AwareNow: Issue 16: The Mayday Edition

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“What is it about an idea that it can compel a person to dedicate their lives to it?”

I’m not talking about some great spiritual breakthrough. Rather, I believe each and every intentional step we take— every decision, affirmative opinion, and active thought is a breakthrough. We are ourselves, anew, in every moment that we are conscious.

And this leads us to The Creativity Conference and The Creative Community. Having spoken at conferences and film festivals around the world for the last 20 years, I noticed a pattern in my own behaviour. When speaking at events, I rarely attended other talks, except to heckle a friend or give support. Instead, I experienced great joy at being able to have chance encounters with the kinds of amazing people who are ready to put time aside for the purpose of personal growth—people who will move themselves and invest time and energy (and cash) to attend an event that will aid in their own personal transformation.

I’ve heard you cannot help a person who does not wish to be helped, you cannot teach a person who does not wish to learn, and you cannot connect with someone who wishes to be alone. The kinds of people who attend events are the opposite of all these things. If you are familiar with the concept of the Five Love Languages, I suppose for many such people their primary love language is Quality Time.

I started to wonder what kind of conference I would choose to attend, not to speak at but to soak up the brilliance of the amazing minds, hearts, and souls around me. The Creativity Conference was born of this wondering. I invited many of my most incredible friends and colleagues to share with the world what makes them tick. We don’t explore workflows, techniques, or technology. We learn about the kind of creative inspiration that is so powerful that it demands to be manifested. What is it about an idea that it can compel a person to dedicate their lives to it?

Our first conference was an amazing success and the response from attendees shocked me—positively. I suppose I anticipated friendly well-wishing and polite white-lie compliments—instead, the responses were often profound and emotional. Attendees thanked us for providing a safe space and a sense of community they had been searching for, in some cases for years. I came to realise that the conference was a kind of butterfly—bright and lively and no-longer the idea I remembered it to be. It as a life of its own!

Attendees asked for a way to stay in touch and so I founded The Creative Community. Both the conference and the community are completely free and offer an opportunity to stretch your wings and fly without fear of falling. People share projects they are developing, experiences that have inspired them, and challenges they are facing.

I describe The Creativity Conference as ‘a campfire around which we all sit, sharing our creativity and inspiration’. Now, the campfire continues to burn, and the marshmallows never run out.

I hope I will see you at our next conference in August, 2021 and that you’ll join us in The Creative Community to share your experience of living life creatively. ∎ Learn more about Maxim:

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