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3| Fall 2019 Edition

Fall is a season for indulgences and festivities. It’s when we wind down from the summer and transition into winter. The days get shorter, the nights longer and the air decidedly cooler. We can use this transition to do the same in our own lives. Adjust and adapt to what’s occurring around us. You may notice that your diet might subtlety shift too, as different foods are available during the fall season: apples, cranberries, squash, and more.

The behind the scenes work though puts stress on the body that can get overlooked. The act of scheduling, meeting and setting up even happy events like family dinners can put a different kind of stress on our system.

Happy stress is still stress! The body reacts to both in similar ways. Ideally, we can slow down the workflow and make sure everything is at manageable levels, sometimes the act of slowing is harder mentally than anything else. Unlike tiredness when it’s easy to tell when you’re physically tired sometimes mental and emotional stress are harder to recognize.

So, take it slow, ease into projects and set reasonable goals. No sense jumping in the deep end when you just finished a marathon and your body is too sluggish to keep you afloat. When it comes to health the same principles apply. Take it easy, find your path and stick to it. Don’t expect too much too soon and be dismayed. There are certain health projects that take the time that can’t be changed. A great example is with iron and blood cells. It takes your body a few days to make a new blood cell, but if you’re looking to upgrade your bodies total iron count, it can take weeks before anything is noticed on a blood panel. Because you have to have enough raw materials present to create an iron-rich blood cell, then just think of all the millions that need to be remade/replaced. It’s a project that you need to be diligent with even if you know you won’t see the results for a duration of time. What you can focus on though is that it's a process that your body is fully capable of doing, it just requires you to do it and follow through.

Fall 2019 Edition| 4

Dear Avena, I’ve been struggling with my health a lot lately and switching diets has been suggested. Wondering what your thoughts are on a HIGH raw versus ALL raw diet and which would be better for me.

This is a question that comes to us often, so you’re not alone. How Avena suggests and recommends from a diet perspective is 80% fresh and raw, with 20% being cooked. We all strongly emphasize to consume more fruits and vegetables with smaller amounts of animal products (if any). Plus, the source of your food is always important. Local is the greatest benefit, we’re designed by nature to consume the food that grows around us, although with the advent of grocery stores we now have access beyond our borders. I mean who doesn’t love avocados? But, most of us don’t live near where they grow. Eating this way, we also suggest whole foods, just like how they’d be found from the farm. The less processed food in your diet all the better for you and your health! As far as your ‘macro’s’ are concerned that is up to you and your body. Some people thrive on a carbohydrate-rich diet while others not so much. The same goes with high fat Keto style diets. Each of our bodies is going to run slightly different from the next. The hard part is finding which one is going to help you the most. Yet, our recommendations for someone who’s in a serious health struggle are to go much, much closer to that ALL raw mark, ideally 100%. The reason is because raw foods are simpler for your body to process and filter through the nutrients from the waste (something that can get lost with cooked or processed food).

For the majority, the act of filtering the good food from the bad, usable versus waste isn’t going to dampen our health to a noticeable effect. For those in health crisis though, every extra step that the body has to do is one more than we want. By eating the cleanest richest food at this time, you’re providing your body with the easiest food absorption. Meaning the body is doing minimal work for the nutrients it needs and can then turn and focus on the more pressing matters, the outlying health issues for one. If you’re somewhere in the middle and you already do a high raw, it wouldn’t hurt either to do periods of all raw food. It can act as a food style cleanse of sorts. Much in the same way people go to juice fasts or feasts, you can use the food that you’re eating to help your health, even if it’s in short term increments. We encourage you to try 30 days of 100% raw at some point in your life.

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Bodies Ability To Heal Itself Self Healing Our body is a miracle. Flat out, no contest we’re all; a walking, talking, breathing, a miracle. The human form is capable of so much. If we cut our finger there’s no doubt that it will heal. Skin will close up and maybe there will be a scar, maybe not. But we know it’s possible that it’ll mend; because that’s what the body does. In the same way that a small cut on a finger is small, we need to think of our whole body on a ‘global’ scale. We’re designed to heal, to fix ourselves; it is possible. What the limiting factors are, is time, energy, and resources. Our bodies have the inherent ability to do many things and sometimes we forget that, or we don’t allow or encourage it. It’s even possible we aren’t aware of how to promote our own systems to progress in healing. There is power hiding and dormant within ourselves, we just need to access it and promote it. What we can do is break each of these three areas down and go into detail about each one so that we can figure out where we can assist the process.

Time Time is something that is naturally out of our control. What we can do is manage our expectations and what is within our grasp. Healing takes time among other things. There are some things that just can’t be rushed, or slowed but continues at a steady pace. Understanding that some functions have a designated time frame while others may have more of a grey area. If you’re looking at say digestion there are varying speeds that this occurs. Some foods digest faster than others, and some that should go fast are slowed because you may have a particularly hard time digesting that food (specific enzyme imbalances). When it comes to time the hardest part is staying true to course, because you may be doing all the right things, but it can still be a few days or weeks until total change occurs. The good news though is that often you can feel improvement. Much in the same way that a cold generally slowly sets in over a day or so, and then once ‘over’ the cold takes a few days before all the sniffles are gone. Enzymes though can have a positive effect on some aspects of the healing as it relates to time. Because enzymes are a natural catalyst - they make things happen. Food would break down much slower (if ever) if it wasn’t for enzymes. The same is true for bacteria. There are only a few items that can increase and motivate your body from the inside out. These are enzymes and bacteria (probiotics). Ensuring that your body has a healthy supply of these through food and supplementation is a huge advantage that’s within our control.

Fall 2019 Edition| 6

Your Bodies Energy Energy Our bodies have an innate amount of stored energy and ability to function on any given day. If you look over and above that there is a certain amount of effort that has to be used up by our systems for just regular functions. The act of digestion draws from our energy stores the same way that healing would pull from the pool. With things happening daily our body is constantly using energy just to maintain life. If you imagine that there was maximum efficiency the body would run on a scale of 10. The act of basic functions making blood cells, new tissue, nerve communication, heartbeats; would take up about one or two of those ten blocks. It’s an approximation of the amount of effort that the body expels simply being. Next, to basic functions, the largest consumer of energy that we use is the effort or act of digestion. Breaking down food and digesting what’s given draws from our stores, ones designed to be replenished through the process. In a perfect situation, we’d regain as much in nutrition as there is in the expenditure of energy. Problems can arise when a greater force is needed to do a traditional job.

Complications can occur with certain foods being consumed that dampen our energy reserves. With an allergen the immediate effect on the body is easy to see. The system slows and negative results are felt and seen. It is less noticeable when the results are fainter or more gradual. Cooked and processed foods or certain chemicals can slow the body and digestion without causing a full stop.

In this way instead of the assumed five energy blocks there may be a hidden sixth or even seventh used. Now the person could be walking around and just the act of eating can bring their expenditure from seven (2 for general bodywork and 5 for digestion) all the way up to a potential nine. Leaving very little extra wiggle room for the body to use the extra energy for health and healing. What is amazing though is just like the resources our body needs can be boosted we can assist and decrease the need. Raw and fresh foods are easier to digest, the more of these foods that we eat the higher perk to the rest of the body. Imagine if instead of using five of those energy blocks you’re now only drawing two or three. Suddenly there’s a surplus that can be used for additional healing. Raw foods aren’t for everyone but this is why they’re essential for those who’re going through a health challenge. Doubling down on how much is left in the tank to promote wellness is the way to go; especially in a crisis.

Our bodies are in a constant state of adding and taking away. The addition is always easy to see, we’re eating food on a regular basis, the flip side is what we’re eliminating. For most of us detoxification is something that system performs without assistance, but how effectively it does so is the question. For some there can be dramatic slowdowns and hiccups along the way that make removing these undesirables harder and even close to impossible. Detoxification and assisting the body in getting rid of the waste can have a dual reward. It can free up more energy by decreasing the amount of effort used to get rid of waste; the other is that a cleaner body running more efficiently can digest foods better and has less stress on it.

7| Fall 2019 Edition

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There is a continuing demand from our bodies for nutrients on a daily basis, even for maintenance if there are no health challenges. A need for proteins, minerals, enzymes and everything in between. What is different is what each of us needs the amounts differ from person to person and the body's own requirements. A growing child will have a very specific set of ratios that would not be beneficial in others, say an adult man who’s working a desk job. The great news is that nutrients are something very much within our control. The simple act of eating and what we put in our bodies is entirely up to us. We can elect to eat foods naturally high in what we require. Such as if you’re low in Iron you may start to consume iron-rich foods such as those dark red and green foods. If you wanted to go an additional step using natural health products are a great means to support the body, especially if they incorporate whole and natural foods. When faced with a health challenge one of the essential components is to ensure that your body is not only digesting the food that you’re giving it, but that there are enough of the raw materials or resources required to source the repairs. Fall Fall 2019 2019 Edition| Edition| 10 10

Knowing which pieces of the puzzle are missing or low can allow you to give targeted nutrition support for your specific needs. Opening the door for the healing that’s already present, you’re simply nourishing the chances, like a fire you’re encouraging it to bloom. Natural Health Products can provide that additional aid where our diet and lifestyle may falter or when we want to add to our existing regime. You can look at Avena products such as the RP3 or E-Fusion for those extra proteins and raw nutrients. Or if you’re seeking the finer details you can dive into additional vitamins or minerals as your system draws for the job at hand.

The Fourth Element Originally we talked about there being three parts to the body’s healing but the truth is there’s a fourth component - US! We are a factor in our own healing. We feed ourselves, make ourselves go to the gym or walk outside for sunshine. We shape our own reality. It’s true and yet we tend to forget it sometimes. Helping our bodies and keeping them healthy and strong requires work and dedication. There are even times where it takes effort from outside sources, a true community support system. We are designed to be social beings, and that can include the healing journey of one turning into a network of supporters.

We can support one another emotionally by being there and listening. Physically helping someone could be as easy as sharing recipes or making foods and juices together. Finding people who can help bridge the gap and uplift you in areas of your health that need extra work is just as important as keeping yourself focused on a goal. At Avena, we do our best to aid our clients through more than just supplements. Yes, we do have fantastic products that assist the body in many things, but greater health occurs when products aren’t the only thing changed. It’s a LIFESTYLE, so it’s foods, emotions, time, energy and environment. Health and healing are possible, our bodies can do amazing things. We just need to do what we can to create an environment that will help. It is achievable! Let’s see exactly what our bodies are capable of!

11| Fall 2019 Edition


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15| Fall 2019 Edition

The benefits of a high raw or all raw diet are astounding. It’s amazing what the body can do when fueled with such clean and rich sources of nutrition. What many encounters as a struggle is what to eat when it comes to raw food. Most of us probably grew up eating meat and potatoes; and had recipes handed down from our parents and grandparents of what to eat, how to season the food and so on. Even something such as a vegetarian is still fairly uncommon in North America, although it’s far more prevalent in other areas of the world. There’s still the mental thought of ‘oh I’m having a vegetarian over for dinner, what to make?’. The dilemma can even be more pronounced with vegans. It’s not just for guests that we experience these issues but in our own homes for ourselves as well. Not many of us were taught how to eat raw fruits and veggies aside from snacks with dip and salads. So the idea of personally eating all raw or high raw comes with a daunting feeling of what am I going to eat? Avena tries to help by providing raw recipes and tips and tricks, there are also some useful kitchen appliances that help too.

Fall 2019 Edition| 16

Much the same way a regular baker would have a mixing machine, there is just as much need for a blender or food processor. The simplest way is to go to markets around you and try and find what your local foods are. Chances are there are staple vegetables and fruits like cucumbers and tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. Be creative and try these in new ways...have you ever tried making green smoothies? They’re AMAZING! You just mix in dark green leafy materials like Kale or Romaine lettuce, put these plus fruits or two and freshwater into your blender and voila, now you’re getting fresh food and nutrient-dense. Especially in cooler weather you can make your smoothies warmer, or better yet add some spice. There are many ‘warming’ foods that we can eat that are raw that give warmth and comfort. Much of these are spices or hot peppers. A little jalapeno in a snack can kick start it and get your heart pumping, win-win! A warming effect in food can be essential when it’s winter and cold outside. You may find you need to eat just a little bit more, as a cold body will use more calories to maintain body temperatures. (Not too much extra and if you’re always inside, then it won’t be a factor.) Rich tasting foods can also help in winter months, so aiming for nut milk and spices like cinnamon or nutmeg are a treat too. Raw food shouldn’t be daunting, even in winter. Just do what you can, where you can and give yourself that food lift and support yourself through a healthy diet.

*Herb Cocktail is going to be re-named HC right away, those new labels are fresh and ready for the next batch, don’t be worried if the next time you open your parcel you will see HC. *Superfood, is going, going and very soon to be gone. By the time you’re reading this, it might even be done. We’re on our last boxes of this wonderful product. If it’s one of your favourites, call right away as once we’re out, there’s no going back. *2 Shiny new products will be hitting our shelves soon, those attending our Symposium got that sneak peek. Watch for email updates and details to come soon as they draw ever closer to becoming a reality. *These Newsletters are fantastic and we love producing them, but in this digital age, we’re moving with the times to be more web-based as well. If you love having printed newsletters you *MUST* let us know and make sure you’re name is on the print list. If it’s not, you won’t get a printed copy in the mail. You’ll be able to view everything online and read it that way, but if you like the feel of paper in your hands, make sure you let us know before our next printing in 2020.


We win! Health Canada has finally allowed us to move to a whole food blend, which will naturally increase, and strengthen enzyme profiles. You are likely to taste the FENNEL (Black Licorice) in the whole food powder. 17| Fall 2019 Edition

Raw Pear, Walnut Pomegranate Salad 2-4 heads romaine lettuce (depending on size), sliced or torn into bite-sized pieces 1 pomegranate, seeds from 1 cup chopped walnuts 2 pears, diced into 1/2-inch dice Maple Dijon Dressing fresh ground pepper

Directions: Toss romaine with dressing. Start with half the dressing and then add more as desired. Place in bowl and top with pomegranate, walnuts and pears. Toss before serving. Top with fresh ground pepper. Maple Dijon Dressing: 1 cup cashews, soaked until soft 6-8 hours, rinsed and drained Place all ingredients 3/4 cup water except diced shallot in 1 lemon, juice from high-speed blender. 3 tablespoons maple syrup 2 tablespoons dijon mustard Blend until smooth. 1 teaspoon dried mustard Add diced shallots 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and pulse until pinch Himalayan salt combined. You want fresh ground pepper them to be chunky. 3 tablespoons finely diced shallot

Made by: RawMazing

Warm Cauliflower Soup Drizzle Olive Oil 1 Head Cauliflower 1 Can Coconut Milk 1 Large Yellow Onion, diced 1-2 Cups Vegetable Stock (if at all!) 1 Lemon , squeezed Salt and Pepper to Taste Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 375F 2. Chop cauliflower into bite sized pieces, put in baking dish with sea salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. 3. Roast at approximately 375F for 15 minutes or until golden brown. 4. Dice onions and sautĂŠ in pan on medium heat. 5. Add roasted cauliflower to incorporate flavors. 6. Add coconut milk and bring to boil at high heat. 7. Reduce heat, add juice of lemon and season with salt and pepper to taste. Mix with hand blender. 8. Add any water or vegetable stock to desired consistency, blend and re-season to taste!

Made by: Kristin Fraser from Inner Glow Getter Fall 2019 Edition| 18

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Bodies Ability to Heal Itself  

Our body is a miracle. Flat out, no contest we’re all; a walking, talking, breathing, a miracle. The human form is capable of so much. If we...

Bodies Ability to Heal Itself  

Our body is a miracle. Flat out, no contest we’re all; a walking, talking, breathing, a miracle. The human form is capable of so much. If we...