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ARE YOU INFECTIOUS? Do the sniffles have you down? Don’t slow your body down this flu season, find ways you can boost your immune system naturally. Page 6

RAW WITH AVENA Now is the time! Give yourself the best chance for success and try 30 Days RAW with Avena Originals this January and February! Page 17

NEW AVENA PRODUCT Guess what we have, just in time for the dry winter – Avena’s new SKIN CREAM formula! Page 14

INFECTIONS What you need to know


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New month. New beginning. New mindset. New focus. New start. New intentions. New results. 2017 is HERE to stay. A new year means so much potential and a start of good things to come. Let’s start this year strong – together!

Is eating healthy something new to you? It is for many; how about approaching it with a positive attitude, while getting excited to try out new recipes that we bet you’ll love.

Sales for January, February, March.

Dear Avena

Another year has ended, and one is just beginning. It’s a great time to reflect, let go of things that no longer serve you, and set up new goals for the future. Make your health a priority. Set up for success.

Why is it that every time Avena suggests a healthy supplement plan we recommend Raw food? This quarter, a staff member tells you the primary reasons for increasing your fruits and veggies.

*NEW* Avena Skin Cream is here!


Your skin is a way of your body protecting itself, so it’s up to you to help keep it in top shape. A great way is to hydrate and support, and we have just the new cream to do just that – REMEDY. Complete with soothing oils and lotions and a touch of healing herbs this new product is a skin’s delight.

Infections and the germs that produce them are everywhere, you encounter them daily. The hard part is to build your immune system and keep it functioning at a high level. It is possible, and we have ways that can help with just that.

Join the RAW Evolution

Avena Events

This January and February Avena is running TWO separate 30 days Raw events. Each will include yummy recipes and suggestions. But wait there’s more – also included will be potlucks, conference calls and an online Facebook group for maximum support.

Are you needing a little nudge? Get more information, or even get refocused as to why you started this health journey in the first place. Check out Avena’s amazing events happening near you!

Testimonies “A little progress each day adds up to big results.” Real people! Real Results!

Avena Originals 100% Natural! News & Views To A Healthier You!

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A letter from the staff Hello and welcome to 2017! Isn’t it amazing? We are so incredibly blessed to start a brand new year! The best way to capitalize on our opportunities this year is to help create a support system for yourself and others. The path to better health or improvement traditionally, isn’t one walked alone. There are plenty of people and aids that you can utilize to help generate success. This can come in the form of family, friends, online communities, recipe sharing, and motivational websites or books. Now is the time, why wait? The biggest obstacle in anyone succeeding, lies within themselves. We each need to decide we are ready to succeed, and we deserve the gift of health. Don’t let this winter bring you down. Embrace this season as the gift and opportunity it is! The cold weather can be a jolt, or shock to the system, but use this to your advantage! Kick-start this new year with a bang!

A Special Reminder With Winter In Mind

Some products Avena carries contain water or have glass containers because of this we suggest that those products be purchased before the weather turns cold so as to prevent breakage during shipping. Or, if you still wish to purchase these products on cold days, try asking for a faster shipping method to lessen the likelihood of damage during transport. The following are products that we feel may be affected: Ionic

Magnesium, Ionic Calcium Magnesium, PIN Magnesium, Ionic Zinc, Coconut Oil & Pet Colloidal Silver products.

News & Views To A Healthier You!



I started using Avena’s Digestive Reset Kit, and the program encourages more raw foods. Why is it so important to include raw uncooked foods while using the Herb Cocktail, Probiotics, and Enzymes?

Often when people are encouraged to make an effort to consume more raw food, it’s because of the enzyme factor. These raw and unprocessed foods still have their enzyme integrity intact. Enzymes however, are only a part of the picture; protein (which is second only in importance to enzymes) is also critically damaged by heat, similar to how enzymes are. The two nutrients are very much related; enzymes and protein share the common denominator of amino acids. By consuming more raw and fresh food, you’re not only providing yourself with food rich in enzymes, but bioavailable proteins as well. It doesn’t matter how much protein was in the food before you cooked it, once cooked, that protein becomes neutralized and much harder to obtain. Incorporating more raw foods in to the diet reduces digestive stress, and, utilizing Avena supplements at the same time supercharges the diet. When working to achieve a healthier lifestyle - you can’t supplement a poor diet, plain and simple, and yes a bold statement. We all know that processed foods, sugary sweets, and consuming less than the recommended amount of fruits, and vegetables is not a path that leads to good health. Wherever you are in your health journey, you will always want to concentrate on what you need to do to improve your diet. If you've ever felt tired after a full and heavy meal, it's because your body is working harder than it should to digest the food. This tremendous stress on the digestive system depletes the body of energy and other materials (like enzymes) that could be better utilized to support other important functions in the body, like protecting against harmful organisms, and making new cells and tissues. When it comes to applying a program like Avena’s Digestive Reset Kit, there needs to be a change in what happens in the kitchen. Like taking an enzyme to help digest a McDonald’s burger…it’s not designed to be damage control. Health is really made in the kitchen (it’s the key), it’s not made in the gym and it’s not made in a supplement when you have to line up your lifestyle and diet to enhance your digestion, you gain better health. Avena’s pillars on health and wellbeing is cleaning and feeding the body; the body can be toxic from what we didn’t digest and eliminate, and/or deficient in nutrients. Avena’s back bone products that are emphasized to kick start the digestive system are the Herb Cocktail, Enzymes, and Probiotics. In order for our products to do their best, you need a strong nutritional profile to work with them hand in hand. The cure is in the cause, if you look back on your health – its diet and lifestyle related. When we understand how the body works – it all comes together for improved health.

Submit your question to or call us at 1-800-207-2239 News & Views To A Healthier You!



Rebuild your Digestive Tract!

Are you ready to kick start your digestive system in 10 days? Everyone can benefit from healing and helping the digestive system. Imagine better eliminations, easier weight loss, and greatly improved absorption! Providing you with better moods, enhanced immunity and a higher quality of life!

What the package includes 1. 180ct Enhanced Digestive Enzymes Rebuild your digestion for 2. 120ct Proteolytic Probiotics less than $16.99/Day 3. 280g Herb Cocktail 4. A Guide explaining the following: ► ► ► ►


Foods to eliminate / incorporate Recipes of juices, smoothies & salads designed for healing How to successfully use the products How to follow up your 10 day reset.

All diseases start in your digestive system-take the 1st step today to preventing disease and stop surviving and start thriving!.

Did you know? Today's modern lifestyle kills enzymes in many more ways than just cooking? Stress, smoking, food additives, pasteurization, canning, fluoridated tap water, air pollution, caffeine, drugs (prescription and illegal), mercury toxicity, frequent air travel, workouts, x-rays, radiation (microwave ovens), food irradiation, and poor sleep are some of the many things that impact enzymes! Imagine food protein as a string, when you cook or alter your food from its natural state you’re essentially producing knots. In order for your body to get any value, it must first untie the knots (using up precious time and enzymes). There is a limited window of time that your body has in order to obtain the nutritional value from your food before it’s either eliminated, or wasted. Use your body’s time best by keeping your strings straight and usable. When 70-80% of the foods you eat are fresh and raw, you build the foundation to promote a healthy lifestyle. The less energy your body needs to expend in order to capture nutrients from your food, the more it can devote to other aspects of your health like healing and working on the immune system.

News & Views To A Healthier You!




been dubbed as ‘discharge’ and viewed in a negative light.

Infections and illness don’t discriminate, they don’t

protecting our body. It may not be as flashy or pretty as

pick or choose sides. Everyone has the ability to get

some other areas, but it definitely has it’s role to play. This

sick to some degree. It can all start with a small cut,

isn’t always obvious, yet in the same way that the fluid in the

cough in your direction, or a contaminated item/

eye protects the integrity of the eye, this natural film creates

surface. From there the pathogen gains entry and has

a barrier from the outside world to our direct insides.

Which is a disservice for the critical role this fluid plays to

the first opportunity to launch its attack. What other shield protects our valuable core; the skin. A fine

Our First Line Of Defense The bodies first and primary line of defense versus infections is physical; our skin

layer that surrounds our body and keeps the intruders at bay. In the same way a vault protects the gold and jewels inside. Our skin is not impenetrable though, it is still vulnerable, we’re not made of kevlar or metal. It can break.

and mucous membranes are

When we do happen to get cuts, scrapes, gashes and

there to protect the inner sanctum of ourselves. More often than not when mucous or the

wounds we’re literally exposed to all those that pathogens that can do harm. (This includes intentional cuts as well;

surgery is a fantastic

related membranes are

tool, but not without

discussed it’s frowned upon. We

it’s own inherent risks.)

don’t like to talk about sneezes, runny noses, coughing/phlegm


or reproductive fluids; they have

Within Why do we get sick more in the winter months?

The human body is a

less mucous (drier)

beautiful system, complete with backup programs to help

undesirable diet (less fresh food rich in vitamin C, more

protect it further if the first defense line of fails (which it

‘warming comfort foods’)

always can). The second stage is exactly this, internal

stresses (school, seasonal holidays)

less sunlight - less fresh greens - skin dries out (cracks easier)



News & Views To A Healthier You!

defence. Our bodies come equipped with multiple different cells inside designed specifically to patrol within. Keeping



those germs at bay. You may have heard the names of

efficiency in all areas, your immune system is no

some of them (Macrophages and Leukocytes or White

exception to this.

Blood Cells).

Sugar’s Sabotage Your Success

A Perfect System, Imperfectly

It may seem like we have little control, but there are things


we can do to give ourselves the best chance prior to exposure. Many things will dampen our body’s own

Point being, our entire system is created to keep the

resiliency; one that stands out is diet, and the direct impact

majority of illness and germs at bay, but it’s not perfect.

it can have. With sugar for example, one teaspoon can

The key to the whole picture is to

limit your body's immune response for several hours. This is

maintain the immune system

critical if you’re planning on being surrounded by an

so it functions at a high level,

unusual number of people (and germs). If you’re going to


a school, wedding, mall, or other public event, this could

Breakdown in the

bring your peak immunity down, thus leading to a greater chance of illness later. Knowing that the intake of sugar


and sweets directly suppress our immune system and it’s

It’s understandable that we will

too much to risk. If we’re planning though, it would be

encounter those pesky viruses

prudent to keep these super sweets a minimum before we

and bacteria (or other germs)


that you don’t want to gain a foothold. How our body

Sugar is just one example

responds on the inside, as well as

of what we could

the actions that we do from the outside can help determine

decrease or remove from

the efficiency of our immune system. In the same way when

our lifestyle in order to

you’re body is struggling through poor bowel and digestive

promote a greater

health this lowers the well-being for your entire system.

immune response all around. Foods are just

Bowel toxemia and its toxic byproducts impact far more

one aspect of what we

than how often you go to the bathroom, but can cripple

can control; others would

your health from the inside out! Eliminating this waste and

include lower stress,

build up frees up your body to have more energy and

News & Views To A Healthier You!

better sleep habits, water



consumption, nutritional supplements and healthy levels of

more important to reduce your digestive distress, so more

physical activity. It’s easy to look at what you shouldn’t do

effort can be put into your body’s healing

sometimes it’s harder to see what you can do. Like any facet


of your health, when you eliminate or reduce the toxic

Supercharge Your

aspects and enhance the positive, it all culminates together


for a stronger state of health. Each part of our body is interrelated; when you support one area, you can boost all

The good news is we can add to our lifestyle

areas. The key is to focus on what you can do and the rest

to support our immune system as well. Nutrients

will follow.

such as Vitamin C, chlorophyll and Zinc have

Raw Foods For Increased Resistance

been shown for decades to boost our immune system just by being present. You can add these through

When you reduce the stress digestion puts on your entire

foods and/or supplementation, (next time you need to go to a

body, you’re freeing up so much energy to be used for

party instead of a teaspoon of sugar try an eyedropper of

immune function (there is plenty of truth and reasoning

Avena’s Ionic Zinc). You can take this boost a step further;

behind why so many doctors and doctor mom’s always

adding in just general nutrients, but also those active

suggest rest and simple foods while you’re sick). The reason

ingredients that will help you on a ‘front line’ basis. This

Avena so feverently recommends a high raw and fresh diet

would include: Superfood, Enzymes and Probiotics.

is for more than just the nutrition, these foods are highly

The Ferocious Warriors

bioavailable, so your body uses minimal effort. Leaving more ‘left in the tank’ for infections and other health

Probiotics are natural

concerns (there have been many high raw, or all raw food

protectors of the body,

eaters with testimonies of fewer colds and flus - if any).

especially Proteolytic

When in the midst of a health

ones! They will help

crisis, it becomes even

encourage and harmonize the gut and its microbes. Beyond our stomachs this good bacteria are there to maintain and create an additional security level! This has a double impact, by having healthy levels of good bacteria in your body you not only have better chances for success against viruses and harmful bacteria but they can help in the production of good things you need too (like some vitamins or protein digestion). News & Views To A Healthier You!



now being funneled to your

Enzymes Are For More Than Digestion

immune system; a major reason

If we’re looking at digestion, enzymes are one of the first

why rest and hydration are

components that we recall but, they can also have a

universally recommended for

tremendous impact on your immune system! Some of the

those with a cold or flu. This is a

studies that have been

normal and expected response

done on enzymes reveal their influence on the

and the hard part is to push through and persevere. It also makes all too real the direct

body, most notably they

impact that bad food can have on your bodies, sluggishness and

increased the body’s own

grossness we can feel after a bad meal, leaving us weak and

‘defenses’, white blood

tired. The good news is, we can control how well we treat our

cells. This can have an

bodies and that directly impacts our defenses. ‘An ounce of

incredibly positive effect if

prevention is worth a pound of the cure’.

you’re in the midst of a

Take Charge

cold or flu, giving yourself an influx of macrophages and white blood cells is like a jolt

When given the opportunity to take charge of your health and promote it whenever and however you can, why wouldn’t you?

of support for a weakened system.

Once you’re exposed to a pathogen, its okay to be concerned,

Running Yourself Down, Without Realizing It.

you may get sick, the hard part is acceptance then action. Give

If you’ve contracted a virus or bacteria it’s totally normal for

yourself the best tools that you can in your everyday life so that

your body to be tired and for things to be harder on your body.

when your body encounters a virus or bacteria you’re not out of

All the energy that’s traditionally zoned for daily activities is

commission for a week or more because you’re body is ready to attack and defend.

Understanding Immunity: phagocytes (say: FAH-guh-sytes), which chew up invading germs lymphocytes (say: LIM-fuh-sytes), which allow the body to remember and recognize previous invaders

IMMUNITY IS SOMETHING WE BUILD Through the way we eat, think, drink and live.

News & Views To A Healthier You!



A strong immune system starts with your foods, incorporated your exercises and environment. Make sure you are taking the best defense by having a strong offense. A clean system has up to 10X the natural immunity as a toxic system.

Please remember that we all have the possibility to get sick. We can use our at home resources. Sometimes though, we need extra help, and that’s okay. The medical system and doctors are there to help you. When in doubt - ASK! If you’ve had a cold or flu for longer than a week, and it is progressively getting worse chances are you should see a medical professional or family doctor!




P.U.R.E. is an acronym for the simple truths regarding detoxification Perspiration: The Vitamin Supreme has many beauty vitamins such as Vitamin A, E and B3, and Biotin also included are the required minerals for the uptake of these vitamins; minerals like Sulphur and Selenium. If you want to go above and beyond add our pure mineral product to boost even more into your lifestyle. Vitamins and minerals are both needed for beautiful skin. Avena’s Vitamin Supreme and Minerals are great skin boosters.

Urination: Avena has two products that are revolutionary the Electric C (antioxidants) and the

Superfood (alkalizing greens). The less stress there is on the liver and kidneys the easier and more efficient they will be able to cleanse and remove waste via the urine. To keep the kidneys and urine area flowing properly it’s a great idea to have an alkalized body and plenty of antioxidants to scour the blood and help the cleansing process.

Respiration: E-Fusion is one product Avena carries that’s a fantastic to support the lungs, which has abundant sources of naturally occurring vitamin E and plenty of B vitamins as well! Recent studies have shown that 300 IUs of natural vitamin E per day may reduce lung cancer risk by 61%. B Vitamins are also a major player in lung health, with emphasis on B2, B6, Folate, Niacin and B12.

Elimination: To ensure that they don’t stagnate and hinder the body there are a pair of products that work well in tandem; the Herb Cocktail and Proteolytic Probiotics. Removing waste and toxins from the bowels is one of the bodies’ chief functions. Each of these products work to help reduce the waste and build up within the bowel and encourage proper bowel function. If you’re ‘backed up’ the rest of your body is surely feeling the pressure.

News & Views To A Healthier You!



What is your POO telling In the older medical practices it was very common for the Doctors to ask about your bowel movements while looking for answers to what is happening in your health. Today that practice is all but obsolete, based only on practitioners avoiding the hard conversation and focusing more on medications.


is the #1 Tool you have for every irregular movement you may be experiencing! Stop thinking this is normal and revive your health!

Avena Originals’ Herb Cocktail is the most incredible tool you have access to that can help solve almost every abnormal movement you see on the chart on the left of this page. 95% of the people reading this do not have 3 ideal movements per day, but they could! If they changed their diets, and embraced Avena’s tools like Herb Cocktail, Enzymes, & Probiotics.

Ready to make a change?

Try the following suggestions for 30 days and you will see a difference I promise you! takes u eat usually The food yo the pending on 12-72 hrs de ed meat you ok amount of co made up of is ingest. Poop fying with food, putre undigested ating serious cre ’s ria cte bad ba ells. is why it sm toxins. That sinks slowly. Healthy poop

News & Views To A Healthier You!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Remove Wheat/Gluten, Dairy, & processed Meat. Herb Cocktail twice a day on an empty stomach. Probiotics 5 capsules -1 hr after the Herb Cocktail. Enzymes 5 capsules with meals and on an empty stomach Drink more WATER! Love the new energy and better movements!



This is their story – what will yours be? Do you love hearing amazing recoveries from near death diseases?

You will LOVE "A New Life" This is the story of people who didn’t, and wouldn’t give up when faced with insurmountable odds. Through health challenges and body struggles, to people who just want to get as much as possible from their bodies. Hear directly from them how Avena changed their lives, and now they are living A NEW LIFE. They are living a life that is free from their previous restraints; one full of life, energy, vibrancy and HEALTH. It is possible! You don’t have to be ‘sick’ to take control of your life and have incredible health. Why wait?

DVD - NTSC - 33mins - Approved for all ages.


MEET SOME INCREDIBLE INDIVIDUALS: Wanetta Beal: Used to be overweight and suffer from Bi-Polar Disorder and Depression Grai Beal: Pushing his body to its physical limits, surpassing people half his age in athleticism Hagen VonConhruds: Overcame his battle with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Kim Hartlin: A man who’s travelled the world and discovered the power of the human body Bill Faulkner: On the verge of prostrate surgery, he learns how to heal himself and win’s Darren Berrecloth: One of the top ranked Freeride Mountain Bikers, he’s also one of the ‘oldest’ Christina Paganelli: Was diagnosed with Lung Cancer while pregnant, and later Thyroid Cancer Laura Bentley: A woman who wanted to take control of her health and supercharge her body


I highly recommend you use this film as a tool to offer hope to friends, family or anyone looking for answers on health & healing.


News & Views To A Healthier You!



This is the health book we have all been waiting for!

Easy-to-understand, timely and transformational, it gives you the keys to gain personal power over your health and shows you how you can live a disease-free life. In The Disease-Free Revolution you are presented with research-based facts that show how our reliance on conventional health care systems is not working. This book takes the mystery out of how the body operates – by showing why it succumbs to disease and how health problems can be reversed – and clearly explains the tools required to build your health. The Disease-Free Revolution exposes deceptions that are at the root of our growing disease statistics. If you want real and lasting health, this book is a must read!

Book Review: Disease-Free Revolution by Ron Garner Recently I’ve had the pleasure of getting to read Ron Garners latest book Disease-Free Revolution. I found it a great, easy read. There were many portions of the book I strongly agreed with, and others not-so-much. I really enjoyed how he simplified the technique in easy to understand ways. As well the book is a great update to Ron’s previous work (The 4 Keys and Conscious Health). Personally of all of Ron’s books I like Conscious Health the best simply for the sheer amount of detail in that book. Do I recommend this book – yes. I feel it’s a great starter and intro book; if you’re new and are seeking a simple place to start. The main concern I have is more of a comment really. Avena strives to be plant based. We take great effort and pride in the fact that all of our supplements are plant based, and RAW whenever possible. Not all of Ron’s recommendations in the book are plant based. This doesn’t make them incorrect or negative, it just a difference of opinion. Ultimately the choice belongs to each of the readers. We each live inside our own bodies, and we only have one body to take care of – our own. How we choose to do so is just that, our own choice.

Overall I give it 4 Apples out of 5

Now Available $14.99 ea. News & Views To A Healthier You!



Introducing REMEDY - A Transdermal Skin Cream 50ml $39.95, or 7ml Samples $5.95

This amazing cream will change your skin forever! 100% plant based ingredients. Infused with Aloe Vera, MSM, Avocado, Coenzymes Q10, Antioxidants, and so much more! NOW AVAILABLE - TRY A SAMPLE TODAY

tails on e d l l u f More visit us s t n e v e g upcomin ne at onli n i g i r o a n www.ave


Holiday Office Closed 11th Edmonton West Harvest Inn FREE ONLINE WEBINAR Keep your eye outGeorge for upcoming 19th Prince dates for Avena’s online Sheraton hotel webinar, join your friends and family from around the world. 19th Prince George Store GRAND OPENING News & Views To A Healthier You!

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100+ FREE Raw Recipes at Smoothies - Dressings - Gourmet Easy to make for 1 or 2 people News & Views To A Healthier You!



News & Views To A Healthier You!

News & Views To A Healthier You!




Winter 2017 Edition


Customer Testimonies, Spotlights, and Reviews E-coli Infection

My little Papillon pup (who was only about 2 lbs at the time) got real sick with e-coli. The vet prescribed Baytril which I was supposed to give to her for 8 days. I gave it to her for two days and her vomiting and diarrhea went away but she wasn't eating. I talked to my regular vet who told me the side effects of Baytril were anorexia and damage to the cartilage. She recommended that I take her off the Baytril so I did. After that my daughter put one enzyme capsule down her throat every hour for the rest of the day and late in the evening she gave her a friendly flora and another one at around 2 AM. The next morning she was eating and drinking almost normally. My daughter continued to give her the Enhanced Enzymes that day also with Proteolytic Probiotics again that night. She recovered completely. I feel If it hadn't been for the flora and the enzymes, the pup would have died! *Stock Photo -Pearl D

"I love the De-Stress Roll-on. I keep one in my purse, one at my work desk, and one in the kitchen. This way I always have one on hand. I roll it on my neck because that is where my body keep the stress, and I start to feel an instant relief of my headache (that are caused by stress)." -Lynne B Share your experience with Avena Originals and receive a thank you gift, if used online or printed in our publications.

Submit your experience to or call us at 1-800-207-2239

News & Views To A Healthier You!



REFFERAL REWARDS - EXCITING REIVEWS Gloria O from Edmonton shares “with the new marketing program, my

rewards increase by 111% from the same time period as last year. This is incredible!”

Louis H from Victoria was shocked when his rewards jumped up by121%, as he doubted that the program would do that for him.

Margaret P was ecstatic about this new program as she’d never seen her rewards reach $1000.00 before.

Harry S shares “ I have always loved Avena Originals, but this new rewards

program has gotten me so excited and made me love them even more. I can help people with their health and at the same time financially. I couldn't imagine a better life for the people I cherish and myself.”

Earn 30%, 20% or 10 % rewards from referring anyone interested in living a healthier, happier lifestyle with Avena Originals! Check out Avena’s Exciting Referral Rewards Program online

We love hearing your testimonies! Feel free to submit them in on social media, email to , or with one Avena’s customer service representative.

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Infections - What you need to know!  

Do the sniffles have you down? Don’t slow your body down this flu season, find ways you can boost your immune system naturally.

Infections - What you need to know!  

Do the sniffles have you down? Don’t slow your body down this flu season, find ways you can boost your immune system naturally.