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12 Emily Echevarria, editor


CAN YOU FEEL that, you guys? Love is in the air! Ew, no, I’m not talking about the prepackaged, cardboard chocolate, stuffed-gorilla-holding-a-heart-type love. I’m not talking about the oh-so-romantic Valentine’s date you’ve been meaning to start planning. I’m talking about all the love Downtown Pensacola has been getting. Social media seems to be teeming with well-clicked blog posts and articles about our secret gem and my inbox is seeing more and more press releases about accolades from travel magazines and tourism organizations and…I’m not really sure where else—I only skim them. After all, I’ve known what these emails are telling me all along: Downtown Pensacola is amazing! There’s been such a burst of activity and it seems that growth spurt will continue on as various projects are completed and planned ones begin. The REX Theatre renovations, the new YMCA, the ferry system and the high

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Feb 2015 downtowncrowd.com

hopes for the ECUA property all loom in our future, whether near or far off on the horizon. But remember when the Maritime Park and the baseball team seemed like distant fantasies? Or when the Ever’man expansion seemed like it would never be complete? Those future visions are realities now, and the momentum surrounding the area is incredible. In this issue we’ve featured some of the new additions that are pushing that momentum forward as well as some mainstays that have been a bedrock in Pensacola all along. Speaking of momentum, Pensacon is hitting us again this month with another super-powered, action-packed and celebrity loaded edition of Pensacola’s own comic convention. Find out what the sequel to this epic pop culture powerhouse will bring on page 13. We’ve also got an artist profile on Michael Boles, a Pensacola sculptor and educator who’s been active in our art scene for 35 years. Read about his work and life living Downtown on page 10, then check out his exhibit starting Feb. 20 at the Pensacola Museum of Art. If the love in the air you’re feeling is more of a mid-February date night, go ahead. There’s only like a million options Downtown to suit any couple’s style and taste (some ideas on page 8). As for me, like Carrie Bradshaw and New York City, Downtown Pensacola shall be my valentine—every day of the year! Does this reference date me? I don’t care! Culturally relevant dramedies will come and go, but for me Downtown will always be the home where my heart is.

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Downtown Improvement Board 2015 is off and running! It’s playing out to

the air and the DIB continues to strategize to make

Grand Mardi Gras Parade in Downtown at 2 pm.

be an exciting year for Downtown Pensacola.

Downtown shine even brighter, to be more inviting,

Vacancy on Palafox Place virtually dried up, many

more exciting, more diverse and of course just

Feb. 27 – March 1 and will bring exciting celebrity

To wrap up this month, Pensacon runs from

new shops and restaurants opened their doors

simply more fun.

guests and sci-fi/gaming enthusiasts to the

and several existing merchants chose

On the horizon we have several exciting

to remodel. In addition, Gallery Night

events coming up. Mid-February the DIB will

supporting the Downtown community and we very

blossomed to 12 times per year with

feature “Great Dates in Downtown” – a must-

much appreciate their contributions to events,

12,000 to 15,000 people enjoying the free

do list of night out ideas for downtowners to

fundraisers and happenings around Pensacola.

festive atmosphere in Downtown. In

area. Pensacon has done a wonderful job of

experience with their sweetheart, friends

If you have thoughts drop me an email at dib@

visiting many of the merchants,

and family. To continue the festivities,

downtownpensacola.com. Also, stay informed and

and although not scientifically

Mardi Gras balls pepper the calendar

engaged by going to downtownpensacola.com

until Feb. 13 at 7:30 pm with The

and signing up for our newsletter and information

Krewe of Lafitte Illuminated Parade


done, I have heard unanimous improvement in sales over 2013. You can almost smell spring in


Feb 2015 downtowncrowd.com

Ron Butlin, DIB Executive Director

followed by Saturday’s Pensacola


Sat. Fri. Sun. Tue. Thu. Fri. Sat. Fri. Sat. Fri. Sat. Sun.

Group rates and military discounts available!

January 31, 2015 vs Peoria Rivermen 7:05pm February 6, 2015 vs Mississippi Riverkings 7:05pm February 8, 2015 vs Knoxville Ice Bears 4:05pm February 17, 2015 vs Louisiana IceGators 6:35pm February 19, 2015 vs Fayetteville FireAntz 6:35pm February 20, 2015 vs Fayetteville FireAntz 7:05pm February 21, 2015 vs Fayetteville FireAntz Fe 7:05pm March 13, 2015 vs Columbus Cottonmouths 7:05pm March 14, 2015 vs Columbus Cottonmouths 7:05pm March 20, 2015 vs Louisiana IceGators 7:05pm March 21, 2015 vs Louisiana IceGators 7:05pm March 22, 2015 vs Huntsville Havoc 4:05pm



Big Hole Golf Tournament Saturday, February 28, Scenic Hills Country Club Big Hole Golf is a new, faster-paced, 9-hole game. It’s a perfect outdoor activity for families and friends, both seasoned golfers and beginners. Join us for the inaugural tournament—the first in Florida. All proceeds will benefit WUWF Public Media.

Details and registration information can be found at scenichills.com or wuwf.org.

downtowncrowd.com Feb 2015


It’s Kaboom!

Kaboom Sports & Social Club, that is. The Pensacola-based club for adults has organized recreational activities for local groups and have to be a star athlete or part of a individuals since it was kicked teamYouindon’t order to join the fun and games at Kaboom. “Having fun is our number one priority at off in February of 2013 by the Kaboom. You do not need to be amazing at sports to participate in our leagues. You just need to have husband-and-wife tag team, a good attitude and the desire to have fun,” said Krissy and Mark Robertson. This Krissy, owner and director of Kaboom. Kaboom welcomes solo participants and year, Kaboom’s exciting line-up encourages subbing, or acting as a substitute player for groups in need of temporary includes cornhole tournaments, replacements, so individuals can play in group tournaments. Come one and come all! Kaboom’s third annual It’s Time to Party Gras pub crawls and a Retro 80’s ski Pub Crawl will return on Feb. 7 in Downtown trip to Vermont. Pensacola. This year’s Mardi Gras-themed crawl By Dawn Gresko “Having fun is our number one priority at Kaboom. You do not need to be amazing at sports to participate in our leagues. You just need to have a good attitude, and the desire to have fun.” 6

Feb 2015 downtowncrowd.com

will take participants through the Pensacola Bay Brewery, O’Riley’s Irish Pub, as well as World of Beer. Be sure to wear your purple, green and gold, and don’t forget to bring your boas, masks and beads for the best-dressed contest! In honor of the retro ski trip planned for March, and in lieu of the annual St. Patty’s Day Pub Crawl, Kaboom is hosting a Retro 80s Prom Pub Crawl on March 21. If you are interested in flaunting your best (or worst) 80s fashion fads, then check out the details to be posted on Kaboom’s events page in mid-February. All pub crawls hosted by Kaboom will donate

10 percent of proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. Fans of Hot Tub Time Machine are in for a treat with the March 13-15 Retro 80s Ski Weekend in Stowe Mountain, Vermont. Kaboom is joining the trip hosted by LAGNAF, a skiing group from Boston who enjoys themed parties, for a second year of retro revelry. Join Kaboom at the Cornhole Classic tournament on Feb. 10 at Apple Annie’s in Seville Quarter. Tickets are $50 per team and $25 per individual. The proceeds will be divided between first and second-place winners, who will donate winnings to a charity of their choice. First-place winners will receive a fireball trophy and free entry to March’s Smokin’ Cornhole tournament on March 7 at the Smokin’ in the Square BBQ Cookoff. The tournament begins at noon and will be located behind the Pensacola Bay Brewery. Drink specials are included in the ticket cost of $40 per team, and all proceeds are donated to the Alfred-Washburn Center. Feeling left out and ready to go Kaboom? Keep calm and carry on to kaboomssc.com, where you’ll find new ways to connect with your community and have explosive fun.

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V-DAY THREE WAYS THE SAPPY COUPLE Before the alternative, aloof couple convinces you that shunning the pervasive romantic holiday that is Valentine’s Day is cool, or the lone wolf tells you to spend time self-improving on this day as if they don’t already treat themselves every other day of the year, allow me to convince you of this day’s merits and share with you some ways Downtown can be a bastion of romance just waiting to be discovered. The history of the holiday notwithstanding, Valentine’s Day has become a cultural juggernaut of commercialized love and romance. As distasteful as that may be, it cannot be ignored, even by those who actively try. Everyone knows what Feb. 14 is, and pretending it is not something unique, even if you don’t agree with it, does not make it any less so. Guys the world over will say that they show their significant other love everyday of the year, so why concentrate on one day? Girls will claim that they don’t really care if the one they’re with does anything, but why should apathy be an excuse to not shower niceties on our soulmates? Well, those are both cop-outs and proclaiming them doesn’t make you cool, any more than celebrating your love on a day to which it is assigned makes your expressions meaningless. In this spirit of unimpeded romanticism, I suggest the traditional V-Day fare on this holiday. As a generation whose lives and styles are always accompanied by an asterisk and feels out of place in any type of genuine action, I encourage us to simply lean into an institution that encourages thought, attention and love. It might do our moronically ironic selves some good. A dinner at Global Grill, V. Paul’s or Jackson’s is a delightful way to start things off. For the more fiscally responsible, Jaco’s, the Tin Cow, Five Sisters and even outdoor dining at Al Fresco offer something more affordable yet equally intimate. Afterward, why not check out the symphony at the Seanger, take a walk along Bayfront, or grab some gelato at Dolce? Alternatively, you could window shop along Palafox or check out live music at places like Hopjacks or Seville. I promise you that whatever effort you expend relishing this V-Day will be far less exhausting than whatever effort you spend actively avoiding the day and scoffing at those who enjoy it, and much more fun. Love is too rare and beautiful a gift to not shamelessly celebrate it every chance we get. 88

Feb Feb2015 2015 downtowncrowd.com downtowncrowd.com

THE ALOOF COUPLE So, you’re coupled up (or maybe you have a platonic life partner/valentine—no judgment), but let’s just say it: you are COOLER that the “traditional” couple that’s having the same, old “romantic” Valentine’s dinner date. You don’t want to be packed into a crowded restaurant, forced to possibly eat a dreaded “special” prix fixe meal, or worst of all, be witness to some cheesy tinyrestaurant-table Valentine’s proposal. Gross! It’s not a stance of hip irony, but a healthy sense of defiance against the facade of pink and red vomit that should compel you to treat this midmonth occasion with ambivalence. While I will not join the zombie horde marching blindly to a fancy restaurant on that Saturday, I, for one, welcome the red streaked candy aisle at Walgreens, though not because I’m showering my love with Russell Stover coconut crème chocolate hearts on Feb. 14. It’s because I’m stockpiling them in the freezer for myself until they return to Walgreens in the form of coconut crème eggs in April. See? I’m not demanding total humbuggery! If you want a date that day, fine. It’s Saturday after all. But I encourage you to eschew the traditional and ignore Valentine’s Day, except to laugh at the nerds crammed into restaurants as you saunter by the windows…with a picnic basket filled with surreptitiously contained wine and several bags of Cheet-os! Head to one of Downtown’s many parks like Seville Square, Plaza Ferdinand or Plaza de Luna with your spoils and toast to your good sense. You’ll be in good company ignoring the forced romance of Valentine’s Day (depending on your definition of good), because guess what else falls on that hallowed Saturday? Pensacola’s Mardi Gras Grand Parade! It starts at 2 pm and it’s the perfect opportunity to have a few guilt-free day drinks while traversing Downtown with your love and getting in some priceless people-watching. Engage your companion in a flirty competition of who can catch the best beads and throws. Once the parade is over and the streets are cleared, get the hell out of dodge and head home for pajamas and Netflix. Both parade attendees and edgy couples will be prowling the streets in search of parking spots and food, and the world will transform into a wasteland of desperate fools trying to claw their way to some unrealized ideal of the perfect date night. Don’t be one of them. Save the dinner date for literally any other day of the year. If you’re reading this now, it’s probably too late to get a reservation anyway.



THE LONE WOLF Singles, prepare yourselves: Valentine’s Day is upon us. While everyone else will be busy buying last-minute candies and carnations, you won’t. In fact, you’ll be wondering what to do with all of the extra money you won’t be spending on a significant other this year. Here are some ways to indulge and show yourself some love in the spirit of the holiday. Bring yourself to Still Waters Day & Medical Spa for a bit of professional pampering this V-Day. You’ll enjoy the food, aromatherapy and massage services wrapped up in one tranquil package. Don’t worry about a formal dress code at Still Waters, you’re welcome to come as you are! For a low-key evening out, visit one of the Downtown watering holes on Palafox to sample your choice of whiskeys or wines. Plan a trip to Old Hickory Whiskey Bar to sip from a savory selection of hard liquors in a relaxing and socially engaging atmosphere. Go to The Wine Bar to taste from their diverse menu of European and South American vino, complemented by an assortment of gourmet cheese, meat and bread appetizers. Did I mention The Wine Bar offers home delivery? If you’re preparing for a night of vegging out at home, or hosting a mixer, then you can place your order in advance at thewinebaronpalafox. com. Pick out your favorite bottle(s) of vintage from the online menu to have shipped to your door on Valentine’s Day. Sounds better than carnations, right? So go on, and treat yourself to something special this Valentine’s Day.

850-432-5226 997 S Palafox St

Jaco’s Bayfront

Bar & Grille

On Palafox Marina Overlooking Our beautiful Bayfront


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artist profile: michael boles emily echevarria talks with pensacola artist michael boles about combining crafts and cultures to make one-ofa-kind art. photo by guy stevens

Local artist Michael Boles has been an integral part of Pensacola’s art community for over 30 years—both as a professor at Pensacola State College and creator of decades’ worth of works. The Downtown resident is perhaps best known for his larger sculptural work, but this month the Pensacola Museum of Art will showcase the range of media in which he often works, including drawing, archival inkjet print, relief sculpture and several freestanding sculptures. The exhibit, Object: Sculptures, Print & Drawing by Michael Boles will open with a

10 Feb 2015 downtowncrowd.com

reception during this month’s Gallery Night on Feb. 20, and remain on display until April 18. Boles’ Intendencia Street headquarters houses both his home in the back, and in front, an ample studio space with a roomy work area encircled with power tools. In the center of the studio is a huge tabletop currently holding an in-progress relief piece that takes up almost the entire table. The relief sculptures are created from Boles’ abstract drawings, which he digitizes and sends to a special machine that can cut out the exact vectors from his drawings to the scale and on whatever

metal he chooses. “It’s called a waterjet machine, which uses a stream of water to do the cutting and I tell them what thickness of metal I want each file, and they put the metal on the machine and cut it out and it’s precisely like my drawings,” he says. “I just get the raw materials, bring them back, put them back together and finish it out.” In a room adjoining the workspace the walls are hung with other relief pieces, mostly made from his metal of choice, aluminum, but some adorned with precious stones, horse hair and even in one piece, debris swept up from the studio floor. Many of the pieces feature a splash of bold color and shapes that call to mind things like outstretched wings, human forms, or in several, a heart. Much of Boles’ work draws viewers in with recognizable shapes or symbols and builds on

that foundation of familiar with something much more. He says he feels that this layering of styles causes viewers to take a moment to unravel what they’re seeing in his work. “I like the idea of freely associating various kinds of cultures and ideas and concepts. It’s almost like you’re changing the paradigm when you do that,” Boles says. “If you introduce a Greek or a Roman kind of motif to a work that could be pre-Columbian for instance, it causes you to see either or both in a different way.” Boles’ affinity for combining varying cultural styles and ideas extends to his sculpture, and for those works his drawings are a point of departure, he says. Once he’s found a composition he likes, he carves a full scale model out of Styrofoam and brings that to Fairhope Foundry to create rubber molds, then wax casts, and from

the wax molds the pieces will be cast in bronze, sometimes in several pieces that are welded back together for the finished piece. Of the roughly 44 pieces that will be on display for Object, there will be three freestanding sculptures. The works are from the past ten years, but the bulk is more recent, with several created in 2015. The exhibit comes as he wraps up his 35-year teaching career at PSC; he’ll retire from that position at the end of this semester, though Boles says he doesn’t think of himself as being “retired” in the typical sense. “I never thought of that as a concept that I’d really embrace because how do you retire from being an artist? That makes no sense,” he says. “In a sense I think with the imagery I’m doing and the degree of production I’m doing I think I’m really truly just now hitting my stride.”

The best mornings begin at Blue Morning Gallery. So does the best art. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Become a morning person. Award-winning artists • Local, original art Open 7 days a week 21 South Palafox Place • 850.429.9100 • bluemorninggallery.com

downtowncrowd.com Feb 2015




Manning says. “We just showed them hospitality inaugural edition of pensacon, fans in and I think that’s really pensacola, the greater southeast region helped us booking guests and beyond are eagerly anticipating the this year.” This year’s celeb lineup includes convention ’ s sophomore effort, coming feb. industry heavyweights like Nichelle 27 Through march 1 . Nichols, Lita Ford, Tiny Lister, and Alan Oppenheimer as well as up-and-coming showed that 98 percent of attendees The event has quickly become stars who are currently making names said they would return for another known as an entertainment juggernaut for themselves in popular television Pensacon. in the area, and its reputation among and film productions. Genres range This year Ensley says they’ll prepare fans and guests alike has garnered from horror, fantasy, sci-fi, action and for crowds by capping attendance a hefty hype that’s been building for more, and there are plenty of comic at 15,000, and better utilizing the months in the lead-up to the weekend. book artists and even special effects space in the Bay Center, as well as The team of organizers, led by makeup artists as well. Costuming buffs hosting events at venues other than Pensacon co-founder Mike Ensley, has will delight in the presence of various the Bay Center and Crowne Plaza learned a few things from their first cosplay celebrities, three of whom are Hotel. This year Pensacon will hold successful convention, and they intend known from the SyFy network’s Heroes its costume contest and some larger to only improve from there. of Cosplay. Those three, Monika Lee, panel discussions at the Saenger “We learned that first of all there’s Ricki LaCotey and Katie George, will Theatre, and a prop exhibition will be a huge market for people that want to held at Palafox House. A trolley will come to Pensacon, which is a beautiful shuttle attendees from one area to thing,” Ensley says. “The turnout was another. a lot bigger than we expected, so we Celebrity guests are one of the learned that we have to make better biggest draws to the convention, use of our space.” and Pensacon’s director of Ensley says last year organizers marketing and communications expected around 5,000 people to Manda Manning says that the attend the convention to see and event’s solid reputation has meet a variety of celebrities, artists garnered the attention of plenty and vendors. On Saturday more of new guests, as well as a few than 17,000 people filed through the returning ones. doors of the Bay Center, eager to get “We proved in our first year autographs, purchase merchandise, that we’re professional and that we take photos and just mingle with likeminded fans. Despite the attendance know what we’re doing—not only numbers vastly exceeding expectations, were the attendees really happy but I think we were able to please there were few logistical hiccups other our celebrity guests as well,” than some crowded areas, and surveys

After the much-lauded success of the

12 Feb 2015 downtowncrowd.com

host the Pensacon costume contest Saturday night. One new event coming to Pensacon that Manning says organizers are excited to offer is the Short Film Festival, which will be held Friday night at the Crowne Plaza. Nine short films will compete for prizes for Best in Show, the Jury Award and guests can vote on a favorite for the Audience Award. The convention continues to offer something unique that anyone in attendance could get excited about, whether a diehard Dr. Who fan or just someone who loves to people watch. “Our philosophy is still basically the same: just be all inclusive, try

Photo courtesy: eMagination

to have something for everybody. And that’s how we’ve proceeded,” says Ensley. For gamers, there will be 24-hour gaming areas with tournaments and casual play. Once again this year, Artist Alley will feature comic book and other artists and a large vendor area will offer T-shirts, posters and a variety of other items. There will also be several sessions of Geek Speed Dating. Throughout the previous week and the weekend, parties will be hitting plenty of Downtown hot spots, each with a theme to draw in particular areas of fandom, and on Saturday night Palafox will be closed to traffic to allow revelers to easily traverse the area. “We’ve really tried to include Downtown as much as possible so they can benefit from the thousands of people we’re bringing here to have a good time,” Manning says. “We’ve partnered with a lot of the same people that we did last year because I think the first year we were kind of pushing them to get involved and this year they’re biting at the bit to get involved.” On Jan. 29 the City of Pensacola announced a collaboration between Pensacon and the Pensacola International Airport, rebranding the airport as the Pensacola Intergalactic Airport and installing signage welcoming characters from all galaxies. The airport will greet many travelers as the point of entry for many fans and guests at the convention. Look out for some even more unique partnerships and stay updated on guest announcements, ticket availability and information at pensacon.com.

We learned that first of all there’s a huge market for people that want to come to Pensacon, which is a beautiful thing. The turnout was a lot bigger than we expected.

” downtowncrowd.com Feb 2015


14 Feb 2015 downtowncrowd.com



Sake. Is it hot, cold, strong, weak, good with everything like a pineapple Malibu or only to be paired with certain foods, like a cabernet sauvignon? It wasn’t until I started talking to the city’s resident sake experts that I realized how very little I knew about the Japanese alcohol. As sake sales are at an all-time high in the West, I decided it was time to get educated. And not educated under the same desperate and hazy circumstances I experienced during my first and only bout with sake at a chain restaurant in Tampa; no, this time I would learn from people who peddled the good stuff and knew their nihonshu. Sake, for those who don’t know, is a drink made in much the same way as beer. Except, instead of being fermented from wheat, it is made from rice and features an alcoholic content of about 18 percent. That puts it ahead of wine and beer and places it firmly in liquor territory. Undiluted sake is the real deal. According to Marissa

Register, who works at Sumo Sushi on East Garden Street, most people prefer hot sake, the traditional way to experience the beverage. “People prefer hot sake, but the rule remains that you either love it or hate it,” says Register. “If you try it once and you hated it, don’t be discouraged from trying it again.” Register is preaching to the choir here, as my ill-advised induction into the realm of heated alcohol made me swear off the stuff for life at the tender age of 21. “We have an entire cocktail menu featuring different types of sakes,” says Daisy Doyle, a bartender at Khon’s on Palafox and avid sakesipper. Now she’s speaking my language. Apparently, sake can be rich, sweet, spicy—a whole range of characteristics. And, not surprisingly, those drinks go best with certain other drinks. Doyle mentioned sakito, for example, a cocktail of her own design that involves cucumber, mint, ginger root and sake. If you’re more into alcoholic beverages that mimic desserts, combining sweet purple yam ice cream with sake and shaking it up will result in a bushwackertype drink. Alternatively, you can add the steaming brew to hot cocoa with peppermint for a sweet and savory winter-time treat. “It’s very versatile,” said Doyle. “I wouldn’t combine it with juices or fresh fruit, but pretty much everything else is fair game. Women generally like sparkling sakes, while men may prefer

Photo: Kazuki Kolkeda

the dryer stuff. It’s fun to Photo: Scott Akerman experiment while you’re eating, because sake generally goes well with any Japanese food.” Relieved that I wouldn’t have to work out advanced computations to pair things just right (looking at you, winos), I feel more confident recommending the Japanese standard to other squeamish drinkers such as myself. Downtown offers a great variety of sake options and a knowledgeable staff—like those at Sumo Sushi, Khon’s and Nom Sushi Izakaya on South Palafox—ready and willing to help you through the unpredictably formative times of adopting a new favorite brew.

Photo: Jouko Karvonen

downtowncrowd.com Feb 2015 15

Photo by Dominique Wright


Gallery Night Guide Art Music Food Fun

February 20

Come enjoy the sights and sounds of Gallery Night Friday, Feb. 20 from 5 to 9 pm, with Palafox and Government street closures continuing until midnight. This edition is partially sponsored by Pensacon, Pensacola’s own all-inclusive pop culture convention. Expect to see costumed characters, superheroes and villains, and feel free to join the fun and wear your own costume. Stop in to the art galleries throughout Downtown, and visit the opening reception for Object: Sculptures, Prints, and Drawings by Michael Boles at the Pensacola Museum of Art. You can also find the work of plenty of local artists on Government in front of Seville Quarter in Artists Row, as well as along Artist Alley at Plaza Ferdinand. Make a stop at Palafox and Romana to see aerialists performing twists and flips while suspended above the ground. Don’t forget to also pop by your favorite participating restaurants, bars and other retailers that help make Gallery Night a success.

Official Gallery Night Guide sponsored by

Cox Business provides voice, data and video services for more than 300,000 small and regional businesses, including healthcare providers, K-12 and higher education, financial institutions and federal, state and local government organizations. The organization also serves most of the top tier wireless and wireline telecommunications carriers in the U.S. through its wholesale division. According to Vertical Systems Group, Cox Business is one of the largest providers of business Ethernet services in the U.S. based on customer ports and has been consistently recognized for its leadership among small/midsize business data service providers. Cox is currently the seventh largest voice service provider in the U.S. and supports one million phone lines. Call Cox Business today at 1-866-866-2644.

16 Feb2015 2015 downtowncrowd.com downtowncrowd.com 16 Feb


Reus St.


Wright St. 30

FEBRUARY 20, 2015


Al Fresco - 501 S. PALAFOX ST. Artel Gallery - 223 S. PALAFOX PL. Beef ‘O’ Brady’s - 22 S. PALAFOX ST. Belle Ame’ - 112 S. PALAFOX ST. Blend Lounge - 200 S PALAFOX ST Blue Morning Gallery - 21 S. PALAFOX ST. The Bodacious Olive, The Bodacious Brew -

Chase St.

Garden St.


Downtown Pensacola


The streets will remain closed until Midnight. Per city ordinance no animals and no glass bottles.

18. Gulf Coast Community Bank - 40 N PALAFOX ST. 19. Hopjacks Pizza Kitchen & Taproom 20. Indigeaux Denim Bar & Boutique -


St. Intendencia P P


47 5 16 14 21 2 17

t St.




31 27 37


Zarragossa S P

Main St.





DeVilliers S

Coyle St.

21. Intermission - 214 S. PALAFOX PL. 22. Jewelers Trade Shop - 26 PALAFOX PL. 23. Jordan Valley - CORNER OF INTENDENCIA AND PALAFOX 24. Khon’s Asian Bistro - 34 S. PALAFOX ST. 25. Mainline Art House - 422 S. PALAFOX PL. 26. Meadows Jewelers - 125 S PALAFOX ST. 27. Mimi’s Bistro - 313 S. PALAFOX ST. 28. New York Nick’s - 911 S. PALAFOX PL. 29. Old Hickory Whiskey Bar Co. - 123 S. PALAFOX PL. 30. Once Upon a Time - 51 E GREGORY ST. 31. O’Riley’s Irish Pub - 321 S. PALAFOX PL. 32. Pen Air Federal Credit Union - 40 S. PALAFOX PL. 33. Pensacola Museum Of Art - 407 S. JEFFERSON ST.. 34. Picasso Jazz Club - 19 PALAFOX PL 35. Pure Pilates - 426 S. PALAFOX PL. 36. Quayside Art Gallery - 17 E. ZARAGOZA ST. 37. Sam Marshall Architects - 325 S. PALAFOX ST. 38. Seville Quarter - 130 E. GOVERNMENT ST. 39. Subway - 100 S. PALAFOX PL. 40. Susan Campbell Jewelry - 420 S. PALAFOX ST. 41. The Tin Cow - 102 S. PALAFOX PL. 42. Urban Objects - 128 S. PALAFOX PL. 43. Voices of Pensacola - 117 E. GOVERNMENT ST. 44. The Wedding Studio - 130 S. PALAFOX PL. 45. Wild Greg’s Saloon - 22 S PALAFOX ST. 46. The Wine Bar - 16 PALAFOX PL. 47. World of Beer - 200 S. PALAFOX PL. 48. Zarzaur Law Firm - 11 E. ROMANA ST.

Romana St.




P Parking Lots/Garages

19 3 46 24 45 22 10 32 39 48 41 26 15 4 9 20 29 44 42

Jefferson S

(Jackson’s Steakhouse, Fish House, Atlas Oyster House and the Deck Bar, The Courtyard at Seville Tower) 226 S. PALAFOX PL.


28 34 6 11

MAP KEY Official Participating Business


S Tarragona

8. Carmen’s Lunch Bar - 407 S. PALAFOX ST. 9. CCP ArtGallery - 126 PALAFOX PL. 10. Dog House Deli - 30 S. PALAFOX PL. 11. Dollarhide’s Music Center - 41 S. PALAFOX ST. 12. Don Alans - 401 S. PALAFOX ST. 13. Fiore - 15 W MAIN ST. 14. Four Seasons Café - 212 PALAFOX PL. 15. Gracie Martial Arts - 106 S. PALAFOX PL. 16. Grand Reserve Cigar Shop - 210 PALAFOX PL. 17. The Great Southern Restaurant Group

Palafox St.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.




8 40 25 7 35 13


Cedar St. P


Gallery Night is sponsored by:

Brought to you by the Downtown Improvement Board

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Gallery Night






















1. Premier art destination in Downtown Pensacola _______. 2. Popular dinner spot on Gallery Night featuring tapas. _________ Grill. 3. On Gallery Night everyone wants to look “so ______ and so clean clean.” 5. Art gallery and cooperative on Palafox Street. ________ Gallery. 6. Gallery housed in the Old County Courthouse. 7. A spontaneous burst of choreographed dance (two words). 10. Grab a slice of this at the spot mentioned in clue 19 Across. 12. One of the oldest member owned art galleries in the US, located in the historic district. 16. This historic entertainment venue on North Palafox is currently being renovated. 18. Two of this type of instrument have been installed for public use in Downtown—one by Vinyl and one by the Bodacious Brew. 18 Feb 2015 downtowncrowd.com

2. Joe Zarzaur sponsors a Gallery Night event that lets attendees spray paint on a wall along Romana called Legal ________. 4. The PMA will host an opening reception during the February Gallery Night for artist Michael _____. 8. Popular spot to grab a customized burger. 9. Art and gift destination in the Artisan building. 11. The historic complex that hosts more than 60 artists at Artist Row on Government Street. 13. Growing segment of Palafox that houses Restaurant Iron and the historic theatre mentioned in clue 16 Down. 14. Wahoos mascot that can often be seen greeting families at Gallery Nights. 15. DTC’s motto: “Never be ______.” 17. The Saenger’s nickname: “The Grand _____________.” 19. Hopjacks always has a band playing music from its __________ during Gallery Night.


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To advertise here, contact Becky Hildebrand, 433-1166, ext. 31; or Amanda Tomlinson, 433-1166, ext. 28.

We All Have a Heart to Give. Please helP Team epic make a difference for BaBy charley. Please visit her faceBook Page SmileSForBaBycharley. stoP By ePic inc. to Purchase a raffle ticket for your chance to win a gift Basket valued at $275 which includes a Paul mitchell flat iron, Products, chamPagne, and more. tickets are $5 each or 3 For $10 all Proceeds go to BaBy charley. Epic Inc. • 210 East Government St. • 850-912-4636 • #CharleysAngels 20 Feb 2015 downtowncrowd.com

In which we unfairly judge upcoming attractions based solely on their trailers. By Josh Newby.

HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2 RELEASE DATE: February 20 CAST: Thomas Lennon, Craig Robinson, Adam Scott, Gillian Jacobs, Rob Corddry JUPITER ASCENDING RELEASE DATE: February 6 CAST: Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne What I got from the preview: Ugh. Apparently, Mila Kunis is the queen of the universe or something, but she doesn’t know it, and our alien overlords want her dead so they can destroy our earthly paradise to put up a parking lot. An elf-eared Channing Tatum is also charged with protecting her while not falling in love. But I bet they totally do. Most notable for: Oh, how the mighty Wachowski siblings have fallen. That this big-budget spectacle from the creators of The Matrix, intended for release last summer and then over the 2014 holidays, is finally ascending to a theater near you is perhaps the most notable of all. Unqualified critical observation: Delayed releases are never a good sign (see: any movie that’s ever had a delayed release), and even if they were, I still wouldn’t have hope for this mindless special effects extravaganza that seems big on world-building and elf ear prosthetics but little on things like character development and a story anyone cares about. Jupiter not waste $8 on this.

SPONGEBOB: SPONGE OUT OF WATER RELEASE DATE: February 6 CAST: Tom Kenny, Antonio Banderas, Seth Green What I got from the preview: The famous sponge whose tales of adventure still somehow hold water is journeying away from his pineapple under the sea to find a stolen Krusty Krab recipe that is hidden in our world. In this 3D land of humans, our hero must fight battles with a pirate and other nefarious characters while delivering top-notch puns. Most notable for: Our favorite water-logged heroes get the CGI treatment for the first time ever in their second movie ever, and hopefully the charm of 2D animation translates well. Unqualified critical observation: I haven’t watched any absorbent and yellow and porous adventures in quite some time, but I have fond memories of the giggle-worthy humor. This movie may very well signal my reintegration into the world of nautical nonsense.

What I got from the preview: After exploiting their knowledge of the future to become wealthy and successful pop stars and internet moguls, the team from the original sleeper comedy hit of 2010 travel to the future to discover that they will soon fall on hard times unless drastic action is taken. They journey throughout the decades to discover where things went wrong and correct their fates. Most notable for: This sequel seems to retain the heart of the original while pushing the threshold

Fi l m

of acceptable humor even further. This may just be the rare sequel that outshines the first. Unqualified critical observation: The original was far funnier than it had any right to be, thanks to a winking acceptance of its ridiculous premise and envelope-pushing humor from its fully-invested cast. The trailer features one-liners aplenty and an expanded list of talent. I only wish I could travel to the Feb. 20th of the future and enjoy this adventure now.

50 SHADES OF GREY RELEASE DATE: February 13 CAST: Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson What I got from the preview: The preview pretty much shows everything that happens story-wise in this tale of lost innocence and lust. Poor, little, helpless literature student Anatasia Steele is introduced to the world of luxury and torment by the mysterious Christian Grey, much like how I met my wife. You know the rest. Most notable for: Since the Twilight fan fiction was first published, housewives have been rabidly discussing who would play Grey. I think they could’ve done better than Dornan, but the endless chatter does represent the fever pitch of insanity accompanying this release. Unqualified critical observation: Curiosity may get the best of me and force me to give up $8 to watch this in the same way Grey forced Steele to give up her…literary ambitions. I’m sure it will be well-made, and the soundtrack sounds killer, but I just can’t support the story, what little there is of it.

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE RELEASE DATE: February 13 CAST: Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson, Taron Egerton What I got from the preview: A young punk teen is enlisted into Her Majesty’s Secret Service because apparently MI6 recruitment is way down. Anyway, Firth’s character takes several similar head cases under his wing and puts them through an intense regimen of learning to become teen secret agents and not fall in love. But I bet they totally do. Most notable for: Honestly, I was surprised to see this earn an R rating. It seems to be pandering to the mid-teen demographic and I was certain it’d get slapped with the industry-favorite PG-13. There may be more to this preview than meets the eye. Unqualified critical observation: I wasn’t really sure about the motivation behind this movie, until I realized that it’s based on a comic book. That’s all Hollywood needed to know, apparently, and that’s all I need to know to avoid it.

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Word on the Str e e t

Shakespeare Games at First City Art Center Starting Feb. 13

First City Art Center has long been the place to take excellent workshops in arts like painting, photography, glass blowing, and pottery, and now it’s also a place to learn about theatre arts and Shakespeare. Beginning in February, members of the First City Shakespeare Company will offer training for all ages at the First City Art Center, beginning with a Shakespeare Games class for kids ages 10 to 16 on Friday afternoons. The seven-week workshop starts Feb. 13 and will introduce students to Shakespeare through theatre games and will culminate in the presentation of a short play during the final class. In addition to the Shakespeare Games class, FCS members will offer single workshops in performance technique, accessing emotional life, and using the text the develop character. Registration information and class descriptions are available on the FCAC website at firstcityart.org. Visit the FCS page at setsco.org to learn more about First City Shakespeare and the Southeastern Teen Shakespeare Company.

Bubba Watson Purchases Ownership in Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos recently announced that two-time Masters Champion Bubba Watson has purchased ownership in the Minor League baseball team located on Pensacola Bay. Born in Pensacola and raised in nearby Bagdad, Bubba has been a big fan of the Blue Wahoos, the Double-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds, since they moved to Pensacola. In honor of the partnership, the team will begin selling co-branded merchandise, a Bubba Dub Grilled Cheese, a double decker grilled cheese sandwich with crispy hash browns inside, and the restaurant and bar behind home plate will be renamed Bubba’s Sand Trap. The first game of the 2015 regular season at Pensacola Bayfront Stadium is on Thursday, April 9 against the Biloxi Shuckers (Milwaukee Brewers) at 6:30 pm. For more information visit bluewahoos.com.

UWF Archaeology Institute Receives $290K Grant

The University of West Florida Archaeology Institute recently received a Special Category Grant totaling more than $290,000 from the Florida Division of Historical Resources to explore a Spanish fleet associated with Tristan Luna from the 1500s. The archaeological remains of the Spanish ships, located in Pensacola Bay, are the oldest documented in Florida waters. According to the terms of the matching grant, UWF archaeologists will conduct fieldwork, laboratory analysis, artifact conservation and curation, archival research in Spain and public outreach for two years. To learn more about the UWF Division of Anthropology and Archaeology, visit uwf.edu/anthropology.

United Way of Escambia County 2015 Workplace Campaign

The City of Pensacola has kicked off its United Way of Escambia County 2015 Workplace Campaign to help raise funds for local programs and agencies. Along with employee pledges, in-kind donations are being accepted to further assist the needs in our community. During the month, different items from the United Way’s Community Wish List will be highlighted and can be donated on the first floor lobby at City Hall. The City welcomes all citizens to donate and work together to improve the lives in our community. Week 4: February 2 – February 6
Paper Towels & New/Gently Used “Business” Attire Week 5: February 9 – February 13
Hand Sanitizer & New/Gently Used Jackets Week 6: February 16 – February 20
Kleenex Tissues & Juice Boxes Week 7: February 23 – February 27
Individual Snack Food Packets & Toilet Paper

Angel’s Garden Presents Author & Speaker Kathleen Logan Feb. 10

Angel’s Garden, a unique art and gift shop located at 1208 N. 12th Ave. in East Hill, will host a special presentation featuring author and motivational speaker Kathleen Logan. Logan authored the book Second Blooming for Women: Growing a Life That Matters After 50, and she will speak at Angel’s Garden Tuesday, Feb. 10 at 6 pm. The topic for the presentation is Be the Catalyst For the Change You Want in Your Life. Come to Angel’s Garden for this inspiring evening and visit secondbloomingforwomen.com for more information about Kathleen Logan. downtowncrowd.com Feb 2015


Da t e l i n e D o w n t o wn

Pensacola Grand Mardi Gras Parade Feb. 14 One of the country’s original celebration sites, Pensacola hosts this family-oriented Mardi Gras parade in the historical Downtown area. Crowds catch beads, doubloons and moonpies galore as they are thrown from floats! The Grand Mardi Gras Parade will be Saturday, Feb. 14 at 2 pm. For more information visit pensacolamardigras.com.

Ice Flyers 2014-2015 Season The back-to-back SPHL champions the Pensacola Ice Flyers are back at the Pensacola Bay Center for thrilling ice hockey. For more information call 432.0800. Feb. 6 vs. Mississippi RiverKings Feb. 8 vs. Knoxville Ice Bears Feb. 17 vs. Louisiana IceGators Feb. 19 vs. Fayetteville FireAntz Feb. 20 vs. Fayetteville FireAntz Feb. 21 vs. Fayetteville FireAntz Atlas Beverage Classes at the Fish House Deck Feb. 5 Atlas Oyster House presents the next installment of Atlas Beverage Classes (A.B.C.). This semester will feature handcrafted beers, two featured spirit brands, and now cocktails with beverage director Josh Goldman, each paired with small plates. Classes are held on the Deck Bar the first Thursday of the month and will feature a presenter for four tastings. Classes begin at 6 pm and cost is $20 per person (plus tax and gratuity). The Feb. 5 class will feature the Aviator Brewing Company. Reservations are required. Call 516.2324 to reserve a seat. 24 Feb 2015 downtowncrowd.com

IHMC Evening Lecture Series Presents Seeing the World Through the Eyes of a Raptor Feb. 5 Join the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition for the latest edition of its evening lecture series on the second Thursday of each month. On Feb. 5 accomplished natural scientist and environmental educator Roger Smith will speak on the topic Seeing the World Through the Eyes of a Raptor. Raptors, or birds of prey, occupy a diverse array of habitat types around the world, including the air, land and sea, and therefore provide us with a multi-faceted view of our world and the ecosystems we share. Starting with a focus on a small raptor conservation center in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Smith will branch out to explore the natural history and conservation of some of these magnificent animals. The talk is free but reservations are recommended. Doors open at 5:30 pm and the lecture begins at 6 pm. The IHMC is located at 40 S. Alcaniz St. For reservations call 202.4462.

City Trolley Tour Feb. 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26 All aboard the Snowbird Express for a narrated tour of historic Downtown Pensacola. Tours depart from the Visit Pensacola Visitors Information Center and run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 am and 2 pm only. Reservations are required, as seating is limited. For more information call 941.2876. Sound Healing with Brooks Hubbert at Breathe Yoga & Wellness Center Feb. 6 Join multimedia artist and musician, Brooks Hubbert, at Breathe Yoga & Wellness Center in Downtown Pensacola for a unique sound healing experience, featuring the meditative sounds of the Waterphone and overtone singing, and accompanied by Chris Ozuna on the didgeridoo. Bathe your mind and body in these otherworldly tones and experience music as a healing art. Breathe is located at 505 S. Adams St. This class will be Friday, Feb. 6 from 7:30 to 9:15 pm. Cost is $20. For more information visit breathepcola.com.

Dateline Downtown Pensacola Double Bridge Run Feb. 7 The Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15K starts in Downtown Pensacola and carries runners over two bridges, across Pensacola Bay and Santa Rosa Sound. Kicking off at 7 am on Feb. 7, the popular race will run from Downtown Pensacola with a tour that includes the historic district, and picturesque Bayfront Parkway, a run through Gulf Breeze, and onto Pensacola Beach. The 5K invites both runners and walkers to travel from Gulf Breeze to beautiful Pensacola Beach on Santa Rosa Island and the Gulf Islands Seashore. Krewe of Lafitte Mardi Gras Parade Feb. 13 Come Downtown to the only illuminated nighttime parade in Pensacola! The crowd can expect to be entertained with marching bands, lighted floats and great throws as the Krewe of Lafitte kicks off Pensacola Mardi Gras celebrations on Friday, Feb. 13 at 8 pm. For more information visit pensacolamardigras.com. 2015 Women in Leadership Conference Feb. 13 The College of Business Executive Mentor Program at the University of West Florida is proud to host the event of the year for women: Women in Leadership - Designing Your Future held at UWF Friday, Feb. 13 from 11:45 am to 5 pm. The conference offers opportunities to hear from and connect with prominent women leaders who have achieved both personal and professional success. As women navigate the path to higher management positions, they are challenged to proactively manage their growth and development to prepare for the leadership roles they desire. Female students need to increase their leadership capacity and prepare themselves for success in the workplace. This conference will connect you with ideas and best practices, recognized thought leaders, resources and solutions, and peers. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the Executive Mentor Program’s biggest and best program yet. Check out the program details and register today at uwf.edu/cob/community-outreach/women-inleadership.

PLT Presents Short Attention Span Theatre Feb. 13-15, 19-21 PLT presents its annual production of Short Attention Span Theatre, in which three directors produce six short plays about love, life, laughter and relationships. This production will be in the M.C. Blanchard Courtroom Theatre and tickets are $10 general admission and $17 for limited cafe seating. For tickets or more information visit pensacolalittletheatre.com. 12th Avenue Flea V-Day Extravaganza Feb. 14 Enjoy the unique vendors at the 12th Avenue Flea Market, featuring handcrafted items, vintage and more! The Flea’s V-Day Extravaganza is held from noon to 5 pm in the green space in front of the Old Sacred Heart Hospital on 12th Avenue at DeSoto Street. Come on out and try something new for your V-Day morning before all the dinner dates and romance of the evening. Meet some new friends and find that perfect gift for your special someone or just treat yourself! For more information visit the 12th Avenue Flea Market Facebook page. My Furry Valentine Adoption Special Feb. 14 On Valentine’s Day, Saturday, Feb. 14, the Pensacola Humane Society is hosting the My Furry Valentine Adoption Special. Get a dynamic duo of pets! There will be discounted adoption fees on select adult dog and cat pairs. The Pensacola Humane Society is a not-for-profit, no-kill shelter for homeless, abandoned and neglected cats and dogs. For more information call 432.4260 or visit pensacolahumane.org. The Pensacola Humane Society is located at 5 North Q Street. Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Street Party Feb. 17 All are welcome to have the last hurrah before Lent at the Fat Tuesday Street Party held Downtown Feb. 17. Procession officially begins when Palafox and Government Streets will host the biggest Mardi Gras Street Party this side of Bourbon Street. For more information visit pensacolamardigras.com.

Cooking Demonstrations & Wine Pairings with Chef Irv Miller Feb. 18 Enjoy a Cooking Demonstration and Wine Pairing at Jackson’s Steakhouse with Chef Irv Miller. For the Feb. 18 demonstration Chef Irv will present “High on the Hog.” Tickets are $45 and there will be two seatings at 5 pm - 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm 9 pm. For reservations call 217.2347. Archaeo Café at Ozone Pizza Pub Feb. 26 The Destination Archaeology Resource Center and Ozone Pizza Pub are hosting Archaeo Cafe on Thursday, Feb. 26 beginning at 6:30 pm. Mercedes Rodgers, a ceramic artist and owner of Full Circle Art Gallery in Fort Walton Beach, will present her talk, “ARTifacts: Contemporary Traditions.” Mercedes’ slide presentation will show how the forms of ancient ceramic artifacts created by the Fort Walton Beach Culture, in the collection at the Indian Temple Mound Museum, inspired her to create a set of contemporary, functional dinner ware. Her presentation will be followed by an open discussion. Archaeo Cafe is held inside Ozone Pizza Pub. It is free and open to the community. Seating is limited to 55 guests. The talk starts at 6:30 pm and guests are recommended to show up by 5:30 pm to receive food and drink orders before the talk begins. Ozone Pizza Pub is located at 1010 N. 12th Ave. in Pensacola. At Archaeo Cafe guests can order food, drinks and participate in a casual and relaxed environment. No lecture halls; just interesting and inclusive conversation. For more information visit destinationarchaeology.org. Palafox Market Saturdays (Excluding Feb. 14) Enjoy the fresh bounty of the farmers market at Palafox Market in Downtown Pensacola! The market is held Saturday mornings from 9 am to 2 pm at the MLK Plaza on North Palafox Street. There will be no market on Feb. 14 due to the Mardi Gras Parade that day. Fresh produce, live plants, baked goods, fine art, and antiques are just a few of the goods available at Palafox Market. For more information visit palafoxmarket.com.

downtowncrowd.com Feb 2015


Ar t · M u s i c · T h e atre

Michael McDonald at the Saenger Theatre Feb. 11 Michael McDonald’s distinctive and soulful voice is one of the most recognizable in the industry today, and Pensacola can hear that voice live in concert at the Saenger Theatre Wednesday, Feb. 11. From 70s-era Doobie Brothers classics such as “What A Fool Believes” and solo hits like “I Keep Forgettin’” through two highly-acclaimed Motown covers albums and recent genrebusting guest spots with alternative buzz bands Grizzly Bear and Holy Ghost, the five-time Grammy-winning McDonald is that rare thing in contemporary pop – an artist whose work is both timeless and ever-evolving. With a career that encompasses five Grammys, numerous chart successes, personal and professional accolades, as well as collaborations with some of the world’s most prominent artists, Michael McDonald remains an enduring force in popular music. Tickets start at $32.50 and are available through the Saenger Theatre box office or pensacolasaenger.com. PLT Presents Last Night of Ballyhoo Jan. 30, 31; Feb. 1; 3-5 The Pensacola Little Theatre presents the Tony Award winning comedy Last Night of Ballyhoo Jan. 30, 31 and Feb. 1 & 3-5. Last Night of Ballyhoo takes place in Atlanta, Ga., in December of 1939. Gone with the Wind is having its world premiere, and Hitler is invading Poland, but Atlanta’s elitist German Jews are much more concerned with who is going to Ballyhoo, the social event of the season. Events take several unexpected turns as the characters face where they come from and are forced to deal with who they really are today. Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances are at 7:30 pm. Sunday matinee is at 2:30 pm. Ticket prices are $14 - $30. For tickets, call the PLT Box Office at 432.2042. Tickets are also available online at pensacolalittletheatre. com or at the PLT Box Office at 400 S. Jefferson St. Improvable Cause at PLT Feb. 1 Improvable Cause is Pensacola’s best (and only) improvisational comedy troupe performing Feb. 1 at 10:30 pm in the M.C. Blanchard Courtroom Theatre at the Pensacola Little Theatre. Improv is unscripted theatre where dialogue is created instantaneously. Tickets are $7 available at the PLT box office prior to shows. For more information visit pensacolalittletheatre.com.

26 Feb 2015 downtowncrowd.com

Spring Chamber Music Concerts at Old Christ Church Feb. 4 The University of West Florida Department of Music will present an afternoon of chamber music on the first Wednesday of February, March and April at 12 pm in the Old Christ Church in historic Downtown Pensacola. The church is located at 405 South Adams St. Every performance in the series is free and open to the public. On Wednesday, Feb. 4, the UWF Chamber Music Class starts the spring semester with a musical celebration of love and happiness. They will perform love songs, duets, trios, serenades and dances. The audience will hear a wide variety of instruments and vocalists as well as four-hand piano repertoire. For more information, please contact the CFPA Box Office at 474.2147.

display them at Jaco’s. That evening from 5-8 pm there will be a special reception where the public is invited to meet the students, discuss their submissions, begin casting their votes, and even enjoy a sample of some featured wines. For the month of February, the public is encouraged to visit Jaco’s and vote for their favorite photo. At the end of the voting a winner and runner-up will be selected. The winner will also receive the opportunity to be one of Jaco’s Art à la carte featured artists for a future month, giving them the opportunity to have an independent exhibit of their work. Come help support Pensacola State College and a future artist by casting your vote during their competition! For more information regarding the contest, contact Jaco’s at 432.5226 or visit jacosbayfront.com or artonthebayfront. com.

Jaco’s Teams Up With PSC Advanced Photography Program for Sunset Photo Contest Feb. 4 For the second year, Jaco’s will host the Pensacola State College Advanced Photography Program “Jaco’s Sunset Contest” as part of their Art à la carte monthly featured artist series. This is the final semester for students in the program whose curriculum includes obtaining experience in exhibiting their work. Jaco’s is excited to partner with PSC again this year to give these students the opportunity to exhibit their work, and to support them in their artistic aspirations. Each student is allowed one submission; their classmates vet those submissions; and on Feb. 4 they will

WUWF RadioLive Feb. 5 WUWF’s RadioLive is back for the first Thursday of each month at the Museum of Commerce at 201 E. Zaragoza St. Concerts start at 6 pm. This concert will feature Jamie Anderson, Dave Nachmanoff and Hiroya Tsukamoto. Admission is free, but please bring canned food or money to donate to Manna Food Bank. For more information visit wuwf.org.

Ar t · Music · Theatre

Blue Monday at V. Paul’s Italian Ristorante Feb. 9 Blue Monday is Jazz Society of Pensacola’s “Blues” night at V. Paul’s Italian Ristorante, and the Feb. 9 edition will feature The DizzyJuke Band. The public is invited and welcome to attend. The restaurant offers a special menu of fine Italian cuisine as well as a full bar. Admission is $10 for JSOP members and guests, $15 for non-members, $5 for students with ID and free admission for military in uniform. Seating is first come, first served. Join the Jazz Society of Pensacola at this event and admission is free. For more information visit jazzpensacola.com. Quayside Presents Showcasing Art in Your Home Feb. 12 - March 23 Quayside Art Gallery presents a one-of-a-kind feature event for all who enjoy decorating and living with art in Showcasing Art in Your Home. Are you a decorator, designer, realtor, condo owner? Do you enjoy decorating your home? Quayside Gallery will be transformed with living venues on the first floor. This special event is an all gallery artist highlight and a special luncheon. A locally owned and operated artist co-op in the reception will be held Wednesday, Feb. 18 from 11:30 am to 1 pm. Historical District of Pensacola houses three floors of beautifully displayed art work with over 100 members. The artwork in the gallery ranges from collage, glass, fiber, jewelry, paintings, photography, pottery, sculpture and wood. Hours are 10 - 5 pm Monday through Saturday and 1 - 5 pm Sunday. For more information visit quaysidegallery.com.

of pEnzAncE

PIraTeS pEnzAncE

By W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan March 13 & 15, 2015 d

an r tl

o t o c o u rt e s y of P

Hold on to your pirate hat for the swashbuckling fun you’ll have with this classically clever comedy packed with wit, trickery and contagiously buoyant melodies sure to get you humming along.

Ph o

The Choral Society of Pensacola Presents “To Pensacola with Love” Feb. 7 The Choral Society of Pensacola is pleased to announce the return of festive celebration “To Pensacola with Love: An Evening of Champagne, Chocolate and Song.” This gala evening celebrates the Valentine’s season and will take place from 7 to 9 pm on Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015 at the Pensacola Museum of Art (PMA). The evening will culminate with a concert presented by the 20-member Choral Society Chamber Singers featuring classic pop songs dedicated to love. Tickets are $25 per person. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Choral Society at 484.1806.



PMA Presents Color in Freedom: Journey Along the Underground Railroad Feb. 6 - April 4 The Pensacola Museum of Art Presents Color in Freedom: Journey Along the Underground Railroad, a collection of 49 paintings, etchings and drawings by painter and printmaker Joseph Holston. These works capture the remarkable courage and determination of individuals during this period of American history. The exhibition consists of four movements that track the moments lived along the journey of the underground railroad and the powerful instinct toward freedom; the unknown world, living in bondage, the journey of escape, and the color in freedom. Color in Freedom will be on display from Feb. 6 to April 4. For more information visit pensacolamuseum.org.



First City Art Center Hot Glass, Cold Brew – Mardi Gras Edition Feb. 6 The First City Art Center’s Hot Glass, Cold Brew Mardi Gras Edition event takes place on Fri., Feb. 6, from 5 pm to 9 pm at its location at 1060 N. Guillemard St. A suggested donation of $25 for non-members and $20 for members gets patrons a one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass cup or clay mug to fill with complimentary beverages all evening long. Patrons will enjoy complimentary food from Fish Fry Magazine, brew courtesy of Pensacola Bay Brewery; live music by Cap Daddy, a new show in the gallery and kids Creative Corner for our younger artists and several live art demos. For more information visit firstcityart.org.



Glen Miller Orchestra at the National Naval Aviation Museum Feb. 5 The world-famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, a fully self-contained 19-member group, is the most popular and sought after big band in the world today. Come hear one of the greatest bands of all time as they bring unique jazz and big band sounds to the National Naval Aviation Museum Thursday, Feb. 5 at 5 pm. Tickets are $30, or $50 for preferred seating. For tickets and more information call 453.2389 or visit navalaviationmuseum.org.

Performed in English with supertitles projected above the stage at the historic Saenger Theatre in downtown Pensacola.


ORDER YOURS TODAY! Hurry, some sections are already sold out.

Call (850) 433-6737 or pensacolaopera.com Michael Greutman

downtowncrowd.com Feb 2015


Ar t · M u s i c · T h e atre

Chris Tomlin’s Love Ran Red Tour at the Pensacola Bay Center Feb. 22 Grammy and Dove® award-winning, Christian worship sensation Chris Tomlin comes to the Pensacola Bay Center Feb. 22 for his Love Ran Red Tour, featuring Tenth Avenue North and Rend Collective.
The highly anticipated night of worship will feature new songs from Tomlin’s newly
released Love Ran Red album along with an array of hits from the past. With nine
albums, 12 No. 1 radio singles, a Grammy® Award and eight additional nominations,
three Billboard Music Awards, 21 Dove Awards, a platinum and four gold albums to his
credit, Chris Tomlin is among the most wellknown and influential artists in contemporary Christian music. Tickets start at only $20.50, $27.50, or $38 and are available at the at the Rodizio Grill Box Office and at pensacolabaycenter.com. Artel Gallery Presents A View from Above Through Feb. 20 Artel Gallery presents A View from Above, a juried exhibit on display through Feb. 20. Artel is a not-for-profit educational gallery located 223 Palafox Place, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. For more information call the gallery at 432.3080 or visit Artel’s website at artelgallery.org. Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Presents Sounds of New Orleans: A Tribute to Louis Armstrong Feb. 14 Join the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra for Sounds of New Orleans: A Tribute to Louis Armstrong at the Saenger Theatre at 8 pm, Feb. 14. This concert is part of the Pops! Series and will feature trumpet soloist Byron Stripling. Tickets range from $22-$84 and are available at pensacolasaenger.com. Jim Brickman in Concert: Love Around the Piano at the Saenger Feb. 15 Experience the sounds of award-winning hit-maker, pianist and recording artist Jim Brickman live at the Saenger Sunday, Feb. 15. Nominated for two Grammys, four 28 Feb 2015 downtowncrowd.com

certified gold albums and over 7 million albums sold world-wide, Brickman brings one of the most entertaining and romantic concert events of the year to Pensacola with Love Around the Piano. With dazzling solo piano and star-studded vocal collaborations, Brickman will wow audience members with his hits including “Valentine,” “If You Believe,” “Love of My Life” and more. Jim Brickman Love Around the Piano strikes the perfect balance between musical intimacy, compelling storytelling and audience interaction. Tickets start at $39 and are available through the Saenger Theatre box office or pensacolasaenger.com. Jazz Gumbo at Phineas Phogg’s Feb. 16 The Jazz Society of Pensacola presents its monthly edition of Jazz Gumbo held the third Monday of each month at Seville Quarter in Phineas Phogg’s. This month will feature The Mardi Gras Dixieland Dandies. Doors open at 5:30 pm and the concert begins at 6:30 pm. Admission is $10 for JSOP members, $15 for nonmembers, $5 for students and free for military members in uniform. For more information visit jazzpensacola.com.

In the Mood at the Saenger Theatre Feb. 19 Hop aboard the “Chattanooga Choo Choo” to “Tuxedo Junction” and get “In the Mood” to hear a “Moonlight Serenade” performed by a 13-piece Big Band and six singer-dancers with some hot boogie woogie at the Saenger Theatre Thursday, Feb. 19! In The Mood is a fully staged tribute to Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, The Andrews Sisters and big band greats of the 1940s. Complete with period costumes and choreography, In The Mood celebrates America’s greatest generation who listened and boogied to up-tempo big band rhythms and danced to intimate ballads. Experience the jazzy, brassy, sentimental and patriotic music of the World War II era. There will be two shows at 2 pm and 7:30 pm. Tickets are $40.50, $50.50 and $60.50 and are available through the Saenger Theatre box office or pensacolasaenger.com.

Ar t · Music · Theatre PMA Presents OBJECT: Sculptures, Prints & Drawings by Michael Boles Feb. 20 - April 18 The works in this exhibition include sculptures, ink-jet prints, and drawings by Michael Boles spanning the past ten years. Boles has been a prolific and active member of Pensacola’s art community since 1980. He is a professor of Art at Pensacola State College’s Switzer Center for Visual Arts and has won numerous local and regional awards. Additionally, his works are on display in many private collections throughout the United States and Europe. An opening reception for the exhibit will be held Feb. 20 from 5:30 to 7 pm. For more information visit pensacolamuseum. org. Pensacola Children’s Chorus Presents One World, Many Voices Feb. 22 Enjoy the beautiful voices as well as choreography and costumes in a showcase of some of the most talented young people in Pensacola. The Pensacola Children’s Chorus, under the direction of Susan and Allen Pote, will present One World, Many Voices at the Saenger Theatre Sunday, Feb. 22 at 2:30 pm. Tickets are $15, $20 or $25 and are available through the Saenger Theatre box office or pensacolasaenger.com. United States Navy Band at the Saenger Theatre Feb. 23 America’s Navy is coming home to Pensacola, one of 32 cities in six states to host a performance by the United States Navy Band during its 2015 spring tour. The concert will take place Feb. 23 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are free and are available at the Saenger Theatre Box Office and the Pensacola State College Lyceum Office. Tickets must be picked up in advance. The U.S. Navy Concert Band, the premier wind ensemble of America’s Navy, presents a wide array of marches, patriotic selections, orchestral works and modern wind ensemble repertoire. For more information visit navyband.navy.mil or pensacolasaenger.com. The Russian National Ballet Presents Cinderella Feb. 25 Experience some of the greatest world-class dancers and choreography ever seen in Pensacola as The Russian National Ballet performs Cinderella at the Saenger Theatre Wednesday, Feb. 25. Cinderella is a full-length ballet in three acts, with music by Sergeo Prokofiev and choreography by Rostislav Zakharov. Tickets are $40 or $50 and are available through the Saenger Theatre box office or pensacolasaenger.com. Tedeschi Trucks Band at the Saenger Theatre Feb. 26 Tedeschi Trucks Band—the 11-member collective led by husband-wife duo Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi— has taken its roots-rich musical mix to audiences across the globe and will be making a stop in Pensacola at the Saenger Theatre Thursday, Feb. 26. Driven by Trucks’ signature slide-guitar sound and Tedeschi’s honey-to-husk voice, Tedeschi Trucks Band delivers an electrifying blend of blues, soul, jazz, and rock drawing from an ever-evolving song list. Tickets are $39.50, $59.50 and $69.50 and are available through the Saenger Theatre box office or pensacolasaenger.com.

Jekyll & Hyde at the Saenger Theatre Feb. 27 The epic struggle between good and evil comes to life on stage in this all new production of the musical phenomenon, Jekyll & Hyde. Based on the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson and featuring a thrilling score of pop rock hits from multi Grammy® and Tony® nominated Frank Wildhorn and double Oscar® and Grammy® winning Leslie Bricusse, Jekyll & Hyde has mesmerized audiences the world over, and it’s coming to the Saenger Theatre in Pensacola Friday, Feb. 27. An evocative tale of two men – one a doctor, passionate and romantic – the other, a terrifying madman; and two women – one, beautiful and trusting – the other, beautiful and trusting only herself. Both women in love with the same man. Both unaware of his dark secret. Tickets start at $48 and are available through the Saenger Theatre box office or pensacolasaenger.com. This Month at Blue Morning Gallery Feb. 1 focuses the Blue Morning Gallery spotlight on its jewelers in the show, Adorn. Christine Chandler, Delia Stone, Elaine Woodward, Holly Vaughn, Jan Kurtz, Joy Oxley, Marcia Holland, Mara Viksnins, and Meghan McMillan will have their work featured until January 28. Blue Morning Gallery windows are also featuring a collection of wildlife and the mesmerizing and vibrant red and gold palate of a Chinese New Year. Several mediums are utilized in this wonderful collection. A variety of Mardi Gras art will be available throughout the season. Gallery Night will be Friday, Feb. 20. Extended hours until midnight and a host of festivities and goodies will be available at the gallery. The duo, the Johnsons, will be performing as well. Blue Morning Gallery is located at 21 Palafox Place. Hours are Monday-Thursday 10 am - 5 pm; Friday and Saturday 10 am - 8:30 pm; and Sunday 12:30 - 4 pm. For information, call 429.9100 or visit bluemorninggallery.com. PSC Presents Historic Civil Rights Photos & Art Faculty Works Through February Historic Civil Rights photographs by acclaimed photojournalist Art Shay and eclectic works by the Pensacola State College Visual Arts faculty are on display at the Anna Lamar Switzer Center for Visual Arts through March 13. A world class, street photographer and writer, Shay spent more than 70 years as a Chicago-based freelance photographer for national magazines such as Life, Time, and Sports Illustrated. His gripping Civil Rights images from the 1960s are on display, accompanied by narratives produced by PSC History Department faculty and students. The perennially popular PSC Art Faculty Exhibition is also on display. This exhibit includes a variety of mediums such as ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, drawing, digital imaging, graphic design, painting, photography and video. Admission is free and the gallery is open from 8 am to 9 pm Monday through Thursday and 8 am to 4 pm Friday. For more information, call the Visual Arts Gallery at 484.2550.

Fish House Deck Bar Weekly Music Schedule Sunday: Regional acts at 8 pm. Monday: Open at 4 pm. Tuesday: Lucas Crutchfield from 6 - 10 pm Wednesday: Lucas Crutchfield 5 - 9 pm; at 9 pm a regional band will play until midnight. Regional bands are changed weekly Thursday: Lucas Crutchfield 6 - 10 pm Friday: Lucas Crutchfield 5 - 9 pm; regional band begins at 9 pm Saturday: Regional bands begin at 9 pm. At Seville Quarter This Month Seville Quarter hosts a variety of entertainment from a wide array of genres. For more information check out SevilleQuarter.com. Mondays: Monday Night Blues, Paper Street Soap Co. Tuesdays: Jazz Jam Wednesday-Saturday: Dueling Piano Show Feb. 1: Greg Lyon, Super Bowl XLIX Party Feb. 6-7: The Red Field, Big Jim Brown & the Speed Kings Feb. 13-14: Grand Theft Audio, Cornbred, Bad Habits Feb. 20-21: Banana Republic, Kategory 5 Feb. 27-28: The Modern Eldorados, Bad Habits, Nick & the Ovorols At Vinyl Music Hall This Month Vinyl Music Hall hosts a huge variety of musical acts featuring many musical styles. For more information check out vinylmusichall.com. Feb. 3: Parquet Courts, Merchandise, Soda Feb. 7: Earphunk, ProbCause, Post Pluto Feb 12: The Revivalists, Hotel Oscar, John Hart Band Feb. 17: Against Me!, Creepoid, Worriers Feb. 19: Diarrhea Planet, company of Ghosts, The Someone Else, JPegasus Feb. 20: Free Gallery Night Concert – Master of Destruction Tour Feb. 27: Bust Out Burlesque Presents Bad Girls of Burlesque! Feb. 28: Kalin & Myles – The Dedication Tour, Golden, Anjali, Derek King

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Fa c e s i n t h e C r o w d Gloria, Montayne, Daysha, Devianna & Caleb Hill

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