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Nature is electric, and all interactions within our universe are electric, nutrition must also be recognized as a series of electrical interactions. Pg.6


Avena Originals is so dedicated to delivering the highest standards of quality of Natural Health Products in this industry. Pg.9


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Electrical Nutrition

Do Your Supplements Measure Up?

“I can’t control

everything in my life, but I can control

what food I put in my body.”

Avena Originals 100% Natural!

Spring 2018 Edition| 2

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11 Popular Manufacturing Questions


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Electrical Nutrition

Do Your Supplements Measure Up?

06 Electrical Nutrition “Do your Supplements Measure Up”

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6 Ways to Improve Your Health


Health Care VS Disease Care


Our Commitment to Quality


Caution: Supplement Additives


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3| Spring 2018 Edition

Spring! Finally warm weather, farmers markets, biking, jogging, parks, and whatever else tickles your springtime fancy. This winter was a brisk one, and now it’s time for all of us to celebrate this beautiful warm weather with excitement and energy! As our seasons change every year, so do we! Every waking opportunity we have gives us a choice to make changes in our lives. For personal improvements, we are here to help with one of them, and that’s optimizing your health. So take a step in a direction that will allow your body to heal by planting goals that will enable you to flourish this spring. As your body is continuously making strides to balance your health, every organ system is working day in and day out with no breaks, and when there are missing workers (like enzymes) and components (nutrients), our survival and healing mode gets disrupted. It can lead to questions like: 

What happens to your liver when it’s trying to create the right balance of hormones and glucose?

What happens when you lack valuable protein in your diet?

Why are you not digesting your food?

When you ask more questions, answers begin to flourish. Know this vital key to health and wellness is to understand that your body's first priority is Survival - Its second priority is Healing. Only if it has sufficient nutrition at the end of the day will it work on healing. Now, to highlight this spring edition, we will be digging into the quality of Avena and how our supplements are formulated, and focus on general questions and answers on some of your favourite Avena products. For over 25 years we have provided the highest quality, and we want to break it all down for and explain why we take these extra steps in our Natural Health Products.

Avena Update! As of this year, Avena Originals will be offering pre-orders on any products that are out of stock. This feature allows you to make a separate order to ship with a courier, or pick up at your store locations when the product comes back in stock. While maintaining our commitment to quality, items that are out of stock can vary when we can get new stock available. We don't manufacture large volumes of products, as most companies do just to have the products sit on our shelves, losing their freshness. Instead, we keep a lower inventory of products compared to most companies allowing for fast turnover, always ensuring the freshest products possible!

Spring 2018 Edition| 4

6 Ways to Improve Your Health Not everyone has the personality or the willpower to suddenly change old patterns and shift 180 degrees into a new way of eating and living. We suggest that you take one step at a time. When you feel ready, try one or as many of the suggestions outlined below as you wish and see how you feel. Then enjoy your new-found health and vitality! 1. Separate the crude proteins from unrefined carbohydrates. When you eat a meal, eat protein with vegetables and a salad. Should you want a carbohydrate meal, eat wild rice or quinoa, with vegetables and a salad. Make sure you have adequate raw proteins available for your body (Avena's RP3 and E-Fusion). 2. Cut out all grains. Avoid any bread, pasta, doughnuts, pizza, cereals, cookies, or rice. 3. Move! Bounce on a rebounder, dance, run, do yoga, or engage in other fun activities with plenty of up and down movement to enhance lymphatic drainage. Be creative! 4. Utilize Avena's Herbal Cocktail. Drink with pure and fresh orange juice - first thing in the morning and in the evening. 5. Rebuild your gut bacteria: Repopulate your gut bacteria with Avena's Proteolytic Probiotics, and incorporate live active enzymes, such as Enhanced Enzymes and Super Enzymes. 6. Drink fresh water. Spring water is one of the best sources! “We at Avena Originals challenge you to test this - it works every time!� Here is a proven way of eliminating the bad things that keep us from achieving health and vitality: look at your life, pick one to three things that you know are keeping you from true health, and dedicate yourself to giving up these things for the next 120 days. Why 120 days? Each day about 2 billion of the body's cells wear out and are replaced. The human body is always rebuilding itself! It takes 120 days to set a new pattern in your body, so if you eliminate these bad habits for 120 days, you will have established a unique pattern, and you will then find it very easy to remove these things from your daily living. Remember, none of us wants to lose anything - so do not take things away from yourself; rather replace those wants or cravings with fresh fruits and vegetables, or one of Avena's supplements like RP3, E-Fusion, Electric C, etc. Think about this...the oldest cell in your body is only two years old. So, if you start today, each new cell will be living in a cleaner and healthier environment. With less disease causing foods and more Fresh and Raw foods, there will be a "NEW YOU" in just two years! This thought should excite you, and be enough for you to make that effort for a life of better health and vitality.


“Do your Supplements Nutrition Measure Up?�

Electrically Available is a 21st century principle unique to Avena Originals, and it takes supplementing successfully to the extreme! Researchers at the leading edge of science have discovered that, contrary to popular belief, we live in an electric universe and not a particle universe. The same holds true for your body, which uses electrical pathways to send electrons over your entire nervous system to communicate. Many time-honored therapies such as acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, electrical reflex analysis, and cranial sacral massage use these pathways (often referred to as electrical meridians), proving that your body is electric. Even a simple blood pressure monitor is essentially monitoring your body's electrical impulses. Nutri-physics states that when a nutrient is ingested, your body transforms it to acquire the energy matrix it needs from that nutrient. Every food found in nature comes with pre-programmed electrical instructions that instruct your body how to digest and utilize that food. This is one of the biggest keys to absorption! When creating supplements, it's easy to distort or even destroy these instructions, making it difficult and, in some cases, even impossible for your body to use those nutrients. Unfortunately, the vast majority of supplements produced today are formulated using only isolated ingredients, in ratios, dreamed up in laboratories that are incompatible with your body, and with the pre-programmed electrical instructions destroyed.

1,000 Piece Puzzle To best illustrate this, imagine a 1,000 piece puzzle, where each piece represents different components with unique characteristics. Electrical blueprints are the instructions on how to correctly assemble all the pieces into one complete puzzle, similar to the photo or images embedded in puzzle pieces. Now imagine putting together a puzzle without images. How would you assemble the pieces?

Spring 2018 Edition| 6

Without images or instructions, you'd be acting in much the same way your body works when you consume supplements that are electrical distortions of nature. Fortunately, Avena's formulators dedicated over 30 years of research to fully understand this complex puzzle and how all the pieces fit together.

4 Core Principals of Avena Formulas Our meticulous product design process involves four critical stages: 1. Ingredients - First, only the highest quality ingredients are selected. (some formulators do not even do this much) 2. Bioavailability - Next, we ensure that each ingredient is in the precise ratios to the other components as found in nature. 3. Synergistic Compatibility - Then we combine only those ingredients that work together, creating an effect greater than each ingredient. 4. Electrically Available - Finally, we ensure that each ingredient can electrically interface and merge with each other to be electrically compatible with your body as food.

This is where Avena Originals excels! Our natural health products adhere to nature’s perfect electrical construct, which makes all the difference in the world! It is crucial for you to understand that just because you or a laboratory identifies a particular matrix of substances as a nutrient, it doesn’t mean that your body will agree. Because, when it comes to nutrition and the bio-availability of nutrients, your body has the final say. So you see, formulating our Electrically Available products goes so much further than merely combining individual isolated ingredients into a bottle. In purchasing products from Avena Originals, you know that you not only have the best quality ingredients in the right proportions and from the right sources, but also that they fit together like a puzzle with their electrical instructions intact. Each piece fits together only one way to complete that puzzle. When this is accurately achieved, you have a supplement that is next best to nature and the closest man can create to whole food. Bravo! You have just discovered the most critical keys to supplementing with success. Armed with this new understanding, you'll now be able to make more informed supplementing choices, reducing the toxic load on your body even further. Remember, nature didn't get it wrong, and that's how we formulate here at Avena Originals - according to nature!

Products Designed According to the Laws of Nature What makes Avena Originals products so unique is most important to your body. The fact that our products are highly bioavailable, even more so synergistically compatible with the body, and ultimately electrically available for optimal absorption - this is the foundation to "Supplementing with Success"!

That's right, most people supplementing today are starting at the wrong end of the scale. Knowing this one simple law of nature, you can see why so many people today, while investing their hard-earned dollars each month into their supplement regime, continue to struggle with the ailments, and often remain with serious health challenges. To understand this further, let's expand on the subject of absorption in easy to understand terms, as this is the foundation to “Supplementation with Success”! Without these truths, you could be spending hundreds of dollars each month on your health with little to no positive results!

Bioavailability Bioavailability refers to your body's ability to absorb and utilize nutrients supplied to it. It relates to how quickly and completely the supplements you consume dissolve in your digestive tract and are taken up by your blood cells. Studies have shown that some forms of a nutrient are more bioavailable than others. This is why it's vitally important to invest in good quality supplements. This is not only for superior absorption but, just as undigested proteins form putrefactive substances within the bowel, leading to some of the most life-threatening diseases, unused substances become toxic to your body-even in the form of supplements! That's right… unused substances from in-absorbable forms of supplements can be extremely toxic to your body. This is how supplementing with low-quality supplements can do more harm to your body than good. This is why many people don't supplement or have tried and quit. They didn't get results because their supplements didn't work!

Here's why: we all know that our bodies require essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes to survive. But let's take a look at one example of how “The Laws of Nature” play a part in the delivery of nutrients. This one example, when applied to your life, can make the biggest difference in achieving health and wellness through supplementation! It's vitally important for you to grasp, yet so simple and logical. Here's the test question... Did you know that your body cannot absorb a vitamin without a mineral, a mineral without utilizable proteins, and protein without enzymes?

7| Spring 2018 Edition

Health Care - VS - Disease Care Clearly, our healthcare resources here in North America and abroad are being pushed to their limits! Rising disease rates continue to result in increasing costs and rising waiting lists. Looking at this logically, many of you would probably agree what's missing most in our “health care system” is health! Our current model of health care has turned into a system of disease care, merely treating symptoms, rather than addressing the underlying cause of disease. As a result, an increasing number of individuals are deciding to take their health into their own hands. Although many health practitioners, even those in complementary natural medicine, continue to treat symptoms. Here at Avena Originals, we believe in addressing the cause to discover your cure. In today's system of practicing medicine, practitioners view the body as individual parts. For example, we have doctors who specialize in skin, others who treat heart conditions, and even ear, nose and throat specialists.

Taking a more holistic approach to health, we understand that there isn’t a part of your body that isn't connected to another part of your body. Holistic therapies such as iridology, reflexology, acupuncture, and chiropractic are evidence of this. With over a hundred trillion cells in your body, taking a more holistic or whole body approach to health is your best investment. Ensure that the supplements you take feed your whole body, such as Avena Originals products. The world's leading researchers are now stressing the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for your cells, as the health of your body is mostly tied to the health of your cells and not your DNA! Your DNA is merely a blueprint; it does not build nor does it destroy. Here's the challenge, with the full range of nutritional supplements available, where do you begin to make the best and most informed choices? Health food stores are lined with row upon row of supplements, and simply walking into a store to pick up a multivitamin may not be enough to adequately supplement your dietary choices, let alone improve your health. Sure, deciding to purchase health supplements is a step in the right direction, but do you know what your body needs? Do you know what to buy, and how to shop for quality supplements? Evidently, 'Supplementing With Success' is much more than just popping pills, but rather choosing nutritional supplements that are synergistically compatible, highly bioavailable, and ultimately, effectively absorbed and utilized by your body. In fact, if the supplements you consume are not designed according to “The Laws of Nature”, your best intentions and hard - earned dollars are being flushed away, literally! To supplement successfully, you need to be aware that not all supplements are created equally, and here's why. First, what's on the label isn't necessarily what's in the bottle! As shocking as this may sound, unless the supplements you purchase have a Natural Health Product (NHP) number and it’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) compliant, you have no way of knowing what's really in the bottle.

Spring 2018 Edition| 8

Our Commitment to Quality The Highest Standards in Product Safety & Quality At Avena Originals, our products are manufactured by a GMP, and TGA certified manufacturer. All of our formulations that are produced are in accordance with Health Canada, GMP, and NHP regulations. They are tested by a third party laboratory, according to the testing requirements for each ingredient. Avena Originals has held an NHP site license for more than ten years, and is certified by GMP auditors that inspect all procedures yearly in order to maintain our Site License. We’re leading the way in superior supplementation, and Avena Originals is proud to assure you that we are taking every step to make sure that the products you so appreciate continue to remain on our shelves. Although some companies have made no efforts to meet these terms, Avena Originals has completed every step and submitted all necessary documentation to fully comply with these new regulations, in order to maintain our original product formulations, protecting their exceptional characteristics without compromising quality. Our dedicated management team has made these investments not only to protect our future operations but to protect the time and energy that you, our valued customers, invest in sharing our life-changing products with your family, friends, and acquaintances. We're doing our best to protect your products! How does our compliance benefit you? Quite simply, our compliance ensures that any product bearing the Avena Originals Logo meets the highest standards in product quality and safety assurance. Adhering to GMP regulations, we can whole-heartedly assure you that each lot number/batch has been independently tested and analyzed for potency, identity, quality and purity.

Avena’s NHP’s are Always Fresh! We don't manufacture large volumes of products, as most companies do just to have the products sit on our shelves, losing their freshness. Instead, we keep a lower inventory of products compared to most companies, allowing for fast turnover and always ensuring the freshest products possible! This incredibly high standard we keep makes sourcing of the raw ingredients one of our biggest challenges! It is not uncommon for us to refuse or decline a source material if it does not meet up to our quality. It’s this uncompromising commitment that puts Avena Originals at the forefront of wholefood supplement manufacturing. At Avena Originals, it's all about providing the best, cleanest, most biologically available pure products of nature, while empowering you to be the best that you can be! We don' t make inflated, unsubstantiated claims on our products, as is often the case with cheaper, poor quality supplements. We're all about quality, honesty and integrity!

Ensuring Safe Clean Products As part of our commitment to exceeding the highest standards of quality assurance in the supplement industry, independent lab tests ensure that our products are free from toxic substances. Our products are tested for microbes such as E. coli, yeast, and mould, as well as pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and cadmium. Our comprehensive product analyses are achieved through three sets of independent lab tests, first at the product's raw materials stage and then again after the ingredients are blended together before packaging. Finally when we receive new shipments, then send our products out for a conclusive test to confirm product quality. These tests ensure first and foremost that our products are pure, but also verify that what's on our product labels is indeed what's in the bottle! At Avena Originals, we're so dedicated to delivering the highest standards of quality assurance in this industry. From our manufacturing facilities to the safe transportation of our products on the way to our warehouse, and strictly enforce and record temperature controls during storage. Avena Originals delivers excellence in the safety, potency, and quality of our “Pure Products of Nature”. 9| Spring 2018 Edition

Free from Binders, Fillers, Extenders, & Excipients Unfortunately with the majority of companies, profit is the bottom line, and as such you get what you pay for. Sadly, many dietary supplements on the market (regardless of their marketing hype) may be completely unnecessary, and some can even create unexpected health risks. Cheap supplements often contain less costly ingredients to boost their profit margins, but using cheaper, less effective forms of nutrients lowers potency, and may result in toxicity. What are binders, fillers, extenders, and excipients? These are non-nutrient substances used to assist in the manufacturing process of most supplements and pharmaceutical tablets.

Your Health is your Best Investment! Ask anyone struggling with a life-threatening disease, and they'd be the first to agree that health is your greatest investment and that sickness is the real cost. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure but remember the most expensive supplements are those that don't work or those that do more harm than good. Your health is YOUR GREATEST INVESTMENT! CONGRATULATIONS for taking a pro-active approach to your health.

The worst offenders are agents such as ' magnesium stearate (found in capsulated products), maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, silicon dioxide and talcum powder (illegal in most countries). These substances are typically used in low-quality supplements to bulk-up products and to assist with the flowing of powdered substances into capsules. At Avena Originals, we shun such practices and steer clear of using any toxic ingredients in our natural health products. Not only do they inhibit healing, but research indicates that additives like excipients are known irritants to the body, have the potential to harm the immune system, and block nutrient uptake. We take steps further by including Jerusalem Artichoke as a pre-biotic, using Beet Fibre as a natural lubricant for our capsulation processing, and rice complex to use in our formulas like the Enzyme Powder. Adding in these extra measures allows the product to maintain it’s nutritional structure, and deliver formulations that surpass most, if not all of supplements on the market.

Spring 2018 Edition| 10

Health comes from the way we eat, sleep, think, and live

Avena Originals rises above the industry standard by taking extensive steps in manufacturing: A) We don't stock large volumes of ingredients; every ingredient is ordered fresh at the time of the purchase request. We don't have any ageing materials pre-ordered, which can create delays as average production time is 12 weeks. B) We refuse to use industry standard manufacturing ingredients like Magnesium Stearate and Maltodextrin. Instead, we use whole food ingredients like Beet Fibre and Jerusalem Artichoke.

Popular Manufacturing Questions Do you have an ISO certification? Health Canada certifies our products through an NPN (Natural Product Number) process. Our manufacturer is above ISO - we are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and TGA certified TGA is Therapeutic Goods Administration and is considered the highest standard in the world at this time for manufacturing of Natural Health Products. “There are very few manufacture’s that hold a TGA certification in Canada and USA”

Do you work with a third-party outside lab for quality control? Yes, Health Canada is very strict on these points; two different third-party labs are involved, A) When the ingredients are brought in, they are tested by a third party lab, then again after the blending has been completed. B)

When received at Avena Originals, a sample is sent to a different third party lab for verification and certification.

If so, do you test every batch? Yes! Every batch, every time, tested for contaminants, microbes, heavy metals, yeasts & mould, and many other requirements.

Do you make these batch reports available to customers? C.O.A (Certificate of Analysis) by these third party labs are available upon request. If you have manufacturing questions that are not answered above, please feel free to contact us.

C) No soy, no animal testing or ingredients, no fillers, additives, extenders or preservatives. Our 20+ point commitment to quality! (See page 12) E) We are a green focused company; we take many efforts to minimize paper usage, like recycling and using packaging materials that are nature-friendly, made from corn starch instead of styrofoam.

Did you know that Avena Originals uses natural packing peanuts? We’re sure that you have seen the white packing peanuts in your packages, but did you know these are not the Styrofoam peanuts you may automatically assume they are? Avena’s biodegradable packaging material, packing peanut, can be re-used, composted or simply disposed of by dissolving it in a sink or bathtub. These biodegradable packing peanuts eliminate the negative environmental impact of polystyrene peanuts, plastic bags, and bubble wrap. It is also nontoxic, and, as such, will not harm children or pets who may come into contact with the material. From the manufacturing process to the consumer’s home, these biodegradable packing peanuts minimize their environmental impact at every step. This is part of Avena’s commitment to our earth, and taking green actions to minimize our carbon footprint. “Avena only purchases and uses these 100% Natural Packing Peanuts in all of our packaging processes. If you find plastic or paper, it was recycled from an incoming shipment from one of our suppliers.”

What our capsules are made out of? Avena's capsules are made out of vegetable fibre called cellulose, which is 100% vegan and breaks down into healthy fibre, something we all could use more of! The majority of the industry uses a gelatin capsule, which is an animal source, Avena's entire product line is 100% vegan and, as such, gelatin capsules are not found anywhere in our product line.

11| Spring 2018 Edition

Caution: Supplement Additives Magnesium Stearate – “Anti-Caking Agent”

Sodium Benzoate - “Preservative”

Magnesium Stearate is a white powder that is used as a lubricant, and is the most commonly used additive in supplements. The majority of the market contains Magnesium Stearate, and it can be hard to find one without it!

Potassium Benzoate is a natural preservative, but when mixed with citrus it can convert into Benzene which is a very harsh and known carcinogen (cancer-causing ingredient). Some sources say that benzene levels that are between 2 and 20 parts per billion have been found in some soft drinks containing sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C. The safe level of benzene for drinking water is only five parts per billion, making the amounts of benzene in some soft drinks a health concern.

The debate with this additive is that most say that it is safe for consumption. It’s made with cottonseed or palm oil; cottonseed oil can have the highest content of pesticide residues out of the commercial oils, which then coats the nutrients found in supplements. It also delays the absorption of the nutrients in the intestines, which could cause skin damage and liver toxicity. *100% BANNED IN AVENA PRODUCTS*

Did you know? “Food and Drug Administration says the agency detected benzene levels above 5 parts per billion in 10 soft drinks and beverage products in 2005! *100% BANNED IN AVENA PRODUCTS*

Silicon Dioxide - “Anti-Caking Agent”


Silicon Dioxide is a synthetic version of Silica. We have a strong position on no synthetics in our products. This means there will be no silicon dioxide in our products. Using a synthetic form like this would have a very negative effect on the *Electrical Formulations of whole food supplements. *100% BANNED IN AVENA PRODUCTS*

Maltodextrin is designed to make foods bulkier – it acts as a thickening agent. It’s added to most foods like jello, pudding, canned foods, sauces, and protein shakes. It's also used in probiotic formulations as a pre-biotic. Those with gluten sensitivities like celiac disease should restrict foods that have Maltodextrin in it. Maltodextrin is derived from starches like corn starch, potatoes, wheat, or rice. Even though Maltodextrin is considered safe for human consumption – it’s cheaply produced, and highly processed food additive is delivering no nutritional value to the body, and is very high in glycemic index (higher than sugar!), meaning it can cause a spike in blood sugar levels and Insulin. Did you know? Another negative to Maltodextrin. It changes the composition of gut bacteria by suppressing it! Which can make us prone to more diseases, and some sources have found that Maltodextrin can increase the growth of bad bacteria like E. coli – which contributes to Crohn’s disease, digestive disorders, and autoimmune disorders. *100% BANNED IN AVENA PRODUCTS*

Spring 2018 Edition| 12


Maltodextrin – “Thickening agent”


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PROBIOTICS & ENZYMES An in-depth look at two of the most promising natural health products of 2018

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13| Spring 2018 Edition

% 10 gs

n i v a S

s e l a S l i r Ap Herb Cocktail Capsules Herb Cocktail Powder ON SALE: $49.00 ON SALE: $46.75 Herbal Brilliance ON SALE: $31.00 Precious Oils ON SALE: $37.75

Spring 2018 Edition| 14

May Sal


Ionic Magnesium Ionic Cal/Mag ON SALE: $32.75

ON SALE: $32.75 Ionic Zinc ON SALE: $29.25 Roll on Oils (All Kinds) ON SALE: $9.50

Shampoos & All in One (All Kinds) ON SALE: $11.60 Conditioners (All Kinds)

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ON SALE: $11.60 Body Splash Refill ON SALE: $53.95 Body Splash Spray ON SALE: $23.80 Remedy Skin Cream ON SALE: $35.95 Remedy Skin Cream Travel Size ON SALE: $5.60 15| Spring 2018 Edition

Herb Cocktail The Ultimate Detoxifier

You’re ingesting chemicals and toxins in the air you breathe, the food you eat and the water you drink. You’re constantly bombarded by pathogens and toxins on a daily basis no matter what your lifestyle or surroundings are. Every day your immune system is battling harmful toxins; maintaining proper bowel health is crucial. Routinely eliminating the toxic buildup in your tissues and organs is essential. Left unchecked, what’s inside you can putrefy and become a severe health hazard. Healthy strategies aren’t always enough, so we’ve developed incredible products to boost your body’s natural ability to trap and eliminate toxins. Q: What are the ingredients? A: Psyllium Husk, Peppermint, Cascara Sagrada, Siberian Ginseng, Hibiscus, & Corn Silk. Q: Why is the formula made this way? A: This formula designed to address a growing issue of bowel toxemia from a holistic approach, which creates a product that does not work like a stimulant or a laxative, it cleanses and rebuilds at the same time for long lasting permanent improvements. Q: How does the Herb Cocktail work? Avena's Herb Cocktail works inside the bowel by forming into a powerful gel that draws toxins from every organ, tissue and gland into the bowels where it traps it, which prevents reabsorbing. It effectively breaks down toxins and impacted stools on intestinal walls. It’s more than a cleanser, it helps improve bowel function by encouraging and exercising proper peristalsis. Our most dynamic formulation, Herb Cocktail cleans deep with a safe and gentle cleanse.

Spring 2018 Edition| 16

Q: How long should I use this for, and what should I expect? A: We would recommend you continue to use Herb Cocktail ongoing, benefiting from the daily detoxification abilities. You should be having one bowel movement for each meal you ingest, or a minimum of 3 per day. While taking the Herb Cocktail, you can expect an increase in bowel movements, and possible detox symptoms. Q: Can it be taken with food or supplements? A: It is not suggested to take this product with food or any other supplements, as the gel can absorb what is present in the intestinal tract, which may decrease the effectiveness of the supplements or food. We recommend taking the Herb Cocktail either one hour before, or two hours after meals. Q: What are some detox symptoms I may experience while taking this product? A: Some possible detox symptoms are headaches, fatigue, gas, bloating, dehydration, and abdominal discomfort. Q: Will I experience excess bowel movements? A: It is very unlikely that you will experience diarrhea, as the product turns into a gel. You may find that it even rectifies diarrhea. Q: What is a healthy bowel movement? A: Everyone has an opinion on this, but consider the following as an logical idea. You should have 3 or more movements per day. Each should be 2/3rds the size of your wrist (circumference), and should also be 1' long or the distance between your wrist and elbow. A Healthy bowel movement should be of solid consistency and light brown in colour. It should float or slowly sink, and they should not smell very bad or leave much on the tissue. Q: How long does it take to cleanse? A: This will vary greatly due to diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors. A person should aim to cleanse for at least 90 days and reassess their body at that time. A standard recommendation is to cleanse a full month for every year you have consumed a Standard American Diet.

Q: What diet changes should I make while using Herb Cocktail?

Q: I heard Cascara Sagarda is addictive?

A: We would advise you to remove gluten (all wheat) and flour from your diet during a cleanse, especially with the Herb Cocktail. A gel mixed with flour is not good news for your bowel. If you do have to consume gluten and flour products, try to take your Herb Cocktail as far apart as possible.

1. Herb Cocktail is Electrically formulated, without getting overly technical, this means that the individual characteristics of the Cascara Sagrada are combined with the other ingredients to create a new outcome, each contributing to the overall experience.

Q: Is this safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding?

The Herb Cocktail does not act or behave like Cascara Sagrada in any way, shape, or form. It's not suggested A: We do NOT recommend pregnant woman or nursing mothers for people to use Cascara Sagrada with IBS, but it's highly partake of any form of detoxification unless absolutely necessary. recommended people use the Herb Cocktail while The child will act like a filter and absorb the increased toxicity experiencing IBS. It is safe, gentle, and very effective not while detoxing. It is best to detox before you’re pregnant or after only in cleaning but also healing. you’re done nursing. 2. The Herb Cocktail forms a unique gel that draws and Q: Can children use this? pulls toxins from all aspects of the body. Because of this behaviour, everything is drawn into the gel, and A: Children facing constipation or diarrhea can consider using nothing is pulled out of the gel. Herb Cocktail. Use a body mass equivalent to determine dosage. Therefore, people do not absorb any of the If the child weighs half of a adult man, use half the suggested dosage. Use short term and increase raw vegetables and natural Cascara Sagrada, or other ingredients. It is a very gentle, and safe product to use for all sorts whole food fibres. of intestinal dysfunctions. Also, keep in mind the Q: Why does the Herb Cocktail have a different colour than the level of Cascara Sagrada is very small and last bottle I had? would not be enough to cause any discomfort for the majority of people. A: Color variances are very common with 100% whole foods, but Q: Is there a difference between the capsule that it doesn't effect the product quality. The Herb Cocktail and powder form? contains a flower called hibiscus, which changes color in every season and region. A: There is a difference in the cost, as you are getting twice as much in the powder form, than you are in the capsules. The rate of effectiveness is also greater in the powder, due to the formation of the gel, during the process of combining the powder and the liquid content together. Where as taking the capsules, the production of the gel does not start until the capsules reach the digestive tract. This is why the powder may seem more effective.

17| Spring 2018 Edition

Enzymes: Enhanced & Super The Sparks of Life

Two different formulas - Two different roles When formulating our Enzyme blends, we asked one of the most important questions, “If people are going to use enzymes with meals and without meals, is there a better way of supplementing?” The Answer — ABSOLUTELY! Many enzymes are great for the bloodstream and body (metabolic) but do not offer many advantages in digestive, just like there are enzymes that are great for digesting food but do not provide many benefits outside of digestion. Enhanced Digestive Enzymes Is focused on breaking down your food, the enzymes, their activity levels and ratios were all chosen for good digestion, and unlocking nutrients. Super Digestive Enzymes The Super Digestive Enzyme formula is probably the most exciting addition to the Avena lineup. We realized there is a need for an enzyme formulation focused on blood, cleaning and detoxifying. What many of us would consider cellular regeneration. Q: How do I take this product? A: Health Canada recommends taking 1 capsule (s) 1 time (s) per day. Take one capsule daily. Take with or immediately before food/meal. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications. How to incorporate both enzymes Avena’s recommendation: Use 3-5 capsules of Enhanced Enzymes with each and every meal to provide superior digestion with your food. Then take 1 capsules of the Super Digestive Enzymes 2 hours after your meal or 1 hour before your next meal! Many people have found substantial improvement increasing their super digestive enzymes to 5 caps 2X per day.

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Q: How do Enzymes work? A: It activates catalyst forces to help digestion by increasing enzyme production, and intensifies enzyme activity. Enzymes liquefy food to allow a greater uptake of nutrients to be absorbed. This alkalizes the blood, and may decrease parasite activity, and support the immune system. These products are designed to assist the digestion of undigested foods, cleans toxicity on a cellular level, and also decreases cellular degeneration. Q: Why should you take Enzymes with food? A: Enzymes are the main reason we get any value from the food that we eat. Enzymes should be in our food supply, but our food today just isn't what it used to be – that or we’re cooking and processing the enzymes right out of them. An apple will only last so long before it goes bad, but canned apples will last so much longer – because the enzymes aren’t there anymore. If you want all the good that’s in your food the answer is simple, enzymes. Q: Why use enzymes away from meals? A: Often we forget that enzymes have value aside from digestion and assimilation of nutrients. What happens if you take those same attributes and use them all over your body – pure power! Lipase can break down the fats in your food, but it also breaks down fats in your bloodstream too. Wouldn’t you want to double the benefit of your enzymes by taking them away from food? Taken separately they can have the potential to create significant changes health wise, and everyone should take advantage of that!

Q: How are Avena Enzymes made?

Q: Why would I need to take the Super Digestive Enzymes?

A: Avena’s specially-cultured enzymes are grown in controlled conditions, then harvested at their peak activity levels. They’re extracted via a proprietary mechanical process without the use of solvents - which is about four times the effort, but the result is a pure product: an enzyme of superior quality and bio-availability! Avena Enzymes follow an exceptional formulation process that ensures they’re 100% natural, plantbased, whole foods, while providing extreme activity levels, which can be compared to a battery, and the amount of potential energy each battery can hold.

A: If you're looking to prevent degeneration, improve overall health, clean the blood and the body at a cellular level, this product is perfect for you.

Q: Why is the Super Digestive Enzyme called a digestive aid?

For example, 5000 HUT is the same as 32,500 USP, which sounds far more attractive and leads many to use USP just for the public conception. 20,000 USP is much lower than 5000 HUT. Avena Originals is dedicated to using the most popular and best practices for measuring and labeling enzyme activities.

A: Currently Health Canada only recognizes enzymes to be licensed for digestive aids. Possibly in the future Health Canada will consider, or incorporate enzymes for therapeutic uses, at which time we would love to apply for such labeling on the Super Digestive Enzymes. Q: Even though the Super Digestive Enzyme its meant to be taken on an empty stomach, can it still be taken with food? A: Yes, you can most definitely use this enzyme with food. However, this product isn't designed for food digestion, as this product is designed for other purposes. There is growing research that suggests and promotes the use of enzymes on empty stomachs. It is suggested that this will help with the breakdown of undigested food in your blood stream, intestinal tract, and body tissues. Try targeting enzymes deficiencies with more frequent use of a powerful enzyme blend like Super Digestive Enzymes.

Q: What does IU mean, DU, AGU, PU, CU, SU, HUT, SAPU, and FCC Baker U mean in enzyme formulations? A: These are industry terms used to measure the activity of enzymes. Unfortunately, there is little standardization among the uses, creating consumer confusion.

Q: Why is there only Vitamin B12, B6, Zinc and Beet Fibre in the enzyme formulations? A: Enzymes require a buffer and precursors to be used efficiently in the human body; these vitamin bases meet that need without using any cheaper manufacturing toxic buffers. We go above that and hand-select the ingredients that will best help the formula. For example, Hydroxocobalamin is a unique, uncommon version of Vitamin B12, which binds to cyanide and helps pull and cleanse the system. This is precisely what many are using the enzymes for. This creates a better product, as it contributes to the overall purpose while being a natural buffering agent. Beet Fibre is the replacement for Magnesium Stearate and helps the machines encapsulate the enzymes, while providing a healthy nutrient rich Beet Fibre.

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Q: What is a probiotic? A: Probiotics are living organisms that have been shown to positively benefit your health. They live and survive in your intestinal tract. Q: What types of bacteria are found in the probiotic?

     

L. Plantarum CFU/scoop) 3.6 Billion (Proteolytic) L.Acidophilus DDS-1 (CFU/scoop) 1.0 Billion (Super Proteolytic) L. Casei (CFU/scoop) 0.6 Billion (Proteolytic) B. Bifidum (CFU/scoop) 0.4 Billion (Proteolytic) B. Longum (CFU/scoop) 0.4 Billion (Proteolytic) Jerusalem Artichoke (Prebiotic)

Avena Originals has focused their probiotic on Proteolytic kinds of bacteria, often these are often considered the most potent forms of probiotics. These are often not included in formulas for their sheer cost. Proteolytic means the ability to interact with proteins and unlock many powerful features such as anti-microbial, anti-viral,-anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and even some research suggests, even anti-turmoral. Q: Does this probiotic only digest proteins? A: No, many of the Proteolytic strains are dual purpose and still digest sugars but expand into protein digesting as well. They can do everything and more than the others. Q: Do I need to take any other probiotics?

Q: How long should I use probiotics for? A: Most health professionals will recommend probiotics for a minimum of 30-90 days. Avena has seen the incredible benefit probiotics can have by incorporating it into an ongoing daily lifestyle. Try taking 2-5 capsules twice every day. Q: What makes other probiotics different, and why do some may look like they have more bacteria? 1. Every formula that we have looked at for probiotics use Maltodextrin either as a base to grow the bacteria on (not listed on the label) or as an ingredient added at manufacturing, often both. We refuse to have Maltodextrin as part of our process at any stage. We use Jerusalem Artichoke as a replacement which is incredible, and 100X more beneficial than Maltodextrin. 2. Many companies will play the numbers game, where they suspect consumers will buy based on a number. The more significant the number, the better the product and the higher its value. Using low-quality strains to provide substantial amounts is just a game, one that the consumer will be on the losing end. The quality of strains is the priority, not the number of CFU's. (CFU = Colony forming units) Q: Do they have to be stored in the fridge?

A: These high-quality strains prove to be very strong in many aspects. One of the essential elements is high stability, Avena’s Proteolytic Probiotic has the industry’s highest level of heat stability and has no problems travelling without refrigeration. Now just because they Why only these types? do well in warm climates does not mean you should store them there; Building a probiotic is like building a sports team. they will perform their very best To be truly effective, everyone must complement when kept each other. You can't build a hockey team with only cool. centres or 12 goalies. Even if they are the 12 best goalies in the entire world, that team is likely to lose a majority of its games. This approach is, unfortunately, the case for a majority of the blends on the market; they pick a bunch of suitable strains and combine them with no consideration for how they will interact with each other. Avena Probiotic is carefully formulated so that each strain builds up and improves upon its neighbouring strain to provide a superior and dominant team of probiotics.

A: No Avena feels this formula covers all required strains for the ideal intestinal population. It is still a great ideal to ferment foods at home and ingest healthy intestinal flora daily!

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Q: What makes Avena’s probiotic better than what I have?

Q: Will probiotics help me lose weight?

A: In one word, Proteolytic! It adds an entirely new world of uses to probiotics. It supercharges and empowers the functions probiotics can play in your intestinal system. Proteolytic means ability to digest proteins, this is so important to look for as it provides probiotics with the ability to interact with bacteria, undigested proteins, viruses, fungi, and pathogens!

A: Absolutely! Proteolytic probiotics are the key to regaining the proper intestinal and digestive system, vitally important for weight loss. With probiotics, you will increase your metabolism, absorb more nutrients, and detoxify, which will improve the body’s ability to lose excess weight.

Q: Why are Avena’s probiotic capsules are not coated? A: Human gastrointestinal bacteria should not have to be coated, as we don't need to protect the bacteria from stomach acids or digestive juices. After all, we were designed to consume our initial bacteria from breast milk and those bacteria naturally survived the human digestive tract. If the bacteria have to be coated, they are likely to soil bacteria and are not designed to withstand in the human intestinal tract. We often refer to this as the “Trojan Horse Effect”; sneaking bacteria past your defensive systems never has felt like the right approach to us. Q: Why is the product not shipped in freezer packs? A: This formula uses heat stable bacteria such as the L.A DDS-1 which is heat stable at 23 degrees Celsius for 2 years with less than a 7% loss. You can reduce this ‘loss’ by storing your probiotics in a refrigerator whenever possible. (Although this is not mandatory) Q: What's Jerusalem Artichoke? A: It is a sunflower that contains a unique FOS, like a prebiotic or food supply for only the good (healthy) bacteria. It has been shown not to encourage the growth of Yeast or Candida while fueling and accelerating the growth of the good probiotics. It is a 100% whole food natural FOS, It is 100% organic, and whole food sourced, unlike the typical Maltodextrin found commonly in the market. The majority of probiotics use Maltodextrin as a FOS. Q: Why should I avoid Maltodextrin? A: There are several reasons Avena chose to avoid Maltodextrin. It’s hard to find a non-GMO source. Additionally, Maltodextrin can increase the growth of bad bacteria like E. coli – which contributes to Crohn’s disease, digestive disorders, and autoimmune disorders. Defeating the purpose of a prebiotic in the first place.

Q: Is it safe for children? A: Infants are designed to receive probiotics through the mother’s colostrum at the moment they are born. Many studies are proving the importance of an early start on probiotics and the essential role they play in the healthy development of children’s immune systems and gastrointestinal systems. Q: The bottle only suggests 1 capsule? A: Avena has developed a high activity probiotic, which is higher than what Health Canada normally suggests. While Health Canada continues to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of probiotics, work with your own body or under the guidance of a healthcare professional while increasing the daily intake of probiotics. Q: What does Proteolytic mean? A: Proteolytic basically means the ability to digest proteins, What this translates to is a probiotic that can be: * Anti-Bacterial * Anti-Viral * Anti-Retro-viral

* Anti-Microbial * Anti-Turmoral

Unlike most probiotics like Acidophilus, they digest sugars, which are limited in comparison to Proteolytic Probiotics. This formula is one of the strongest proteolytic blends on the market! Q: What are the requirements to be called a probiotic? A: Any healthy bacteria that have received an NPN from Health Canada must meet ALL of the following requirements before it can be called a probiotic: * Grow and multiply * Resistance to acid * Resistance to Bile

* Easy attachment to intestinal lining * Produce health defending substances * Enhance Immune Factors

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Enjoy some of the Avena Team’s favourite recipes. Never Dull, ALWAYS exciting, refreshing and fun!

Luscious Berry Ingredients 1 cup Orange juice 1/3 cup Goji Berries 1 tbsp Raw Cacao Powder 1 tbsp Avena Enzyme Powder 6 tbsp Avena E-Fusion 1 tbsp Avena Superfood 1 tbsp Hemp oil 1 cup frozen Blackberries 1 cup frozen Blueberries 1 cup frozen Strawberries 1 cup frozen Raspberries

by Bev Klatt, Avena Member — Oliver, BC

Suggested Avena Products: - RP3 Cacao or Natural Flavour - Minerals Directions Place orange juice, Avena products, and frozen berries into your blender or smoothie maker.

Blend on slow and then on high. The mixture will be nice and thick and if it’s too thin, add more juice. Use organic, fresh or frozen fruits when possible.


Good to Go Ingredients 3 cups spring water 2 Tbsp goji berries (*soaked in 1/4 cup water; add soak water too) *add soak water too 1 large handful fresh baby spinach 1 medium banana (fresh or frozen) 1 cup fresh cut pineapple 3 large soft dates or 2 Tbsp agave nectar 1 tsp Avena’s Enzyme powder 3 Tbsp Avena’s E-Fusion A dash of Avena’s Pristine Sea Salt by Melinda Scheper, Avena Member — Steinbach, MB

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Suggested Avena Products: - Superfood Powder - Minerals Directions

Pour water into blender. Add goji berries and greens, then blend well. Add the next 3 ingredients and continue blending. Once well blended, add the remaining ingredients and turn on the blender just long enough to mix well. Pour into a tall glass and indulge yourself!

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