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General Manager Speech This Technology Experts Company Profile which is before your hands now was compiled at the end of the years 1430H and 2009. It aims to give a brief description of and to demonstrate the activities, services and capabilities of the company in different fields of specialization. The preparation of this profile has been preceded by a comprehensive restructuring and arrangement of the work inside the company in a way that harmonized with the huge expansion that TEC has experienced. Where new units of work of more specialization has been added, new activities have emerged, this is in addition to new distinguished and qualified experts and staff members who have joined the company adding and rooting more to the Mission of the company in which « We endeavor for the settlement of technology to serve the clients through utmost distinctive performance and transparent handling full of honesty to build up a long-term strategic relationship leading to edifices of success and excellence».

infrastructure of Laboratories and Research Instruments which are managed by highly qualified personnel of high degrees and different specializations. In addition to this our company works and cooperates with many specialized scientific institutions and Research Canters locally and overseas for the transfer and settlement of technology and to provide scientific solutions in the fields of specialization. All this furnished a suitable and solid environment for the Company to fulfill its motto which is « With utmost strength and honesty we put the technology in your hands « This new company profile came in accordance with the approval for the new company motto which has been selected carefully to satisfy our Company aims in Environmental Protection, Water Conservation, and settlement of technology in these fields. It also came in the time where the company is establishing the Quality Control Program and processing its application to obtain the ISO certificate in Administration and Laboratories.

For the company to fulfill its mission for settlement of Technology it invests a high percentage of its income in the fields of Research and Studies based on a well built

General Manager, Hamid A. Al-Shahwan Riyadh October 18, 2009 291430/10/H 4

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Company Address and Branches


Fields of Expertise


Consultation, Studies and Research


Technical Services:


Services in Protection from Ionizing Radiations


Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials


Laboratory Radiation & Chemical Analysis for Environmental and Food Samples


Well Logging and Geophysical Survey Services.

10. Instruments and Equipments Supply in the field of Nuclear Electronics 11. Training and Qualifying in the field of Radiation & Radiation Analysis 12. International Representation and Cooperation


Company moto & Mission

Our Motto: With utmost strength and honesty we put the technology in your hands.

Our Mission: We endeavor for settlement of technology to serve the clients through utmost distinctive performance and transparent handling full of honesty to build up a long-term strategic relationship leading to edifices of success and excellence.

Head Office: Riyadh P.O. Box: 361301 Riyadh 11313 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 (1) 2052008 / 2483706 Fax: +966 (1) 2052009 Web Site: Email: Eastern Province Branch:


P.O. Box: 31594, khobar 41952, Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 (3) 8677970 - 8677973 Fax: +966 (3) 8677974



The Building Process

For Technology Experts to achieve its mission and aims in a perfect way it has established a solid research infrastructure and work environment of advanced preparations which includes many specialized laboratories, well logging and geophysical surveying instruments, and radiation devices. In addition to this the company applied many advanced technologies in its work and opened new branches in the Eastern Province and in Cairo, Egypt. That tiny establishment has now transformed into a renowned full-scale company comprising many distinguished specialists and experts.

activities were accompanied by introducing new advance technologies to the Saudi market with keen trials to settle and operate these technologies in the society and offering training and maintenance in cooperation with other divisions and departments in the company. Besides this, other departments in the company took the responsibility of activities in the field of contracting where many projects have been executed; important of these are the projects for operation and maintenance of water treatment plants where the company showed a proven successful record in execution and promotion of the works in this field. On the other hand studies and consultations in the fields of water, environment, and radiation represent one of the main activities. The effort in these fields was clearly noticed due to the presence of a solid infrastructure of labs and other necessary scientific preparations in the company. In this regard the company executed a number of studies and research projects for different Governmental and private sector Institutions like Ministry of Defense and Aviation, Ministry of Water and Electricity, Saudi Aramco, and many other bodies, where such studies have contributed greatly in providing solutions to many complicated problems which have been recorded as outstanding discoveries. The scientific services such as Lab analysis, Radiation surveying, Training Courses, Well Logging and other vital and specialized services represent an important tributary of the work in Technology Experts, where these services are in a continuous process of expansion, development, and perfection.

Fields of Expertise:

The Company’s Main Policies:

Settlement of Technology is considered to be one of the most important strategic issues of high value in a state having a hard desert environment and suffering from scarcity of water like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For this reason Technology Experts exerted more effort through its motto and mission to settle the Technology in a way that satisfies the Kingdoms needs, especially those concerned with water and environment in different aspects and activities of trading, contracting, studies and scientific services.

Technology Experts follow carefully a group of strategic policies to achieve its mission in settlement of Technology in the fields of Water and Environment. These polices are quiet coherent with each other and form a comprehensive system for the company. Some of these policies are as follows:

In October, 2001 Technology Experts started as a tiny Establishment with a number of employees not exceeding two (2). The clearness of aims and mission enabled its Administration to exert more effort and time, which eventually led to a fast expansion and development of the company in more specialized activities. Where new divisions and departments have been established to meet the size of development in the company, the Radiation Protection Department was founded, followed by other departments which include Safe Transport of Radioactive Material, Radiation Analysis, Radiation Instrument Supply, and a Training Center. The development and expansion of the Company continued to its present size with many specialized divisions and departments as seen in figure (1).

The Trading, Sales and Marketing Department were responsible for instruments and equipment supplied to different Governmental and private sector institutions. Such

11. Exerting more efforts to achieve strength in work and honesty in performance ''The best of whom you employ is the stronger and the honest '' 22. The company follows up and applies firmly quality assurance mottos and systems.


33. Considering employees of the company as participants in success enhances elements of loyalty and love of work among them. 44. Keeping honesty and transparency in relationships with others. 55. Building strategic relationships with different clients by offering services through honesty and advice. 66. Employing distinguished experts and specialists. 77. Opening to the outer world and showing dedication to transfer knowledge and expertise in the fields of specialization. 88. Showing commitment to the employing and qualifying of Saudi Nationals. 99. Considering expenses paid on research and studies as a good investment of high future revenues.

Experts and Specialists: Technology Experts Company is very proud of its employees and staff members who possess higher scientific degrees and vast working experience. Those include seven (7) PhD holders and eight (8) master degree holders which comprise 18 % of the total number of employees in the company who hold higher professional positions. In addition to that the company invites many visiting exerts from Europe, Canada, and United States of America for short periods of time to execute special tasks. Such visitors have a strong cooperative relationship and joint interests with the company. In addition to that company also employees many Bachelor Degree and Technical Diploma holders covering many different fields of Geology, Science, and Engineering who contribute greatly in managing and executing different tasks.


Figure (1): Technology Experts Administrative structure at the end of the Year 2009.


Qualification and Promotion:

Saudization represents one of the main policies in the company, where it exerts more efforts to achieve it. The percentage of Saudis working in the company reaches 32 % and covering all departments and fields of specialization. In this regard TEC conducts many specialized training courses locally and overseas to promote and qualify the Saudi employees. For this purpose the company signed an agreement with Human Resources Development Fund to encourage and promote the National qualified persons both quantitatively and qualitatively and give more possible chances to accommodate and employ the ambitious Saudi personnel.

TEC through its Training Center and in cooperation with Human Resources Development Fund (Riyadh) and Administrative Department sets and conducts training courses for all employees in the company as per their specializations and tasks which they practice. Investment in the field of training is considered for Technology Experts as a necessary tool to enhance and promote capabilities of employees to satisfy and achieve the requirements for settlement of Technology. In this regard the company also invites periodically overseas experts and specialists from Europe and the USA, to give more chances for interaction and benefit from their experience through well prepared plans and schedules.


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Scientific Research Infrastructure:

Quality and Assurance:

Technology Experts possesses a very solid and distinguished infrastructure of its kind in the private sector. This special infrastructure is comprised many sophisticated preparations like Radiation Labs, Chemical Analysis Labs, Biological Labs, Radiation Surveying instruments & devices, Surface Geophysical Instruments, many Well Logging Units, Inflatable Packers, and Geographical Information System (GIS) unit. In addition to this preparations also include many specialized computer software’s in the field of Water and Environment. Also TEC infrastructure includes many other preparations which form a solid logistic support to execute the field works in a better way. Some of these are many four wheel drive vehicles and many field measurement systems.

Since its establishment, Technology Experts committed and exerted more effort to satisfy the requirements of Quality and Assurance in services and works it offers. In this concern the company allocates large portion of its expenses, efforts and time to promote the quality and assurance of services and works offered quantitatively and qualitatively. This has given the company a good reputation between different clients. TEC also continue to apply the ISO 9001 systems through different agreements for its work and specially the ISO system for TEC Labs which is in progress and is expected to be obtained and completed in the coming months.

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Company Financial Status:

International Cooperation:

Diversification of income sources and a commitment to offer specialized competitive services of high value and revenue have helped greatly to strengthen the financial status of the company. This gave rise to have cash flows available for any project despite the financial expenditure of a project, without a need to get loans from Banks or taking advantage of the available governmental financial help. Further more Technology Experts have strong relationships with different Banks which provide the required Bank Guarantees during offer submission and project execution. All the financial issues in the company are taken care of by special departments set for this purpose. The company also has a special financial consultant who is responsible for directing different investments, analyzing the financial status, and offering advice to the company Board of Directors.

Technology Experts has a comprehensive cooperative relationship with research centers, overseas universities, and distinguished experts within the Arab world and western countries, where all this can be well managed to execute many advance level studies. To cover all the required specializations for this purpose, TEC cooperates with many consultancy offices locally and overseas and invites many distinguished experts and specialists worldwide to enhance the quality of work and services offered. Some of the International Institutions TEC cooperate with in the fields of Radiation, Earth Sciences and Geophysics in addition to execution and assessment of Water Projects are as follows:


• Ground Water Services Inc., Houston TX (USA) which has a vast experience in groundwater projects.

• Environmental Sciences Center (Martin Luther University –Germany) through the Head of the Centre Prof. Peter Weisks who is an expert in Hydrogeology and Environmental Sciences.

• Vodni Zdroje, a.s

Company, Czech Republic which is specialized in the fields of Hydrogeology, Water Management, Environmental Problems, Assessment, and Protection, Water Treatment, and Water Supply

• Canberra Industries Inc., (USA) which is specialized in production and manufacturing of Radiation Measurements Instruments

• Robertson Geologging Company (UK), which is specializes in production and operation of Geophysical Well Logging Units


Reserch & Studies Department

• Modeling the movement and effect of pollutants in groundwater aquifers

Water supply studies and hydrogeologic investigations

• Assessment environmental impact and rehabilitation of contaminated wells

Evaluation of aquifers and water conservation programs to protect water resources

• Assessment of water resource, evaluations, design and monitoring wells. • Design and carry out pumping test, evaluation of the hydraulic parameters of

(Contaminant Transport Modeling).

and aquifers (Well and aquifer Rehabilitation).

• Sustainable management and development of water resources with a view to

optimum utilization of resources and conservation of water from pollution and depletion.

the aquifer (permeability, hydraulic connectivity, transmissivity, and storage coefficient).

• Create and construct data base for wells and aquifers and delineate aquifer protection areas using GIS technique.

• The relation and interaction of surface and groundwater. • Sea water intrusion in the coastal aquifer (density flow). • Study groundwater pollution with organic compounds (hydrocarbon, pesticides and fertilizers).

• Study groundwater pollution with inorganic elements and compounds (heavy metals).

• Study groundwater pollution with radionuclides (uranium, radium and radon). • Design and testing Tracers experiments. • Mathematical modeling of aquifers, building three-dimensional digital model of the flow and movement of water as well as salinity in the groundwater (3D finite elements and 3D finite differences).


Study in aquifer radioactive contamination:

• Identify the causes and sources of radioactive contamination. • Study the behavior of radionuclides in groundwater aquifers under the circumstances of different physical and chemical conditions.

• Solutions and ways to deal with radioactive contamination in groundwater, as well as removal of radioactive contamination of the water.

Chemical and biological pollution of water resources (organic and inorganic elements and compounds):

• Study the water hydrochemistry. • Geochemical modeling of water – rock interaction (PhreeqC). • Identify the causes and sources of chemical contamination of groundwater. • Determine the causes and sources of water pollution, biological and organic materials.

• Study the spatial distribution of chemical elements and pollutants in aquifers. • Study the behavior of heavy metals in groundwater aquifers under the circumstances of different physical and chemical conditions.

• Scientific and realistic solutions ways to address and remove chemical and biological and organic contamination in the aquifers.

• Design purification units, water treatment units and evaluate their performance.


Radiation measurements, chemical and biological analysis of water:

• Analysis of radium isotopes in water samples. • Analysis of radon in water samples. • Analysis of uranium and radionuclides in water, soil and rocks. • Alpha and beta particles in water. • Chemical analysis of water to determine the major, minor and trace elements.

• Biological analysis of water.








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Radiation Protection Center Introduction: Radiation Science is a source of tools and Technologies that help to address some of the most pressing issue of our time, human health, food and agriculture, industry, energy and environmental management. In many cases the information gathered by applying radiation based technologies simply cannot be obtained through any other means, nor can impressive results. Radiation based Technologies, many of which have proven effective over decades of use in the developed world, now contribute to virtually every sector of society. In keeping with the underlying principles of the United Nations, the IAEA is committed to ensuring that all of its Member States have equal access to the advantages offered by these powerful tools. In return, the States must accept the responsibility for protecting the public and the environment from radiation exposure. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia all such activities are carried out under supervision of King Abdul Aziz City for Science & Technology (KACST), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Technology Experts Radiation Protection Department is one of the main Departments in the Company, where it serves the clients according to the regulations of King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST).

TEC’s Radiation Protection Department’s motive is to offer services for protection of people against exposure to ionizing radiation, radioactive substances, and safety handling of radioactive sources including means for achieving such protection and safety. It encompasses the various procedures and devices for keeping people’s doses and risks as low as can be reasonably achieved and below prescribed dose constraints. This is in addition to the means for preventing accidents and mitigating the consequences of accidents, should they occur.

Services Offered by TEC, Radiation Protection Department TEC’s Radiation Protection Department has a proven record in the following services and specialties. 1- Services for Radiation Analysis, Measurements, Radiation Survey and Contamination Monitoring:

• Conduction of Radioactivity Measurements and Analysis of different

samples (soil, water, plants, air and food stuffs), and issuance of certificates on radioactive contamination levels in these samples. Our laboratories are certified from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

TEC’s Radiation Protection services are approved and recognized by KACST through different official licenses. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Farouk Ahmed is the manager of the department taking the main responsibility with other assistants giving a solid consultation and scientific solutions to different clients to fulfill their needs.


• Conduction of measurements of Radon concentrations in dwellings and mines, determining the concentration of radioactive gases in working environments, and determination of the required ventilation rate.

• Conduction of Radiation dose rate surveys of different radiation fields and dose assessment in working environment around radiation sources.

• Monitoring of Radioactive contamination and conduction of wipe tests of radioactive sources, and carrying out decontamination processes.

• Issuance of valid certificates for samples free from radioactive contamination, after conduction of accurate measurements.

• Safe handling, storage and disposal of radioactive waste in accordance with the national regulations.

• Safe transport of radioactive sources inside the Kingdom, including supply of

these sources, and execution of all transport processes of sources or radioactive waste.

2- Preparation of Radiation Protection Programs (RPP), Codes of Practices for licensing practices with Radiation Sources.

• Preparing the Radiation Protection Program, Emergency plans, quality

assurance programs for licensing different practices, and preparation of local rules for the safe use of radiation sources in Installations.

• Completing all administrative requirements, technical equipments and training requirements necessary to acquire a license.

• Training of Radiation Safety Officers on the proper procedure for completing forms for licensing the practice.

• Preparation of Codes of Practices, and guidance needed for the licenses. 19

• Preparation of annual safety analyses reports for different installations and training of the Radiation Safety Officers to prepare them.

• Formation of local response teams, training them for the fast response to an emergency situation.

• Offering consultative services for the radiation safety officers for enhancing their technical and organizational expertise.

• Design of radiation barriers and shields and calculation of their thicknesses,

(both primary and secondary barriers), for different radioactive sources, x-ray machines, nuclear accelerators, neutron sources and generators, and different facilities for fixed industrial gamma and x-ray radiography.

4- Acting as a National consultative house, offering the expertise & supplying other services related to protection against ionizing radiation.

3- Site Selection for Radiation Facilities & their Design

• Site selection for Radiation facilities such as waste disposal facilities,

irradiation facilities, x-ray machines, and nuclear accelerators, permanent and temporary radioactive depositories.

• Selection and design of stores for radiation sources and radioactive materials,

and for different enclosures for fixed industrial gamma and x-ray radiography.


List of Clients Benefited by TEC Radiation Protection Department Hospitals:

• King Faisal Specialist Hospital (Riyadh). • Saudi German Hospital (Riyadh) • Saad Hospital ( Al-Khobar) • Dellah Hospital (Riyadh) • King Fahad Hospital for National Guard • King Khalid Educational Hospital

Governmental Ministries:

• General Directorate of Water (Qassim Area) • Ministry of Defense and Aviation ( General Directorate of Arms and Ammunition)

• Ministry of Water (Boraydah Water Treatment Plant) • King Abdul Aziz City for Science & Technology Universities:

• King Abdul Aziz University (Jeddah) • King Saud University (Riyadh) • King Fahad University for Petroleum & Minerals


• Girls College (Riyadh) • Girls College (Tayef University) Industries:

• Middle East Schlumberger (Al-Khobar) • Saudi Aramco (Dhahran) • Al-Waha Petrochemical (Al-Jubail) • Petrochemya SABIC (Al-Jubail) • Kemya SABIC (Al-Jubail) • Ibn Rushd SABIC (Yanbu) • AL-Rajhi Hadeed (Jeddah) • Arabian Labs. (Riyadh) • Saudi Labs. (Riyadh) • Dar al Khaleej Geotechnical (Riyadh) • Riyadh Geotechnical (Riyadh) • Middle East Paper co. ( Jeddah ) • Ameera Medical (Riyadh) • Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Co. (Hail) • Arrayan Palstic Co. (Riyadh)

• Insurap waterproofing and rapping Co. (Riyadh)

• Pipes and well Services (Dammam) • Saudi Paper Manufacturing Co. (Dammam)

• Zamil Steel Factory (Dammam) • Eastern Cement Company ( Al-Khobar) • Nejran Cement Company (Nejran) • Yamama Cement Company (Riyadh)


Know safety, no injur y. No safety, know injur y. Radiation Protection Department contact: Prof. Dr. Mohammed Farouk Ahmed Mobile: 050 142 6651 You are welcome to visit our main office in Riyadh or our branch in Al Khobar through the following contact numbers: Riyadh Office: (01) 205 2008 or (01) 278 3250 Fax: (01) 205 2009 E-mail: Website: Al Khobar Office: (03) 867 7973 or (03) 867 7970 Fax: (03) 867 7974


Water Technology Center (WTC) Water desalination and treatment technologies represent one of the main fields of interest to technology Experts Company in which it plays a remarkable role in the cooperation with the concerned authorities like the Ministry of Water & Electricity and Water Directories as well as a wide variety of users of water Desalination / treatment technologies in both government and private sectors, in and outside of Saudi Arabia. In view of the rapid and continuous advance of scientific research in the fields of water treatment, the progressive optimization of more performant technologies (NF,EDI,

MBR…. Etc) and in order to face the required modernization and lowering the energy consumption for promotion of cost effectiveness of the desalination facilities, “Technology Experts” established the WTC to cover the following activities: 11. Conduction of research and studies both theoretical and experimental in laboratory and field aiming to develop, upgrade, and solve the problems of water industries. 22. Presenting consultant services at a high scientific and technical level to the water authorities, contractors, and users of water desalination / treatment industries. 33. Study of the proposed projects, preparation of adequate system design and full offers for construction or renewal of water projects. 44. Supervision of projects execution and representation of the project owners in front of the contractors charged of construction or operation & maintenance of WTPs. 55. Realization of technical and financial feasibility studies for projects, evaluation of the alternative solutions, selection between the candidate technologies, and optimization of production rate and cost. 66. Conduction of studies and Presenting consultant services in relation to environmental protection and safe disposal of water treatment wastes. 77. Preparation of tender texts for water projects and selection of adequate technical specifications and comparative evaluation of offers submitted to these projects. 88. Organization of training programs for engineers, technicians and operators working in construction and operation of water projects. 99. Study and supervision of transfer of technology and national manufacturing in the water desalination / treatment industry.



In order to realize these targets “Technology Experts” has been devoting:• Qualified scientific researchers and technical experts specialized in the fields of water desalination / treatment. • Most up to date and sophisticated laboratory equipment which enable the conduction of a wide range of standard testing and analysis. • Establishment of state of art data base, up to date library as well as advanced Scientific and technical

Technology Experts also organized follow up of most recent R & D results, regular contribution to local and international conferences specialized in water technologies, and membership in international associations and societies of water science and technology. Client authorities, companies and end users dealing with CWT include but are not limited to: • Ministry of Water & Electricity. • National Water Company. • Directories of Water.


Projects already finalized: 11. Project of design of extension of Buridah WTP which aimed to production of high quality drinking water and to get rid of radioactive contamination. 22. Study of evaluation of WTP of Unizah and optimization of quality and cost of its performance. 33. Consultant study entitled “Evaluation of Radiation Hazards in WTPs in several sites belonging to Saudi Aramco


Technology Experts Training Centre Introduction: Technology Experts Training Center has an official approval from the National Regulatory Authority, (The General Corporation for Technical Education & Vocational Training) in Riyadh. The center works and cooperates with many specialized scientific institutions to transfer and acquire technology and to offer technical and scientific solutions to beneficiaries with competitive prices in different specializations which include: consultation, studies , and research in the field of water well logging and geophysical surveying services, removal of radiation contamination from drinking water, radiation protection, design, development, maintenance, and operation of water treatment plants, laboratory radiation and chemical analysis for environmental and food samples, and the safe transport of radioactive materials.

Aims of the Center: The main aim of Technology Experts Training Center is to offer advanced technical and professional training courses to raise and promote technical and scientific capabilities of workers and employees in Governmental Institutions and private industrial and service companies. Through the preparation of advanced training courses that meets their needs TEC also recommends to its clients suitable training programs to promote skills and capabilities of their workers. The center is flexible to arrange such training courses on site according to the desire of the beneficiaries.

Training Courses offered by the Center: Within the different activities and services offered by Technology Experts Company the Training Center arranges and executes different specialized training courses. Among these the main training courses are in the field of Radiation Protection. For this purpose Technology Experts gained an official authorization and license from the regulatory bodies (King Abdul Aziz City for Science & Technology) and (The General Corporation for Technical Education & Vocational Training) to conduct such courses. The training courses offered in the field of Radiation Protection includes the followings:


• Radiation Safety Officer Training Course for: 1. Industrial Radiography

2. Nuclear Gauges Practices 3. Research Practices with Radiation 4. Radiotherapy 5. Irradiation Units 6. Nuclear Medicine 7. X-ray Medical Radiography 8. Radioactive Wastes Management 9. Safe Transport of Radioactive Material • Training courses for workers dealing with Radiation and Radioactive Materials. • Training Course for High Rank Managers of the Installations dealing with Radioactive sources

• Training Course on Radioactive Wastes Management • Training Course on Awareness with Radiation • Training Courses on Hazardous Materials • Training Courses in specialized Radiation Measurements, which includes: 1. Gamma Spectroscopic and in-situ Measurements 2. Alpha Spectroscopic Measurements 3. Total Alpha/Beta Emitters Measurements • Training Course in the Assessment of Personal Doses and Radiation Surveying The Center also offers many other advanced training courses in the other Specializations of the Company which include: • Techniques of Geophysical Well Logging applied to Ground Water Investigations

• Techniques for removal of Radiation Contamination from Drinking Water • Techniques for Radiation Measurements in Water • GIS Application for Groundwater Investigation, Analysis and Management • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) Detection and Management.

• Remote sensing and its application in water studies • Water Resources Management • Water Well Design and Rehabilitation 29

• Ground Water Mathematical Modeling (Level 1 & Level 2)

Training Courses Instructors:

• Techniques of Well Drilling.

For Technology Experts Training Center to perform its role in an effective manner in arranging the training courses for different beneficiaries, it uses and cooperates with qualified and specialized experts as follows:

• Radioactive Contamination of Ground Water • Techniques and Methods of Geophysical Surveying • Maintenance & Operation of Water Treatment Plants • Membrane Technology and its uses in Water Treatment • Design of Water Treatment Plant

1. The center arranges some training courses with its own capabilities using its own qualified and specialized staff members. Such courses are arranged inside the Kingdom.

2. The Center also executes some of the training courses inside the Kingdom but invites for them qualified and pioneer experts from Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan, Syria) to complete these courses.

• Risk Management of Geological Hazards

3. For Some other training courses, the center invites and cooperates with many

• Fire Extinguisher Safety Training Courses

overseas specialists (from USA, England, Germany, France) to execute and complete such courses.

Clients of the Centre in the field of Training: • Ministry of Water and Electricity (Riyadh) • General Directorate of Water in Qassim Area • General Directorate of Water in Haeil Area • General Directorate of Water in the Eastern Province • General Directorate of Water in Riyadh • General Directorate of Water in Tabuk Area • Saudi Aramco Company


• Saudi Standardization Corporation (Riyadh) • Ministry of Defense and Aviation • Saudi Geological Survey (Jeddah) • King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (Riyadh) • The Public Security • Many Industrial and Service companies dealing with Radioactive Materials • Rajihi Steel Company (Jeddah) • Zulfi Water Treatment Plant • Boraydah Water Treatment Plant • Unayzah Water Treatment Plant

Previous Work and Projects in the Field of Training: • Training course on measurement of radiation isotopes in water (Research and Development Centre – Saudi Aramco)

• Trained and qualified people in the field of Radiation Protection and Radiation Measurements

• Trained a group of participants from the Ministry of Defense and Aviation on Uranium isotopes analysis using Alpha Spectroscopy Techniques and Radio-Chemistry

• Training Course for Saudi Aramco Research and Development Centre on Gamma and Alpha Spectroscopy Analysis

• Training course for Saudi Standardization Corporation Chemical Lab on Alpha and Beta Spectroscopy systems and analysis

• Training Course on Naturally Occurring Radiations offered to Saudi Geological Survey (Jeddah)

• Training course on Treatment of Radiation contaminated Water for the Ministry of Water and Electricity – Boraydah


• Trained Boraydah Water Treatment (Qassim) Staff on the Survey Meters supplied to them

• Trained Boraydah Water Treatment (Qassim) Staff on Gamma Spectroscopy System supplied to them

• Training course for the Ministry of Defense and Aviation Staff on Radon Analysis using Radon Detection Device (RAD7-)

• Offering Training on Environmental Contamination Measurements and Protection from hazardous wastes

• Offering Training courses on analysis of Environmental, Geological and Radioactive samples including assessment of radioactive ores, and the percentage and determination of Natural and Industrial Radioactive isotopes in Environmental Samples

• Executed a training course on Ground Water Mathematical Modeling (Level 2 & 1)

• Executed a training course on Radiation Contamination of Ground Water for Saudi Geological Survey (Jeddah) Employees

• Executed a training course on Radiation Contamination of Ground Water for Ministry of Water & Electricity Employees

• Executed a training course on Radiation Measurements Techniques for some employees from General Directorate of Water in Makkah and General Directorate of Water in Tabuk

• Executed a training course on Removal of Radiation Contamination from Drinking Water for some employees from General Directorate of Water in Haeil and General Directorate of Water in Makkah We are pleased to offer our kind cooperation to all beneficiaries in the above mentioned training fields. For more information and registration, please feel free to contact Technology Experts Training Center as follows:

for Ministry of Water & Electricity Participants


Riyadh – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia T: (01) 205 2008 or (01) 248 3706 Fax: (01) 205 2009 Mobiles: 055 707 5453 or 056 645 3972

Eng. Zakaria Department Manager


Operation and Maintenance Department Introduction: Technology Experts Company established the Operations & Maintenance Department as one of the main divisions in the company, based on its belief that sophisticated operation and perfect maintenance in different installations play a vital role in increasing productivity, enhancing the development process, and achieving sustainable development in societies. Thus the company was very ardent to have diversely qualified personnel from water plant operators, including Saudis and overseas Engineers and Technicians. This enables our company to offer distinguished services in this field to different beneficiaries.

Among those beneficiaries are:

• Different Water Treatment Plants in the Kingdom • The General Directorate of Waters • Different projects obtained from The Ministry of Water and Electricity

Technology Experts Company is a strong competitor in the field of Operations and Maintenance for Water Treatment Plants, where the company now is handling operation and maintenance of Zulfi Water Treatment Plant through a three (3) year contract with Ministry of Water and Electricity.


Methodology of Work in Operations and Maintenance Department

Regulations and Projects Management: Technology Experts Company follows and applies advance regulations and systems in operations, maintenance and management of water plants. A careful monitoring is done for different devices and spare parts (for prediction of failures before it happen) through international and regional systems developed specifically to be used in this field including determination of the perfect time for carrying out maintenance and replacement operations in the plant.

Qualified Personnel: TEC possess a number of well qualified staff members including engineers, technicians, and workers who are specialized in operations and maintenance of water plants and water wells.


Instruments & Equipment:

Training and Promotion:

TEC has a collection of advanced instruments and equipment which are capable of detecting failures and conducting accurate measurements in the field of operation and maintenance.

TEC is very dedicated to conducting periodic and regular training courses to enhance and develop the capabilities of all its employees. This is done through scientific, technical and administrative training courses arranged in collaboration with Technology Experts Training Centre which is serving also the Saudi Market in other specializations of the company.

Quality Control System: TEC has a firm Quality Control System to ensure that all work is performed according to regulations and to develop the best feasible operations, procedures, technologies, and policies to provide such conditions.

Clients Dealing with Operations and Maintenance Department:

• Ministry of Water and Electricity (Projects’ Department) - Riyadh • General Directorate of Water in Riyadh • General Directorate of Water in Qassim • The National Water Company - Riyadh • Ministry of Water and Electricity - Cairo ,Egypt


Ongoing Projects:

• Chemical Substances Injection Project in Boraydah Water Treatment Plant • Operation and Maintenance Project for Zulfi Water Treatment Plant

Projects under Study:

• Operation and Maintenance Project for Nafei City and its neighboring villages • Operation and Maintenance Project for Goaiyah Water Treatment Plant • Project for Promotion and Development of Zulfi Water Treatment Plant

For more information and request of our services, please feel free to contact us as follows:


Technology Experts Company – Riyadh Operation and Maintenance Department Tel: 01 – 2052008 Fax: 01 – 2052009

Abdulla aljamali Department Manager


Well Logging & Geographical Survey Dept. Introduction: For at least five years, Technology Experts Company has undertaken massive groundwater assessment, monitoring, natural radiation measurement and mitigation. One of the main frameworks of the groundwater and underlying strata assessment is the geophysical well logging field acquisition- with ten borehole sondes measuring over thirty parameters, including the visual inspection of boreholes. The Well Logging Division also provides necessary training for new geologists and engineers in the field of geophysical acquisition and data interpretation.

Members: • The borehole geophysical field acquisition team of Technology Experts Company is composed of the following personnel:

• John Kenneth B. Santos – Geologist/ Radiation Protection Officer • Edmond John Pangilinan – Geologist • Ali Bakri – Geophysicist • Omar Al Bagadi – Geologist Assistant

Geophysical Well Logging: Over the years, the Well Logging Division had undertaken over two hundred well logging projects, most of them submitted to the Saudi Ministry of Water and Electricity. Various Saudi drilling companies hire Technology Experts’ more cost-effective, optimum output reports with full geophysical, stratigraphic, and radionuclide mobilization information among many other consultancies. Furthermore, Technology Experts Company had partnerships with international firms like Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM) in France and Gessellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) in Germany to study the major


aquifer in the Kingdom – the Cambro-Ordovician Saq Formation and its southern margin counterpart, the Wajid Formation respectively. Earlier in 2009, Technology Experts Company itself has undertaken a study on 2-dimensional borehole geophysical modeling of logged wells to assess the area’s natural radiation in Jawf, Tabuk, Hail and Qassim regions. Borehole Geophysical Tools and Rough Description of their Parameters

• Electric (ELXG) Sonde • Natural Gamma Ray Log • This tool measures the natural radiation emitted by various strata. Because the most common radioelement is potassium-40, natural gamma log is usually a clay indicator. Clean sandstone or limestone, free from argillaceous materials are excursions to the left while rich clay and shale formations are excursions to the right.

• Self Potential Log (SP)


• This records small, naturally occurring voltages in the drill hole and is related to water quality and permeable zones in the stratigraphic sequence.

• Long (64”) and Short (16”) Resistivity Log • The most important use of this log is the determination of water-bearing zones taking into account the borehole characteristics, drilling mud, formation lithology and degree of invasion.

• Single Point Resistance (SPR) log • SPR logs are useful in giving straightforward interpretation on lithology with a high vertical resolution in response in the resistivity of the materials near the electrode.

Formation Density (FDGS) Sonde This induced nuclear tool uses 3.7 GBq cesium-137 gamma-ray emitting radioactive source. The detection of back-scattered gamma ray permits the computation of formation density.

Dual-Neutron (DNNS) sonde This tool also uses induced nuclear source (i.e. 111 GBq americium-241-berrylium-9 neutron-emitting source. The detection of thermal neutron allows the determination of hydrogen content which would be needed in computing the porosity, saturation and water content.

Three-Arm Caliper (3ACC) – Casing Collar Locator (CCL) sonde Borehole diameter in inches until a maximum caving of about 60 inches is being measured in this tool. Along cased section, this tool also has the capability of measuring the magnetic susceptibility of the casing section-enabling the detection of the depth of the casing collar/couplings.


Temperature/Conductivity (TCDS) sonde The detection of fluid temperature in (˚C) and conductivity (either in ppm of µs/cm) would be extremely useful in tracking down inflow and outflow of fluids if ever the borehole cuts across two or more water bearing formations. This sonde also allows the detection of water quality zoning without doing the more tiring water sampling procedures.

Full Waveform Sonic Cement Bond Log (CBL) Sonde By recording the detected auditory pulses from its transmitters, the CBL sonde can map the cement grout behind the casing; therefore it can determine the “free pipe” i.e., weakly cemented casing sections in the borehole. Changes in the variations of the received auditory pulses can as well detect the casing collars in the fluid-filled section of the borehole.

Spectral Gamma (SGAM) Sonde This tool essentially breaks down the entire gross natural gamma into its component

spectrum of potassium, thorium and uranium. This tool is very useful in determining if the high gamma zone is either due to high shale percentage or ferruginous accessory minerals. This can as well deduce the paleo-environment of the sediments among others.

High Resolution Impeller Flowmeter (HRES) Sonde With the use of spinner blades which responds to fluid flow, the flowmeter measure rotation per minute (RPM) fluid flow. It can also record fluid flow reversals.

Borehole Videography In some instances that a visual inspection is needed in old borehole, the video camera is used. The usual clients for video graphic operation are independent farm owners and other individuals not requiring strict geophysical data. Rehabilitation of old wells which was left vacated for a period of time due to collapsed casing, pipes falling down the borehole and surfacial debris closing borehole sections are usual borehole problems addressed in this operation. Borehole videography can also be used hand-in-hand with geophysical tools to verify the problematic depth for stronger proofs in the reports. In hydrogeological assessment of extremely high saline boreholes, broken casing which gives way to an exchange of water from one aquifer to the other.

Borehole Geophysics Training The Well Logging Division also worked in collaboration with the Training Division of the Technology Experts Company. Some training courses depict full geophysical logging topics from the field acquisition until the data interpretation. Some clients require tailored trainings with specialization in particular fields.


Some of our clients in the field of well logging are: • Ministry of Water and Electricity (Riyadh) • King Saud University (Riyadh) • King Abdulaziz City of Science & Technology (KACST) • Water well drilling contractors • Agricultural Companies • Private farm owners • GTZ Company (Germany) • BRGM Company (France)


Probe Fishing, Site Radiation Protection, Site Problem Management : The Division has an experience in dealing with geophysical acquisition problems on site, particularly with probe fishing and radiation protection during rig accidents involving gamma or neutron sources. Various methods and safety procedures has been established to ensure the safety of the workers, safety of the equipment, and safety of the borehole and the underlying aquifer (from the radioactive sources).

Geophysics survey Exploration geophysics is an applied branch of geophysics which uses surface methods to measure the physical properties of the subsurface Earth, in order to detect or infer the presence and position of concentrations of ore minerals, natural resources and hydrocarbons. It provide information about the physical properties of the earth’s subsurface. There are many types of methods which measure the subsurface response to electromagnetic, electrical, seismic ,spectrometric , well loggin ,magnetic, and gravitational.

Methods devised for finding mineral or hydrocarbon deposits can also be used in other areas such as monitoring environmental impact, imaging subsurface archaeological sites, ground water investigations, subsurface salinity mapping, civil engineering site investigations and interplanetary imaging.

For more information about Well Logging Contact: John Kenneth Santos T: 055 486 1378 F: +966 1 205 2009 E-mail:

Exploration geophysics is the practical application of physical methods to measure the physical properties of rocks, and in particular, to detect the measurable physical differences between rocks that contain ore deposits or hydrocarbons and those without. Exploration geophysics is also used to map the subsurface structure of a region, spatial distribution of rock units, and to detect structures such as faults, folds and intrusive rocks. This is an indirect method for assessing the of ore deposits or hydrocarbon accumulations.

John Kenneth Santos Department Manager


Radioactive Sources Transportation Dept. TEC Radioactive/Hazardous Transportation Department is an approved department of Technology Experts Co. recognized by King Abdul Aziz city for Science and Technology Riyadh under License number: 3-7-7-‫ن م‬ This license authorized TEC Radioactive/Hazardous Transportation Department to transport all Type A (Solid, Liquid, Gases) Packages, all Type B (U) under national regulations. Through this license two vehicles are registered as shown in the picture. The vehicles are specially designed with lead layers throughout the walls of the box which ensure the safety of the driver and the public.


• Radioactive sources Transportation in the Kingdom • Import Of radioactive sources • Re-export of Radioactive Sources. • Disposal of Radioactive sources • Packing classification and Radioactive Transportation Consultation.

TEC Radioactive/Hazardous Transportation Department provides safe, cost effective and sound solutions for the packaging, transportation and management of radioactive sealed sources, radioactive waste, hazardous, and non-hazardous waste, and hazardous material. TEC Radioactive/Hazardous Transportation Department focuses on offering transportation and logistical solutions that are costumed tailored for our customers’ needs. We utilize a system that looks at all aspects of logistics, including packaging, transloading / transferring and mulit-modal transportation options.


Radioactive sources Transportation in the Kingdom:

field of radioactive transportation which makes sure that they are capable of transporting any kind of nuclear gauges safely.

TEC Radioactive/Hazardous Transportation Department has wide experience in mobilization of sealed sources as industrial gauges safely everywhere in the Kingdom following ALARA and all KACST and Kingdom regulations. Where in this field TEC Radioactive/Hazardous Transportation Department received a satisfactory position in the Kingdom. We have a qualified staff consisting of Saudi nationals and non-Saudis. Along with their high credentials they also occupy Certificates from King Abdul Aziz City for Science & Technology Riyadh Saudi Arabia as radiation safety officer in the

Import and re-export of radioactive sources: We provide all consultation free of charges upon agreement with the companies who are intending to bring nuclear gauges from outside countries and those who want to get rid of old nuclear gauges. We process their application through various departments i.e. Police, Civil Security Defense, KACST Customs etc which guaranteeing quality service to all our Customers in the Government Sector or Private Sector.

Disposal of Used radioactive Nuclear Gauges: Sealed radioactive sources have been used globally for many decades in a wide range of applications in medicine, industry and research. At the end of their useful life, usually 5–15 years, the radioactive sources are defined as ‘spent’ or ‘disused’. However, the residual level of radioactivity in some sources can still be dangerous, representing a significant radiological hazard. Therefore it is important that these ‘spent’ sources are disposed properly. TEC Radioactive/Hazardous Transportation Department is handling this mission in collaboration with Thermofisher Company USA in order to get rid of such sources under Kingdom regulations in supervision of concerned authorities like KACST, Police department and civil security defense. Every case is always registered separately and finally getting a disposal certificate from Thermofisher Scientific USA for such sources after disposal.


Packing classification & Radioactive Transpor tation Consultation: TEC Radioactive/Hazardous Transportation Department is specialized in internationally acceptable packing and its classification. We are working according to IATA regulations for dangerous goods. If you looking for such consultation TEC Radioactive/Hazardous Transportation Department is the best services provider and looking forward to serve customers at their satisfaction. List of clients benefited by TEC Radioactive/Hazardous Transportation Department Services:

• King Abdul Aziz city for science & Technology • King Abdul Aziz University Jeddah • King Saud University Riyadh • Middle East Schlumberger Al-Khobar • Saudi Aramco Dhahran • Al-Waha Petrochemical Al-Jubail • Petrochemya SABIC Al-Jubail • Kemya SABIC Al-Jubail • Ibn Rushd SABIC Yanbu • AL-Rajhi Hadeed Jeddah

• Arabian Labs. Riyadh • Saudi Labs. Riyadh • Dar al Khaleej Geotechnical Riyadh • Riyadh Geotechnical Riyadh • Middle East Paper co. Jeddah • Ameera Medical Riyadh • Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Co.Hail • Arrayan Palstic Co.Riyadh • Insurap waterproofing and rapping Co. Riyadh • Pipes and well Services Dammam • Saudi Paper manufacturing Co. Dammam • Zamil Steel Factory Dammam • And many more contracts upcoming 46

Contact Us: Radioactive/HazMat Transportation Department Shah Khalid Abdus Salam T: +966 1 205 2008 Fax: +966 1 205 2009 s.


Shah Khalid Department Manager

Technology Experts Laboratories

Technology Experts Labs> Staff Members:


TEC’s labs make use of many experts and researchers having distinguished experience each in his field. Our lab participated in the International Comparison Proficiency Test organized by IAEA in the year 2006 to estimate and determine Gamma Emitters in different Environmental Samples.

Technology Experts Labs offer distinguished services in the fields of Radiation and Chemical analysis for different kinds of samples. Our labs are equipped with advanced instruments and devices to perform the required tests from well known International Companies such as: Canberra Industries Inc, (USA) which is specialized in production and manufacture of Nuclear Electronics and Radiation Instrumentation, and SAIC (USA) which is specialized in Manufacturing Radiation Survey Meters and Monitoring Systems. In addition to these advance preparations the company’s labs possess a well trained team having a vast experience in different analysis and interpretation of data and results. TEC’s labs have also gained a professional approval certificate from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Gamma Emitters Measurements. To have more recognition certificates, our company is now in the process of getting (ISO 17025) certificate assigned specifically for Laboratories.

The company Lab staff members and personnel are as follows:

• Dr. Yasser Yousif Obaid ( Lab Manager) • Eng. Saad Al-Harbi (Radiation Measurements Technician) • Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Daihan (Radiation Measurements Technician) • Mr. Ibrahim Al-Najdi (Chemical Technician) • Abdul-Rahman Al-Zayed (Chemical Technician)


Technology Exper ts Laborator y Units: Chemical Laboratory: This unit is responsible for sample preparations of soil, water and leak tests samples. The sample preparations for radiation measurements are done either by chemical separation for radioactive isotopes or ion exchange operations. In this unit sample preparations are also done to complete the chemical analysis of water and soil samples. Measurement and Counting Unit: This unit is equipped with the most advanced technology used in the determination and estimation of radioactive materials in different environmental samples. The measurement and counting unit contains a complete spectrum of different measurements systems, such as:

• Hyper Pure Germanium Detector (HpGe) for Measurement of Gamma Photon.

• Alpha Spectroscopy Analysis System.

• Low Alpha / Beta Counting System.

• Radon Measurement System for Water and Air.


Description of Measurement and Counting Operations: Alpha Spectroscopy System: The Technology used in this system is capable of determining and measuring Gamma Emitters in different samples to a very minuet concentrations reach to parts per billion (ppb) and with high accuracy. This device is using Gamma Counting system equipped with a detector manufactured from Hyper Pure Germanium Material.

Alpha Spectroscopy System: This system enables the users to measure alpha emitters (uranium isotopes) in water samples with minute concentrations reaching to parts per billion (ppb). Before measuring alpha emitters an accurate and careful chemical separation will be done for uranium isotopes as a preliminary stage for electrochemical separation, finally to be counted by alpha detectors manufactured from silicon material.

Total Alpha / Beta Counting: In this operation the total alpha / beta emitters will be measured in different environmental samples to distinguish in early stages abnormal increase in the percentage of emitters without distinguishing the type of isotopes or emitters by using a low counting gas scintillation detector.

The Quality Control Program: After operation of any installation (e.g. a Lab for radiation and environmental measurements), it should follow a comprehensive quality control and assurance program, to assure high quality and accurate results. Here is a brief description of these aspects.

Quality Assurance: Quality Assurance is defined as “All the planned procedures necessary to furnish a high confidence in any installation, factory, system, or an element that it will offer or perform a function or a service in a satisfactory way.

Quality Control: Quality Control is defined as “All the necessary procedures taken to control and assure that features or specifications of a material, operation, product, or any service are satisfying some standards or specifications.

Evaluation and Supervision: The first step in establishing a quality control program in any type of work is the selection and preparation of well qualified personnel with a high caliber to perform effectively the tasks assigned to them. In addition to this the staff should be subjected to advance training programs to enable them to do their work with high efficiency and accuracy. The main aim of quality assurance and control program and operations is to establish reliable scientific methods for collection and analysis of different samples,


so that we can avoid errors which will be added to the analytical results. For example in Radiation Survey Measurements, a quality control program should be applied to get reliable and high quality results which are expected for the main purpose of measurements. In General the Quality System is a comprehensive system including many aspects of which the policy and general framework have the purpose of development of the Installation or System for which the quality program has been set. The Quality System also includes standards and General Basics put forth to evaluate output of the data or results of any Installation. The process of evaluating and testing Quality Assurance and control programs and training programs associated with their establishment are also part and parcel of this system.

Quality Assurance and Control in Technology Experts Labs: Quality Assurance and Control: Before starting analysis associated with Alpha Spectroscopy System, the user should follow up high quality assurance and control procedures. In this regard Technology Experts labs are equipped with high quality instrumentation and apparatus to ensure accurate analysis, these include: glasses, automatic pipettes, and other lab equipments which furnish a high degree of trust and accuracy for the analysis.

Quality Control and Assurance in Lab Analysis: Quality Control and Assurance operation starts from the first stage of building the lab, where this requires calibration of all the lab equipments for detection of error percentage, despite the fact that they are all of high quality. These procedures are used regularly in Technology Experts Labs since its establishment where it covers calibration of sensitive balance, automatic pipettes and other lab equipments.


Procedures for dilution Tracers: Tracers are substances having the same chemical properties of isotopes subject to analysis. It is used to count recovery percentages of chemical preparation operations and monitoring behavior of different isotopes. This procedure is very crucial in all analytical operations, thus it should gain high attention during chemical preparation. Therefore newly used automatic pipettes in preparation operations should be subjected to calibration ten times with distilled water to test its capability to withdraw the required quantities to test uncontrolled difference in withdrawal of tracers. Tracers should be diluted into 4 stages to reach the required activity for analysis of blank samples.

Periodic Tests for Quality Control and Assurance: Technology Experts Labs follow up periodic tests and programs which assure a high degree of quality and reliability in measurements. Those programs are used worldwide and are well known in International Labs. Below is a brief of such programs:

Dual Samples: This test is done when 20 samples are analyzed where one of the previous samples will be analyzed using the same procedure of analysis to confirm the coincidence of the result with same original sample.

Blank Samples:

Participation in the International Proficiency Tests:

This procedure is considered as a means to confirm that all equipments used in the process of analysis are free of pollutants or transfer of materials from one sample to another. In this regard the result of blank sample analysis should be zero. The blank sample procedure is usually used after analysis of every 20 samples and is treated as a sample of unknown concentration.

Technology Experts Labs gained approval and certification on its activities in the Radiation Measurement Analysis. Such certification is given internationally from IAEA as part of the Internal Comparative Program for Quality control, where IAEA sends samples of unknown concentrations to different overseas labs participating in this test, then receives results from these labs and compares them with original concentrations of the samples. By participating in this test, Technology Experts Labs obtained a professional certificate from IAEA in Gamma Emitters Measurements.

Confirmatory Samples: This procedure is usually done by the Quality Control & Assurance section of the Lab, where the person in charge in this section sends samples of know concentrations prepared by him to the Lab as an unknown sample. Then these samples will be analyzed and compared with the results obtained from the Lab to see if they are the same as those given from the quality control section. This procedure is also done when analyzing every 20 samples.

Quality Control of Radiation Measurements Readings: Radiation measurement instruments are complex electronic units subjected to statistical variations like any other electronic device. In this regard statically, variations percentages in readings should be counted by reading a sample of a know radioactivity about 20 times, where the device usually register varied readings which are considered as normal. This test is usually done 2 times per year (every 6 months) in summer and winter mainly to know the effect of Environment and Temperature on the Nuclear Electronics. If the variation in the readings is approaching Âą5%, this is considered high accuracy for the Radiation Measurements.

Effect of Background Radiation readings on Accuracy of Measurements: We know that there are naturally occurring radiations coming from different sources. The most important of these are cosmic radiations and terrestrial radiations and this is called Natural Radiation Background. This background radiation affects in one way or another the accuracy of radiation measurements where the real sample values are affected with this background. The procedure used at Technology Experts Labs to reduce the effect of background radiation is the use of Lead Shields to cover the detector, where it insulates detector and sample from its outer environment and eventually the background radiation will be absorbed on the walls of the lead shield. Also the effect of background radiation will be measured weekly by leaving the detector in a state of measuring and counting for a period of 72 hours. After this the back Ground Radiation will be measured and readings are subtracted from the final results of other samples. This procedure is recommended by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


Projects Executed by Technology Experts Labs • Radiation Contamination Study in Qassim Area. • Evaluation of Radiation Risks in Industrial and Civil Water Treatment Plants of Saudi Aramco.

• Radiation Contamination Study in Haeil Area. • Study of Ground Water Resources Characteristics in Qassim Area. • Study for Evaluation of Onayzah Water Treatment Plant. • Well Logging and Radiation Analysis of saq Project. • This in addition to many samples from Water Directorates, Well Drilling Contractors, Private Companies , and Individuals in the Kingdom and other Gulf countries. We are pleased to offer our kind cooperation to all beneficiaries in all kinds of our analysis. For more information and request of analysis, please feel free to contact Technology Experts Co. Labs as follows:

Riyadh – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia T: (01) 205 2008 or (01) 248 3706 Fax: (01) 205 2009 Website:


Sales and Marketing Det. The TEC Sales and Marketing Department can give you not only experience and knowledge, but also our relationships and resources. This becomes very valuable in the procurement phase of your project. Many projects end up fragmented in this stage simply because of the complexity of the tedious ordering and contract process to procure equipment and services. TEC has ways to help make this process easy for you and your organization. Because our customer base is so diverse the old rules of marketing and sales are obsolete. No longer can we have one message that suits all customers. It is our expertise to locate vendors of materials, equipment or supplies, and interview them in order to determine product availability and terms of sales. We exemplify loyalty to supplier, client, profession, personal ethics, goals and quotas matching the needs and desires of our customers with products or services. TEC has references and experience with many government agencies. For government customers we are very familiar with the process and can help you get your project rolling effectively. Whether negotiated bid, sole source, or any other preferred method we will work on your behalf to get the project sourced in a manner that works best for you and your agency.


Equipment and Instrument Supply in the field Radiation Protection Equipment and Instruments TEC has Supplied of Nuclear Electronics • Tec supplied the Radiation Measurements Spectroscopy Devices, Radiation In addition to its experience in the field of Radiation TEC cooperates with specialized in the manufacture and production of Radiation measurement Equipment. TEC endeavors to supply the necessary instruments in this field and offer scientific solutions for different beneficiaries in the Kingdom. Some of the Equipment and Instruments supplied by TEC are:

• Gamma Spectroscopy Systems • Alpha Spectroscopy Systems • Radiation Survey meters and Radiation monitoring devices • Total Alpha/Beta counting systems • Radiation Contamination Detectors • Personal Dosimeters

Survey Meters and Radiation Monitoring Devices, Radon Detectors, and many other electronic parts to the Ministry of Defense and Aviation.

• Gamma Spectroscopy System and an Alpha/ Beta Counting System to King Abdul-Aziz City for Science & Technology (KACST)

• Field Spectroscopy device for measurement of Uranium, Thorium and

Potassium in rocks, Gamma Spectroscopy System and Radon Detectors with accessories to Saudi Geological Survey (Jeddah)

• Gamma Spectroscopy System to Boraydah Water Treatment Plant • Mathematical Analysis Labsocs System to Saudi Aramco Research and Development Centre

• Low Alpha/Beta counting system with accessories to Saudi Aramco Environment and Radiation Department

• Gamma Spectroscopy System to Saudi Aramco Research and Development Centre

• Radiation Detectors to King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre • A personal Dosicards System to Boraydah Water Treatment Plant • Supplying Liquid Nitrogen Dewars to Aerospace Research Institute at King Abdul-Aziz City for Science & Technology (KACST)

• A binary Alpha/Beta spectroscopy system with Labsocs to Saudi Arabian Standardization Corporation


• Many scientific instruments to King Abdul-Aziz University (Jeddah) , Faculty of Engineering, Department of Nuclear Engineering

• Many scientific instruments to King Saud University (Riyadh), Department of Physics & Astronomy

• Radiation Survey Meters to Rajihi Steel Company (Jeddah), Tetra Pak

Company Ltd. (Jeddah), Saudi labs (Riyadh), Riyadh Cement factory (Riyadh), Al-Qahtani Pipes Factory (Dammam), and Arabian Pipes Company (Khobar)

• Radiation Analysis Preparations to King Saud University (Riyadh), King

Abdul-Aziz University (Jeddah), Research and Development Centre (Saudi Aramco) and King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (Riyadh)

Laboratory Instruments TEC has supplied

• UV /VIS HPLC • Atomic Absorption • ICP/ICPMS • Incubators • Thermostat Cabinets • Oxygen Sensors • Thermreactor Photometer • Laboratory Photometer • Handheld Conductivity Meters • Laboratory Oxygen Meter • Turbidity Meter • pH • Conductivity • Dissolved Oxygen • Distillation • Water stills • Filters • Deionisers

• Dosing Systems • Flow Measurement instruments

• Level and Pressure Measurement

• ORP (Oxidation-

Reduction Potential)

• ISE (Ion - Selective Electrodes)

• DO (Dissolved Oxygen)

• Conductivity • BOD (Biological

Oxygen Demand)

• Photometry • Turbidity • Colony Counter • Silt Density Kit (SDI Kit


Because we have in-depth manufacturing relationships with leading international manufacturers and technology providers, this allows us to create a cost effective project solution for you. Instead of placing orders with twenty different providers we can wrap up a single project in one bid or several based upon project phases. Or if you just need a single product or service we can provide you with competitive pricing quickly along with providing installation and training services and post-sale support. Department Manager


Measure ment & Control Dept. Introduction: The Electronics workshop of Technology Experts Company has been established to execute control and data logging projects especially SCADA and hydrological networks, as well as installation of field instruments.

Objectives: The workshop aims to achieve the following:

• Providing technical support to different activities of the company.

• Qualifying and training of Saudi personnel to execute technical projects.

• Executing electronic maintenance and installation jobs for the tools and equipment that are used in water technology.

Also, technical cooperation has been established with some major companies that supply high quality products and components based on open standards and the rugged construction of devices. These companies include Adcon, Schneider Electric, Siemens, National Instruments and Beckhoff.

A major collaboration between our company and Coin Egypt Company has been established to execute hydrological network projects due to the expertise Coin Egypt has in executing large scale projects in Egypt using the latest technologies. The activities of the workshop also include the design and manufacture some of electronic instruments like radiation survey meters that some sectors in the local market need, in addition to providing the spare parts required for maintenance operations. Additionally training courses on the operation and maintenance of specific electronic equipment are held for the personnel of some of governmental sectors.

To achieve the above objectives, a group of engineers and technicians has been technically trained on using and maintaining water well logging tools and equipment as well as control devices and field instruments that used in SCADA systems. These skills are required to have the capability to build data logging networks that record field sensors in hydrological networks that are usually geographically spread. These skills include the ability to integrate state of the art technologies such as GPRS, RF, and satellite communications.


Contacts: Eng. Khalil A. Massaeed Email: Mr. Abdul-Aziz Al-Daihan Departmet Manager


(GIS) Department

• Site analysis to

Technology experts provide technical consultancy in area of (GIS) and technical advice to a number of professional customers through specialists and experts in the fields of geographic information systems, informatics and remote sensing.

• The application of

Some services provided include:

• Processing and interpretation of satellite images and aerial photographs (remote sensing).

• Conversion of coordinates (levels and projections and Spheroids).

• Determine the suitable methods and techniques of GIS to solve

determine the optimal locations for the landfill. GIS in the field of water resources, wells distribution and water quality depending on the location.

• The application of GIS in water supplies and sanitation.

spatial problems.

• Data collection, compilation and verification in the field (attribute and place and time).

• Development and design of different spatial databases. • Creation of different spatial maps using satellite images, topographic maps, geological maps and structural maps.

• Create maps showing the results of GIS spatial modeling. • Administration fastest and most effective irrigation and farm management through geographic information systems.

• GIS applications in the field of environment (spatial analysis) to assess the environmental impact.


Contacts: Mr. Jip Johan

 

  

 

Mr. Jip Johan Department Manager


Information Technology Dept.



Eng. Sameh Reda Mobile: +966 59 2623 803

Since its inception Technology Experts has been enthusiastic about using the latest modern technology in all areas of work. It has established a specialized center of its artistic and scientific staff to support the company>s information systems and devices.

Objective: Integration of the technological and business sectors of the company. The Center for Information and Technology is responsible for the development and implementation of the latest technological systems and their application in all areas of the company in order to achieve integration between the technology industry and business sectors of the company.

Activities: Information System & Software. Networks & Security systems. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and call center.

Eng. Sameh Reda



Main Office: Riyadh P.O. Box: 361301 Riyadh 11313 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 (1) 2052008 / 2483706 Fax: +966 (1) 2052009 Web Site:



Eastern Province Branch: Khobar Western Province Branch: Jeddah Cairo Branch: Cairo, Egypt

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