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HEART DISEASE One of the biggest problems in the Western world is Heart Disease, and a major risk factor is cholesterol. Together let’s dive deep and discover what we can about cholesterol.

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Spring is here (finally), and that means it’s time to start planting the seeds of health that we want to nourish and grow over and into the upcoming year.

There are always new ideas, issues and items to discuss, which is why we have regular events and meetings whenever we can. In this Spring quarter, we have marked down dates and time just for that!

Dear Avena

Avena Raw Recipe

Powder or Caps? Sometimes the choice isn’t so easy. That is exactly what Linda asked, and we’ve answered in this Spring 2017 Edition of Dear Avena.

Raw foods are delicious and unique, but they’re not always something we’re familiar with. In this special Spring edition, Avena has reveals some tasty raw recipes to help bolster your un-cooking skills.

Cholesterol Confusion

Sales for April, May, June.

Cholesterol, it swims and flows through our bloodstream all day and its role is not easily understood. In this edition we take a closer look at cholesterol and how we can better manage our health.

This April and May, we have some great sales planned. You can see those prices on Page 17. Right after these sales, Avena has something extra special for JUNE, and this time it’s EXCLUSIVE to MEMBERS. This is one offer you will not want to miss.

Avena Symposium Due to the resounding success of our last Avena Expo which was just a year ago, we’re looking forward to the future. Right now, we’re in the groundwork and planning stages for a new and updated event, The Avena Symposium.

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Expansion and growth are fundamentally important for any company or business and Avena is no exception. At the beginning of the year we opened a brand new office space and a remote location in Prince George. Guess what; we’re doing it again. To find out WHERE we’re going next, flip to page 19.

One of the many changes happening around us is the advancement of technology and what it’s capable of; specifically where it applies to online capabilities. In line with these tech improvements, Avena’s website will from this quarter receive some significant updates, all for a richer web experience.

News & Views To A Healthier You!

Avena Originals

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A letter from the staff Well, a new season is upon us. While winter is a time for resetting, reflecting and resting, spring is the opposite. Spring is when we set in motion the aims and goals for the remainder of the year. Just like farmers and gardeners plant in the spring for summer and fall harvest. Now is the time to plant the seeds and start production for the rest of the year! Set goals, make lists, strive at something worthwhile, but more importantly, be realistic in your ambitions. Setting your sights too high can lead to disappointment, defeat or even discouragement to start! If you’re not adventurous, you shouldn’t aim to climb a mountain with a week-long immersion into wilderness. Some things take time and learning. But, you could decide to have regular walks outside, and explore the parks around you. Possibly when you’re comfortable you can change your walk into a slow jog, or just increase the time or distance you walk. *Did You Know?* Parks Canada is GIVING AWAY passes to Canadian National Parks; all you have to do is request one. Your goals for the year do not always have to be physical. They can be anything, on whichever scale suits you best. Change and growth can come from many facets. Finding a positive, fun activity as a means of spending time can be beneficial. A hobby is a wonderful way to meet people and expand your creativity. The best way to achieve any goal is to plan. The idea and project may not be easy to define and decide. An excellent way to gain success is to map out and plan how to reach where you need to go. Just like starting a new health or supplement regime, it’s a very good idea to ask before you start so you’re not moving blindly. Getting a clear picture of what you need and want will translate into increased accomplishment. The last essential thing in achieving your goals is faith. It is possible, it is achievable. Simply trust yourself and you’ll go places you’ve set your sights on.

News & Views To A Healthier You!



Hi Avena, first off I love your products, it’s hard to pick a favourite but it’s closest between the enzymes and probiotics. I really notice a difference. My question is this, what are the primary differences in your products that have different models. Say your probiotics, is the powder different or better than the capsules? Is there a size or quantity difference in some of the powders versus their encapsulated counterparts? Linda

Hello Linda, We have five (5) products that are available in both capsules and powder. These can be divided into three groups;


Herb Cocktail. This product has is a dramatic difference between its powder and capsule forms. There is more product in the powder, so it lasts longer. More people have mentioned that the powder is more effective when directly compared to the capsules. This has to do with starting to work immediately as soon as the powder mixes with liquid. Lastly while the formulations are identical, it is cheaper for powder versus capsules. This group has two products, the Electric C and Superfood. The formula in these products is identical both in powder and capsule forms. Upon tasting the powder the difference is noticeable; in the Superfood, the addition of the greens can begin to alter the palate and help with sweet cravings. The Electric C is very similar to that tasting the product or dabbing inside the mouth can be very helpful for localized issues such as canker sores, sore throats and mouth infections (such as an abscess). The Superfood has no price difference, where there is a minimal extra charge for the Electric C capsules.


The third section for the Empowering products, Enhanced Enzymes and the Proteolytic Probiotics. First, there is a price difference between each variety. In the case of the Enhanced Enzymes there is also a slight difference in recipe/ingredients. The powder contains rice bran and beet fibre is used in the capsules. This switch is mainly to help encapsulation process, where it isn’t needed in the powder. This DOES NOT change the amount of active enzymes in either container. The powder does contain more active enzymes when compared directly - about 870 per container. When looking at the probiotics, there is a size difference but the product content is the same. Each bottle of Probiotic powder is equivalent to around 136 active capsules. Each of these two is equally active and effective in both methods of delivery (capsule/ powder). There for the most important point is which type you prefer and can take on a regular basis.


All of that said, at the end of the day it really comes down to you, your schedule and what will work best. If the convenience factor of capsules is too good to pass up, or you don’t like the flavour, then the powder is your best option. The product you take is worth way more than something unused and sitting on your shelf. These extra details about the variety options can help make the difference if you’re still trying to choose the best method, but ultimately you know your lifestyle best.

Submit your question to or call us at 1-800-207-2239 News & Views To A Healthier You!



Solving the Cholesterol Confusion What starts with fats and ends in Heart Disease and Strokes?

What is Cholesterol?

It’s a good idea to find out exactly what we mean when we use the term cholesterol, as it’s really a grouping of items under a broader umbrella; and to be fair, cholesterol is NOT LDL or HDL but rather carried by said lipoproteins (like an intra-cellular delivery service).  Chylomicrons are very large particles that mainly carry triglycerides (fatty acids from your food). They are made in the digestive system and so are influenced by what you eat.

It’s a case of ‘wow that escalated quickly’. This little piece of cholesterol in our bodies is something we create internally. Yes some of it comes from diet but not as much as you think. A Harvard Health article published in February 2017, stated that only about 20% of the cholesterol in your bloodstream comes from the food you eat. Your body makes the rest.

 Very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) particles also carry triglycerides to tissues. But they are made by the liver. As the body's cells extract fatty acids from VLDLs, the particles turn into intermediate density lipoproteins, and, with further extraction, into LDL particles.

This is contrary to popular widespread beliefs, that we get just a fraction from our food. What this means is that a strong emphasis must be placed on natural health to maintain the healthy ratios of cholesterol circulating within our body at any given time. It also can translate into the fact that NOTHING beats a healthy diet and lifestyle. Good food is a KEY to the whole picture, but it’s how you treat your body too.

 Intermediate-density lipoprotein (IDL) particles form as VLDLs give up their fatty acids. Some are removed rapidly by the liver, and some are changed into low-density lipoproteins.

The body as a whole should be treated as such. There is no single answer or pill. That’s why with Avena’s recommended lifestyle there are multiple key areas to address. Food is but one area. There is also: exercise, environment and total nutrition to consider as well. Like a table with four legs, each of them carries its own weight, but when one area begins to slide and slip, the whole table will wobble. If you’re looking at a system out of balance (one with too high of cholesterol for example), then you need to find the ‘support leg’ that is weak and help to address that need. The body knows it’s out of balance, but may not hold all the tools to complete the job. Avena’s nutritional supplements are here for exactly that reason, to help assist the entire body, like a carpenter would adjust and fix the table. To lift and support the system to give the opportunity for growth and repair.

News & Views To A Healthier You!

 Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) particles are even richer in pure cholesterol, since most of the triglycerides they carried are gone. LDL is known as "bad" cholesterol because it delivers cholesterol to tissues and is strongly associated with the buildup of artery-clogging plaque.  High-density lipoprotein (HDL) particles are called "good" cholesterol because they remove cholesterol from circulating to the artery walls and return it to the liver for excretion.




By sheer definition cholesterol is a sterol, which means it’s a type of steroid. Not those steroids that bodybuilders use to get bigger muscles. Rather, it is a precursor used in the production of steroid hormones (Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone among others). Beyond this, cholesterol is found in every cell in the human body. It is quite important to overall cellular health and integrity. You can almost think of it as the lubrication and communication medium. With so much cholesterol used by so many different parts of our cells, it uses the bloodstream (the interbody highway). It’s by tapping into the bloodstream that we News & Views To A Healthier You!

traditionally measure ‘cholesterol’ (LDL, HDL and Triglycerides). It may not be 100% accurate but will provide an idea as to the amount (and sometimes type) of lipoproteins traversing throughout the body. It’s from these measurements that relationships with common health problems were found; forming discovery and research into Hypercholesterolemia.


Why are younger adults facing strokes, heart attacks, & various heart diseases at younger ages than any generation before us?





In the 1970s, there was a new medical term making itself known; Hypercholesterolemia, which translates into too much cholesterol. Beginning to take notice middle age men were found to have LDL levels that exceeded 240. These same men were also amongst the greatest incidence of heart disease and other related heart conditions. From here the values were decreased because of such high incidences, only to be lowered a few years later. Now, some 50 years after it was first well documented the level of concern is a mere fraction of the original value (180 basically calls for concern).

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the whole cholesterol level, that’s okay; there are still plenty of options. The traditionally suggested method is to remove saturated fats from the diet. Following this regime for 30 days can cause a drop off in LDL levels. For most people this is merely a shortterm solution. A temporary change can cause a quick reset, but if you quickly revert to the habits of what was causing the high cholesterol, then you will quickly find yourself back to the higher levels. This can apply to more than just the foods we’re eating. Remember that our bodies produce the majority of the cholesterol in our bloodstream and within our cells. If we’re overproducing, the question would need to be why. A stimulus to create an abundance had to come down to body communication. The liver and other cholesterol producing organs must be getting messaging that more, more, more needs to be made.


Having high LDL (Bad Cholesterol) levels is thought to drastically increase your risk for cardiovascular & heart diseases which are commonly known as: Angina, Atherosclerosis, Heart Attacks, Heart Failure, Strokes & Cardiac Arrest. It is believed that people living the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) are at the highest risk because these habits lead to high levels of LDL. Several of these habits include:  Inactivity: With a majority of North Americans spending less than 10min per day with any activity.  Obesity: According to recently published stats, 68.8 % of adults are overweight or obese, with adult males delivering the worse stat of 74% being considered overweight or obese.  Too many negative food choices: The consumptions of bad fats, high sodium foods, processed sugars, lack of vegetable fibres and overly refined foods.


After chatting with your doctor or healthcare provider and finding that your levels are still unbalanced another approach may be suggested; using prescription medication. The two most recommended courses of action after diet are Statin medications or daily Aspirin. One may have a higher value over the other dependant on the person who had the high LDL and previous methods used to bring back balance. (Aspirin to thin the blood and Statins to stop production). There are negative effects of introducing Aspirin or Statins that will change how your body deals with cholesterol. These are designed to slow down or stop completely the production of lipids (just like those lipoproteins in the various forms of cholesterol). The essence of this medication is to help those at a risk, multiple blind studies have concluded that while they reduce lipids, they are not nearly as effective as Niacin (Vit B3 or fibre) for reducing LDL while maintaining or increasing Triglycerides and HDL. While this may be the route for some, it is not the right path for all. The benefit of our world is we have choices, options and opportunity.

For most of us over the age of 30, this conventional thinking was more like a fact, is was common logic and undisputed. We routinely visited our family doctor who would measure or HDL & LDL levels and give warnings accordingly. If your LDL levels is higher than it was deemed healthy you, would typically be diagnosed with Hypercholesterolemia.


(* pulled from website feb 2017)



A Diet of Statin Drugs

"Although statins can lower cholesterol, they reduce the risk for heart disease mainly through their antiinflammatory and anti-clotting effects. However, statins have many side effects, some very serious, and for most people do not greatly reduce the risk of heart disease. **Robert G. Smith, PhD (Research Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania)

The side effects of the most common statins are well documented. If your tests reveal high LDL, you would receive a prescription of Statin Drugs (see did you know) and a strong warning to use them. What they don't often tell you is the dangers around statin drugs. Here is a short list of some of the known side effects you may experience while using Statin Drugs to lower your LDL Cholesterol.  Muscle Pain  Rhabdomyolysis  Unusual fatigue or weakness  Loss of appetite  Pain in your upper abdomen  Dark-coloured urine  Yellowing eye balls and skin  Develop type 2 Diabetes  Liver Damage  Memory Loss  Confusion  Headache  Difficulty sleeping  Flushing of the skin  Muscle aches, tenderness  Weakness (myalgia)  Drowsiness  Dizziness  Nausea or vomiting  Abdominal cramping or pain  Bloating or gas  Diarrhea  Constipation  Rash

He goes on to recommend a natural approach he feels would be superior to the statin drugs. Pairing Avena with his solution would include Electric C, E-Fusion, Ionic Magnesium along

with Vitamin Supreme.

Avena agrees the natural approach should always be tried first.


An interesting book to read is ‘Wheat Belly’ by Dr. William Davis. In this book, he discusses how diets rich in grains (like wheat) can directly affect cholesterol levels. In just Feb 2017 Dr Davis posted a blog stating that most people, unfortunately, continue to focus on fat consumption, especially saturated fat, as the cause for high cholesterol and have been led to believe that cutting saturated fat and statin drugs are the solution. So let me try and clear up this somewhat confusing issue and show you that 1) there is no real benefit to cutting saturated fat, 2) grains and sugars cause distortions that increase cardiovascular disease, and 3) statin drugs do not fully address the causes of cardiovascular disease, accounting for their relatively trivial benefits.”

With a list of side effects as scary as this, the average person would not want to be using a prescription drug like statins unless it is necessary. What you may find concerning though is that since their arrival on the market, statins have been among the most prescribed drugs in the U.S. with about 17 million users. This poses some very crucial questions about heart disease?

ON SALE $15.00ea

Regular $17.99 ea (While Supplies Last) News & Views To A Healthier You!



STATIN DRUG NAMES       

Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Fluvastatin (Lescol, Lescol XL) Lovastatin (Mevacor, Altoprev) Pravastatin (Pravachol) Rosuvastatin (Crestor) Simvastatin (Zocor) Pitavastatin (Livalo)



What is happening in the case of Cardiovascular Disease is a combination of problems coming together. Higher levels of LDL will begin to oxidize when exposed to high levels of free radicals. This oxidization effect causes inflammation in the arteries which is believed to be the real cause behind Cardiovascular Diseases. If we cannot blame Cholesterol for Atherosclerosis, we have to blame our lifestyles which are creating the plaqueing and build up in our arteries.


VS CAUSATION? When researching Cholesterol, you will probably find this idea of increasing the HDL (good Cholesterol) to help combat the LDL. This is because the HDL can bind to the LDL preventing it from sticking to your arteries. Although this all sounds good, consider this more of a symptom approach and the best line of action is to allow the body to detoxify the LDL from the bloodstream. Anything that only alleviates the symptom will always be inferior to a solution that addresses the cause of the problem.


LEARN TO LOVE IT Our bodies must have cholesterol, that’s why it makes it. So, instead of stripping your natural ability to produce lipids, the greatest idea to find harmony and balance, creating a system that is the perfect ratio for you. The hard part is discovering what your balance is, and where it is when it comes to the LDL, HDL and Triglyceride levels circulating your body at any given time. Using foods and supplements can work from one side, while your bodies own natural production balances on the other end. There is no need to completely remove cholesterol from your diet, because if you do that your body sensing none will need to create more. On the flip side, your body is always going to make cholesterol so if your diet and lifestyle are full of things that enhance or burden you with more than you need the scales will tip too far to that side. It shouldn’t be a love-hate relationship, but one of equal support on both sides, a win-win is always what you should pursue.


There is a lifestyle that is the lifeline and backbone of Avena Originals; it focuses on unadulterated, whole foods, consumed in the most natural forms possible, maintaining the rich natural content of enzymes, healthy bacteria and unbound amino acids. Our entire product line is built around these fundamental principles which allows us to work seamlessly with the human body to heal, prevent disease or maintain ideal health. These food supplements are naturally rich in: vitamin E, niacin and vitamin C,

...Continued on page 12 News & Views To A Healthier You!




An educational event focused on learning how today’s society is creating 95% of our diseases.

m W u i E s N A po m Sy ew yN l e ir Ent An

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a l He a r tu




ing eet topic m l a lar form articu a p : ·umdiscuss a i s · ·po erts symhich exp at w

SEPT & OCT 2017



Learn how you can be rewarded for sharing your results with others.


PROBIOTICS & ENZYMES An in-depth look at two of the most promising natural health products of 2017


Enjoy healthy local foods that meet the Avena Lifestyle requirements.


An entirely new approach to natural health, that has proven to be extraordinary effective for more than 25 years.




Witness how easy RAW foods can be, live demo’s of key recipes.





Avena was born out of the necessity to save someone's life, hear the full story.

News & Views To A Healthier You!

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magnesium, healthy oils and fats. At your disposal are the tools to balance your internal ‘cholesterol scale’.

If you are suffering with high LDL or using statin drugs, try this natural food based approach.


Adding extra vitamins and minerals is one great option for a natural alternative to restoring and reinvigorating your body. Over the last few years several researches have been conducted on the use of enzymes as a means of improving human health. Due to this, more and more medical practitioners are embracing Enzyme Therapies as it is exciting to see new options opening up for prevention and possible treatment of heart disease by the mainstream medical community. Supplementing with digestive enzymes, away from meals you can effectively increase the body's capacity to break down undigested foods. This would include undigested fats, proteins, and carbohydrates among others.

On an Empty stomach try the following: Avena’s Lipase: 5 capsules, 3 times per day. Avena’s Protease: 5 capsules, 3 times per day. OR 10 Super Digestive Enzymes 3 times per day.

In her book, Digestive Wellness, Dr Elizabeth Lipski talks about using enzymes as a means to counter the high LDL levels in the blood; specifically Lipase (fat-digesting) and Protease (protein-digesting) , thereby reducing the overall levels. It’s understandable to see with these particular enzymes as the “L” in Lipase stands for lipoprotein, literally fat+protein. If you’re dealing with an imbalance of these lipoproteins, Lipase & Protease are exactly the workers for the job; especially if taken apart from meals. The potential is uplifting. Together they can potentially be as effective as statin drugs without any of the negative side effects. RECLAIMING CONTROL As always the power for change and control lies within each of us. When the majority of this cholesterol comes from internal creation, the balancing of production quite literally resides within us. Keeping your food and diet fair News & Views To A Healthier You!


and measured will promote greater wellness, and with that easier cholesterol maintenance. Some slight tweaks and changes for short shifts of time can help reset and do a quick realignment. The goal is to measure the control of cholesterol levels. Cholesterol itself isn’t the enemy, neither is it fat, the problem resides when the amounts is ‘out of bounds’. The great news is this, like many other caveats in our health today, it is redeemable and achievable. We know that health begins in the bowel and digestive tract, so whenever in doubt that is always the best place to start. (Have you tried Avena’s Herb Cocktail? If not NOW is the time!) Starting from the core of the human body is the foundation of everything. If that’s not where you’re starting, it should be considered. INTESTINAL CHOLESTEROL Avena has always taken the stand point that 95% of diseases begin in the gut and bowels. You couldn’t have a cholesterol problem without first having a bowel problem, Having a healthy intestines is the first and primary step to preventing Cardiovascular Diseases. Always make sure you are eliminating as often as you eat. Consider Avena’s Herb Cocktail for a safe, easy tool to assist you in cleansing your bowels while providing the body with the means to pull cholesterol out of your blood and then out of your body.


A DIFFERENT LOOK AT HEALTH. When we look at ourselves as individual organs/glands sharing a large outer shell, it is easy to get lost in a symptom oriented approach. Avena believes we need to look at our health as one mechanism that works as a whole. When one part is stressed it affects all parts, hence we need to tread our body as a whole and resist the urge to treat a singular organ, tissue or gland. We cannot spot heal. Improving our health means improving all organs tissues and glands, this is how we naturally heal ourselves from any disease, disorder, or infection.


Since the most important thing you can do for your health and Cholesterol is to keep your bowels healthy and happy. The HERB COCKTAIL is so much more than a Bowel management tool, it works through your entire system to cleanse, detoxify, and regenerate.


The previous paragraph explained a combination of problems that occur to create Atherosclerosis. If we look at each step there are apparent things we can be doing to prevent this combination from occurring.

1. Combat Free Radicals with Antioxidant rich foods, Vitamin C’s 2. Prevent the LDL from remaining sticky with Lipase enzymes which break down the oxidized LDL 3. Prevent high blood pressure with Vitamin E rich foods like E-Fusion, blood cleansing, and clean eating habits. 4. Reduce inflammation with Protease Enzymes which have been shown to be excellent anti inflammatory

The best way we can prevent Atherosclerosis is to practice some fundamental principles of healthy living; Make sure our bowel movements are frequent and regular. Eat clean and healthy foods, avoiding processed, packaged foods. Exercise our Cardiovascular system daily. The Avena experience summarizes this entire lifestyle.


If you have previously had a heart attack these cholesterol lowering statin drugs are prescribed regardless of your LDL levels. Many patients are on statins drugs to lower their cholesterol even though there LDL numbers were far below the minimum levels. It comes from the assumption if you have had a heart attack, your cholesterol must be high, even if all your tests suggest otherwise.

News & Views To A Healthier You!

Try 2 Teaspoons 2X per day on an Empty Stomach


Niacin is essential to help clean and move the blood through our bodies. Niacin can expand the capillaries meaning 300% increase in blood movement. A Great Vitamin complex that exceeds industry absorption rates. Experience the best! Try taking 8-12 Capsules 2X per day


Enzymes are the key to deal with fats and proteins in our bloodstream; you can prevent many of the prerequisites of cholesterol or Atherosclerosis. by taking enzymes and using enzyme therapies. Try 5 Super Digestive Enzymes 4X per day away from food. 30 Days later recheck your LDL levels for marked improvements.



Introducing REMEDY - A Transdermal Skin Cream 50ml $39.95, or 7ml Samples $5.95

This amazing cream will change your skin forever! 100% plant based ingredients. Infused with Aloe Vera, MSM, Avocado, Coenzymes Q10, Antioxidants, and so much more!


Keep your eye out for upcoming dates for Avena’s online webinar, join your friends and family from around the world.

ils on a t e d full s More ing event upcom online at m s o visit u riginals.c o avena nts . w w w /eve

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INGREDIENTS        

1 cup flax seed 1/4 cup chia seeds 1/2 cup almonds 1 1/2 cups cashews 1 cup sunflower seeds 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds 2 medium red bell peppers 1 medium red onion

        

2-3 cloves 1 large lemon juiced 4 Tbsp nutritional yeast 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tsp salt 1bunch leafy greens 10-15 basil leaves chopped 1 cup tomatoes 3 green onions

INSTRUCTIONS Soak flax and chia seeds in water separately. Take the other nuts and seeds and soak those as well for 12-24 hours. Once soaked, process all ingredients in your food processor until mixed thoroughly, spread out onto your dehydrator sheets. Cover and dehydrate for 21-36hrs or to your desired firmness. Cut into desired size pieces, serve and enjoy.

100+ FREE Raw Recipes at Smoothies - Dressings - Gourmet Easy to make for 1 or 2 people









Some exceptions apply, discounts are limited to Avena labeled products, prices are all orders must be paid for in full during JUNE to receive the discounts. Avena reserves the right to limit or cancel this special without notice. This can be combined with FREE shipping for members with purchases over $250.00 per invoice. Free shipping applies to Canada & USA only shipments only. Can not be combined with other orders. Promotion is available June 1 - 30th NO EXCEPTIONS. Offer is not available to Small Business or Wholesale partners. All Prices are in CDN dollars. News & Views To A Healthier You!



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Colloidal Silver

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H/C Plus & Para Ease

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Roll On Oils

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Surgeons KNIFE

FOR 25 YEARS I STRUGGLED WITH LUMPS AND BUMPS ALL OVER MY BODY. In 2010 they cut several lumps from my thyroid, by 2015 I was experience more lumps forming on my thyroid, by 2016 surgery was required again, this time to remove my thyroid. Desperately wanting to avoid surgery! I was introduced to Avena Originals, Avena taught me how I could heal myself. Within 3 MONTHS I went from almost having surgery, no thyroid and medication forevermore, to NO SURGERY, NO MEDICATION and a happy healthy thyroid! ~ Robyn Keenan, Medicine Hat, AB





April of 2016 I was involved in a car accident. I had ribs out of alignment, sore muscles, and aches and pain all over. To help my muscle healing and recovery, I increased the amount of

E Fusion, PIN

Magnesium, and Super Digestive Enzymes I was using. I was unable to sleep well at night

because of the pain. I quickly realized that the products were helping with both the pain and the healing process. My professional treatments such as chiropractor & massage have noticed marked improvements. Thank you Avena for your products; I’m sure that particularly E Fusion, Super ~ Marg Reimer, Winnipeg, MB Digestive Enzymes and Magnesium helped me to recover faster.

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Solving the Cholesterol Confusion  

HEART DISEASE One of the biggest problems in the Western world is Heart Disease, and a major risk factor is cholesterol. Together let’s dive...

Solving the Cholesterol Confusion  

HEART DISEASE One of the biggest problems in the Western world is Heart Disease, and a major risk factor is cholesterol. Together let’s dive...