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TRAILBLAZER is the official publicationof District 116, Qatar and published by it quarterly in every term This Publication is intended for the internal circulation among the members of District 116 and to promote the ideas and goals of Toastmasters International, a nonprofit educational organization of clubsthroughouttheworlddedicated to teaching skills in public speaking andleadership.

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“If you are going to live, leave a Legacy, make a mark on the world that can’t be erased”–MayaAngelou.

This edition of trailblazer is a tribute to Late Neshi Kumar A, DTM who was a true Toastmaster by heart and dedication The Legacywhichheleftwithus,thelessonswhich we learnt from him as fellow Toastmasters, is something which can take us through the rest ofourToastmastersjourneywithgreatvigor.

“ If your action create a Legacy, that inspires otherstodreammore,learnmore,domoreand become more, then you are an excellent leader”–DollyParton

This quote reminds me about Neshi Kumar. ThesupporthehadgiventousatClub/Area/ Division activities had inspired me a lot and taught me to support other clubs, whenever theyneededmysupport Followinghispath,I tootriedtooccupymyselftothemaximumby servingothers.Soon,Irealizedthatbyserving othersIamactuallyfollowingtheToastmasters mission.Neshiwasagreatselflessleaderanda mentor to me His sudden demise was a great shock! And still Toastmasters of District 116 couldn’tacceptthatNeshihasleftus

This is your Legacy on this earth, when you left this earth, how many hearts you have touched!

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Congratulations to all members and leaders of District 116 for the great effort in serving the members of the District. Success of any organization depends on its leaders and members. District 116 is privileged to have leaderslikeyouallandIamsurethatDistrict willbeSmedleyDistinguishedbyendofMay 2023.

It reminds me of a beautiful quote by former IndianPresidentandagreathumanitarian Dr APJ Abdul Kalam “Do not rest after your first victory,ifyoufailinyoursecond,morelipsare waitingatyoutosaythatyourfirstvictorywas just a luck”. This quote has a direct impact on allofus.Hence,itisourturnnowtoensurethat thisquoteisfollowedinletterandspirit.

Henry Ford rightly said “If you think you can, you are right and if you think you can’t, even thenyouareright Iwouldliketoaddfewmore words to this statement “the Choice is Yours”. As leaders, we always have taken the first part of the quote and we think we can and surely, wemakethingshappen.

Leaving a Legacy in leadership is vital part of our leadership journey. Now as we have completed the first half of the term 2022-23, it is time to review upon our individual and Club/Area/Division & District Goals. Refocus and strategize your action plans on the outcomes of the review. The opportunity still lies in our hands to leave a legacy of your leadership position. Let us make it happen. By leaving a legacy, we learn and experience new leadership skills which gives the real meaning for the leadership role we are playing and will promptustotakemuchbetterrolesincoming days.

“People achieve great things not becausetheyareknowledgeableor wise,becausetheytakeactions”
Rajesh VC, DTM


October31st2022afternoonwasashocktoallthetoastmasterofD116,thesuddendemiseof NeshikumarA,DTM.ItwasdifficultforustobelievethatNeshiKumarleftthisworld,stillsomeof the Toastmasters couldn't accept this truth! But he left us with a Legacy, the dedicated distinguishedtoastmasterwhoalwayshadabeautifulsmileonhisface,wemissyouNeshi!


Since I joined Toastmassters, my world has been revolving around it I am an Electrical Engineer working with Mackins Trading as a working partner. I have done my Masters in Finance & Marketing. Maths has been an interesting subject and that’s why I chose Engineering.

What brought you to Toastmasters and what makesyoustay?

Back in 2007, I came to know about Toastmasters from an organization I was part of – Keralite Engineers Forum (KEF) which constitutes of Keralite Engineers who completedEngineeringoutsideKerala.Ijoined Toastmasters for my family. When my son became in 9th Grade, I realized he has to improve on his public speaking skills. I made him to join the YLP conducted by KEF Toastmasters. Now, the overall teaching or helpingotherstolearnbetter.Ithasbeenagive backtothesociety


Interviewer–BinduPillai Photography/Videography–RemiRaji Venue:Neshi’shouseinBinOmran.

Who is your mentor and share with your audience about some key memories of your mentor-menteerelationship?

I recollect my first mentor as DTM Noorudeen. He assisted me in the initial times with my speeches Later, when I understood what a mentor is, I can say there are many. Similar is the case when someone approaches me. I always tell them to observe me and consider measamentoronlyforthoseyouthinkisgood inme.Ireallycantcountmymentorsasthelist is long and I don’t wish to miss out on anyone whenInamethemall.


What are some of the key achievements that your mentees have attained that you are proudof?

I consider many people around me as my mentees. I don’t know how many of them consider me as their mentor (Giggles) I am proudofmanyofthemhaveperformed.IfeelI havedonesomethingforthemtoo.Foreg:two ofmymenteesarehereinfrontofme–Yourself (pointing to me) and Remi (pointing to Videographer).

You have been in Toastmasters when Pathways was implemented. How did you contributetoacceptingthechange?


CL In Feb or Mar 2018 first training we attendedbyDTMRaghavanMenon.Inthenext year, I became the VPE in my clubs – KEF and Excel. I accepted the challenge to understand whatitisallabout.Helpingotherstolearnwill gainyoubetterlearningandbetterenjoyment.

There is no single definition for effective Leadership, what is your advice to the budding toastmasters to climb up the Leadershipladder?

Enjoy the program and attempt every role you take with passion. Say Yes to all the roles that come to you. Challenge yourself to new roles. Don’tovercommitandoverdo Staycommitted andtakeresponsibilityofyourroles.


I am from Kuttiyadi, Kozhikode District. I am settled in Qatar since 2009. My family consists of my wife Lali and two children – Ninav and Nritha. Lali works in Pearl School as an AcademiccoordinatorforGrades1-4.Ninavisa Grade X11 student and Nritha is in Grade VI. I havetwosiblings.

Area15hadalegacybeingtopinDistrict116, 3rdinRegion11and7thintheWorldin201819.WheredoesArea15standatthemoment and where do you aim to reach prior to the endofyourterm?

MorethanreachingsomewhereinDistrict116,I aimed at developing my co-Toastmasters who are in my Area and my club. We formed a new club – AITMAQ Toastmasters. It was aimed at developthosefresherswhoareoutofAnjuman InstituteofTech&Managementwhoarecome into Gulf for jobs. We have two challenging clubs – AITMAQ which is a new club and Megchiani-Oneacorporateclubwasconverted intoanonlineclub.

YouweretheIT-HeadintheDTACCommittee 2020-21.Highlightsomeoftheexperiencesof alife-time.

DTAC has always been a celebration for all Being the IT Head was a huge privilege, We were a big team connected online during the pandemic We pondered into the options for online meetings and decided to conduct the DTAC completely online. It was a huge challenge and I must say, all were equally enthusiastic and eager to get the event conducted online. The event was a grand successtoo.

Thank you Neshi for your time. All the best to getArea15PresidentDistinguished.

InterviewwithLateNeshiKumarA,DTM 07 TRAILBLAZER
08 TRAILBLAZER DistrictToastmasteroftheterm2019-2020NeshiKumarA


I was aghast when I heard the news that Neshi Kumar was no more. It was unbelievable. What happened that he had to be removed from our midst so soon? This was not the time for him to go?Allsortsofquestionsengulfedme.Neshiwas a Toastmaster who you could easily befriend because that was the type of person he was; always smiling, always at the forefront of Toastmaster events discharging his role with totalcommitment.

I,atonce,tookalikingforhim,whenIspotted him at online meetings. He was always the gracioushostatZoommeetings,inadditionto theotherroleshewoulddon.Igottoknowhim a bit better when we met personally on a couple of occasions, after in-person meetings were resumed. We started talking and getting to know more about ourselves, whenever we bumped into each other He came across as a lovely person, amicable, civil and always courteous.Thatiswhythenewsofhispassing awaycameasarudeshocktome.Ifeltasense ofdeprivation,asIlostadearToastmasterand apotentialfriend.

This incident got me thinking, we never know when we could be called by our master and whenwouldbeourturntoleave Accordingto DavidBrooks,eulogyvaluesarewhatmakeyou standforyourhighestvaluesandyourdeepest convictions Eulogy values give you the big pictureforyourlifeandgiveyoutheimpetusto createthelifeyouwant.Hasthequestionever got into you? The question of what would you liketoberememberedfor?Howdoyouwantto beknownwhenyouaregone?Assomeonewho inspiredotherstotakeaction?Thebestwayis bysettinganexample.

NeshiKumar’ssuddenremovalfromthescene prompts us to ask the question about the legacy we are building right now. Are we cultivating a life of kindness, of compassion? Arewegivingtimeforothers?Areourthoughts, ideasbeingengrainedintothemindsofothers? Thisissomethingweneedtoaskourselves.

In fact, we, as Toastmasters do a lot more without realizing it. We do it through our dedication to the Toastmasters program, the way we go about dedicating ourselves to improving the way we communicate. By doing our speeches, by expressing our thoughts, our ideasinanarticulatemanner,bytakingpartin contests, by bringing to the fore our inherent qualities and exhibiting them at the club, at different levels as we climb the leadership ladder, and in forums out of the Toastmasters arena When we do all these things, we inspire otherswithoutknowingit,justasNeshidid.We remember him for that and he endeared himselftoallofusashesimplydidwhathewas supposed to do, as a human and as a Toastmaster.

LetusdriveinspirationfromNeshiKumar,and hislife,andlivealifeweareproudofanditwill certainly inspire others to do the same. The timetostartlivingourlegacyisNOW.

Ram Mohan Roy, DTM


"I joined Toastmasters to inspire my children and then to meet new people from various streamsoflife.SlowlyasIproceededinToastmasters,Istartedtounderstandmystrengths, correct my weaknesses, and enjoyed the responsibilities. As a result, slowly but steadily I learned the dynamics in it, and I could project myself as someone who can be dependable. Toastmasters approached me with various doubts, and I would answer them with patience, implementingmyprinciplefrommycollegedays"

Theabovewordsarefrom,LateNeshiKumarA,DTMandourDistrict116Toastmastershavealot totalkabouthim.

I have known late Neshi Kumaralmostfromthetime he joined Toastmasters From the beginning he showed interest to learn every aspects of Toastmasters.

He is one of the few Toastmasters who go beyond their club and support others at the early stage of their Toastmasters journey. He masteredthepathwaysverywellandoneofthe very first Toastmasters to master online contests.

WhenIwasClubGrowthDirector,hehelpedthe district by visiting new clubs and educating them on pathways. When I was the Program QualityDirector(PQD),hewasinmyPQDteam and supported PQD activities extremely well andespeciallyonPQDAwards.WhenIwasthe District Director he served as Area 15 director and actively performed as an Area Director. Duringthattime,wealmostlostMegchianione Toastmasters Club. But he came up with completelynewstrategytoretaintheclub.His effortspaidoffwell.

IsawhimasafearlessToastmasterwhoknows minute details of Toastmasters and always wanted to ensure we follow best practices. Neshi left us so early. May his soul Rest in Eternal Peace. I am sure and I wish that he watchsandguidehisyoungfamilytoprosper.

I remember my first interaction with my dear friend,NeshiKumar Hewas a modest but enthusiastic personality, one who could gel with any individual at anylevelandahelpfulhand

in any situation Over the years it was this sublime character of his that I admired and respected.

We all are interested in Toastmasters, but Neshi, he was passionate. He would spend hours together on the Toastmasters website and keep updating his knowledge about Toastmasters. Every time I met him, he had something new to share and encouraged me also to explore more. Once I called him to enquire about pathways mentoring. He patiently helped me navigate through the Toastmasters website, browse through the huge video library, and guided me to the specific video He said he had watched all the videos! That day our conversation about Toastmastersresourceslastedformorethan2 hours

At the end of it, my admiration for his dedication and commitment was at all-time high.He believed in mentoring and supported the cause by setting an example. He was a mentor to so many Toastmasters, as motivationheencouragedmanyotherstotake upthePathwaysMentorProgram.

Thayalan Kailayapillai, DTM Azeez Muhammed Thayalan, DTM

The impact my friend has on me is a lasting one Iwishandpraythatthedepartedsoulrest in peace. Gone from sight, but never from my heart.

Azeez Muhammed

ImetNeshiforthefirsttime in 2017 when he visited KEF Toastmasters Club as a guest My interaction during the break was very formal. We introduced ourselves andthat'sit

Over the next 5 years my relationship with Neshi grew. Whatever task assigned to him or whatever roles he took up in the Club, Area or Divisionlevels, heexcelled Itwasnotasurprise that he won the Division Q Oryx Award for OutstandingToastmasterin2018&DistrictArea Director Award in 2021 He went on to become AreaDirectorin2020&DivisionDirectorin2022.

What I'm impressed with Neshi is his positive attitudetowardseverythinghedid.WhenImet him for the last time in September 2022 at HamadMedicalCorporation(HMC),justbeforeI leftQatarandfewweeksbeforeNeshileftus,I was so happy to see his optimism & hope of returningtonormallifeaftertreatmentatHMC andstandingforDistrict116CGDelection, this year.Hehadaroadmapforhisleadeshiproles till District 116 Director. He also spoke to me aboutstartinganewToastmastersClubatHMC fortheDoctors.

That was the level of his positive thinking Listeningtoallthese,Iwasveryconfidentthat hewillcomeoutofthedifficultsituationhewas in It was very unfortunate that we lost such a youngleaderwhohadmadesuchabigimpact on the lives of thousands of Toastmasters and EngineersinQatar.Thoughphysicallyheisnot withus,wecannotforgettheeversmilingface ofourdearNeshi,ever.

As told by Ninav, Neshi's son: We are proud of what he did during his short life and will keep himandhisfamilyinourprayers.

Raghavan Menon, DTM

Leading from the front, Encouraging one and all, Gone but not forgotten, Alwaystheretolendahand, Charming smile, Yeoman service to the D116 fraternity.

Neshi Kumar, DTM was a man, who I believe wasbehindthescenesmostofthetimes,infact I only saw him deliver a few speeches, that is because he was always there to give others a platform and a push. I will admit that I wasn’t closetohimbutthetimeswemet,hewasthere positivelypushingToastmastersforward Neshi youwillbemissedandyourlegacyhardtofill. Resteasymyfriend!

Neshi Kumar, whom I had the pleasure of meetingduringmyearlydaysatToastmasters, was truly an exceptional individual. He was a shiningexampleofagreatleaderandsomeone who had a genuinely kind heart. What stuck outtomewashisunwaveringcommitmentto his work and his ability to always maintain a smile on his face. Meeting someone like Neshi was an unforgettable experience, and I feel grateful for the opportunity to have crossed pathswithhim.Theimpacthehadonmeand otherswillundoubtedlybelong-lasting.

Raghavan Menon, DTM Shareef Mihlar Shareef Mihlar Anusree Damodaran K Anusree Damodaran K


I first met Neshi Kumar in one of the club meetings of KEF Toastmasters in 2016 He had attended it as a guest on invitation from a KEF Toastmasters member ToastmasterPadmarajan.

Bothofthemwerecollegebuddies.Inthenext meeting, Neshi joined the club and I was assigned to support him as his mentor. I mentored him in a couple of his initial speeches.Butsoontherewasarolereversal.He pickedupsofastthatinayear’stimeheknew muchmorethanmeaboutToastmasters.Later, I started consulting him, whenever I was in doubt.

Neshi Kumar had played an important role in my Toastmasters journey. When I was the Area 15 Director, Neshi had contributed immensely in the formation of North Star Toastmasters Club. He had assisted the Executive committee of KBPN Toastmasters Club to become President’s Distinguished Club Later, he had alsohelpedmeinconductingtheAreaContest.

Wehavesharedsomuchthroughtheyearsand I’mherenowtosharetheweightofhisloss.He has left us but it’s hard to say goodbye and even harder when it’s to someone like Neshi Kumar. He was one-of-a-kind and will be missedforever


Noorudheen V, DTM Noorudhen V, DTM




It is the long-lasting impact of particular events, actions, etc. that took place in the past, or of a person’slife.


I quote the successful business tycoon Ratan Tata, “Apart from values and ethics which I have tried to live by, the legacy I would like to leave behind is a very simple one - that I have always stood up for what I consider to be the right thing, and I have tried to be as fair and equitableasIcouldbe.”

In contrast we have another successful businesstycoonBillGateswhosays,“Legacyis astupidthing!Idon'twantalegacy”


I can definitely say Dr.Ralph C.Smedley has a leftalegacyforallhumanityofgivingtheman opportunity to improve their Communication andLeadershipSkills–THETOASTMASTERS!

Havingbeen45plusyearsinQatarIdidasoul searchandrealizedthatinmyownsmallwayI haveleftcertainlegaciesinQatar.


Being a Founder Member of the Doha Chapter of Chartered Accountants of India (1st Overseas Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India)



The Ideal Indian school

The Delhi Public School

The DPS Monarch international School

The Savithri Phule Pune University

Been the District 79 Treasurer of TMI

Started THE QATAR TALKS speech competitions.

OntheSocialside- 1

Being a Founder Member of Indian Community Benevolent Forum

Being a Past President of the Indian Cultural Centre

Being a Member of Indian Business Professional Council

Raised funds for Charitable causes through the Qatar Red Crescent Society



Started Hardball Cricket B Division

Started Softball Cricket – the Qatar Veterans Cricket League

The only reason for listing the above (not blaring my own trumpet) is to encourage everybody especially the youngsters to get involved, take up responsibilities, think out of theboxandleavealegacy!

IleaveyouwithaquotefromKevinCostner,the American actor, producer, film director and musician,“Westandourbestchanceofleaving a legacy to those who want to learn, our children, by standing firm. In matters of style, hey, swing with the stream. But in matters of principle,youneedtostandlikearock.”

Mohammed Ikhlas Farid, DTM



District 116 was always at the helm of highest quality and ranking for many years. It was fortunate to begin the new term 2022-2023 with the best of the best leaders who are designated to serve our members and clubs. From day one, theverve,vibrancyandvigourwasevidentinthe Council members, starting from Club Officers to AreaDirectorstoDivisionDirectorstotheDistrict Cabinet, to strive and once again reclaim the NumberOnePositionintheWorld.

Theteamdynamicsandcamaraderieareworth mentioningworkingtowardsmakingtheClubs, Areas and Divisions nothing less than President’s Distinguished and for District, one stepaheadtobeSmedleyDistinguished.

Everything appeared in order until the mournful news of Neshi Kumar, a towering personality among Toastmasters leaders who was known for his in-depth knowledge of processes and protocols He was ailing from a dreadful disease and hospitalized from few months. Every Toastmaster did pray and wish for his recovery but the destiny was different and we lost him!!! Irreparable, irreversible and irreplaceable loss for the entire Toastmasters fraternityofQatar

It was overwhelming to see our members comingforwardinsupportofhisfamily,paying tribute,beingwithwifeandkidsatthisdifficult time, until everyone departed Qatar. Not just for Toastmasters activities, but even when it comes to personal needs, we the members of District 116 shows that camaraderie and stand together.

As said by George Eliot; Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them ‘Unquote’. Neshi Kumar lives in the hearts of everyone who has met and worked with him He has left a legacy for us to follow and continue from where he stopped. As responsible leaders and members of Toastmasters District 116, let each one of us pledge to do our best and take our District to thetoponceagain

Mansoor Moideen, DTM







Out of dozens of marvels of a leadership the focus here is on the assertion by Dwight Eisenhower, “Leadershipistheartofgettingsomeoneelsetodo something you want done because he wants to do it”. In other words, Leadership is the process of optimizingperformanceofothers.

One of the most critical tasks leaders are expectedtodoistocreateleadersbelowthem and that is by delegation and empowerment. The art and science of delegation and empowerment is a fine balance that leaders mustmastertoleadtheirteamforperforminga task. It is imperative for leaders to keep on taking complex roles for themselves and pass onthebatonofmanageabletaskstotheirteam who in turn of doing those tasks, learn and growandcontributetotheleadership.Theshift from doing to getting done is corner-stone of leadership When the senior leaders of an organization can’t or won’t delegate and empower,theculturesuffers.

The major obligation of a leader is to believe thatuseofdelegationandempowermentisnot If, but a Must Honesty of this belief lies in application of delegation and empowerment. Onceacrystal-clearviewofthesetwoeffective tools is developed in a leader, the Genie is ready to unleash a new dimension of motivation and performance. The next task leadersfaceistoknowwhy,whenandwhomto delegateandempower.Letusfirstunderstand some details of the two instruments of leadershipbelow


Delegation is a process of entrusting and assigningworkbyleaderstotheirteamtocarry out a specific task with clear input, direction andoutput.Itismoreaboutdecidingwhatnot todo,ratherthanwhattodo.

Since there is no thumb rule of delegation, leadersneedtoperceivetheupsanddownsof delegation by taking into account their own circumstances. Leaders ought to know what objectivetheywanttoachieveandaccordingly they should apply it. It is crucial for leaders to know the basic principles of delegation, which is:Delegationprovidestimeandabilitytofocus on higher-level tasks, develops trust between workers and improves communication. It enhances productivity and efficiency of delegator,developscompetenceandimproves motivationandmoraleofteam.Delegationalso provides opportunity for professional training and growth Some of the risks involved in delegation are: chances of inferior results, possible miscommunication conflicts, losing control,andthreatenedpositionetc Empowermentexplained.

Empowerment is a multi-dimensional process of giving authority or power to someone to do something. It fosters confidence and enables them to use their resources and recognize potentials. The main ingredients of empowerment are autonomy and accountability

Firoz Ahamad Baig
20 TRAILBLAZER Perceivingrewardsandrisksofdelegation.

Empowerment provides additional bandwidth, enablingfollowerstomakedecisionsthatwere once reserved for leaders. Empowerment acts as a confidence booster, and it is sustainable and productive in the long run Empowering allowsthemtotaketasks,andmakethemtheir own, by using their particular style being accountableforeverythingtheydo

Discerning the difference between DelegationandEmpowerment.

The key difference between delegation and empowerment is that of accountability. Delegation raises followers and empowerment raisesleaders.Bothofthesetoolsrequirebasic principles such as clarified expectations, communication, coaching and training, feedback and trust They are most effective whenusedspecificallyforaparticularsituation and verily dependent on the attitude that the leaders and organization decide to use it for Each approach requires a different mentality and purpose. However, no matter what approach has been adopted, the leader is still in control. An empowered team is more likely toworkefficientlyandfollowerswillbewilling to go the extra mile as task becomes more personaltothem.


Insteadofgoingintothemazeofdefinitionslet us understand it in simple illustration

Delegation is to tell a person, to buy the plant from specific nursery, dig deep pit, place the plantgentlyinpit,fillthepitwithsoilgentlybut firmly, and irrigate regularly. On the other hand, the empowerment is to simply ask the person to plant a tree and take care of its growth.

Hence empowerment is not to describe the peoplehowtodothingsbuttotellthemwhat to do and they will surprise back with their ingenuity.

Delegations and empowerment are twins however not the identical. Empowerment is smarter kid and has an edge over its sibling delegation.Theyarenotoppositesbutarethe two ends of a continuum. The two tools have their own pluses and minuses and before leaders go ahead to use their powerful tools it isessentialtoknowitsupsanddowns.

A rough strategy for leaders, when to delegateandwhentoempower

An ideal situation for delegation would be a periodofcrisis,abusyworkperiodandatight deadline etc. Critical moments require an authoritative decision-maker and the leaders shouldmakeafinalcall.Aleadermustbeable topicktherightperson Itisaboutwhocando it, who needs to develop these skills, who has capacity,whohasshowninterest,whoisready for a challenge and who would see it as a reward?

Why the Genie of Delegation and Empowerment needs to be released out of bottle.

With the unprecedented revolution in various walks of life and upcoming applications of Artificial Intelligence and other technologies there is greater obligation for the leaders to adopt to the parallel speed to keep pace with trending vogue. The leaders need to change theirmindset,andbehaviorstowardsupskilling their team by providing tangible leadership experience. Leaders have to make sure that team members have enough opportunity to learn and grow. Leaders also must be confident when to step in, step back, cheerlead, coach, adjust expectations, make themselves available, and celebrate successes. –“TheEnd”


In Loving Memory Of N




Neshiwasatrueleaderwhoattractedpeopleand knew how to hold them together. A dignified toastmaster who is simple, loving, caring and passionate. He was a man with all qualities. A true person & a true leader. He made a great impactinmanyToastmastersintheDistrict116. Mybrotherisnomoreinthisworldbutwillbe always in all of our heart. His demise is Extremely painful for me, beyond words! still unbelievable!Therewasnosingledayinmylife without remembering his face, his words and smile even after his demise! On Monday, 31st Octoberaround1PMnoon,Igotthatshocking news,butIdidnotbelieve.IrushedtoHamad Hospital mortuary to see my brother’s face for thelasttime,infacttomakemebelievethathe is no more At mortuary, they opened the cell number 2003 for us to see. Even though my mind and heart rejected to see and believe, it was one of the most painful truths in front of me,itwashim!MylatebrotherNeshi.

An ever smiling, calm, matured, brother who had held my hands in my journey in Toastmasters. I even said and believed he is oneofmyhands.Heistheonewhohelpedme the most to fill the gaps in my leadership journey in toastmasters with his unconditional care,affectionandlove.Heacceptedmeasone ofhisbestfriendswithouttryingtochangeme. He always said, Sabeena you are perfect the way you are. Never change. He was the Assistant Division Director- Club Growth of DivisionEwhenIwastheDivisionEDirectorin 2020-21. Anupama, Neshi and I had lots of intellectual talks, discussions and learning together Neshiwasapersonwhoneversayno, alwaysreadytotakethetoughesttaskevenin thelastmoment.

HewasanassurancetoallofusinDistrict116.I realizethatIhavetoaccepthisdemisewiththe deepestpain!accepthisdemise.Yes,Ilostone ofmyhands.Icouldn’teventypeanythingthat day!Ifeltcompleteblank.Iknewhowitiswhen weloseourhands!

I remember talking to him on Thursday, 27th October2022eveningandaskinghimtosenda voice message to encourage the audience of Division E Mega Open house. He denied and said he is in Sedation and his voice will not haveclarity Heneverallowedustoseehimat hospital, but we were in constant communication by call and WhatsApp. I was amazed by his hard work and optimistic thoughts on hospital bed and promised me that he will come back in November or maximum by December 2022, but unfortunately, he couldn’t come back. I know he would not have liked us to leave either. He wantedtogivenominationfortheroleofClub GrowthDirectorforthenextterminDistrict116 and even his 2 minutes speech was ready. I neverknewthatitwillbeanuntoldspeech!My WhatsApp is filled with his messages including voicemessages.Itwasahabitformetocallor text him on a daily basis or at least alternate days to discuss the updates, progress and challengesinourToastmastersjourney

Sabeena MK, DTM


Without him I am struggling to get out of this habit,untilnow Thereisablankspaceinfront ofmewithouthim.Irememberthedaywehad invited his family to my home during last iftar and both families had a memorable Iftar last year. Now when we are in this auspicious monthofRamadansittingonthesametable,it ishardevenformysonstobelieveNeshiuncle isnomore.

MydearsisterLaliNeshiKumar,Ninav&Nritha, we all are here for you just a text away. May God give you strength to bear this irreparable loss.Storms,calamitiesandsorrowswillcome, butwearemeanttobounceback

Let’s bounce back to the heights where Neshi wanted to see us He wanted us to achieve nothinglessthanthebest.Let’sturnourlifeto that direction where my ever-caring brother wanted to see us This is another time he demands us to raise from the ash to sky towards our dreams and goals. Let’s fulfil our responsibilities much better Let’s work together.Let’sbematuredandmoreconfident. This life is too short to live for ourselves. We havemilestogobeforewesleep.Mayhissoul RestinPeace.


Glimpses from Walk & Talk