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Avnish Mehta, born in 1983 lived to see his career born out of a humble background during the times of the global economic upheavals of the early decade of the 21st century. A member and later President for four consecutive terms of the ODCHW (Only Design Can Heal the World) association, his biggest contribution so far remembered, had been to illustrate the idea of Design in trans-disciplinary fashion to the other fields of Business and Management. And that commendably in the times when the shift and its subsequent decision to move ‘Design’ beyond its conventionally assumed frontiers was becoming inevitable! A self acclaimed victim of his ‘time’ who refused all the recognition conferred to him during his lifetime, saying that a recognition is intended to ‘just’ earmark an extra effort amongst commons and is not in the spirits of the celebration of the whole new set of ‘conceptuating’, he is best remembered for his work in the world of designing new Insurance Policy in the times of the “Greatest Depression of 2008”. His belief that the profits of micro credits for Insurance policies oriented towards the idea of ‘Celebration of Death’ could help to allow people for a DESIGNED DEMISE of their choice. And this especially during the times of the Economic Recession of 2008, which helped the Insurance Companies and the Banking sector globally rolling out their losses into profits overnight, thereby remarking the significance of the relation of Design and Business.

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the process of sriting my own obituary, searching for an innovative angle to make it more effective in the then context.