they witness your exchange of vows at the grand Pensacola Yacht Club. The Yacht Club has been the premier venue for weddings and events for more than 110 years and the full service facility is prepared to cater to your every need—big or small. With two indoor and three outdoor locations, you won’t be short of areas to choose from for your ceremony or reception. Two ballrooms accommodate up 140 guests each, and one may be opened up to accommodate as many as 280 people. In addition, there are two lawn areas for larger wedding parties: one situated closer to the bay, and a separate venue for smaller gatherings that overlooks the marina with a spacious wrap-around deck offering jaw-dropping views of Pensacola Bay. Contact event coordinator Scott Segers at 850-433-6773 or events@pyc.gccoxmail. com. photo courtesy of Pensacola Yacht Club

The Club at Hidden Creek Navarre Go for a wedding experience to remember at one of Navarre’s not-so-hidden secrets: The Club at Hidden Creek. For over 20 years, The Club at Hidden Creek has hosted close to 15 to 20 weddings per year. The venue makes for an ideal photo op spot, as the green hills of the golf course unfurl into the sunset. Fit up to 175 guests inside the Hidden Creek pavilion for outdoor wedding ceremonies. The all-inclusive venue hosts ceremonies and receptions in addition to providing catering and bar options. The club provides everything for your wedding party, including linens, dance floors, tables chairs, and locker rooms for getting on your best appearance for that walk down the aisle. All the couple needs to do is bring the decorations of their choice. Onsite chef Jesse Sproles is more than willing to cater to specific dietary restrictions and will go as far as to cook family recipes to make your event all the more memorable. For more details on booking the wedding of your dreams at Hidden Creek, contact event coordinator Patricia Cardet at 850939-4606 or pcardet@theclubathiddencreek.com. photo by Amy Little Photography

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Paradise Beach Homes Pensacola Beach Looking for a heavenly coastal setting for your wedding? Just try any one of the 50 divine abodes by Paradise Beach Homes, host to over 100 Pensacola Beach weddings per year. With homes ranging from three to 11 bedrooms, your choice can even double as a honeymoon location for the newlyweds. The home can hold up to 50 guests and, while events with over 35 people require a permit, Paradise Beach Homes is happy to help you attain the correct credentials for smooth sailing on your special day. From dune walkovers to large decks, private pools, and pet-friendly dwellings so your furry family can come along, there’s nothing more special than exchanging vows on the sugar-white sands of Pensacola Beach and celebrating with family and friends just a few steps away at Paradise Beach Homes. Wishing for a wedding in paradise? Wish no more: give Paradise Beach Homes a call at (850) 916-0777 for more details.

photo by Patsy Brown

Museum of Commerce Downtown Pensacola

Once a turn-of-the-century commercial warehouse that was serviced by the railroad, for the last 20 years the Museum of Commerce has been operated by UWF Historic Trust as an event space with 3,000 square footage that holds up 250 guests. Tables and chairs to accommodate up to 200 guests are included with the museum rental. The Museum's most popular seasons are Navarre and Pensacola Beach spring and fall, when a wedding is booked just about every other weekend. Of course, the most unique feature is the museum interior, which is a Planning a beach wedding? Make your preparations or host your intimate reconstructed 1890s era Downtown Pensacola streetscape. For this reason, reception at your own private beach house. Gulf Coast Getaways offers stunning rentals on Navarre and Pensacola beaches overlooking the beautiful many couples do not bring in many decorations because the storefronts provide a unique backdrop for their special event. Bistro lighting is also Gulf of Mexico. With houses capable of accommodating up to 30 guests, a popular addition to transform the space and give it a block-party flair. Gulf Coast Rentals can provide the perfect retreat before and after your It's great for couples that want an outdoor wedding without the worry of exchange of vows. Rates vary depending on size of rental and season. inclement weather. Coordinator of public functions Casey Campbell takes Contact Claudia Simmons at (850) 426-4722. inquiries at either ccampbell@uwf.edu or 850-595-5985 ext. 107.

Gulf Coast Getaways

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Sublime Settings

Live Oak Plantation Beulah

A historic lumber plantation and pecan orchard turned wedding and event venue, Live Oak Plantation in Beulah is an all-inone venue for weddings, receptions, and events. The setting is perfect whether you're planning an extravagant wedding or one with simple, rustic charm. The sprawling grounds (over 22 acres) are open for guests to explore the magnificent atmosphere created through numerous complimentary amenities and enhancements, including the historic cabin featuring local artifacts, and the history of the land and agriculture in the area. In case of rain, there's The Cotton House, Live Oak Plantation's huge Greek Revival pavilion with a balcony overlooking Lake Blue Heron and the Grand Lawn. Did we mention there are private charters? Ride in or out on the plantation's private 44-Robinson helicopter, order a vintage royal limousine for grand arrivals and departures, or even schedule a horse-drawn carriage. Email owner Donna Meeks at Donna@liveoakplantation.com or call (850) 449-2100.

Holland Farms Milton What's a more heavenly destination for your wedding than Heaven’s Trail? We're speaking, of course, about the event barn at Holland Farms that takes reservations for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies and receptions. The barn is surrounded by bountiful sunflowers, a bright field view that makes for a great backdrop in wedding photo shoots. Tables and chairs are provided and altogether the space can seat up to 200 guests. The climate-controlled barn is made of southern pine wood and has an elevated loft overlooking the ground floor, a loft which is perfect for pre- and post-wedding photos. Although the barn has plenty of windows and natural lighting, the cathedral-like high ceiling has classy chandeliers for additional lighting, which can be decorated in white drapery for wedding events. To make for your own fairy-tale wedding, you can even request for a horse and carriage to usher you down to the barn when your special day comes. For more information on rental rates contact BJ at 850-675-6876, or email your inquiries to heavenstrailevents@gmail.com. Pensacola Magazine


Keep Our Friends Safe

Adopt -AManatee®

Call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646) savethemanatee.org Photo © David Schrichte

Caring for children isn’t part of what we do. It’s all we do. From everyday injuries and illnesses to life-changing care for complex conditions, we’ve been treating children in Northwest Florida for 20 years. And with locations in Pensacola and Bonifay, we’ll continue to be here for your family for generations to come. © 2018. The Nemours Foundation. ® Nemours is a registered trademark of The Nemours Foundation.

Pediatric specialties include: audiology, cardiology, nephrology, orthopedics, pulmonology, rheumatology, sleep medicine, urology and more. Nemours.org/pensacola

Dr. Okan Elidemir | Division Chief, Pulmonology




nfluences of nature construct a strong yet whimsical feel for the new age of bridal aesthetics. Inspired by the modern elegance of traditional styling merged with a refreshing take on romance, the VolumeONE Salon creative team brings to you the bold and beautiful. Welcome to your exclusive guide to the trends, tips and tricks of 2018‌

Producer - Katherine Velez Lead Hair Artist - Karla Varley Hair Artist - Marissa Hodge Lead Makeup Artist - Sarah Peake Writer - Becca Wheless

Photographer - Natalie Allgyer Nataliefaithphotog.wixsite.com/lifestyle Volumeonesalon.com 7 W Main Pensacola 850.434.5409 Pensacola Magazine


W H AT S T R E N DI NG 2018 brings a powerful shift in trends for the modern bride. Expect to see a lot of tussled texture and organically expressive styling, although there will always be a place for the classically elegant up-style amongst the Southern and the beautiful. Daring accents with metallic element accessories are becoming a favorable addition—like the ever-popular flower crown. A few growing trends for a Gulf Coast bride to consider would be styles that appear more romantic in their composition, or structured looks that translate beautifully for a second “undone� look. Loose braids, beautiful texture, knotted up styles, and waves are more desirable, enhanced, and enduring for the natural elements of sea salt and ocean winds that a coastal wedding delivers.

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Two Looks on your wedding day Many brides go for a second more casual dress come reception time. Why not complete the look with a subdued and tousled style to break the formality? Let your hair down girl, let loose.

The Trial Run All you need to know from hair bridal expert Karla Varley.

Book your trial no later than three months prior to the date. It is a great idea to plan the trial the same day as an evening event or photos taken. This way you can utilize your hair service for something fun! Come prepared with a few inspirational photos. Your stylist will surely steer you in the right direction. Bring any hair accessories you plan to incorporate. After the style is complete, coordinate appointments for the big day. Typically a color and cut service is made two weeks before the wedding. And most importantly, a pre-wedding day blowout is ideal. This will have your hair in the perfect condition for optimum styling the following day.

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trends Tips from your Local Makeup Guru, Sarah Peake Book your makeup trial three months prior to your big day. Also, make an appointment six months prior to map out a beauty regimen leading up to the wedding.

Accentuating a modern take on the smoky eye paired with a pale and dewy lip this universal palette compliments any eye color with its neutral and earthy tonalities.

Rich warm tones create a vibrant and embracing presence for a bold bride or the ideal pop of color for the daring bridal party.

Glossy accents complimented by crushed metallic pigments adorn the skin in this soft yet glistening statement.

Choose an artist based on the style you want. By looking at different portfolios you can easily choose the best artist to suit your needs. Don’t be afraid to go bolder with your look as makeup appears less prominent on print and film.



Need a little more fullness or length for that Pinterest perfect hair? Extensions are your answer. The best type of extension for brides when it comes to cost effectiveness and ease in care are “tape-in” extensions, your stylistic can match the

34 Pensacola Magazine

perfect shade and length desired for your look. Most tape-in extensions can be re-used up to four times and last up to eight weeks per application. This means longevity through your honeymoon and long after your wedding bells have rung.

like a you could look wishing yourself local o you ever find the help of several ith W ? day wedding a movie on your movie star on your e you walked out of lik el fe d an ok lo n while businesses, you ca BACK movie theme OW HR #T e rit vo fa en recreate your big day! You can ev ht & ng hip and modern. just an outright brig or ic, keeping your weddi at am dr l, na tio ing for a tradi re to help you Whether you are go tists and vendors he ar l ca lo of ty rie va a ola has fun wedding, Pensac want. Magazine and create the look you big day. Pensacola ur yo on AR ST IE OV le, no eaM the way down the ais So, go ahead‌ act lik of ep st y er ev u yo re to cheer for local vendors are he ith. you decide to go w matter what theme


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, they "I remember when I was in school to be would ask, 'What are you going you'd have when you grow up?' and then a picture to draw a picture of it. I drew Stefani of myself as a bride." ~ Gwen

East oto • Written by Ph ll Hi st Ea by y Photograph

aching Hill Styling and Co Pensacola Magazine



lthough the Duke boys couldn’t keep Daisy from eloping with her forbidden love, Daisy insisted on having a flawless Southern wedding. With the Cadillac DeVille loaded with her favorite wedding items, Daisy was on her way to Pensacola. She knew she would find the perfect little country venue to fit the rustic theme she always dreamed of. 38 Pensacola Magazine

Weddings 2018

CREDITS SALON ON THE AVENUE: Kristina Krollhair, Kendall Bray Frazee-makeup CAKE/PECAN PIES: Emerald Coast Custom Cakes TABLE STYLING: I Heart Vintage Parties VENUE: The Burch House FLORAL: Just Judy’s Flowers AUTO: East Hill Automotive MODELS: Danielle and Adam Medley PHOTO/STYLING: East Hill Photo DRESS: Bliss Bridal, Lillian West

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f o e o d i e Brrid f

e r u t The Fu

40 Pensacola Magazine

Weddings 2018

Oh no! Marty was

accidentally sent to the future in his time-traveling DeLorean. Although he thought he was going back in time, Marty ended up in Pensacola in the year 2055. Much to his surprise, he found the love of his life—a beautiful scientist that would help him return back to 1985.


CAKE: Emerald Coast Custom Cakes FLORAL: Just Judy’s Flowers DELOREAN: Ben Brennan MODELS: Emma Chavis and Luke Baldwin DESHI: Jenny King, Nails, Evelin Yuliana/ Desheri McClure - Makeup PHOTO/STYLING: East Hill Photo

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s ss es re Dr A AD r or Fo eF Diie t oD to

42 Pensacola Magazine

Weddings 2018


rifting from town to town she had always left a wake of broken hearts and empty wallets. That was until one stormy night she when finally met her match. It was love at first sight, but they lost each other in the chaos of the city. Deep down in her soul she knew that if she wore a dress to die for, he would come.


BEAUTY: Pensacola Lash & Beauty, Patterson Plastic Surgery, Result Medical Aesthetics MAKEUP: Lorie Weekley HAIR: KaCe Bayer, Vibe Inc. CAKE: Emerald Coast Custom Cakes FLORAL: Just Judy’s Flowers 1951 DODGE CORONET: Mark Ciano NAILS: DESHI/Jenny King PHOTO/STYLING: East Hill Photo DRESS: Bridal Loft, Allure Pensacola Magazine


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Be A

MovieStar GET THE LOOK LOCALLY By Michele Schamberger East Hill Styling and Coaching


re you RED carpet ready for your wedding day? As a bride, you should feel like a movie star walking down the aisle. At Pensacola Magazine, we are here to help you meet that expectation! So, grab your calendar, a pen and Mrs. Future Bride mug, and get ready to say, “Lights, Camera, Action!” 5 Months Out Defined Brows POWDERED BROWS is a technique of cosmetic tattooing done with a tattoo machine and a grouping of needles, mimicking the look of a light dusted powder makeup. It is not done in hair strokes. Powder brows are typically done in two sessions 6 to 12 weeks apart. Annual touch ups are common for maintenance. Fading and future touch ups needed varies per person.

2 Weeks Out Reduce Wrinkles BOTOX® is a popular, non-surgical injection that softens horizontal forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet by temporarily relaxing the facial muscles. Small amounts of BOTOX® injected directly into the muscles prevent them from moving and thus wrinkling your skin. Over time, deep expression lines fade and your face looks more youthful and refreshed.

Fuller Lips JUVÉDERM® is a non-surgical, healthcare professional-administered treatment that can generally be performed in as little as 15 to 60

minutes (depending on the areas treated) with minimal recovery or downtime. JUVÉDERM® contains pain-reducing lidocaine, so you can also enjoy greater comfort during treatment. Most patients require only one treatment to achieve optimal results.

Skin Resurfacing MICRO-PENNING (AKA MICRONEEDLING) is the latest skin revitalization technique. This new, innovative treatment is a safe alternative to common skin resurfacing tools such as lasers and dermal rollers and has minimal to no downtime. Micro-Penning not only helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but also has a positive effect on uneven skin tone and acne scars.

1 Week Out

Smooth Skin DERMAPLANING is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). * If you have serious skin concerns, do consult a dermatologist as long before you wedding instead of planning your facial treatments on your own. Remember not to schedule any facial procedures too close to your wedding day just to allow your skin to settle and avoid adverse reactions

Photo: East Hill Photo Beauty: Patterson Plastic Surgery, Result Medical Aesthetics, Pensacola Lash & Beauty Bar Makeup: Lorie Weekley Hair: KaCe Boyer, Vibe Inc. Nails: Jenny King, DESHI Dress: Bridal Loft Floral: Just Judy’s Flowers

Lush Lashes LASH LIFT AND TINT is a technique used to lengthen and darken one’s lashes. Brides who seem to benefit most from eyelash tinting are those who have light colored lashes, or graying lashes. It definitely makes the lashes that are there more visible. Pensacola Magazine


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OUR STORIED PAST A look at Pensacola weddings from days gone by.

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WEDDING DIRECTORY BRIDAL SHOPS Bliss Bridal 19 N Church St, Fairhope, AL (251) 990-3244 blissbride.com The Bridal Loft 4400 Bayou Blvd. #48 475-8296 pensacolabridalloft.com Brides Maids Galore & More 28666 N. Main St. Daphne, AL (251) 626-8866 Bridal Suite 1340 E. Nine Mile Rd. 494-9989 David’s Bridal 5912 North Davis Hwy. 208-3181 Gent's Formal Wear 400 E. Wright St. 434-3272 Men’s Wearhouse Cordova Mall 5100 N. 9th Ave. 475-5891 Randall's Formal Wear 4400 Bayou Blvd. #10 432-8246 Renee's Bridal 811 W. Garden St 494-7924 Rosie’s Fashion Center of Mobile 3510 Cottage Hill Rd. Mobile (251) 661-0660 50 Pensacola Magazine

Ruthy’s Creations and Alterations 1010 N. 12th Ave. Ste. 236 554-8764 Two Times a Lady 2755 E. Olive Rd. 474-3778 CAKES/SWEETS Adonna’s Bakery 126 Palafox Pl. 696-2227 Betty Weber Cakes 738 Deedra St 477-1745 Bread of Life Bake Shop 6100 W. Fairfield Dr. Ste. G 458-2273 Cake Gallery 732 W. Garden St. 433-5003 Chaka Designer Cakes 855-1206 chakadesignercakes.com Creative Celebrations 25 Second Ave. Ft. Walton Beach 315-0969 Edible Arrangements 4350 Bayou Blvd. #6 473-2277 ediblearrangements.com Emerald Coast Custom Cakes Heather Pelham 537-5110 emeraldcoastcustomcakes.com

Flowers Baking Company 9201 N. Davis Hwy. 478-8360

Bambooze Fine Wine & Liquor 8084 N Davis Hwy. 474-1944

J's Pastry Shop 2014 N. 12th Ave. 432-4180

Restaurant IRON 22 N. Palafox St. 476-7776

Milton Quality Bakery 6727 Caroline St. Milton 623-3676

Carrabba’s 311 N. 9th Ave. 438-0073

Nouveau Pastries 5113 Westport Dr. Milton 626-1615 Oh Snap Cupcakes 707 East Cervantes St. 466-3363 Sherry's Cake Shop 510 Massachusetts Ave. 433-4208 CAKE STANDS Fabulous Wedding Cake Stands fabulousweddingcakestands.com

Chet's Catering and Seafood Restaurant 3708 W. Navy Blvd. 456-0165 Classic City Catering 214 W. Intendencia St. 433-8064 Culinary Productions 700 W. Main St. 469-0445 East Hill Market 1216 N. 9th Ave. 469-1432


The Fish House 600 S. Barracks St. 470-0003 fishhousepensacola.com

Appetite 4 Life Catering 402 W. Cervantes St. 470-9111 appetite4lifecatering.com

Flounder’s Chowder House 800 Quietwater Beach Rd. Pensacola Beach 932-2003

Apple Market 1021 Scenic Hwy. 433-4381

Founaris Bros Greek Restaurant 6911 Pensacola Blvd. 969-9099

Bamboo Willie’s 400 Quietwater Beach Rd. 916-9888

Four Winds International Food Market 6895-F N. 9th Ave. 477-2808

The Global Grill 27 S. Palafox Pl. 469-9966 globalgrillpensacola.com Honey Baked Ham 7010 N. Davis Hwy. 478-7702 McGuire’s Catering Service 600 E. Gregory St. 433-6789 Nancy’s Haute Affiars 555 Scenic Hwy 777-3413 Polonza Bistro 286 N Palafox St 912-6454

CONDOS, BEACH HOMES, ETC. Eden Condominiums 492-3336 JME Management/Gulf Blue Beach Rentals 434-2300 Lost Key Golf Club 549-2160 Luxury Coastal Vacations 332-5120 Meyer Vacation Rentals (251) 968-7516 Paradise Beach Homes 916-0777

Audio Body Control DJ Services 2061 Tujaques Pl. 455-1019 ABC Prime Time Entertainment 3001 E. Gadsten St. 438-8232 Blues Angel Music 657 N. Pace Blvd. 457-7557 Boogie Inc. 438-1660 www.boogieinc.com Dance N’ Glow www.dancenglow.com

Just Judy’s Flowers 2509 N 12th Ave. 478-5001 Kellyco Flowers & Gifts 185 W. Airport Blvd. #B 438-1981 Kebbie Hollingsworth Floral Design 457-4515 Navarre Beach Flower Boutique 8486 Navarre Pkwy. Navarre 939-2288 Oliver’s Flowers & Gift Shop 1422 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. 434-9412

Portabello Market 2014 N. 12th Ave. 439-6545

Pensacola Beach Properties, Inc. 934-0099

The Rose Bowl Inc. 1463 Lewis Rd. Milton 983-0216

Long-Term Rentals/Perdido Key Resort Rentals 492-2600 1-800-406-5714

Horizon Entertainment 418-1854 FLORISTS

Hummingbird Flowers & Gifts 4861 W. Spencer Field Rd. 995-9620

Scenic 90 Café 701 Scenic Hwy. 433-8844

Paradise Coastal Realty 29 Via De Luna Dr. 932-0067 Perdido Realty 492-2000

A Flower Shop 3709 Mobile Hwy. 438-1609

R & S Crafts & Florist 6260 N. W St. 434-6200

Celebrations, the Florist 717 N. 12th Ave. 433-2022

Supposey Florals 130 S. Palafox St. 776-0553

Community Florist & Gifts 11113 Hwy. 87 Milton 675-6083

Southern Gardens Florist & Gifts 7400 Pine Forest Rd. 941-4444

Fioré 15 W. Main St. 469-1930 fioreofpensacola.com


Shane’s Rib Shack 3707 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Gulf Breeze 934-7427 Siam Thai Restaurant 6403 N. 9th Ave. 479-2882 Signature Catering 1974 Virecent Rd. Cantonment 554-8708 Sonny’s Barbeque Pine Forest/Navy Blvd/ 9th Ave sonnysbbq.com Steven’s Market Deli 3988 Hwy. 90 Pace 995-9828

52 Pensacola Magazine

Pointe South 492-1148 Portofino Island Resort 916-5000 Windham Vacation Rentals/ ResortQuest 837-4853 DJS AND MUSICIANS A Wedding 2 Remember 474-0718 A DJ Connection 968-1968 adjconnection.com

Grand Band 3 Malaga Circle, Spanish Fort 251-621-0234

Flowerama 37 N. Navy Blvd. 456-6898 Flowers by Yoko 35-A Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Ste. A Gulf Breeze 934-1407

Open Rose Florist 6434 Open Rose Dr. Milton 626-1797

Artesana Inc 242 W. Garden St. 433-4001 Bed Bath & Beyond Cordova Mall 505-0529 Belk Cordova Mall 484-3300

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Bere Jewelers 5033 N 12th Ave 477-6818

Sears University Towne Plaza 474-5400

Headhunter Hairstyling 205 S. Baylen St. 433-3308

Bodacious Shops 407 S Palafox St 433-6505

Table Elegance 1200 Fort Pickens Rd.

LeSan Salon & Day Spa 102 E. Nine Mile Rd., Ste. 2 Cantonment 484-4770

SmartStyle Salon 8970 Pensacola Blvd. 471-9040

Lorie Weekley 4305 Spanish Trail 712-6195

Studio 98 7575 W. Hwy. 98 456-6200

Loxx by Natalie & Co. 10 New Market St. Cantonment 478-0001

Styles by Dedee 991 Rock Island Pl. 429-1566

Dillard’s Cordova Mall 476-3011 Fine Things 5131 Dogwood Dr Milton 623-1795 JC Penney University Town Plaza 478-4500 Kirkland’s 1690 Airport Blvd. Ste.830 857-6696 Koby’s Hallmark 8084 N. Davis Hwy. 477-7963

Target Stores Nine Mile at University Pkwy. Bayou Blvd. Things Remembered Cordova Mall 478-3243 Tuesday Morning Inc 6601 N. Davis Hwy. 969-9957 Urban Objects 128 Palafox Pl. 912-8683 HAIR AND MAKEUP 10th Avenue Hair Design 1000 E. Cervantes St. 433-5207

Merna’s Hair Salon 5153 Dogwood Dr. Milton 626-3296 Montage Salon & Gallery 2030 N. 12th Ave. 429-8282 Perdido Hair Styles 13309 Mirella St. 492-3990

MLR Fine Jewelry & Gifts 4021 Hwy. 90 994-4581

Attractions Hair Studio 3836 N. 9th Ave. 434-1086

McAlpin Interiors 405 S. Palafox St. 438-8345

Continental Hair Design 114 Beverly Pkwy. 434-0333

The Mole Hole 425 E. Zarragossa St. 434-7329

Eimaj Spa & Salon 1506 W. Garden St. 332-6454

Nina Fritz Gallery 775 Woodbine Dr. 433-0979

EPIC Inc. Salon 210 E. Government St. Ste. A 912-4636

Pandora de Balthazar 418 E. Wright St. 434-5117

Glow Salon 5422 Hwy. 90 Pace 994-5114

Sarah Peake 7 W Main St 434-5409

The Hair Do 402 E. Wright St. 437-1321

Shears Unlimited 5715 Walton St. 476-4247

Quayside Art Gallery 17 E. Zarragossa St. 438-2363 Renfroe Pecan Co. 2400 W. Fairfield Dr. 432-2083 renfroepecan.com 54 Pensacola Magazine

Hair Studio 905 N. 12th Ave. 469-1708

Robin Klag Makeup Artist 530-1798 info@robinklagmakeupartists.com Ryan The Stylist 1717 N. 9th Ave. (714) 720-8414 Salon On The Avenue 2515 N 12th Ave 607-2311 Salon Suites of Pensacola 918 Cervantes St. 444-9399

Shirley’s Beauty Salon 5600 Collinswood Dr. Milton 626-1617

Styles of Life 910 W. Michigan Ave. 433-9673 Suntouched A Hair Salon 40 W. Nine Mile Rd. #3 478-8293 Tiffanie Hudson Makeup Art 346-8277 tiffaniehudson.com Trends Salon & Spa by Laurie & Co. 5018 Grande Dr. 477-6911 Vivid. Artistic Hair Design 801 N. 9th Ave. Ste. B 207-6817 Volume One Salon 7 W Main St 434-5409 Wade Scott Salon 1329 College Parkway 934-8180 HOTELS AND B&B'S Ashton Inn & Suites 910 N. Navy Blvd. 455-4561 Crowne Plaza Pensacola Grand Hotel 200 E. Gregory St. 433-3336

on sale now!

manof Lamancha March 16 & 18, 2018


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The Chicken Coop (850) 995-4332

Wedding Perfection Time and Time Again.

Catering, Flowers, Cakes and More!

2784 Avalon Blvd. Milton, FL 32570

Courtyard by Marriott 451 Creighton Rd. 857-7744

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Noble Manor Bed & Breakfast 110 W. Strong St. 434-9544 Paradise Inn/Pensacola Beach 21 Via De Luna Dr. 932-2319 Pensacola Victorian Bed & Breakfast 203 W. Gregory St. 434-2818

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Portofino Island Resort 10 Portofino Dr. Pensacola Beach (877) 484-3405

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Hilton Garden Inn/Pensacola Airport 1144 Airport Blvd. 479-8900 Hilton Pensacola Beach 12 Via De Luna Dr. 916-2999 Holiday Inn Resort Pensacola Beach 14 Via De Luna Dr. 932-5331 Various other Holiday Inns 888-HOLIDAY Homewood Suites 5049 Corporate Woods Dr. 474-3777

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Springhill Suites by Marriott/ Pensacola Beach 24 Via De Luna Dr. Pensacola Beach 932-6000 LIMOS A Prestige Limousine Service Co 1000 N. W St. 457-1010 Afleet Limo Services 287-0685 Ambassador Limousine 2120 Maria Cir. 712-5466 First Class Limousine of NW Fla LLC 516-4924


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PHOTOGRAPHERS A Wedding 2 Remember 474-0718 Aislinn Kate Photography 205 Cevallos St. 912-4888 Aislinnkatephotography.com Barrett McClean Photography 607-3111 Barrettmcclean.com Bethany Lauren Photography 712-1951 bethanylaurenphotography.com Carmen Jones Photography 1118 E Strong St 982-6405 carmenjonesphotography.com Captured Moments 2188 E. Olive Rd. 478-8332 Chris Visual Photography 516-4326 Debby’s Creative Photography Inc. 540 E. Ten Mile Rd. 477-2090 Diane Coleman Photography 2213 Hwy. 87 Navarre 939-2661

Gary Langhammer Studios 700 Armenia Dr. 433-2400 Grand Photography 38 S Blue Angel Pkwy 346-7286 Griffin Photography 6488 Sailport Dr Gulf Breeze 393-6809 Hartman Photography 4373 5th Ave. Pace 995-9090 John Hill Photography 492-1537 Kay Brown Photography 6282 Quintette Rd. Milton 994-7954 Kimberly Sellers Photography 712-4953 Leslie Roark Photography 4771 Bayou Blvd. 865-0669 Mackey’s Memories Photography 308 W Government St 455-2947 Meg Burke Photography 483-0025

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SPAS AND NAIL SALONS AC Nail & Spa 2475 E. Nine Mile Rd. 478-8698 Aqua Spa at Beach club 18 Via De Luna Dr. 932-5389 Bellagio Nails and Day Spa 5010 Bayou Blvd. #103 912-4488 Deshi Modern Nail and Skin Care 5 W Main St. 497-6954 East Hill Laser & Aesthetics 99 S. Alcaniz St 437-0035 Eimaj Spa & Salon 1506 W. Garden St. 332-6454 Escape Wellness Spa 4400 Bayou Blvd. #24 478-2273 Fusion 5 Via De Luna Dr. Gulf Breeze 932-7724 Mark Lee's Skin Care 4400 Bayou Blvd. Ste. 57 476-3509

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Maui Whitening 102 E. Nine Mile Rd. St. 2 529-5393 Nails by Lynn and Spa 1105 N. 9th Ave. 466-5879 Patterson Plastic Surgery 4707 N Davis Hwy. 484-7546 Penton House Hair Salon & Day Spa 3660 Hwy. 90 Pace 994-8633 Pensacola Lash and Beauty 310 East Government St., Suite A3 748-3061 Progressive Skin 6072 Doctor’s Park Rd. Milton 516-4195 Pur Medi Spa 10437 Sorrento Rd. #206 466-5244 Result Medical Aesthetics and Permanent Makeup 400 E Jackson St. 466-5309 Royal Eminence Beauty Lounge 551 Creighton Road Ste. D 104 866-963-2221 Sami’s Nails & Spa 3 W. Nine Mile Rd. Ste. 6 473-0081 Serenity Salon & Day Spa 3331 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Gulf Breeze 932-4255 Stay the Clinical Spa 1010 N. 12th Ave. Ste. 128 438-3580

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A.A. Cunningham Road paving notice ... Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast (NavFac SE) has awarded a contract to mill and overlay A.A. Cunningham Road on NAS Pensacola. The work is scheduled to begin the week of Sept. 12 and expected to take four weeks to complete. Watch for “Road Closed” and “Detour” signs. Detour routes to facilities in the area will be Page Road to Warehouse Road and Farrar Road to Pat Bellinger Road. Drivers should observe the warning signs and proceed with caution around the work zones. The work schedule is weather dependent. For questions or more information, contact the PWD Construction Manager Bryan Moeller at 452-3131, ext. 3077.

Vol. 80, No. 35

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September 2, 2016

Fallen Special Tactics Airman honored at NASP By Capt. Katrina Cheesman Sibley’s unit. “This dedication 24th Special Operations Wing and memorial ruck is an important step for us as a brotherhood Air Force Special Tactics Air- to honor Forrest’s legacy of men dedicated a military freefall valor, and get a small bit of clotraining exercise into Pensacola sure.” Bay Aug. 26 to His teammates Staff Sgt. Forrest escorted the famSibley, a combat ily to Sibley’s controller from burial site, wearPensacola killed ing combat ruck in action Aug. 26, sacks weighing 2015, in Helmand more than 50 Pr o v i n c e , pounds to repreAfghanistan. It sent the deployed. was the first anOnce at the niversary of Sibcemetery, they ley’s death. completed a After free round of memoStaff Sgt. falling into the rial push-ups to Forrest Sibley waters of Sibley’s honor their fallen hometown, his teammates teammate. joined family members and Sibley, 31, had served in the friends to complete a memorial Air Force as a combat controller ruck march to his final resting since 2008. In his seven years of place at Barrancas National service, he received four Bronze Cemetery (BNC). Star Medals, once with valor for “When we lost Forrest, most heroism in combat, as well as a of his teammates were still de- Purple Heart for injuries susployed for another five months, tained in combat. and couldn’t attend any funeral “Forrest was one of our best or memorial event,” said Lt. Col. combat controllers, but he was Stewart Parker, commander of 21st Special Tactics Squadron, See Sibley on page 2

After parachuting into Pensacola Bay, members of the Air Force’s 21st Special Tactics Squadron make a memorial “ruck march,” a hike with full packs, from NAS Pensacola’s Bayou Grande Marina to Barrancas National Cemetery and the grave of teammate Staff Sgt. Forrest Sibley. Sibley was killed in action Aug. 26, 2015. He had served in the Air Force as a combat controller since 2008. Photo by Mike O’Connor For more photos, see page A4

CNATT: Make Labor Day weekend safety a priority Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Public Affairs

The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT) safety manager is reminding service members, civilian employees and their families to maintain safety awareness as they prepare for what is generally viewed as the end of summer. CNATTSafety Manager Krystal Hancock said that Labor Day, a federal holi-

day designed to honor the achievements of American workers, includes an extended weekend, with service members and their families often electing to travel to see family and friends. “Whether taking a long road trip or simply jumping in the car to run a quick errand, driving is inherently risky, and traffic mishaps continue to

be a leading reason for lost time, days, and lives across our force,” she said. Hancock said the National Safety Council (NSC) predicts this could be the deadliest Labor Day weekend for drivers in eight years, estimating that more than 430 people could be killed in traffic accidents throughout the Labor Day weekend. She added that service members, often sepa-

rated from their families and travelling significant distances to visit during the long weekend, should take some simple precautions before and during their trips. “Get enough rest before heading outsleepy driving is as dangerous as impaired driving,” she said. “Alternate drivers or take frequent breaks to ensure that whoever is behind the wheel stays alert.” See Labor Day on page 2

‘Be There’ for your shipmates during Suicide Prevention Month 2016 By James Rosenfelder U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery public affairs

NAS Pensacola to host 9/11 commemoration ceremony ... In commemoration of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, Naval Air Station Pensacola will present a ceremony at the National Naval Aviation Museum aboard the base at 10 a.m. Sept. 9. The event will include a guest speaker and a musical rendition from the NATTC Choir, a traditional “two-bell” ceremony, honors performed by the NASP Honor Guard and a 21-gun volley. The public is invited to attend.

Navy Medicine recognizes September as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, which began Sept. 1. The theme for Suicide Prevention Month 2016 is “Be There.” Throughout the month, Navy Medicine will highlight the power of peer support and personal wellness, encouraging Sailors and Marines to be there for their shipmates. “Action starts with prevention,” said Vice Adm. Forrest Faison, Navy surgeon general and chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BuMed). “When a Sailor needs assistance, easy access to support resources and mental health treatment is essential, as is validation of help-seeking behaviors.” Suicide prevention is a yearlong effort. Suicide Prevention Month serves as a reminder that building resilience and preventing suicide requires all

members of the Navy and Marine Corps community to work together. Every life lost to suicide is one too many. “Take action if you notice anything

out of the ordinary for a shipmate; reach out to them,” Faison said. “If you are having difficulties, seek help if See Prevention on page 2

FatAlbertis getting a facelift...Fat Albert, the Blue Angels’ C-130 cargo plane used for transporting crew and equipment to air shows around the country, is currently undergoing a chemical de-paint process at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma after corrosion was found. Once the de-paint process and sheetmetal checks for any other corrosion are complete, Fat Albert will fly to Hill Air Force Base, Utah, for full programmed depot maintenance and paint. Photo by Kelly White



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See the film. Join the conversation. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David M. Kennedy and former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have teamed up to investigate the idea of a unifying American creed along with activists striving to realize America’s promise. Join the conversation at a film screening near you and share your own story about what it means to be an American. Learn how at wsre.org/AmericanCreed. Crestview Public Screening 7pm Thursday, Feb 15 Elegant Vue Event Center

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10am–2pm Sat, March 17 Meet Splash and Bubbles, Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat! Create, explore and play! Discover Gulfarium fun! Ticket Information: www.Gulfarium.com A portion of the day’s Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park admission fees will be donated to the WSRE-TV Foundation. Thank you!

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