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Pensacola Museum of History Showcases 9/11 Exhibit


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New n i s w e r B ielw l eastH th Meet E Hill’s N Neighborhood Brewery

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For this month’s cover story, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the co-owners of Alga Beer Company at their new brewery in East Hill. What these guys have done with the place is truly amazing and the quality of their beer is top-notch. To be clear, I’m no craft beer expert, just an avid connoisseur. So, you don’t have to take my word for it, go give it a try for yourself—you won’t be disappointed.



In addition to their tasty brews and new taproom hangout, the brewery is also home to Pensacola’s newest food truck, Ballyhoo which serves-up fun, concessionstyle foods that pair perfectly with a cold one. Be sure to stop by and welcome them to the neighborhood next time you’re in East Hill. For this issue, we also had a chance to catch-up with the owners of Easy Going Gallery to learn more about their concept for the new art gallery, coffee shop and entertainment venue they just opened-up in Brownsville.

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If you’ve had enough of the relentless heat and daily rainstorms and are looking for something fun to do indoors, we’ve also brought you the latest on the upcoming Art Adrift event at the Studer Community Institute and the new 9/11 memorial exhibit at the Pensacola Museum of History. As always, enjoy this month’s issue and until next time, Cheers.

9 6 5 Questions with Creatives 9 New Brews in the Hill: East Hill Welcomes Alga Beer Company to the Neighborhood 12 Taking it Easy: Easy Going Gallery Opens Multipurpose Venue & Espresso Bar

14 Pensacola Museum of History Honors the Fallen, the Heroes & the Witnesses in 9/11 Exhibit 16 Creative Solutions for Marine Pollution 20 September Events Calendar 22 Military Matters

ON THE COVER - Alga brewer, Carson Langley and co-owners John Hodgdon II, Thomas Grier and Brett Reid, with Hasselhoff and Seymour Photo by Guy Stevens

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Emily Bishop, 22, has spent the last three years intensively training in dance studios in Chicago, Italy and Florida. The buckets of sweat, sore muscles and three hours of training a day are nothing compared to the feeling of electricity pumping through her body when she dances. Bishop has experience in a wide variety of dance genres including tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and heels, but salsa and bachata have stolen her heart. In college at the University of West Florida, she first learned salsa and became the vice president of the Pura Sabrosura Salsa Club. It wasn’t until she met professional dancer, Jose Serrano, at the New Orleans Salsa Bachata Festival that she began training with the Evolución Latina Dance Company in Chicago and became a franchise director of the Evolución Latina studio in Destin, FL. You can follow her on Instagram @emilygbishop_ and catch her teaching dance classes at the Gordon Community Art Center and Enlightened Studios. 6 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

What is it about salsa and bachata that make you so passionate? It’s about allowing the music to take over your body and possess you. There are so many different elements to the music—baseline, percussion and melody with the Spanish guitar, piano and singer—that you can submerse yourself within. With salsa and bachata, there are all these isolated parts of your body that you’re moving. You’re utilizing the ground, moving your hips, then you have your upper body, which moves in tandem, but you’re separating your chest and moving your shoulders. All of these parts of you are making these circles and figure eights, and it’s like this machine that has its own mind. You feel your connection to the earth and your connection to your dance partner, making eye contact, allowing the momentum of both of your bodies to create something. Can you walk me through your creative process for choreography? Everyone has a different method of creating. For me, I start with the music and actually write down what I am feeling at what moments in the song. Then, in the studio I see what naturally manifests itself in my body, trying to create that balance between what my brain is seeing and what my body wants to do. Once I have a general outline, I start to fill in the spaces and pay extra attention to the musicality. What are the parts of the music that are most impactful to the audience? How does the song progress and repeat? Then, I think about what story I want to tell and what emotion I want the audience to feel. Last, I drill it over and over again, tweaking steps until I have it memorized. You studied studio art in college and post a lot of figure art alongside your dance videos. How does your art and dance correlate? Learning about studio art really informed my ideas about creating content and videography. I studied under a retired FSU professor and ended up getting a minor in studio art at UWF. I started learning more about

telling stories with dance and creating visual art with dance. I want to inspire people to find their own space and own their own art. In both my watercolors and pen and ink, it’s all about concepts like colors and line. I start out with this concept or image in my head, and it morphs into an emotional story, just like my dancing. At this point in my life, I’ve been investing heavily in dancing, training my body and pushing myself as far as I can go, and focusing less on my artwork. When you’re not training, do you help instruct dance at the studio? At our studio, I like to say that it’s facilitating the growth of dance. It’s about learning techniques, responding to incorrect technique and drilling their bodies to begin to understand what needs to happen. The brain makes neural connections to your muscles, and the more you repeat those actions, the more you create action without having to think about it. You take away from the training what you want. So, if you want to show up and do burpees and cardio with us, you can do that. If you want to fully invest in learning how to count, you can do that. We have all levels of dancers that come in. A lot of people in the community want to have fun, social dance, become a better dancer and just feel competent on the dance floor. What is next for you in your dance career? I’m at a transitory point in my life where I’m deciding whether or not to stay here in Florida and build the dance community or move to a bigger city like Chicago or LA. I know I want to continue my training and traveling. I’ve been all over Europe, Japan, Guatemala and Puerto Rico. Traveling has really influenced my art and helped me believe that anything is possible. My current goals outside of training are creating shows, getting booked for festivals, having a performance team booked around the world and being a choreographer that creates dance to keep the community evolving. I see so much potential in the artistic evolution of salsa, bachata, heels, hip hop and contemporary dance.


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There is something special about Pensacola in the Fall—crisp blue skies, white sandy beaches, coastal breezes, and cool evening strolls through our historic downtown. Additionally, each fall, Foo Foo Festival layers on arts, cultural, culinary, historical and environmental experiences for the enjoyment of locals and tourists alike. Join in, and experience it all during Foo Foo Fest this fall!

Left to right: Brett Reid, John Hodgdon II, Carson Langley and Thomas Grier

in NEW BREWS the HILL East Hill Welcomes Alga Beer Company to the Neighborhood by Morgan Cole photos by Guy Stevens

fter more than a year of planning and development, and a few pandemic-related setbacks, Pensacola’s newest craft brewery, Alga Beer Company, is now officially open for business.

“The whole build up to us opening was a long ride, and now we’re sort of just taking it all in as it comes,” Alga co-owner, John Hodgdon II said. “The community has been so supportive in welcoming us to the neighborhood and especially the local craft brewing community.” Alga’s co-owners celebrated the brewery’s much-anticipated opening Friday, August 9 at their new location in East Hill. The Alga brick-and-mortar building at 2435 N. 12th Ave. is the former home of the Brew Ha Ha restaurant, which struggled to stay open during its first year of operation and eventually closed in May 2020. Although Alga Beer Company has participated in just about every beer-related event and festival across the panhandle, it’s been without a physical home—until now.

“It’s definitely been a long journey for us to find the right space, but we really have found just the perfect fit,” Hodgdon said. For co-owner trio John Hodgdon II, Brett Reid and Thomas Grier, the brewery was a vision that began to materialize a little more than a year ago, but the original concept for Alga is actually the product of a college home brewing hobby that first began almost a decade ago. Hodgdon entered the equation about two years ago and handles the business and development side of things. Alga co-owners, Thomas Grier and Brett Reid first met while attending college at the University of Alabama, where they also bonded over their love for craft beer. After graduating together, the two friends went their separate ways to pursue career opportunities, with one moving to Birmingham, AL, and the other to Atlanta. 3 DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM | 9

“Our whole purpose is actually to deliver the highestquality product imaginable.”

Grier and Reid continued to strengthen their bond from afar through their shared passion for home brewing. They eventually began experimenting with the craft remotely and often spent their weekends traveling back and forth from their respective homes trying out recipes and mastering new techniques. As the duo became better at home brewing, they started formulating their own recipes and realized that they could actually make some pretty decent beer. “After college ended and we both lived in separate towns, Thomas and I would still get together and home brew. We’d either go to my house or to his on the weekends to brew and drink the new batches that we made,” Reid explained. “From there, it slowly turned from us making beer for us to enjoy, to us somehow brewing even more beer and not having any left for ourselves.” When their home brewing hobby began to transform into something much bigger, they decided it was time for a name and came up with “Alga”—an abbreviated mash-up of the two state names from which the brews originated. Many of the brews that Grier and Reid first experimented with from their Alabama and Georgia homes are more or less the evolution of the six beers you’ll find available on tap. “Our whole purpose is actually to deliver the highest-quality product imaginable,” Grier explained. Alga’s inaugural line-up of brews includes: • Palahops – India Pale Ale (IPA), 6% ABV • Hwy. Juice – Golden Sour Ale, 5.4% ABV 10 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

• • • •

East Hillsner – Pilsner, 5.4% ABV Lo-Fi – New England IPA, 6.2% ABV NeighborhoodBeer(madewithEastHillHoney),5.9%ABV Easy Rider – Hand-crafted root beer by Big Jerk Soda Company, 0% ABV

Palahops, the East Hillsner and Hwy. Juice will always be available on tap with other small batch options featured as part of their rotating beer menu. A thoughtful selection of wines, champagne and assorted craft sodas top-off the Alga beverage menu, which clearly demonstrates their passion for collaborating with other small business owners. One such collaborator is Big Jerk Soda Company, who partnered with Alga to formulate a small batch of root beer made using their soda called Easy Rider. “We partnered with Big Jerk to bring us a root beer we could serve on tap that actually looks like a beer. They’ve toned down the caramel coloring to make it look like one of our actual brews,” explained Hodgdon. This locally-crafted root beer is just the start of more collaborative non-alcoholic beverage offerings to be brewed by the two companies that will be available on tap. “One of the coolest things I’ve seen and that really stood out to me was when I saw a father and son sitting right

“We’re all pretty laid-back guys, and our whole vibe is really all about that as well.”

over there—the father had a glass of beer, and the son had a glass of root beer. They were actually having their first beer together,” Hodgdon said. In addition to their recent collaboration with Pensacolabased Big Jerk Soda Company, they’ve also partnered with the new Ballyhoo Pensacola Food Truck to offer a small but thoughtful menu of treats and snacks that pair perfectly with one of their brews. The new food truck occupies a permanent spot in Alga’s backyard and will be on-site each night serving tasty concession-style treats. “We’re really excited about our partnership with Ballyhoo,” Hodgdon said. “He’s doing a specialty Alga beer cheese that can be used as a topping and comes as part of the nacho tray that’s served with Alga beer.” There is a parcel of grass next to the food truck behind Alga where guests are invited to kick-back in one of the old-school chairs to enjoy a bite with their Alga beer overlooking a larger-than-life “King of the Hill” inspired mural that was hand-painted by Reid’s mother-in-law. Hodgdon and Reid explained that they were also working on finishing-up the empty space adjacent to the backyard hangout area which will soon serve as a functioning event space available to rent for parties, receptions and other special events. Alga’s 5,500-square-foot taproom has a max capacity of around 130 and features various seating arrangements centered around a series of rustic, wood tables—all carved from a single cedar tree. Another one of the taproom’s defining features is the concrete bar top, which was designed and hand-poured by Alga co-owners with a little help from Reid’s father who came into town to assist them before the big opening. Small personal touches like these can be found throughout the space contributing to Alga’s overall “laid-back” vibe. Hodgdon explained that their vision for the brewery was to create a space that anyone could feel comfortable walking into.

“We’re all pretty laid-back guys, and our whole vibe is really all about that as well. We want people to feel comfortable coming into the space whether they’re stopping in on their way home from the gym and are still in gym clothes, or if they’re walking the dog in the neighborhood,” Hodgdon said. Hodgdon and Reid explained that the neutral-colored walls were meant to serve as a blank canvas for the community and that they’d let the identity of the space fill out organically. Alga will host live music with the goal of highlighting up-andcoming artists who don’t have enough visibility in Pensacola.


Ballyhoo Pensacola is a fun, simple concession style food truck that dishes-up delicious snacks and food that conjure memories of your favorite times at Little League baseball games, state fairs and the circus. The concept was dreamed-up by four Chicago Cubs lovers and launched by Bill Manning, owner of The Magnolia.

And as for their stewardship, the brewery recently partnered with the Fishbein Foundation to help raise money for the Gulf Coast Kid’s House and plans to partner with more local charities and nonprofit organizations in the near future.

The bright-yellow food truck occupies a parcel of grass along a stretch of 12th Avenue in East Hill behind Pensacola’s newest craft brewery, Alga Beer Company.

“I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that people are actually coming in here and giving us money to drink our beer, it’s just wild,” Reid said.

From Chicago-style hotdogs and nachos drenched in Alga beer cheese, to Chicago-style popcorn from What’s Poppin Pensacola, the Ballyhoo menu has a little something for everyone—including the kids and your furry friend, too.

Alga is open Monday through Thursday from 4 pm to 10 pm, Friday from 4 pm until midnight, Saturdays from 12 pm until midnight and Sundays from noon until 10 pm. For updates and the latest on Alga’s current beer selections, visit or follow @algabeerco on Facebook and Instagram.

Whether you’re enjoying a cold-one over at Alga or stopping by to grab a bite from the food truck, guests are welcome to kick-back and make themselves at home in one of the old-school, webbed folding chairs

in the shared backyard space. Ballyhoo has the same operating hours as Alga, so be sure to stop by and grab one of their nostalgic treats. Follow Ballyhoo Pensacola on Instagram @ballyhooeats to check-out the full menu and other featured specials.

Open M-F 7:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. @ArcGatewayCafe


Every purchase supports The Arc Gateway mission: to provide the best possible life experiences for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

220 W Garden St, Pensacola, FL 32502

Located inside Studer Community Institute

photo by Guy Stevens


Located in Brownsville, Easy Going Gallery primarily serves as an exhibit space for local artists to showcase their work. The multipurpose venue also operates as an event space, espresso bar and vintage record shop. Pairing with the traditional espresso bar, the gallery offers a rotating menu of specialty coffee drinks and all-natural sodas from Big Jerk Soda Co., as well as small-batch organic Kombucha by the bottle or on tap made by Noli South in Panama City Beach, FL. The Bowers first discovered the space in early 2020 at the onset of the pandemic when it was still an art center and studio space called Interzone. They partnered with owner Matt Pham to host a one-off party featuring local artists and live entertainment. Following the success of their first event, they made plans to 12 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

work together to host more events that same year, but unfortunately, the virus had other plans in mind. Later in 2021, the Bowers learned that Pham did not plan to renew his lease, so Will and Rebecca immediately jumped at the opportunity to acquire the space and turn it into something that could serve as a multipurpose venue for artists, musicians and local creatives. “I have always felt that there was opportunity here in Pensacola, especially with such a large pool of talent just waiting to be discovered,” Will Bowers said. The Bowers kicked-off the grand opening of Easy Going Gallery on August 14 with coffee service starting at 8 am and hosted an evening concert featuring local Pensacola DJ photo by Becca Bowers

photo by Becca Bowers


n August, Will Bowers and his wife, Rebbecca, opened Easy Going Gallery with one goal in mind—to bring the Pensacola art community together and build relationships along the way.

Collective, “Noy Boys” and Orlando disk jockey, Blair Sound Design. The grand opening bash concluded with Miami favorite, DJ Ray, who played well into Sunday morning. Fellow DJ, Will Bowers (also known as “DJ Dad”) explained that he designed the space and layout so that it could be easily utilized by event coordinators and party promoters alike.

“The gallery is open to any and all bands, DJs and acoustic musicians for events and concerts as well,” Bowers said. On Saturday, September 11, the Pensacola Vintage Collective will host an outdoor vintage market at Easy Going Gallery featuring racks of vintage clothing and accessories. There will also be bins of records to shop through inside the gallery.

“I have always felt that there was opportunity here in Pensacola, especially with such a Easy Going Gallery large pool of talent is available to rent just waiting to be Easy Going Gallery for hosting live discovered.” is located at 701 North events and productions, photo shoots, wedding receptions, conferences and more. The space also comes equipped with an industry-standard DJ booth, vintage HiFi sound system and a disco ball.

V Street. For a complete line-up of upcoming events, concerts and art exhibitions, follow @easygoinggallery on Instagram and Facebook.


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people were when they first heard the news or their thoughts about how the world has shifted since that day. Reading through the cards, visitors will see a range of experiences, ages and feelings evoked in the 9/11 stories: “I was stationed in Korea and it was night time when I saw the event on TV. My first thought was that I had fallen asleep and woken up during a movie. My whole world crumbled.” “I was 16, sitting in my science class. We sat in stunned silence watching everything unfold. I consoled my friend whose family member worked in one of the towers. I couldn’t really absorb what was happening.” Once cards are filled out, they are installed in the gallery as part of two floating columns, reminiscent of the Twin Towers. The exhibit can be a somber one for most visitors to take in. The UWF Historic Trust wanted the exhibit to be a space of reflection, especially for first responders who identify closely with the events of September 11, 2001.


THE FALLEN, THE HEROES & THE WITNESSES IN 9/11 EXHIBIT by Claire Stewart Photos courtesy of University of West Florida

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City, Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon in 2001. To mark this space in time and reflect on the seminal events that shaped our nation for years to come, the University of West Florida (UWF) Historic Trust opened 9/11 Remembered on the second floor of the Pensacola Museum of History in downtown Pensacola. 14 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

The exhibit contains items from first responders “First responders are the heroes of the 9/11 story and used at Ground Zero, as well as two artifacts recov- they play such a large role in the Northwest Florida ered from the wreckage site, on loan from the 9/11 community,” Visitor Experience Manager at the UWF Memorial & Museum in New York City. A section of Historic Trust, Wendi Davis said. “We thought that i-beam from the World Trade Center towers is also offering free admission to the 9/11 exhibit for the on display courtesy of the History Museum of Mobile. individuals who save lives day in and day out is the When entering the space, visitors can view footage very least we can do.” and interviews from that tragic day projected on a wall of the exhibit. The footage includes an inter- The Pensacola Museum of History will also be particview with Naval Air Station Pensacola personnel ipating in the 9/11 Memorial Museum’s Tribute in who were involved in the recovery efforts. The 9/11 Light on September 11, 2021, by lighting the exterior Remembered exhibit also includes an interactive of the building blue. space for visitors to share their own personal stories. The 9/11 Remembered exhibit will be on display “We really wanted people to have an area to reflect on through January 2022 on the second floor of the the events of that day and how things have changed Pensacola Museum of History. To purchase tickets since then,” Curator of Exhibits at the UWF Historic or learn more, visit Trust, Jessie Cragg said. “We created a place for people to fill out a card with their 9/11 story. When the exhibit comes down, we’ll preserve these stories in an archive for future display or research opportunities.” Cards are filled with memories of where




Funding for this program was provided through a grant for with this program was provided from FloridaFunding Humanities funds from the Nationalthrough a grant Humanities with findings, funds from the National Endowment from for theFlorida Humanities. Any views, Endowment for the Humanities. Anyprogram views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this do not necessarily represent of Florida Humanities conclusions or those recommendations expressedorin this program the National do Endowment for therepresent Humanities. not necessarily those of Florida Humanities or the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Creative Solutions for Marine Pollution by Dakota Parks


iving along the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast and the longleaf pine-covered bayous and rivers that feed into the Pensacola Bay system, it’s easy to submerge yourself in nature and forget the everyday stressors of human life. If you talk to a nature enthusiast or environmentalist, however, they will tell you that human life is causing major stress on the local waterways and ecosystem—particularly through trash and plastic pollution. According to The Ocean Conservancy, each year 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean, and at this rate, by 2050 ocean plastic will outweigh all of the ocean’s fish. Two local groups, Keep Pensacola Beautiful and the Pensacola and Perdido Bays Estuary Program, are working to educate and change public perception of trash as well as garnering action from local communities to clean up the waterways. A recent study published in Science Advances revealed that of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic that has been produced since the 1950s, only a mere 9 percent of it has been recycled, leaving it to accumulate in landfills or pollute waterways. Keep Pensacola Beautiful has been a leading figure in the local effort to reduce litter and pollution. Their annual fundraiser, Pieces Adrift, emerged to not only financially support the mission of Keep Pensacola Beautiful but also to educate the public on the dangers that 16 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

pollution has on the local waterways and environment. The Pieces Adrift art show and silent auction will be held on September 18 at the Studer Community Institute from 6 pm to 9 pm. “The art show does a great job at creating a visual representation of pollution and making people aware of how little changes can make a big impact,” Sigrid Solgard, Keep Pensacola Beautiful executive director, said. “If you’re using a bottle of water once a day for years, you’re only seeing them one at a time. But when you

see the accumulation of thousands of Perdido Bays Estuary program recently bottle caps in one art piece, it changes launched its Trash Free Waters Project your perception. It can also teach people aimed at reducing and preventing waterhow you can reuse borne trash in three “The art show does a major creeks within something instead of throwing it straight in great job at creating the Pensacola Bay the trash.” system: Jones Creek, a visual representation Carpenter Creek and All of the artwork of pollution and making Pond Creek. The projfeatured at the ect received funding people aware of how from the EnvironPieces Adrift exhibit are upcycled and use mental Protection little changes can at least 50 percent of Agency and officially make a big impact.” the materials from kicked off on July 31 trash, litter and secondhand sources. at the Jones Creek cleanup. Emerson Artists can source their own materials Cheney, the Trash Free Waters project or visit the trash shop at Keep Pensacvolunteer coordinator, explained that the ola Beautiful, where they can find unique project will not only intercept trash before items collected from local cleanups and it enters the Gulf of Mexico but also work other everyday items from around the to identify and monitor sources of trash. office. From murals and sculptures to selfportraits and even a repurposed TV fish “The project has a three-part approach. tank, the art at Pieces Adrift is evocative First, is the initial cleanup to remove and often relates directly to the theme of as much trash as possible to create a environmentalism. baseline,” Cheney said. “At the Jones Creek cleanup, we had 47 volunteers “One piece from our first art show that collect around 500 pounds of trash sticks with me is this picture of sunflowout of the creek. Next, we install a litter ers on a piece of plywood. The center boom, which floats on the surface of of the flowers the water and is made out of is suspended cigarette butts, from each side and it says ‘in of the creek to lieu of flowers’ t ra p f l o a t i n g on it with letters litter. It sits on made out of the surface and aluminum cans. doesn’t go all One thing that the way down mos t people to the bottom don’t know is that of the creek, cigarette butts so wildlife can are the most move freely, and l i t t e re d i t e m paddle boards in the United and kayaks States. We live in SS Art teacher Julie Fink and her students at the can actually go a watershed, so all over the top of it. St. Paul Catholic School created this cube collage out of thousands of repurposed bottle Last, we will use of the trash on the caps for the 2020 Pieces Adrift Art Show. side of the road the EPA’s Escape works its way into the rivers and bayous, Trash Assessment protocol, which helps then out into the bay and ocean,” Megan us identify where the trash is coming Washington, Keep Pensacola Beautiful from and work with local businesses or development coordinator, explained. organizations on a solution.” While Pieces Adrift works to educate the public and showcase the impact of litter on waterways, the Pensacola and

As Cheney explained, this is the first time a litter boom system has been utilized in Escambia County, and it will help them

Volunteers at the Jones Creek Cleanup on July 31 installing a litter boom for the Trash Free Waters Project.

“I’m excited because we aren’t just cleaning up the trash, but we’re creating solutions for the future.”

quantify the amount of trash actually entering the waterways. Waterborne trash is a growing problem, but until now, there hasn’t been recent data collected on the impact of trash in local waterways. The project calls for a litter boom at each creek system. Litter booms have been installed at both Jones Creek and Carpenter Creek and will be monitored for one year, utilizing volunteers and community members to remove, sort and evaluate the collected trash. The final litter boom will be installed in Pond Creek in October. “One of the major impacts of waterborne trash is wildlife ingestion,” Cheney explained. “These plastics float on the

SSVolunteers sorting the 500 pounds of trash collected out of Jones Creek.

top of the water and are eaten by fish and turtles. In turn, this plastic sits in their stomach and gives them a false sense of being full, so they starve to death. The toxins from plastic ingestion can also magnify as it moves up the food chain, as bigger fish eat a lot of smaller fish full of microplastics, eventually making its way to human consumption. This trash poses


This local nonprofit hosts weekly onehour cleanups every Saturday morning. Each week, the cleanup sites at local beaches and waterways rotate to include the Gulf Islands National Seashore in Gulf Breeze, the South end of Bob Sikes Bridge on Pensacola Beach, Bay Bluffs Park, Graffiti Bridge, the William Bartram Memorial Park, Bruce Beach, Quietwater Beach and Bayou Texar. Ocean Hour supplies all of the cleanup equipment and asks that you bring your own reusable water bottle and practice social distancing. Visit oceanhourfl. com to stay updated on meeting locations and starting times.


350 Pensacola, a local nonprofit that advocates for education and action on climate change, is premiering a mini-series on the Gulf Coast waterways. The film showing consists of ten short films and will premiere on September 14 at 5:30 pm at the West Florida Public Library. Our Waters: Stories from Pensacola and Perdido Bays takes viewers along through the history of local waters and the ways they enhance our community. The mini-series was made possible through the Mini Grant program of the Pensacola and Perdido Bays Estuary Program.

a huge threat to the entire ecosystem. I’m excited because we aren’t just cleaning up the trash, but we’re creating solutions for the future.” Both Keep Pensacola Beautiful and the Pensacola and Perdido Bays Estuary Program are working to educate the public and create change to protect the


This environmentally conscious community organization is dedicated to co-creating a greener Pensacola through education, political action, volunteering and outdoor recreation. Each month, 850eco hosts community meetings at revolving venues to bring together local environmental organizations, government groups and citizens to discuss and learn about various issues impacting the environment. The next meeting will be held on September 15 from 6:30–8 pm at Odd Colony Brewing. Follow @850eco on Facebook and Instagram for updates.


Keep Pensacola Beautiful offers several large-scale beach clean-

local environment for future generations to come. As most plastic-based trash takes upwards of 400 years to decompose, it’s vital to keep this debris out of the water and the Gulf Coast ecosystem. To get involved or learn more about the Trash Free Waters Project, visit To purchase tickets to Pieces Adrift, visit Tickets cost $45 for adults and include a sampling of hors d’oeuvres, one complimentary beverage and entrance to the art show.

ups throughout the year, including the upcoming International Coastal Cleanup on September 25 at Johnson’s Beach. They supply the litter-grabbers, buckets, trash bags, gloves and hand sanitizer. If you can’t make it to a public cleanup, you can always host your own private cleanup utilizing equipment supplied from Keep Pensacola Beautiful. Visit for more information.


The Trash Free Waters Project will host creek cleanups to help facilitate the installment of their litter boom systems and seeking volunteers to facilitate and sort the trash collected. For more information on volunteer opportunities, email DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM | 17

Become a valued Subscriber today: scan the QR code to the rght or click the Subscriber button on





2187 Airport Boulevard

5049 Corporate Woods Drive



601 E. Chase Street


700 E. Chase Street

1144 Airport Boulevard




6000 Cobble Creek Road

Extended Stay


Until Friday,

September 17, 2021


Open Mon–Fri


An Evening of Fashion Presented by The Women’s Board of Baptist Health Care Foundation

45 thAnnual Fashion Show • Oct. 28, 2021 Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Resource Center 913 South I St. 5:30 p.m. Cocktails, Silent Auction and Hors D’oeuvres 6:30 p.m. Program and Live Auction 7 p.m. Fashion Show Fashions provided by Bluetique, Gulf Coast cabi Stylists, Dillard’s, The Market & Mainly Shoes and The South Outfitters For sponsorship information, visit or call 850.469.7906. A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE (800-435-7352) WITHIN THE STATE. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE. CH606


6705 PINE FOREST RD. SUITE 600 Located in the Walmart Shopping Center at Pine Forest and Mobile Highway

850.876.9352 Now offering dine-in and take-out!

September COMMUNITY EVENTS 2021 5th Annual Gulf Coast Summer Fest - Jazz Edition

September 4-5 Join the 2021 Annual Gulf Coast Summer Fest Jazz Edition at the Community Maritime Park, overlooking beautiful Pensacola Bay. Gates open at 12:30 pm and show starts at 1:30 pm. It’s more than just a concert, it’s an experience on the water! Bring your lawn chairs, coolers and umbrellas to enjoy eight hours of non-stop jazz music! No tents, tables, grills, glass containers or people under the age of 18 allowed in the venue. To purchase tickets, visit

Over the Edge for The Arc Gateway

September 4 At this event, rappellers will go over the edge of the SCI Building in Downtown Pensacola from 9 am to noon. All participants must raise $1,000 for this thrilling opportunity. All monies raised by Over the Edge rappellers go to The Arc Gateway’s mission to provide the best possible life experiences for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Constant Coffee Poetry Night

September 6, 13, 20, 27 Join Pensacola Poetry at the longest running open mic in Pensacola at Constant Coffee & Tea, located at 615 Scenic Highway. Every Tuesday, poets and creatives come to flex their voices through poetry, rap and spoken word. Come out and support the local arts community and hear a beautiful bricolage of words. Doors open at 6 pm and mic starts at 6:30 pm. Follow Pensacola Poetry on Facebook for updates and information.

Gordon Open Mic

September 9 Join the Gordon Community Center for this month’s open mic night where musicians, comedians, poets and performers celebrate their artistic talents. Open mic night is hosted on the second Thursday of each month from 7 pm to 10 pm the Gordon Community Center located at 306 North DeVilliers Street in downtown Pensacola. If you are in20 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

terested in performing, you will have a chance to sign-up for a time slot when you arrive. For more information, follow @penartsinc on Facebook.

Gordon Community Art Center September Events

September 1-30 Whether you pop in for an art showing, perform at the monthly open mic or take a class, there is something for everyone at The Gordon. Come out and meet the artist of the month, Hannah May, and view her art at the monthly artist mingle on September 18 from 5-7 pm. The Gordon is offering classes in sound bath therapy, ballroom dance, interpretative dance, workout dance, heel dancing, belly dancing, yoga and an LGBTQIA+ support group. Visit penarts. org for class times and information.

Flora-Bama’s 8th Annual Bulls on the Beach

September 10-12 Get your tickets early because Bulls On The Beach is one of Flora-Bama’s most anticipated events of the year! Bring the family out to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with three nights of live rodeo action (Thursday, Sept. 10th through Saturday, Sept. 12th) featuring Professional Bull Riders from all around the country! Once again this year, Thursday night will feature Junior Riders on Miniature Bulls, a Coloring Contest Bike Giveaway for both a lucky little boy and girl (scroll down for more info), followed by Professional Bull Riding to round out the night. Friday and Saturday night will feature the Professional Bull Riders in the adult Bull Riding Competition. You can also try your own skills riding the infamous Mechanical Bull immediately following the rodeo inside the Tent at the Flora-Bama.

Pensacola Little Theatre Presents Clue: On Stage

September 10-26, 2021 Based on the iconic 1985 Paramount movie which was inspired by the classic Hasbro board game, Clue is a hilarious farce-meets-murder mystery. The tale begins at a remote mansion, where six mysterious guests assemble for an unusual dinner party where murder and blackmail are on the menu. When their

host turns up dead, they all become suspects. Led by Wadsworth – the butler, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard race to find the killer as the body count stacks up. Clue is the comedy whodunit that will leave both cult-fans and newcomers in stitches as they try to figure out…WHO did it, WHERE, and with WHAT!

Summer JAM 2K21

September 11 Summer Jam 2K21 will kick off the summer concert at the Pensacola Bay Center on Saturday, September 11, 2021 at 7:30 pm and will feature rapper and songwriter, Plies, best known for the hit song “Shawty;” R & B group Dru Hill best known for the song “In My Bed;” and R&B group Jagged Edge, best known for their hit “Let’s Get Married.”

Pieces Adrift Art Show and Silent Auction

September 18 Pieces Adrift is an art show and silent auction that takes an interactive approach to educating our community on the beauty of upcycling and the dangers of litter and pollution in our waterways. Each piece displayed at the exhibition is comprised of at least 50% trash, litter or secondhand materials and made by local artists of all levels! All proceeds benefit Keep Pensacola Beautiful’s programming initiatives for the upcoming year. Tickets include a sampling of heavy hors d’oeuvres, one complimentary beverage ticket, and entrance into the art show. The art show will be held at the Studer Community Institute building from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Clutch at the Vinyl

September 18 With the release of their highly anticipated 12th studio album, the gloriously titled “Book of Bad Decisions”, it would be easy to suggest that legendary Maryland rockers Clutch have made their finest record to date. This may even be true. You see, the thing about Clutch is that ever since their 1993 debut Transnational Speedway League they’ve been in the business of writing stone cold classics, and even the most rabid fan would have trouble picking just one. “Book of Bad Decisions” won’t

make that task any easier. Rest assured, it’s another classic. Doors open at 6 pm and show starts at 7 pm.

Black Jacket Symphony Performing Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

September 23 The Black Jacket Symphony offers a unique concert experience through recreating classic albums in a live performance setting. A selected album is performed in its entirety by a group of handpicked musicians specifically selected for each album, with no sonic detail being overlooked--the musicians do whatever it takes to musically reproduce the album. The performance will be held at the Saenger Theatre from 8 pm to 9:30 pm.

Pensacola Habitat’s Anniversary Gala: Framing 40 Years

September 23 Pensacola Habitat for Humanity supporters, Home Buyers, Homeowners, and volunteers will gather on Thursday, September 23rd, from 6-9 PM at the Court of Deluna in Pensacola, FL, for an evening of reminiscing under the stars. The evening will feature a cocktail hour (6-7 pm), followed by a three-course meal during the program. Guests will enjoy a cash bar, a silent auction, and live entertainment. Throughout the gala, attendees will hear from homeowners who have been through the Pensacola Habitat Home Buyer Program, along with a few community supporters who have helped Pensacola Habitat achieve our mission in the last 40 years.

Pensacola Seafood Festival

September 24-26 Savor delicious seafood, enjoy various musical acts and immerse yourself in historic downtown Pensacola during the Annual Pensacola Seafood Festival, produced by Fiesta Pensacola. This festival is one of the largest arts and crafts fairs in northwest Florida with more than 150 artisans and craftsmen who travel from around the country to participate. Admission to the festival in Seville Square is free. Friday – 11 am-11 pm; Saturday – 10 am-11 pm; Sunday – 11 am-5 pm.

Gabbana Vs Patty

September 24 John Gabbana aka (Boonk Gang) will be stepping in the ring against Supreme

Patty on Friday, September 24th at the Pensacola Bay Center in a fully sanctioned Boxing match! The undercard and fights after the tv portion to this event will be Island Fights 69. *Fights to be announced and subject to change*

August Burns Red at Vinyl

September 24 JB Brubaker [lead guitar], Brent Rambler [rhythm guitar], Matt Greiner [drums], Jake Luhrs [lead vocals], and Dustin Davidson [bass] — released Leveler: 10th Anniversary Edition on May 21st 2021, and are gearing up to take it on the road in September/October. The band re-recorded its fourth album, which was originally released on June 21, 2011, with special guests, brand new guitar solos, alternate tunings, and more. Doors open at 6 pm and show starts at 7 pm.

Katt Williams Tour

September 25 Comedy titan and Emmy® Award-winning actor, Katt Williams, announces his World War III Tour is coming to Pensacola. Performing at Pensacola Bay Center on September 25 at 8:00 PM, Williams brings his unparalleled talents to the stage with new material that blends sidesplitting comedy with thought-provoking social commentary.

Zarzaur Law Santa Rosa Island Triathlon 2021

October 2 The 25th Annual Zarzaur Law Santa Rosa Island Triathlon (SRI TRI) is located on beautiful Pensacola Beach. The 600 yd swim is along the pristine shores of the Gulf of Mexico. The bike is an out and back that traverses along the shores of the Pensacola Beach and the 5-kilometer run takes you through an idyllic beach neighborhood. The after party will feature complimentary food and beverages for athletes. Then spend the rest of your afternoon enjoying the beautiful Pensacola Beach and the various sights the greater-Pensacola area has to offer!



8/6—Curt Bol 8/07—The Jazz Abouts 8/13—Funk Heads 8/14—Funk Heads 8/20—Cat Daddy 8/21—Cat Daddy 8/27—Sabroso 8/28—Sabroso 9/3—Curt Bol 9/4—The Jazz Abouts 9/10—Turquoise Trio 9/11—Turquoise Trio 9/17—The Funkheads 9/18—The Funkheads 9/24—Cat Daddy 9/25—Cat Daddy

Cabaret: Shaken Not Stirred

October 2 Pensacola Little Theatre presents Cabaret: Shaken Not Stirred. Cabaret is PLT’s premier annual celebration of art set for Saturday, October 2, 2021. Each year, Cabaret boasts a new theme and transforms the theatre and surrounding block into an indoor/outdoor entertainment complex, perfectly fusing local talent and celebration to showcase art as the life of the party. Pensacola’s biggest party boasts black-ties, luxurious gowns, and avant-garde performances – celebrating the classic James Bond films Diamonds are Forever, Goldfinger, Casino Royale, From Russia with Love, and more making for an extravagant theatrical affair. Tickets for this all-inclusive evening are $100.00 and allow entrance into the party featuring five open-bar venues transcending guests through the most iconic scenes from the beloved Bond movies. Guests will enjoy libations, provisions, live music, exclusive performances, and much more!






hen Cassidy Gadsby was in high school back in Pennsylvania, she heard all about the scholarships being pitched to upcoming Class of 2018 graduates. Then 17, Gadsby had already enlisted in the United States Navy in the Delayed Entry Program and was just waiting to graduate to start her military career.

“I thought ‘I’m going into the military,’” she said. “I don’t need any scholarship.” Today, Gadsby is an active duty Navy Corpsman and a Pensacola State College honor student. On July 14, she was named a 2021 Coca-Cola Military Leaders of Promise Scholar, one of 25 active duty members nationwide to receive the honor and the accompanying $1,000 scholarship.

The scholarships are provided by the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, which awards 200 scholarships annually—25 of which are reserved for active duty military or veterans. All scholarship recipients must be members of their schools’ Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society chapters.

it shows the caliber of student that Cassidy is that she was one of only 25 military students who were selected from across the whole country to receive this scholarship.”

Gadsby is currently taking three classes, but, because of the scholarship, hopes to take four or five classes in the fall. “I had never won a scholarship or any- She’s currently a Navy Corpsman at thing like that,’’ said Gadsby, who Naval Hospital Pensacola and plans on is taking general education classes staying in the health field after she’s at PSC. “It’s neat to be selected for discharged from the Navy in 2024. “I like the business and administrative something like this.” She has been in Pensacola for more side of hospital work,’’ Gadsby said. “I work some patient care and adminthan three years. istrative work and I think I’m better Gadsby has a 3.5 grade point average and is a member of the PSC Pensacola She isn’t yet sure where she will pursue at the administrative side. But I love campus’ PTK chapter Theta Chi. her bachelor’s degree but plans on healthcare work and the medical side. studying Healthcare Management at I’m really interested in progress and advances in medicine and healthcare.” “This is great news,’’ said Theta Chi the university level. chapter adviser Jeff Wooters. “I think


Associate of Science in Nursing

Day and Night Classes Available

Medical Assisting • Dental Assisting Medical Office Administration • HVAC Cosmetology • Massage Therapy Practical Nursing


4081 E Olive Rd Suite B | Pensacola, FL 32514

Flexible Class Schedules

Financial Aid Available for those who Qualify

Career Placement Assistance for all who Graduate

ABHES Accredited | Approved for Veteran’s Training Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)

For consumer information, visit

Comfort, Curated

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400 Bayf ro n t P kwy, Pe n sa co la , FL