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Fall 2017 Edition| 2

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3| Fall 2017 Edition

Welcome to Avena’s Fall 2017 Newsletter Edition! Hello! I’m Jennifer, and I have been part of Avena Originals for over nine years now. It’s been a treat to be with this great company. Like everyone who has heard of Avena - you came to check Avena’s products out with the intentions of using Avena to help your digestive system. Or looking for good herbal products, essential oils, multivitamins, protein powders and mineral supplements - I originally came to Avena on a whim to find a job that I could stick to and work hard at, but I ended up finding my career and passion for health. Nine years ago, I might have looked like a healthy young pup, but on the inside, I struggled with many health issues. For as long as I can remember I would fight with random nose bleeds every day lasting 10 - 20 min at a time! I had bowel problems and hernias, acne, eczema/rashes, circulation issues (cold hands and feet), hair loss, irregular periods, constant colds, flu, and infections. I was frequently going to different doctors for all these small illnesses and issues, but when I understood that my bowel problems and digestive system were the cause, I was driven to change every aspect of my diet and lifestyle. I changed the foods I ate, eliminated junk foods, and did mass amounts of Probiotic and Enzymes therapy. Within 6 months to a year I had proper bowel functions (daily instead of once every few days), my bald spot grew back, my nose stopped bleeding randomly, my red cold hands went back to natural skin tone and they - No more creams for my bald spot were warm (no longer cold and clammy!), my periods became regular after 12 years of - No more breaking out in blemishes issues, and my once monthly colds became a once-a-year problem. - No more laxatives and Imodium's Spending years of struggling with all these health problems and treating them separately for so long, which became tiring and frustrating. Add that to the frustration of dealing with all these issues at twenty years of age when I'm supposed to be "young and healthy" - no, thanks. Now, in my thirties, I am healthier and stronger than my younger adolescent years, and even in my twenties. I am so thankful that I was able to help my stomach issues and health problems, and it all improved with Avena and changing my lifestyle!

- No more - No more - No more - No more - No more

cauterizing my nose bowel issues and struggles antibiotics for infections tiredness and fluctuating emotions consistent colds, and taking Tylenol

Now, let’s highlight what this newsletter edition is about, my mind was blown away when I learned about the microbiome system! When I was pregnant back in 2014, I went digging for information on how microbes were so essential to human health, and the information I found was fascinating! What I have highlighted and written in this article, I feel that it is just skimming the scientific data and studies on this topic, but I wanted to begin this edition with a brilliant introduction of the Human Microbiome!

Fall 2017 Edition| 4

About Avena Originals All of us at Avena Originals would like to say THANK YOU for your support! We are a family-owned and run company that has been in business for over 25 years, selling top quality Natural Health Products. Starting out with just a few oils and one amazing herbal cleanse, Avena has grown and expanded to carry dynamic health tools that are impacting and changing lives on a regular basis. Two areas Avena has begun to focus on over the last decade has been with Enzymes and Probiotics. Beyond these, we have new whole food supplements that will enhance your nutrition regime with our RP3 a 100% raw protein. If you’re looking for something else we have: greens products, Vitamin C, Minerals, liquid mineral blends of zinc, magnesium and calcium. If you’re not looking to add into your diet or lifestyle, there are options for cleansing. Our FIRST product, and still our best seller, is our Herb Cocktail. Designed by a master herbalist over 25 years ago, it’s truly a masterpiece. It goes into the body and helps to encourage natural peristalsis within the bowels. Whichever items you may need to bring your body (or those of your clients) to the highest level of health Avena has something that can help. We at Avena know that the human body is miraculous and positive change is possible. You just need to tap into the potential that’s there!

Is it possible for the Herbal Cocktail to alter gut flora and the value Avena’s Probiotics? Detoxifying with the Herb Cocktail and changing your diet will affect the balance of good and bad bacteria, which will fluctuate as your diet adjusts. The Herb Cocktail aids elimination by breaking down the impactions of undigested food and by assisting peristaltic action to reinforce the muscle in the large intestine. We advise using this herbal cleanser on an empty stomach at least an hour away from food, medications, and whole food supplements. The primary reason we suggest this is that, by nature, the Herb Cocktail forms into a gel and works its way through the digestive tract by pulling and absorbing toxins from the bowels. When this process occurs, it takes an hour to work through and leave the gut. Once the gel form has passed, you can resume taking our Proteolytic Probiotics to increase the balance of good bacteria. By taking probiotics an hour after your Herb Cocktail, you allow time for the bacteria to multiply in your digestive system and make its way into the villi where the bacteria will begin working on fighting against the so-called bad bacteria. If the Herb Cocktail and Proteolytic Probiotics are taken together, the combination can reduce the benefit of the probiotics because the gel formation of the Herbal Cocktail will absorb some of the bacteria. But there is no similar concern when each are taken separately. The ideal time to use our probiotics is just before bed when there will be a period of uninterrupted fasting; during this time bacteria can strengthen the immune system and gut flora without having to compete with newlyingested nutrients and bacteria). Give the probiotic the time it needs to multiply and work in your intestinal system.

5| Fall 2017 Edition

The Human Microbiome Did you know you’re more microbe than human? There are 10x more microorganisms on and in your body than cells, and in addition, our genes are outnumbered 1:100 to microbial genes! This is the Human Microbiome: a fascinating ecosystem that plays a huge role in our health. (Stein, 2013) I know what your first question is… Where do they come from?? Well, it all begins when we are born. When babies pass through the birth canal, they become coated with an array of microbes; and from mother’s skin when baby and mom are connected for the first time. Then our little bundles are introduced to mother’s colostrum and milk when they feed. At first, mothers will produce colostrum that contains a high concentration of antibodies, immunoglobulin’s, proteins, and carbohydrates; which helps set up the gut microbes for the digestive system. After the phases from colostrum to mature milk, it will take 2-5 days for the mother’s milk supply to fully come in. Researchers have found the bacterial diversity in mothers milk can be more than 700 species of microbes! (SINC, 2013)

Taking Antibiotics Can Change the Gut Microbiome for Up to a Year! One weeklong course of antibiotics changed participants' gut microbes, with effects sometimes lasting as long as a year. After all, antibiotics don’t discriminate—as they attack the bad bacteria, the good ones are vulnerable too. (Beck, NOV 16, 2015)

their turf and our bodies. Scientists have even discovered that microbes can even spew out their version of antibiotics! The types of microbes can vary on where they live like different eco systems—wet places like our mouths, noses, and armpits for example. We also find them on oily places like our scalps and backs, and then on dry places like our forearms; but the largest, most complex and diverse place is in the gut. (Stein, 2013)

As we age our Microbiome changes and adapts! From 0 to 6 months

 Babies are covered with microbes from their Every one of us has our mixture of environment, from birth, breast feeding, and microbes, just like a fingerprint or interactions with family members a blood type, but our microbes  As the different species of microbes adapt, they tend to resemble our parents and compete for space for them to be best equipped like, siblings. In the begging stages of skin and hair our life, microorganisms begin  Food sources that babies eat also feeds their to flourish on our body and in gut microbes (breastfed babies tend to have our intestinal tract—to “set different microbes than babies who are up shop,” so to speak. given formula, and even These little workers/ starting solid foods changes the fighters also educate the population of the gut microbes) immune’s cells, and as we age our microbes and immune cells become one our first line of “Bacteria live in unbelievable mixtures of hundreds or defenses—fighting off thousands of species. Like on your teeth. There are 600 germs and viruses that species of bacteria on your teeth every morning.” invade us by protecting

- Bonnie Bassler

Fall 2017 Edition| 6

Did you know? There are about 3lbs worth of bacteria that lines the intestinal tract.

6 months to 3 years

The number of species of microbes increases from 100 in young infants to 1,000 in the gut in adults  Some microbes change with nutritional needs, for example young babies get their vitamin folate from gut microbes where adults get folate from food  Early influences have a huge impact on the health of the microbiome, even events like fevers, antibiotics, new foods can cause sudden shifts in the microbiome. The effects of these may last for years or lifetime in the microbiome ecosystems – especially in the gut 3 Years to Adulthood

 

By age 3 the microbiome has become more stable and very similar to an adult’s The fluctuation of the microbiome will change and respond to any illness like disease, antibiotic treatment, fevers, stress, injury, and changes in the diet; but the microbes will always try to shift back to homeostasis (baseline state) Major life occurrences like puberty, pregnancy, and menopause can create large shifts. Like puberty, the change in skin oils will affect the microbes or pregnancy can alter the microbes for baby to be born

Old Age

An older adult will have a distinct microbial profile with certain species becoming more common and others less common  The microbe profile will change after the age of 65, the variety of microbial species decreases

It is a unique ecosystem that constantly and aggressively protects your body from viruses and bacteria. (Oliver, August 2003)

Many factors affect our body’s microbe ecosystems: our microbes will vary with gender, diet, climates, age, occupation, and hygiene. Even genes have an impact on our microbes! Things like the acidity of the digestive tract and the variances of proteins on our cells that communicate with the microbes. (Your Changing Microbiome, 2014, August 15)* *Imagery and content came from the above article Working from the Inside Out Before we begin eating “healthy” and “junky foods”, these little workers called gut microbes in your stomach and intestines are striving to do the following metabolic functions:

  

Vitamin and short chain fatty acid production Bile acid biotransformation Hydrolysis and fermentation of nondigestible substrates

The beneficial roles of gut microbiome include:  Immune cell homeostasis and development  Epithelial homeostasis  Enteric nerve regulation  Stimulates angiogenesis (new blood vessels)  Food digestion  Fat metabolism  Protects against pathogens

“Diet is one of the most powerful tools we have fore changing the microbiota” - Justin Sonnenburg 7| Fall 2017 Edition

When the GI tract and the gut (resident) microbes are disrupted, intestinal and extraintestinal diseases may develop, such as:

      

Allergies Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Obesity Diabetes Metabolic Disorders Cardiovascular Dyslipidemia Neuropathology (disease of nervous system tissue) (Pamela Vernocchi, 2016)

You probably wouldn’t think about the inner workings of your intestines very often, but this may make you rethink about it! Let’s rehash this again cause the amount of bacteria on and in your body outnumber human cells by a factor of 10: 1!! Your gut microbes are the quarterbacks in the immune system. 70-80% of the entire immune system resides in the GUT—it’s one of the first lines of defence that keeps all of us healthy. In essence, to having a healthy body is largely connected with the health of our guts. The human intestine contains 100 trillion microorganisms and hundreds of different species. The ratio of bacteria in the large intestine has been estimated to be 10¹¹ - 10¹² per ml—it is the most densely populated habitat in the human body. Every single moment as we live and breathe, there is a mini battle of good and bad bacteria happening in our intestines. When our immune system resides in the intestinal tract, it’s the good microbes that strive to keep our guts and body healthy; but what fluctuates or diminishes these little microbes in a good or bad way – is what we eat and drink every single day; even stress can sway changes in gut microbes. Fall 2017 Edition| 8

Where do the bad bacteria go? They reside in the intestinal lining (mucosal barrier). *The size of the intestinal lining in a healthy adult is about 30 – 40 square meters—about half the size of a badminton court. What feeds or influences the bad bacteria? Harmful bacteria are fed by a poor diet, sugar, overeating red meat, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners (sucralose), eating too many foods containing gluten, and over consumption of dairy (especially those who are sensitive to dairy). What diminishes good gut microbes? Antibiotic use, overuse of over the counter products like certain medications like Aspirin, mouth washes, antacids, painkillers, laxatives. Other dramatic changes that affect gut microbes are over use of sanitation products (using antibacterial soaps), chlorinated drinking water, heavy metals (amalgam fillings), artificial food colouring, antidepressants and sleeping pills, altered fats, consuming too many carbohydrates, anticholesterol drugs, alcohol, stress, and smoking. Feed your microbes, so they don’t feed on you! When the diet is lacking fibre, gut microbes becomes starved for fermentable fibre! Some die off, but other gut floras switch to other sources like the mucus lining. When gut bacteria turn to the mucus lining as a food source, it can trigger inflammation and disease. The mucous lining helps maintain the gut wall and keeps it intact, and free from infection. The gut wall acts as a barrier between the outside world and the inside of our bodies. (FACLM, 2016)

Bowel Fermentation – Undigested Proteins Undigested proteins (especially diets high in protein) can become putrefy from bacteria and can become toxic in the large intestine - primarily in the distal colon can have carcinogenic effects. Meaning, individual amino acids like Lysine, Tyrosine, and Tryptophan that are not digested and eliminated, can produce skatole, phenol, and indole. These toxic components can be reabsorbed at any level into the small or large intestine. (Pamela Vernocchi, 2016) ► Skatole is formed by

undigested amino acids like Tryptophan. This component has been found to affect the circulation of the central nervous system.

► Phenol is formed by undigested

amino acids like Tyrosine and can be absorbed into the body. This element has been found to be very toxic and has been used as an anti-microbial agent, and it’s found to be corrosive and can cause necrosis of gastrointestinal mucosa. (Necrosis is a form of cell injury which results in the premature death of cells)

► Putrescence and Cadaverine are formed from

putrefied and un-digested amino acids like Tryptophan. These two have been found to lower blood pressure.

► Tryptamine, formed from sources like Tryptophan

(undigested amino acids), this toxin can raise blood pressure.

► Histamine is also a decomposition of Tryptophan,

and this fermented amino acid can produce the following health issues: headaches, head congestion, nervous depression, cardiac arrhythmia, fall of blood pressure, nausea, and collapse. (Alan Immerman, 1979)

How to maintain our Gut Microbiome? A great, very simple way to promote good bacteria is via prebiotics and fermented foods and supplements. Prebiotics are found in foods that are indigestible to humans; they’re pure food for bacteria. Prebiotic nutrients are abundant in garlic, jerusalem artichoke, chicory root, jicama, onion and asparagus (to name just a few examples). (Giovanni Tomasello, 2016) Fermented foods are specific foods that are allowed to ‘ferment’—that is, yeast or bacteria are permitted to establish cultures on them. Many people shy away from fermented foods, but many are familiar enough that you may not recognise them. Beer and wine are produced from fermentation (although alcohol is not the healthiest option); so are cheese, yoghurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchee, pickles and kefir. Many of these, like kombucha, have been shown to have significant health- promoting properties, making these fermented prebiotic foods excellent for your microbiome. To combat society’s fastidious anti-bacterial drumbeat, utilise Avena’s Proteolytic Probiotics to flourish the intestinal tract, and supplement with Avena’s Enzymes to prevent undigested proteins and putrefied amino acids. Let these soldiers and workers conquer the daily battles and win the war – by fortifying the musical lining and protect the gut wall. Information on the Microbiome should empower you! As much as your microbes can be significantly affected by our diet and environment – gut flora is resilient, and they’re able to evolve and bounce back. From here on, take charge of your gut health! You know what to do.

9| Fall 2017 Edition

4 WAYS WE CREATE BOWEL TOXEMIA EVERYDAY Bowel Toxemia is the root cause of almost all diseases. It is crucially important we understand what causes it and how it is created, by doing so we can start to make better choices to start preventing it. The following diagram will walk you through the creation of bowel toxemia. It all starts with cooked and enzyme-void food. This prevents the proper breakdown of nutrients, which then don’t get absorbed properly by your duodenum and begin putrefying & impacting in your small intestines. This process creates serious toxins like Indole, Skatole, Phenol, Cadaverine, Putrescine, Histamine, and many more. These toxins are believed to be the root cause of an incredibly large group of symptoms and diseases.

*Preventing Bowel Toxemia could be preventing disease.


Unhealthy habits like not chewing enough and eating processed, cooked, canned, unnatural foods, leads to difficult digestion, which adds to stressful conditions for the stomach.


Our food does not get converted into a pure liquid, due to lack of enzymes in the food, preventing cleansing of foreign organisms. The protein breakdown is greatly hindered, and the start of bowel toxemia begins. The stomach has to work extra hard to try and convert metabolic enzymes into digestive enzymes to replace what is missing in the food, causing stress. The pancreatic duct connects to the small intestine and not the stomach, so it is not able to replace the enzymes needed in the stomach.

*What organ is the Pancreas stealing Enzymes from in your body?


The majority of absorption needs to happen in the duodenum, which means if the stomach did not fully prepare the food, or if it is not fully liquefied it will not be available for proper absorption. These undigested foods begin to putrefy when exposed to the harmful bacteria’s commonly found in all of us. They get converted into some of the most serious and concerning toxins which are linked to almost every disease we experience today.

* A slower transit time by only a few hours can expose our systems to a concerning level of these toxins


The source of all disease and illness. Upmost concern needs to be placed on keeping this organ as clean as possible. Bowel Toxemia is named after this organ and the toxins found inside! A colon cleanse is the first step in preventing a majority of the degenerative diseases we experience today.

MOUTH Fall 2017 Edition| 10


HOW TO REBUILD YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Considering 99% of all diseases, discomforts, and illnesses start in the digestive system, it is not shocking news to realise most of us have a stressed system that is out of balance. Avena uses these key foundational products to help reset and rebuild your digestive system. Enhanced Enzymes, Proteolytic Probiotics, & Herb Cocktail, combined with some lifestyle modifications, can provide you with the ability to reset and restore your digestive tract completely.

Foods to Eliminate during an intestinal reset: 1. Gluten & Wheat/Flour products 2. Commercial Dairy products 3. Refined sugars

4. Stimulants like Caffeine 5. Soy & Soy protein isolates 6. Packaged or processed foods


Chew your food! Consume 80% RAW living foods. Eat in a calm, relaxed environment and be present to what you are eating, tasting and make it something to look forward to!


The primary step in digestion & essential for all other tasks to be completed successfully. Include Enhanced Enzymes with every meal to rebuild and restore digestion. Enhanced Enzymes decreases stress and burden on the pancreas lowering your risk for diabetes and digestion related diseases.

Remember: Enzymes are used for processes far beyond digestion as well.


The life within us, these living organisms digest your food, prevent toxic creation & restore health to your small intestinal tract. Avena Originals provides today’s most incredible Proteolytic Probiotic to rebuild and restore intestinal health! Consume 3-5 capsules of probiotics nightly to restore the balance of 80% good and 20% bad bacteria, found in the worlds healthiest people. Try using Proteolytic Probiotics to ferment foods.


No other health concern should override the importance of keeping this organ clean. Maintaining a minimum of three eliminations daily is an absolutely necessity. Restore bowel Function with Avena’s Herb Cocktail the safest approach to restoring intestinal health naturally. Try using it on an empty stomach with free squeezed orange juice twice daily AM/PM for optimal results.

*It is advised to familiarize yourself with detoxification and the symptoms you may experience while intestinal cleansing.



11| Fall 2017 Edition

Not all bacteria are created equal! With so many varied strains of bacteria available on the market today, many consumers are asking, “is there a difference between bacteria?” The answer is yes! To demonstrate, you can imagine all the variations between different breeds of dogs. Within the realm of dogs there are many different breeds (like the genus of bacteria), such as terriers, hounds and toy breeds. But, even within each breed there is still plenty of diversity. Take for example the toy Poodle and Chihuahua. Both are ‘toy’ breed dogs, but have

differences in size, shape, and personality traits (some are ‘companions where others are still working dogs). In the same way, there are key differences between separate strains of bacteria, even within the same genus.

Did You Know? It doesn’t matter how rich your diet is in nutrients if your body can’t harness them. Probiotics (and Enzymes) empower your body, ensuring that you get everything possible from your diet.

Here are some common bacteria and ‘traits’ generally associated with them: Lactobacillus: Primarily breaks down carbohydrates and sugars. Tends to populate within the small intestine. Lactobacilli can ‘compete’ with unfriendly bacteria for ‘real estate’ within the small intestine. Some studies have even recorded links between Lactobacilli relieving anxiety and depression (related to the increased B Vitamin assimilation). Lactobacillus bacteria are named this way for their ability to generate and produce lactic acid. This lactic acid is essential for balancing intestinal pH. One more lesser known trait of these potent bacteria is their ability to break down and rebuild hormones (such as estrogen). This genus of bacteria while they can be potent, also have the potential to be susceptible to temperature - making most of them recommended to be refrigerated to prolong shelf life. (Example: L. Acidophilus & L. Casei) Bifidum: These bacteria are commonly used in the food industry (cheese/yogurt) as they are great at fermenting milk based products. This genius of bacteria tend to populate in the large intestine (as opposed to the Lactobacilli in the small intestine). In the colon these bacteria can then process and break down any remaining undigested carbohydrates and sugars. These strains are extremely common as well in infants and younger children. Bifidobacteria discourage the growth of gram-negative pathogens in infants. Some examples of gram-negative bacteria are E. Coli, Shigella, and Salmonella. (Example: B. Longum & B. Animalis) Colostrum: Nature’s first food. This is the first thing that a nursing mother will give to her newborn. Colostrum comes even before the milk. This life-giving substance goes ahead of the milk, good One the best ways to get extraordinary bacteria or food of any kind. Specially created by nature, it could be described healthy benefits for your buck is to buy as nature’s prebiotic. Packed with immune boosting properties, high protein, as top notch probiotics and use these bacteria to culture and create your own well as factors that favour the growth of friendly flora (similar to a prebiotic). homemade vegan yogurt. This is a way Colostrum can also help the body to burn fat & build lean muscle. As well some you can take the 5-10 billion CFU have reported: accelerated healing, increase in both vitality and stamina, even bacteria and exponentially increase the anti-ageing properties. If good bacteria are critical for a healthy body number--and have a tasty treat! colostrum makes sure that those good bacteria can do their job! This powerful tool is found exclusively in a mothers ‘first milk’. It is possible to find supplemental colostrum, just be sure to check for quality as some can be ‘watered’ down with milk. Prebiotic (Fructooligosacchardies or FOS): A prebiotic is essentially a ‘food’ that you can ingest but that your body (enzymes) will not break down or digest. This unique ingredient is simply pure nutrition for the bacteria living in your gut. Bacteria that are in your gut need food to live - they are as alive as we are. So to help them stay strong and well fed, it’s important to try and include these prebiotic elements to assist those good bacteria that are residing in your gut to flourish. Very similar to fuel you put in your car to make it go, but, if you were to take the fuel nothing would happen. (Example: Jerusalem Artichoke)

Fall 2017 Edition| 12

What is your POO telling YOU? In older medical practices it was very common for Doctors to ask about your bowel movements while looking for answers to what is happening in your health.

Today that practice is all but obsolete, based only on practitioners avoiding the hard conversation and focusing more on medications.

HERB COCKTAIL The #1 Tool you have for every irregular movement you may be experiencing! Stop thinking this is normal and revive your health!

Avena Originals’ Herb Cocktail is the most incredible tool you have access to that can help solve almost every abnormal movement you see on the chart on the left of this page.

95% of the people reading this do not have the three ideal movements per day, but they could! If they changed their lifestyle and embraced Avena’s tools like Herb Cocktail, Enzymes, & Probiotics.

Ready to make a change?

Try the following suggestions for 30 days and you will see a difference I promise you!

takes u eat usually the The food yo pending on de s hr 2 -7 12 you oked meat amount of co made up of is ingest. Poop putrefying with food, undigested rious ’s creating se bad bacteria why it smells. is toxins. That y. wl slo ks sin Healthy poop

1. Remove Wheat/Gluten, Dairy, & processed Meat. 2. Herb Cocktail twice a day on an empty stomach. 3. Probiotics 5 capsules -1 hour after the Herb Cocktail. 4. Enzymes 5 capsules with meals and on an empty stomach 5. Drink more WATER!

Love the new energy and better movements! 13| Fall 2017 Edition

How to Safely & Efficiently Detoxify Even before Avena came along, there was a Master Herbalist who was building and creating unique combinations of herbs that would be put together in such a way as to become something extraordinary. Eventually, a name to match the product would be found—Herb Cocktail. Now, almost 25 years later we have something that is the backbone of Avena Originals. Total health and wellness begins from the inside out. More accurately, it starts and ends (literally) through the digestive tract. When you’re trying to assist that process, there is a delicate balance. Encouraging the body to become stronger is the desired result. The Herb Cocktail does exactly this. It’s not a stimulant or laxative. Your body will not become dependent on the product; similarly, you will not need to increase your dosage over time (quite the opposite really). All of this happens because of how the Herb Cocktail was designed. Going into your digestive tract, the Herb Cocktail will begin to expand and gel. When in your guts, this gel aims to enlarge and fill the intestines. Expanding into the whole space allows the Herb Cocktail to grasp on to residue and buildup over the entire bowel wall. At the same time, this touching of the barrier signals the natural response

(peristalsis: the contracting of the intestinal walls to push waste through and out of the colon). Why is this important? The colon is a muscle, and just like other muscles in the body, it can become weak and tired if not used. The benefit of the Herb Cocktail is that it’s safe and gentle. It works with the body to promote healthy bowel function, so whether if you’re new to healthy eating or a seasoned pro it will still help you. The same holds true with diet. Even if you have the cleanest diet possible (or are fasting &/or cleansing), the Herb Cocktail can still assist the body. Originally made over 25 years ago, it’s amazing that Herb Cocktail is still our number one most recommended product because health starts and ends in the bowels! WHAT TO LOOK FOR in the toilet  It should be 2/3 the size of your wrists circumference and close to the length of your forearm  It should not leave much residue on the tissue  Have mild or no smell/odour  It should be comfortable to pass  You should be eliminating 3 or more times per day  The colour should be light brown  The stool should sink slowly

How To Use Herb Cocktail This is the one product where Avena highly suggests the powdered product over the encapsulated one for better utilization. The Herb Cocktail powder gels sooner than the capsules, which do not start gelling until well into the digestive process. Take 1 tsp twice a day mixed with fresh orange or other citrus juice; if taking the capsules start with 4 caps twice daily with a full glass of juice or water. Your goal should be healthy bowel movements, so feel free to give yourself minor dosage changes to find the perfect balance for your body. Always take Herb Cocktail on an empty stomach.

When can you use the Herb Cocktail

Whenever there is an imbalance on the delicate micro-flora within the intestines you can be left with uncomfortable results. If there occurs there are a number of ways to help, Herb Cocktail is a great means to rebalance the system. Another product is the Proteolytic Probiotic to restore the flora to balance. There are many options food-wise as well; you can try foods that will gel up like chia seeds, flax or aloe. One more food group that should not be overlooked is fermented foods. These are cultured bacteria that can be a great boost not only to your immune system but gut health as well. As always drinking plenty of water to hydrate your body is great for intestinal as well as total body health.

Fall 2017 Edition| 14





280 g / 10 oz



225 Capsules


SYMPTOMS of a Toxic Colon Headaches, gas, bloating, malabsorption issues, poor appetite, low back pain, foul breath, body odour, constipation, diarrhoea, weight challenges, weakened immunity, lack of energy, depression, mood swings, sciatica, psoriasis and eczema. Did you know that Avena has a unique mini book: Clean for Life? This book goes into much further detail about how the bowel relates to health complications, complete with photos and studies that will provide you information on what can cause sickness, and illness. Do your body a favour, pick up your copy, and start treating your bowel like it’s your best friend – because it is! A MUST READ: for anyone truly seeking long term health and wellness!

ONLY $4.00

Comes in 3 sizes! 15| 15|Fall Fall2017 2017Edition Edition

Fall 2017 Edition| 16

17| Fall 2017 Edition

Fall 2017 Edition| 18

19| Fall 2017 Edition

Ensure you are maximizing the use of some of our favourite formulated products with this easy chart!

Proteolytic Probiotic

  

Take 2-4 caps twice daily on an empty stomach (ideal time is before bed) Refrigerate when possible If digestive problem exist take 1-2 capsules with food

Enhanced Enzymes

  

Take 3-5 caps with food to help with digestion and assimilation of your food If meal is 100% raw 3 or more caps, if cooked or animal products add 1 cap (if both add 2 or more) Take 3-5 capsules on an empty stomach to improve general health and recovery

  

Take 5 capsules 3 times per day on an empty stomach If you can’t take as suggested add an extra dose (5-5-5) or (2-2-2-2) If serious digestive issues are present try taking 3 caps with meal

 

Mix 2 scoops in a glass of spring water or drink of choice (avoid dairy, soy or processed juices) Take twice daily in between meals to improve natural metabolism (mix in E-Fusion or Superfood) Maximize rebuild by taking after a workout

Super Digestive Enzymes


Fall 2017 Edition| 20

As the summer season ends and fall begins, so does the next round of cold and flu season! Children, especially school-aged, tend to get colds and cases of flu on a regular basis. Most children will get some illness in the fall. There are simple steps that everyone can take to help increase their body’s natural immunities. Some help prevents sickness, and others help you while in the grips of a nasty cold or flu. Just remember, sometimes it takes a while for the effects of the cold or flu to appear and to disappear. Even after the body has ‘exterminated’ the virus and/or bacteria, you may still have symptoms for a few days while the body cleanses itself. In fact, most of the symptoms we associate with a cold, such as runny noses, coughing, and sneezing, are all signs your body is over the infection and is cleaning up. Supplement steps you can take to increase immunity: 1. Enzymes - especially on in empty stomach! 2. Proteolytic Probiotic - will increase the “good fighters” 3. Electric “C“ - high amounts of Vitamin C combined with Antioxidants helps the immune system 4. Ionic Zinc - has been shown for decades to boost the immune system just by being present 5. Colloidal Silver - perfect to clean and disinfect surface areas Steps to take WHILE sick with a cold or flu: I. Rest and relaxation work best to let your body heal and recover 2. Eat foods that are easy to digest and take minimal effort to break down (fresh fruit and veggies) 3. AVOID all sugars! Sugar feeds the bacteria that cause infection 4. Use enzymes and probiotics to speed up the elimination of the bacteria or virus from your system Steps to decrease exposure and limit infection: 1. Wash hands thoroughly and regularly 2. Drink plenty of water 3. Decrease amount of white sugar in the diet (1 Tsp cuts down immunity for up to 6 hours) 4. Decrease milk and dairy products (they promote s phlegm production)

5. Get enough rest - during sleep is when your body heals 21| Fall 2017 Edition 21| Fall 2017 Edition

t h g i l h g i H f f Sta

Danielle Wilcocks is a customer service representative at Avena Originals and has been with the company since August 2015. She is one part Avena staff, one part musical theatre nerd, one part baker, two parts shopaholic and one part crazy cat lady. Too many parts? Danielle Graduated from the Donald School of Business with a major in marketing and a minor in accounting. She says: “My biggest achievement(s) has yet to come. I am always looking to achieve more tomorrow than I did today and strive to improve myself all the time.” Her top choices for products are the Herb Cocktail Capsules and P.I.N Magnesium.

Danielle Wilcocks



Empower | 22 Empower 22 Fall 2017 |Edition| 22


Enjoy some of the Avena Team’s favourite Recipes. Never Dull, ALWAYS exciting, refreshing and fun!

Chocolate RP3 Chai Ingredients 1.5 Tbsp Allspice 1.5 tsp Ground cinnamon 3 Scoops of Rp3 Cacao 1 Cup Almond milk 1 Vanilla bean or alcohol-free vanilla 2 Large dates (optional) 1 - 2 Frozen Banana’s (Depending on how thick you want the smoothie) Suggested Avena Products - E-Fusion - Minerals

Directions Pour almond milk into the blender, add the bananas, Rp3 Cacao, spices, vanilla bean, and begin to blend. For additional sweetness, insert the dates while mixing and wait for the ingredients to mix entirely. When finished, pour into a glass. Sprinkle some extra cinnamon and nutmeg on top. Sip and Enjoy!

Cantaloupe Swirl Ingredients 2 Cups of freshly squeezed orange juice 1 Handful of spinach 2-3 Bananas ripe/frozen 1/4 of a Cantaloupe Suggested Avena Products:  Superfood Powder - E-Fusion - Minerals

Serves 1 - 2

Serves 2 - 4

Directions Squeeze approximately 3-5 oranges to get 2 cups of freshly squeezed orange juice. Pour into blender, add kale and blend till greens are well mixed. Add the cantaloupe and blend until creamy. Next, add ripe/ frozen ripe bananas to thicken to likeness. If the smoothie is too thick add a little water. Enjoy!

“Bacteria follow the diet - not the other way around” ~ Dr. Robynne Chutkan 23| Fall 2017 Edition 23| Fall 2017 Edition

Tooth Oil

Refreshing & Invigorating

$24.00 6 Month Supply $0.10 per brushing

Avena’s Tooth Oil has nothing but the purest essential oils. It contains no fluoride, surfactant sweetener, abrasive, and chalk-free. Tooth Oil replaces potentially-abrasive tooth care products while breaking down plaque and tartar on contact. PROMOT ES HEALT HY T EET H

Tooth Oil promotes healthy teeth and gums, helping your body heal and prevent oral disease conditions, and our Tooth Oil provides 100% interdental access, the hardest places for toothbrushes to reach! Tooth Oil does more than just clean your teeth and freshen your breath; it’s also an excellent digestive aid and helps alleviate a sore throat, heartburn, indigestion and hiccups within minutes. Discover the exhilarating feel of polished teeth and the breath-freshening power Essential Ingredients:

Essential Oils of Almond, Peppermint and Spearmint.

Directions: *Not Actual Size

Fall 2017 Edition| 24

Rinse tooth brush, apply 1 to 3 drops of Tooth Oil, & brush as usual. Can also be used as a gargle or breath freshening mouth wash.

Some of the best characteristics of Remedy

1. Accelerates healing Lactic acid and other byproducts cause pain and soreness in the body. Remedy increases the ability of the body to eliminate waste products at the cellular level. This speeds recovery and frees up more energy for rebuilding.

REMEDY Skin Cream

2. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antifungal, antioxidant! Remedy is also known for its ability to promote skin health. It helps the skin heal from sunburn quickly due to its antioxidant and healing properties. Using Remedy to aid in treating small cuts and wounds is also highly recommended. Remedy is known to fight acne because of its ability to reduce skin inflammations, blistering, and itching. People with Arthritis may enjoy pain relief from the Aloe Vera oils by reducing inflammation in those joints it was topically applied to. 3. Remedy is often used with Psoriasis, Eczema, and Rashes Remedy's soothing nature makes it suitable to help treat and relieve pain caused by herpes and shingles, while helping the body restore itself from Psoriasis, Eczema, and rashes.


REMEDY - A Transdermal Skin Cream 50ml $39.95, or 7ml Samples $6.25

This amazing cream will change your skin forever! 100% plant-based ingredients.


These unbelievable abilities come from a exciting combination of:

    

MSM Aloe Vera Oil Avocado Oil Sunflower Oil Alpha-Lipoic Acid

    

Coenzyme Q10 Lavender Hyaluronic Acid plant Glyceryl Monosterate (Plant Extracted) Vitamins A,C,D,E

Digestive Enzyme

Therapeutic Enzyme 25| Fall 2017 Edition

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We Offer Wholesale Accounts for Businesses!

Looking for that one Natural Health Product line to enhance your Healthy Living business? Are you looking for an alternative for some of the previously great products that have lowered their quality and increased their price over the years or do you just want to provide your customers with another option to your already stellar, high-quality supplement and or Nutrition department?

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OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE! JOIN OUR AVENA TEAM Avena is currently seeking practitioners to work out of our head office in Red Deer, Alberta. Anyone who is interested and has a specialized therapy that they practice can contact our office. Let’s connect! We are looking for fun, knowledgeable, honest, and reliable consultants to join our team. Please apply if you have a practice or a therapy such as muscle testing, iridology, live blood cell analysis, acupuncture, chiropractic, or any other field that you feel may complement our office and company.

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Our Microbiome - The Silent Defenders  

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