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ISSUE 3, DEC 2015

Ready for a ‘knock out’ Season 2 of MMI

Reigning Mr. & Miss Model International Adonis Hansome and Lady Falina Katze (FalinaKatze)

Your One Stop To All Your Fashion Needs


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine


4 Publisher/Editor’s Note 8 Spotlight 8 Picture The Power of Windlight Magazine   16 Community 16 I’m Pregnant!!! Is There A Doctor In The House?   24 Stuff Happened Menstuff, Womenstuff and Homestuff

32 Holiday Special 32 Places to visit for the Holidays 52 Outrageous Sweater Competition 72 Popular Holiday Hunts From POE to Santa’s Christmas Market & More

82 Designers 82 The Timeless Elegance of

Styles By Danielle

88 Arts & Entertainment 88 Dancing with Babypea VonPhoenix Bikergrrl 102 Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

108 Fashion 108 Mr. & Miss Model International (MMI) More Than Just Another Model Contest! 120 Pomp and Circumstance NeXuS Modeling School Graduation 128 PAZZO Style Challenge #21 & #22 134 Sitting Down With the CEO of Model’s Workshop (Suki Rexen)

142 Role Play 142 Speak Like a Pirate Every Day!

RP on the Blake Sea Contested Sims

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Publisher/Editor’s Note

Ava Jhamin Photo by Roy Mildor

I never knew that seven years ago that all the things I wanted to accomplish in Second Life has been stamped done. Of course I would be nieve to take all the credit. It’s one thing to have the ideas and the dreams but it takes a village to make it a reality. I want to thank each and every one of you that is part of L’Amour for being my village. We will be going into the second year for Mr. & Miss Model International (MMI), which will be under way as this new publication


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

of Diversity comes out. I am very proud of all that we did accomplish with MMI last year. Cassie has left L’Amour and I want to thank her for an amazing job that she did with all she worked on. L’Amour Diversity Magazine is striving to look for the diverse in arts, fashion, life and entertainment. As I wanted for L’Amour Diversity Magazine we have dealt, with some controversial issues. We at Diversity are ok with this as long as someone is helped or can relate to it along the way.

ISSUE 3, DEC 2015 We will have many more stories I am sure “Crossing The Line”, Look for The SL Emotional it real or fiction!! Competitions!! The Truth Be Told and much more. So please keep an eye out for these and many Diverse stories from the staff of Diversity. Issuu flagged our second issue of L’Amour Diversity as I guess it was the gore and blood of it for Halloween. If anyone would like to see this amazing issue just contact Ava Jhamin. Last but not least I would like to thank all of the advertisers for their support of Diversity Magazine And remember if it needs to be said, “L’Amour Diversity” is going to bring it on. Write On!!!!!!

n i m a h J Ava Ava Jhamin CEO Publisher/Editor in Chief L’Amour Diversity Magazine

STAFF Ava Jhamin Publisher/Editor Sita Writer Co-Editor Jena Adder Layout/Graphics STAFF & CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Rhiannon Colclough sarahelisebeth Brenham Sita Writer Bai Nightfire Jena Adder Ahn Avion PHOTOGRAPHERS Alex Avion Genesis Monroe Moralez Trinity Aironaut ON THE COVER Lady Falina Katze (FalinaKatze) Adonis Hansome

The views and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher. © 2015 L’Amour Productions. All rights reserved.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Windlight Magazine is a publication about the art and photography world of Second Life. The goal of Windlight Magazine is to support artists, photographers, galleries, and related events.


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine


Picture The Power of Windlight Magazine By Ava Jhamin I first met Johannes1977, or John to those lucky enough to call him friend, about four years ago. I was doing some fashion weeks for Jessi2009 Warrhol of the Tribute Sim at the time. John was also working with her on Relay For Life. We all started working on Relay for Life together and the rest is history.  I stood around with John and spoke to him as he worked. This is not a man on the grid that can sit idle. I am not sure if it comes from his years in the Marines or what. So kick back readers of L’Amour Diversity and get to know Johannes1977 and his newest baby, besides Emma, Windlight Magazine & Gallery.  Ava: What brought you to Second Life, John? John: This is actually my second avatar, I have been in SL for around nine years on a previous avatar. I discovered SL via friends of mine who were in the military like myself. They were role playing in SL and I decided to check it out and have been here since, except for a couple of military deployments overseas. Ava: Tell me what you started to do when you came to Second Life? 

John: Just about everything, but I mostly was into military and combat RP for a long time. I had done the usual things that people do here: own land, a business, have fun, and build.  Ava: How did you start Windlight Magazine? John: When I got into the art scene in SL, I was looking for publications that solely covered art and photography and other art mediums. I think there were a couple and I noticed that some magazines that claimed to be about the arts, had ventured off to fashion (nothing wrong with that), but I wanted something on the arts. So I sat down one night and combed through real life art magazines online and decided to start my own. I was going to do an online only magazine at first that was quarterly, but ...continued next page

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


decided to do a monthly magazine that was both online and also distributed via SL. Ava: Tell Diversity Readers John What Windlight Magazine is all about?   John: Windlight Magazine is where we feature SL artists and photographers. We also have featured architect creators such as Kaya Angel and we have fashion in the magazine. We try to stay on the arts (literature, art, music, fashion, etc) Ava: Can you also tell the readers about the gallery?  John: Windlight Art Gallery is set up for new and existing artists to have a place to show their work and to gain exposure in the SL art scene. There are many great artists who have never had a chance to show their work in both real life and SL and I wanted to change that. Artists can apply to be one of our artists fellows and after reviewing their application we notify them of acceptance, if they met the criteria.  At Windlight we take care of the opening and closing events, which feature a live singer at no expense to the artists.       Ava: What is the criteria for an artist/ photographer to be accepted into Windlight Gallery?  John: Windlight Magazine Art Gallery Fellowship Program is part of Windlight Magazine, a new Second Life

publication that focuses on the arts. The concept of the Windlight Art Gallery is to provide gallery space and support for new and established Second Life Artists. Each approved artist will receive free gallery space for 30 days. You can view our website at the following link:  www. all information and criteria can be found here.   Ava: What are the downs of owning a business in Sl for you John? John: I don’t think there really is a down side to it, except having time to balance both real life and SL at the same time. There are hands on business owners and business owners who only log in occasionally.  I am a hands on business owner, I do many things myself but I also have a great bunch of contributors who help out behind the scenes. Ava: If you could change anything about SL what would it be and why? John: I would love to see more people in SL and more positives in SL. There is a lot of negativity in the form of griefing at times and people who just want to see many fail in SL, not to mention organizations that claim to be there to help others, simply exist as ways for people to climb the imaginary SL social ladder. That may sound harsh but it’s true. I would love to see a place where people focus on the positives of this place, sure SL is not without its ...continued next page


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

negatives, but think of what you can do here. I would also change the number of prims on a parcel and the land sizes. Ava: Why I have you hear would you like to tell the Diversity Readers what you are doing with charities now? I know this has always been a big deal to you. John: I am the cofounder of Team Diabetes of SL, an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association.  Jessii Warrhol

or John you would like our readers to know? John: We are launching a few things next year, hopefully our readers and yours will be involved and have fun with the things we have planned. I would tell you but they are a surprise: P Giggles and john and can’t wait for the readers to hear all about what is up and coming with Windlight Magazine. 

We are launching a few things next year, hopefully our readers and yours will be involved and have fun with the things we have planned...

and I decided to start the charity, after she had a close friends of her die from diabetes complications this year. We have had fun launching the charity and seeing it grow, so many have diabetes, in fact it’s estimated almost 400 million people have it worldwide.

Thank you so much John for sitting down with me and doing this Advertising Spotlight. Just so our Readers know. When a business advertises in L’Amour Diversity they get a feature in our Advertising Spotlight picked by the Publisher, done by yours truly. 

I have also been involved with Rock Your Rack and Creations for Parkinson’s, where I am curator of the Creations Art Gallery.

Thank you again John for such a nice interview experience for me. And thank you John for an amazing business and friendship. You are truly an inspiration for all and businesses in second life. n

Ava: Tell me are there any plans for the Future of Windlight Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


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(l) Dr. Haylie Moons

(r) Dr. Evan Moo INNER CHI

shine (Haylie Gottesmann) INNER CHILD Co-owner onshine (Phoenixxx Quan) ILD Creator and Co-owner


I’m Pregnant!!! Is There A Doctor In The House? By Ava Jhamin The title of my story is apropos as we know in real life this happens a lot. But what about here in Second Life.  What I love the most about being able to have a baby in Second Life is that it opens the doors, for those that may not really be able to have a baby. I sat down with Dr. Evan Moonshine (Phoenixxx Quan) and Dr. Haylie Moonshine (Haylie Gottesmann) to share with the readers a bit about their love story and their business INNER CHILD Enhancements. This is what Haylie says of her husband on her profile. “When I met you, I had no idea how much my life was about to be change, but then again, how could I have known? A love like ours happens once in a lifetime. You are my angel. You are the one who is everything I have ever hoped for, the one I thought only existed in my imagination. When you came into my life, I realized that what I had always thought was happiness couldn’t compare to the joy loving you has brought me. I knew within minutes of meeting you that you were rare, and realized after that first electrifying kiss, you were everything I wanted. You have torn down my walls and made me feel alive. You exposed the two things that ...continued next page

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


make me vulnerable: my heart and my soul. Then you put the broken pieces together piece by piece, and you found me and you stayed. I love you Evan forever.” Evan of Haylie: “On April 14th, 2015, I took you as my wife in the presence of our family and friends, to love, honor and cherish all the days of my life. I love you, baby, with all my heart and soul, forever and always. There comes a day, there comes a time, there is that moment, if you get to be so blessed, and today was that day. A day when you get to say: Baby, you’re all I’ve ever needed.” Also the doctor and his beautiful wife have two month old triplets and Haylie is now six weeks pregnant. So I would say for sure these two walk the walk not just talk the talk.  Ava: The cliché question, what brought you to SL? Evan: One day, a friend of mine came for a visit from Mexico for his job. He was working on his laptop on and off. Then, he says, “SL is a great place. I created cars for people to drive.” At that time, it was 2005, so it was quite the engineering feat. Over the course of the day he spent in America, I became interested in SL and decided to join. Haylie: Well, my reason was a little bit more cliché. I am a huge CSI fan and was watching an episode that was about a murder and SL was the featured. I was curious by it and wanted to

check it out and see what it was all about. Just over seven years later, I am still addicted lol!   Ava: Please tell our readers what Inner Child is all about? Evan: Life begins with a single moment that becomes a lifetime of love. INNER CHILD babies were created to enhance the Second Life experience for anyone who would like to carry a baby inside their avatar. Cam in, or wear the “Look at my baby” alpha for legacy bodies, or use your alpha hud that comes with your mesh body, and watch your baby “grow” each week. Version 2 was just launched a few weeks ago. It now has a fully three dimensional baby with blinking eyes, a brain and a beating heart. And, everything is tucked neatly inside a realistic female reproductive system. I wanted to bring something unforgettable to SL. Ava: Can you tell me the process or what someone would experience with coming to Inner Child? Evan: All who choose INNER CHILD have great moments. Beginning with the tiniest seed implanted in the uterus, you can watch your baby grow week by week. There are forty distinctly

different babies for them to discover. And, they get all the help they need to enjoy the entire process. It’s a very user friendly product as well. It takes all the worry out of what’s next, and gives them a unique and realistic pregnancy, which is what most want as far as reproduction

INNER CHILD babies were created to enhance the SL experience for anyone who would like to carry a baby inside their avatar.

in Second Life. Realism shouldn’t stop in the bedroom. It can now continue for the nine “months” after. Ava: What changes have you seen in the industry for babies in Second Life? Haylie: With the introduction of sculpts, mesh and nano prims, it can create a more realistic outcome for the builders. Your imagination and building skills are about the only limits. As Second Life develops and advances, INNER CHILD will too. Ava: What do you see for the future of the baby industry in SL? ...continued next page

Some of the best moments came from people, who in real life could no longer have children. I enjoy giving something back to the community...

Haylie: As Second Life becomes more sophisticated, so will the baby experience. We have big plans for the future of Inner Child. It is going to be amazing, but we aren’t letting out any secrets just yet.

seeing him interact with his patients and seeing that he was in need of help, I first jokingly asked if he needed a nurse. He said to me, “You know what my biggest dream is? Running a clinic with my wife by my side as a doctor.” 

Ava: What ever made you choose this industry to be involved with in SL?

My first comment to him about that was oh man don’t think I am that smart. My amazing husband then told me I was the smartest woman he knew and that I would be great at it. I enrolled into Hillman, I did my internship at Evan’s clinic, I thought he would cut me some slack on the 15 hours, no such luck he made me do the whole 15 hours. But it was an amazing experience nonetheless.  Ava: Is this something you do in real life?

Evan: Well, as the old adage goes: Sex sells. And, what better way to advertise your fertility or virility than to create a baby. Babies in SL will always be a platform for creativity. And, as I said earlier: I wanted to bring something unforgettable to Second Life. Haylie: When I meet Evan, I was completely fascinated with the experience he was providing to his patients. After a couple of months of

Evan: I am a first place National award winning artist at 15, Biology and Art

Award in High School, 4.0 college graduate with a double major in Human Biology/Graphic Arts, and currently an exotic insect collector (3,000+). SL is an extension of my knowledge base, and I enjoy the art/medical aspects in this form of expression. Haylie: Funny you should ask that haha! My answer to that would be no where close to it. I have had experience being in administration in the medical field but practicing is a big no. I am actually working on a law degree in real life as we speak. Ava: If you could spend a day on Second Life doing anything you wanted, what would that be? Evan: I’ll let you use your imagination as to what my answer might be. Haylie: Uh...I may or may not have an obsession with shopping with a strong interest in Gacha...shhh don’t tell Evan, but I think he is on to me. Ava: What is the experience you see people going through with Inner Child?  Evan: Some of the best moments came from people, who in real life could no longer have children. I enjoy giving something back to the community, and seeing people smile and have some happy tears in the process. I even had a client who, every week when the

baby grew, said she couldn’t resist teleporting everyone on her friend’s list to watch. Her guy would frequently rez into a giant group of ladies in his living room. Epic!                                        Haylie: I will have to admit that some of the most heartfelt moments have been helping people have a baby. It feels great to make people happy. I had a patient that completely touched my heart. In real life she was six months pregnant with twins. The ex-boyfriend decided he didn’t want to be a daddy.  He got two buddies together and jumped her beating her almost to death. When she woke a month later, she was pretty much paralyzed from the waist down with severe nerve damage all over. Unfortunately, the twins did not make it and the beating caused her to never have the ability to have children ever again.  SL gave her that gift to have that experience. I will have to say there was a few happy tears shed that day.   I want to first and foremost thank both of you for such a candid interview. I know the world’s perception of Second Life can sometimes feel almost unfair to those of us here.  But when Haylie had the patient that otherwise would not experience child birth due to her circumstances, it touched a place in all of us as just being human beings, and thanking Second life for the wonders it brings. n 


Stuff Happened

Menstuff, Womenstuff and Homestuff By Ahn Avion My name is SkinTrader Greyskin or, as most refer to me, Ahn Avion, the active owner of Menstuff, Womenstuff, and Homestuff. Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful... wait. That’s a different story, but I bet those of you old enough read those words in that familiar tune. The story of the ‘stuff groups, as I affectionately refer to them, was born out of tragedy.  It would be nice to say that Rob1977 Moonites and Ivy Maverick came up with the idea of MENstuff one day, out of the blue, in an effort to bring men’s fashion to light in Second Life, but that was far from the case. It was October 2010. Ivy Maverick, the creator of male and female shapes and owner of Maverick Design, served as a manager for the (original) Make Him Over group. It was a large group with well over 10,000 members. The group was owned and run by a partnered pair that soon changed the fate, and face, of men’s fashion. For reasons long forgotten and ultimately unnecessary to this story, the pair got into a fight.  By fight I don’t mean a typical shouting match via bold face, all caps texts. This fight resulted in one of the partners


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

ejecting nearly all of those 10,000 plus group members in almost no time. Shocked to the core, Ivy and her good friend, Rob1977 Moonites, owner and creator of male fashions for FIR & MIA, decided to pick up the torch. The Make Him Over (MHO) group had such a positive impact on male fashion in SL that, they knew a great void would be created without it. And so, on October 21, 2010, MENstuff was created. For the next week, Rob worked diligently to put together the MENstuff blog ( while Ivy used not only her 13,000+ member group, but also personal contacts to gather over 1,000 members within that first week. The blog offers each approved designer a personal web page with information about the store from the designer’s perspective, keeps members informed on upcoming and current events, and engages readers with interviews and styling blogs. Former designers of MHO quickly jumped aboard, both relieved and enthused about this new avenue for fashion. ...continued next page  

Menstuff, Womenstuff and Homestuff team (l-r): AlexAvion, Manager Sangi Phaeton, Assistant Manager Ahn Avion (Skintrader Greyskin), Owner

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Within two weeks, there were more than 100 designers and over 1,200 group members in Menstuff. The Menstuff Team decided that the best way to kick off the new group was to have their first hunt. Though the group was new, the experience within the team was well seasoned and ready to get to work! Rob and Ivy were joined by Garrett Ceriano and Gabe Bookmite and, by the end of January 2011, the first ever Menstuff Hunt was underway!  Blogs of hunt gifts were being posted, Ivy did interviews with Second Life’s top designers (Vitamen, Alphamale, MADesigns, Pompeja Rossini (LaVie), Adjunct, Animations Rising, JeSyLiLO, Brocade Tiger, and Tres Beau to name a


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

few) and hunters were going crazy! Success was in the bag! Somewhere in the middle of this first hunt, a somewhat socially awkward avatar appeared. Armed with a strong sense of curiosity, he literally ran into a Menstuff Hunt poster/ group joiner while shopping for a tattoo, and things haven’t been the same since. This desperatelyin-need-of-a-makeover avatar, let’s just call him Ahn, quickly joined Menstuff to help himself and, sure, other hunters (why not), to a fashion sense he hadn’t seen in Second Life before. At least not for men. Group chat was fun and contagious, moderators

new releases, and recommendations offered in group chat, male avatars and designers alike were enjoying brilliancy that is Menstuff. The ladies had no intention of being left out.  Move over, gentlemen! Womenstuff came to life on August 31, 2011. Space was made in the lounge for free gifts for the ladies and met with high praise from the growing list of members. The first Womenstuff Hunt took place in February 2012. and other group members helping each other with clues in the hunt. I was addicted! Yes, yes, I’m talking about me. I was so eager and active in Menstuff chat that I managed to catch the eye of one Ivy Maverick and, by the end of the hunt, I was one of the group moderators. After the hunt, Ivy took the time to teach me more about the group. I was soon helping her with Maverick Design as well as with Menstuff. By the time the second Menstuff Hunt took place in June of that year, I was the group manager. Menstuff was a smooth sailing ship ever moving forward. The lounge, then located on Ivy’s Maverick Design sim, continued to garner attention from both new and seasoned avatars.  It was (and still is) a place where group approved designers can offer a free gift to the members as a sample of what may be available at the designer’s main store. Between the lounge, the posted notices of

By the time Homestuff started in March 2012, the lounge needed expanding and so was moved to Gizza Creations. With the generosity of Giz Seorn and

Auster Elan, all three of the ‘stuff groups were housed on the waterfront complete with a large central area suitable for dancing and couches for visiting. Maverick Design was moved into a more modern design next door. ...continued next page L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Things went well for the first six months or so in the new location. Rob had decided to dedicate his time to his collegiate studies, but still maintained the websites. Ivy began to distance herself from Second Life for more personal reasons. By now, I was well versed in all things ‘stuff, so the idea of handling things mostly on my own was not too daunting. There was an assistant manager on board which was not only helpful during hunts, but a necessity.   The cracks in the pavement began to appear when Ivy’s presence became more and more scarce. I no longer had estate rights to keep the lounge clean of debris, nor could I battle the griefers that had nothing better to do at any given moment. It took another few months until a new home for ‘stuff could be found. We moved to Treland, a sim attached to Dominus, home to Egoisme and its creator, Ramses Meredith. To say that Ramses was generous would be an understatement of grand proportions. Not only had he granted us free use of the land, much like the Gizza team, but also allowed the new ‘stuff manager, AlexAvion, owner and creator of Brocade Tiger, and me to have estate rights to be able to build and keep the lounge looking clean of unwanted debris and professional. It wasn’t long after the new lounge had been set up, that another hunt was planned. Not just any hunt but a combined hunt of Menstuff, Womenstuff, and Homestuff. 


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

The MEGAstuff Hunt 2. A party was planned. Everything was set and ready to go.  The bloggers had been busy giving teasers of hunt items, the landmarks and hints had been checked, the hunt objects were tested to make sure they all gave out gifts as they should. For as high as the excitement level was, so became the depth of the low that took place a few days prior to the start of the hunt. However, Ramses’ generosity had a price that, in good conscience, I would not pay. Alex and I were left searching frantically to find a new place for the ‘stuff groups to call home. As is often said, every cloud has a silver lining. This was no exception. Not only were we met with offers of available free space from various prominent designers, but the outpouring of

support was blissfully overwhelming. Alex and I had spoken a few times before about having our own land that we may change and build as we like and that could not be taken from us on a whim. I confess that I wasn’t sure we could do it, but it was just the kind of project he had been hoping to sink his creative talents into for some time, and so began yet another new stage of ‘stuff circa November 2014. Here is where we are today. Rob and Ivy spend most of their time in the land of real life, and have for some time now. While they are no longer active in the groups, they remain an invaluable source in more ways than can be expressed in writing. The groups’ manager, AlexAvion, takes care of the landscaping of the new land as well as the building and monthly theme remodel for the sales room, all while maintaining his own shop, Brocade Tiger. The groups’ assistant manager, Sangi Phaeton, also a store owner/creator for LOoLOo’s & Platypus and SL DJ, has become an valuable asset with the team with all her hard work on the back end with the groups. The land for the ‘stuff groups has grown and now not only houses the monthly themed Stuff Style consisting of 37 booths available for designers from all three ‘stuff groups, but also 13 storefronts, and the ‘stuff lounge complete. There is a little

bit of something for everyone at the lounge and fashion sim: scenic views from every vantage point, playful rides for the kid in all of us, places to visit and dance, and of course SHOPPING! There is a $50L join fee for each of the groups, a cost easily outweighed by the amount and worth of lounge gifts available for each of the groups (28 on the menstuff wall, 28 on homestuff, and a whopping 84 on womenstuff). The ‘stuff’ groups have participated and sponsored such events as The Greek Isle Gacha Event, no less than 15 hunts, Fashion for Life, The 24, HOLLYWOOD, PENUMBRA Fashion Week, The Men’s Dept., and Men’s Only Monthly just to name a few. And so I shall I end this history lesson with the same words that started it

all, The Menstuff Mission Statement, written by Rob1977 Moonites and Ivy Maverick: The Menstuff group was created as an alternative for the previously successful Make Him Over group. When a small ...continued next page L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


number of designers and bloggers in the men’s fashion community learned that the Make Him Over group was to close we decided to join forces and gather as many of the previous designers and members came together to continue on the long tradition of great information and hunts that the Make Him Over group gave us.

While a number of other groups have also been created for the same purpose, we intend to do our utmost to make Menstuff the best group for men in SL. We welcome casual group chat and advice on styles and clothing. We will not support any kind of intolerance of others. As it’s been said many times, this is a no drama group…and we mean it.

The Menstuff group is intended to be a full service group for menswear designers to provide Second Life members with information on their newest releases and sales, as well as organising a number of events, hunts and other activities as a way to give back to their customers.

If you haven’t joined up yet, you can find us in world by searching for Menstuff under groups or from any participating designers or members profile. Menstuff is an open enrolment group and will remain so. We look forward to you joining us. n

THE ‘STUFF TEAM Founders - Rob1977 Moonites & Ivy Maverick Owner - Ahn Avion (skintrader.greyskin) Manager - AlexAvion Asst. Manager - Sangi Phaeton HOMEstuff blogger - Nathaniel Pevensey MENstuff bloggers - Kai Demen and Silvano Korobase WOMENstuff bloggers - AmandaSue Hallison, Bonita Luminos, and Helmarmene WEB LINKS: Menstuff - Womenstuff - Homestuff - Facebook - Flickr - ‘stuff Groups - IN WORLD: The Home of Menstuff, Womenstuff, and Homestuff Teleport I


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Holiday Special

Places to visit for the Holidays Article by Ahn Avion (skintrader.greyskin) Photos by Alex Avion (alexavion) The holiday season is upon us and there is no shortage of places to visit! So it was, with an over dramatic sigh for effect, that Alex and I went sim hopping to bring you some of our favorite places to enjoy a Winter holiday with friends and loved ones. For the record, we did try to find sims dedicated to Kwanzaa, Three Kings Day, St. Lucia Day, and Ramadan, but to no avail. We did find a Jewish sim (shown on Page 40), but information on holiday celebrations were nowhere to be found. We did find the Ling Guang sim that welcomes all regardless of relgious affiliation (or lack thereof) or spirituality (Page 48).

From all of us to all of you, have a

happy holiday season!

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

THE NORTH POLE SLEIGH RIDE ADVENTURE! Come and experience a winter wonderland filled with magical scenes and classic Christmas memories. Enjoy a delightful sleigh ride that commences in a pretty natural setting, winding its way down to the North Pole Village. Watch the elves working hard getting ready for Christmas and make sure to send Santa a letter letting him know just how good you’ve been! Teleport I

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

LET IT SNOW! Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go Let it snow! Let it snow, Let it snow!

A winterland of scenic beauty any couple would enjoy! Celebrate in the all glass grand ballroom or cuddle in warmth at the lodge or coffee shop after a day of ice skating, sledding, or skiing.  The Let it Snow! sim is a photographer’s delight! Teleport I

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

KRAMPUS - YOUR CHRISTMAS NIGHTMARE IS A QUEST ADVENTURE Brought to you by Dandelion Daydreams Factory Story: You are obsessed with a repeating vivid dream where you get told that someone has written your name in Krampus’ Book, promising you to suffer all kind of hell’s agony before the year is over. Unable to ignore the dream, you learn about an expert, Christian Kind, who might have  helpful hints on how to escape the promise and stop the repeating dream.  And once again the makers of the Dandelion Daydreams Factory ask you: Are you brave enough? Of course there are prizes awaiting the bravest of adventurers. Teleport I

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

This was Alex’s and my attempt to find a sim that celebrates Hanukkah. We did find Menorahs on display and a synagogue, but we were unable to find anyone on sim during our visits. A Friendly Jewish Neighborhood! SLSSynagogue,  Hebrew School,  Meditation Station, 2life, The Ark,  SL-Kotel, Krewe Du Jieux, Mikveh & Matzoh tower.  Teleport I

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

DRIFTWOOD VALLEY ESTATES WINTER WONDERLAND 2015 Driftwood Valley Estates would like to invite you to come explore their 2015 Winter Wonderland. The sim is best viewed on region windlight and with sounds on. Enjoy the common areas and many photographic opportunities. Christmas,Winter,Explore, ice skating, sledding. Teleport I

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

PAL PARK’S “A CHRISTMAS CAROL”  If you think Christmas is “Bah Humbug”, you’re not alone.  Travel back to 1800’s London, become immersed in PAL Park’s homage to Dickens Classic Tale “A Christmas Carol”.  Enjoy the warm fuzzy feelings of a Christmas nostalgia,  the wide eyed innocence of Tiny Tim, & the festivities of the holidays while you walk through each scene. Dance at Fezziwigs, explore Scrooge’s house, visit the Cratchit’s humble home,  shop, ice skate, enter the free Zooby Holiday give away, and more.  While you’re visiting be sure to pick up the free hunt HUD & find the 15 hidden gifts! Teleport I


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

CHRISTMAS AT NORTH POLE VILLAGE & SANTA’S WORKSHOP WINTER Re-enter the fantasies of childhood while you visit DarkDharma’s North Pole Village & Santa’s Workshop! Land atop the windswept North Pole Mountains and watch the skies gleam with the Aurora Borealis. Follow the path past the Crystal Caves to the village where the magical world of the North Pole awaits with Santa and his legion of elves. But most of all, remember to believe! /*Windlight Sky: “Phototools - Dream Book Light 01”*/ This Christmas, travel to North Pole Village and visit Santa’s Workshop! Be sure music is OFF and sounds are ON for this immersive fantasy holiday experience. And PENGUINS!  They have PENGUINS! Teleport I

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

LING GUANG Ling Guang Mountain Retreat for Soul Healing and Spirituality. All paths and religions are welcome. Buddha Buddhism Tao Dao Taoism Daoism Christ Catholic Pagan Meditation Prayer Master Sha Zhi Gang Sha Mantra Chanting Blessing Love Peace Harmony. Teleport I

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Alex Avion Outrageous Sweater Competition Winner Photo by Alex Avion

Holiday Special

Outrageous Sweater Competition By Ava Jhamin Well you can’t get through the Holiday without an Outrageous Sweater Competition. So we put the call out for all the models of L’Amour, L’Amour Nexus and MMI to do a funny ‘out there ‘ picture, with a fun Outrageous Sweater. It stemmed in my head with the ever popular over the years Ugly Sweater party. But I thought to take it up a notch and just do Outrageous Sweater Party.  The models didn’t disappoint. I laughed at their antics until my sides hurt. You can see original pictures on the L’Amour Flickr page. EmmaLee Streeter really brought it with her silly antics and outfit. This was the judges favorite.  What a fun clever, crazy way she brought it. But Before you look at the fun the models had, let’s do a lil history for those that really don’t know where this crazy tradition started.  It started as the ugly....but that is so harsh even for me, because it’s

a matter of taste. To one it might be ugly and to another not the case. The ugly Christmas sweater has become a ubiquitous feature of the holiday season, on par with grumbling about Black Friday or wrestling with the Christmas lights. These tacky garments are now being re-appropriated from their perpetual spot in the wardrobe of great-aunt Edna or your third grade social studies teacher. Telltale signs of the ugly sweater are liberal use of red and green, comically large depictions of snowmen, reindeer, and Christmas trees, and any sort of pom-pom or felt applique. Though the sweater as a garment has existed in the U.S. since the late 19th century, hideous holiday versions only began to sprout up in the last several decades. Bill Cosby was a modern-day pioneer of the trend and is revered as an ugly sweater icon. As Cliff Huxtable on his eponymous ‘80s sitcom. Koos, designer of the classic Bill Cosby

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


EmmaLee Streeter Outrageous Sweater Competition Winner Photo by Trinity Aironaut

Lighter Letov Outrageous Sweater Competition Winner Photo by Trinity Aironaut

sweaters. Both would understandably not want to accept the credit for being the inventors of the ugly sweater. The city of Vancouver, Canada claims to be the birthplace of the first ugly sweater party in 2002. Every year at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver a party is held and the dress code is an ugly sweater affair. Chris Boyd and Jordan Birch are the co-founders of the Commodore’s annual ugly sweater party. The pair have even trademarked the word marks, “ugly Christmas sweater” and “ugly Christmas sweater party” in Canada. Ironic Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties Perhaps it would be better to ask ourselves, “Which came first, the sweater or the ugly?” According to Time Magazine there has been a revival among young people throwing ugly Christmas sweater parties, where they make fun of their parents who loved the festive looks and thought the sweaters were cute. My own real life would rade my closet and still does. So it’s a tradition now that the younger crowd just wont let die. 


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Jena Adder Outrageous Sweater Competition Winner Photo by Jena Adder

Resmay Bloodstorm Outrageous Sweater Competition Winner Photo by Trinity Aironaut

Rhiannon Colclough Outrageous Sweater Competition Winner Photo by Trinity Aironaut

Mrs. Kitty Dark Rage (CatsMeow17) Outrageous Sweater Competition Winner Photo by Trinity Aironaut

Trinity Aironaut Outrageous Sweater Competition Photographer Photo by Trinity Aironaut

Whether or not it constitutes a fashion faux pas, the ugly Christmas sweater rouses an undeniably warm and fuzzy feeling as it conjures up memories of home and childhood. It’s also quite cozy and practical in chilly winter weather.  After all, holidays are often fraught with anxiety about the financial drain of giftgiving and the copious amounts of family interaction. What better way to de-stress than to throw on an obnoxious sweater and have a laugh? So then the question is... Is It Better To Give Or Receive An Ugly Christmas Sweater? n

Ava Jhamin L’Amour Productions Owner & CEO Photo by Trinity Aironaut


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Holiday Special

Popular Holiday Hunts

From POE to Santa’s Christmas Market & More By Sita Writer

POE offers an amazing range of items to find – from clothes and accessories, to fantasy and art, skins, shapes, garden items, jewelry, sculpture and furniture.

Peace on Earth, known affectionately as POE is one of the oldest and most popular annual holiday hunts on the grid. POE is seven years old this year and “officially” started on December 1 and runs through January 6, 2016. POE’s theme this year is Christmas at Downtown, and more than 70 designers are participating on this grid wide hunt. Last year POE reached more than 112 countries and showcased both mainstream and less known designers. This hunt is a leisurely hunt lasting for more than a month and is also a good way to discover new and lesser-known designers, which is one of the many purposes of this hunt. POE is the brainchild of Sequoia Nightfire, the hunt’s CEO, and it has continued to grow in popularity over the years. Nightfire receives hundreds of requests from designers wanting to participate in the hunt but limits the number of shops so participants can enjoy the hunt at a leisurely pace, meet new friends and renew old friendships…this is the essence of POE. The beauty of this hunt is that everything is free and the quality of the items being given away is


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

extraordinary. POE offers an amazing range of items to find­­—from clothes and accessories, to fantasy and art, skins, shapes, garden items, jewelry, sculpture and furniture. Kindness and generosity seem to be themes of this event year after year, with designers from all over the world giving back to their clients in SL by participating in this highly anticipated hunt that has truly become an SL tradition during the holiday season.

When participating in this year’s POE Hunt, look for a globe – there will be helpful hints and of course other avatars are always on hand to help – proving once again that kindness costs so little and is a sentiment that should be treasured. Remember that the globe will be within 20 meters of your landing point. ...continued next page

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


POE participating designers include: PurpleMoon Creations White Widow Zuri Jewelry Mirror Mirror Rapture Ghee Deluxe Body Factory Broken Creek Décor OMG! Inc Snowpaws Elysium Skins & Apparel Lyrical B!zarre Templates AnaMarkova Designs AnaMarkova Designs Topazia Dressed by Lexi Luna Body Art Purple Moon Seasonal Glitter Fashion <P3> Pixel Perfect Productions K-CODE Shoenique Designs Zen Creations Masoom Rayne Posh Pixels BYRNE Poses With Attitude Vero Modero Ample Avi Kaithleen’s TASHI BRAVURA! B!Homme BRAVURA! B!Femme Naked Designs Sonatta Morales VoguE


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Domus Dellybeams Gem Gallery MOoH! SweetRed’s Designs Zinner Gallery Indyra UniQue BoutiQue Ashbury DE.Boutique Que Bella! Stars! Finishing Touches Baboom Couture Magic Avi VJ Eyewear ALB Dream Fashion ShuShu - Glam Dreams Sweet Tea Couture Always Design BlueMoon Enterprises Designs By Sebastian Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes Tahoma Xtasya Beloved Jewelry Dench Designs Inkheart Mystic’s & Tabby’s Fashion BamPu Legacies Dubu KL Couture B&T Atelier Mesh Studio B&T Mesh Studio Male Hasi’s AFI Designs con Charisma ...and others

Mrs. Santa’s Christmas Market In addition to POE, there are several other hunts going on in December such as Mrs. Santa’s Christmas Market that runs through December and has 72 booths, an ice rink, carol singers, a life size nativity scene, sleigh rides and more. Look for the baubles in each stall that has the current date on it to find your gift, three are offered each day. Teleport I The Candy Cane Hunt The Candy Cane Hunt begins on December 1 and runs through the 25 and is a grid wide treasure hunt that has been around for several years. Every stop has male and female or unisex gifts to find. All gifts are $1L and there are signs and a group hud that helps with clues. Visit kastlerockhunts. for up-to-date hunt information and clues. Santa’s Wish List, Naughty or Nice Another hunt to check out is Santa’s Wish List, Naughty or Nice that runs

through December 15. This event has 32 shops with a $1L find. Hunt themes range from Christmas, warm and fuzzy Santa to Christmas Deco, White Christmas and Wishes. To check out this hunt. Teleport I Holiday Lyric Hunt BOSL is also organizing a hunt, the Holiday Lyric Hunt that will take place from December 13 - December 31. There will be two gifts to find from each participating designer, one for men and one for women or unisex outfits. All items for this hunt will be new and exclusives. The Wintertime Goodies and Snowman Search The Wintertime Goodies and Snowman Search is perfect for kids of all ages… and is especially geared for babies and child avi’s. There will be hunt items galore and lots of free goodies perfect for the little ones. This hunt goes through December 31. Visit wintertimegoodiesandsnowmansearch. n

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Shayla Larkin, Owner & CEO of Shay La La FrancescoCarrera, Owner & CEO of Mesh Head Fashion


Not the Mesh Head & Shay La La You Might Think!! By Ava Jhamin People in SL if you say Mesh Head will automatically think of the obvious: a “Mesh Head”. But long before the mesh head was even a thought, there was an amazing designer named FrancescoCarrera who is the owner and CEO of Mesh Head Fashion (the store), and his other half in SL and business partner, Shayla Larkin who is the owner and CEO of Shay La  La.                               I had the unique opportunity to work with Francesco and Shayla when I paired with AllieAngelica Resident of Unique Visions. True to what she does Allie pieced together outfits of both Mesh Head and Shaylala and we did an amazing show together.  It was a tough and rumble concert venue with bikers of all kinds. It was a lot of fun and the finale had all the models coming

down the runway and off stage and skidding out on motorcycles. I saw in both Fran and Shayla two very down to earth designers, who were partnered and worked together to make their clothes stand above others.  The detail is incredible and any MC (motorcycle club) on the grid wear these amazing clothes.  We sat down together to give the Diversity readers a behind the scenes look at not only two amazingly nice people, but also two incredible designers – each in their own way but coming together and sharing their lives and the stores.   We all sat with our drinks because Fran likes his cocktails, (giggles!) and I asked them some candid questions for our readers.  ...continued next page

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Ava: First for you both how did you come to SL.  Fran: Word of mouth brought me in and the world of SL made me stay. Shayla: A RL friend. Ava: When did you both start designing?  Fran: 2012 Shayla: I just started designing and I loved learning in SL so I decided to try.  Fran is my teacher for Photoshop.  Ava: How has your clothing line evolved over the years?

Ava: What are the challenges in running a business in SL, and how has it changed over the years? Fran: I think for me constantly coming up with new ideas is the main challenge. You want to always grow with the times and stay current, which can be challenging sometimes. Shayla: You need to keep up with all the different mesh bodies, appliers etc.  It can be crazy (laughs). Ava: What is the satisfaction of running an SL Business, and how has it changed over the years?

Fran: I think it has evolved as technology in SL has advanced so much. 

Fran: I think for me the most satisfaction I get is when the people out there buying really love it.

Shayla: It changed a lot from the old way of clothing in SL with mesh, and it’s still changing as we use mesh bodies now also. You need to know what appliers to use for each different body.

Shayla: My satisfaction is when people love the clothes that I created. My business isn’t that big really. I work full time in RL and it’s hard to find time to create in SL at the moment.


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Ava: How do you market your brand? Fran: Sponsorships, blogs and expanding my group. Shayla: I use Marketplace and I have my shop. Also I have a vendor at Wet Willies Rock Club. Ava: What sneak peek or new things can we expect this winter? Fran: Seasonal stuff doesn’t really matter, I just make what I feel at the time – whether it’s Spring, Summer,                        Winter or Autumn.   Shayla: It all depends on what catches my eye and what templates I like.   Ava: What do you want your customers to know about you? Fran: That I make a good product at an affordable price backed up my good customer service.

Shayla: I would say the same as Fran, and that I love what I do when I have the time from RL to do it.    Thank you Fran and Shayla for your time. I think as a reporter I go away with an understanding of Fran being a man of few words, but very proud of his brand and what he does on SL.  With Shayla I feel the same that they enjoy one another and love to work on their separate brands while learning together.  n

Store Locations: Mesh Head Fashion Teleport I Shay La La Mesh Clothing & Accessories Teleport I

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



The Timeless Elegance of Styles By Danielle By Sita Writer Dani Plassitz, a highly acclaimed live singer on the grid is best known as the owner and creative genius behind Styles By Danielle. Hard work, an eye for color and detail, and RL fashion experience is what makes this brand successful. This December, Styles by Danielle is celebrating six successful years of creating fashion in SL, a superlative achievement in the easy come easy go environment of the grid. For as long as she can remember, Dani was surrounded by a wide variety of clothes and fabrics, and today, as a RL textile and graphic designer she found that SL offered unique ways to grow her artistic nature. “I was told in RL to check out SL because it was a great platform for designers to sharpen and expand their skills and sense of style. Being a designer in real life, I was drawn to SL immediately and was determined to begin designing my own dresses.” From the very beginning, Dani considered SL an extension of her RL and this led her to get into the SL

fashion industry. “In the beginning, I didn’t have any idea of how to create clothes technically, but I was lucky to meet the right people along the way that were kind enough to share their knowledge with me and point me in the right direction.” Over the years, Styles by Danielle’s apparel has evolved and she enjoys experimenting with textures and different designs. “For the most part, ‘timeless elegance’ describes my creations. But, I also enjoy creating different styles; I like to provide my customers with a range of styles for every occasion. In my store one can find everything from leather jumpsuits, a Zulu dress with an authentic African vibe, to wedding gowns and sophisticated formal wear. My store is known for gowns; as a matter of fact, I was nominated for Avi Fashion Choice Awards this year in the Favorite Women’s Formal Apparel category.” ...continued next page


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


creating a dress, but it is an inseparable part of designing in SL. After all, we need to have our final product reach the people. Getting marketing help from others is possible, and can be a great help, but somehow this platform is created in a way that the designer alone takes the biggest portion of responsibility and needs to do most things alone. It is very time consuming and, often I have stayed up way past my bedtime…and this again, is another challenge I think we all have in common ---- smiles.”

There are many benefits to designing fashion in SL and it is interesting how each designer interprets these benefits. For Dani, it has helped her understand the concepts of 3-D from a design perspective. “In addition to the creative development, the real benefit of SL, that I think everyone has in common, is that it has helped people from all over the world find new friends and it enables them to explore new horizons.” To constantly create and design on the grid can also be challenging…and these challenges go way beyond the technical aspects of what designers need to learn. “In addition to the constant updating and learning new skills to keep up with the technical advances on the grid, there is also something called ‘running a business’. And yes, I know it’s not


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Dani believes that personal satisfaction and making her clients happy are SL’s greatest rewards. “One can only achieve personal satisfaction through achieving the purpose of the whole. This is a principle in which I believe. I can like something I have created, but it only has a meaning when others like it as well. When I wake up in the morning and find an IM from a customer saying that she likes my store and the dresses I have created – this, for me is the biggest reward.”

Links & Location: Styles By Danielle Fashion House Marketplace Blog Teleport I

When asked how if felt to be in business for six years, Dani had to pause and reflect on this question. “I know six years is a long time for anything on the grid because things move so much faster here than in RL. I’ve had mostly nice moments, but also hard times. I was making big plans and thought I should quit. All in all, I can say I have accomplished something and that feels good. I also don’t look at this as just a business accomplishment because it doesn’t represent the entire picture. SL is a network of many things that change you, teach you and want it or not, you grow with the experience, and sometimes the business grows in directions that you never imagined. I can say I am grateful for learning a lot in SL and meeting so many wonderful friends from around the world.” n

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



Issue 3, Dec 2015 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

Arts & Entertainment

Dancing with Babypea VonPhoenix Bikergrrl By Jena Adder Second Life is known for a lot of things: a place to express your creativity, build and design with very little limits, hang with friends and explore vast worlds beyond your imagination. SL is also known for its robust entertainment community that includes night clubs, live performers and a thriving, electrifying dance community. Two years ago I delved into the dance world where I was introduced to some incredibly talented people who live and breath dance in all of its wonderful splendour. I quickly learned that this is a strong, tight knit community of like minded people who work individually or in troupes to create explosive, artistically expressive and very entertaining dance routines. I’ve witnessed first hand how their love for music, fashion and building can transform a few prims and special effects into romantic stories of love lost or found, Las Vegas like stages filled with showgirls and guys with feather fans and exaggerate head pieces, or a captain’s ship on the ocean tides battling through and taunts of a hungry sea monster. Yes the world of

dance is a fast-paced highway through the imagination of those who enjoy expression through movement, music and fashion. As I journeyed through this world I met some very influential people who left their mark on me, who shaped and even changed the way I viewed myself in fashion and dance. One of those people is the beautiful and talented entertainer BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl. I met Pea, as friends like to call her, at a Cabaret club that we both performed at called Lady Garden Cabaret. I was introduced to Cabaret four years ago when I produced a fabulous fashion show for Chandra Meehan of !dM deviousMind. Pea immediately caught my attention with a fun dance routine she choreographed and performed with some of the Minxette dancers at Lady Garden. I was truly impressed and asked Pea to perform at a fashion show I was producing at Model’s Workshop. She accepted and delivered an amazing performance with the models who took part in the show. They were excited ...continued next page L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


to try something new, and Babypea’s dance routine made the show one of the most entertaining shows that year. Little did I know that Pea was involved in many other projects on SL. I had the pleasure of chatting with her to learn more about the woman that seems to never sleep, and brings an excitement to dance that only she can. Nominated for Favourite Choreographer at the 2015 Avi Choice Awards, Pea is a force to be reckoned with as I learned in my interview with her. Jena: Hello Pea. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. In my eyes you are a superstar, and I’m thrilled for others who aren’t familiar with dance on SL to learn more about you, personally and professionally. Babypea: Well thank you very much, but I more consider myself a servant of sorts, serving the dance community and dancers, trying to promote them and help spread the dance fever in Second Life in general...and grow the dance community. Jena: Tell me some of the things you’ve been doing to raise awareness of dance in SL. Babypea: I’ve started the MOVE Magazine in June this year and my primary goal with MOVE is to grow the dance community. I just have the hope


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

that, from time to time, someone who does not know about dance in SL will pick up a copy of MOVE, have a look, and come see a show. Jena: I think that there may be a misconception about dancers and stripping, also associating dance with night clubs and DJ’ed events. Some may not really appreciate the ‘art of dance’ that you and I are familiar with. What are your thoughts there? Babypea: There is a big difference between stripping and burlesque. Burlesque involves a lot of thought, work and money spent on one dance. It includes a set, costume, choreography to a specific song, and though the clothes usually come off, it is done with the intention of artistic tease. Whereas stripping does not usually include elaborate costumes, sets, or set choreography to a specific song. The goal of stripping is to get tips, the goal of burlesque is to enchant and entertain. I think what is needed so that people in general can differentiate comes down to semantics. We can say we are dancers, but perhaps we should say we are performers. I think until people have seen what we do, they simply do not ‘get it’. When they actually see it, they are usually amazed, and often say, “I had no idea this existed.” ...continued next page

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


is, join the Dance Queens group because through that group you will have a lot of resources available to you. You will meet and get to know a lot of people. Then, contact the Director or Manager of the troupe you most wish to dance with and ask if they have a teaching or mentoring program. Or, ask in Dance Queens, or watch their blog for listings when classes are being offered.

I think the best thing to do is, invite people who say we are strippers to a show, challenge them to let you prove to them how different what we do is to stripping. Jena: Dance in real life is a profession that many start training for at a very young age. Is there a class or educational seminar for those who want to be a dancer (performer) on SL. Babypea: There are schools for dance, but they come and go. You have to contact the Director of each school and find out when they are having classes. I know that Vivienne Dufaux, Klark Harvy, and Naybabe Resident all have schools and teach dance at different times. There are other schools as well. And, a lot of dance troupes will also teach. So the best thing to do if you want to learn


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

There are a lot of classes available to anyone who wants to learn. Vivienne Dufaux in particular teaches burlesque specifically, and she is one of the pioneers of SL dance as well as a RL dancer. Jena: Thank you, Pea. Sounds like an excellent place to start. Now from what’ I’ve seen at clubs like Empire Room, it’s not all about burlesque dancing. There are many genres in dance that I’ve seen that have nothing to do with burlesque. Is burlesque your area of expertise? Babypea: I started in burlesque. I came from Gorean dance which is very sensual, so it was a natural transition to burlesque when I went to mainstream dancing. Burlesque was my first mainstream dance love. But then I wanted to try other genres of music, use effects and props and costumes that did not lend themselves to burlesque, so it was a natural move into other forms of dance such as hiphop, swing, ballet and so forth.

I started in Gorean dance in January of 2012 and moved into mainstream dance in August of that same year. I was soon addicted! Jena: You’re a pro at choreography too as I’ve seen many times. Can you tell me what you love about it...and what the challenges are? Babypea: I am still working on perfecting it. I think one of the things I most love about dance is, the learning never stops. I often now say, my brain is tired, I don’t want to learn anymore! But really I do. Each dance is a new adventure. We have a relationship with a song, and we court it as we create the dance for it. At the end of that courting, we consummate the relationship when we perform the completed act. That binds it to us in completeness. It then becomes a chapter in our book of discovery. It is a powerful and emotional journey, and each dance we create is a part of who we are, an example of what

we have learned, and a treasure of our exploration. It is all about the journey inward, and then outward as well, as we perform in an effort to more than entertain... we want to touch someone, affect them, bond with them. Dance is about the bonding of human souls. The choreography is my favorite part of a dance. I see the set as the spine of the dance, the costume is the body. But the choreography is the soul... the music in physical form. Jena: Are there tools that you use for choreography, and what are your go-tos? Babypea: Spot-On Director’s HUD, their Choreography Design System, and Barre HUD that I use when I am creating acts or free-styling or dancing a crowd. Also of course, my media player on my computer, I use VLC Media Player to time my dance animations. ...continued next page

...continued next page

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Jena: Those are excellent tools that I use as well. I’m sure others will find this a helpful reference. Tell me Pea is there one or more than one person you admire in the industry, or someone who motivates you in dance?

sets, costumes, and choreography are always delightful. Then there is little Celia Moretti (Elliannah Resident). She is a child-avatar and every time she dances, she makes me cry. She is just beautiful, so pure in her performances.

Babypea: Oh yes definitely! There are quite a few, trying to list them all would be difficult. But right off the top of my head, Diawa Bellic, my mentor and dear friend. She has always slapped me around and made me work harder, try to do better. I have learned so much from her. I also am in awe of Dragon McMasters and Melvis Baum. Dragon’s choreography is mind-blowing, and Melvis is a master of enchantment. His

Jena: Awe that is precious, Pea. What advice would you give someone wishing to enter the world of dance.


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Babypea: Join the Dance Queens group so that you can be aware of what is going on and what resources are available to you. There are so many people who will help you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! Attend a lot of shows and watch and learn...not

to copy, but to get an idea of what is possible. When you are first learning and finish a set, invite Diawa over to see it and to give some suggestions (*chuckles*…she is going to kill me). Never think you know it all. Always leave room to learn something new. And the most important thing of all: DO NOT COMPARE! Notice, appreciate, acknowledge the difference in dance styles, but do not compare yourself to any other dancers, or you will not be happy. Dance your own feelings, have fun with what you do, love the acts you create, and don’t turn it into a competition. Otherwise, you will never feel fully satisfied, and that attitude will create feelings of resentment and

jealousy. That is not what dance is for. So dance and let dance! Jena: I completely agree with you because I’d love the same in the modeling world LOL! Pea I’ve been to a few of the dance performances at various clubs and I’ve noticed more and more performers wearing mesh bodies. It used to be frowned upon for rezzing reasons (I personally still have problems rezzing mesh bodies in a high populated room). Tell me if you wear a mesh body or head, and if you’ve gotten any complaints from people with similar razzing issues. ...continued next page

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Babypea: I seldom ever wear a mesh body to dance in. I think if you are getting naked or mostly naked, then I can see the reasoning for it, as it looks much better naked, especially the inner thighs, breasts and butt. Particularly when bending over! That flat butt thing is just icky, as is the stretching of the skin on the inner thighs. But I have had rezzing issues…seen too many half rezzed dancers on stage, and received so many complaints about floating heads, that I now wear my system avatar almost entirely unless I am doing burlesque, and even then I often still wear my system avatar. My thought is, if I am not taking off my clothes, no one is going to see my avatar’s actual shape or skin, so why risk being a floating head? I just don’t see the point. I honestly cannot tell just by looking at a clothed avatar if it is mesh or system. The clothes look the same on both. So why risk your audience missing out on your dance because they can’t rez your mesh avatar? As for mesh clothing, I detest it. Mesh dresses usually look awful in dance. They often do not move well. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find nice non-mesh clothing anymore. I definitely try to stay way from long mesh dresses. I love flexi! I love movement!! Jena: I’m so glad I’m not the only one with that opinion. Pea if there was something you can change or bring to SL to help the dance community, what would that be?

Babypea: A completely lag-free environment with 100% immediate rezzing for all. Lower tiers so everyone can afford a sim. I also would like more MOCAP animations that are taskspecific, like for example, when we need an animation to crawl out a window or something like that. Just to bring more theatrical possibilities to our dances. Jena: The next question is a bit more personal in nature. Please tell us about BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl the person, the personality, the person in front of the screen. Nothing too revealing but more what you enjoy doing in RL and how it relates to SL. Babypea: I used to be a television producer in Vegas in RL. I gave that up to have and raise a child. She has never been to a babysitter. I have always been with her, here when she gets home from school. If I go somewhere, I take her with me. I have always been a workaholic, however, and without a ‘real’ job I have always found things to do, either work-related, something in the community, and/or hobbies. I find things to do. I would love to know what ‘bored’ feels like, but boredom is a choice I have yet to make. It is on my bucket list! I now am also a Foster Mother. I love children, love noise in the house. We all love music. I get a lot of my songs from my girls. My husband and I also have a computer shop in a small farming community. This enables us to be online a lot. We live in ...continued next page

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


the back of our shop. So we are always at work and always at home. I guess this lets me be in Second Life a lot more than a lot of other people. Still, I cherish my time in RL. I love to clean house and do ‘mom’ things, and I love to sit and talk with my girls. My hobbies in RL have included folk art, gardening, baking, quilting, photography, wood working, wood burning, and making miniature Victorian doll houses fully furnished with working lights. I collect dolls and music boxes. And I love the ocean! Jena: Pea please tell us about the projects you’re involved in, and maybe briefly describe your aspirations for the future.


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Babypea: I am a co-owner of Elysium Cabaret, which I started in December 2012 because I wanted a place I could dance and had no rules on what I could or could not do. I wanted total artistic freedom. My goal is to continue to produce quality shows, dancing with people whose companionship I enjoy. I also dance with Maniacs and ExtravaDanza, and look forward to continuing shows with them. I do guest appearances at friends’ venues, especially La Oro’s Unleashed Ladies and Gents, from time to time, and that is a lot of fun! Dance is how I socialize, so I dance with my friends. I also publish MOVE Magazine, which is dedicated to SL dance. I hope to continue to publish this quarterly with the goal

of expanding the dance community. I am also Admin for Showtime Magazine, which encompasses all SL entertainment, not just dance. I look forward to that expanding with more contributors, more posts, more sharing of information. My immediate dance projects include the AVI Choice Awards on December 5th where I performed an ExtravaDanza dance, and dancing in the Elysium dances that Kellan is producing; the RFL Christmas Expo “Frozen”; Snowflake, a winter-themed show featuring all child-avatars; Christmas Ahoy!, which is a pirate themed Christmas show; AND SexyS Quintessa has applied for a LEA sim for ExtravaDanza... if we get that, look out! Here comes the parting of the Red Sea, as we are planning a simwide performance of ‘Moses and the Ten Commandments’ that will be epic and a heap of fun! For the future, I just want to keep having fun with dance, with my friends. In both lives... one of my daughters is a musician and Santa is bringing her a new Yamaha guitar! She comes on and does a dance every now and then too, it is something that we do together. She is a REALLY good choreographer! But I *help* with her sets! My kids come in here and create things that they cannot create in RL. My RL husband of course is also a dancer and is the DJ for Elysium,

Gunner von Phoenix. We sit side by side on our computers. Jena: it sounds like a fabulous family affair, Pea. I’d like to thank BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl for chatting with me, and for sharing her life on SL as a dancer/entertainer. She has no doubt enlightened me, and I hope our readers, on what it takes to be a dancer in SL, and how dance can be a form of artistic expression as well as a social activity that many can take part in and enjoy tremendously. L’Amour Diversity thrives on the individuality and creativity of people like BabypeaVonPhoenix, and we wish her success with all of her ‘dance moves’. n

Visit the links below to follow BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl: Elysium Cabaret MOVE Magazine | Facebook Showtime Magazine Dance Queens Group

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Arts & Entertainment

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder By Ava Jhamin To get into the head of Frankx Lefavre is almost an imposibility. It would be like trying to do the same with Einstein and Picasso at the same time. He’s an Artistic genius and a man that has no filter when you speak to him.  I met Frankx the first time at a fundraiser the Vaher Soyar of Violator was doing. I won a sculpture that was done by Frankx and  became an instant fan. I have been watching him work and build for LEA art sims since then. I sat down with the artistic genius and just dived into asking him questions. Frankx, thank you for taking the time to sit down with me for a bit.  Ava: How did you find SL? Frankx: I first read about Second Life in an article in the media regarding the  first  person in the world who made a million dollars via online real estate  and this was in SL. Not long after this a friend who I knew online introduced me to Second Life, but only after I had  bought a new computer as my old one


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

wasn’t up to the demands and was nine years was cactus anyway. This was almost nine years ago, and yes I have a newer computer now. Ava: Doing what you do Frankx is not the norm. How did you start creating your sims in SL? Frankx: I was offered the chance to partake in what was known as The Interim Project by the Linden Endowment for the Arts in January 2014. I had  been a member of the University of Western Australia group in SL for quite a while, and had entered some of their Art challenges. I had never undertaken anything like a full sim build before, but you dont get these chances often, if at all, so I gladly and gracefully accepted. This resulted in my first full sim art installation called Glass and Light. This was built in around three weeks and stayed up for around two months. ...continued next page

From this I was encouraged to apply for an Artist in Residence grant from LEA. I did and my first application wasn’t accepted. As it turned out another artist, who was accepted, couldn’t compete that round, so I was asked if I would like to have a go. I said yes and this resulted in a sim called Insidious, The Spread of Ideas.

mind drift and see what I come up with. I listen to a lot of different music, but mainly trance and its variations.

This ran for about three months or so, then I made another application for an AIR grant, which occurs every six months. This time I was accepted and I created Qualia, The  Sentience of Being. That’s how I started and I haven’t finished yet...I hope.

Other times it will be something I have read or seen and found interesting, curious or attractive. The installation of Insidious came straight out of my imagination.

Imagination and to see something in my mind’s eye I suppose, to get a concept or the thread of an idea and then work on it, think it through and see where I end up with it.

Ava: What inspires you in your work?

Qualia came from a piece I read on Frank Jacksons philosophical thought experiments.

Frankx: Inspiration comes in many forms. A lot of the time I will listen to music, close my eyes and let my

Cocytus, The 9th circle of Hell evolved because I saw some of Gustav Dores art works and decided to recreate my own


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

version of Dantes trip with Virgil the bottom of Hell. Ava: Are you an artist in real life? Frankx: No, I am a chef. Ava: I have seen many of your builds. Can you explain to the readers what goes on in your head when you do what you do? Frankx: I dont know what goes on in my head when I do what i do! An empty sim to me is like a blank canvas with no rules on it and the only restrictions

Ava: As for the actual creative process? Frankx: I dont know and I dont think about it. Once I start I just let it flow, and if I am lucky it keeps flowing until the end. Knowing when something is complete is another thing altogether, but I’m always listening to music. Ava: What is your real life satisfaction in regards to creating in SL? Frankx: Emotions in a human aren’t seperated by the invisible wall between “Real Life“ and “Second Life”. The satisfaction I get is the sense

Inspiration comes in many forms. A lot of the time I will listen to music, close my eyes and let my mind drift and see what I come up with. are the actual limitations of the environment your in, and your own skill set. Probably the hardest thing is to take what I see in my mind’s eye, and transfer it across into the virtual world. This is when the technical side of things comes in, I’m self taught in all this so sometimes it takes me a while to overcome or work out what the hell I’m trying to do – whether it’s in a graphics program or a 3D builder like Blender or Sculptris.

of achievement of having created something that people may see and enjoy and perhaps think about. Online virtual art and virtual worlds are still, I think, in their infancy. With the platforms that are being built now and will be created in the future,  Augmented reality and things like Occulus Rift and its variations will bring new experiences for people who have never immersed themselves this side of the internet. ...continued next page

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


The Internet of Things is coming. VR will merge with the real world and vice versa. Ava: What do you want the people who visit LEA to walk away with when seeing your work? Frankx: I dont have any set ideas about what anyone will walk away with after seeing my work. Nothing I do is tailored to any particular mindset or message. I seldom use notecards or descriptions in any art work I do, as I believe it is up to the audience to take from any art work in any medium their own interpretations and feelings about what they have seen or experienced. Ava: Do you have a favorite sim that you have done?


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Frankx: All of them. They have all been labours of love to complete, but I pack them all away into boxes so they can be resurrected at the touch of a prim. Watching a full sim appear in front of you is sight to behold. Ava: You are an amazing creative man, and personally speaking I enjoy every bit of what you create. Thank you Frankx for sitting down with me and being so candid with the readers of L’Amour Diversity. I hope through this experience that a lot more people will become fans of Frankx Lefavre. n

WATCH THE VIDEO of Glass and Light Breakwave – an Immersive Environment by Frankx Lefavre


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine


Mr. & Miss Model International (MMI)

More Than Just Another Model Contest! By Rhiannon Colclough If you were to ask the average avi-onthe-street in SL, “What is MMI?”, you could expect blank stares, odd looks and under-the-breath mutterings. But if you were to ask a model, you would probably get sighs and looks of rapture – for MMI is seen as one of the premier modeling contests in SL. But this is a competition that all of SL should know about! Why? Because, according to the official press release from L’Amour Productions and Ava Jhamin, MMI (Mr. & Miss Model International) is unlike any [competition] in SL as you will represent ‘YOURSELF.’ You will participate in competitions both runway, photo, and group events that will highlight you as a model, stylist,

individual. The submissions of your designs, photos etc., would then reflect who ‘YOU’ are as an SL Avatar. “Our goal is to celebrate the uniqueness of each of us. To celebrate who we are, where we come from, and share with others our mission for SL.” says Ava. “We invite you to participate as this competition is open to anyone in SL regardless of schooling or lack there of. If you reside in SL you are welcomed to take part of our competition. No voice verification!!! YOU BE YOU.” As you can see, it is less about evaluating excellence in modeling (although there is certainly that!) and ...continued next page

2015 MMI Winners: Adonis Hansome, Mr. Model International Lady Falina Katze (FalinaKatze), Miss Model L’Amour International Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


more about seeing the persona behind the avatar. Are you funky? Casual? Formal? AvantGarde? Emo? Goth? What best represents YOU?

Being consistent in performance, giving your best week after week is the key to winning.

This one-of-a-kind contest had to come from somewhere, so Ava Jhamin graciously agreed to share that origin. Lady Falina Katze-Elmer and Adonis Handsome also gave their perspectives as the 2015 winners from last year’s competition. All of these perspectives combine to create a fascinating portrait of an event like no other. Ava Jhamin, who wears more hats than a hydra has heads, is a model and modeling agency owner, among her other areas of expertise. It was she who decided MMI was a necessity; as she explained, “I as a model wasn’t too keen on voting competions. The bigger ones I felt were not fair as they, to me, were not about if you were the best but more about who you knew. I have always wanted to do a fair competion with no voice verifying, to let the models, stylist on the grid


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

be who they wanted to represent in the wonderful world of SL. The stars aligned and MMI was born.” Ava is still involved in MMI, but considers herself more of a team leader than a boss. She says, “I am fortunate enough to have what I call my dream team. This team consists of myself, Bai Nightfire, Paris Evermore and Zee Zee Xaris. I went through Advanced Styling classes as well as Production with all of these ladies. I know their mad skills and I am very beyond happy to pull this dream team togehter for L’Amour Mr. & Miss Model International.” Ava then went on to elaborate on what MMI means to her: “[MMI] means the world to me. I remember from last year I had no expectations for MMI. Man oh man did it go way above my expetations. I wanted a fair, fun competion where contestants come away with true friendships, learning a ton of stuff to better their career, and most important that there was no fishy business with in the L’Amour MMI competion.” From her perspective, as far as judging goes, she sees it as, “I want the judges that are picked to judge [the contestants] according to the criteria set forth for MMI. I think

2015 MMI Finale Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


2015 MMI Finale

judges look for overall package: can they walk, pose, over styling with prims, theme, etc. I find judges that don’t care who you are as the best is going to score the highest.” She also has some advice for the contestants. “I think most important is to take the friendship that you make and carry it thrugh your SL life. To come 110% with what you style, be true to you. And truly know that if you do the rest is out of your hands. Don’t be disappointed, learn from your mistakes through the feedback meetings and just have ablast.”

learning and growing experience.” Falina agreed, adding, “Winning the competition was very tough. With so many different themes I had to fight hard and draw on every skill I possessed in every round. Some rounds for me were so difficult I nearly gave up. When I finally pulled each styling or challenge together so that I knew I was giving the very best I could, it felt so fulfilling. I felt I grew tremendously during the competition.” Both models credited their prior experience and knowledge of themselves as helping them to win;

Being invited to participate in the planning of next years pageant as a member of the MMI board gave a wonderful insight to the amount of planning it takes to run such a large pageant.

From the other side of the contest, Lady Falina Katze-Elmer and Adonis Handsome gave their perspectives and opinions on what MMI is like, what it takes to be a winner, and what advice they would give those who would replace them. As far as their experiences with MMI, Adonis says, “When you get to work with other models, it is always a

Adonis explained, “With all of my stylings it is all how the finished product feels to me. If I am happy with it, then that’s the way I go. If not, then back to the drawing board.” Falina chimed in with, “It took every single modeling lesson I had been given along with my own design training and previous pageant runway experience to win. I was up against the best people in SL and knew I dare not take it easy for

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


2015 MMI Meet & Greet

one moment. Being consistent in performance, giving your best week after week is the key to winning. Listening to the feedback meetings and taking them into the next weeks competition helps you grow during the pageant. Nexus Academy and MetaVerse Academy played a great part in preparing me for this pageant.” They were both also very happy and proud to have been selected for MMI; Falina said, “The wonderful sponsor prizes were most welcome to offset the cost of so many styling’s but first and foremost the chance to wear the winners crown and carry the title meant the most as it is a Teams battled it out at the 2015 MMI Pose Off Challenge (Photo by Vin Cinquetti)


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

recognition of the achievement I have gained in my career. The win is even more thrilling as it was the first ever Mr. & Miss Model International competition.” Adonis agreed: “To work and compete against many excellent is a great accomplishment.” They both saw more to their role than most winners of contests do. Falina answered with, “To be available if selected to walk at Agency shows and at all times behave in a manner that does credit to the organization. Publicizing and giving information out to sponsors and encouraging other models to enter this year’s pageant. Being invited to

participate in the planning of next year’s pageant as a member of the MMI board gave a wonderful insight to the amount of planning it takes to run such a large pageant.” Adonis added in, “To be a role model for all upcoming models help make the next MMI bigger and better.” As far as advice for next year’s contestants goes, both had their own way of approaching it; Falina expressed it as, “Work hard every week and always give your best no matter how you think you are doing in the competition. Consistency wins, aim to be the best every time you walk. Never forget to be a gentleman or lady and always treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. Always help others where ever possible even to the point of helping others in competition against you if you spot a problem. To be admired as a honest helpful person is just as important as winning. Oh and one last bit of advice: never be late.” Adonis said simply, “First and foremost have fun. Think outside of your comfort will be surprised what you can do.” n

Brianna Beresford (by Brianna) at the 2015 MMI Pose Off Challenge L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


OFFICIAL MMI SPONSORS (Confirmed as of Dec 16, 2015)

PICTURE SUBMISSIONS BEGIN December 21, 2015 - December 27, 2015

Graduate AriannaJasmine


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine


Pomp and Circumstance NeXuS Modeling School Graduation By Rhiannon Colclough Every student looks forward to that one special day at the end of their coursework, the day that makes all the studying and tests worthwhile – graduation. The day that the school gives the students the proof that they have indeed finished the course and now can do the work they trained to do. On SL, modeling school also has that milestone, complete with the diploma to show that yes, this student has completed the course successfully and is able to do the work of being a model not only well, but exceptionally well. Those of us who look upon the proceedings know what we think of all the splendor, but what is it like to be a graduate, or for that matter, the one who is responsible for pulling this all together?

Hezabel Blackheart Huntress, the organizer of the NeXuS graduation ceremony, and Resmay Bloodstorm, one of the graduates, agreed to give Diversity Magazine a glimpse into what graduation was like and why a school for models is needed. Hezabel, who is also the director of L’Amour NeXuS University of Fashion and an accomplished model in her own right, put together the extravaganza to showcase the models and what they learned. The theme, “Victorian Vampire,” was incredibly detailed and designed, with rolling mist, spooky skeletons and tombs – even the audience chairs were covered in bloodred velvet; occasionally, ravens used some of the chairs for perching. The atmosphere was perfect. So of course, the first question that occured is, how ...continued next page

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


is it organizing such a big event as this graduation? Hez (as she prefers to be called) replied, “It may seem like a lot of work but a lot of that work the students do themselves. I usually ask for the help I need and there is always someone that comes forward and helps. This helps us all. They make a bit of extra money and I get the most dedicated people in the grid. The focal point is always what they wear and how they pose. This is the one thing that makes me extremely proud.” The dedication was obvious, as the set drew rave reviews from the audience. When asked how she came up with the theme, Hez elaborated, “Halloween was coming up fast. I guess there was a moment after you run into so many creatures of the night that you just give up and want to be one too. The graduates did the Victorian Vampire so well! I made sure that I didn’t see them until the day of the graduation and I was so impressed not only with the clothing that they selected but also the attitude the posing. They lived the part very well.” What makes all of this even more interesting is that Hez is also an instructor at L’Amour NeXuS, and she more than likely taught most if not all of the graduates. “I teach about 90% of the students. I teach the runway part of

the course and I am very strict. I want the student to know everything they need to know, no exceptions. My classroom doesn’t have chairs, because the minute they walk in, they are not there to rest or lay back. They start working hard from day one to the very end. I look at the faces of the graduates and I must admit, I get a little pang of sorrow, because I get close to them and I hate for them to see me emotional. So I usually give them a pep talk and then throw them out (LOL). They know I don’t mean it. I tell them Shooo!’” No graduation is complete, of course, without graduates. Resmay Bloodstorm was one of the models who participated, and she gave her view of what it was like to attend NeXuS and get a diploma. “It has been such an amazing opportunity that I have been given. I am so grateful to have found L’Amour Nexus University, Ava and the other instructors as without them I would not be where I am today.” She also elaborated on what kind of education she received as a student of the advanced classes at NeXuS. Resmay explained, “It is wonderful to have taken the advanced classes at L’Amour Nexus University. When it comes to the Advanced Styling class I learned what it means to truly know the difference between styling and advanced styling. ...continued next page


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Graduate Resmay Bloodstorm Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Taking styling over the edge the way it was truly meant to be is not always easy. As for the Advanced Production class I have learned that everyone must come together and become a team player to work to create a phenomenal show, which is what happened. I was honored to work with three other incredibly talented women who have taught me so much during the course of

NeXuS is focused on one thing; primarily we want to erase some old concepts on how to walk and how to pose and what to do.

this class. I realized we have to lean on each other and every person who is a part of the production team is equally important. Lastly with the Advanced Photography class with Ava has taken my love of taking pictures and turned it into an art of photography. Coming into this class I thought I took decent photos until I learned it is not just about taking good photos, it is about telling a story with those photos.” This was important to Resmay because, as she said, “Modeling is definitely an SL career for me. I have meet so many people and


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

made so many great friends while learning the art of modeling. Modeling to me means trying to capture the vision the designers are trying to protray with their creations. It means learning to be a team player and working with others and adapting your strengths and weaknesses.” Of course, there are always those who, for various reasons, may wonder, why go to modeling school at all? Both Resmay and Hez believe in the usefulness and benefits of a modeling education. Hez elaborated further, “I don’t want to tell you that they should take the classes because we are the best, or that they need to train because it is a good job for them on the grid. There are many schools that charge you less than NeXuS, but I’ll be honest, there are not many that teach from zero to one hundred. I’ve had students (you know who you are) that have been graduated already from other schools, sometimes more than one school, and by the second day, they tell me, ‘wow, I feel like a noob, I had no idea there were so much technique to all of this. So many solutions and shortcuts.’ NeXuS is focused on one thing; primarily we want to erase some old concepts on

how to walk and how to pose and what to do, simply because it is like anything else, there are new ways. There are ways to make the student look more natural, more genuine. Most of what we do on the runway is supported by the viewer we use, so try to imagine how many times that same viewer has been updated? A lot. There is nothing pretty about walking a runway with other models and finding out you are the only one that stops in the middle of the runway, turns sideways (with your cam) poses and then turn back to leave...we don’t want to look like robots. The same applies to styling, if we were to do the styling all the time, we will all look like a ‘Bawldo’. Ever seen the big prom dresses with the updo from the 1980s? That is a Bawldo. I guess the best way to explain why NeXuS is because we are Innovative, we are modern, dedicated, and we are...well, we are a revolutionary in this industry called modeling in Second Life.” Resmay further described the benefits as this: “So many people believe modeling is just about walking down the runway, posing and looking pretty. Modeling is so much more than that. I believe everyone should take modeling classes to understand the art

of modeling and what it really entails. I will never stop taking classes as the modeling industry is ever changing and advancing. It is expensive to be a model and the classes are not cheap, but it can be the difference between doing modeling as a hobby or modeling as a career. Schools such as L’Amour Nexus University give us the opportunity to expand our horizons and become what we have dreamed of becoming.” When people think of graduations, they tend to think of both endings and beginnings. It seems that with modeling in SL, NeXuS’ graduation was both an ending of school and the beginning of what could be an illustrious career making fashion come to life. Even the theme was apropos – maybe the formal education has stopped, but the opportunities live after that ‘death.’ n

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Challenge yourself... Contact Bai Nightfire


Resmay Bloodstorm 21st Pazzo Challenge Winner Issue 3, Dec 2015 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine


PAZZO Style Challenge #21 & #22 By sarahelisebeth Brenham They say pain is beauty, if this is true, then why do models and the like put themselves through it? While I cannot comment on those in the fashion industry, in real life I certainly can as a member of the modeling industry on Second Life! You see, as a model, we have to make sure we always look our best at all times, stay up-to-date with trends, push the boundaries and be prepared to face criticism (the painful part). What if I told you about a recurring event for the models of the grid. This Style competition is challenging but also teaches us to deal with criticism in a supportive and fun manner. Would you attend at least once? Need more information about it before deciding to give it a whirl? No problem. Read on to learn more about this amazing opportunity. Pazzo Style Challenge, sponsored by L’Amour Productions, began on October 31st, 2012. The purpose of this conjuncture is for models AND stylists to practice their craft and skills in putting

together an outfit with complimentary poses to a chosen theme. Now, it might seem that this event is better suited for those new to the fashion industry. But as a model of ten years, let me assure that I gained so much inspiration and valuable feedback by participating in just ONE of these affairs! Besides, no matter how much experience we have in something, there is ALWAYS something new to be learned! As you can tell, I don’t get many chances to attend fashion events as a guest, so I was really excited when I got invited to be an audience member for the 21st Pazzo Challenge! I knew that this conjecture was going to be fabulous, but it somehow managed to exceed all of my expectations! The subject for the latest Pazzo Challenge was Zombie Couture. All of the ladies who took part in this affair were deadly gorgeous (get it?). But like all competitions, there can only be one big winner. The champion for the 21st Pazzo Challenge was

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


meishagirl Resident aka Resmay Bloodstorm. After the event was declared officially over, and Ms. Bloodstorm came down from her adrenaline rush, I decided that it’d be fun to talk with and get to know her better, as everybody has a unique story to tell and we all can learn from each-other. I hope you’ll find her tale as inspiring as I did. Ms. Bloodstorm entered the modeling world in 2015. She wanted to become a model in Second Life, as it has always been her dream profession in Real Life, but unfortunately is unable to do it there. That’s the beauty of SL; the ability to fulfill all of your goals and aspirations. When asked what made her decide to do a Pazzo Challenge, this is what she had to say, “They are an excellent way to hone your skills as a model. Having a theme and making it come to life is not always easy and the feedback you get is priceless. When doing a fashion show you do not get the feedback like you do in the Pazzo Challenges.” So, what does Ms. Bloodstorm have her sights on next? She hopes to further her training as a model by taking more classes and doing more fashion shows and contests. I think Ms. Bloodstorm’s modeling career will be everything she wants it to be and more, and that we can expect to see great things from her. ...continued next page


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

you can see, Pazzo Challenges has the ability to enhance your profession as a stylist or model. Are you up for the challenge?  n

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



CatsMeow17 Resident 22nd Pazzo Challenge Winner Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Because L’Amour Diversity comes bimonthly, we also had the 22nd Pazzo Style Challenge. This one was again not your typical style challenge.  Visual Kei is a style created in the mid1980s by Japanese musicians consisting of striking makeup, unusual hair styles and flamboyant costumes, similar to Western glam rock and glam metal. Androgyny is also a popular aspect of the style. Some of the more well-known and influential artists of the style include X Japan, Luna Sea, Versailles, The Gazette, Mejibray, Royz, L’Arc en Ciel, Antic Cafe, Malice Mizer, and Diaura. Are you still unsure if doing a Pazzo Challenge is right for you? Then allow me to introduce you to someone who’s

modeling career was literally started with this competition! Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the winner of the 22nd Pazzo Challenge CatsMeow17 Resident, or as she is better known as Mrs. Kitty Dark Rage. Mrs. Dark Rage became a certified model in November 2015, when asked why she choose to become a model, this is what she had to say, “I got into modeling because it allows me to do something I can’t do in RL and allows me to be creative.” She likes to test her creativity by doing Pazzo Challenges as she feels they let you to safely go outside of your comfort zone. Mrs. Dark Rage hopes to participate in more modeling opportunities in the future and we wish her all the best! n

Bai Nightfire Pazzo COO Pazzo started when Ava Jhamin saw a need for models to have a place to hone their craft in styling. We are now going to three years and the 23rd Pazzo Style Challenge. The new COO Bai Nightfire took the reigns and is in charge of all that is L’Amour Pazzo Style Challenge.  Bai had won two Pazzo Style Challenges, and when she was offered the position of COO she jumped on it. She brings her own creative vision to Pazzo, so keep an eye out monthly for this fun and creative way to show your mad ass style, and to be critiqued and make it a fun learning experience. L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



Sitting Down With the CEO of Model’s Workshop By Ava Jhamin I have been blessed truly since I have opened up L’Amour Diversity Magazine. The one benefit of being in the magazine/modeling industry is that as big as it can seem, it really isn’t a huge world on the grid. I had the pleasure of meeting Suki Rexen about six years ago as she hosted and I judged a competition. It was like at first talk for both of us.  I would say that this one has always had my back and vise versa.  I sat down with Suki to talk to her about the new chapters in her Second Life. Suki is a very busy lady on Second Life. Between running and being CEO of Dallas Modeling Agency (DMA) and CEO of Model’s Workshop, it isn’t so easy to get her to sit still for too long.  Ava: First Suki, a new habit of mine to first ask how you came to find Second Life? Suki: I first found out about SL from my RL sister, who had heard from her


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

friends that it was a “game” where you could create content and sell it for RL money. I rezzed in world and was greeted by how much there was to learn before anything concrete could be marketable.  Ava: Tell the readers what you did when you first entered SL? Suki: I happened upon a woman who took me in and taught me how to do simple things, like play games and dance. One of the dances that she took me to was hosted by a Motorcycle Club (MC) and I decided to join their MC. I eventually came to own it and had to actually defend myself as the owner against other major MC players who wanted “my” MC. I won and earned the respect of some pretty powerful folks in that part of SL.  Well I have to say this doesn’t surprise me in the least, as Suki (for the readers to know) is one of the


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Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015



Issue 3, Dec 2015 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

strongest people I have ever met on SL. I think this is what bonded us to begin with.  Ava: What are two things you love about SL? And two things you don’t?    Suki: I love the ability to create and recreate my own virtual reality. I love the opportunity to meet and get to know, (even if it’s on a virtual level), some pretty amazing folks that I would never have had a chance to meet in the RL. I don’t like the rising cost of everything, and I don’t like the head games some people think is ok to play because they are protected by a computer screen.  Ava: How did you come to Model’s Workshop? Suki: I left the MC world, to pursue the SL modeling world. I attended two schools. One of my instructors told me about Monica Balut and the Balut Hud.  I went to her little store to purchase one and learned of Model’s Workshop. I joined immediately.  Ava: How did you end up being the CEO of Model’s Workshop?  Suki: I offered to help Monica, first by becoming her assistant, and then by becoming her COO. When Monica chose to retire, she came to me, and awarded me with ownership for my loyalty and

my integrity when it came to the success of Model’s Workshop. Ava: What is the philosophy behind the Model’s Workshop?     Suki: I told Monica that I have always seen Model’s Workshop as a type of “study group” for all the models in the SL. Which it is. When Monica first started Model’s Workshop, she did so with intentions of having a place where we all could share our knowledge, ask questions, and practice what we have learned, without having to pay for it.  Ava: Was it hard to fill the shoes of your mentor and friend Monica Balut?  Suki: Indubitably! Ava: Can you please tell our readers the different pieces of the puzzle that is Model’s Workshop?     Suki: Model’s Workshop offers Interactive workshops, presentations, styling challenges, fashion shows, assistance, and an info hub, all for the purpose of learning, supporting and sometimes enhancing the education that is offered by the many modeling schools. Ava: I know that Model’s Workshop has a board for the different aspect of the company. Can you please elaborate on that for us?  ...continued next page

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


Suki: We use a management system set up by our founder. The title CEO is given to the head of all matters and is also one of the owners of the company.  The COO is a role designed to assist the CEO in running all matters. Then for each specific area, the “puzzle pieces” as you called them, we have committees that are set up to run that specific area.  For example, Amity is the Chair of the Monthly Styling Challenges Committee.  She then oversees a team of volunteers that make up that committee. The “Board” is a steering committee made up of the Founder, the CEO, The COO, and the Chair of each committee.  Ava: Very nicely said Suki.  Where do you see Model’s Workshop in the next few years? Suki: Our membership has been growing along with the general interest in the various things we do. Our Blog, designed and maintained by Jena Adder, is also growing to meet the various inquiries of those interested in the SL field of Fashion Modeling. I see Model’s Workshop changing to accommodate this growing interest in virtual fashion, and all that it goes with it.  Ava: Suki, what changes have you seen in the Fashion Industry?  Suki: Models have been participating in the various pageants offered around


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

the grid, to earn titles and recognition for their talents. As models begin to earn these coveted titles and develop a “fan” base (so to speak) designers are becoming more interested in using these “elite” models for their vendor boards, advertisements, and other modeling needs.   As the products available for designers change, the level of skill also changes.  Designers are creating more involved items, and I foresee a change in the respect for the individual model’s ability to adapt to these changes. Gone, are the days of working hours for “just” product. And while “just” product can be very rewarding, “product” in and of itself does not pay tiers, nor buys other accessories, nor the tools needed to be an “elite” model in this virtual world. Ava: If you could take a day off from your hard work with Model’s Workshop what would you do?      Suki: This is actually a very hard question for me because I have a very capable team that helps me run Model’s Workshop, and could run MW in my absence.  Not to say that I don’t have an important role, and provide the necessary input to keep Model’s Workshop alive and well.  We are a team. And, while a team can function with one of it’s members missing, it functions best when it everyone is present. Now, if I could spread myself

even thinner across the grid, I would join one of SL’s theater companies.  Ava: WOW Suki I could so see you in a role of an actress on SL. I think anything you put your mind to just happens. If you could give advice to all upcoming models on SL, what would that be Suki?        Suki: Remain open-minded. Avoid the gossip and don’t become a part of any drama. And above all, join Model’s Workshop, of course! Ava: Suki, you’ve shared with most of the SL world that you are a psychologist by profession in real life. Please share some of your thoughts on how Second Life activity has impacted the real lives of some, in a sometimes negative way? Suki: Yes, I do have an advanced degree in counseling psychology, several certificates in specialized areas, and yet the depth of this immersed society eludes me. I think it provides a great forum for people to master unresolved issues or experiences from their real lives. It’s a haven for people with disabilities to be able to live vicariously through their own imaginations. And I think it’s a dangerous place for the gullible, the naive, and the ones who think it’s “just a game”.  Ava: What advice do you have for those thinking about starting or acquiring a business in SL? 

Ava: Just like real life, any business takes money, ingenuity, and perseverance. Always keep in mind that most people who open a virtual business have never had a formal day of training in business commerce, or business ethics for that matter. Even those who have, face a sharp learning curve when it comes to the many types of intellectual property and virtual education. Don’t assume it’s as easy as choosing a name for your school, business, or the services that you can provide. Integrity is the key that without it, most opportunities remain locked.  Ava: For the readers of L’Amour Diversity, this one was special to me, and very insightful. I hope the readers take away from this the learning and truth that Suki Rexen gives.  Thank you Suki for sitting down with me and being so candid and open with myself and the readers. Ok now lil lady let’s go get drunk and be goofy (giggles). n

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Comprised of privately owned sims (The Blakes, and the three sims to the north of the Blakes), and four Blake Sea Linden owned sims: Blake Sea – Thunderer, Kendra, Cannonade and Beaufort.


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Role Play

Speak Like a Pirate Every Day!

RP on the Blake Sea Contested Sims By Rhiannon Colclough Arrrrgh and avast, me hearties! Have ye ever wanted to shiver the timbers or hoist the sails? Ever wanted to raise the mizzenmast or walk the plank? Have you dreamed of fighting epic battles on the sea and plundering the defeated? Of course, you’ll go to the nearby pub and quaff some grog with the wenches and your mates.

lot of time under water as to bring a scuba mask! Every time you find a treasure, the hud that acts as your compass will give you a trumpet fanfare to announce you’ve arrived, and once you accept the prize, the location will give you a random prize selected from a large collection of amazing gifts. Be the pirate you always wanted to be!

If this sounds appealing to you, the Blake Sea Contested Sims are for you! The sims are comprised of privately owned sims (The Blakes, and the three sims to the north of the Blakes) and four Blake Sea Linden owned sims: Blake Sea – Thunderer, Kendra, Cannonade and Beaufort. Gorgeously decorated, with many surprises in store as you wander around, these sims are full of activities and fun for any visitor.

As you explore to find the treasure, you’ll see a very gorgeously decorated area which is part of the Blake Sea Contested Sims, a very special place, named Fanci’s Deep. This place is named after a very special woman who loved to sail, Fanci Beebe-Leavitt, who passed away October 4, 2013.

For example, you can participate in The Great Blake Sea Treasure Hunt, a hunt that involves using a compass to determine where the treasures are ‘buried.’ Of course, this can involve a

She owned the Sailor’s Cove estate and was especially fond of the concept of mer-folk. This under the sea fairytale land is a lovely, fitting tribute to this woman, with underwater forests of coral and seaweed, fantastical builds and fish of all descriptions swimming around. ...continued next page

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 3, Dec 2015


It’s also possible to rent space in it, as long as you follow the rules of the covenant. Your dreams of being a mermaid or merman could come true, and there is not a more beautiful place to do it than Fanci’s Deep. As the notecard introducing you to Fanci’s Deep puts it, “Once you discover the beauty of undersea Second Life, you will want to be part of keeping the waters open for everyone to enjoy: merfolk, sailors, pirates, divers, and more!” Of course, you do not need to be a merfolk to appreciate this amazing place – there’s diving and scuba gear so you can explore the gorgeous scenery.  


Issue 3, Dec 2015 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

There’s even an underwater amusement park! And if you find the life of a mer-person appealing, there is plenty of info to get started scattered around the sims that comprise Fanci’s Deep. Of course, pirate sims would not be complete without a rousing sea battle – and there is a special area around the Contested Sims for that as well! Two groups, AllSeas Battle Group and Blake Seas Battle Group, provide information on sea battles. AllSeas is a group that helps those interested in battling on any high seas that participates in sea battle,

while Blake Seas is specifically for the Contested Sims area. AllSeas encourages members to arrange battles but also respecting the rules of the area(s) where the battle will be fought. The Blake Seas Battles Group also encourages following the rules for the Contested Sims. There are preplanned battles as well as impromptu engagements, and all ships from the age of fighting sail to the age of ironclads are allowed to join – but nothing WWII or beyond! The Blake Sea Contested Sims are considered RP areas, so please make

sure you follow all the rules of RP as you are angling to get the best position to decimate your foes! If you want to participate, also observe proper etiquette and teleport to the set TP points or sail into the area; don’t TP right into the middle of a battle! Not only is that improper etiquette, but hazardous to your avi’s health as well! Also be aware that if you sail into a battle with a combat ship, you are considered fair game unless a preplanned battle is in progress. There are more rules to follow; please pick up a copy of the rules at ...continued next page

Blake Seas Diego sim if this tickles your fancy. You can, with the island owner’s permission, even have land AND sea battles! You can be as epic a pirate as you wish to be.

contact the admins, Sternchen Bellic, Nber Medici, and MarkTwain White or the general managers, Blue Manbi, Julie Ceres, and Scattered Sideways. n

And of course, if you wish to immerse yourself in the RP, there are lovely places on land and under the sea to rent. Wake every day to another day of fun plundering the seas and accumulating loot, or swimming under the sea and feeling free as a merfolk!

If you go:

For any questions about any of the aspects of the Blake Sea Contested Sims,

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L'Amour Diversity Magazine Issue 3 Dec 2015  

L'Amour Diversity Magazine Issue 3 Dec 2015