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Pet Haven Cemetery

Cute as a Fox

A final resting place

An interview with the caregiver of Juniper the fox

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A New Trail to Healing

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Editor’s Note Pet ownership is on the rise. In fact, an estimated 57 percent of U.S. households are shared with an animal companion and 38 percent of U.S. households are shared with one or more dogs. Cats come in a close second—blessing 25 percent of households with their royal presence. Why do we love our pets so much? For one thing, there is nothing quite as wonderful as being greeted by a tail wagging, drooling dog after a long day at work. And, when your cat chooses to cuddle up on your lap for a long petting and purring session, you can’t help but feel a little special—admit it. We give them food, shelter and a few odd scratches and in return they give us unconditional love. Our pets adore us— even the cats (to an extent). In return for this love, we deal with the not so fun aspects of pet partnerships—fur everywhere, litter boxes, poo bags, chewed up shoes, scratched up furniture. But none of that seems to matter too much. Much like a human baby, once your pet has won your heart, there’s not much they could do to sever that bond. In this issue of Pensacola Magazine, we celebrate a variety of pets and therapy animals and look the ways in which they help

Pixie (R.I.P.)





us and we help them. We cover topics like equine therapy, Instagram sensation Juniper Foxx, a cemetery for pets, barn cats and more. Plus, we offer you Petsacola—a few of our favorite pet friendly offerings in Pensacola. Perhaps most importantly, we bring you some beautifully photographed dogs and cats from the Pensacola Humane Society—all available for adoption at the time of the shoot. See one you like? Maybe they are still there—go get them! And if they’ve already been adopted, there is sure to be another furry friend to capture your heart. As for me, my daughter and I share our home with a brilliant and mischievous collie named Scout, a big old gentle giant of a cat named McLovin and a recently adopted baby kitten named Benji. We recently lost our beloved standard poodle Pixie, who was undeniably the absolute best dog in the world. We’ve included some photos of all of Ballinger Publishing’s furry friends and family. We hope you enjoy the photos and the issue!

Kelly Oden Executive Editor






Sonny & Duke

Jethro & Grizzly


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Contents a new trail to healing at the leaning post ranch


Cute as a Fox


Equine therapy offers disabled persons, at-risk children and veterans a different way to learn and heal.

Jessica Coker, caretaker of Instagram's favorite fox Juniper, talks about her life with Juniper and all the other animals in her home.

barn cats: an innovative plan to save lives 22

Santa Rosa County rehomes hard to place cats in barns and warehouses.


Pet haven cemetery: a final resting place 24


Pensacola's unique Pet Cemetery for beloved pets and service dogs.

petsacola 28 A guide to pet friendly Pensacola.

Rescue Me



A photographic selection of a few of the adorable cats and dogs available for adoption at the Pensacola Humane Society.

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Special Sections Business Climate On the Market ON THE COVER Rascal, 8 weeks old photo by Guy Stevens

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PAGE 10 with DeeDee Davis


ho doesn’t love to eat? No wonder so many people are overweight. It would be easy to say the heck with it and dive in every morning for biscuits and butter. By lunch time we could inhale a burger with super-sized fries and then for dinner go to our favorite buffet. We are a culture slowly entering a fitness phase, but it has nowhere near replaced our infatuation with food. I think food basically falls into three categories- a dish that is just pure perfection, a dish that has great memories associated with it, and mindless eating. I think obesity could be brought under control if we tackled No. 3. There is no joy in just cramming in the food – or at least there shouldn’t be. The most vivid example of this involves someone who shall remain unnamed. A small group of us were playing a board game some time ago and as is often the case, bags of snacks were involved. At some point we all broke into hysterical laughter because the entire feeding arm of said player was orange from the goop they put on that particular crunchiness. It took a scouring pad, hot water and detergent to get it off. Taste good? Absolutely. Disgusting? You bet. He never to this day has inserted that arm, or the other, into such a bag. If his hand and arm looked like that, imagine his guts. I think we all shared the trauma and learned a lesson about mindless snacking. There are, however, many foods totally worthy of every calorie. Summertime always makes me think of most of my favorites. 1. Stone crab claws. Oh my. I have made myself sick from overindulging in this heavenly treat. And no one, no one, no one, does them like Joe’s in Miami. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t turn them down anywhere. But if you ever have the chance, it is worth a trip into the insane traffic and crowds of Miami just to eat there. It is a rare occasion that anyone in my family is quiet during dinner. We are a noisy bunch and enjoy the 10 Pensacola Magazine

time around a table. But put us in Joe’s and you can hear a pin drop. We are that serious about dining on stone crabs. Pure heaven in a shell. I think all crab claws are pretty darn good, but seriously, these are in a league of their own. 2. Farm fresh tomatoes. I don’t know where to begin to describe the joy of a fresh tomato. Not the kind you get in the winter, not the kind sold in most grocery chains. The kind you grow yourself or the kind you get at the Palafox Market or Bailey’s. We grew up in the deep south and while there are all kinds of things about the 1960’s I would like to change, a tomato sandwich is not on that list. Bread slathered with mayo and then filled with slices of the juiciest, reddest tomato Mom could get. We almost always took our lunch with us to school, but it never included the tomato sandwich. No, this was reserved for weekends and summertime because they were so messy to eat. It didn’t matter when we were home because we could just turn the hose on to make the mess disappear. 3. Mom’s meatloaf. This is one of those memory foods, otherwise known as comfort food. As kids, we would play outside until almost dark and when we went in to wash up, oh, the smell of meatloaf cooking. It didn’t matter what she served with it, though it was usually fresh vegetables and cornbread. I have never been able to totally replicate Mom’s (I hope she will someday

trust me enough to tell me the secret ingredient) but my kids love the way I make it, so meatloaf must be a mom thing. Hers gets nice and crusty on the top and it just swims in its own hot fat in the pan she has used for 60 years. We loved seeing the meatloaf pan come out in the morning while she was planning meals for the day because we know what was coming. We did not feel the same when we saw the liver skillet. Those were the days we stayed out extra late. Side note: some siblings squabble over jewelry and furnishings. We will do the same, I’m sure, but it will be over the meatloaf pan. 4. Fried Fish. Can anyone fry fish the way Peg Leg Pete’s does? They do grouper nuggets like nobody’s business. Delicious, fresh, golden, succulent little morsels of fabulousness. I must admit that all fried food is usually good. Shrimp, chicken, fries, hushpuppies—all of it. Peg Leg’s could probably fry shoe leather and it would be a best seller. Fried has a bad rap now and I try really hard to avoid it—except for those grouper nuggets. Wash it all down with an icy cold beer and you have what would probably be my last meal, if I had to choose. It’s lunchtime now and if I didn’t have to cross two bridges and be back in the office within an hour, you know where I would go. Instead, I will go to the gym and dream. July Birthdays 4 America 6 Sarah Davis 13 Mark Proctor 16 Bobby Likis 16 Patrick Bastura 26 Cameron Cauley 28 Robby Boothe 31 Ken Ellzey 31 David Bonnell

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Joseph Robinette

Directed by

Mindy Iverson

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Five Flags Rotary Change of Command Dinner 1. Paul Harris Fellows - Gerald Adcox + Christine Weddeke 2. Incoming President Grayson Miller + Caitlyn Miller 3. Margherita Soule, Steve Spear + Alicia Christy 4. Dick Baker + John Hutchinson 5. Pat + Andy Remke 6. Herb + Ann Woll 7. Ron Tuttle, Marcella Ingersoll + Marilyn Gleaton



Salon Concert Featuring Jane Redding 1. Jane Redding + Jerome Shannon 2. Pam + Harry Schwartz 3. Timothy Benedetto + Justine Simoni

12 Pensacola Magazine

3 John Clark celebrates 45 years with Council on Aging of NWFL. Pictured with Kathleen Logan.

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A New Trail to Healing at the Leaning Post Ranch written by Kaitlyn Peacock photography by Guy Stevens


t home, your pet can be your solace in the worst of times and your best friend on the best of days. Dogs and cats can become an essential part of your family, and to some, even an essential part of living. Diabetic therapy dogs can alert their owners when their sugar is low or if they are at risk of having a seizure, cats can be comfort animals for the sick, and more. And it’s not just your typical household pets that can offer a bit of comfort to those in need. Equestrian therapy has become a more prominent option for those searching for something different from typical therapy animals. The Leaning Post Ranch offers equine-assisted therapeutic riding and events for at-risk children, riders with disabilities and veterans. Husband and wife duo Newman and Fran Gersin have been running the program since 1992, with one horse, Jesse, and one gang member looking for something to change his life. Against the odds, Jesse reached this young man and helped him along his road in life. According to Newman, there’s no trick to the horses. Simply interacting with the animals, learning how to handle them and riding them teaches people skills they can use in all aspects of their life. “There’s a real thrill about getting 1,000 pounds of muscle and bone to do what

Ryan O'Connell riding Libby, a 16-year-old Percheron horse. O'Connell has been riding at Leaning Post Ranch for 17 years and won two gold medals at the Special Olympics with help from the ranch.

you want them to do, but they only do it if you talk to them in a language they understand and that’s the way you have to handle them,” Newman said. “You can try to muscle them around or be mean or whatever, but they just fight back and you don’t win when you fight something that big and strong.” Despite their size and strength, and tendency to be just as stubborn as some of the riders, Fran describes the horses as being able to sense what a rider needs from them. Therapeutic horses have that instinct of knowing when to be gentle with riders who are challenged or uncertain.

“If I have a child that’s afraid, I’ll bring Trouble in,” Fran said, naming the ranch’s palomino horse. “Trouble will very gently walk up and get next to the child and stand real quietly and move around real quietly. The horses that are therapeutic horses can just sense it.” One of the riders Fran and Newman are most proud of is Ryan O’Connell, a challenged rider who has been coming to the ranch for 17 years. Diagnosed with high-function autism, since joining the program he has served as a drill team captain, helped to teach other riders how to handle the horses and even won two gold medals at the Special Olympics. Pensacola Magazine


“It’s relaxing to be on a horse,” O’Connell said. “You just kind of forget about the worries.” His mother Jackie O’Connell describes her son’s interactions with the horses as life changing. “When Ryan rides, something changes, and I can see it,” she said. “He carries himself better, he’s so confident. … I can’t describe it. It was palpable. Something we could see, something was happening.” One of the volunteers at the ranch Randy St. Moritz, a military veteran and ranch veteran, said he sometimes enjoys the horses more than he enjoys people. Being with the horses takes his mind off of other things, it teaches him patience and to be calm.

Fran and Newman Gersin with Jesse, the first horse used in the very beginning of the program. The program started with only her and a gang member looking for a change in his life.

“Horses are perfectly honest,” St. Moritz said. “If you mess with the horse, it’ll mess with you right back. It teaches you to be calm around them.” The benefits of therapy riding for at-risk, challenged riders and veterans vary, but it leads to a boost in self-confidence and self-assurance in everyone who participates in the program. Along with what the horses teach, Fran and Newman do their part to help teach the riders other skills they may be lacking. In particular with at-risk children, Fran said they learn skills such as reading and discipline while working on the ranch. “One of the things we learned early on is that a lot of those kids can’t read,” she said. “They tell you they can but they can’t. So we’ll let them paint the alphabet on the horse. It teaches them. It helps them understand the importance of following directions.” Fran and Newman said they could have never imagined how much they have grown since starting the program. Through help from people who believed in them and local entities that gave them assistance along the way, they’ve built up the ranch to accommodate an average of 30 to 35 consistent riders a year. In this, the community has given just as much 16 Pensacola Magazine

Libby wanders the pasture. The Leaning Post Ranch is situated on an 40-acre piece of land that was once a stagecoach stop and includes an old stagecoach road and a 100-year-old barn.

to the ranch as it has given back to those in need. “I feel like we’re a product of the community because we’ve had so many people to help us,” Fran said. “The Greenhut, the realtor who found the property for us. We’ve just had so many people help us. We could have never done this without all the people who have helped this unfold.”

The Leaning Post Ranch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, with volunteers assisting in the day-to-day running of the ranch, caring for the horses and helping the riders. The 40-acre property the ranch sits on includes a 100-year-old barn and a shaded arena built with the help of an Impact 100 grant, among other old structures and buildings constructed with help from local donations. Interested riders and volunteers can contact Newman and Fran by calling 850-587-5940.

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Cułe as aƒox An Interview with the Caregiver of Juniper the Fox


hances are, this little fox has more social media followers than most of us would ever dream of achieving. Juniper the fox is the North American red fox who has been stealing the hearts of millions for the last four years. In that time, she’s found friends in the other animals cared for by her owner Jessika Coker. Coker, an insurance industry jobber turned animal caregiver, has been posting about her animals, including

by Kaitlyn Peacock

the foxes Juniper and Fig, her dog Moose and others, for the last few years. With a whooping 2.8 million followers on Instagram, she and her animal family have become one of the super stars of the platform. Pensacola Magazine had the chance to speak with Coker about what it’s like living with exotic animals, why she started her Instagram account and why she was so happy the day Juniper peed on her. Pensacola Magazine 19

“After Juniper’s platform started to expand I took it as an opportunity to help more animals along the way. We had the support of so many people it seemed like a waste not to use that support to grow a sanctuary.” coming and going through the house, as I would rescue regularly. He’s always been a laid back dog and really well behaved. Bringing Juniper into the house didn't faze him at all, it was just another animal, except this one was staying.

Tell me your story. What were you doing before you had foxes in your house? Before the foxes came to live with me I was working in insurance at a desk job that I hated. The job itself was great, benefits, paid leave, 401k, the works, but it just wasn’t my calling and I felt as if I was wasting away there. I have always loved animals, and even from a young age I wanted to volunteer at all of the wildlife facilities and all of the shelters. My passion for animals followed me into my adult life, and whenever I was not working I was pursuing any activity I could to spend more time with them. How did you decide to first take in Juniper and where had she come from? Juniper came from a small family owned farm where they had a litter of ranched fox kits. Ranched foxes are descended

from animals used in the fur trade, so they are unable to be released due to being so many generations away from a wild fox. They are not considered wild animals because of the differences in their genetic make up, and for those born in captivity their options are usually to become a pet, or to be pelted for their fur. This family was looking for homes for Juniper and her siblings. When I saw they needed a home I felt inclined to take one, since I knew how to care for them from past experience at wildlife centers! It looks like you already had a large dog in the house when you took in Juniper. I thought dogs and foxes didn’t really get along. Was that a concern? Moose is our Malamute mix and has been a part of our family since 2010. He was brought up with many different kinds of animals

Once you had Juniper, it looks like your family started to expand, including other foxes, sugar gliders, and even some reptiles! Can you tell me a little more about all the other members of your family? After Juniper’s platform started to expand I took it as an opportunity to help more animals along the way. We had the support of so many people it seemed like a waste not to use that support to grow a sanctuary. Over the last three years we’ve taken in everything from puppies to opossums, nursed them back to health and found them homes. Whether that home has been with us, with

another family, or back into the wild where they live the life they always deserved. What’s it like living with so many unconventional pets? I’m sure it’s nothing like having a dog or a cat! Living with an array of exotic animals is not always easy. Most of the animals must be kept separated from each other to avoid injuries or stress. Most of the animals we have here are also nocturnal, which makes sleeping difficult sometimes. They all require specialized diets; we don't use any commercial pet food here, everything we feed is freshly made in-house, which can be expensive. I think many people take in exotic animals because of the novelty of having an unusual animal, but do not see the trials of having that animal before purchasing them. Most exotic pets are not trusting, they do not always want to be handled or shown off, there are licenses involved for many species, you can

Petunia, a white-faced sugar glider, is one of the many animals Coker cares for along with foxes Juniper and Fig. When Coker received her, she was scared and ill, but with proper care and a good diet, she has recovered well. Sugar gliders are native to Australia and are sometimes sold as "easy pets," however, they require more care than other smaller pets. Whenever you decide to bring a pet into your home, make sure you understand all its needs and learn how to properly care for the newest addition to your family.

almost never board them if you need to travel, they have to go to a specialized vet, they need expensive enclosures, along with so many other factors that make them “difficult” to house. When taking home any animal it’s important to do your research on that animal’s needs. How did you decide to start putting up photos of Juniper and your other animals on social media? Did you ever expect them to go viral? I originally started Juniper’s Instagram as a way to keep up with her progress and share her daily life with my personal friends and family. Almost a year after I started her account, I posted a video of her that went viral and I started getting so many questions about her story, her life and her care. I felt morally responsible to begin educating people about the difficulties I faced raising her as well as showing that foxes have a sweet and loving nature that not many people get to witness. I think now, after four years, I’ve found a good balance between the two and I feel extremely lucky to have such a large platform to be able to educate the public about the care of not only the foxes, but so many other animals.

Juniper + Moose baby Juniper

Fig few days and left the foxes in my brother’s care while I was away. Foxes tend to scent mark their favorite objects by peeing on them, so upon my return Juniper was so excited to see me that she climbed on top of my head and immediately peed on me. Totally disgusting I know, but that’s love!

Tell me a favorite story about your animals, whatever memory you really cherish.

I know both Juniper and Fig came from fur farms according to your website. Can you talk a little bit about that? Do you know how many animals are killed in farms like that every year?

There are so many memories that I hold close to my heart when it comes to the foxes, they are such unique animals that I will always cherish. One of my favorite memories is when I was traveling for a

I’d prefer to not talk much about this subject because I have a way of demonizing this industry when I do. Which doesn’t really help anyone. It’s nice to have the trust of fur farmers that way they feel safe

working with us in the future. This ensures that we can save more foxes. I know foxes don’t typically make great pets, but do you have any suggestions for people who want to work with animals like Juniper and Fig?

or wildlife check your area for licensed wildlife rehabs! They can always use volunteers, especially in the spring when they are overwhelmed with baby animals. You can also check out any exotic sanctuaries local to you, they may need volunteers as well!

For people who are interested in working with exotic animals Pensacola Magazine


Brad Baker, the county’s Emergency Management direct who oversees the shelter said he hopes the program takes off. The shelter is currently at capacity with nearly 200 cats and 100 dogs. “We’ve had some interest but we are still waiting on people to step up and do something,” Baker said.

Barn Cats

An Innovative Plan to Save Lives by Will Isern

It’s a generally accepted fact that cats are superior to humans, and they know it. Still, many are willing to put up with us in exchange for a cozy footstool and steady supply of kibble. Some cats, however, are skeptical of our intentions. They’re skittish around humans and prefer to do their own thing. Unfortunately, many of these cats find themselves in shelters facing uncertain futures. If they can’t learn to cope with humans, some may have no future at all.

Now, the Santa Rosa County Animal Services Department is hoping a new program will provide an outlet for these free-spirited felines. The county shelter recently introduced a “barn cat” program that aims to place hard-to-adopt cats in safe, independent living spaces such as barns, warehouses or factories. “Right now we don’t have a lot of options for a lot of the cats that come in, so we’re trying to save these lives,” said Dr. Megan Arevalo, the shelter’s veterinarian. “That’s the biggest motivator.”

22 Pensacola Magazine

Cats that might fit into the barn cat program are those under-socialized, shy, fearful of people or those whose litter box habits make them unsuitable for home life. The shelter does not adopt out cats as barn cats if they are suitable to be household companions. The cats come fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and up to date on all vaccinations, tests, worm and flea treatments at no cost to county residents. Adopters are asked only that they provide food and water, that the location be away from busy roads or known predators and that they keep the cats kenneled for a few weeks so they’ll adapt to their new home and stick around. The goal is to forge a symbiotic relationship between the cats and their environment. The cats get a safe, comfortable place to live in exchange for helping to control the local rodent population. So far three cats have adopted out into the barn cat program. Two went out as a pair and one went to live on the property of a county employee. An 11-month old tortoiseshell named Lola is waiting to become the program's next barn cat.

The idea for the barn cat program came from a Humane Society conference that animal services workers attended in New Orleans. The program is gaining traction and has been adopted by shelters throughout the state and across the nation. The Santa Rosa shelter also offers a Pets for Vets program that allows for military service members or their dependents to adopt up to two pets at no cost. For more information on the barn cat program, contact Santa Rosa County Animal Services at (850) 983-4680.

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Call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646) savethemanatee.org Photo © David Schrichte


850-944-4567 • 6920 Pine Forest Rd.

Pet Haven Cemetery A Final Resting Place by Kelly Oden • photography by Guy Stevens


ou’d hardly know it was there if you weren’t looking for it. Tucked away behind an arched metal sign on a small lot on Pine Forest Road sits Pet Haven, Pensacola’s only cemetery created exclusively for man’s animal companions. While the idea of a pet cemetery may conjure up scary memories of Stephen King’s novel, Pet Haven is anything but scary. The small lot is the final resting place of a few hundred of Pensacola’s beloved pets.

24 Pensacola Magazine

While newspaper articles from the 70s suggest that services may have begun in the mid to late 50s, the earliest identifiable tombstones are dated in the mid-60s. The cemetery was originally opened by local veterinarians Charles Kraselsky and David Aronson, both currently retired. “We saw things like this in other cities and we realized there was nothing like it here in Pensacola,” Kraselsky said. “We knew people wanted it and we would often get calls from people about it. I personally needed a place to bury my

own dogs and that was an ideal situation for me. I have several of my dogs buried out there as well.”

Society doesn’t have a whole lot of information about the cemetery and there are no records or logs of burials.

In 1991, the two men decided they needed to hand the land down to an organization better equipped to care for it.

“When I took over the director job two years ago, I was told that we took it over in 1991 and we maintain it. That’s all anyone knew,” Bitner said. “There used to be a caretaker who took care of the property but all that has changed over the years. We do maintain the property, but it is a volunteer effort. We try to utilize military groups and other volunteer groups for clean-up days. We maintain the grounds and then people come out and put

“It was reaching the point where the space was filling up and we just decided that we needed to hand it off to someone else to take care of it,” Kraselsky said. “The Humane Society was a good choice.” Pensacola Humane Society executive director Jennifer Bitner said the Humane

Left page: The service dog section at Pet Haven. Right page: A sampling of unique pet memorials.

in the line of duty. Each service dog’s grave also holds an American flag. It’s an emotional reminder of the bravery and intelligence law enforcement K-9s possess and it’s worth a trip to Pet Haven just to honor these courageous heroes.

flowers on their pet’s grave or clean them off. Sometimes we have volunteers who have pets buried here. We do have pet owners who will come out on a regular basis and visit the gravesites. Essentially, the cemetery is full. The few remaining plots are reserved.” Although it’s not always easy to maintain, Bitner still sees the property as more of a blessing than a burden. “From an operational standpoint, because there is no longer a caretaker that can help oversee it, it’s difficult. The office is nowhere close to here, so I don’t always have someone available to check on it,” Bitner explained. “But the fact that we are who we are as

an organization and to have something like this is pretty special. We like the fact that we are associated with the final resting place of people’s very beloved pets. That’s really who we are. We are about finding forever homes and forever companions for families, so it was a wonderful thing when folks had an opportunity to come out here and they could lay their pets to rest in a peaceful and tranquil place. I think early on when we acquired this, there was a caretaker and we still had the opportunity to offer people plots. Now that it’s full, we have to figure out how to continue to maintain it and keep the grounds safe and still make it available to people who want to come in and visit their pets.”

Perhaps the most moving portion of Pet Haven is the area inside the white picket fence in the center of the cemetery. This enclosure holds roughly 36 service canines, primarily from the Escambia County Sheriff ’s office. One particularly interesting tombstone reads, “The First for Escambia County Sherriff ’s Department. Narcotics K-9.” This tombstone says the dog buried there was named “Bodie” and he accomplished 98 finds, which must indicate the number of times he sniffed out narcotics—pretty impressive. Each headstone in this section states the dog’s name and department. For some, a line is added indicating that they died

The rest of the burial plots are as unique as each of these beloved pets must have been themselves. The earliest tombstones are simple slabs with names and dates attached via individual cutouts, many of which are fading or falling off. The earliest headstone we found was for “Smoky Joe” who died in 1965. Most graves are surrounded by brick outlines and many feature personal touches such as flowers, small figurines, photos or etchings of the pet and personal messages. The love that these people felt for their pets is evident in these small tributes. As creepy as the idea of a pet cemetery may be to some, there is a peaceful sweetness to Pet Haven that really makes it worth a visit. If you’d like to visit Pet Haven, the address is 7700 Pine Forest Road, but the entry is around back on Stallworth Lane. If you’d like to volunteer with maintenance and clean up days, contact Lauren Cappas at volunteer@ pensacolahumane.org.

Pensacola Magazine


How to Have a Successful Amazing Saltwater Aquarium By Mike Herman

You’ve seen those amazing aquariums on the TV show “Tanked” or perhaps at a public aquarium like the Georgia Aquarium, and thought to yourself, “That would be nice, but they are so expensive and hard to maintain.” The reality is, a saltwater aquarium does not need to be difficult nor expensive. As with any hobby, there is a learning curve involved, but follow these easy steps and that curve will be much shorter and much less costly. First, find a mentor. There is a lot of great information on the internet, and sadly even more bad information. Although trying to be helpful, many newer hobbyists, having no practical experience, simply parrot what they have heard others say without validating. Filtering through what to listen to is difficult. Find someone with an established aquarium to show you the ropes. They can be local, online or a local aquarium store. Bigger is better Within the space you have available and budget you have set aside, purchase the largest aquarium you can. Even if that means leaving some of the equipment 26 Pensacola Magazine

or fish purchases to a later date. This is a hobby of patience, not at all like you see on the TV shows where they have a turn key aquarium full of fish in one day. (Inside secret, they remove the fish after filming and add them back very slowly over the next few months.) The larger the water volume, the more stable parameters in your aquarium will be. Think of it this way, should you loose a fish in 10 gallons versus in 100 gallons, the 100 gallon tank will have 1/10 the pollution to deal with. A larger aquarium also allows for more fish and live coral. An average aquarium weighs about 10 pounds per gallon, so ensure the floor is rated for the weight.

Pick a local aquarium store They will be critical to your success. Find a local store with highly trained staff. Someone that has been in the hobby for years and specializes in fish. Look at the health of their fish and coral. If they look questionable, you might want advice from another location. Ask how they quarantine incoming fish and how they deal with sick fish. Most stores simply place new fish in tanks with old fish, allowing for transfer of disease. With many diseases taking days or weeks to manifest, the fish may not even show symptoms of being sick. A proactive protocol is critical. Many stores simply pull sick fish each morning, so everything looks great, but in reality, their aquariums may be full of disease. Look for a store that isolates and marks sick fish not for sale and then treats them, as opposed to one that simply hides the issue by pulling fish. It is actually a great tool to teach customers about how to recognize and treat fish ailments. Often the large chain stores are not the best option for selection or pricing. Not to mention the benefit of spending your money with a locally-owned shop. Many local shops can even compete with online pricing while providing better service, knowledge and no wait for shipping. Find patience and develop a routine. Resist the urge to buy a fish or coral until you have seen it on two separate visits, healthy and eating. On their best day, a pet store is still a hotel not a home. Buying livestock online is risky; with a local store you can share with them what fish you already own and which fish you want to eventually purchase. A local store will

ensure they’re compatible. Maintenance is simple, but it needs to be completed on schedule. Keep to a solid water change routine. The solution to pollution is dilution. Most aquariums benefit from frequent 10 to 20 percent water changes. Once a week for new tanks, once every two weeks for tanks more than six months of age. Most local stores offer a maintenance service if you just want to enjoy your aquarium without the work.



330 S. JEFFERSON ST. PENSACOLA, FL 32502 850.595.5990 historicpensacola.org

Keep it simple There are hundreds of gizmos and gadgets to help you take care of your aquarium, however most are simply not needed. A saltwater aquarium needs live rock (ocean rock with bacteria) to filter the water, a sand bed, water movement and light. That’s about it. A protein skimmer is beneficial for highly stocked tanks and can be added later as the tank matures. Resist the urge to add anything to your tank you cannot test for. Most stores carry hundreds of additives to make your tank beautiful and your life easier, but a better approach is a well-balanced aquarium set up with regular water changes. About the Author Mike Herman is vice president at Cobalt Intelligence, leading their SMART Reef team which restores the planet’s reefs and living shorelines. He also owns SB Reefs Aquarium Superstore on Davis Highway in Pensacola and an aquarium lighting manufacturing company. He has more than 30 years of experience in the saltwater fish hobby.



PETSACOLA by Kelly Oden

For many pet owners, our furbabies are just that—our babies. We coddle them and spoil them and they don’t listen and make a mess—just like human babies! Still, we want the best for our furry best friends. Pensacola has a lot to offer pets (especially dogs) and their non-furry parents. From pet friendly dining and waterfront parks to a multitude of pet centric events and opportunities, Pensacola is well on its way to becoming a top tier pet friendly city. Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy Pensacola with your sweet companions.


Kitten Yoga

Pensacola is chock full of hiking trails that offer the perfect way to enjoy nature and exercise perfect for you and your four-legged friend to hike and bike.

What could be better than practicing cat and cow poses while tiny little kittens pounce and purr about? We say nothing. Many local yoga studios offer kitten yoga as both a unique experience and to promote animal adoption.

The Naval Live Oaks Reservation in Gulf Breeze offers sound side trails under a canopy of beautiful live oaks while the bluffs at Scenic Highway offer a zigzagging boardwalk along the bay. Perdido Key has many trails and unique natural attractions—try Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park, Big Lagoon State Park and the Perdido Key Discovery Trail.

Disko Lemonade at Southtowne offers monthly kitten yoga.

On the north end of the county, the Edward Ball Nature Trail offers a ½ mile boardwalk through Thompson’s Bayou.

Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center's downtown and Scenic Highway locations offer kitten yoga and puppy yoga at various times throughout the year. URU’s many locations offer kitten yoga at various times throughout the year. 400 Paws, Inc. on Creighton Road offers occasional kitten yoga. The next one on the schedule is on August 17.

Secret Pet Menus Puppuccino anyone? Many restaurants offer secret dog menus. You’ll have to know what to ask for though. Ask for a puppuccino at Starbucks and they’ll send out a paper expresso cup filled with whipped cream. Dairy Queen offers furbabies their own ice cream in the form of a Pup Cup. Some Sonic locations hand out Pup Treats and Bagelheads offers peanut butter bagel bites at the drive through window. Frios Gourmet Pops offers doggy ice cream in multiple flavors. 28 Pensacola Magazine

Pet Friendly Dining According to bringfido.com, there are at least 84 restaurants in Pensacola that welcome dogs at their outdoor tables. Many bring your four legged friends water bowls and some even offer special treats. A few of our favorite dog friendly establishments include: The Oar House This Bayou Chico bar and restaurant offers a dog-friendly deck overlooking the water.

Hub Stacey’s This iconic downtown bar and grill welcomes dogs at any of its outside patio tables.

The Vineyard Located in the historic Sacred Heart Hospital building in East Hill, The Vineyard offers plenty of petfriendly outdoor seating in its large fenced side yard.

Pensacola Bay Brewery While no food is served, this Seville District brewery offers an extensive beer list and plenty of outdoor seating for you and your pooch.

Dog Parks Pensacola offers a variety of impressive playgrounds for your doggy babies to burn off some energy. Here are a few of our favorites. River Road Park is located at 14484 River Road. The enclosed park backs up to Old River in Perdido Key and provides water access for the dogs to swim and play off leash. Bayview Dog Park is located at Bayview Park on Bayou Texar. This waterfront dog park allows off leash access to Bayou Texar and has clean-up stations with bags, trash cans, and water bowls. Pensacola Dog Beach East is located just past Portofino resort at parking lot E. Dogs must remain on leash and within the marked dog area.

Social Club Krewe of Paws is the Pensacola Humane Society’s (PHS) very own Mardi Gras Krewe. Krewe of Paws is a social club branch-off of PHS whose mission is to build awareness for the agency through camaraderie and a mutual love of animals. Membership includes entry into parades, a T-shirt, a branded bead, a bandana and invitations to PHS social and volunteer events.

Shoreline Dog Park in Gulf Breeze offers a nice fenced park for doggy playtime.

Pet Therapy Stressed out pets? Veterinarian Amy Van Dyke at Acupuncture & Holistic Veterinary Services practices Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), which includes Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Tui-Na (a form of medical manipulations, massage and acupressure) and food therapy.

Cat Café? Now, don’t get too excited—Pensacola has yet to find the right entrepreneur to take a chance on the growing popularity of the cat café, but we’re hoping this lights a fire of inspiration in someone out there. Rishy Studer? Joe Abston? Constant Coffee? Drowsy Poet? Anybody? Somebody? Please! Pensacola Magazine


PETSACOLA Pet Portraits

Special Events

Heather A. Mitchell Fine Art offers hand drawn pet portraits that capture the unique personalities of her subjects and they are a beautiful way to celebrate a beloved pet.

Tabitha Hamilton (@tabs_ does_art) has a passion for doodles and her custom illustrations capture the fun and playfulness of your sweet furbabies.

Dog Wash The Pensacola Humane Society offers low cost bathe-ins, grooming and nail trims on the third Saturday of each month from April to October. For those who prefer the DIY approach, check out the selfservice East Hill Dog Wash on 12th Avenue—this unique machine offers all natural soaps, flea rinse and fur dryers. Bayview Dog Park also offers a dog wash station—be sure to bring your own shampoo!

Day Care + Boarding Does your pup need more exercise and socialization? Are you going out of town and need a trusted place to board your furbaby? Whether your pup needs to burn off some excess energy at day camp, or a cozy overnight boarding option, here are a few of our favorite doggie day camps and boarding facilities. Navy Boulevard Animal Hospital offers doggie daycare and playgroups as 30 Pensacola Magazine

well as a luxurious boarding facility for both cats and dogs.

Pensacola Pet Resort caters to large dogs over 40 lbs. and offers outdoor playgrounds, grooming services, physical therapy, Doggy Daycare and a dog trainer. Animal Hospital of Pensacola offers more than veterinary services—boarding, day camp and grooming services are also available from this animal loving staff.

Waggy Wednesdays Every Wednesday during the summer, pets and people come together at Island Culture Tiki Bar on Pensacola Beach for Waggy Wednesdays to support local animal rescues. In partnership with Tito’s, Vodka for Dog People, for every Tito’s product sold on any Wednesday this summer Titos will give back $1 to the Pensacola Humane Society. Any Tito’s, on any Wednesday, at any time. That’s tail-wagging worthy! Bark In The Park • Sunday, August 4 Blue Wahoos Stadium Bring your pup to the park and enjoy a night of canine-themed promotions. Dog tickets are just $1 to benefit Bow Wow Buddies Foundation. The first 2,000 fans take home an exclusive dog leash courtesy of Camp Bow Wow. Barktoberfest • Sunday, October 27, 2019 Community Maritime Park Barktoberfest is a family and pet friendly event that offers tons of adoptable pets plus costume contests, Weiner races, obedience and agility demos, silent auctions, canine square dancers, blessing of the pets and much more. Paws on Palafox Every year in April, hundreds of animal lovers take to the streets of historic downtown Pensacola for Paws On Palafox, a family friendly 3K dog walk to support the Barbara Grice Memorial Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic at the Pensacola Humane Society. Fur Ball • March 28, 2020 Pensacola Yacht Club This black tie event supports the work of the Pensacola Humane Society to find homeless and neglected animals their furever homes. The Fur Ball includes a cocktail reception, dinner, music, silent and live auctions, entertainment and a Puppy Parade.

Panhandle Animal Rescue + Welfare Organizations Alaqua Amazing Grace Bully Rescue Animal Allies Escambia County Animal Shelter

Real. Expert. Security.

Flori Bama Small Breed Rescue Greyhound Pets of the Emerald Coast Happy Tails Retriever Rescue Hotel for Cats and Dogs Junior Humane Society LNR Rescue - Navarre Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) Pensacola Humane Society Phoenix Rising Redfox's Animal Rescue Inc. Save Our Cocker Spaniels, Inc Save Underdogs

For years, Redwire has provided peace of mind to new homeowners in the Gulf Coast. As your neighbors, we know you’re not only securing a home – you’re protecting so much more. For that reason, Redwire offers its customers:

2-hour emergency maintenance response promise 6-month money back promise $2,500 performance promise False alarm coverage promise

SOCKS - Save Our Cats and Kittens SouthBARK Standard Poodle Rescue Sunshine State Animal Rescue Sunshine State Westie Rescue The Rescued Rescuers

Call today for a customized quote.

(850) 378-3117 www.Redwire.com

Rescue Me! by Jennifer Bitner intro by Kaitlyn Peacock photography by Guy Stevens

For thousands of years, people and animals have worked and lived together, forming familial bonds unbroken to this day. A pet can be your best friend, your partner in crime, your solace after a hard day. There are hundreds of animals in shelters looking for a place they can call home, and that home might just be your house. Choosing to bring an animal into your home can be a nail biting experience. What if you don’t find the right animal? What if they don’t get along with your other pets? Shelters will often work with you to find just the right pet for you, looking at factors such as temperament, allergies and any special needs. Finding the newest member of your family will be worth all the struggle, and adopting from a shelter gives an animal a second chance at life. The Pensacola Humane Society has many cats and dogs up for adoption, but here are just a few of the wonderful pets looking for a new forever home.

32 Pensacola Magazine

Spock & Kirk We are as cute and sweet as we appear in our photo. We are playful and very energetic as are all puppies. We love lots of play time, long naps, treats and lots of love and attention. And we are only interested in checking out one thing about you: the size of your heart.

Pensacola Magazine 33


My name is Lipp, and I am very sweet and cuddly. I am looking for a new home with lots of soft places for me to nap the day away because I have no lap to call my own. Could you be persuaded to volunteer yours? I love my special treat the director brings me each day‌ salmon is my favorite! If you have room for sweet, loving kitty, I am your guy!

34 Pensacola Magazine

Archer Archer loves you already and you’ve only just met through a picture. I love treats and toys, and I am crazy about going for a long walk with my best volunteer friends. I am great with other dogs and play very well with them in the play groups every morning. The only thing I am missing is you and finding my forever family. If I sound like your kind of guy, come see me today!

Pensacola Magazine


Coco Are they going to like me? Do you think anyone will adopt me? I am a little shy at first glance, but I am a very sweet and loving puppy who only wants to please you. I want to snuggle and lay in your lap and could easily become one of the most important people in your life!

36 Pensacola Magazine


How can you resist my adorableness? Yes. I really am this cute. I'm looking for a loving human to give me lots of head scratches and bring me all the toys and treats I can handle. Plus, you'd get bragging rights—I am a cover model after all.

Pensacola Magazine


Frankie I'm more than just a pretty face. Honestly, I'm a little fluffy ball of love looking for someone who will see past my beauty and get to know me for the deep thinking intellectual that I am.

38 Pensacola Magazine

Warehouse At your service! I am just too proud to be homeless so let’s get together! I love to play with toys, go on walks and play with my buddies in the play groups each morning. I am ready to learn new tricks and would make a great family member for you!

Pensacola Magazine


Ronald What? Me Worry? I might look a bit concerned, but I have faith that my perfect human will find me and take me to my furever home. I enjoy long days of chasing strings, balancing precariously on unstable objects and lovingly kneading my human. You bring the catnip and I'll bring the purrs.

40 Pensacola Magazine


Learn A Sport That Lasts A Lifetime With Qualified Instructors! June 3rd to 6th • June 10th to 14th June 17th to 21st • June 24th to 28th July 8th to 12th • JULY 15th to 19th & July 22th to 26th Monday - Friday 10a.m.-1p.m. Ages 5 - 18



Cordova Lanes 850-477-2300 • 2111 AIRPORT BLVD. PENSACOLA

"reimagine your space with the sophisticated approach of our talented team"

Summer Program Mon – Fri 10a.m. to 5p.m.

Register at:

www.kidsbowlfree.com Children bowl two games a day for free & also receive a Family Pass!

Everything old is new again. Before



Perm-a-Koating Process

We can repair water-damaged MDF cabinets! After

Transform your cabinets to bring your room to life again... kitchen, bath, bedroom, entertainment center, more


Beautifully affordable, color-matching system

Professionally prepped and pre-treated with special bonding primer • 21st-century painting technology • Any color available Scrubbable, stain-resistant finishes • Smooth, beautiful finish - semi-gloss or satin • Hardware re-used or replaced

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Since 1974 A Matter of Integrity

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“Mark transformed our office doors! Before, they were dull and weathered. Now, they are the center of attention. They probably look better than they did when they were purchased! Mark took his time to make sure that the doors were right. My wife and I never thought that doors would bring us so much joy!”

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Free Estimates: (850) 432-3660

Kids do better when we work together. Nemours and West Florida Healthcare are working together for Gulf Coast Region families. At Nemours, we’ve always believed that every child deserves pediatric expertise—close to home. Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, located on the same campus as West Florida Hospital, makes accessing the highest quality of care that much easier. For over twenty years, Nemours has provided pediatric specialty care for Northwest Florida families. From complex conditions to simple check-ups, our teams work together with researchers, physicians and specialists to achieve the best outcome possible. Rest assured that our collaboration promises the highest level of compassionate care for your child in the Gulf Coast region.

To explore our collaboration, visit Nemours.org/westflorida.

Will and Juliette Nemours cardiac patients © 2019. The Nemours Foundation. ® Nemours is a registered trademark of The Nemours Foundation.

play/live/give meet and greet, face painting and much more. For more information, visit www. pensacolafireworks.com.

Symphony Sparks and Stars July 4

Join the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra for a free 4th of July concert. This familyfriendly event features the orchestra performing patriotic pieces we all know and love. Stick around for the 4th of July fireworks over the bay. For more information, visit www.cityofpensacola.com.

Sertoma’s Independence Day Celebration July 4

The Sertoma Clubs, are proud to announce the 29th annual 4th of July Celebration for Pensacola and our visitors. Including the largest fireworks display on the Gulf Coast over Pensacola Bay, July 4 at 9 pm. There will be free activities throughout the day, from 11 am until 6 pm, in Seville Square to include a free children’s area with inflatables, rock climbing wall, pony rides, character

July Fourth Independence Day Festival

various creole and cajun restaurants attending with many delicious dishes. Come and join for a great time. Visit Creolecajunfest.com to purchase tickets earlier and receive a discount.

Improvable Cause Show

July 4

July 6

This festival is branded and originated as a fundraiser, and it will includes a street fair, live music, speakers and ends with a dance at 500 West Belmont. This festival is based with our local merchants as a way to promote Gulf Coast Area, and thereby bring more business to visit. Several Gulf Coast Residents that is instrumental is the success of this festival. For more information, visit www.july4thfestival.com.

Pensacola Little Theater will host an Improvable Cause (IC) show June 6 at 10:30 pm. IC is Pensacola's only professional improv comedy troupe. Everything is created in the moment with audience suggestions, so each show is different. IC shows are edge-ofyour-seat theatre where anything can happen, and usually does. For more information or to buy tickets, visit www. pensacolalittletheatre.com.

Gulf Coast Creole Cajun Festival

Yoga in the Park

July 5 to 6

July 7

The inaugural Gulf Coast Creole and Cajun Festival located at Community Maritime Park July 5 to 6 is the place to be. There will be

Free Yoga classes will be held the first Sunday of each month at 10 am at Community Maritime Park and are






Pensacola Magazine


play/live/give PANhANdLE fARmINg

rking ts Wo ther Toge LA’S



fOOd fOr T HOUgH T



JA zz & S



ONE, COME ALL COME Hand Bare ive Collect A Creates ce New Spa Arts For The ity Commun

g rgin s EmE stARTISTS ArtLi OCALATCH TO W 4






V iv a la













open to all ages and levels of experience. Certified instructors from Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center will provide instruction. The class is free, but you will need to BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat) and any other accessories you would like to use. Water will be provided, but you will need to bring your own bottle or container. For more information, visit www.cityofpensacola.com.

Blues on the Bay Concert Series July 7, 21 and 28

The Blues on the Bay Concert Series will feature three concerts this month at the Hunter Amphitheater at Community Maritime Park. Pack your coolers, bring your lawn chairs, and enjoy a cool breeze off the bay while some of the region's best musical talents hit the stage. The first concert, July 7, will feature the Truth, with Cat Rhodes, the next concert, July 21, will feature CrossTown and the last concert, July 28, will feature the Bay Bridge Band, all beginning at 6 pm. Every concert in the series is free and open to the public. For more information, visit www. cityofpensacola.com.

John Appleyard Talk: Pensacola History July 9 and 23

Blue Angels & Fat Albert 2019 Poster - $10

John Appleyard will have two history presentations this month, July 9 and 23 both at 9 am at the Pensacola Visitor Information Center. Don't miss the opportunity to hear famed historian, John Appleyard share his knowledge of Pensacola's history with one of his famous storytelling sessions. The event is free to the public but seating is limited. For more information, call 434-1234.

Michael Jackson: A Thrilling Tribute 850.433.0979 | nina@ninafritz.com


46 Pensacola Magazine

July 12

The Saenger Theatre will be hosting the Red Hot Productions showing of Michael Jackson: A Thrilling Tribute July 12 at 7 pm. Michael Jackson: A Thrilling Tribute™ is a fast-paced, exciting tribute show. This high-energy thriller features Falynne Lewing and her team of highly skilled, professional dancers. Ticket prices start at $28. For more information, visit

www.pensacolasaenger.com or contact the Saenger Theatre Box office at 595-3880.

Pensacola Beach Air Show July 13

This must-see event features the worldfamous Blue Angels performing over Pensacola Beach on Santa Rosa Island. Civilian acts beginning at noon with Blues flying at 2 pm. Santa Rosa Island Authority provides the free trolleys and Escambia County Area Transit does the expert driving. More information can be found at www.visitpensacolabeach.com/trolleyinformation. The official 2019 Pensacola Beach Air Show will begin around noon, July 13.








Little Black Dress July 17

The Saenger Theatre will be hosting a performance of Little Black Dress July 17 at 7:30 pm. Little Black Dress tells the story of best friends Mandy and Dee. Together, guests will witness the girls' major life events in their little black dresses – first job interview, first date, first awkward sexual experience – which happens more than once – first funeral and much more. Using hilarious improv, catchy songs and a heartfelt story, Little Black Dress has made audiences across the globe laugh, cry and party. Ticket prices start at $27. For more information, visit www.pensacolasaenger. com or contact the Saenger Theatre Box office at 595-3880.

First City Art Center Pop Up Art Show at Duh July 18

Join the First City Art Center as they celebrate Pensacola's local art scene. First City Art Center artist will take over the design showroom at Duh for Garden and Home in July for two weekends. Pencil in this unique event for July 18 from 5 pm to 7 pm as guests raise a toast to local art at our kick-off reception. Open to the public. For more information, call (850) 439-0640, visit duhpensacola.com or find Duh on Facebook at DuhPensacola.

(850) 432-1475 coawfla.org 875 Royce St. • Pensacola, FL

Pensacola Magazine


play/live/give Movies in the Park Series July 19

Surprise, June will have a movie event at the Community Maritime Park. The next movie will be Avengers: Infinity War, scheduled for July 19 beginning at sunset, 7:50 pm. Bring blankets and lawn chairs for an evening of family fun underneath the stars. Local food trucks will be at the event, so make sure to come ready to enjoy dinner and a show. Pets and glass containers are not allowed in the park. For more information, visit www. cityofpensacola.com.

Summer Breeze Art Show July 20

• Shampoo • Pad Soaks Nail Polish • Hair Dyes & More!


Join in something new and fun July 20 from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Summer Breeze Art Show, a fresh experience featuring live music, a henna tattoo artist, psalmist sound healing composer and more. Enjoy door prizes, cash wine bar and great company. For more information, visit www.ArtCravings.com.

Once Upon a Show July 20, 21, 27 and 28

Learn To Sail With Confidence And Have Fun Doing It!

For More Information, visit the Pensacola Yacht Club Website

PensacolaYachtClub.com 48 Pensacola Magazine

Cesar Travado

PYC Sailing Director sdpyc@outlook.com 850.723.1278

Pensacola Little Theater will host productions of “Once Upon a Show” July 20, 21, 27 and 28. Show times are 3 pm, with special showings July 20 and 27 at 10 am. Mother Goose sadly announces to her children that they must leave their home—a large, comfortable shoe—and move to an old sneaker "across the tracks." The children decide to "put on a show" to save their shoe, and in the best Garland and Rooney tradition, they proceed to enact eight of Mother Goose's best poems. In the audience, a stranger turns out to be the famous movie producer Cecil B. DeMillstream and, of course, he loves the show! The Shoe is saved and Mother Goose and her troupe are off to Hollywood. For more information or to buy tickets, visit www.pensacolalittletheatre.com.

White Tie Rock Ensemble: An Evening of Summer Rock July 27

On July 27 at 8 pm, White Tie Rock Ensemble presents An Evening of Summer Rock. Come celebrate the sounds of

summer with the White Tie Rock Ensemble as they present a tribute to Hall and Oates, Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers and TOTO along with hits from Christopher Cross, ACE, Player, Rupert Holmes, Kenny Loggins, Boz Scaggs, Pablo Cruise and more. Pull up the yacht, grab some bubbly and your skipper hat as we sail the seas of smooth. Ticket prices start at $28. For more information, visit www.pensacolasaenger.com or contact the Saenger Theatre Box office at 595-3880.

Blue Wahoos Baseball Take me out to the ballgame! The Blue Wahoos will host home game days Maritime Park, with all currently-scheduled home games for the month listed below. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.bluewahoos.com. • June 30 to July 3, Mississippi Braves • July 4 to 9, Birmingham Barons • July 11 to 16, Montgomery Biscuits • July 18 to 21, Mississippi Braves • July 22 to 26, Mobile BayBears • July 27 to 31, Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp

Vinyl Music Hall Schedule The historic Vinyl Music Hall is now open with groovy new renovation and a new lineup of musicians and performers. Come check out the newly renovated hall and enjoy some great performances. Below are all currently scheduled shows. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.vinylmusichall.com. • July 6, 7 pm: Shoot to Thrill – All Female AC/DC Tribute, with Gotham City Troubadour • July 11, 6 pm: Blue angel School of Music – Rock Recital • July 12, 6 pm: Set It Off, with Emarosa, Broadside and Lizzy Farrall • July 13, 7 pm: Chris Thomas King – King of Nola Blues • July 16, 7 pm: Built to Spill ¬– Keep It Like a Secret Tour, with Orua • July 25, 7 pm: Zach Deputy, with The Bloom • July 26, 7 pm: American Floyd – A Tribute to Pink Floyd

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53. PNS to NYC How marketers are selling Pensacola in the Big Apple


57 Amidst Shakeup, Gilley takes

58 PSC Honors Alumni

Janice Gilley begins work as the county's first-ever female administrator.

The inaugural Distinguished Alumni Awards & Gala recognized highacheiving Pirates.

Helm of Escambia County

62 Around the Region Find out what is happening in business, government and cultural news in the greater Pensacola area and Northwest Florida

Business Climate 51

GREAT EDUCATION LEADS TO GREAT SUCCESS PSC Board of Trustees Congratulate PSC All-Florida Academic Team Members Apply Today for Fall Semester Classes Start August 19 PSC Board of Trustees pictured left to right: Patrick Dawson, Wendell Smith, Ed Moore, Herb Woll, Margie Moore, Carol Carlan, and PSC President Ed Meadows. 2019 PSC All-Florida Academic Team Members pictured with medals left to right: Christian Weidel, Cherish French, Brianna Smith, and Taylor Ruppel.

850.484.2544 PENSACOLASTATE.EDU Pensacola State College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, ethnicity, religion, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or genetic information in its programs, activities and employment. For inquiries regarding the College’s non-discrimination policies, contact: The Executive Director of Institutional Equity and Student Conduct, 1000 College Boulevard. Building 5, Pensacola, Florida 32504, (850) 484-1759


by Will Isern

How Marketers are Selling Pensacola in the Big Apple Pensacola has long been a popular vacation destination for families throughout the southeast, but the addition of a new nonstop flight to Newark, New Jersey has local travel promoters marketing the city further away than ever before in the nation’s most iconic mecca. United Airlines announced last October that it would add daily nonstop service between Pensacola International Airport and Newark Liberty International. The inaugural flight landed in Pensacola on June 6.

The Newark airport is 45 minutes from downtown Manhattan in New York City, making the United flight a direct link between snowbirds looking to dip their toes in the Gulf and Pensacolians pining for a taste of the Big Apple. For the folks whose job it is to promote travel here, the flight has provided an opportunity to show off all Pensacola has to offer in one of the nation’s biggest metropolitan markets. “In the last couple years we’ve started to see New York creep up into our top 25 destinations for visitation,” said Steve Hayes, president of Visit Pensacola. “Chicago, Dallas and Houston are still higher up, but with an important market like New York showing up and United

saying we’re going to offer this route, we knew we wanted to do anything we could to share all that Pensacola has to offer.” In conjunction with the inaugural United flight, Hayes and other Visit Pensacola staff traveled with chefs from Pensacola to offer a taste of Pensacola to New York travel writers, influencers and media. Among the delegation were Irv Miller of Jackson’s Steakhouse, Dan Dunn of Big Top Brewing Co., Gus Silivos of Skopelos and James Briscione of the forthcoming Angelena’s Italian Ristorante. “I think some people who are coming to the South think they’re getting all fried food, and we know that couldn’t be Business Climate 53


“It’s funny, they actually think we Photoshop the white sand on the beaches. It was to show them that, ‘No, this is really what you get.” – Steve Hayes further from the truth,” Hayes said. “So we had three chefs serving seafood.” Visit Pensacola also took a Pensacola virtual reality experience to New York to show off our white sands and amenities like the Pensacola Bay Cruises, Palafox Street and the Blue Angels flying overhead. “It’s funny, they actually think we Photoshop the white sand on the beaches,” Hayes said. “It was to show them that, ‘No, this is really what you get.” Visit Pensacola also secured an $87,500 grant from Visit Florida, which it matched, to run a targeted digital advertising campaign in New York City encouraging travelers to consider Pensacola for the summer. The campaign ran from May through June. The hope in selling Pensacola as travel 54 Business Climate

destination to New Yorkers is two-fold. Even a small slice of such a large market could be a boon to the local tourism economy. Secondly, the new United route is seasonal and will end in August. If the route can be made popular, the company is more likely to bring it back in the future. The Pensacola International Airport is promoting the route locally on its billboards, social media and in email campaigns. The Newark route is the airport’s 20th direct flight. Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson celebrated the new route at a ribbon cutting ceremony coinciding with the first arrival on the new route. “We really appreciate this with United putting another city and another way for us to connect Pensacola to the rest of

the country and the rest of the world,” Robinson said. “So we hope that you will take the chance to fly out of here directly to New York.” United’s Pensacola to Newark route offers daily flights with ticket prices averaging around $350 for a round trip.

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Amidst shakeup, Gilley takes helm of Escambia County By Will Isern Reflecting on a life that has prepared her to take over leadership of Escambia County at a critical time in its history, Janice Gilley points to a facet of her background that some might not expect. “I have national and state archery titles,” Gilley said. “What that brings to the table is I’ve been coached by professional, worldclass coaches and I’ve excelled in that. So I know what it takes to be excellent and do things in an excellent way. I think that’s very important.” Gilley was selected by the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners to serve as the county’s next administrator, filling a roll vacated by former county administrator Jack Brown last October. She began work on July 1 as the county’s first female administrator. While Gilley’s archery skills may have set her apart from the four other candidates vying for the county job, it was a long career in government and higher education that gave commissioners the confidence to select Gilley to lead the county. Gilley comes to the county from the University of West Florida where she worked as assistant vice president of external affairs. Before joining the university, Gilley worked in Tallahassee as national policy director for the Foundation for Excellence in Education, as deputy chief of staff to House Speaker Ray Ransom, as director of policy for the Republican Party of Florida and policy director for Gov. Jeb Bush, among other roles. Gilley herself was appointed to serve on the board of county commissioners in 2002

following the soccer complex scandal that saw four commissioners removed from the dais. She served on the board for just over two years. She’s also served on the Escambia County School District Board and the board of the Santa Rosa Island Authority. Gilley impressed commissioners with her focus on strategic planning. She presented the commission with drafts of a 100-day plan as well as a long-term plan she called ‘Strive to Thrive by 2025’. Gilley placed an emphasis on developing a strategic plan for the county and measuring success with performance indicators. “I just want us to be more forward-thinking and look at the way that we do things that provide the greatest quality of services to the citizens and the taxpayers,” she said. “If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you determine where to allocate your resources?”

Gilley takes over the county at a critical turning point. Allegations of mismanagement in the county’s EMS department and claims of tribalism have contributed to the departure of several of the county’s key department heads in recent months. It will be up to Gilley to fill those positions and reset the culture at the county. “I think what I’ll focus on is just making sure that I listen and learn, because you really can’t make change until you understand where people are coming form,” Gilley said. As for why she sought the county job in the first place, Gilley said she’s passionate about improving the county for all residents. “What was very important to me was that whoever got this job was someone that loves this community as I do,” she said. “I wanted to make sure that our community was a successful as I want it to be.”

Gilley has already gotten to work familiarizing herself with the county’s operations. In preparation for her start date, Gilley visited every county park, community center, boat ramp and other county facilities. Business Climate 57

PSC Honors Alumni Pensacola State College may proudly claim the pirates as their mascot, but the school has been producing captains of business and community leadership for decades. The college recognized some its most accomplished alumni at the inaugural Pensacola State College Distinguished Alumni Awards Gala on May 4. “Building on Tradition – Investing in the Future” was the theme of the inaugural event where alumni were recognized in five categories: Spirit of Pensacola, Rising Star, Life Achievement, Hometown Hero and Against the Odds. “For 70 years, the College has been an integral part of our community and the Florida higher education system,” said PSC president Ed Meadows. “The PSC Alumni Association supports the College in recognizing alumni greatness and looks forward to the next 70 years by continuing to support our students through scholarships and by recognizing great achievements. We are proud of our notable alumni and congratulate all who have broken through barriers to achieve success in life. “ In addition to the awards, the college also announced the creation of four endowed scholarships. Going forward, the PSC Alumni Awards will be presented biennially. The next PSC Alumni Awards and Gala is planned for Spring 2021. At the inaugural event, eight honorees were recognized for exemplary leadership, career accomplishment and impact on their community and the college.

58 Business Climate

Tom Vaughn Tom Vaughn credits PSC with helping him learn how to earn his way out of a challenging and disadvantaged childhood. For overcoming the hand he was dealt, Vaugn was recognized with an Against The Odds award. Vaughn grew up in a house without air conditioning or telephone service. At times, even food was scarce. Despite these challenges, he kept a positive outlook and made the best of his situation. Vaughn enlisted in the U.S. Air Force at age 17, balancing his duties with his studies. Sometimes he was forced to retake a class because of numerous deployments. Following his military service, Vaughn began a career in

finance. Both at John Hancock. and at Western Mutual Vaughn has helped others achieve financial success. Vaughn has served on many boards and donated his time, talent and resources to many charities and organizations, including the Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Ronald McDonald House and Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

Steve Olesky Steve Olesky found his passion at PSC where he studied graphic design for three years. Olesky went on to receive a bachelor’s of fine arts from the prestigious Savannah College of Art & Design. Today he serves as senior director of the digital creative department at Ralph Lauren Corp. He was recognized by PSC with the Rising Star Award. Olesky credits supportive parents and family and some amazing professors for his life and career success. During his studies at PSC, Olesky brought home a Gold ADDY (American Advertising Awards) for editorial design/cover and two Silver ADDYs for stationary package and advertising/illustration. However the capstone of his

community college career was winning the Anna Lamar Switzer Award in 2007. At Ralph Lauren Corp. he creates visual shopping experiences that blend content with commerce and has been responsible for designing the Olympic digital experience on ralphlauren.com from 2012 to 2018. He also was a Webby Award honoree of 2014 Ralph Lauren Polo Fall Concept Show.

Gary DeLapp Hotelier Gary A. DeLapp was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement award for his work ethic and can-do attitude that have helped him rise to lead multiple hotel companies in his 40plus years in the hotel industry. DeLapp worked his way up from hotel dishwasher to senior vice president of operations early within his hotel industry career.

Jarl “J.T.” Young Jarl “J.T.” Young was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement award for his enduring success in public service and community leadership. Young began his secondary education as dual-enrollee at PSC studying pre-engineering. He would go on to the University of Florida, the University of West Florida and finally Harvard Business School. A graduate of Leadership Pensacola and Leadership Florida, Young served as a gubernatorial appointee on the Judicial Nominating Commission for Florida’s First Judicial Circuit. In 2008, he was awarded the Gulf Power Company Leadership Award. In 2017, he received the PACE Community Leader of the Year Award.

He has gone on to multiple companies as CEO to significant expansions. In the case of one company, he grew the brand from 100 to 700 hotels in less than 48 months. DeLapp’s success began at Pensacola State College where he joined Delta Kappa Alpha, a fraternity whose mission statement includes building lifelong character, ethical and productive business practices, philanthropic action and fraternal bonds.

Chip Simmons Escambia County Sheriff ’s Office Chief Deputy Chip Simmons was recognized as Hometown Hero for his decorated career in local law enforcement. Simmons earned his associate degree in criminal justice from PSC and a bachelor degree in the same from Troy University. He went on to receive his master’s degree in public administration from Troy, and later graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Simmons was hired by the Pensacola Police Department in 1986. He worked his way up the ranks at the police

department for 29 years, retiring as police chief in 2015. Simmons has served on the board of directors for the Favor House of Northwest Florida Inc., the Ronald McDonald House and on the Pensacola State College Board of Trustees. A Leadership Pensacola Class of 2004 graduate, Simmons has received numerous law enforcement accolades, including a Bronze Cross and the Gold Medal of Valor. He also has been named to the Police and Firefighters Heroes Hall of Fame and the Pine Forest High School Alumni Hall of Fame. In 2013, he received the Mayor’s Leadership Award.

Young has served on numerous community boards and chaired the Chief Judge’s Children’s Council Fatherhood Advocacy Committee. In 2018, he was presented with Pensacola’s MLK Living the Dream Award, where he was recognized as a resident who embodies the American dream that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., envisioned in his inspirational “I Have a Dream” speech. After a nationwide search in 2018, Young was appointed president and CEO of the Memphis (Tennessee) Light, Gas, and Water Division.

Business Climate 59

modest investment, the pair opened Beré Jewelers. Jones passed away in 2005, but Cole continued to expand the business and in April 2017, he opened Beré Jewelers flagship location on 12th Avenue. In the first year, the freestanding 7,350-square-foot store doubled its sales volume. Along with the flagship store, the Gulf Breeze location also is thriving. October will mark Beré Jewelers 34th year in business.

Barry Cole Local jeweler Barry Cole was recognized with the Against The Odds award for overcoming a robbery and the death of his business partner to build one of Pensacola’s premier jewelry franchises. At 17, Cole went from store to store in Cordova Mall until he was hired by Zales Jewelers. In 1985 at age 22, he partnered with Ray Jones, his former Zales Jewelers manager. With only a

A graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, Cole is a member of the Downtown Rotary Club and the Pensacola and Gulf Breeze chambers of commerce. He also has served on the Escambia County Public Schools Foundation, Sacred Heart Foundation and Gulf Coast Kid’s House. Cole and his wife Laura also support Independence for the Blind, Autism Pensacola and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

entered the U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Program in 1961, quickly earning the Naval Aviator Designation. McKinnon served two tours in Vietnam, earning more than 30 personal combat decorations during his 20 years as a naval aviator, including a Purple Heart and a Meritorious Service Medal.

Dennis McKinnon Sr. Decorated war hero and decisive community leader Denis McKinnon Sr. was recognized for his decades of community leadership and service with the Spirit of Pensacola State College Award. After a bright start at PSC, McKinnon 60 Business Climate

Following his studies as PSC, McKinnon earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, a Master of Business Administration from the University of West Florida and finally postgraduate studies at Nova Southeastern University. In 1981, after retiring from his distinguished military career, McKinnon returned to Pensacola. McKinnon immediately began establishing himself as

Cherry Fitch Cherry M. Fitch was presented the Hometown Hero award for her dedication to the enrichment and growth of her hometown, Gulf Breeze, Florida. Fitch began her education at PSC. After receiving a master’s in education, Fitch served as a high school teacher, guidance counselor, principal, realtor, city councilwoman and ultimately mayor of Gulf Breeze. Upon retirement from Gulf Breeze High School, Fitch’s passion for higher education inspired the local community to create a scholarship in her honor, thereby continuing her legacy in perpetuity.

a community leader, serving as president of First State Bank Shares and First State Bank and its subsequent transition to Wells Fargo. He was recognized as the Kiwanis Pensacola Business Leader of the Year, and was the recipient of two PACE Awards — 1989 Business Leader of the Year and 2004 Spirit of Pensacola. He served as the president of the Sacred Heart Foundation and of the United Service Organization. McKinnon developed and built the PSC childcare center and served as a member of the Pensacola State College District Board of Trustees.

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around the region UWF rises to top two in Florida State University System The Florida Board of Governors named the University of West Florida as a topperforming public university for the third consecutive year, securing a spot in the top two. The University earned 94 points out of the 100-point scale in the Board’s performance-based funding model results from the 2018-19 academic year. UWF scored its highest point total in the six-year history of the metrics and finished one point behind the University of Florida. The distinction for UWF comes one month after the U.S. News & World Report ranked the Florida State University System No. 1 in the country for the third consecutive year. “We are a top-ranked university in the best university system in the country,” said UWF President Martha D. Saunders. “Once again, UWF has distinguished itself as a leader in higher education. This ranking is a testament to our hardworking students, faculty and staff and our no limits approach to education.” The University invested in long-term strategies to enhance the overall quality

of the education and experience provided to students. UWF improved its results in each of the 10 performance metrics, highlighted by significant improvements in four-year graduation rates, academic progress rates and bachelor's graduates employed or continuing their education. The University boosted graduation rates and retention through continued enhancement of student support services including first-year advising, tutoring and student accessibility resources. UWF also implemented a comprehensive four-year graduation strategic plan that includes the Senior Countdown program, which provides priority for class registration and a $1,000 graduation grant for students in their final semester. A new graduation coordinator provides support and guidance for students toward timely graduation. The University developed robust academic advising strategies focused on students’ success as they matriculate through UWF and move into their careers. UWF implemented an enhanced system for first-year students which allows faculty and advisors to identify students at academic risk and provide them with appropriate assistance. Living Learning Communities in specific majors and areas of interest such as STEM, leadership and exploratory allow students to engage with faculty, staff and professionals beyond the classroom.

More UWF bachelor’s graduates are finding employment opportunities or continuing their education. The newlycreated experiential learning coordinator position offers individualized attention to graduates, presenting career and graduate school opportunities. The University provides students with internships and high-impact practices, not only to support academic success, but also to build early professional experience and encourage networking. The institution also launched its iHire campaign, a strategic initiative that connects students with area employers. Last year, UWF earned the third highest score with 86 points. In 2017, UWF ranked third with 82 points. In 2014, the inaugural year for the performance metrics, the University ranked last at No. 11, receiving 21 points out of the then50-point scale. “These performance-based funding model results are another reminder of the outstanding improvements we have seen on this campus in the past six years,” said Dr. George Ellenberg, provost and senior vice president. “There has been a true culture change at this University, and I am proud of the continued energy with which our campus community has pursued this goal.” Under the performance funding model, the Board of Governors scores Florida’s 11 public universities based on 10 metrics designed to incentivize university excellence and improvement. These metrics establish a minimum acceptable level of performance on issues including graduation and retention rates. For more information about UWF’s ranking in the Board of Governors performance-based funding model, visit uwf.edu/bogmetrics.

62 Business Climate

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Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space page 70

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The Main Street Foundation: Building Relationships and Making a Difference page 78

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1000 63

Monthly Sales

Avg. Days on Market

1950 $211k

Quarterly Sales

Median Sale Price

Market Highlights May sales were up 12 percent compared to April and were the highest on record since this report first appeared in 2008.

May's combined days on market (DOM) averaged 63, three days less than the prior month.

Information courtesy of Pensacola Association of Realtors

66 On The Market

Median Sale Price for May was $211,000. The highest on record for any month since this report first appeared in 2008.

Most sales activity in May occurred in the $300k to $499k price range.

Pending sales slipped eight percent from April but were 27 percent ahead last May.



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Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space Transforming your backyard into a true extension of your home’s living space is a relatively easy way to add usable square footage and increase enjoyment of your home. Making outdoor upgrades is also a scalable project, meaning you can do as little or as much as your budget allows and continue enhancing the space over time. Start planning how you’ll create a backyard paradise with these ideas from the experts at the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI): Living Space Living rooms and kitchens are among the most popular choices for upgrading a patio space. This approach allows you to take entertaining outdoors with a welcoming 70 On The Market

environment that blends the comforts of indoor spaces with the ability to appreciate the sights and sounds of the outdoors. Comfy seating is a must, but beyond that the options are nearly endless. You might install a grilling station or even a full kitchen setup that offers the same benefits of an open floorplan indoors. You could add a fireplace for character and warmth, and even integrate a pizza oven if your family enjoys a cheesy homemade pie. A bar puts refreshing beverages in easy reach, while a water feature lends to a calming ambiance. Before you get started, narrow down the many choices by defining how you want to use the space. Know whether your goal is to create a relaxing

retreat, add entertaining space or work in another function that fits your family’s needs. Entertainment Creating an indoor setting outside can also mean bringing comfort elements like entertainment outdoors. Typical outdoor entertainment technologies include music and speaker systems, lighting, allweather televisions and theater systems. Speaker systems are becoming more invisible as they blend into the landscaping as rocks or planters. However, not all outdoor products are able to withstand all weather conditions. For example, some products are marketed for indoor and outdoor use, but they’re not constructed to withstand extreme temperatures all year. Do your research to ensure your

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5441 Rowe Trl $529,900 | MLS# 553354


2721 Banquos Trl $529,900 | MLS# 555631

Custom lAKeFronT home in woodBIne sprIngs plAnTATIon located right on a 52 acre spring fed lake. 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath with 3,277 sq ft of gracious living. 12 ft. ceilings adorned with crown molding with formal dining room, chef’s dream kitchen, breakfast nook, living room with large built in entertainment center and gas fireplace. Master bedroom has views of the lake and master bath has separate shower, tub and water closet with double vanity and walk in closet. large bonus room, laundry room, over sized double car garage and screened in back porch and patio. whole house generator! MOVE IN READY!

Move-In Ready! This all-electric Executive-Style Colonial Home is conveniently located in one of pensacola’s most desirable neighborhoods: Birnam woods.offering over 5,000 square feet of living space, the home features 4 large bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, 1 half bathroom, a formal dining room, formalliving room, family room, breakfast nook, breakfast bar, Heated/Cooled sun room, & screened saltwater pool.

Jennifer Cobb • 850.602.7682 • jennifer.cobb@penfedrealty.com

Frasier Phelps • 850.485.2665 • jfpii@bellsouth.com


8846 Spider Lilly $399,000 | MLS# 555141


2515 Bowling Green Way $329,000 | MLS# 553515

An outstanding home located on one of the best streets in nature Trail subdivision. This 4 bedroom, 3 bath home has 2,638 sq. ft. of living area, with hardwood floors and tile in the main living area, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, a wine cooler, and a large kitchen with breakfast nook.The large family room has a fireplace with gas logs and is wired for surround sound with a large flat screen TV mounted over the fireplace.

The best feature of this home is the double master or mother in law suite. This beautiful brick home is open and bright. The exterior is accented wonderfully with stucco. enter the front door to soaring ceilings and tiled floors. Formal living room to the right and a formal dining room to the left. The dining room is separated from the kitchen by a Butler’s pantry. The walk in pantry has plenty of storage with lots of shelving. The kitchen boast Corian counter tops with space for all of your appliances and gadgets.

Dave Taylor • 850.293.3334 • mailto:david.taylor@penfedrealty.com

Randall Graves • 850-516-6763 • randallsellspensacola@gmail.com

on the market can strengthen the design. Color palettes may vary from darker shades of brown to whitewashed tones of neutral colors. The decor typically features hand-crafted, salvaged or repurposed items made of wood, leather, natural fibers, wicker and wrought iron.

Identifying Your Kitchen Style With so many different styles of kitchens and cabinets, sometimes it can be hard to decide on a favorite. While you may see kitchens in a variety of styles and find them all beautiful in their own way, finding inspirations for your dream kitchen often requires sorting through many different considerations.

Aside from the look of each style, many aspects must be considered such as its compatibility with the rest of the home and whether it will endure the test of time. For example, Wellborn Cabinet can accommodate nearly any design style with a wide variety of kitchen cabinetry products. With the variety of options available, it can sometimes become more of a hassle than a fun improvement on your home. However, these different kitchen design styles can help you decide what suits your home while also fitting your personal style. Transitional Transitional styling blends the comfort and warmth of traditional 74 On The Market

design with the clean profiles and understated colors of the contemporary look. The result is often gracious, streamlined spaces that radiate harmony. Taking advantage of this style allows you to choose a simple door style, often a shaker, and pair it with an appealing paint color. Neutral paints, such as white, gray and even a venture into the blue color palette, are popular among transitional cabinetry. With decorative pieces usually at a minimum, the emphasis is placed on modest details. Maybe you like some characteristics of the traditional styling but enjoy the simplicity of contemporary. Transitional style encompasses the best of both worlds and fits the style of many homes because of its versatile traits.

Mediterranean Primitive and cozy – but with an edge – the Mediterranean design style makes a statement and is tied together with a rustic feel. Mediterranean styling is characterized by wrought iron, exposed wood beams, multicolored cabinetry and a mix of metals providing its unique ethnic flare. To tie it all together, Wellborn Cabinet’s Sandia, Wellington and Modesto Square door styles

Modern Modern design employs a sense of simplicity in every element. Sleek is a collective term to describe modern design. Every element exudes crispness in shape, simplicity in generally muted color and fundamentals in materials such as glass, metals and wood. Frameless cabinetry is typically the norm for modern kitchens. Colors are explored in soft tones with an accent or two taking center stage. The modern style embraces simplicity, clean lines, technology and the bare minimum required to appropriately handle functional and aesthetic demands. Industrial With its raw, utilitarian appeal, an industrial design style can give modern homes a sophisticated edge. The main feature of industrial styling is the unfinished look that focuses on combining bare and rough surfaces with a clean and flat finish. Industrial style revels in the drama of differing materials such as wrought iron accents, glass doors and brick. To help put a contemporary twist on industrial styling, Wellborn Cabinet’s Chelsea and Antigua door styles are a perfect match for industrial kitchen design, which celebrates a bold starkness with its blend of different metals. Whether your preferences fit perfectly into one category or a combination of several, the goal of creating your dream kitchen is to listen to what style speaks to you. For more kitchen and home remodeling ideas, visit wellborn.com. Creating the Look More than just a space for cooking and eating, the kitchen is where a lot of the action in the home takes place. Whether you’re renovating, redecorating or simply

updating your space, get inspired to transform the area with these style secrets. Transitional style updates the classic, time-tested appeal of a traditional look without sacrificing elegance. Consider adding shaker cabinetry, a neutral color palette – or blue, which adds a subtle hint of color – marble or quartz countertops, natural wood accents, clean-lined furniture and subway or hexagon tile for a neutral backsplash. Mediterranean style is known for its colorful tiles, natural woods and wrought iron details. To create a stylish, inviting kitchen using Mediterranean elements, consider warm colors with cool accents, incorporating colorful decorative tile, featuring reclaimed wood, choosing black hardware in a contemporary shape, adding open shelving and contemporary lighting. Modern style is characterized by aesthetics, efficiency and functionality. Modern styling doesn’t worry about characterless kitchen design, though. It has the habit of turning rooms into showcases. Common amongst modern styling is a clutter-free space, and in doing so, everything is hidden behind the cabinet doors making storage solutions vital. To get the modern look, consider adding a geometric backsplash and natural wood accents, ditching cabinet hardware and installing technology into the space. Industrial style is often the design of choice in warehouse conversions and loft remodeling because of its celebration of unfinished and hard-working elements. A little rough, but by no means dull, the industrial style can be created using an individual unfinished wall made from concrete or masonry, a neutral color palette such as grays and browns with “cold” metals (not gold or brass), muted or mattefinished appliances and wire-hung metal chandeliers.


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Bonnie ComBs Cell: 850-261-2677 office: 850-432-5300 Wife of a Veteran

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Here to help you find your dream summer home in Pensacola !

2204 n 61st ave, PensaCoLa, FL 32506

Large home, 5 Beds, 3.5 Baths, 4,424 sq. ft. Fully equipped Theatre Room. 2 Car Garage being used as a Music room & Man Cave.


• Janet Moore • RealtoR, GRI, SFR


Janet.Moore@FloridaMoves.com 2241 CriCket ridge dr, Cantonment, FL 32533 Ready for Summer Fun!! House with a POOL and great schools! 4 Beds, 2 Baths, 1,862 sq. ft.

Four legged members of the family need a place to unwind at the end of the day too...

5561 Woodbine Rd. Pace, FL 32571

Pensacola native, beach ProPerty exPert Tony Brown

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Sydnee Johnson Going above and beyond to find your next home. SYDNEE JOHNSON Realtor 22A Via DeLuna 4475 Bayou Blvd. Pensacola Beach, FL 32561 Pensacola, FL 32503 sydneejohnson.cbintouch.com (850) 712-6772 Cell sydnee.johnson@floridamoves.com Follow me on

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on the market

The Main Street Foundation Building relationships and making a difference

The Main Street Foundation is one of those good-feeling, hometown organizations that inspire an overwhelmingly authentic “good people, doing good” vibe. Since 2012, the folks at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Main Street Properties have been fulfilling Christmas wishes, slinging Manna food pantry bags, buying baseball tickets for veterans, caring for our elderly and just offering a helping hand to distressed families in our community. All this good-doing begs the question, is this really a real estate company – or something else entirely? We caught up with Audie Street and Holly Lovett, the owners of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Main Street Properties and the founders of The Main Street Foundation. Their explanation?

78 On The Market

“We’re not really a real estate company,” they said. “We’re a relationships company in the real estate business. Building relationships, giving back to the community that has so embraced us and spreading love and good cheer is critical to our vision – we want to be everyone’s favorite real estate company – and helping out where we can is just the right thing to do.” In the world of business and its accompanying hyper-focus on return on investment, it is inspiring to encounter an organization with as much give-back attentiveness as this group. With over 30 service activities in any given year, (mind you, one of those was collecting more than 12,000 pounds of food donations door-to-door) their hope is that they will inspire like-minded companies and individuals to get involved in making our community a better

place. The idea that we can all make a small difference – be a catalyst for change and make this world a little better – drives this group like a powerful magnet and it’s just cool to witness. If you want to help these guys do some good and spread some cheer, be sure to stop by their annual luauthemed fundraiser for The Main Street Foundation. Admission is free – come enjoy good food, good drink, tantalizing silent auction items up for bid, a few entertaining surprises and as we can attest, really good people pulling together for one great cause. #givewhereyoulive The Main Street Foundation Annual Luau takes place on Friday, July 26 from 4 to 9 pm at the main expo hall at the Pensacola Fairgrounds.

850.232.4001 www.pensacolahomelistings.com conna@connaodonovanteam.com

2739 Sunrunner Lane Gulf Breeze • Sandpiper Village 3BD/2.5BA   2,881 SF $408,000  MLS# 555432

509 Ft Pickens Rd  Pensacola Beach • Gulf Side 3 BD/2.5 BA   2,370 SF   $849,900  MLS# 541718

Regency Towers Condos Pensacola Beach • Gulf Waterfront 2BD/2BA  $450,000  MLS# 555485 1BA/1BA  $345,000  MLS# 555829

1620 Bulevar Menor Pensacola Beach • Townhome 3BD/2.5BA   1,715 SF $389,900  MLS# 549534 

1215 Ariola Drive • Pensacola Beach

Magnificent beach home with direct Gulf views, pool and hot tub. Open floor plan  with wide plank heart pine floor. Chef’s kitchen, Thermador 6 burner gas stove and  Mahogany cabinets. Great rental potential.

4BD/3BA   3,362 SF • $1,325,000  MLS# 551810

618 Shiloh Dr Pensacola • Bridgewood 3BD/2BA   2,016 SF $218,700  MLS# 550913

825 Bayshore Dr #1007 Pensacola • Waterfront Condo 2 BD/2.5 BA   1,800 SF $399,500  MLS# 548814

For 27 years, Adams Homes has built a reputation based on exceptional quality at an unbeatable value. Contact us today to learn more about communities in your area and see what makes the Adams Homes Difference!

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contemporary custom built gulf breeze home

18 Shoreline Place, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 Features: • Split level contemporary, super energy efficient new construction ICF home • Custom Iron railings • Gulf Breeze Proper • 4 Bedrooms 4 Baths • 3,500 Sq. Ft.

Clayton Henderson | 850.565.0529 | ClaytonSellsPensacola@gmail.com

A new place to call home... 4 pORTOfiNO DR, peNSaCOla BeaCh

2025 heSpeRia Way, peNSaCOla

2 Bed | 2.5 Bath | 1,333 Sq.Ft | MLS# 548086

4 Bed | 3.5 Bath | 3,632 Sq.Ft | MLS# 551907

2435 ReSeRVaTiON RD, Gulf BReeze

1698 Via DeluNa DR, peNSaCOla BeaCh

00 iNNeRaRiTy pT RD, peNSaCOla

0 TaRpON DR, peNSaCOla

4 Bed | 3 Bath | 3,990 Sq.Ft | MLS# 550383

1.42 acreage | MLS# 543002

KimBeRlee Bell 850.375.8792


2 Bed | 2 Bath | 1,108 Sq.Ft | MLS# 547792

7.75 acreage | MLS# 542834

Camille Ripley

NMLS# 659702

850.712.5999Â NMLS ID 556357 | Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender



ally Owne c o

RichaRd SteineRt aRtiStic diRectoR

Training Division | Age 7+

Takes students through a graduated system of study that encompasses classical ballet, contemporary movement and jazz techniques

Community Division | All Ages

For the more casual dancer focusing on recreation and exercise


Children’s Division | Ages 3-6

A syllabus-guided training to prepare students to move seamlessly into the Training Division




Ballet Pensacola Academy

n it y D r



Registration begins July 1, 2019 | Classes begin August 12


Sibling and multiple-class discounts available Call NOW to enroll your child!


400 South Jefferson Street | 3rd Floor | Pensacola Cultural Center www.balletpensacola.com

KATHY TANNER 850.982.0755

KELLEY AMOS 850.417.5779

MICHELLE CURRY 850.221.8795

Move in ready island style property featuring a wonderful full wrap around deck, panoraMic island view in crows nest and short walk to pensacola Beach eleMentary charter school. 901 corto dr., pensacola Beach, fl | $635,000 | Mls# 544409

tanner realty of nw fla, llc 421 e. ZaragoZa st. pensacola, fl 32502 “In The Heart of Old Seville Since 2003” 850-435-9007

Southern Classic


3711 Turnberry Drive, Gulf Shores AL • Turnberry Village at Craft Farms • Overlooks the 18th Green/Cotton Creek Clubhouse • Over 1,700 additional square feet of porches • French doors which open onto a veranda in all bedrooms • 2 Master Suites • Solid Oak Hardwood Floors throughout home • Sauna • Butler’s Pantry with Wet Bar • Custom floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in spacious Family Room • Separate formal dining room • Lap-size Swimming Pool • 2 Fireplaces • Spacious Bonus Room or children’s play room • 3 car garage • & more! Call today for a showing!

Christine Slaughter | 251.942.3141 christine@christineslaughter.com

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LUXURY LIVING 4+ br / 3 ba 3,326 Sq. ft.

$859,000 Gulf viewS

9 West Galvez Ct, Pensacola Beach

SOLD 4 br / 3 ba

1500 Via Deluna Dr. B-3, Pensacola Beach

3,024 Sq. ft.

$1,060,000 2 br / 2 ba

200 Pensacola Beach Rd K-3, Gulf Breeze


1,080 Sq. ft.


Sound front

PRemIeR CoastaL team Jenn Cole 850-712-4084 Stephanie Harrington 850-816-6684

Profile for Ballinger Publishing

Pensacola Magazine, July 2019  

Pensacola Magazine, July 2019