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Natural flavourings, Artificial flavours, Sodium Nitrates, Azodicarbonamide… Are these food additives hard to swallow?? Pg.6

THYROID CANCER SURVIVOR Ruth began her health journey early 2016 being diagnosed with Graves Disease, Hashimoto's, and then Thyroid Cancer. Read more on Pg.15


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3| 3| Winter Winter 2018 2018 Edition Edition

Avena Originals has been in business for over 25 years, and I would like to thank you all! We have come this far from the great support we’ve received over the years. With the love and care of our excellent staff members and customers, we shaped Avena into what it is today. This 2017 was a year to remember, with many great memories had. Like the previous years before, each new year comes with challenges and incredible growth in any business. This year, Avena's management and staff are committing to nourishing and growing Avena Originals in this refreshing New Year by keeping to our roots, and do what we do best; providing exceptional whole food supplements, and staying unique to our market. This edition is a highlight from one of my favourite topics I host at our local meetings, food additives...yuck! Junky fillers that come in our food supply that bring additional health issues. Now we have to be extra careful when buying that box or bag of food, and asking these questions before we walk to the checkout:   

Will these ingredients nourish me? Will my digestive system break down this food? Will my cells thrive on the fuel that I am supplying my body?

Enjoy this hot topic by reading on, and soak up the knowledge. May this New Year bring on new adventures and grand dreams for 2018! Cheers to new beginnings and fantastic health. ~ From Kameron Tarry - Vice President of Avena Originals

Winter 2018 Edition| 4

What Avena Believes At Avena Originals, we believe every disease condition can be improved, and reversed if you know how to trigger your body’s own tremendous ability to heal itself. Again, there is no magic involved here. There are no quick-fix solutions. Only the body knows how to heal itself. Universally, it is now being accepted that all chronic disease is caused by either a toxic, or a deficient body. It is that simple, and we will share the secrets with you! Avena Originals believes in educating you with empowering truths so that you can take control of your health. The truth about health and healing is that if just one person could overcome a particular disease through natural means, every one of us has that same innate ability. If for any unforeseen reason, your healing does not occur, it is a clear sign that your body’s natural healing processes are blocked by toxic overload, malnutrition, deficiencies, psychological barriers or excessive stress. By removing these above obstacles by cleaning and feeding the body - your health will return! It’s easy, and it works, and it’s the law of nature! Unfortunately, many natural health practitioners practice treating symptoms rather than addressing the cause. While drugs and many herbs, tinctures and processed juices might provide some relief, they do not address the underlying cause; they merely treat the symptom. Consider this … many of you already know that taking a painkiller for a headache will not cure a headache. It only deadens the nerves so that the pain is no longer felt, but the cause of a headache remains. In the same way, taking Ritalin will not cure Attention Deficient Disorder, Cortisone will not cure Arthritis, taking Metamucil cannot cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome, nor will Insulin cure Diabetes. The same principle holds true with Colds, Flu’s, Tummy Aches, Tooth Decay, Acid Reflux, Shingles, Fibromyalgia, Candida Yeast Overgrowth, Prostate Complications, Glaucoma, Vision Impairments, Thyroid Dysfunctions, and the list goes on. When natural health practitioners treat symptoms rather than addressing the cause, they are acting in the same way. The difference is that they use herbs, tinctures, and homoeopathic remedies instead of drugs. Treating symptoms with herbs or medications may help to bring temporary relief of symptoms (which is your body’s way of expressing itself), but what your body needs is a more realistic, whole body approach to health. The real secret is that if you’re not working to improve the environment of your cells through tissue cleansing and high-quality nutrients, once you stop taking the herbs or supplements that are designed to merely treat symptoms you might end up with even more significant health challenges! Be good to your body! After all, you only get one in your lifetime. Once a body reaches its breaking point, you never know if you have enough vitality left to reverse the disease that has been wreaking havoc for years. All too often we find ourselves regretting that we didn’t take better care of “If prevention and cure mean producing disease, surely ourselves as we age. Don’t live life with regrets. prevention and cure are not desirable. If prevention can be accomplished, then cures will not be needed” Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, and today is the present. Today ~ Dr. J H Tilden is your opportunity for a new beginning. Go for it-discover a radiant new you, your body is ready and waiting!

5| 5| Winter Winter 2018 2018 Edition Edition

Foods That Harm or That Heal I remember being stunned to learn that 95% of all diseases are caused by toxicity! Chronic diseases, majority of them are produced by our food choices, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of exercise. Health pioneers dating back to the 1940’s states that toxemia - is the primary cause. Dr. J.H, Tilden MD, Dr. Henry G. Bieler, Dr. George S. Weger, and Dr. Bernard Jensen. Toxins in our world that are burdening and suppressing our bodies into disease and ill-health. These are abundantly around us and come in a wide variety of sources, some we eat, some we absorb, others are inhaled, and while we create others internally in our digestive system. At Avena Originals, we believe in promoting a lifestyle with high raw and living whole foods, free from all those extra additives to support health and vitality instead of weighing you down! We know that through this lifestyle there's a noticeable difference in how we look, think and feel when we're fueled by a premium, clean sources of food. Let's break this down a bit and discuss a source of toxicity most of us are voluntarily consuming. Often without any idea of the severity of potential effects from these hidden dangers, also known as food additives.

WHAT ARE FOOD ADDITIVES? These are ingredients added to food for processing and refining to achieve a wide variety of purposes. Some of these can be as simple as beets to colour pasta red; maybe it is Vitamin C to help the food spoil slower and prevent it from caking or separating. While other food additives far more dangerous, with the vast majority of these geared towards your food experience. Food manufacturers aim to provide the best encounter when consuming their foods; this has a higher priority than the quality of their food products. It's greater because they want you to choose them the next time, and the time after that. Manufactures feel we won't buy their products without the addition of some very questionable ingredients. Winter 2018 Edition| 6

A typical example that you may recognize is emulsifiers; used in salad dressings, they prevent the oil from separating so you won't have to shake it before using, or avoiding the oil in your peanut butter rising to the top. Others have processed food or invented it to the point it no longer is appealing to taste buds, so they add in flavour packs, vivid colours or MSG. You can find lubricants, chemicals, and a wide array of additives that may gross you right out. The problem is being left uninformed, (somewhat intentionally by the manufacturers) of these additives prevents us from making the educated decisions on what is best for ourselves and our families. The blame doesn't just rest on the food producer shoulders; after all, they are seeking to deliver what we as consumers want. Wax covered fruits are purchased 5:1 over unwaxed fruits. Just like packaged foods with future expiry dates are often chosen over products with close expiry dates. By using food additives, manufacturers can speed up production, have their products last longer, and provide us with a greater "consumer experience" by giving us the desire for shiny and unblemished apples, flavour rich soups, and non -perishable foodstuff that lasts in our cupboards for many weeks or years. Sometimes the hidden cost of these items are prices we pay for these 'experiences', and unfortunately I believe with are sacrificing and paying with our health!

BLIND TRUST IN FOOD MANUFACTURING I often ask the question, how did we get to this point? After several conversations with people, I concluded that when the radical industrialization of our food supply came two primary viewpoints seemed to keep coming up. 1) That food manufacturer was still producing quality wholesome food, and they had our health at the highest priority. (Think of home cooking, fresh is best, then of Campbell's 'Homemade' Soup.) 2) The convenience of supermarkets and foreign foods was a huge advantage, and the ability to get milk, apples, and everything else in one place quickly. After all, how bad could it be right?

YOU ARE VOTING WITH YOUR DOLLARS I believe that food manufacturers might have started off with this philosophy, but we quickly watched that change. They prolonged shelf life, and as consumers, we kept demanding lower prices by almost always choosing the cheaper option when allowed to adopt. Each time we visit our local supermarket and purchase food from any country or manufacturer that has a lower standard of quality, instead of the healthier option, which may be sitting right next to it. You are voting for the market to bring in more of these foods and less local and healthier opportunities. You and I need to be more aware of this when we shop. What price do we put on our health for the sake of appearance, habits, taste and cost? To quote Dr Clive McCoy of Cornell University "The over consumption of processed and refined foods is the only form of suicide tolerated by our customs, even though it is painful and torturous" As a society, we are slowly eating ourselves to death! An analogy I often have used is a car and gasoline, If you took your favourite vehicle to a new gas station that was selling gas 20% less than everyone else, you would feel pretty good about the deal you got, right? What if afterwards it was slow to get up to speed, blew black smoke, and stalled at every stop?

Side Note: Recently I was at a major food chain and saw a discount bin full of a certain chocolate bar for $0.25 each, upon reading the ingredients I was amazed that there was no mention of chocolate, coco, cacao or any other form of chocolate. I was left to summarize that this "chocolate bar" was nothing but a stick of chemicals, coloured and flavoured to resemble a chocolate bar. Most of us would never buy that gas again, as it was not quality gas and not worth the savings or the hassle. We do this very thing with our bodies, we will buy poor fuel (food) enough though that will make us tired, slower, harder to concentrate, burp, fart, and fall asleep often. However, unlike with a car, we will go there again and repeat the process over and over again... WHY?

PROCESSED FOOD IS MADE TO BE ADDICTIVE I'm of the belief that many food manufacturers and fast food establishments are no longer in the business of making quality food. Instead, they are in the business of selling as much food as possible. Through research and funding, they have established that you and I crave one of three keys properties, sugar, salt or fat. Also by manipulating sugars, salts and fats down to levels where we achieve a sensational effect on them, our bodies crave and potentially become dependent on these food additives. It's a huge factor in why I believe most of us will continue to eat this way even though our bodies perform so poorly when we do. There are people whose job it is to ensure this success. These may be 'naturally sourced ingredients', but that doesn't make them healthy, especially at the levels and types that fast food and processed food manufacturers are using. To explore this topic further, I suggest getting your hands on the book “SALT, SUGAR, FAT" by Michael Moss. 7| Winter 2018 Edition

NATURAL INGREDIENTS DOESN'T EQUAL HEALTHY Just because a processed food has natural ingredients in it does not make it healthy, for example, a fresh pressed green juice that is not sweet and has a bitter taste to it, would not be appealing to most consumers. The response from industry is to add in all natural sugar in the form of cheaper fruit juices (like grape or apple). Some of these green juice brands have over 40 grams of sugar per 300ml that is almost twice a cola beverage, or often it is mostly a sweet fruit juice with a small amount of green for colour. Consumers have shown that they want healthy options, thus the green juice on the shelf, but not all are created equal! We cannot rely on catchphrases and keywords on the front of food packages to determine if something is going to be healthy or not, it's what is inside that counts!

BECOMING BETTER LABEL READERS I feel that one of the very best things we can do is learn to read labels, understanding what the words mean and educating yourself on the unfamiliar ingredients you don't know. The more informed you are, the better armed for the store. For myself, I remember one Thanksgiving Holiday searching for a family favourite (Pumpkin Pie)! While shopping at a favourite store, I saw a massive spread of pumpkin pies; over 10,000 desserts were on display and told they expected to sell them all over the Thanksgiving long weekend. It is very tempting, such a large pie at such a low price right? I was in and was about to put a couple in my cart when I noticed the long list of ingredients. I began reading the components and was horrified by what I saw! The chemical cocktail pumpkin pie went back to the food display and taken out of my cart; it had lost all its delicious appeal. One of the very best things we can all do is learn to read our food labels, understand what the words mean and educate ourselves on the unfamiliar ingredients.

CONFUSING FOOD LABELS Labels are by intention supposed to be clean, clear and easy to read. Many are misleading as food manufacturers are hiding trigger words/ingredients with other softer names. Coming up with different titles for ones they know you're avoiding, and in expecting that you will be a passive purchaser. They will use things like natural flavours, or spices, natural colours, secret recipes. Winter 2018 Edition| 8

All in the hope to cover up what they know you are already aware of, and trying to avoid it in plain sight. In the following pages I will be referencing a list of ingredients I watch out for; things like Trisodium Phosphate, food dyes, artificial flavourings & sweeteners, and other chemical preservatives that are altering our food so far from its original shape and form that it hardly can be called food anymore.

THE TERRIBLE TWELEVE I know there are hundreds and possibly thousands of different additives you can find on your food labels. With this in mind, try to have a game plan when shopping. What food extras are acceptable (to you) in low levels and which ones you firm in avoiding. In my house, I don't mind some small levels of Xanthan Gum or Magnesium Stearate, while I have others that are complete deal breakers. Here is my list of the Terrible Twelve that doesn't ever make it into my shopping cart or inside my house. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Natural Flavouring Food Dyes Nitrates Azodicarbonamide Olestra Oil (Olean) Soy & Soy Protein Isolates

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins Sodium Benzoate Sweeteners (Aspartame or HFCS) MSG ( Monosodium Glutamate) BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)

Feel free to use this is your guide or create your list of ingredients you will start banning or removing from your household and shopping cart. Take it with you when you go to the grocery store, this simple practice can save you and your families health in the years to come! Together we can create change, imagine what would happen if people stopped buying foods full of dyes, preservatives, MSG, aspartame, and chemicals that we don't want in our food supply! The powers that be would be forced to recognise customer demand and discontinue the practice would be replacing those items with what better options. After all, they are just supplying what we are willing to purchase.

DANGEROUS COMBINATION EFFECTS I wish there were some studies to expose the effects of combining several of these fore mentioned additives together and the potential they have to destroy our wellbeing, cause severe disease and health indications, but there hasn't been a significant study that I've come across.

In fact, I think we are the study right now. Future generations will be able to look back on our mistakes, like a giant guinea pig we are exposing ourselves to these chemical additives and then reporting to our medical system the chronic aches, pains, diseases, and disorders other symptoms we develop. One thing I can say with certainty is... this current generation has a new world of unhealthy and it’s an epidemic! We live longer but the quality of health is changing rapidly, and we see diseases in younger ages that have never been present before, and it's overwhelming our youth! With the general population, their health problems will be riddled with medications and sickness.

ARMED AND READY FOR THE SUPERMARKET Now you should be armed and ready to venture through the scary aisles of your local supermarket, some of us already know many of these additives, and other may be their first exposure to what they are and do, regardless the decision is yours. Do you keep them out of your house and off of your fork and knives or do you allow small amounts in under heightened awareness?

THE AVENA EXPERIENCE Are you familiar with the Avena Experience? It is a lifestyle designed and supported by Avena Originals at being one of the very best ways to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate your body back to vibrant health. It consists of 80% raw living foods, 20 % cooked or prepared food but 100% of those being clean foods. It also focuses on exercises that stimulate our lymphatic's and improving mobility, your emotions and stress levels, our environment, and of course Avena Originals Natural Health Products. By transitioning to this kind of lifestyle you automatically will clean up your shopping cart and food pantry. You will have more energy, lose excess weight, have sharper focus and better concentration. Accepting your health as a matter of choice, and not a matter of chance is the first and most powerful step you can take! Your body is a continuous work in progress. You need to be responsible for the choices you make. There are no magic pills or potions. When given the proper tools, your body has the miraculous ability to heal itself.

CLEANSING OUT THE ADDITIVES I don't believe we can avoid 100% of these food additives, with labeling laws allowing for small levels to be present without listing on the labels. It is apparent food additives are here to stay, and if you feel the way I do about them, then join me in cleaning up our shopping carts, cupboards, and refrigerators! You will be pleased to know what Avena can do for you. We're perfectly situated to help cleanse our systems of these additives through ground-breaking products like the Herb Cocktail and Enzymes. I haven't yet seen a company whose foundational products are designed to assist the human body in cleansing itself as ours do. Experience the powerful effects of the Herb Cocktail and its gentle ability to pull toxins like these food additives out and into your intestinal tract, locking and trapping it in a unique, powerful gel that expels this waste directly out of your body. By using a combination of Herb Cocktail, Super Digestive Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics we can turn our bodies into additive detoxifying superstars, because of each of the tools are uniquely designed precisely for that purpose. Avena Originals understood 25 Years ago that toxicity can create virtually all disease and that the most important thing we can do is assist and empower the body to cleanse itself. By doing so, we believe this massive burden on our organs, tissues and glands, allowing for the natural restorative process to happen. The results have been incredible and consistent; we've witnessed people turn their health around and transform their bodies into disease-fighting machines. To simplify it, Avena believes that fewer toxins we consume mean more healing for our bodies! 9| Winter 2018 Edition

To bring clarity to these food labels, we need to understand what these ingredients are and how to navigate the supermarkets to our health desires. TRI SODIUM PHOSPHATE (TSP) Often used in large quantities in degreasers & paint stripers and you will find a product called TSP in your hardware store, paint aisle. If you read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Skin contact can produce inflammation and blistering. Inhalation of dust will produce irritation to gastrointestinal or respiratory tract (characterized by burning, sneezing and coughing). Severe overexposure can produce lung damage, choking, unconsciousness or death. Apparently is not something that we associate with our food supply, yet you would be shocked that you can find the majority of breakfast cereals, toothpaste, processed meats, cheeses, canned soups. They get away with this because it is provided in smaller dosage than Health Canada & the FDA consider safe. BUTYLATED HYDROXYTOLUENE (BHT) Used extensively by the food industry to prevent oil from oxidizing. Many studies create confusion on how the human body reacts to a synthetic preservative like BHT, of note University in California Berkeley has put it on their caution and avoid list due to studies showing cell damage in the liver, lungs, and reproductive organs. Again you will be shocked that it is widespread in our breakfast cereals, potato chips, butter, instant potatoes, processed meats, beer and chewing gum. Winter 2018 Edition| 10

MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE (MSG) A shocking fact is the majority of doctors, dietitians and public health know very little about the toxic effects of MSG. Did you know that 30-40% of the population is expected to be experiencing the harmful effects of what medical society is calling "MSG SYMPTOMS COMPLEX" What is MSG complex? It is a group of symptoms that appear after prolonged exposure to MSG, these indications can be but are not limited to Diabetes, Adrenal gland malfunction, Seizures, High blood pressure, Excessive weight gain, Stroke, Headaches, Rashes, Joint Pain, Loss of concentration, and Irritability. MSG symptom Complex is often referred to as "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome"

ALTERNATIVE NAMES MSG has developed a bad reputation, and many of us are watching for it on labels, but did you know that it comes in many different forms/names? If you are avoiding MSG or going to start, watch for these additives names as well:    

Autolyzed Yeast Hydrolyzed Protein Natural Flavouring Secret Recipe

  

Spices & Seasonings Soy Extracts Protein Isolates












Y PR O S &

NATURAL FLAVOURINGS I find Natural flavouring as an ingredient hard to swallow, pun intended. The name sounds very inviting and welcoming, as that is what consumers like me are looking for NATURAL INGREDIENTS. What is natural flavouring when it is an ingredient? As you saw it, it could be MSG, and it could be several things. We don't get to know because the food manufacturer used an ingredient they are sure we would not be happy about it. Instead of listing that additive by the real name they choose a cover word, something that they think we, the consumer like us will like it and smile. Natural flavouring could also be things like Castoreum, which is a substance extracted from the castor sacs of beavers which is located right next to the anus. It is natural alright, naturally gross, and probably not something many of us want our food to be flavoured with, and Castoreum is mostly in perfumes and mostly found in raspberry, strawberry & vanilla flavourings. SODIUM NITRATES Sodium nitrates are another common food additive, found in almost any type of persevered or packaged meats. It adds an attractive colour, adds smoke 'flavour', and slows down bacteria growth. These nitrates can inhibit oxygen transportation via hemoglobin! High levels of nitrates in our foods can lead to a health condition called methemoglobinemia, which is where there's a slowdown or even stops in the body's ability to transport oxygen; this makes it clear to me the dangers of too many nitrates from foods. Over and above this Sodium Nitrates have also been linked to several types of cancers, and believed to increase the risk of Diabetes, rapid heart rates, IBS, Cohn’s, and Colitis. THE LIST GOES ON AND ON This topic of food additives is apparently a vast subject, as the more, we dive into it, the more additives we discover. With each limited safety studies and fewer, if any, studies showing safety in combination with a vast array of other additives already in the market (like Aspartame and Nitrates, or Yellow 5 with MSG). Here are a few of the other additives I think you should be on the watch for:




► AZODICARBONAMIDE Subway restaurants used to use this component up until 2014 when a public outcry of its toxic effects forced them to remove it. Since then Subway has eliminated this additive in their bread, but be on the watch as not all bread suppliers have done the same. ► POTASSIUM BROMATE This additive is banned within Canada for foo manufacturer's products but easily found in many imported food products. ► OLESTRA OIL (OLEAN) Considered one of the worst food inventions by Time magazine back in 2010! It is a fat so large you cannot absorb it, it was "considered" fat-free due to this inability for your body to process it; but there were some very drastically unpleasant side effects, such as anal leakage of fat, and the loss of many fat-soluble vitamins. ► SOY & SOY PROTEIN ISOLATES Soy is a very hormone-rich food, which can mess with our bodies natural hormones very easily. It may wreak havoc on both male and female bodies, respectively as hormones affect us all. Soy is also linked to Thyroid disorders as it is believed to have a negative connection with the body's natural iodine that the Thyroid relies on to function. ► SODIUM BENZOATE Used as a preservative, and found in pharmaceutical drugs, vitamins, cola beverages, fruit juices products, vinegar, wine, pickles and many other jar style foods. The real dangers are when this preservative and citrus foods containing Ascorbic acid combine they form Benzene which is a well-known carcinogen (Cancer causing) ingredient. Look for this as “benzoic acid,” “benzene,” “sodium benzoate,” or “benzoate; Sodium benzoate is also known as E211. There are also several studies linking Sodium Benzoate to ADHD and other behavioural disorders.

11| Winter 2018 Edition

Artificial Sweeteners We demonized sugars and replaced it with something far worse! Just understanding the origin of aspartame is enough for me to cross it off my list of acceptable additives. As consumers, we were searching for an alternative to sugar, something low calorie. This drove demand for a replacement; one such answer was Aspartame. For any of you that don't do not know the creation story of Aspartame, let me share some of it with you. They started by genetically modifying E.Coli bacteria, and then they then collect all the faces, as this contains the magic precursor of aspartame. From there it gets treated with methanol through a process called methylation, resulting in what we recognize to be Aspartame. While some refuse to acknowledge the potential dangers of Aspartame, many believe high levels in our lifestyles can lead to severe disease and disorders.

MANY MORE SYMPTOMS ARE BELIEVED TO BE CONNECTED WITH ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER The FDA and Health Canada have associated artificial sweeteners to the following conditions: 1. Multiple sclerosis 2. Parkinson's 3. Alzheimer's 4. Fibromyalgia 5. Headaches & Migraines 6. Eye Sight Disorders 7. Nausea and vomiting 8. Insomnia / sleep problem 9. Abdominal pains 10. Joint pains

11. Change in heart rate 12. Depression 13. Memory loss 14. Seizure 15. Brain cancer 16. Death 17. Lupus 18. Seizures 19. Depression 20. Behavioural disorders


Aspartame is everywhere; you are hard pressed to find a processed food without an artificial sweetener like aspartame. It can be found in your health supplements, non-prescription drugs, and diet and low-calorie foods. Watch for these names when reading your labels for artificial sweeteners, it goes by the alias of NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful & artificial sweetener.

   

Acesulfame Potassium - Sunnett, Sweet One, Twin Sweet Aspartame - NutraSweet, Equal, APM, NatraTaste Saccharin - Sweet 'N Low, Sweet Twin, Sugar Twin Sucralose - Splenda

Winter 2018 Edition| 12

Artificial Colours Food dyes are under the microscope again, after new findings linking them to ADHD, ADD & ODD behavioural disorders. Food dyes are used to create beautiful colours (or add in colour in general) into our foods. Kid’s cereals over-bright hues, colourful candy, vitamins, even cough syrups. The problem lies with how our bodies handle these colour additives. Food dyes are typically petroleum-based products and have been linked to many diseases like cancer, Red #40, Yellow 5 & 6 contain Benzene which is a known carcinogen. Tartrazine (Yellow 5) has been shown to behave like estrogen within the human body. This influx easily imbalances a body's natural hormone levels and can contribute to problems such as breast cancer, infertility, decreased libido, and negatively affect sex hormones like testosterone.

Healthier natural food colouring that can be used to replace Artificial food dyes:

     

Annatto Beets Chlorophyll Paprika Saffron Turmeric

Side Note: Recently Europe banned Yellow Dye 5&6 which Kraft Dinner was using for their cheesy colour sauce. Since the ban, Kraft Dinner has switched to natural whole food colours, yet this decision only affects Europe, and the rest of the country continues to get Food Dyes in our foods until we make a stand and demand changes. Additionally, Australia study examining food dye effects on 200 children found 75% of parents noticed an improvement in behaviour and attention once dyes were removed from their child's diet.

13| Winter 2018 Edition

How to Read Nutritional Facts

Winter 2018 Edition| 14

Thyroid Cancer Survivor A TRIP TO THE DOCTORS

In February 2016 I went into the Doctors office as I was having an issue with my heart since November and thought it was time to have it checked out. I had to go for a blood test which came back that my iron was deficient, my red blood cells were tiny, and thyroid was hyperactive. I was advised that these may be the reason that my heart was having issues. So I decided to start cleaning up my liver and intestines. The Doctor then determined the heart was not the issue, so he tested my thyroid in June. I was still working on cleaning my liver and intestines when I was sent to an Endocrinologist in August.


After looking at my charts, he gave me a diagnosis of Graves ’ disease and advised me that I would be on medication for the rest of my life and I required an additional blood test to determine needed dosage. Had the blood work done in the same building and was called in a couple of days with the result that I did not have Graves’ disease!


So then I was given the diagnoses of Hashimoto's. From August to December 2016 my family Doctor kept an eye on me with additional blood tests; just before Christmas the Doctor called to tell me that my last blood work results confirmed that my thyroid was not in working order! January 4, 2017, I decided to eat raw as “Avena Originals” staff had challenged all of us to a 30-day challenge!


In addition to eating 100% clean and raw, I immediately started taking 100 “Super Digestive Enzymes” and “1/2 bottle of powdered “Proteolytic Probiotics.” In February the three “lumps” were tested and they had become smaller. I continued with the high Enzymes and Probiotics and scheduled a live blood test.


In April, and the technician advised that my blood was not showing any signs of cancer; however, what was interesting you could see where my cells were rebuilding/ mending over.


“Technician advised that my blood was not showing any signs of cancer”

THYROID CANCER Received a call from the Endocrinologist two days later to confirm that I had Papillary Thyroid Cancer and my surgery will be scheduled sometime next week. I advised him that I was going to hold off on the surgery and at that time he advised me over that phone call that “I was going to die!”

Until the end of July I was eating a 100% raw diet for 120 days; the diet changed to eating clean. The number of Enzymes lowered from 100 to approx. 50 to 70 a day and Probiotics from ½ a container to 1/3 a day.

End of July 2017, I had now the results from the week before! My family Doctor said “I do not know what to say, I am obligated to tell you to go for the surgery. However, it is clear that your treatment has worked. Your heart is fine, your blood work is wonderful, and your ultrasound confirms that there is no activity.” he agreed to wait and see, with no further tests or treatments.

~ Ruth Ball, Edmonton, AB Read her Full story online 15| Winter 2018 Edition


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Enjoy some of the Avena Team’s favourite Recipes. Never Dull, ALWAYS exciting, refreshing and fun!


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1 Family, 2 Fantastic Testimonies! We have an eight-year-old son, who had been Recently my husband was diagnosed with ADHD and could not sit still! diagnosed with type 2 He struggled with school work, reading, and diabetes, and again the sitting for long car rides, which left the E-Fusion was a life saver! people in his life frustrated with him and Using it three times per day the situation. Finally, we had a consult we saw his with Kameron at Avena Originals; he blood sugar “We saw incredible suggested focusing on his diet, and so we levels in the improvements in a removed food dyes, processed high teens to short time with him� within normal sugar, and wheat. Kameron also suggested some key tools from ranges. We Avena, one of them was E-Fusion and was a game are so grateful for Avena and their commitment to changer for us! education and the We saw incredible improvements in a short time; he highest quality Natural was able to sit and do an hours worth of work, enjoy Health Products. long car rides, have full conversations together, and finally no more screaming matches. ~ Leighton Family

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Enjoy some of the Avena Team’s favourite Recipes. Never Dull, ALWAYS exciting, refreshing and fun!

Kreamy Banana Smoothie

Serves 2 - 4



2 cups Almond Milk 1/4 cup Raw Cacao 1 Tbsp. alcohol-free vanilla (optional) 2 Tbsp. Hemp oil 2 Tbsp. Coconut oil 1/2 cup Avena’s E-Fusion 6-10 fresh/frozen ripe bananas

In a blender, combine 2 cups Almond milk with cacao powder, E-Fusion, coconut oil and hemp oil and blend together.

Suggested Avena Products - RP3 Cacao or Natural Flavour - Minerals - Pristine Sea Salts

Then add your desired amount of fresh/frozen ripe bananas. Amount depending on desired thickness.

Decadent Toco


12 Truffles



4 ½ Tbsp. Cacao Butter ½ cup Raw Cacao Powder 5 Tbsp. walnuts, chopped 3 Tbsp. Avena’s E-Fusion 3 Tbsp. Agave Nectar (or favourite sweetener) ½ tsp. Avena’s Pristine Sea Salts ¼ tsp alcohol-free vanilla (optional)

Melt the cocoa butter in a bowl (if you don’t have a dehydrator, set the bowl in a sink of warm, but not boiling water). Mix in the cacao powder, agave nectar, salt and vanilla. Stir in the E-Fusion and the walnuts last. Roll into balls and chill. Repeat this process until all the mixture is gone.

Suggested Avena Products: - Superfood Powder - Minerals

Note: for the creamiest treats, it’s always best to process all ingredients in a blender, but a mixing bowl will do. Enjoy! 21| Winter 2018 Edition

r e t t e L n e An Op


I believe the time has come to speak the truth, more than at any other time in history, with regard to the use of toxic materials on our planet. When this country was first discovered, people lived off the plant life, the seeds, on whatever they could gather and hunt, in order to sustain themselves. Food was plentiful, and it was pure, whole and natural. Today 60% of the people in the USA grow the food that feeds the entire nation. Farmers are no longer revered, the soil is no longer pure. Most Americans eat what is fast, devitalized and chemically processed. In our pursuit to make more money and have more things, we have almost lost our health, our water, our air, our soil and our future. You are the people, the companies, that claim to serve us. You contaminate the earth with various chemicals which not only pollute the environment but prevent it from recovering. We must assume that the profit you make is preventing you from discerning right from wrong. Nature is slow and just. People today are fast and impatient. Unless everyone begins to take care of our planet, we will bring

about our downfall. Every man, woman and child must begin to think about what pollution, food additives, insecticides, toxic chemicals and drugs are doing to the earth and to our genetic inheritance. These chemicals were made by man, not by nature, and they are destroying both man and nature. Think about your family and friends. How important is it to see them happy and in good health? Know this for certain, there is a time limit that will one day run out and bring devastating harm to the people you care about the most. Is this something you can live with? Anyone who is involved with any toxic substance is not working in harmony with the constructive nature of God’s plan. To be our brother’s keeper means to make sure our brother is cared for, not only financially, but physically, mentally and spiritually. Agent Orange has taught us a lot. But a million watermelons were destroyed in California one year. Cows continue to eat fodder from fields that have been sprayed with toxic pesticides. Manufacturers dump toxic waste materials in our rivers and backyards. Perhaps we still have much to learn. But what will it take to teach us? And at what price? However, thinking about these things is not enough. Something has to be done! Doesn’t your conscience bother you? All the money in the world cannot buy back the health of a loved one, or a human life! Realize this: the chemical additives that you are manufacturing, selling or using - what we are breathing, eating or drinking, will cause genetic defects that will be passed on for generations yet to come! We must act now before it is too late! It is time for everyone to take action. We must not just “get by,” or go on enjoying the things that money can buy while our planet deteriorates before our eyes. We must return to nature and give her a chance to regenerate and prove herself. I implore you to join forces, hand in hand, for the good of all men. Let us never do anything that would harm our fellowman. The


DR BERNARD JENSEN - COME ALIVE, 1997 Winter 2018 Edition| 22

Most sincerely, Bernard Jensen, DC, Ph.D. February 1997 Escondido, California An excerpt from the book Come Alive written by Dr Bernard Jensen.

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Foods That Harm or That Heal  
Foods That Harm or That Heal  

Food Additives: Natural flavourings, Artificial flavours, Sodium Nitrates, Azodicarbonamide… Are these food additives hard to swallow??