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Design Phd proposal for 27th Cycle at Politecnico di Milano

Avnish Mehta

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Towards an approach ....“Designed for India, Made in Italy” Area

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Set within the context of Globalization, the rise of a big Indian middle class, pushing demands for designed quality products, the rise of local culturally rooted products, the integration and amalgamation of the local need context and the italian production expertise.... In contrast to looking at the Italian SMEs and their intent to enter emerging markets by decoding the local cultural differences, helping in innovating for the new market for easy reception of their excellence.... This Phd project looks up at bridging the gap of R&D aimed at the Milanese design SMEs proposing through their design strategies to enter the growing market of India, with a new branding identity of “Designed for India, Made in Italy” produced through Visions and Scenarios of PSS approach.

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The Italian excellence in furniture production and Interior design is a recognized model world over but sadly over some time within the export markets the reception of these goods have suffered due to their weakness in responding to local tastes. The interior design market of India is at a growth stage where it needs foreign expertise to supply to the huge demand where italian companies enjoy a good value. But mostly the use of italian furniture has been restricted to work environment and has still not made roads into the domestic environments of the Indian households. One theory to that concerns the negligence of local tastes and innovation according to the local context that has inhibited the growth in that arena. This Phd project intends to produce visions, scenarios and design strategies to cater to this need area. The research will look at this subject in the following sequence the possibilities of engaging with italian SMEs : Phase 1 : 1/ Outlining areas of intervention in the Indian interiors. 2/ Study of contemporary and evolving changes to integrate with set practices within the domain of interiors. 3/ Communicating and co-ordinating this research with italian companies to facilitate their in house R&D for the foreign market. 4/ Executing prototypes culminating the whole exercise into an act of scenario making as a PSS approach for the future of Indo-Italian collaborative practice. Phase 2 : 5/ Networking through trade bodies of both countries to sought partners interested in the efforts. 6/ Showcase in India and abroad these visions through their promotional support.

Design Phd proposal for 27th Cycle at Politecnico di Milano

Avnish Mehta

7/ Network in the market area to facilitate their production and manufacturing. Foreseen benefits with this strategic approach can be summarized as follows : (A) Benefits to the italian stakeholders : (1) Scientific database creation : to understand foreign market and local tastes. (2) Outlining Design Strategies : to initiate the readiness to enter a new emerging market. Definitely Italian SMEs will find it beneficial to collaborate with such approach. (B) Benefits to the Indian stakeholders : (1) The lacunae of visions for indian domestic landscape is handled by experienced hand. (2) The follow up of the italian quality not only in manufacturing but also in innovation is learnt on mutual benefit basis. (C) Benefits to Politecnico di Milano : (1) Extended relations made between italian companies thereby emerging as a nodal agency. The work in this project will involve of an interdisciplinary nature : 1/ Generation of Visions and Scenarios - PSS nature. 2/ Building the prototypes for them - Product Design nature. 3/ Business networking with the agencies and bodies. 4/ Making branding and value addition communication for the success of the project for the market.

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Design Phd proposal  

Thesis proposal at POLIMI for exploring possibilities for a "Designed for India, Made in italy" approach.