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Stuffy noses, runny eyes, itchy skin no more! Find out the root cause behind those pesky allergies; plus, what YOU changes will revolutionize your life (or someone you know) who suffers

from these symptoms and more.


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The most exciting time of year, we’re announcing our dates, locations and times of our upcoming Avena Symposium. This is one event you will want to mark on your calendars!


Avena Upcoming Events

Summer loving, it’s here. A wondrous time when we can enjoy the fresh outdoors and reconnect with our wild selves out in nature. Say hello to this sunny quarter with Avena, we’d love to have a beautiful summer with you.

There is nothing better than seeing everyone on their own turf. Summer is a little slower time, but we’re still coming to a town near you. Find out which cities are hosting an Avena event and find out when you can make one. If there’s none nearby, we have the perfect answer – Avena Webinars! Great info right from the comfort of your computer with the same great info too so you don’t have to feel left out.

Dear Avena Sometimes not everything on our labels is super clear, often there can be extra notes and information that can be confusing as to what is an ingredient, and what is a source. This is exactly what we talk

Avena Raw Recipe

about in this edition’s Dear Avena. We have two great treats for you this edition, one for food and one for the body! Not all things great and raw have to be eaten, sometimes you can make homemade goodies to make your body feel good too. Check out what we have for you

Why do we still have allergies? One in five people suffers from allergies, don’t be a statistic anymore. The human body has a massive ability to heal, and allergies are no different. This edition we explore the stuffy nose, runny eyed topic of the great and annoying—allergies.

Sales for July, August & September We have some incredible sales lined up for the summer, just what the sunshine ordered. Find out which products you can get a discount on in the upcoming months of July, August and September!

Avena Updates We strive to keep our Avena Community in the know This is the one place to get all the details for everything up-to-date and current happening at Avena. From event updates, to company notes and product details. You will find it all here.

Avena Symposium Due to a new and updated event, The Avena Symposium.

Ambassador Details

It’s not often we plan a large event, this year we’re kicking it up a notch and doing a large event in FOUR separate locations! We want to reach out and meet you all in your neighborhood so join us this fall at an event nearest to you.

We love our clients, but there’s a special place for those who go above and beyond and are out there and being shining examples. We have a few of these people we’d love to highlight. Introducing our new Brand Ambassadors, aka a person who is awesome!

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Avena Originals News & Views To A Healthier You!

100% Natural!

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     SUMMER  

A letter from the staff What a beautiful, wonderful day! Have you told yourself that you are amazing today? Well, you should have. The world needs more love and appreciation. Self-love and self-confidence are fantastic, but little used caveats to health and wellness. How you feel, and how you look at yourself are related! This summer, while appreciating the beauty nature has provided outside, turn this same love inside. Give yourself a pat on the back. Take the time to invest in yourself. Now that summer is here and we can go outside and have the fresh air, yummy foods, and just general awesomeness, don’t forget about taking the time to put coins in your own love piggy bank. Each glass of water you drink is an investment into yourself; the same with healthy food choice. But, this also applies to the thoughts we have! We need to stay and think positive whenever we can. Sure it’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows; the premise is to make the effort of staying on the positive side when possible. You are a wondrous being; your body is a temple that provides a service. You can walk, talk, eat and taste. Take pleasure whenever and wherever you can. Do not discount the advantages of a positive mindset! Hey, the less stress and dampening you put on your body mentally and emotionally, the extra there is for the rest of yourself. In the same way that eating cooked and overly processed foods can slow your body down, so can a negative mindset. Next time you wake up and look in the mirror, find something good to say to yourself! Why, because you’re worth it! Making the time investment in health and fitness should always include the stress and emotion aspect. Stress dampens many digestive aspects of our health. Just like rocks tied to your feet, it’ll slow you down! The great news is that with the warmth and sunshine and everything outside in time for summer, you can channel this same energy into yourself. Try visiting a rushing river and watch as it moves through and makes its path. Or climb to a hill top, take a calming breath and be amazed at the glory that surrounds you. Walk through a garden or meadow and watch as birds, insects and plants go about and just be. Then, check yourself out, how your heart pumps blood, your eyes see, your hair grows (even though you can’t watch it). Our bodies are full of the same power as the nature that surrounds us. Tap into that and embrace it, empower yourself and get there!

News & Views To A Healthier You!



Dear Avena

Hello, I just received my order including Para-ease. Wondering whether aspergillus niger and aspergillus oryzae are safe for people with allergies to mushrooms. These ingredients were not mentioned on the ingredients list on the website. Thanks, Juliet


First of all thank you for trying our product, I hope you enjoy it and that it benefits you well. The two items you mentioned are NOT included in the products as ingredients per-se. Due to Health Canada regulations in labeling we include many additional details that do not denote ingredients but sourcing. Again to reiterate, this product contains NO MUSHROOMS. The labeling requirements are to the origins and growth means to the enzymes. They are grown on those mediums (aspergillus) then they are harvested and these items are never present in the final product of enzymes. You could compare the listing of these listings as the region and/or method that something was grown, ie in China, New Zealand or the Americas. While this may not be the best example, I hope it gives the general idea. Cultured Enzymes remain the very best in industry and provide a great track record, out performing plant extracted & pancreatic enzymes.

REMEDY - A Transdermal Skin Cream

Some of the best characteristics of Remedy 1. Accelerates healing Lactic acid and other byproducts cause pain and soreness in the body. Remedy increases the ability of the body to eliminate waste products at the cellular level. This speeds recovery and frees up more energy for rebuilding. 2. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antifungal, antioxidant! Remedy is also known for its ability to promote skin health. It helps the skin heal from sunburn quickly due to its antioxidant and healing properties. Using Remedy to aid in treating small cuts and wounds is also highly recommended. Remedy is known to fight acne because of its ability to reduce skin inflammations, blistering, and itching. People with Arthritis may enjoy pain relief from the Aloe Vera oils by reducing inflammation in those joints it was topically applied to. 3. Remedy is often used with Psoriasis, Eczema, and Rashes Remedy's soothing nature makes it suitable to help treat and relieve pain caused by herpes and shingles, while helping the body restore itself from Psoriasis, Eczema, and rashes.

REMEDY - A Transdermal Skin Cream


50ml $39.95, or 7ml Samples $6.25

This amazing cream will change your skin forever! 100% plant based ingredients. News & Views To A Healthier You!


These unbelievable abilities come from a exciting combination of:

   4 

MSM Aloe Vera Oil Avocado Oil Sunflower Oil Alpha-Lipoic Acid

 Coenzyme Q10  Lavender  Hyaluronic Acid plant  SUMMER Glyceryl Monosterate (Plant Extracted)  Vitamins A,C,D,E

ALLERGIES - Can The Cause Be In The Cure? What if I told you that you don’t need to feel like garbage all the time; that those allergies that have been plaguing you can be helped. Would you believe me? The truth is your body has an incredible ability to heal, repair and replenish. It is absolutely possible; you just have to put the work in.


Depending on the trigger, the response can be as mild as a couple sneezes here or there, to a full on anaphylaxis shock where the person’s airways begin to swell up and close and their entire body can be covered in hives. What’s important to remember is that these are immune responses, and the immune system can be helped.

What if I told you that you don’t need to feel like garbage all the time.


IN ALL SHAPES AND FORMS Allergies come in many forms, shapes and sizes; some can be life threatening, while others just register as annoying inconveniences. All health problems can be traced to the bowels, and allergies and their derivatives are no exception. The unique part is that everyone’s symptoms or allergies can express itself in different ways; where one person may have a food allergy their sibling or parent could get rashes and sneezing from animals. Yet, we each have the same organs and internal make up. What is different is how we interact with our environment both internally and externally. The place where these meet is our bowels. This is why the bowels are always at the root of everything!

It should be at the back of our mind that all things stem and build up from the bowel out and thus can be helped by ensuring proper health of your internal organs. By creating or establishing clearer communication between the inside and outside of the body, the body find ways to assist and improve. For example products like Avena’s Herb Cocktail or Probiotics can help from inside the gut; the Herb Cocktail works to promote healthy bowel movements and patterns while the healthy bacteria repopulate and colonize to set up a natural immune barrier.



SKIN: Itchy eyes, hives or rashes, swelling, blisters

AN ALLERGY When your body is impacted with excess and undue toxins, then this directly affects the bowels. This residue is like a layer that hinders everything between your internal body and the outside world. (Imagine trying to communicate through a wall, it’s not easy.) Allergies occur when your body is processing something and it experiences a misfire or miscommunication. When someone who has an allergy to animal dander goes into a home with cats, something that for many causes no reaction, in that person they may start to cough, sneeze, get itchy eyes or hives. The item or allergen causes a release of histamine strong enough to be felt. A siren is going off internally and all systems engage on defense. News & Views To A Healthier You!

RESPITORY: Difficulty breathing, sneezing, wheezing, tightness in chest INTESTINES: Diarrhea, cramping, nausea, Gas, Bloating, Vomiting CARDIAC: Tiredness/fatigue, lethargy, weakness, low blood pressure ANAPHYLAXIS: Severe allergies can result in anaphylaxis, which is a whole body reaction to an allergen. This would be when the mucus membranes swell to greater lengths and the entire body can slow down and grow lethargic due to the high histamine response – happens minutes to hours after exposure.




that can be helped! That’s exactly why Avena always recommends a diet loaded with fresh and raw Another option is to approach from a Healthy proteins foods, loaded with natural and full proteins. different angle, one that can intercept is going to cause the least amount of bodyearlier. Enzymes can take effect before the can turn into This stress with the highest return. If you’re not items reach the inner levels of the body. During many allergic reactions there’s still Histamine which digesting the proteins from your food, you could be slowing down or hindering other a response time. If you come in contact is a toxin processes; just like those with high tryptophan with something that it cannot process, or responsible for levels show undigested tryptophan, which sends a signal of warning through the body, there is always a time difference. For many allergies! contributes to greater histamine responses. Factors like these is exactly why when Avena some this is gradual and not obvious for created the RP3 we knew it had to include only hours, for the unlucky few this could be mere minutes. raw, plant based proteins as well as protein digesting Enzymes are at the front line when it comes to enzymes and probiotics! If there’s a way to deliver the breaking down stuff inside of your body that originates protein without adding digestive stress why wouldn’t you. outside. Because of this, if you have higher levels of Especially if you already have allergy symptoms or enzymes that deconstruct your trigger or allergen, then problems, there’s no need to further burden your body while there will be less reaction and response by the body. trying to rebuild. (If you had dairy reactions but rebuilt and resupplied your body with plenty of natural enzymes that breakdown fats and lactose, the next time you encounter this trigger there should be a reduced response.) ALLERGIES CAN BE A BOWEL PROBLEM The foundation of our digestive tract and elimination shouldn’t be overlooked. A prime example that directly ties this to allergies is tryptophan. An essential amino acid found in proteins scattered throughout our diet, and critical for life. Yet, when tryptophan goes undigested through the gut and bowels it can react to produce histamine instead of something more desirable like serotonin. This increase in histamine circulating the blood can make it more difficult for those people when they do encounter a trigger; above average levels mean that even though anti-histamines are produced, the negative histamine reactions are still felt.

* articles/PMC5433561/*


Weighing down the body with excess histamine because of undigested proteins is thankfully something News & Views To A Healthier You!


Variations and combinations can always be tweaked and modified for the individual. No two of us are completely identical. Through food and supplements like these you can help to establish greater pathways and networks for communication within the body as a whole (which is the goal!) If you know that fats or proteins are causing you physical distress it’s important to counter that and rebuild. The biggest reason to address these problems is the chances that if you’re not reacting to milk specific properties (like casein or lactose) but rather to the fat or protein in general, chances are this is system wide, and not happening internally with just milk consumed. A problem digesting fats would include the fats from avocados and coconuts the same as it would from other sources. Now, these reactions while annoying are sending the system a clear message – this is not good. There is something foreign that is unknown and possibly harmful being detected. If you’re exposed to something harmful, this should be the message your body hears; but, if it’s something minor, then a five alarm bell could be creating an exaggerated response. In the same



way pet dander rings a bell internally, we need to decrease Making changes can make all the difference in the the level, from a five alarm to maybe a one or two. For world. Allergies shouldn’t create a strangle hold on those animal lovers with allergies, even a few hours can those who suffer from them. There needs to be a make a massive difference! balance and a happy medium. If we can, then why shouldn’t we tip the scales on the sides of lower IMPROVING YOUR ALLERGIC RESPONSE histamine and greater immune support? The body is It’s great when you have a clear answer and indication capable of so much more than we give it credit for, but from your body that something isn’t so great to be around. sometimes we can control on what side we add value The problem isn’t that these triggers shouldn’t be creating too and where we take it away. It is possible to improve such a strong reaction, in other words they’re bad, it’s just these allergies, we just need to put in that work. they shouldn’t be classified so strongly. An outcome like this is not necessarily in relation to food-based allergies, ALLERGIES VS INTOLERANCE VS SENSITIVITY but more so environmental ones. It’s normal to have an These are almost always allergic response to an insect ENZYMES THERAPIES FOR ALLERGIES food specific or related; bite or sting (like a mosquito bite). An over-response would LIPASE: breaks down fats, and most people who have difficulty with when you eat a food that dairy are reacting to the higher fat content of the food, along with your body reacts to you can be for the inflammation lactase and casein. Additional Lipase can help reduce the digestive have distress such as response to be enough that ‘stress’ caused by these. stomach pains, cramps or breathing becomes laboured, body wide hives pop up and AMYLASE: breaks down carbohydrates, but it also lowers histamine in diarrhea. The differences the body. Those who have many air or skin based allergies will find between these three blood pressure drops; all of that reduced histamine levels result in fewer allergy symptoms. reactions are which result these signaling a major alarm. Warning signs are great, in the PROTEASE: breaks down proteins and greatly reduces the amount of occurs because of the trigger. During an allergic proper situations, not in all. undigested tryptophan circulating the body and thus decreasing the potential for excess histamine to be found in the body on an ongoing response the immune system answers the call, flushing the This cycles back to the higher basis. body with histamine and circulating values of CELLULASE: breaks down cellulose, an ingredient found in foods. It’s creating discomfort and undigested tryptophan and also responsible for the reduction of fibre. An enzyme not produced unease in its wake. higher histamine. If you can by the body but has to come from outside sources. Generally those with food based allergies have low levels of Cellulase. reduce these levels through For people who have an different approaches, the next time you interact with these items there should be a smaller intolerance, the body lacks the ability or enzyme response (ideally). Now for those who have life-threatening required to break down the product. So for those who have gluten intolerance, their body does not produce the allergies, please don’t go eating shrimp or walking specific enzymes that break down gluten. through a bee farm; change like this would take time, and may be fluid. You can improve and work with the body Meaning anytime or any way they encounter gluten will when and where possible, but if you have an honest be painful, whether it’s by food or topical. intolerance you can’t reproduce what your body can’t For those who fall into the sensitivity category, they are make, and that’s okay. For the rest of us we just need to generally wary of items and their effects that occur keep it simple and do what we can and where. because of a trigger; this can produce a reaction in the YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF FROM ALLERGIES body, or it may not. A person sensitive to dairy may not The power is in our hands and in our daily choices. have all the symptoms of an allergy or intolerance, yet Choosing to eat better foods with greater digestion and could improve their quality of life by removing it. limiting the excess histamine is the answer for most. News & Views To A Healthier You!



This is their story – what will yours be? Do you love hearing amazing recoveries from near death diseases?

You will LOVE "A New Life" This is the story of people who didn’t, and wouldn’t give up when faced with insurmountable odds. Through health challenges and body struggles, to people who just want to get as much as possible from their bodies. Hear directly from them how Avena changed their lives, and now they are living A NEW LIFE. They are living a life that is free from their previous restraints; one full of life, energy, vibrancy and HEALTH. It is possible! You don’t have to be ‘sick’ to take control of your life and have incredible health. Why wait?

DVD - NTSC - 33mins - Approved for all ages.


MEET SOME INCREDIBLE INDIVIDUALS: Wanetta Beal: Used to be overweight and suffer from Bi-Polar Disorder and Depression Grai Beal: Pushing his body to its physical limits, surpassing people half his age in athleticism Hagen VonConhruds: Overcame his battle with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Kim Hartlin: A man who’s travelled the world and discovered the power of the human body Bill Faulkner: On the verge of prostrate surgery, he learns how to heal himself and win’s Darren Berrecloth: One of the top ranked Freeride Mountain Bikers, he’s also one of the ‘oldest’ Christina Paganelli: Was diagnosed with Lung Cancer while pregnant, and later Thyroid Cancer Laura Bentley Orcutt: Who wanted to take control of her health and supercharge her body

THIS FILM MAY JUST SAVE SOMEONES LIFE! I highly recommend you use this film as a tool to offer hope to friends, family or anyone looking for answers on health & healing.





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News & Views To A Healthier You!



An educational event focused on learning how today’s society is creating 95% of our diseases.


m W u i E s N A po m Sy alth e H ral atu N at ook L New y l e r i Ent An


ing eet r topic lm a ula form artic a p : a ·umdiscuss i s · ·po perts symhich ex at w

SEPT & OCT 2017



Learn how you can be rewarded for sharing your results with others.

100,000 DISEASES





Enjoy healthy local foods that meet the Avena Lifestyle requirements.

PROBIOTICS & ENZYMES An in-depth look at two of the most promising natural health products of 2017

An entirely new approach to natural health, that has proven to be extraordinary effective for more than 25 years.



Witness how easy RAW foods can be, live demos of key recipes.





Avena was born out of the necessity to save someone's life. Hear the full story.

News & Views To A Healthier You!

*Minimum ticket sales required



THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! Woohoo, we’re so excited our upcoming Symposium is almost here! We would absolutely love for you to join us for this fantastic event at any of our FOUR different cities. At each event we’ll be talking on a vast array of topics and nutritional tips spanning not just the Avena Products but the whole lifestyle that we promote. Plus, you won’t be walking away empty handed. You’re going to get a head full of great and valuable information; but, more than that...we’re introducing training levels!! All those who participate will be eligible for Avena Level ONE certification! It doesn’t end there! For those who find their way to these events, Avena will be offering EXCLUSIVE discounts on all our products. This way you get the best of everything; interacting with Avena staff on your home turf, great discounts and exclusive rewards, and meeting like minded people in your area!


Red Deer, AB Sept 22&23 Coombs, BC Sept 29&30 Winnipeg, MB Oct 20&21 Prince George, BC Oct 27&28 *All venues are subject to minimum tickets sold. In the event a location does not sell their minimum tickets the symposium will be canceled and 100% refunded.


Exclusive Sales of 25% on almost all items. Raw Food Menu featuring a famous Raw Lasagna After Hours VIP meet & Greets

*Menu items are subject to Venue availability and may not be available at all locations

TICKETS: $149.99 ($500 Value) EARLY BIRD $99.00 (July Only)



New this year, Avena will be certifying attendees with a certificate for hours of training attended. This can be displayed publicly to ensure confidence in your customers, & referrals. Members who reach additional levels will be qualified to be part of further education and more advance levels & special promotions.

10 hours - Level 1 25 hours - Level 2 100 hours - Level 3 News & Views To A Healthier You!

Everyone who attends the Avena Symposium will be qualified to earn their Level 1 Certificate, for attending 10 hours of education training from Avena Originals.





Tooth Oil 30ml: $24.00 ON SALE: $21.75 Breath-A-Lyzer 25ml: $19.95 ON SALE: $17.95 Massage Oil 50ml: $31.50 ON SALE: $28.50

Precious Oils 25ml: Regular $41.95 ON SALE: $37.75 Body Splash 165ml: $25.95 ON SALE: $23.50 500ml: $58.95 ON SALE: $53.00

News & Views To A Healthier You!


d e s s e r P d l o C e r u P % e r u 100 t a N m o r f s l i O


t s u g u A SUPER ENZYMES 240 Caps: $119.95 ON SALE: $107.95 500 Caps: $210.00 ON SALE: $189.00

ENHANCED ENZYMES 180 Caps: $68.00 ON SALE: $61.50 500 Caps: $119.95 ON SALE: $107.95 678g Pwd: $159.95 ON SALE: $143.95


Ionic Magnesium: $36.50

ON SALE: $32.75 Ionic Cal/Mag: $36.50

ON SALE: $32.75

P.I.N. Magnesium: $64.50

ON SALE: $58.00 Ionic Zinc: $32.50 ON SALE: $29.25

News & Views To A Healthier You!




FREE ONLINE WEBINARS - REGISTER TODAY. Keep your eye out for upcoming dates for Avena’s online webinar, join your friends and family from around the world.




3rd Holiday - Office Closed

7th Holiday Office - Closed 4th Holiday - Office Closed

10th Live Webinar @ 6pm The Missing Link Register Online

9th Edmonton, AB @ 7pm 13th Edmonton, AB @7pm

12th Edmonton @ 7pm

14th Live Webinar @6pm Pleasurable Poisons

Quality Inn (West Harvest) The Avena Experience

Quality Inn (West Harvest) Pleasurable Poisons

16th Calgary, AB @ 7pm 19th Calgary, AB @ 7pm (Wellness Body & Spa) Pleasurable Poisons

(Wellness Body & Spa) The root of all disease

Keep an eye on our website, we may be adding more dates!

Quality Inn (West Harvest) The Missing Link

11th Live Webinar @6pm Power in Probiotics

22 & 23rd Red Deer Symposium Baymont Hotel

29 & 30th Prince George Symposium 4 Points Sheraton Hotel



Vegan Tzatziki

INGREDIENTS           

1 cup soaked cashews ** 3 tbsp lemon juice (about 1 squeezed lemon) 1 tbsp dill 1 tbsp parsley 2 tbsp hemp seeds 2 cloves garlic 4-7 tbsp of water (you add this last for the final consistency) 3 tbsp tahini 1 diced cucumber Dash of salt and pepper to taste **try substituting ½ cup of the soaked cashews for ½ cup of homemade yogurt.

INSTRUCTIONS 1. In a processor or blender place cashews, lemon juice, tahini, garlic cloves, hemp seeds, water, salt/pepper, and run until smooth and creamy, scraping down the sides as necessary. 2. Remove from processor or blender and place mixture in a large mixing bowl. 3. Add all other ingredients, diced cucumbers, dill, parsley, mint (optional), and more salt/pepper to taste. 4. Adjust seasonings as desired. Serve with salads, falafel, or just simply as a dipping sauce for veggies. Enjoy! 5. Keeps well in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Nasal Wash 4 cups warm to slightly hot filtered water  2 tbps Colloidal Silver  2 tsp Pristine Sea Salt *optional Ionic Zinc, an iodine supplement (in liquid or powder form) **for an immune boost try swapping the Colloidal Silver for 1 tsp of Proteolytic Probiotics, 

just let it sit in the water for 5 minutes before use Mix this to use in a neti-pot or large bowl to flush the sinuses. Every day we’re surrounded by plenty of airborne pathogens and allergens. By doing nasal rinses you can ease some of the pressure that can build up, or prevent air-based pathogens to take root. This is a great idea to use after plane rides (where you breathe the recycled air of many people, sometimes for hours).

INCREASING COSTS LEADING TO PRICE CHANGES Dear valued Avena customers, we’re going to share with you something that may not sound great at first, but it’s going to balance out. Many companies will tell you “we value our customers”. This becomes a mantra that can be hard to believe, especially from large profit based corporations. The good news is, Avena is a family business and have been since the start. We’re not a massive company selling to billions. Avena is a simple business that genuinely cares about our customers and members; just like one big family. We love having the ability to chat with you on the phone, in person or over email like old friends and really get to know each of you. Our favourite part is hearing the good things, the news that you’re doing better. Or your neighbour tried our Herb Cocktail and loved it. Maybe you just finally got a full night’s sleep for the first time in forever. We absolutely believe that the results and the great work that’s happening in the Avena community are because of our products. Next to our personal relationships with you is our commitment to quality and purity. This commitment over the last few years has had some back and forth movement. The raw cost of materials and ingredients combined with the increase in production have skyrocketed the price for each product. Beyond this, each product has its own cost of testing, labeling and NPN requirements that should also be included in the price just to stock our shelves. Pairing these costs with the decline of the Canadian dollar, (and the coordinating increase in the American dollar) has put Avena in between a rock and a hard place. We are raising our prices marginally, but we’re doing it for our members. We know our product is great and it needs to be in the hands of the people it can help the most, but to do that we’ve come to the tough choice of a price increase. Never fear, this change we’re hoping will be temporary. As soon as the dollars come back to par and our production prices go down, all you faithful will be rewarded. Thank you so much for sticking with us through these tough times. We all know that when the going gets hard, it’s your closest friends and family that get you through it. Avena has set the date of July 1st for these new prices to take effect. Your support is appreciated

Download our new price list for FREE

WWW.AVENAORIGINALS.COM/2017PRICELIST.PDF or request one with your next purchase

News & Views To A Healthier You!





We have something fresh and exciting for you fabulous people. We’re launching a new group for those who have taken their product love to the next level; these fine folks will be called Avena Ambassadors. They’re going to show you how they take our products and love our products in the REAL WORLD! It is one thing to hear us tell you how amazing these products are; quite another to see and encounter an everyday person elevating their health and reaching new heights with these same products. Through these Avena Ambassadors you can follow their success in real time as they’ll keep the community updated. Together we grow stronger!

Help Us Introduce TWO Avena Ambassadors!

Kristin Fraser

This jet-setting gal has a love for good food and great products. She’s taken courses both culinary and nutrition focused. So she knows her food and what’s good for her too. Kristin has a special flair for making that healthy stuff taste like divine dessert, a real treat. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this girl with the food flair!

Wilson Family

You may recognize Al Wilson, an Avena Sponsored athlete, but we’ve elevated his status. If you know any athletes you’ll know there are many people who support them; for Al, it’s his entire family that’s involved. We knew we had to help the whole group of them, so it’s not just Al anymore but the Wilson Family!

Follow us online for more exciting developments with our Brand Ambassadors

Do you have what it takes to be Avena’s next Ambassador. Your photo could be featured on this page. Apply NOW!

News & Views To A Healthier You!









I went from an anaphylactic reaction to almonds to eating almonds every day all day long. The process was fun, enjoyable and very rewarding, the best part is it only took 30 days! Don’t consider fun and enjoyable with easy, making the necessary changes was not easy, but it was totally worth it! I have lost over 60lbs, lbs, found joy in life and recovered from all of my allergies. Thank you Avena Originals







I’ve suffered with many allergies in my life, saying no to visiting friends because of allergies is depressing. I started working with enzymes, specifically Amylase and WOW a difference! I can hang around pets, even stay overnight at others houses. I have no worries or fears. No more allergy medication for me!


News & Views To A Healthier You!




STORE Locations

Kinesionics Integrative Healthcare PRINCE GEORGE, BC 533 Dominion Street, Prince George, BC, V2L1T7 Phone: (250) 552-3495

Wellness Body & Spa CALGARY, AB

100, 628 11 Ave SW Calgary, AB, T2R 0E2 Phone: (403) 245-1212 Are You Interested? Avena Originals is currently looking for partners in the natural health

industry. Would you like us to host a store front in your business? Attract NEW customers, provide a high quality living changing product to your area? Contact us for more information! 1-800-207-2239

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By Avena Originals Red Deer, AB Head Office - #20 6200 67A St. (800) 207– 2239

Raven Fitness 4721 Dayton Rd. Port Alberni, BC (778) 421-2721

Kelowna, BC Francis (250) 868-2246

Qualicum Beach, BC One on One Fitness (250) 752-0783

Prince George, BC Kinesionics Integrative Healthcare (250) 552-3495

Calgary, AB Wellness Body & Spa (403) 245-1212

Avena Originals – Canadian Head Office #20, 6200 – 67A St., Red Deer, AB T4P 3E8 Toll-Free Telephone: 1-800-207-2239

PLEASE RECYCLE Website: Email: Local Telephone: (403) 314-2351 Toll-Free Fax: 1-888-352-5145 Local Fax: (403) 314-2081

Summer 2017  

ALLERGIES Stuffy noses, runny eyes, itchy skin no more! Find out the root cause behind those pesky allergies; plus, what YOU changes will re...

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