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Here at Downtown Crowd, we love adventure. Riding bikes, attending festivals, meeting new people, and finding shade from the eternal sunshine are among our favorite activities. And after the day is done, when I’m all sweated out and I’ve spent the last of my money on fried seafood, I like to relax and watch other people go on exciting adventures while discovering something new about themselves (have you seen Stranger Things?). In that spirit, we wanted to give you, our dear readers, an outlet for your bravely adventurous spirit. Since the weather is finally something you can subject yourself to for more than five minutes at a time, why not get out there and see what Downtown has to offer? September is, without a doubt, the start of festival season. The next

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September few months will see unhealthy foods, ethnic dancing, cold brews and more. It’s the perfect excuse to explore our city, meet new people, and discover new pieces of art that uniquely reflect the artist’s vision of our fair town. If you like adventure but only insomuch as it is laid out for you, festivals are the way to go. If, on the other hand, you’re willing to travel off the beaten path just a little, you’ll find a couple of apps that will help you make the most of seemingly routine landmarks. Next Exit History is a GPS-based app helping you find and learn more about the historic destinations just steps away from your favorite hotspots. Of course, there’s also Pokemon GO, and don’t worry, we cover the best Gyms and Pokestops on page 7. If you’re more of a foodie, you’ll want to check out some options for uncovering new dishes and old favorites on a culinary tour being offered now through Go Retro. We also cover the new proposed trolley system for Downtown, the revised effort to bring back Gallery Night, and even talked to a stainedglass artist about the process of refurbishing St. Michael’s. All this in the name of steering you away from the same old dive bars and to novel experiences just waiting to be unearthed. Adventure is out there, as they say. Now you get out there, too!

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It’s time to get Greek-y this year, for the 57th time in a row. That’s right, Pensacola’s signature October event, Greek Festival, is back, with more streamlined options, diverse education and a better party than ever before. Take the food, for example. (No really, take some!). They’ve rearranged the food setup so that dinner is inside the hall and the pastries are outdoors, eliminating long lines in the sun. They have also gone to great lengths to make the dancing, church tours and gift tables more interesting and entertaining than ever. The festival takes place Oct. 7 and 8 from 11 am to 10 pm and Oct. 9 from noon to 6 pm, all at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church on Garden St. Throughout the day, you’ll hear great bands, witness youth folk dancing and be treated to some traditional Greek cuisine with a local twist. “Our church families will take the foundation of Greek recipes and add their own tweaks,” said Rebecca Pappas, communications director for the festival who has worked with the event as a dancer and cashier most of her life. Everything from chicken, roasted lamb and pastitso to gyros, Greek fries and Greek salads will be tempting festival-goers. Each dish has a distinctly delicious taste, yet they are all tied together with the same attention to detail and familial love. “It really is a family affair,” said Pappas. “We love to educate the Pensacola community and surrounding neighborhoods, raise money for those in need, and share our culture with others.” The church is made up of about 180 families, many of whom begin planning the fest as early as April. Generally, food prep begins as early as July. “Really, we’re in a constant state of planning,” said Pappas. “We get about 20,000 people here, so it’s a big undertaking.” To rep your love of Greek Fest, be sure to pick up a festival t-shirt or some of the organic honey that one of the parishioners sells. “The festival, like the church itself, is all about family,” said Pappas. “We want to share our family with Pensacola.” So come on down to one of the best annual events our area has to offer. The food will fill you up, the dances will delight you long into the evening, and the gifts will serve as a reminder of all the fun you had travelling to Greece for a few hours in Pensacola. 4 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

SEAFOODFEST If you’d agree that it’s not a party without a savory seafood feast, then you know where to be: Fiesta of Five Flags’ 39th annual Seafood Festival in Downtown Pensacola. For the weekend of Sept. 30 to Oct. 2, bring yourself and your favorite people for three days filled with a variety of coastal cuisine, arts and crafts, plus live entertainment, cooking demonstrations and more. The festivities will span Pensacola’s Seville Square to Fountain and Bartram parks. The following restaurants and caterers are bringing the goods straight from the Gulf to your table in tapas-sized portions of their signature seafood dishes: Flounder’s Chowder House, Boneheads Fire Grilled, Sons of Italy Buona Fortuna Lodge, The Fish House and Nancy’s Haute Affairs. The Children’s Area will be slightly different from last year’s event with new attractions like the Hermit Crab Races in which children get to pick out a crab from the tank to race against others. The SeaMobile will allow kids to interact with a diverse selection of marine animals from starfish, coral, sea sponges and urchins to all types of shells. “The Pensacola Seafood Fest is a great event for all ages,” said Margaret-Anne Dyson, director of PR and marketing. “For the tourists visiting Pensacola, this festival offers them a full view into Pensacola lifestyle, which they may not have been able to get all at once without attending.”

Every year, Pensacola collectively gathers and huddles into Seville Quarter and gathers around tables for a locally made cold one. What sets this evening, Sept. 9, apart from any other is the sheer number of artisan options available to those who don’t have the patience or expertise to brew their own beers. This is an opportunity, more than anything else, to sample all styles of beer an determine your personal preferences. Products from microbreweries and homebrewers alike will be available to the general public, an exponential expansion of the usual options available to Pensacolians. The event starts at 5:30 pm, when experts and amateurs will flood the roadway in front of Seville and the seven rooms within, tasting old and new favorites, discussing brew methods with the purveyors and even picking up some swag. You of course have to be 21 to take part, but assuming you’re old enough and have purchased a $30 ticket ($25 in advance), you can drink the night away with as much as you can keep down. The first 2,500 attendees will even receive a festival tasting glass that is theirs to keep. Mixed drinks and food will also be available. So come on down and crack a cold one with thousands of your closest friends. We guarantee you’ll find something you love, something to look out for next year.


Go Retro

Pensacola’s Premier Tour Company

Tasting Tour

Military Tour


Special Events

WWW.GORETRO.US • 850-466-5220 610 N. SPRING ST. PENSACOLA, FL 32501



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Bloody Marys


The best mornings begin at Blue Morning Gallery. So does the best art. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Become a morning person. Award-winning artists • Local, original art Open 7 days a week 21 South Palafox Place • 850.429.9100 • bluemorninggallery.com

Signature Bloody Marys


Bottomless Mimosas

455 W. Main St. Downtown Pensacola (850) 912-8775 WWW.NICKSBOATHOUSE.COM

October 7 - 9

Fri & Sat 11 AM - 9:30 PM Sun NOON - 5:30 PM w w w. P e n s a c o l a G r e e k F e s t i va l . c o m



POKEMON GO Plaza de Luna: Arguably the place to go in Downtown for all the hottest Pokemon, Plaza de Luna is bursting at the sidewalks with kids and adults alike taking advantage of lures, Pokestops and a Gym. Not to mention, the cool breezes and lengthy roads make it the perfect location to incubate eggs, and you may even find a Gyarados and Slowbro while you’re at it. Seville Square: The perfect 2 km walk from Plaza de Luna, Seville Square is always packed with people thanks to the nearby brewery and historic landmarks, and that population has only grown thanks to all the Pokemon goodies that can be found nearby. Bayview Park: Let your furry friends out for some exercise at the dog park while you take advantage of the five Pokestops just waiting to be pillaged. You won’t find a ton of rare Pokemon, but there are a few common ones if you care to put the effort in. Palafox and Garden: Venture near Vinyl and you’ll find Pokestops galore, a Gym, and even Pikachu himself. McGuire’s: There are two gyms near the McGuire’s area of Gregory, so order an Irish Wake and park your trainer for hours of fighting fun.

APP-VENTURES NEXT EXIT HISTORY Pokemon Go may be all the rage, but there’s another GPSbased app that has been around awhile whose purpose is to promote togetherness, discovery and culture. The Next Exit History app is the brainchild of University of West Florida history department faculty, envisioned as a handheld mode of leveraging heritage resources to drive people to communities and engage with the cultural landscape. It works like this: you explore your town with the app open, and it shows you a map of nearby historic sites. You can pull up information and history on the location and interact like a game, winning relevant coupons and deals. Since 2008, the app has undergone huge aesthethic

changes and grown from Pensacola-based landmarks to states as far away as Oregon and countries as far away as Italy. The founders of the app are still on board as part of a new company, Three21. “It’s no longer a university project, but they still support us greatly and we are still heavily connected to them,” said Tim Roberts, partner and project manager. “We are now a commercial endeavor. We have added employees to our team and are looking to add even more content to the database.” The team at Three21 works with cities big and small across the country and around the world to integrate their cultural landmarks into the geographically ubiquitous app. They also team

up with the National Park Service and the Smithsonian to pack as much education into the app as possible. In Pensacola, the team works consistently with entities like the UWF Historic Trust to not only spread awareness about Downtown sites, but also oftneglected areas of town which were predominantly AfricanAmerican. “It has made people aware of other historical aspects of the landscape,” said Roberts. “Many people don’t realize all their city— whether that’s Pensacola, Fla. or Eugene, Ore.—has to offer that’s removed from the traditionally designated ‘historic’ areas.”



First City

“Good food is good food,” said Hunter May, Go Retro’s trilingual tasting tour guide. “No matter if an award-winning chef prepares it, or your granny.” Perhaps no truer words have been spoken, and they are especially true of Go Retro’s new Tasting Tours that were launched in August. These tours offer way more than a history lesson: they offer all the first-class flavors that one could ask for at 14 of the finest foodie paradises in Downtown Pensacola. But, that’s not to discount the fact that you’re bound to discover interesting tidbits about Pensacola’s past whether you’ve lived here all your life or you’re just passing through. “I want everyone to get an idea of Pensacola history starting back to 1559 and highlighting significant episodes and changes in our city’s past,” said Hunter. “There’s layers



upon layers of history here. Every time I talk to locals, marvelous stories come up, mostly true I hope, and I’m hoping I’ll learn new stories to share as our tours grow.” Although tasting tours are new to our area, the idea to bring them to Pensacola arose from tour guide Hunter May’s many visits to the cities of New Orleans, Chicago and Boston—where tasting tours run rampant. Hunter is no stranger to the tour guide business either. She led tours on the backs of bicycles through vineyards in France for six years. Although Hunter has suggested what each restaurant might serve to those in Pensacola’s Tasting Tour groups, chefs ultimately decide what dishes they’ll be preparing for you. But, don’t fret: with chefs like Gus Silivos of Skopelos and Irv Miller of

takes tourists from there to Hub Stacey’s, Seville Quarter, Dolce Gelato and Pensacola Bay Brewery. Beginning at the Perry House, the Market Day Gourmet Tasting Tour will lead you through the food and fare of Palafox Market before ushering you to the Bodacious Olive, Joe Patti’s, Ever’man Cooperative Grocery and Cafe, and ending on a sweet note at Chrisoula’s. Each tour can accommodate up to 16 people and runs for three hours, which accounts for time to sit and enjoy the tapas-sized sample from each restaurant, as well as the time it takes to travel at a leisurely stroll between stops. So, go on: explore the first-city flavors of Pensacola like never before on tasting tours that will keep you coming back for more.


Jackson’s Steakhouse, there’s no way you could be disappointed. However, you can expect certain restaurants to offer their special staples like the Cuban sandwich at Hub Stacey’s, O’Riley’s tasty take on the Irish boxty (deepfried mashed potatoes), and the Mitchell’s family gumbo recipe at Seville Quarter. Depending on the venue, you might be seated at the bar, a private room, or have free reign to explore. For the Palafox Tasting Tour, you’ll meet your group in the New World Landing parking lot and carry on from Skopelos to Bodacious Olive, Adonna’s, Dog House Deli, O’Riley’s before the tour concludes at Jackson’s Steakhouse. The Historic Seville Tasting Tours meets first at the Fish House then


S present:







Saturday, Oct. 1 Breast cancer survivors, their loved ones and the community are invited to join together in the fight against breast cancer at the 7 th Annual Bras Across the Bridge. Funds raised benefit the Baptist Health Care Foundation Mammogram Fund, which provides free mammograms to women in our community.

Registration is $20, plus the donation of a new bra. 8 – 9 a.m. Register at The Grand Marlin 9 a.m. Bras Across the Bridge 9:30 a.m. – noon The Grand Marlin after-party Register at the event or on BaptistHealthCareFoundation.org. For updates, visit the event page on Facebook.com/ baptisthealthcare.

Thank you to our sponsors: Pensacola Honda • Cumulus Pensacola • The Grand Marlin Restaurant & Oyster Bar Broadway in Pensacola • WEAR ABC3 - WFGX 35 • Acumen Medical Imaging & Interventional • Performance Machining Services • Skopelos at New World Cox Communications • Pensacola News Journal and Bella Magazine

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The Soul of St. Michael’s




f eyes are windows to the soul, then it’s no stretch to say windows can offer a glimpse into the soul or history of a structure. This is especially true of the new and restored stained glass windows at St. Michael’s, completed by the Emil Frei Firm of St. Louis in spring 2016. The firm was responsible for designing and producing the original set of church windows and, although Emil Frei was the original artist, St. Michael’s was able to enlist the help of John Wheadon—an artist and craftsman who has worked with the firm in one form or another since 2000. Although Wheadon began with very little experience in stained glass, he learned both craft and design aspects by shadowing artists in the studio who came before him, and today he is responsible for the creation of wonderful pieces like the beautiful stained-glass work at St. Michael’s. Tell us about yourself. I am a St. Louis native who discovered Emil Frei Stained Glass of St. Louis in 2000 while pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Dallas. I have done less fabricating of the stained glass windows in recent years, but I spent a lot of time working on the craft side of things in my earlier years. That experience was incredibly valuable. As an artist, it is important to understand the possibilities and limitations of a material in order to become a good designer. How does working with stained glass compare to other mediums for painting? Stained glass is colored when it is made; long before I ever add a brush full of paint to it. The painting I do appears very dark because it mostly obscures areas of the glass and prevents light and color from passing through. It can be challenging at times to paint on stained glass because the paint does not absorb into the glass as it does in paper or canvas. If I accidentally touch a face or a hand that I am painting I might wipe away hours of work. On the other hand, after the paint is kiln fired there is nothing I can do to remove it. So there isn’t a lot of room for mistakes. All that said, this same property has its advantages. Unlike paintings in other mediums, I can create marks by intentionally brushing away paint. So painting on glass is both additive and reductive. What type of windows did you use for St. Michael’s and why? We decided to make leaded glass windows for our new designs because we wanted the new windows to be in agreement with the original leaded glass windows and the church architecture. The parish is very proud of St. Michael’s history and we did not think it was appropriate to inject an entirely new material aesthetic. How many windows did you restore at St. Michael’s in Pensacola, and how did you work to maintain the integrity of the original design? All of the existing stained glass windows received some degree of restoration (31 windows of different shape and size). We are able to maintain the integrity of the original design when restoring stained glass because we are using the same material and techniques as were used when these windows were made. When replacing broken pieces from the original hand painted windows, highly skilled artists in our studio will hand paint new pieces in the exact same manner. When repairing broken lead joints we solder them back together in same way. We can even tarnish new work to make it look as though no corrections were ever made. It was important to maintain the style and painting techniques of the original

windows when fabricating the new windows as well, so that the new windows felt like they could have always been there. What new stained glass work did you complete for St. Michael’s and what stories do they tell? We made six windows in the tower, two windows in the sacristy, and one in the stairwell up to the choir loft. Each tower window displays a crest from local, regional, or universal church leadership. If you study the windows for a moment you may notice that the design is an abstraction of a boat floating on water. The crest in the middle completes the image that recalls the words of Christ to the Apostles Peter and Andrew that he will make them “fishers of men.” The sacristy windows both depict symbols of faith and hope in the church, the Ark and an Anchor. The stairwell window was designed in the same manner as the original choir loft windows. It depicts an image of St. Cecilia, a patron saint of music. DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM | 11

Official Gallery Night Notice September 16 Streets closed till midnight 12 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

Official Gallery Night Notice sponsored by

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W e l z c e o i m k c i M Two New Stylists! es y Me


50% Off Any Hair Care Service Mickiez Beauty Villa • 850.607.7718 603 E Government St Pensacola, FL

DIRECTED BY BILLY BUFF SEPTEMBER 9–11 & 15-17, 2016 W W W. P E N S ACO L A L I T T L E T H E AT R E .CO M B OX O F F I C E 8 5 0. 4 3 2 . 2 0 4 2 TIME STANDS STILL is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc. New York.




f a beach developer and a Downtown investor have their way, Pensacola could soon be home to a new trolley system designed to take people on a whirlwind tour of the city’s core. Realtor Robert Rinke, who spearheaded the campaign to bring three open-air trolleys to the beach, approached developer Quint Studer—known for his investment in the Downtown area—about the idea. After the runaway success of the Santa Rosa Island Authority’s trolley program, which boasts 145,000 riders annually and encourages tourist travel beyond just the main Casino Beach attractions, Rinke began thinking about how to build on that success for Downtown Pensacola. The idea is to use a fun, casual mode of transportation to alleviate parking congestion in the urban core while exposing less-known businesses to the tourism customer base. The ferry will also benefit locals, as very few Pensacola residents have a boat and the ferry will increase their quality of life by giving them access to the incredible beach-to-bay experience. “If you think the beach trolleys are successful, just wait,” said Rinke. “I’ve been talking to people like philanthropist Teri Levin, Quint Studer, councilman Brian Spencer and the mayor about this idea: basically, you’re going to have a ton of people coming from the beaches to Downtown via the National Park Service’s trolley system. But how are those people going to get around, especially on a hot day? A trolley is the answer.” Other peer and aspirant cities have used city trolleys to great effect. St. Augustine, our neighbor and good-spirited cultural rival, offers trolley tours of their historic neighborhoods with incentives like related discounts at area restaurants, unlimited reboarding and live narration. Programs like these market the city as a whole as well as individual businesses along the route. Further on down the road, Rinke envisions 14 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

partnerships with the University of West Florida and the Historic Trust to add an educational component to the rides, making the most of travel time between stops. Rinke wants to show off our history and culture to this constantly revolving group of visitors, levering the new forthcoming ferry system as the mere beginning of what is an integrated tourism development approach. The main goal of the proposed transportation system is to increase the quality of life for Pensacola locals. And studies show that when you increase the quality of life for the locals, tourism follows. “You can’t land a [several million dollar] ferry project like that and not show off Downtown,” said Rinke. “Every planner we’ve talked to has emphasized the need to connect these unique, but currently disparate, features of the greater Pensacola area. A trolley system spreads that connection into Downtown.” At a cost of about $225,000 a piece, though, it will not be easy. That’s why Rinke has been opening a dialogue with Downtown developers and those who are invested in the area’s future. “The City of Pensacola is on-board, so to speak, and many investors are interested, but we are still in the initial phases here,” said Rinke. The trolley system is only the beginning, too, of an entire system of transportation that would ostensibly be free to use with a ferry pass after off-boarding into Downtown. Rinke is thinking about rental bike stops, kayaks, paddleboards and more: anything to relieve traffic while encouraging discovery of our historic streets and pristine waterways. “Gulf Power is promoting electric bikes for a bike share program and I think that they will be very popular,” said Rinke. “I think they should be at all three locations where the ferry lands on Pensacola

Beach Boardwalk, Ft. Pickens, and Downtown Pensacola. It is important that Pensacola’s urban transportation infrastructure supports the ferry passengers at each landing site with both trolleys and bicycles. The central concept of these systems is to provide free or affordable access to our area’s amenities as an alternative to private vehicles, thereby reducing traffic congestion, noise and air pollution.” Taking hundreds of thousands of annual beach vacationers each year and letting them loose in Downtown was the impetus for the ferries, the success of which remains to be seen, but Rinke is optimistic that this venture is an economic win-win. The Gulf Islands National Seashore has operated a ferry to West Ship Island in Mississippi under a NPS concessions contract since 1971 with great success. The Pensacola ferries will operate under a similar NPS concessions contract. Rinke promises increased bed and sales taxes, as well as national attention on a picture perfect transportation system with access to the best the community has to offer. “We are 90 percent of the way there,” said Rinke. “We’ve got to finish this off correctly. We have to create a seamless transition from beach to Downtown.” If it comes to fruition, which Rinke hopes it does by spring of 2017, the trolleys and other ideas will be yet another exciting and novel way to explore Downtown and beyond, offering an influx of outside dollars to the small businesses that call Pensacola home. “The connectivity of our Gulf Beaches, to our Historic Downtown, and the National Parks makes us not only a world-class, premier destination but also a great place to live, work and play for our locals,” said Rinke. “The quality of life that we enjoy will be complimented by these innovative transportation improvements.”


Friday • OCT 7


Quayside Art Gallery




17 E. Zarragossa Street, Pensacola, Florida 850-438-2363 www.quaysidegallery.com






From the grips of discontinuation, Pensacola’s signature monthly downtown arts and culture event, Gallery Night, has been renewed by a private 501c3 and will continue with more targeted focus. Once a function of the Downtown Improvement Board, the event was supposed to sing its swan song this month after a April 12 decision, but public reaction and private enterprise have spurred its recovery. Gallery Night comes back 12 times a year, beginning on Oct. 21. The original event started as a street exhibition for art, wine and music, but during the course of its 25-year life, slowly morphed into a “street party” that left many retailers, arts organizations and sponsors disenfranchised. Wanting to capture the best of both worlds, real estate broker Michael Carro has led the recent charge to reinvigorate the event by providing a more guided focus. “Used to be, you would walk down the middle of Palafox and have no idea what you’re supposed to look at or what you’re supposed to be doing,” said Carro. “We’re going to change that. Each of the 12 nights a year will have a focus on a particular art form or community happening, whether it’s performance art or karate or cars. We’re also going to hold off on out-door hard liquor sales till after 8, so that the early hours will have a family emphasis and the later hours will cater to a party atmosphere.”

To make it happen Carro gathered a board of restaurant, retail and business leaders to allow those previously disillusioned populations to buy into the new idea. Among those who will be leading the charge are Joe Abston of Hopjacks and Tin Cow, Bobby Switzer of the Blount Building renovation, Susan Campbell of Susan Campbell Jewelry, and Krist Lien of Pensacola State College, who will have a big hand in curating interesting art for the event. Each night will cost about $10,000 to put on, a slight increase from the DIB’s figures, to account for insurance, police and other concerns. Carro is confident he can get underwriters and participants to help foot the bill. “With the DIB, there was some hesitance to pay because it is a somewhat government agency telling you to pay,” said Carro. “I think it will be different when your business neighbors and friends are sort of elbowing you, saying that you should contribute to this thing that brings 10,000 or 15,000 people to your doorstep.” The DIB has been helpful with the transition, allowing Carro to shadow them in their preparations and logistics planning. Carro hopes to continue other positive relationships as well, such as those with the City of Pensacola and regional tourism marketing agencies. A frequent adjacent event to Gallery Night, Seville Quarter’s own row of artists and artisan retailers will continue just as it does every third Friday of the month. Carro reported a positive relationship between the new non-profit and the Mitchells, who own Seville. Carro and team also hope to have a dedicated children’s area with relevant activities, to reinforce the idea that the early hours are for families. “I hope that the transition is seamless. But I do hope people notice the renewed focus and that different audiences come down at the appropriate times,” said Carro, referring to retailer complaints that drunken partiers would simply wander in and out of stores, not buying anything. “I think if we cater to what families and art aficionados want, those businesses will benefit. By the same token, the bars and restaurants will profit from the later hours, as they do now.”


Word on the Street

Southern Teen Shakespeare Auditions Sept. 6 & 7

NEW LOCATION! 37 N Navy Blvd

The Southeastern Teen Shakespeare Company (SETSCO) will hold auditions for their 20162017 season Sept. 6 & 7. Auditions will begin promptly at 6 pm both days. Actors ages 13-19 are eligible to audition for acceptance into the company, which is a one-year commitment that begins in September and ends in August 2017. Those auditioning do not need to come to both days of auditions. This year, for the first time, teens are also invited to participate through the Short-timer Program, which allows students who have other extra-curricular commitments to participate in the company on a limited basis in either fall or spring. Auditions for fall Short-timers will be at the same time as regular company auditions. A full explanation of company activities and the Shorttimer Program can be found online atsetsco.org/ company. Teens accepted into the company can look forward to performing at events like the Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival, the Mobile Renaissance Faire, and Winterfest. Applications for the Company are available through www.setsco.org. Auditions will consist of a warm up, improvisation, and a cold read. Teens are not required to prepare a monologue.

Local Artists on Display

Two local artists come together with two amazing talents: Michele “Mickie” McCloskey, owner of Mickie’z Beauty Villa located at 603 E. Government St. in Historic downtown Pensacola, and Joseph Seurkamp, designer of Graffiti Bridge Jewelry. Mickie has been in the hair industry for over 30 years and offers a variety of hair, nails, and waxing services. Joseph, proud to be a decade-long Pensacolian, started designing jewelry and art using paint chips from the Graffiti Bridge. Joseph says the support from the community has been amazing and humbling. Check out the retail display at Mickie’z Beauty Villa or TheGraffitiBridge.com. They will both be set up at the Seafood Festival Sept. 30 through Oct. 2. Stop by and see them!

New executive director at Clarity Pointe Pensacola

Lonette Bentley has been appointed Executive Director at Clarity Pointe™ Pensacola, the new memory care community set to open in December and one of just a few freestanding senior living communities in the area dedicated solely to enriching the lives of those with dementia.

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In which we unfairly judge upcoming attractions based solely on their trailers. By Josh Newby

MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN RELEASE DATE: Sept. 30 CAST: Eva Green, Samuel L. Jackson, Allison Janney, Asa Butterfield SULLY RELEASE DATE: Sept. 9 CAST: Tom Hanks, Anna Gunn, Laura Linney, Aaron Eckhart What I got from the preview: This movie takes the real-life events of pilot Chesley Sullenburger—whose famous “miracle on the Hudson” involved gliding a commercial plane to safety, saving 155 crew and passengers—and applies an Oscar bait gloss to it. With frequent and numerous parallels to 2012’s Flight, including NTSB interference and a likeable award-winner in the lead, this film may suffer as a result of the comparison. Most notable for: Clint Eastwood hasn’t had a directorial hit since 2008’s Gran Torino, which for one of Hollywood’s most prolific and successful storytellers is a big deal. Perhaps his politics have too bluntly immersed themselves in his movies, but there’s nothing like a true story with technical proficiency and Tom Hanks to remind moviegoers why they love a certain director. Unqualified critical observation: While the source material is thrilling and the talent is present, it doesn’t seem like there’s any “there” there. Just another sleepy movie about a white hero whose bravado is undermined by the powers that be. There’s something to be said about quiet, traditional stories (see Spielberg), but this isn’t the movie to make the argument.

BLAIR WITCH RELEASE DATE: Sept. 16 CAST: Corib Reid, Wes Robinson, Valorie Curry What I got from the preview: A movie that is aware of its own prequel, this entry in the Blair Witch catalog explores the many misadventures of James, whose sister was the main character in the 1999 film that literally changed horror and invented a subgenre. Unluckily for James, he’s kind of dumb, and decides to make the exact same mistakes as his ill-fated sister, dragging his friends on a video-documented investigation of the haunted forest. Most notable for: Giving horror fans and sequel aficionados alike something neither of them want. Unqualified critical observation: Remember when Heather from the first movie whispered through fearful cries at the camera, unblinking in light of the terror that was slowly and painfully besetting her friends? Remember the last scene, in which Heather follows Mike into the house after Josh’s demise, only to find him face-down, staring at a wall and awaiting death? The sheer visceral horror of those low-fi moments stay with me and are as synonymous with horror as Rosemary’s baby in the cradle or Jack Nicholson axing his way into a bathroom. This unnecessary and frankly insulting follow-up promises none of that; just a repeat of what we’ve already seen, cheapening and degrading it for a couple easy mill.

What I got from the preview: Based on the best-selling novel, a group of children with a recessive peculiarity gene lives in a 24-hour time-loop in which their whimsical and frightening abilities can live forever. Prophesied to be the one that can save the children from their supernatural tormentors, Jacob serves as our audience proxy, changing the world as he simultaneously falls in love with it and is terrified by it. The trailer has a dark fairtytale aesthetic, beautifully rendered special effects, and a hint of childlike innocence that lends this magical period piece a bit of Harry Potter-like magic. Most notable for: The source material has been screaming for a film adaptation

Fi l m

since it was released five years ago. Hopefully this movie will see a return to morbid fantasy wonderment for director Tim Burton, whose recent efforts have failed to inspire even his most ardent fans. Unqualified critical observation: It’s been five years since the last Harry Potter movie landed in theaters, and while this year will see a spin-off of that series, it is no secret that each and every studio is trying to cash in on the enchantment for themselves. I’m more hopeful about this attempt than any previous one, as a renowned director and a truly original story collide for an adventure that promises to entrance children and compel adults.

SNOWDEN RELEASE DATE: Sept. 16 CAST: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley, Nicolas Cage What I got from the preview: NSA employee Edward Snowden becomes increasingly paranoid after he violates federal law and leaks documentation showing court-approved governmental access to Americans’ Google, Yahoo and Verizon accounts, among others. We see glimpses of his time in the Army Reserve as well as his personally tortured relationship with Lindsay Mills. All that, plus cartoonishly simulated “hacking” demonstrations. What’s not to love? Most notable for: This month’s second true story gives a new meaning to the word “true.” With famously paranoid director Oliver Stone at the helm, expect some artistic license and anti-government propaganda. Unqualified critical observation: Levitt bears a striking resemblance to the titular character, but I am not holding my breath that the rest of the movie carries such a religious loyalty to the truth. I am looking forward to a fictionalized account of one of the decade’s biggest news stories, but its frequent release delays and anti-government subtext of the trailer does not make me hopeful for its truthiness. For some starter research, watch HBO’s Citizenfour.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN RELEASE DATE: Sept. 23 CAST: Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio What I got from the preview: This remake of the outstanding 1960 movie of the same name finds seven gunmen, each with different motivations and personalities, who come together to protect a poor village against savage thieves. You’ve got Washington as the sage old gunman, Pratt as the likeable everyman, Hawke as the mysterious sojourner, and more. Throw in some whip-smart dialogue and these underdogs face the odds in typical classic Hollywood fashion, with some modern sheen, of course. Most notable for: Remakes are a dime a dozen nowadays, but this one, which features mainstays like Washington and new blood like Pratt, as well as a director (Antoine Fuqua of Training Day and Shooter fame) who knows how to handle action, looks like it could actually be pretty good, and that’s notable enough for me. Unqualified critical observation: While the original was more of an honest-to-goodness western, it looks like this version will have some boyish humor, illicit romance, larger-than-life explosions, and all the necessary ingredients for a summer movie season closer.


D ate l i n e D o w n t o w n

Pensacola Dragon Boat Festival Sept. 10 Prepared to enter the dragon? The dragon boat, that is. The Pensacola Dragon Boat Festival by Northeast Pensacola Sertoma has met roaring success and so returns for its third year at beautiful Bayview Park in Downtown Pensacola. The event begins at 8 am with festivities lasting until 5 pm, but the races kick off at 9 am. To learn more visit pensacoladragonfestival.com. Antique Appraisal Fair Sept. 3 The Pensacola Historic Preservation Society is sponsoring its 22nd Antique Appraisal Fair at Garth’s Auction House (3930 Navy Blvd.) on Sept. 3 from 9 am to 2 pm. As always, the fair benefits the Society’s historical outreach programs and supports the 206-year-old Quina House Museum. Bring your silver, glassware, china, collectibles and other portable objects for area antique dealers and experts to tell you what it is and its value. Tickets may be purchased at the door. For $5, your ticket allows you to have one object appraised. Additional objects are $3 a piece. For more information, you may call Beverly Stagg at 850.393.3091, or Gena Buchanan at 850.494.9802. Jazz at Jackson’s Sept. 8 Join Jackson’s Steakhouse for their latest installment of Jazz at Jackson’s, featuring vocalist Ellen Vinson accompanied by noted pianist Bobby van Deusen on Thursday, Sept. 8. The duo will present a program featuring many jazz standards of songs by composers with enduring popularity highlighting the American Songbook, plus they will perform a number of Broadway favorites. In 20 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

addition to Jackson’s full dinner menu, Chef Irv will prepare a special-feature entrée: Hickory-fired bone-in beef tenderloin chops with Gaufrette fries, bacon-wilted spinach and bourbon garlic butter. There is limited seating, so reserve your table today by calling Jackson’s at 850.469.9898.

Time Stands Still at Pensacola Little Theatre Sept. 9 - 11, 15 - 17 In a world that seems to have gone crazy, there’s Sarah and James: a photojournalist and a foreign correspondent trying to find happiness. They form a partnership based on telling the toughest stories and making a difference together. But, when their own story takes a sudden turn, the adventurous couple confronts the prospect of a more conventional life. Discover what happens next by taking a trip down to Pensacola Little Theatre for the weekend of Sept. 9 to 11 or 15 to 17. Tickets range $10 to $17, and you may reserve them now or find out more at pensacolalittletheatre.com. 14th Annual ‘Vettes at the Beach Sept. 9 - 10 Can the Miracle Strip Corvette Club’s ‘Vettes at the Beach top its best show ever? Find out at this year’s event, which runs from Friday, Sept. 9 to Saturday, Sept. 10 at Pensacola Beach. Friday’s

event will take place at Heimingway’s from 5 to 8 pm, while Saturday’s event will kick off from 8 to 10 am at the Casino Beach parking lot. Trophies are given out at 3 pm with awards like Best in Show, Sponsors’ Choice, Club Participation, Furthest Distance Driven, and Top 30 Cars. Last year, over 266 amazing Corvettes were entered into the annual show. For more details, check out miraclestripcorvette.com. Seventh Annual Subway Cycling Classic Sept. 10 - 11 Enjoy the beautiful Gulf Coast and witness the best in the Southeast compete at Subway’s annual Pensacola Cycling Classic from Sept. 10 to 11. The event features three stages over two days of intense racing, which includes a time trial on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches—Pensacola Beach. There will also be a road race in Milton, Fla., taking riders through scenic Blackwater River State Forest, followed by a Criterium held in historic Downtown Pensacola. Even if you aren’t part of the race, you can still root on from the sidelines for free. For more information, please visit pensacolacyclingclassic.com. Saenger Classic Movie Series Feeling nostalgic? The annual summer series

Dateline Downtown Pensacola Saenger Theatre will conclude with two films airing in September, so take a trip back in time by visiting the Baroque theatre and enjoy classic, Academy-Award winning films like Orson Welles’s mystery-drama Citizen Kane, and the historical romance adapted from Margaret Mitchell’s 1936 novel by the same name: Gone with the Wind. Treat yourself or bring friends for a memorable summer night at the Saenger. Tickets cost $5 and are available only at the Saenger Theatre Box Office. Find out more by visiting pensacolasaenger.com. Sept. 10: Citizen Kane Sept. 17: Gone with the Wind UWF Football: Let’s Go, Argos! Are you ready for football season, Pensacola? The University of West Florida’s Argonauts are hyped up and ready to kick off their inaugural season this fall, so don’t miss your chance to come out and cheer for our area’s only Division II college football team. The Argos are set to play Sept. 10 and Oct. 1 at the Blue Wahoos Stadium, where games start at 6 pm. For more details, or to order your game gear now, visit goargos.com. Sept. 10: v. Missouri S&T Oct. 1: v. Florida Tech Toasts of the Coasts: Felipe Villaveces, South of the Equator Sept. 15 Join the Fish House for another round of Toasts of the Coasts, featuring guest speaker Felipe Villaveces who is bringing his extensive knowledge of wines from the South of the Equator along with his colorful stories and an explanation of the process for the featured wines. The first course will start off with brown butter-grilled oysters paired with Peregrine Sauvignon Blanc, Central Otago, New Zealand 2015, while the second dish will be Groundnut stew with tender chicken paired with Chamonix Chardonnay, Franschhoek Valley, South Africa 2014. Finally, the night will conclude with corn and black bean empanadas paired with MAAL ‘Imposible’ Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 2012. For more details, check out fishhousepensacola.com. Widespread Panic at Saenger Theatre Sept. 20 - 21 Where’s Widespread Panic? In concert at Saenger Theatre for two days this month from Sept. 20 to 21. Widespread Panic rose to elite status among

American jam bands, following in the steps of other Southern rock jam bands like the Allman Brothers. The band is widely renowned for their sold-out live performances, so you won’t want to pass up the chance to witness the unique show and blend of progressive, Southern and hard rock causing positive panic over the course of two nights. Tickets are $60 and reserve seats while available at pensacolasaenger.com. Save the Third for Chef Irv: Tailgate Cooking Sept. 21 What better way to pay homage to sports season than by learning some new tailgate recipes to show off on the next game day? Luckily, Jackson’s Chef Irv has the perfect dishes for your next experiment in tailgate cooking. Whether it’s football, baseball, NASCAR, or the kid’s soccer game, one thing is certain: if there’s a parking lot, there will be tailgating. Chef Irv will demonstrate how anyone can turn their simple hot-dog-andbeer party into a gastronomical glutton-fest of tasty delights with expert tips on equipment and food storage, as well as timing, prepping ahead, tailgating etiquette, and scoring the perfect spot to hunker down. As always, Chef Irv will host two cooking demonstrations at 5 and 7:30 pm with tickets at $45 per person. Call 850-2172347 or email maria@jacksonsrestaurant.com for reservations or more details.

Dearly Departed at Pensacola Little Theatre Sept. 23 - 25 & 29 - 30, Oct. 1 - 2 Living and dying in the South is seldom tidy but arguably always hilarious. Despite the earnest efforts by the Turpin family to pull themselves together for their father’s funeral, their other problems keep overshadowing the solemn occasion. Ray-Bud drinks himself silly as the funeral bills mount; Junior is juggling financial ruin, a pack of no-neck monster kids and a wife who suspects him of infidelity; and their sister Delightful copes with death as she does life—by devouring junk food. Plus, the nosey neighbors add more than their two cents. Follow this dysfunctional family unit in any one of the following productions of Dearly Departed running from Sept. 23 through 30 and Oct. 1 to 2. Tickets range $12 to $30, which you may purchase online at pensacolalittletheatre.com.

Prairie Home Companion’s Garrison Keillor at the Saenger Sept. 26 One of the most prolific American storytellers of all time, Garrison Keillor is a writer and humorist best known for his popular live radio variety show, A Prairie Home Companion, which attracts more than four million listeners on more than 600 public radio stations each week. Keillor is scheduled for Pensacola on Monday, Sept. 26 at 7 pm. Tickets are $78 (includes a post-show meet & greet), $61, and $51 (plus applicable service charge). For more, visit pensacolasaenger.com. Let Your Light Shine for Children Sept. 26 Tickets are now available for the 3rd Annual Let Your Light Shine for Children in Crisis (CIC) fundraiser scheduled for Monday, September 26, Museum of Commerce, 201 East Zaragosa in historic downtown Pensacola. This evening of frivolity and celebration includes heavy hor d’oeuvres, wine and beer, music and dancing, silent auction, and raffle items. Tickets are $50 per person or $320 for a table of eight. Doors open at 6 pm. The CIC Children’s Neighborhood, a beautiful family-style setting built by the generous support of our communities, has a 24/7 emergency shelter for children who are removed without notice from an unsafe environment. Pensacola Seafood Festival Sept. 30 - Oct. 2 Engulf your senses in the many flavors of the Gulf—from sweet and savory selections to harmonious tunes and eclectic entertainment, there’s plenty to sample from at Pensacola’s annual Seafood Festival returning the weekend of Sept. 30 through Oct. 2. Enjoy free admission to the annual event hosted by Fiesta of Five Flags and sponsored by Wind Creek. The festival is here for three days, so take your time as you visit each booth and dine on dishes prepared by local food vendors, chefs and caterers. If you’re looking for cooking demonstrations, look no further than the Fiesta Seafood Grille and Gulf to Table areas, where you can watch local chefs doing what they do best—plus, samples will be up for grabs! For more on this year’s Seafood Festival, visit fiestaoffiveflags.org.


Date l i n e D o w n t o w n Disney Live! Mickey and Minnie’s Doorway to Magic Oct. 1 In Disney Live! Mickey and Minnie’s Doorway to Magic, you hold the ultimate key to unlocking your imagination. Join Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as well as the comical duo Goofy and Donald, as 25 of your favorite Disney characters surprise and captivate at every turn. Witness the Fairy Godmother transform Cinderella’s rag into a beautiful ball gown in a split second, or see the Toy Story gang defy the dimensions of Andy’s toy box with the help of the green army men, and be present for the spectacular stage debut of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider as they rise into the sky amidst the floating lanterns. You never know what to expect or who might join in on the fun. Tickets start at $20 each, and you can reserve them online at pensacolabaycenter.com. Eighth Annual Pensacola Beach Songwriters’ Festival Through Oct. 2 Celebrate the creators of music with the eighth annual Pensacola Beach Songwriters’ Festival spanning Sept. 29 to Oct. 2. You’ll want to make sure you wear comfy clothes and shoes, since the many performances will be held at stages set up at different venues along the beach, including the Grand Marlin, Casino Beach Bar, Hemingway’s, Lillo’s Tuscan Grill, The Tree House Cinema and Upper Room at Innerlight, Red Fish Blue Fish, plus many more. For $25 each, you may get your VIP wristbands online or at The Sandbar 715 Pensacola Beach Blvd.; wristbands include cover charge for up to four listening room venues, a Pensacola Beach Songwriters’ Festival koozie, and one raffle ticket for the prize drawing. For a full list of venues and schedules, visit pensacolabeachsongfest.com. PMA presents Highlights from the Permanent Collection The Pensacola Museum of Art (PMA) will highlight works from its Permanent Collection, containing primarily 20th and 21st century works of art by international, national, and regionally acclaimed artists on exhibit through September. This collection will feature a wide range of modern and contemporary styles and periods including Cubism, Realism, Pop Art, Non-objective Art, Folk Art, and Illustration. There are more than 500 accessioned works with the PMA’s Permanent Collection and the notable artists highlighted within this exhibition 22 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

include, but are not limited to: Alexander Calder, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Vivian Maier, and Ellsworth Kelly. Visit pensacolamuseum.org for more on upcoming exhibits.

The Life and Art of Mary Petty at PMA Who is Mary Petty? Find out by visiting Pensacola Museum of Art (PMA) now through October for the exhibition organized by the Syracuse University Art Collection and featuring the works of Petty— the creator of the Peabody family, featured on over 40 covers for The New Yorker Magazine. Petty was an illustrator of books and magazines, and she was known for her satirical depiction of New York City’s Victorian era society. Working in watercolor, Petty meticulously drew her characters and scenes using a limited palette of roses, blues, greens, browns and golds. For more, check out pensacolamuseum.org. Brush Strokes & Kaleidoscopes at Quayside Through Oct. 10 Enter the wonderful world of Brush Strokes & Kaleidoscopes, featuring three of Quayside’s artists: Marianne McDonald, Diane Goeller, and Cathy Painter. Delve into McDonald’s paintings, which entice the viewer to travel into a place of marine wonder that shows the artist’s appreciation and knowledge of her coastal home. Goeller’s works range from traditional to non-objective (her true love), and she has designed many of our Pensacola Pelicans. Painter is a stained glass artist specializing in creating one-of-a-kind kaleidoscopes using precious stones, crystals, hand-blown marbles, and any unique item she can find. Don’t miss the special reception for this exhibit on Sunday, Sept. 11 from 1 to 4 pm. For more information, visit quaysidegallery.com. Blue Angels Practice The world-famous Blue Angels are based at NAS Pensacola and can be seen practicing over the Museum at NAS Pensacola most Tuesday and Wednesday mornings until November. Practices typically begin at 11:30 am and last around 55 minutes. Admission is free and open to the public. Following most Wednesday practices, members of the Blue Angels meet fans and sign autographs inside the National Naval Aviation Museum. For a complete practice schedule, check out blueangels. navy.mil. Bands on the Beach Fall is on the rise, and, if the promise of cooler weather isn’t enticing you to visit Bands on the Beach after the sun sinks down every Tuesday night then perhaps this month’s entertainment

lineup will encourage you to come out and enjoy the music along with Pensacola’s beautiful beach. Shows start at 7 pm, but please keep pets and glass at home. Do feel free to bring your own chairs, blankets and enough concessions to last until the show ends. For more details, call the SRIA at 850.932.2257, or tune in to Cat Country 98.7 to hear the latest updates. Sept. 13: Mass Konfusion Sept. 20: Category 4 Sept. 27: Ben Loftin Band The Fish House Deck Bar Weekly Music Schedule Sunday: Regional acts at 8 pm. Monday: Open at 4 pm. Tuesday: Lucas Crutchfield from 6 to 10 pm Wednesday: Lucas Crutchfield 5 to 9 pm; at 9 pm a regional band will play until midnight. Regional bands are changed weekly Thursday: Lucas Crutchfield 6 to 10 pm Friday: Lucas Crutchfield 5 to 9 pm; regional band begins at 9 pm Saturday: Regional bands begin at 9 pm At Seville Quarter This Month Seville Quarter hosts a variety of entertainment from a wide array of genres. For more information check out SevilleQuarter.com. Sept. 1-3, 23, 24: Bad Habits Sept. 2, 3, 8: Ben Loftins Band Sept. 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28: Mike Quinn Sept. 9, 10, 22, 30: Whyte Caps Sept. 16 & 17: The Red Field Sept. 30: The Modern Eldorados Sept. 30: Grand Theft Audio Vinyl Music Hall Every month, Vinyl Music Hall hosts a wide variety of acts, events, performances and more that draw a diverse crowd to Downtown Pensacola’s go-to venue. Most shows begin at 7 pm. Sept. 2: Earphunk Sept. 10: Watsky Sept. 13: The Oh Hellos Sept. 14: The Ataris Sept. 16: Madball Sept. 17: Velcro Pygmies Sept. 21: Chris Staples Sept. 24: The Wildflowers: A Tribute to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Sept. 27: Sarah Jarosz & Parker Millsap Sept. 30: Bad Girls of Burlesque

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