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Josh Newby, editor More than most Southern cities that don’t receive a lick of wintry weather, Pensacola knows how to do the holidays. No snow? No problem! Festivities like Winterfest and adornments like our light-wrapped trees add the perfect bit of holiday wonderment to our city’s proceedings. We also go all out for New Years, in an event that has become a lighthearted destination for tens of thousands in the region. Yes, the air may not feel like a white Christmas, but the kindness and generosity of our citizens and the no-holds-barred enthusiasm of our decorations will make you forget the 60-degree weather. The creative ways in which we make up for weather-based deficiencies is one of my favorite things. Speaking of favorite things, it is that time of year again to dwell on the past before looking to the future. 2016

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may have been a rough year for aged celebrities and an even rougher year for our political landscape, but that didn’t stop Downtown from having a great time. New stores, fun events, and unique proceedings made this year as memorable as any, and we recap it all for you in this issue. One of my favorite things every year is Christmas on the Coast. The talented kids of the Children’s Chorus make me wish I had pursued the thespian life, but my squeamish vocal chords simply wouldn’t allow it. Nevertheless, get in the holiday spirit and sing along to your favorite songs (Christmas, pop, Broadway and otherwise) in this highlight of December. And hey, while all these events are monopolizing our time, let’s not forget about all the new businesses coming to One Palafox Place that are sure to monopolize our money. It’s so great to see small business thriving in this area, and we have the skinny on them all. This will be my final editorial for the Downtown Crowd, and my swan song with Ballinger Publishing. Working here and connecting with the community in a meaningful way has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life, but it is time for me to migrate slightly northward to the Council on Aging of West Florida, a wonderful advocacy organization for senior citizens. I hope to still see you out and about on Palafox, enjoying our beautiful city, Downtown Crowd in hand.

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An Interview with Local Painter Patrick Slagle By Dawn Gresko

Patrick Slagle’s passion hasn’t always been his legal profession: the recent attorney-turned-artist is making the switch to full-time artist after discovering his penchant for painting in a contemporary abstract style. Downtown Crowd caught up with the self-taught painter to talk technique and discuss the inspiration behind his work. While you’re likely to spot Patrick’s art at Gallery Night, along the walls of the new Arrow Salon in downtown, or in one of the many businesses in Gulf Breeze, you can always check out his work online at

Why the switch from attorney to full-time artist? As much as I enjoy practicing law, I feel like I can hopefully accomplish something unique with my art. There are many innovators in the legal profession, but with art there is a less rigid framework in which expression may be accomplished. With art, the only limitation on your expression is your capacity for imagination. Plus, I find it hard to sit behind a desk all day! 4 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

You describe yourself as a self-taught artist. How did you become one?

I love to look at a piece and try to figure out how it was created. This leads me to tutorial videos, documentaries, and just plain experimentation. I have several boards that probably have 15 to 20 coats of paint, just from trying to replicate a certain technique I’ve seen. Once I have a general idea of how to approach a technique, the best way for me to refine it is to just keep doing, over and over.

Tell us a little about the materials and medium for your artwork.

Currently, I tend toward painting using traditional oils for some pieces, acrylics in others, but I really like the viscosity of oil-based enamel. Most of my work this year has been done on birch panels, however I still do some work on stretched canvas. Additionally, I’ve been adding a layer of resin as a finish; it provides a gloss finish, but also acts as a lens and eliminates reflection from different

heights of paint buildup, smoothing perceived harshness. I also put a border around most of my pieces, usually planed and stained pine. I use an American walnut stain, which gives the overall impression of mid-century furniture. I like the juxtaposition of contemporary abstract work with midcentury borders. It adds a cool touch, but doesn’t distract from the piece.

Who do you look to for inspiration?

I’m a huge fan of Gerhard Richter. From his constructionist work to photorealism to the abstracts that have really defined his career, I love it all. I also enjoy the work of Rothko. His ability to make the viewer feel depth in an abstract work is amazing. His floating squares have been a motivator for me in that I continually try to replicate the sense of depth that objects, which are apparently floating, inspire.

Guide us through your creative process, taking us from your initial idea for a piece to how you bring that concept to life.

Every piece starts out as an idea from any number of sources; generally it relates to a perception of depth and visual complexity. Next, I determine what sense of scale will help express my idea. Since I build the frames myself, I can be very flexible on the dimensions for the piece. Since I’ve been working with resin lately, most big pieces have been on birch board. I sand it down to a 220 grit fineness. When the surface is prepared, I get to paint! After the paint is dry, most pieces are coated in an epoxy resin. Epoxy is poured on in several different stages, the process taking about two days. Finally, I measure and create borders. After all of this, a piece is ready to show.


Your Downtown Computer Repair


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850-332-5350 111 N Palafox St, Pensacola FL


*for select areas.



Military Discount




Bloody Marys


Signature Bloody Marys


Bottomless Mimosas

455 W. Main St. Downtown Pensacola (850) 912-8775 WWW.NICKSBOATHOUSE.COM

Bacon makin’

Bacon Bourbon

BaconInfused Chips

teChocola d Covere Bacon

Only the smokiest bacon shall pass: for admittance into bacon-flavored bourbon, that is. If you already dig the oaky undertones of bourbon, then pairing the flavor with smoky, applewood bacon might give your taste buds just what they were salivating for.

If bacon wasn’t crunchy and/or salty enough for you, maybe you’ll get the right amount of both with bacon-infused potato chips. We’re not sure how the bacon-chip-sausage gets made, (though I imagine something like soaking potatoes in the grease of a thousand bacons or pounding bacon strips into potatoes slices with a mallet), but we’re definitely game for trying the Tin Cow’s take on it.

Is sweet and salty how you like it? If you want to dip that bacon in the nearest batch of liquid chocolate, there’s absolutely no judgment here. In fact, we’ll tell any one who asks that chocolate-covered bacon is a thing. A real thing for you to enjoy without evil (and most likely envious) stares.

Ladies and gentlemen: swimsuit season is officially over. What does that mean? If you’re any thing like us pork-fat fiends, it means you’re beggin’ for bacon. Rest assured we’ve found several ways for you to stay greased up with bacon this month, which contains every foodie’s favorite holiday: Bacon Day (Dec. 30). And, if your diet doesn’t permit the consumption of regular bacon, try your favorite “facon” (i.e. fake bacon) turkey or tofu alternatives. BY DAWN GRESKO

Bacon e Milkshak

Bacon Sushi


So you’re not a fan of chocolate, but you still want your sweet-and-savory fix. It’s okay. We’re here to tell you the solution is clear: bacon milkshakes. Look no farther than your nearest Five Guys, who has just the bacony-but-sweet fix you’re craving.

Everything tastes better with bacon—even sushi. Ditch the rice roll and replace your grain with bacony goodness. There’s nothing fancy or far-fetched to it, and you should feel free to include all ingredients with which you traditionally fill your sushi rolls.

We’ve heard of the BLT and PB&J, but what were to happen if those two ideas somehow meshed? The PB&B (peanut butter and bacon) sandwich. Don’t knock it before you try it: next time you’re making a sandwich for lunch (or brunch) and slathering on the peanut butter make sure you top it off with a little something crunchy… called bacon.





t the opening of South Palafox sits a square city block ripe with opportunity, historic culture, a range of apartment, retail and office spaces, and five new tenants guaranteed to transform our urban core. Between the Marston Quina, Blount and Brent buildings is over 16,000 sqft. of retail space alone available, with frontage on Palafox, Garden and the rear courtyard.

The Blount and Brent buildings are century-old structures that were built by Francis Brent and William Blount for just a few hundred thousand dollars. In early 2015, Brent’s great-grandson, Robert Switzer, bought the property back under the patriarch’s name for $7.5 million. His big plans, which include complete renovation, a breezeway, mixed-use space, coworking areas, and tech-heavy infrastructure, are already coming true.

A digital rendering of the plans for the final facade of the new One Palafox Place retail community. With a focus on connectivity and cohesion, the repurposed block will almost be a self-contained city, with a gym, living areas, office space, a grocery store, and of course, five exciting new business prospects. In the first quarter of 2017, these new businesses will occupy the renovated first floor of the Brent Building--the three-story strip located next to the seven-story Blount on Palafox. Newcoming tenants Wilfrid’s, Gray, Frios Gourmet Pops, and Bee & the Bear will join Palafox mainstay Nick Zanari’s new venture, Badlands to offer street-level appeal and patron interest. Wilfrid’s, the brainchild of Volume One owner Hurst Butts, will be a barber and fine men’s goods shop with an emphasis on high fashion and hip cuts. Butts has been known in the Pensacola community for sometime as a Brooklyn-esque barber with an eye for the styles seen in fashion magazines and sartorial columns. He is currently operating out of the space previously held by Dollarhide’s, though he will move to the more

permanent space sometime early next year. Gray promises to be a women’s lifestyle boutique. With longtime apparel expert and aficionado Katy Nagel at the helm, the store will offer advice and fashion to women of every age and persuasion. It will join Between, Indigeaux and other retail outlets on Palafox as a purveyor of quality clothing that provides an aspirational lifestyle. Frios Gourmet Pops is a small chain of fresh fozen fun operated out of Gadsden, Ala. With an emphasis on local ingredients, the brightly decorated snack stop will offer customers dozens of flavors ranging from Russian Tea and Mexican Chocolate to Eggnog and Blueberry Lemonade. All popsicle variations are made in concert with local growers of fruit and produce and are sweetened with organic sugar, agave or locally made honey. Opening in the summer of 2017, Bee & the Bear is a bar that will focus on fresh food and innovative menu options. It is the second bar/restaurant concept from Bill and Kiley Manning, owners of The

Magnolia in East Pensacola Heights. Similar in feel and offerings to The Magnolia, the Bee & the Bear will be about twice the former’s size and will fuse together Southern staples with international influences. They promise to emphasize seasonal ingredients and local growers. The outdoor seating in the rear courtyard will encourage a sense of community, according to the owners, and create a familial atmosphere. Formerly slated to be dubbed Glory Daze, New York Nick’s owner Nick Zangari will open Badlands, which will have a roadside bar theme, relatively soon. New York Nick’s was one of the very first restaurant/bars in Downtown and arguably helped usher in the area’s renaissance about 15 years ago. The restaurant was displaced by current renovations last year, with Zangari promising to open a similar concept for fans of his shameless appreciation of sports and classic bar food. Zangari and team began moving into the new location in mid-November, with promises to be open as soon as possible. DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM | 9

Crescendo into Christmas


AN INTERVIEW WITH KALEY HAMMOCK, A SEVENTH GRADE SINGER IN THE PENSACOLA CHILDREN’S CHORUS. BY MALORIE EAGLES Do you hear what I hear? The dulcet tones of Pensacola Children’s Chorus are filling the Saenger Theatre with Christmas cheer once again. Since 1990, more than 200 of Pensacola’s most talented third through 12th graders have gathered each holiday season to turn sunny Pensacola into a winter wonderland during their Christmas on the Coast showcase. Seventh grader Kaley Hammock, a dynamic first soprano in Pensacola Children’s Chorus’ concert choir and ensemble, shares how her four-year singing career has shaped her personal growth, friendships, and commitment to her community. Join Kaley and the rest of Pensacola Children’s Chorus at Christmas on the Coast on Dec. 9, 10, and 11 to enjoy the sweetest melodies of the holiday season. The showcase will feature both classic carols, as well as brand new musical treats led by Pensacola Children’s Chorus’ new Artistic Director, Alex Gartner. Get your tickets today by visiting the Saenger Theatre Box Office or on Ticketmaster. com. How did you get involved in Pensacola Children’s Chorus? The first time I saw Pensacola Children’s Chorus perform was in third grade when we went on our field trip to the Saenger Theatre and that’s when I wanted to perform for the chorus. Then, my grandma and my aunt pitched in and helped me pay for the chorus. What is your favorite part of being a choir member? The singing and the rush of being in a show. I like the feeling of when you’re dancing and when you feel like you are going to mess up, but you know that you have it. Performing in front of all people, making everyone feel happy and bringing joy to people’s faces as I perform. Awesome! Do you like being a part of a team? Yeah. It’s very fun. I love how everyone in the chorus is like a complete family and we all accept each other. If one person gets a solo, we all congratulate them instead of getting down. Do you guys get to do any fun activities together outside of the chorus? Just a couple of weekends ago we had a car wash to raise money for the chorus and for our tour. It was really fun. We do Christmas caroling too, which is basically going to different places and caroling. What kind of places do you tour to? This year we’re going to Washington D.C. The year before we went to Universal Studios. We just get to go around and perform for everyone. What goes into preparing for a big concert like Christmas on the Coast? Practice. Lots of practice. Our choreographers have to help us every rehearsal. Right before every show, we have tech week, which is where we go every single day for a couple of hours as much as we can on the set and in the Saenger Theatre so we can get our movements down, if we don’t have them down. Practice makes perfect! What is your favorite song to rehearse for Christmas on the Coast? This year, it’s “Christmas Shopping Blues.” We have the most exciting dance moves and it’s really energetic and really pop-y.

That sounds fun. Does that song get stuck in your head the most often? Yes! I drive home and my grandma gets so annoyed because I’m singing the song all the way home. It’s the funniest thing! My parents used to yell at me because I would run around the house just singing all the time. They’re like, “Oh, my gosh! We don’t even need to go to your concert anymore.” That’s funny too, because my parents will sit in the living room and they’ll be watching TV and I’ll be singing in my room and they’ll be like, “You have to be quiet! We’re watching a TV show!” And I’m just like, “But I can’t! It’s stuck in my head!” Do you get pre-show nerves? A little bit, yes. One year before, I had a solo. It’s really nerve-racking when you’re the only person singing in front of a huge crowd out in the Saenger Theatre. If you’re performing with other people, it’s a little less nerve-racking because you have all the people to back you up. Did you do anything to prepare yourself for those nerves? The way my grandma taught me—she told me, “Breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth,” and I would do that over and over again until my solo came. Is singing something that you would like to continue doing after high school? It is! Before chorus, I have probably been singing since I was, like, 3 years old. And I’ve kept singing up till now, so I think it is something I want to do when I get older. Maybe not my main job. Maybe like a hobby of mine. DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM | 11


This past year saw many moves forward for our collective culture, conversation and camaraderie. From expansive murals to initiatives for the homeless, Pensacola showed its best face in 2016. It is sometimes easy to bemoan the small inconveniences of Downtown life or complain that change is not as revolutionary as we might hope, but it is important to celebrate our successes and revel in our triumphs. In that spirit, we revisit our favorite things of 2016. By Josh Newby and Dawn Gresko.




The Leadership Pensacola class of 2016 made some real strides to combat the root causes of homeless while working to decrease panhandling in our area. By installing repurposed parking meters, courtesy of the Downtown Improvement Board, the class reminded the generous citizens of Pensacola that, instead of giving to a panhandler, they can place their change in these “donation stations,” from where the funds would go to the EscaRosa Coalition on the Homeless in order to help those truly in need. The meters were painted by local artists and incorporated public art into the project, which served to not only beautify our city’s sidewalks, but also provide real change for the area’s most destitute. With 38 meters, the class raised almost $60,000, all of which has gone to the homeless.



Honestly, we wish the weather outside were a little bit frightful—or at least cold. But at least Downtown’s main thoroughfare is adorned with gorgeous white and gold lights to put us in the holiday mood. When Gallery Night was abandoned by the DIB earlier this year, my first fear was how much else they would discontinue. Luckily, these stringed orbs still sit beautifully atop our city’s trees, reminding us all that Christmas really is a magical time of year, even in Florida.


When you’re entrenched in the news, it can become a little disheartening when some of the cool proposals you hear about don’t come to fruition. That’s why I’m so happy that the Y did! It’s a modern, state-of-theart facility that not only solves for the organization’s previous, dated location, but also raises awareness about health and fitness in the community. You’ll find me there sliding into the pool or enjoying one of the many classes, right in the heart of this city we love. Thank you to the Levins, Bears and Studers for putting their money where their mouth is and bringing real, tangible change to our community!




I’ll admit, I miss the theatricality and spectacle of election season, especially a presidential election season. Now, I certainly don’t ever want an experience quite like the one we recently survived, but it did motivate people far and wide to engage in the process on a political level. Enter the Pensacola Young Professionals, Tiger Bay Club, and various other civic organizations that stepped up and hosted a series of rich, educational forums for US Congress, state house, county commission, superintendant of schools, an more. Let’s hope this heightened level of discourse pays off the next time the White House is up for grabs.






HELLO DOLLY Pensacola was graced by the presence of Countrymusic legend and iconic actress Dolly Parton, who visited the Pensacola Bay Center as part of her Pure & Simple touring show in November. We had a “Coat of Many Colors” to keep us warm during the cool, autumn evening and fans enjoyed a little piece of Dollywood here in Pensacola. It was her first major tour in over 25 years, and she chose to share her biggest hits with our community. Of course, while we sang along to her golden oldies, Dolly delighted fans by playing songs from her new double-disc album, “Pure & Simple.”

Some of us may remember that back in 2014, food trucks were featured at City Hall as a part of a six-month pilot program to see how the mobile meal businesses fared. While the debate over food trucks may not be over, we have to admit that one of our favorite parts of 2016 was witnessing a major milestone for these mobile businesses: on Jan. 7, food trucks began operating in the City Hall parking lot according to a rotating breakfast, lunch and dinner schedule. Our hearts (and our stomachs) couldn’t have been more overjoyed to discover that some of our favorite foods would be featured from the eclectic tastes of Nomadic Eats to the Mediterranean flavors of Hip Pocket Deli and everything in between.



Many native Pensacolians might recognize the name “Trader Jon’s” from the popular destination bar that was located on Palafox Street in Downtown Pensacola, which was named after its owner: Martin “Trader Jon” Weissman. Trader Jon’s was known for being the waterhole for Navy pilots, for its celebrity guests ranging from Larry King to John McCain, as well as for Trader Jon’s massive collection of Navy memorabilia. Although the bar closed in 1998, nearly two decades later the UWF Historic Trust has brought Trader Jon’s back. That is, as an exhibit on the second floor of the T.T. Wentworth Museum. We’ve enjoyed our first glimpse and encourage any one who hasn’t already to experience the eclectic, eccentric atmosphere of the iconic bar through the museum’s recreation of the interior, showcasing more than 10,000 items.

When’s the last time you were able to sample every major restaurant downtown and get full doing it for around $30? Well, if you went to Tastemakers this year, it was a few months ago. Through the experience, I was able to try out some places that have been on my list (looking at you, Union Public House and Ruby Slipper) and satisfy my cravings for some good old staples of Pensacola life (thanks, Tin Cow and Polonza). It’s a great chance to walk around, meet up with friends, and create your own definitive ranking of the best culinary offerings on and off Palafox. I can only imagine what it’s like coordinating such an event, so I raise my glass to them and to next year, when there will be even more new dishes to sample. DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM | 13

How could we pass up including the massive mural depicting icons specifically for (and from) our community as a favorite of 2016? The 3,000-square-foot mural was hand-painted by Evan Levin and Ashton Howard on the Jefferson Parking Garage east wall to be enjoyed by generations to come. The two artists completed this major undertaking during the first days of fall and throughout Foo Foo festivities. In fact, if you didn’t



After all the hype for the inaugural season, from the reveal of football uniforms and jerseys to the first scrimmage games last year, it’s no surprise that the Blue Wahoos Stadium sold out all seats for the first-ever home game played by the University of West Florida’s Argonauts in their inaugural 2016 season. The Argonauts are the premier Division II college football team in our area and they did not disappoint in the first home game of the season: they won against opponent Missouri S&T with a score of 45 to Missouri’s score of 28. More than that, the team won over the hearts of thousands of Pensacolians who were proud to root for the hometown football team.




go check out the work in progress, you missed out on seeing the artists in action during a special live painting event. But, don’t worry: you’ve got all the time in the world to travel down to Jefferson and feast your eyes on this permanent installation that’s here to stay.



Although many professional league hockey teams and players go through their entire careers without seeing a win at the President’s Cup championships, in the 2015-2016 season we witnessed the Pensacola Ice Flyers bring home the President’s Cup for a third year! But, beyond the pride we feel for our Pensacola hockey puckers, the crowd always has fun with the players during festive Theme Nights like the annual Weiner Dog Races; each year the cute pups at are brought to the rink to help the team raise funds for a great cause—the Pensacola Humane Society.

r e b m e c e Make it a D ember to Rem By Malorie Eagles

A Holiday Event Guide From Christmas to the New Year Pensacola has always danced to its own tune, weaving unique elements into the cultural fabric of our beloved region. The holiday season is no different, offering up a plentitude of original traditions that create timeless family memories. Downtown is transformed into a winter wonderland as poles, balconies, and trees are draped with white lights that make Palafox the perfect runway for Santa’s sleigh. It has been rumored that the Pensacola Pelican Drop is a thing of the past, but have no fear! The time-honored tradition of the lighted pelican swooping in to mark the New Year continues this New Year’s Eve. The Ninth Annual Pensacola Pelican Drop is safely in the hands of Buck Mitchell of Seville Quarter. In Gallery Night style, Mitchell will partner with the business owners of Downtown Pensacola to add some new flare to the event. “The one thing that makes this work is the public-private partnership,” said Buck Mitchell. “It’s the citizens putting on the citizen’s party. We’ve had tremendous support from the city, the county, the Sherriff’s 16 | DOWNTOWNCROWD.COM

Office, the Pensacola Police Department, and Visit Pensacola.” The budget for an event this large is $100,000 and takes a lot of collaboration between local business owners. On Nov. 17, City Council unanimously approved a $30,000 contribution for Pensacola Pelican Drop. According to Visit Pensacola, Pensacola Pelican Drop brings in 50,00060,000 people and has a $3.2 million impact on Downtown Pensacola. The celebration, which will span from Palafox and Government streets to Garden Street, is free to attend and will kick off on Dec. 31 at 6 pm. Kid’s hour starts at 8 pm and kicks off with the Pelican being raised above the main stage. Fun games, including an area where the little ones can jump on bubble pops to make some noise, will be available. The Pelican won’t be the only thing to drop. The White Tie Rock Ensemble, a local band that combines the sounds of classic rock with a stellar multimedia presentation, will headline the event. They are creating a special celebration set list and

light show that will certainly blast you into 2017 in style. “We are really excited to have the White Tie Ensemble. They’re going to be putting together an epic New Year’s Eve celebration show with a fabulous light show,” said Mitchell. DLP, another wonderful local band, will open for White Tie Ensemble. A DJ will get the party started and will continue after the Pelican Drop from midnight until 1 am, when the Pelican party ends. Throughout the night, stop by your favorite local bars for a celebratory meal or refreshment. Your favorite food trucks will also be available for midnight snacking. If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor for the biggest New Year’s Celebration in Pensacola, contact Buck Mitchell at Mitchell encourages everyone to come out to this safe, family-friendly event and to go ahead and make dinner reservations now. “It’s a way to start the New Year with a bang at a great, positive, fun, community event,” said Mitchell.

May the Calendar Keep Bringing Happy Holidays to You! 2016 COX Pensacola Christmas Parade Dec. 10 You won’t want to miss the biggest parade of the season. At 5:15 pm, about 90 organizations, including the Blue Angels flight team, along with eight bands from Escambia County, New Orleans, and Mississippi will march down Palafox to ring in the holiday season and to raise money for local high school bands. For all of the details on the parade festivities, visit

Fourth Annual Boats ~n~ Floats Lighted Christmas Parade 2016 Dec. 17 Christmas fun takes to the water during the annual Boats ~n~ Floats Parade. The parade line-up will start at 5 pm at Century Auto Parts. The parade itself will begin at dark and will end at Showalter Park, where vendors and fun activities await. For more information, call or email Kim at 850-256-3208 or

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Dec. 31 Head out to the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk for two free spectacular firework shows this New Year’s Eve. The Pensacola Beach Chamber will kick off the party at 8 pm with their firework extravaganza. At the stroke of midnight, Casino Beach Bar & Grille will launch their firework show to round off their New Year’s Eve Black & White Party.

Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Dec. 31 Before heading over to the Pelican Party, relax and enjoy the New Orleans jazz stylings of the Pensacola Symphony and featured trombonist, Wycliffe Gordon. The New Year’s Eve celebration show is from 7 pm to 9 pm, leaving plenty of time to mosey over to Palafox for the iconic pelican drop. To purchase tickets, visit

Polar Bear Plunge Jan. 1 Dive headfirst into the New Year during the annual Polar Bear Plunge at Pensacola Beach. Come chill out with Paradise Bar & Grill at 2 pm as they host hundreds of daring dippers and onlookers. Visit for more details.

The best mornings begin at Blue Morning Gallery. So does the best art. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Become a morning person. Award-winning artists • Local, original art Open 7 days a week 21 South Palafox Place • 850.429.9100 •


In which we unfairly judge upcoming attractions based solely on their trailers. By Josh Newby

LA LA LAND RELEASE DATE: Dec. 16 CAST: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY RELEASE DATE: Dec. 9 CAST: Kate McKinnon, Olivia Munn, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, TJ MIller What I got from the preview: An uptight boss promising to shut down a branch of her company extends a challenge: close a multimillion dollar contract before the new year and everyone can keep their job. In an attempt to woo the client, the lovable employees plan a party to secure the contract and win the day. As with most party movies, the trailer is frenetic and hilarious. Whether the movie itself is that way remains to be seen. Most notable for: This cast is just wonderful. Old mainstays and upcoming talent fill every square-inch of the frame as they play heightened versions of themselves in a time where the country desperately needs a lighthearted comedy. Unqualified critical observation: Here’s the thing with party movies: they’re fun for about an hour. But pretty soon, you just want to go home. Something about watching other people get drunk is not as fun as it sounds. But if the pacing is correct and there is a story beneath the rave, it can be good, escapist fun. Office Christmas parties are notoriously awkward; I hope the film is not.

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY RELEASE DATE: Dec. 16 CAST: Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen, Donnie Yen, Alan Tudyk What I got from the preview: Carefully nestled in the Star Wars timeline between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, this story chronicles the band of renegades who stole the plans for the original Death Star, leading to the developments of the first film in this series. The risky move by the Rebellion is of course met with resistance, giving rise to espionage, war and complex drama that may just be the glorious new normal for the Star Wars spinoffs. Most notable for: A Star Wars movie every year? I can get on board with that. Unqualified critical observation: Force Awakens was absolutely everything I thought it would be. Disney knows its way around cinematic universes, and I am very excited to see what it does with the spinoff movies that will hopefully add texture to the existing stories we know and love, as well as provide space for unique visions and alternate ways of grappling with the issues these films have raised. Plus, you know, laser guns.

What I got from the preview: A failed movie audition begins this intoxicating movie trailer that continues with a mournful jazz piano played by Ryan Gosling. The aspiring actress, played by Emma Stone, finds solace in Gosling’s equally disappointing life as the two fall for each other and navigate Los Angeles–and love–through a series of sometimes-intimate, sometimes-lavish musical numbers. The color palate evolves as frequently as the score, going from bleak to colorful to simplistic as they-don’t-make-em-like-this-anymore nostalgia washes over you. Most notable for: Gosling’s and Stone’s chemistry has been well-known

Fi l m

ever since Crazy Stupid Love, and with director Damien Chazelle (2014’s electrifying Whiplash) at the helm, the two should be put to fantastic use. Unqualified critical observation: Musicals are tricky things that usually work better as plays but, with the right staging, camera work and authenticity, are special, infinitely rewatchable gifts bestowed on us from above. This movie looks to play out like a dream, both in practice and in my longing for more classic Hollywood cinema in the mainstream. You’ll find me at the theater, trying my best not to sing along, but belting out every showstopper on the way home.


RELEASE DATE: Dec. 21 CAST: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen, Andy Garcia What I got from the preview: What do you get when you force two beautiful and engaging people to interact alone on a spacecraft for 90 years? If that was the pitch for this movie, I would have signed on to make it, too. The two were en route on a 120-year journey to a faroff planet when their sleep pods malfunctioned and awakened them both. Now, this sci-fi love story takes them - and us - on a journey of love, discovery and isolation. Most notable for: We knew this had to happen eventually. You don’t have two people as charming and likeable as Pratt and Lawrence and not force them to fall in love. Unqualified critical observation: The holiday movie season is one of two things - Oscar bait or high-quality, feel-good, lowest-common denominator entertainment. While this looks to the latter, I am perfectly okay with it. The story is just interesting enough to keep me engaged, and when it inevitably drags or has some shoehorned twist at the end, I’ll comfort myself with the pleasure of having gazed at the very best film-making available today.

ASSASSIN’S CREED RELEASE DATE: Dec. 21 CAST: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson What I got from the preview: Callum Lynch relives the memories of his ancestor, the assassin Aguilar, via a revolutionary new technology. Now inhabiting his 15th century self, he learns of his true past and becomes acquainted with the secrets and skills of his new life, which he uses in the present day to defeat the oppressive Templar organization. With impressive visuals and stuntwork, this film promises to not take itself too seriously while still catering to the diehard fanboys out there. Most notable for: You know what always works well? A video game-to-film adaptation. But seriously, this may be the exception that breaks the rule. Unqualified critical observation: The video game had a notorious problem with predictability and task sameness. How many times can you sneak up behind someone and slice their neck before you decide to go Grand Theft Auto and just start creating chaos? Hopefully this story solves those problems and delivers on its promise of a video game movie done right. The cast leads me to believe they earnest in their efforts, so we’ll see if it pays off.


D ate l i n e D o w n t o w n

I Love the 90s! Dec. 9

Who doesn’t love the 90s? Maybe those who didn’t have the chance to experience some of the 90s most popular hip-hop and R&B and chart-topping hits like “Push It,” “I Wanna Sex You up,” “Gangsta’s Paradise,” “Funky Cold Medina,” and “Bust a Move.” But, for those of us who want a nostalgic night out, don’t miss the ultimate throwback concert tour starring Salt N Pepa with Spinderella, Coolio, Color Me Badd, Tone Loc, Kid N Play and Young MC— all set to perform in the I Love the 90s show at Pensacola Bay Center on Dec. 9. Tickets are anywhere from $26 to $93.50 per person. Check out more at

Gulf Coast Chorale Presents That’s Christmas to Me

Dec. 2 Get your Christmas spirit in high gear at the Gulf Coast Chorale’s performance of “That’s Christmas to Me,” starting at 7:30 pm on Dec. 2 at Cokesbury Mehtodist Church (5725 N. Ninth Ave.). Enjoy an evening of music from your favorite Christmas carols and popular holiday tunes to way out hilarious seasonal hits. It’s a night of music, comedy and lots of surprises guaranteed to give you a ‘feel good’ experience and keep a smile on your face. In 2016, The Gulf Coast Chorale is expanding their outreach to the community by sponsoring a Christmas Gift Wrapping Contest at their Dec. 2 concert. Participants provide a ‘beautifully wrapped’ Christmas gift for a senior citizen. The audience will vote on their favorite package and prizes will be awarded to the winners. All gifts will be distributed to seniors in the greater Pensacola area. Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children and students. For more information visit


Christmas Caravan

Dec. 2 Get into the Christmas spirit while contributing to local charities at the 60th Saint Christopher’s Christmas Caravan on Friday, Dec. 2. Activities include a bazaar with unique gifts, bake sale and holiday luncheon, as well as touring three seasonally decorated homes overlooking the Bayou in the East Hill neighborhood. Tickets for the luncheon and tour are each $12 per person andwith hours from 11 am to 1 pm for lunch and 10 am to 3 pm for the tours. Don’t miss your chance to bid on holiday items at the silent auction! For times and tickets call 433-0074 or visit

Fourth Annual Runway Run 5K

Dec. 3 Mark your calendars for the Fourth Annual Runway Run 5K at Pensacola International Airport, benefiting the USO in Northwest Florida, on Dec. 3.The Pensacola International Airport (PNS) and the City of Pensacola would like to welcome runners and walkers of all ages to the runway giving residents and visitors

a view of the airport as never seen before. The course will involve two separate loops as runners make their way around 3.1 miles of airport ground.“Takeoff” is at 10 am. Be sure and check out a very special addition to this year’s event, the USO Mobile Unit coming to Pensacola just for the Runway Run 5K for tours and hands-on demonstrations. There will also be free food, drinks, and kid’s activities for all the participants. Please visit for more details and registration.

Pensacola Choral Society’s Messiah Dec. 3 Welcome the holiday season with the Pensacola Choral Society’s annual performance of Handel’s masterpiece reflecting on the birth, death and resurrection of Christ, featuring the stirring “Hallelujah” chorus on Dec. 3 at Saenger Theatre. Experience the beauty and majesty of Handel’s beloved oratorio performed by returning soloists Carla Connors, Monika Cosson, Thomas Rowell and Patrick Jacobs with a seventy-voice choir and an orchestra comprising some of the area’s finest

musicians. Audiences never fail to respond to the wide range of emotions expressed in the work’s varied solos and choral sections, including the familiar and inspiring “Hallelujah” Chorus. For more, visit

Merry Marketplace

Dec. 8 Join the Greater Pensacola Chamber in kicking off the holiday shopping season with the inaugural Merry Marketplace retail expo at Pensacola Grand Hotel on Dec. 8 from 1 to 7 pm. This event will showcase the area’s boutiques, shops and organizations, and the public is invited to shop for unique and personalized gifts, take selfies with Santa, vote for best-decorated holly wreaths, and socialize at the Jingle and Mingle after hours with the Leadership Pensacola Class of 2017. Join them as they invest in Pensacola and shop local this holiday season. It is free admission with the donation of one non-perishable food item with all donations benefiting Manna Food Pantries. (Children ages 12 and under are free). All silent auction proceeds from the holly wreath contest benefit United Way of Escambia County. For more, check out

Pensacola’s Children’s Chorus presents Christmas on the Coast

Dec. 9 – 11 The best times of the holiday are ones spent together: opening presents, going caroling, baking cookies, even playing in the snow (although this may not be in Florida). Experience the sights and sounds of the season that will have you humming through the New Year at Christmas on the Coast by Pensacola Children’s Chorus, coming to Pensacola Saenger Theatre for the weekend of Friday, Dec. 9 through Sunday, Dec. 11. You won’t want to miss this performance, where the Children’s Chorus transforms sunny weather into a winter wonderland. Tickets range $25 to $41 and you may reserve your seats now at Or, find out more about the show at

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Dec. 9 – 18 Who doesn’t want A Charlie Brown Christmas? Gather round the stage at Pensacola Little Theatre to enjoy the holidays Peanuts-style with all your favorite characters: from Snoopy, Woodstock, Linus and Lucy to none other than Charllie Brown himself. Based on the classic TV special, Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang discover the true meaning of Christmas by putting on the school Christmas pageant, finding the right tree, and sharing the holiday with friends. Bring the whole family for this new holiday treat. For more, or to purchase tickets now, check out

2016 Cox Pensacola Christmas Parade

Dec. 10 Join in on the holiday cheer in Downtown Pensacola starting at 5:15 pm on Saturday, Dec. 10, when the 2016 Cox Pensacola Christmas Parade will set sail and sleigh on. You won’t want to miss this event that draws over 50,000 each year including eight bands from Escambia County, New Orleans and Mississippi. The parade also features the nationally renowned Blue Angels flight team and a host of organizations from around the region on more than 50 floats. All proceeds of the Cox Pensacola Christmas Parade go to local high school band booster organizations.

Jackson’s Deck the Halls: A Holiday Lunch Event

Dec. 10 & 17 In celebration of the holidays and back by popular demand, Jackson’s will be open for its special holiday lunch event: Deck the Halls, coming on Saturday, Dec. 10 and Dec. 17 at Jackson’s Steakhouse. Once again, Jackson’s teamed up with the Pensacola Opera to present a lunch filled with holiday cheer featuring costumed carolers strolling from table to table singing all of the traditional carols. Anne Wallace, Holly Robinson, Greg Watson and Ben Riddles will be serenading patron with holiday favorites, such as “Silent Night,” “Away in a Manger,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” to name a few. Each Saturday there will be two seatings for this event at 11 am and 1 pm. In addition to a full lunch menu, Chef Miller will have a special feature presentation. This is a limited seating event, so to reserve your table please call Jackson’s at 850-469-9898.

Southern Accent: Contemporary Works by Gulf Coast Artists

Dec. 16 While you’re out and about at December’s Gallery Night, pop by 151 W. Main Street, Suite 104 for the Leader Art Consultants’ pop-up gallery and exhibit on Dec. 16. The exhibit, “Southern Accent: Contemporary Works by Gulf Coast Artists,” celebrates the newly formed fine art advisory firm’s network of regional artists and will make available to the public a curated group of paintings, photographs, prints, glass and sculpture, with price points ranging from $200 to $12,000. Admission to the pop-up gallery and opening reception is free and open to the public from 4 to 8 pm on Dec. 16. Come for refreshments, an artist meet and greet, as well as live painting by artist Loren Miller. Other featured artists include Pat Regan, Kim Howes, Zabbia and Michael Boles. If you’re unable to attend Gallery Night, the pop-up gallery will be open Dec. 17 between 10 am and 5 pm as well as Dec. 18 between 10 am and 3

Dateline Downtown Do pm. For more details, visit, or follow them on social media: @leaderartconsultants.

Harry Potter Yule Ball

Dec. 16 – 17 Enter the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter-well, at least for a night or two at Vinyl Music Hall from Dec. 16 to 17. Witches, wizards and muggles alike are invited to participate in the Potter cosplay and costume contest, test out wizarding-worldinspired drink specials, pose for photo ops, and enjoy Grand Theft Audio’s performance as Dumbledore’s Army, playing your favorite 80s and 90s muggle-rock songs! So put on your best robes to celebrate the holiday season and all things Potter-verse! Wear what you like,, but something Potter-esque is definitely encouraged. Later in the evening they’ll be auctioning a Harry Potter-inspired live painting completed by a guest artist and Gabe Smith (owner of Hula Moon Tattoo) to raise money for Manna Food Bank. Tickets are $15 per person, and you can find out more on

Ballet Pensacola Presents The Nutcracker

Dec. 16 – 18 Perhaps nothing says the holidays quite like the classic tale of The Nutcracker, whirling its way to the stage of Pensacola Saenger Theatre from Dec. 16 to Dec. 18. Experience the magic of this beloved holiday classic, featuring the story of young Clara and her Nutcracker Prince. Share the enchantment with your family as you journey through a glistening land of winter and the whimsical Land of the Sweets. Don’t miss your chance to see how artistic director Richard Steinart transforms this traditional tale like no one has before. Tickets are $25 to $37 and you may reserve your seats now at

2016 Winterfest Pensacola

Through Dec. 24 Winter is here and Downtown Pensacola is full of cheer! Don’t miss your chance to join in on any of the Winterfest activities running through December, including Reindeer Games, Performance Tours, and most importantly: a visit with Santa! Enjoy holiday moments with characters from the Polar Express and Whoville on one of 16 Performance Tours running through the streets of downtown from now until Dec. 18. You can visit with Santa and get your photo taken every night of the Performance Tours as well as until Dec. 24. Or, throw snowballs at the Grinch and dance with Dasher, Prancer and Vixen for your Reindeer Games after your Performance Tour trolley ride. Find out more by visiting


Date l i n e D o w n t o w n 2017 Pensacola Pelican Drop

Dec. 31 Ring in the New Year in the heart of Downtown Pensacola: join the rest of Pensacola in welcoming 2017 on Dec. 31 with festivities. Meet at the streets of Palafox and Government where there will be live great performances on the Main Stages throughout the night, including The DLP (Doctor, Lawyer, Politician) Band, The White Tie Rock Ensemble and much more. For the little ones in the family that can’t make it untill midnight, there will be the Little Pelican Party! The Little Pelican Party is the prelude to Pensacola’s New Year’s Eve Celebration for the entire family that begins at 6 pm and culminates with the lighting of the Pelican at 8 pm. You won’t want to miss this 14-foot, illuminated Pelican descending from the sky to kick off the best year yet!

PMA Presents Old South, New South

Through Dec. 31 The Pensacola Museum of Art (PMA) is proud to announce the solo exhibition of 14 original works from Svend Damhave: winner of the 2015 Member’s Juried Exhibition. Svend has been painting for over 60 years, and continues to pursue it even while balancing a medical career. He received his BA from Auburn University and his work has been shown in galleries from Washington D.C. to Jupiter, Fla. While Svend considers himself self-taught, his work has been described as photo-realistic. His use of acrylic and transparent glazes create an emphasis on contrast and depth from the use of shadows. This exhibit will focus on scenes from southern cities in a warm and appealing light. For more details on this exhibit, visit

The Fish House Celebrates New Year’s Eve!

Dec. 31 The Fish House is once again preparing to celebrate the New Year on Dec. 31. The Fish House will be offering two special seatings for the evening in the main dining room, for our annual New Year’s Eve wine and food event. The seatings will be held at 6 pm and 9 pm and will feature the culinary creations of Chef Billy Ballou with a fixed-price, five-course menu along with wine pairings selected by Josh Goldman, Fish House beverage manager. The cost per person is $100 (excludes tax and gratuity) with complimentary favors included. As always, we will offer walk-in service all evening throughout the complex, serving from our standard menus. In addition, the Deck Bar will be tented and heated with a DJ playing your favorites to ring in the New


Year. To reserve your table for New Year’s Eve Wine Dinner at the Fish House for the 6 pm or 9 pm seating, please call 850-433-9450.

Pensacola Symphony Orchestra Celebrates the New Year!

Dec. 31 Celebrate the New Year with Pensacola Symphony Orchestra and “A Night on Bourbon Street”: a night of New Orleans style jazz with trombonist Wycliffe Gordon at Saenger Theatre on Dec. 31 starting at 7 pm sharp. When it comes to jazz horns, the sax and trumpet usually reign supreme. But in the right hands, the trombone holds it own as Wycliffe Gordon will soulfully show. Wycliffe is a regular presence at the top festivals and jazz clubs around the world, having shared the stage with nearly every major jazz musician. He brings an authentic mix of New Orleans style, blazing chops, and a larger-than-life personality, and we’re thrilled that he’ll be joining the Pensacola Symphony for a New Year’s Eve celebration that is sure to be memorable. Find out more at

PMA Presents Controversial Lines

Through December Join Pensacola Museum of Art (PMA) in celebrating the works of one of the most famous and controversial artists of the 20th century: Salvador Dali. Prolific for more than 60 years, Dali created countless oil paintings, drawings, sculptures, theatre and fashion designs, jewelry, book illustrations and prints. This exhibition focuses on multiple print suites and single prints by Dali, from the 1940s to 1980s, following the artist’s formal affiliation with the Surrealist movement. The more than 50 works on view will be late prints by Dali from American public and private collections, including the PMA Permanent Collection. Supplementing this exhibit will be additional prints by icons of Pop Art, such as Warhol and Lichtenstein, further enforcing Dali’s influence on art history post-Surrealism. For more, visit

Ice Flyers Games

What’s that sound? Skates, pucks and hockey sticks are hitting the ice, and these are all signs that we are well into hockey season. Whether you’re a fan of hockey, the Pensacola Ice Flyers, or you just like watching hunks make skating in full gear look easy, you won’t want to miss any one of the upcoming home games or any of December’s scheduled Theme Nights like Polar Express and PJs Night on Dec. 17 or Military Appreciation Night on Dec. 30. For

more details, or to get your tickets now, check out Dec. 16: vs. Huntsville Havoc Dec. 17: vs. Huntsville Havoc Dec. 27: vs. Macon Mayhem Dec. 30: vs. Columbus Cottonmouths

The Fish House Deck Bar

Weekly Music Schedule Sunday: Regional acts at 8 pm Monday: Open at 4 pm Tuesday: Lucas Crutchfield from 6 to 10 pm Wednesday: Lucas Crutchfield 5 to 9 pm, then regional bands will play from 9 pm until midnight; regional bands change weekly Thursday: Lucas Crutchfield 6 to 10 pm Friday: Lucas Crutchfield 5 to 9 pm; regional band begins at 9 pm Saturday: Regional band begins at 9 pm

Vinyl Music Hall

Every month, Vinyl Music Hall hosts a wide variety of acts, events, performances and more that draw a diverse crowd to Downtown Pensacola’s go-to venue. Shows typically begin at 7 pm. For more, visit Dec. 3: David Shaw of The Revivalists Dec. 4: Yelawolf Dec. 10: AJs Bravehearts – Toys for Tots Concert Dec. 15: Saliva Dec. 16: Harry Potter Yule Ball Dec. 28: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Dec. 30: Cowboy Mouth

Seville Quarter

Monthly Entertainment Seville Quarter hosts a variety of entertainment from an array of genres. For more details on upcoming events, check out Dec: 2 & 3: Big Jim Brown & The Speed Kings Dec. 9 & 10: Grand Theft Audio Dec. 11: Bill Barrow & The Westside Players Dec. 16 & 17: The Modern Eldorados Dec. 18: Kathy Lyon Jazz Band Dec. 20 & 21: Mike Quinn Dec. 30 & 31: The Modern Eldorados

Keep It Real This Holiday Season

Adopt-A-Manatee® for Loved Ones

Call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646) Photo © David Schrichte


Meet 5 dogs that need your love today!



Fore Pensacola

an Interview with Bubba Watson

Road Trip!

Amazing Destinations along Highway 90


The Art of Archery

Tips + Techniques to Sharpen your Skills

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