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ISSUE 23, APRIL 2019

Celebrating uniqueness not trends!

The Models of L’Amour Diversity Presents Wicca’s Originals


Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Publisher’s Note

II have always loved the fact that the publisher’s note was also a place for the publisher to vent when they felt the need to get something off their chest, and in this note, I am going to be doing a bit of venting on a few things. First of all, I want people to know, if you plan to participate in a competition, there are a few key things to consider, that as an agency owner, I can share:

the ass. Treat people as you would like to be treated. And in my opinion, the funniest part of all is that people can spew their lies but they are not fooling anyone no matter how many people they bring to speak on their behalf, history is a beautiful thing and if it keeps happening year after year, to those individuals I say, get a clue. Okay, rant session over, moving on.

First, go into the competition with NO expectations. Second, DO NOT enter if you think you are generally better than everyone else, because I am here to tell you, that there is always going to be someone better than you, that’s just a fact. Third, go into it with an open heart, to learn, to make friends, and challenge yourself. Last, if you give it 110%, then know in your heart of hearts, that the rest is out of your hands.

I want to welcome Ali Reignn as our newest writer, who wrote a piece on bullying. And how apropos this article is, as I have once again seen someone lose their competition title over being bullied by someone else and thinking their shit don’t stink. Hate to break it to them, but it does. I am also excited to do a big event with Ali for her cause.

In this issue of L’Amour Diversity, let’s see how many people can pronounce the names of real life designers. You will laugh and say, “what the heck?” I Okay, on to the next rant. LOL. There promise you. Also in this issue, I met is something no matter how old I up with the amazing Wicca Merlin, to get that just irritates me to no end; Bullying and being mean to others on let the readers of Diversity get to know Second Life. I really want people to get this iconic woman and a dear friend of mine. Also, a story on one of our this. When you are nasty, if you want sponsors for MMI, Lua Vendetta, from to call it karma, or in my case, God Luna Body Art. watching over his own, YOUR nasty will always come back and bite you in


n i m a h Ava J

Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Celebrating uniqueness not trends!

ISSUE 23, APRIL 2019

STAFF PUBLISHER/EDITOR Ava Jhamin EDITOR IN CHIEF Rienna Lenoir FASHION EDITOR Trinity Aironaut WRITERS Ava Jhamin Jude Tatham Nani Xue PHOTOGRAPHERS Ava Jhamin Ali Reignn Nani Xue DIVERSITY MODELS Trinity Aironaut, Jan Bacon, Lola Bacon, Resmay Bloodstorm, Vichonette Constantine, Richard de Grataine Souh, Ava Jhamin, Kushy Kloud, Cynthia Lenoir, Rienna Lenoir, Jude Tatham, Nani Xue The views and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher. ®2019 L'Amour Productions. All rights reserved. Second Life™ is a registered trademark of Linden Research, Inc.


Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

store for our readers in this issue of L'Amour Diversity Magazine. Hadley brings us coverage of the 44th Pazzo Style Challenge, Jude Tatham brings us another edition of Jude's Jewels and we also bring you the results of the new competition that Hadley and Jude are both hosting called The Best of Me. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you! Happy Spring!

As Ava said in her Publisher's Note, we have some really great articles in

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Editor’s Note

I've moved back and forth between two states for most of the last 20 yrs. I'm a Rocky Mountain girl by birth, but have spent a number of years in the Shenandoah Valley off and on. This year, I am back in the good old Shen Val area, and spring is probably the best time to live here. I love my snow, and as I write this, my friends and family back home are buckling down the hatches for their second "Cyclone Bomb" snow storm of 2019. I didnt even know such a thing existed, but apparently it's like a snow hurricane and the one they had in February, shut down the entire state. Let me tell you, for a state that is used to several feet of snow that lasts, in some areas for 9 months, and who boasts having a county with the #1 snow removal in the entire US, when they shut down, that is saying something. When I was a kid, we didnt have snow days. We had to go no matter what the weather was. I have to admit a tad bit of jealousy at the snow they had this year, since we pretty much had none here, but now it's spring time and I get to enjoy what I consider to be one of the absolutely most stunning places to live in spring time.

Table of Contents

10 Bullying is Not Ok Ali Reignn tells us her story and how she overcame bullying

20 Home & Garden Expo Ava brings us an update on RFL’s Home & Garden Expo for 2019

36 Wicca’s Originals Ava interviews Wicca Merlin, our Featured Designer for this issue.

44 Editorial Wicca’s Originals The models of L’Amour Diversity in some amazing outfits from Wicca’s Originals

74 Editorial Wicca’s Originals Nani Xue brings us a new bi-monthly installment featuring Roleplay Sims

104 How Do You Say That Again? Do you think you really know how to pronounce the name of that brand you’re wearing? Ava shows us that you may not!


Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

112 44th Pazzo Style Challenge Hadley & Jude have taken over this long running style challenge at L’Amour. Get all the deets here!

120 Jude’s Jewels

Jude brings us another installment of Jude’s Jewels and this month tells us all about Club Erebus

124 Meet the New Mr. & Miss MMI Get a look at the new Mr. & Miss MMI 2019!

142 The Best of Me Get the inside scoop on this new competition!

148 Luna Body Art Ava interviews Lua the designer behind Luna Body Art

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Issue Specials


By: Ali Reignn


In 2009, I was battling serious depression and had been struggling for years as I hid this from all of my family. It became my silent killer, as depression sunk it’s claws into me. In the month of January it was the ending days, so to speak for me, and for many months prior I was trying to gain control of what I essentially allowed to get seriously out of control. I had no clue where to even begin as my days grew more and more hopeless. What seemed to the outside as me having the perfect life, husband, kids, beautiful home and well off. BUT that was far from the truth because behind closed doors, I was being bullied by people who essentially called


themselves family, but I hid that too and I led people to think all was a perfect family. I want to explain before I go further, as I started this article off, with the brutal truth on what was about to unfold with me and where I am going with this, to set the outcomes of bullying. In order to get the point across, I feel I must boldly stand up and express my journey into surviving and what really happens when someone is bullied on a continuous basis. In January, I woke and it was like any other day, as I was dealing with bullying from all sides, and I snapped. It was like, everything in me turned off, and there was

Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

no reasoning as I became hollow as I was being screamed at. What did I do, you may be asking? Well I literally walked up to my room, shut the door and cried. I remember that day like it was yesterday, as I laid down and the time said 2:54 PM and I looked at the wall where the sun was shining on and I literally watched the sun vanish into night as it reached 9:30 pm and then I tried to kill myself.

meaningless. The mental harm becomes impossible to rise above, which then leads to depression, anxiety and so many other mental states, that lead you into the thought process where suicide is scarily knocking on the door.

Did I die? Obviously not. But it slapped me into reality that I had to stand up against bullying and set boundaries. This experience has led to one of my platforms I strongly believe in, which is What made me attempt such an ending #STOPCYBERBULLYING. Although I was fate? Was I suicidal? The answer was bullied in RL, bullying has the same effects no, but when you are a victim to toxic on SL, because after all, behind every avi, behavior, and become someone’s emotional punching bag, it takes its toll on lives an RL person that has feelings. you fast, as you can very well end up in the situation I was in, where I felt all hope was - Ali Reignn - Queen Of All She Observes gone. Bullying is harmful, very very harmful. When someone is bullied they essentially feel they have no worth, no value, that they do not matter and their life is

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


SL is a place where we all log in and become whatever it is that we of being. Whether it is DJ'ing, hosting, building, being a renter, club o model, designer, the list goes on and on. The possibilities are endless anything is in your power & within your grasp, all you have to do is cr

But with creation, sometimes we come across people that are not u for a positive thing and they like to break others down. I know everyone has encountered such a person and it is not fun. That is why these next coming weeks I will be putting together a #LiftOneAnotherUp Act, this Act will bring on positivity in every way.

So please stay tuned for all the awesome events to come. It will be f

dream owner, s and reate it.

using SL

fun !!!

Relay For Life’s H 20

Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Home & Garden Expo 2019

By: Ava Jhamin

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Home Garden (H&G) is the biggest event on the grid supporting Relay for Life (RFL). As a two time cancer survivor, breast and ovarian, RFL and the Home & Garden Expo are near and dear to my heart. I have been involved with Home & Garden for the last two years and I think what they do is extraordinary.


While most people who are not a member of the Second Life community will never understand why we love it, I happen to believe that Second Life citizens can be some of the most giving people when it comes to charity.

Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Cancer is not one to discriminate, it has no nationality and neither does H&G or Relay For Life. Each year, more than four million people in 26 countries take part in Relay For Life, uniting communities and taking action against cancer. Relay For Life of Second Life is an annual fundraising event that takes place in the

virtual world of Second Life. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fundraising and raising awareness. This year’s Home & Garden Expo went from March 15, 2019 to April 7, 2019. L’Amour once again picked Home & Garden Expo as our charity for the year of 2019. We had a booth both for

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


L’Amour Productions as well as being an Advertisement Sponsor this year with L’Amour Diversity Magazine. We have also added something fun and new for L’Amour as well as Home & Garden Expo. On April 7, 2019 we had our Home & Garden “Come To Life Show.” All of the models in L’Amour who came to the booths and modeled and raised money got to model in the show for Home & Garden. This is the first time a show like this has been done and were very excited.


One of the best thing that RFL Home & Garden Expo do each year are the schedule of classes for everyone in whatever areas of interest there might be, not only for builders but for the everyday SL resident who just wants to learn how to cope a little easier in this virtual world. While we do offer classes in simple building projects just for you to have fun with, we also include things from inventory organization, to dealing with

Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

lag; From the easiest way to move your furniture around in the living room to digging a hole in your front lawn, and more. I was lucky enough to teach a class on Photography on April 5, 2019 and I had a blast doing it. I think if I could go around SL and do seminars for a living I would be one happy woman. Stay tuned for more on the Home & Garden Expo in the June issue of L’Amour Diversity Magazine.

I was also selected as one of the 16 people to decorate a home for the Home & Garden Expo Decorating Contest. I got to decorate my dear friend Robert Galland’s home. Home & Garden Expo raised 2,344.085 the last time I checked and L’Amour Productions raised 51,250.00. I am very proud of all the models and all that donated to this wonderful event.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019



Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Spotlight Story

Ali Reignn &



Wicca Merlin &

Wicca’s Origina

I am not even sure how to start this story with Wicca Merlin of the newly branded Wicca’s Originals. I have been a huge fan of Wicca’s all of my Second Life. What might surprise people is it’s not just the awe of her modeling career, or her designing. For me, it’s that this amazing woman is so REAL. I have known Wicca since 2009. She has done a lot in her career on Second Life, but she has remained one of the most real women on


the grid that I have ever met. Wicca has always marched to the beat of her own drummer, but for me, that’s what also made her so special. I am honored to be sitting down with Wicca and just having some girl talk. It’s funny with Wicca and I, we might not talk for ages but then we can shoot the shit for hours, catch up and our doors are always open to each other to vent.

Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

people of different countries.


Ava: How long did you have Wicca's Wardrobe Wicca: I started making poses back in 2013. A little later I tried my first steps with show templates and slowly it did grow, and the name Wicca's Wardrobe came to my mind. About 2 ½ years ago we made our first steps with original mesh. I do remember the first thing we made was a hat called "The Adventurer Hat.” This was the start of Wicca’s Originals, and officially in 2019, we had our light re-branding and updated our name as well to Wicca's Originals. Ava: Wicca do you remember the first thing you ever designed in Second Life? Wicca: The first thing I ever made was poses and if I remember correctly it was the "Casual Jeans Set.” Ava: What made you re-brand from Wicca's Wardrobe to Wicca's Originals? What was the inspiration for the rebranding to Wicca's Originals?

By: Ava Jhamin Ava: How did Wicca come to live in the wonderful world of Second Life?

Wicca: Initially, I came to SL because of music. I am a musician in RL and a friend of mine mentioned back in 2007, that in Second Life I could hear music from all over the world even with "live performances" and not only from musicians of the popular music industry, but as well as traditional music from

Wicca: It had quite a few reasons, that we did that. First, we were told from a lot of people, that heard our name the first time, that they though we only would sell witch clothing and accessories as they did not realize that the "Wicca" part of the name was my avatars name. They thought it would be a Wiccan clothing store and many did not even to bother to look closer because of that fact. But the biggest reason was, we wanted a clean cut finally to make clear and visible we are only doing original mesh. The first original mesh items we created in the beginning of 2015, and for the last 2 ½ years, we have only done original mesh. We wanted a fresh start now, which was

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


clearly visible as well and so we decided to have a light name change, new logo, new store and basically all of our marketing and packaging (including HUDs, gacha machines, vendors, etc) was to get new look - A look that is unique and shows off more the character of my creations. We never aimed for the general mainstream, but all who know me, know that I would not even be able to do that as I am not a mainstream person. Ava: Does Wicca have a business partner in Wicca's Originals? Wicca: Oh yes, Redclaw Inshan, my RL/ SL partner, works with me. We met in SL over 10 years ago and developed a


friendship over the years. About 8 years ago we met the first time in RL and a year later we realized, that between us was more than just friendship, and four years ago we started living together in RL. We also have Silly Avro working with us. A longtime friend of mine and over the years, she became part of our 'family' as she feels like a sister to me – Silly is our GM. She handles all the blogger inquiries and helps with customer service and marketing. I would also like to mention our blogger team that helps us a lot with marketing, reviews and wonderful pictures of our designs. Having a real life job, I never could run

Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Wicca's Originals alone on my own, not that I would want that. I like to work in a team where everyone can count on the others’ help and support.

Ava: I had a blast at your re-branding party, Wicca. Was it all you expected?

Wicca: It was more than I ever expected! It was one of the most emotional, as well as most exciting moments of my Second Ava: What is the hardest part Life. To see how many people came to for you in running a business have fun, to support and to celebrate - It was incredible and amazing. I truly just Wicca: I guess to say no never thought that so many people would sometimes. I tend to let come. friendship and relationships win over business facts. Ava: I know you have been in Second Life For a business, that can since 2007. Tell me two things you love be very tricky. I am a very about SL and two things you don't like? emotional person, I like to have freedom, peace and Wicca: I do love many things about good relationships with Second Life, but the most, I do love the many people, and I do never ending freedom of creativity and value friendship a lot. That I do love that you can connect to people does not mean, I just take from all over the world, make friends and everything to not have an even see them in your real life when you argument, but life is so much are lucky - I was lucky a few times already better if you can be nice and and I hope I will get more chances to do have no stress or arguments that! With everything you like, you will get with anyone. the negative facts as well, like it is with a coin - it always has 2 sides. That does not always work out in business situations, Mostly, I hate the jealousy or the and I had to learn that I backstabbing, which seems common, must distinguish between as many seem to think they can act like private and business decisions. That that because they are anonymous. The is not always easy, many times people second thing would be the enormous do not understand that distinction, but rivalry - Second Life is so huge that all and thank God I do have a partner, that is my everything has its corner and its right to personal ratio and my reason sometimes. exist. Together we usually can work out the best solution for nearly every problem. Ava: Wicca, what other passions do you have in SL, besides your obvious love of Ava: What is your RL satisfaction in fashion? creating in SL? Wicca: Fashion is my biggest passion in SL Wicca: Relaxing, being creative without and most of the things I do are related to the need to always make sense or in fashion in some way. But I do love taking terms I could not be in real life and taking pictures and telling stories with them, some free time, which for me would be not only for the purpose of showcasing too stressful and overwhelming. fashion. And I do love listening to music and musicians in Second Life a lot, too. L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Ava: What do you look for in staff, models, things they might not know about you? and bloggers for your brand? Wicca: 1) What most people do not Wicca: At the moment we are not looking believe when they to get to know me is for staff or models, or anything more that I am super shy and introverted. than establishing the new name and look of our brand. However, we might have 2) For whatever reason, it seems, people another blogger search soon to add a few think I am hard to get in touch with and more people to our team - or maybe I I am totally not. I love nice chats and

should say to our crazy little family. Other than that, we aren’t looking for any new staff members at this time - maybe that will come later, once everything is done, and we have a clear-cut agenda. Ava: I would like for our readers to get to know the wonderful lady behind the brand. Can you tell our readers three


talks, and I usually never feel bothered by someone that IM’s me, especially when I can help. 3) Yes, I do sleep, not much, but I do. I am a workaholic in both lives. I feel bored if I have nothing to do and I have a wide spectrum of things I want to do, so... sometimes my schedule gets tight, but

Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

over the years I learned, what I can take on and when I have to stop.

Ava: As you know, Wicca, the name of my magazine is L’Amour Diversity. What does diversity mean to Wicca?

Ava: Obviously, we all know you love your brand. But, is there another designer that Wicca: Diversity is something, I hear a lot Wicca loves to wear? in many places, but if you take a closer look it mostly remains to only be words Wicca: Oh there are many... if I would for many. name them all we just could put a list of To me diversity means, everyone can be whatever they want, can do whatever they feel and have the right to stand for their own conviction. It means everyone can develop their own way, of how they want their lives to be and who they want to be, without being limited more than from official laws and human rights or without hurting others physically or psychological long-term.

Many times - and I do want to limit my answer to Second Life, as reallife experiences would go beyond the scope - I was told what I should do and what i should not do. When I started modeling, I was told to play the game like it was played always before. When I started modeling in 2007/2008, the popular, fabulous models were incredible beauties in gowns and elegant outfits. I really liked how they looked, they were gorgeous! But always if I tried that, I caught myself by adding 'weird' things to my looks. For some names instead of this interview I guess, reason I could not just let it be with being but I will try to at least name a few in beautiful, I always had the feeling in a terms of clothing... Salt & Pepper, Gos virtual environment like SL, must be more Boutique, A&Y, LeLutka, Contraption, DRD, possible and I started more and more for CURELESS[+], Meva... God, that list goes the weird and unusual. longer and longer the more I think about what I do love wearing when I am logged Why not wearing a gown with a halfin. shaved head and piercings, why not add a strong and powerful makeup to L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


a beautiful gown or even strange hair? More and more I developed into a 'freak'. I got told many times, if I do not stop that, I will never make it anywhere. All I thought after some time was "Fine, then I never make it somewhere, but have fun and enjoy my Second Life!" I never had the desire to 'be someone' as I enjoy my real life and have my desired success happening there. I played in bands all over Europe, I had the pleasure to have a record label contract with one of those bands and played the biggest festivals in Europe. Second Life always was a relaxing free time activity for me. Certainly, I would have to lie, if I say 10 years of Second Life would not have left traces in my real life as well. There were moments when I had appointments or shows, that I really took seriously, but not because they would have made me "someone" more because others did rely on me and my presence. When I started to design, again some people tried to tell me what I would have to do to become famous and popular. At that time, I had already grown a little more, as well has having a stubborn streak. What is that with people that always want to tell you what is the best for you without even giving you a chance to try and experience what really is the best for you? Why do they try to torpedo you and talk you down if you are not agreeing or doing what they tell you? Why can people not just let you make your own experiences and develop your own style? Why do have people have the desire to slander other people in public? Why do they have to go around and tell wrong gossips and attack or damage other reputations? And if they do, why other frustrated people must hop on their train? I have no idea.

have fun and relax if you want a short break from your real life. If you dislike a person, fine! It is a virtual world! Just take a different TP or go to a different place and go on with what is your business. All the power and time you invest to take down another person, could be used in a way more positive way if you use it for your own growing. Second Life is huge and for everything what you want to be, you will find a place. Diversity is a range of different things! How boring would it be if analogy of similarity would rule the world!!!!! Diversity to me is the essence of development and human being - not only in Second Life. Thank you so much Wicca, for not only your candid REAL interview but for being so honest. I love it. Thank you also for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down and chat with me and letting the people of Second Life get to know you a bit more.

In my opinion, Second Life is a place to


Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Kushy Kloud (MadameKerli) Dina Set [Leather] Purple Black Tala Boots - Purple or Black

Cynthia Lenoir (Cinzia Barzane) Aenice Outfit [Light Edition] Aenice Boots

Jan Bacon (Jan1 Ying) Shannon - bodysuit Scratch Me gloves Nemea Boots

Jude Tatham Iris Dress - Rose Mask - Papillon Set Eve Booties - Baby Pink

Ava Jhamin Constance - Black and Red Paxton Gloves Wilma Heels - Red-Black

Lola Bacon Capalini (lolapandoraresident1) Nicole Outfit Aurora Collar Esther Boots 2.0

Nani Xue Dasyra Outfit Black and White Miya Boots [Fatpack] Asema Collar

Resmay Bloodstorm (Meishagirl) Enfant Terrible Joyce Set Celestine Boots [Plain]

Richard De Grataine Suoh Wicca’s Originals - Goggles [Brown Clean] Wicca’s Originals - Cedric DARK OUTFIT COMPLETE

Rienna Lenoir (RIenna Rieko) Paisley [Black/Brown] Gypsy Boots [Black]

Trinity Aironaut Holly - blue Eve Booties [Light Edition]

Vichonette Constantine Dita Corset Fleur Boots

Out on the Grid

We Role, We Exploring Sim-sational R

By: Nani Xue

e Play Roleplay “Other Worlds”

So, pack your bags....& let’s go!

Second Life has a lot of things to offer in a broad spectrum, it probably has always been and will remain one of its greatest appeals. From the creative freedom, to the endless worlds within a world, if you look hard enough you will always find something new, even if you are an "old" timer - especially if you may have gone away for a few years and then ventured back. It is always changing, growing, and providing endless entertainment and opportunities.

There are also communities within groups and gatherings, if you will. One of the largest I would say, Is the roleplaying community. Without getting too opinionated and wordy about the hows and whys and the overall appeal, there are fascinating locations all over the grid. Locations that are their own little world - complete with stories and of course rules and citizens. Realistically, we could fill the whole magazine and then some and still only show you a fraction

of the roleplaying worlds Second Life has to offer. But instead, today we will just cover a few and maybe if you're good, readers, we will give you a peek at more next time.. We will start with â&#x20AC;&#x153;Beneath The Surfaceâ&#x20AC;? and this next bit of Information is ALL from their own staff and info packet at We <3 Roleplay.

Borough of

Welcome to The Borough of Abingdon, a half world between what you know and what we fear. Where unfortunate souls are cursed to live, if you believe in curses that is. By day a simple town, bustling to the same rhythm as the rest of the world, yet by night, a new scene is painted, painted with the creatures from your nightmares. Hold close to your loved ones here, for nothing is as it seems. Now, they have many note cards, classes, rules and notecard archives you can pick up from their visitor center - All very helpful information.


Issue 23 April, 2019 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

f Abingdon

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Next, we travel to If you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t guess from the name, this Now here there is a welcome center with

o â&#x20AC;&#x153;Saga of the 7.â&#x20AC;? s is a Game of Thrones inspired world. h all you need to start your adventure.



OUR MISSION: The GoT LEGACY SAGA OF THE SEVEN is a community of sister sims that are individuality owned, but work together to achieve a common goal to give the environmental platform for role players to have the ultimate role play experience, and to include people with common passion and love for the Game of Thrones series.

We are based on the Game of Thrones series and all role play may not always be exact to the books or series, as this leaves room for creative role play. We are set 300 years prior to the books or series.



Our last offering in this series of Role Play Sims we have

Beneath th

he Surface

For so long in magic folk wh food source. I believed magi know the truth

Will the two si Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s up to you.

this world, humans have succeeded in living apart from the ho once upon a time, enslaved and even farmed them as a Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been so long, in fact, that up until very recently, humans ic folk were creatures of myth and legend... but now, we h.

ides manage to exist together... or will history repeat itself?

"Welcome to ‘Beneath the Surface,’” a new urban fantasy RP sim set in modern-day England. The city of Bastion sits above, in the human world, which has now become linked to the supernatural city of Blackwall Underground. Human and non-humans are still coming to terms with co-existing in each other's presence, with all the conflict and drama tha entails. Citizens of the two cities walk on the edge between xenophobia and acceptance, and only time will tell which si will prevail.


at n ide

Beneath the Surface features:

- Two Cities in one! Bastion on the surface, Blackwall down b - On-Sim Rentals! From seedy little dwellings to family-size h - Evolving storyline! You, the players, will determine the dire - Regular events! High society gatherings, drunken pub reve well as more hostile encounters - participate in what you enjoy! - A Plethora of Races! Humans, Elves, Dragons, Mutants, Aut - Play right away! No lengthy applications or wait times to ju character name, age, and race and that's all the "application

below. houses. ection of the world. elries, governmental proceedings, as

tomatons, and many more. ump IC - you just submit your n" we need!

See our website for all the details Chat with our staff and players on Discord Come visit and see for yourself!!

Just For Fun

How do you sa RL luxury br and how to pro

I thought this would just be fun for p you are so inclined to click the video myself on being able to correctly pro life designersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; names, boy was I wron

For each brand, we have included a l hear the correct pronounciations.

Most of the videos were done by a Y For one video that shows all of the br some that werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t, go watch this vide Sven is the Founder of the Gentlema Have a look and see what you learn. Have Fun!!


ay that again? rand names ronounce them

people to read, or even watch if links for each one. I always prided onounce both real life and second ng!!!!

link to a quick little video so you can

Youtuber, named Dacob. brands included in this article, and eo by Sven Raphael Schneider. anâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gazette & Fort Belvedere.

See the video!

See the video!

See the video!

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Issue 23 April, 2019 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Productions 44

By: Hadley Carrington

4th Pazzo Style Challenge

In October of 2012, the 1st L’Amour Pazzo Style Challenge went from a vision to a reality for Ava Jhamin of L’Amour Productions. She wanted a style challenge that would test the models and keep them on their toes with their peers. L’Amour is now celebrating their 44th Pazzo Style Challenge and it is in its 7th year.

it is the Crazy Style Challenge.

Ava told me, "We have done a lot of very unique and different challenges, that allow them to be who they are as models. A lot of "Your Way" challenges. Ava feels that it is important to let the models do it their way as most runway shows do not allow a lot of creativity. Styling for models usually consists of “Pazzo” is italian for crazy, so translated adding accessories to a pre-planned


Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

designer ou

Ava also sta Hadley Carr as co-COO’s I know they’ of doing Paz to see wher the Carnival models did


ated, “I am really happy that rington and Jude Tatham on s of Pazzo Style Challenge. y’re both totally capable zzo and I am very excited re they go with it. I loved le challenge and all of the an amazing job. L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


April's 44th PAZZO Style Cha held last week at L'Amour Pr The theme was Carnivale, an quite the show to see! There beautiful, bright Carnivale ou there were feathers GALORE


The winner for the day was madamekerli, Kushy Kloud, t friends. She lit up the stage Carnivale styling, and she wo Issue 23 April, 2019 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

allenge was roductions. nd it was e were utfits, and E!

to her in her ore it

wonderfully. Her back piece, of a Brazilian fan, really wowed all of the judges. The judges were the CEO of Pazzo, Ava Jhamin, and COOs, Jude Tatham and Hadley Carrington.

is that Kushy crashed right before the winner was named and couldn't get back on. So, she didn't get the news of her win until she finally got logged back in.

Although it was a close race, because all of the stylings were so amazing, they had to pick Kushy as the winner.

Kushy reports that she was "surprised and speechless" to find out that she won. What a great surprise! There IS a silver lining in every Kloud.

The sad part about this wonderful win

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


People & Community

By Jude Tatham


w e J s ’ e d u J Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

s l e w e

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Welcome to another Jude's Jewels and this week things are getting a little more dark and gothic, as I found myself at club Erebus.

sudden stab of vampire fangs in my neck, the club is back, bigger and better!

Advertised as a vampire club, Erebus welcomes all creatures of the night with Now, confession time: this isn't a new the promise of safety and no threat of hang out for me. I have been here before attack. A dark family indeed, owner, Cara Eldritch (mistresscara.wells), has kept and in my roleplay days, as a dark vamp with a love of the macabre, this club ticked things simple. But to the point; they may be dark, but they are dark together and all the boxes. everyone is welcome. Back then, Erebus was fairly quiet and often during my time online, there would Whether you love this gothic vibe or be few patrons. Then a few months ago it not, you have to agree Erebus has been moved location, got a refresh and like the decked out well; minimal but on point,


Issue 23 April, 2019 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

we have blood fountains, skulls on the wall, gothic wall decal and Ankh symbols scattered around the place. There is a well stocked DJ desk and luxury furniture to rest your bloody bones. One of my favourite pieces in this club, is actually quite random - an exploding sheep. It stands there, minding its own business next to the stage, but click on it and BOOM lamb chops for all! This shows that among all this darkness, there is humour and the owners and patrons are down to earth and fun to be around.

life aren't your cup of blood, this club is still worth visiting, if for nothing else than to see the dancing vampires by the door. What more could you want? Why not fly over to Erebus today?

The music is, as you would expect from

such a place, dark, heavy and often menacing. A mixture of Gothic Rock, Industrial, Punk and Techno blast in your ears, but with the different DJs, come different moods and everyone can usually find something for them. Just don't expect any Arianne Grande or One Direction! With the relocation and refresh, came more staff and more visitors, so during the peak times in SL, there is a nice mix of people, bringing with them a nice mix of banter. Even if roleplay and the vamp Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019



Issue 23 April, 2019 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Fashion The New Mr. & Miss Model International Are Crowned! By: Ava Jhamin It is our fifth year of Mr. & Miss Model International and I am both so glad and so sad that it is over. Our winners, Richard de Grataine Souh (RichardGrataineSuoh) and Kυshy Kloud (madamekerli) were the

stylists to work with. Because MMI doesn't require a modeling certificate and only a mad passion for styling and being tested, anyone can join and compete and this year we had several who had a crash course in walking the MMI COO CyberDawg Foxclaw runway. MMI is like modeling boot camp and everyone took that concept and ran with it and by the end, each person had improved upon their skills and abilities whether they wanted to or not. I sat down with Richard and Kushy to get insight into their experience with MMI.

newly crowned Mr. & Miss MMI 2019.

Ava: Can you both tell me your initial thoughts when you heard your names as the winners of MMI?

I must say, every year, I give the whole group a nickname, like babies, rugrats, etc. Richard: Honestly, I did not expect to hear my name. I knew that in some of This year we were truly blessed and this group I nicknamed "THE CREW.” the previous challenges I had failed, and although we had the chance for many They were a great bunch of models, points in the final week with the three


Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

challenges, I did not think I could reach enough points to pull it off so my mind went blank. I remember that they told us to move forward and it seemed that my avatar had his feet stuck to the ground. Kushy: To be honest, I was shocked. Rie had to tell me on Discord that I had won since I could not hear SL at the same time as I was running Discord. I froze and was utterly speechless. This truly is an honor and I am so thankful.

own expectations. In summary: It was not Miss MMI Kushy Kloud (madamekerli) what I expected, but it was more than I

Ava: Was MMI what you expected it to be thought it would be. as far as a competition? Kushy: It was far more challenging than Richard: Well, I was used to another way I thought it would be, reminded me of a of watching shows or modeling and I was stylish form of Boot Camp. But, helped surprised. I had a hard time catching the mold me to better and I learned so much new rhythm, I think that almost half of the along the way. Not to mention all the helpful advise I received and the friends I competition I did not manage to adapt. made. As a competition it is one of the most challenging I've seen, but at the same time it's refreshing, entertaining and above all it Ava: What was the hardest part for the makes you explore and know your limits, two of you with MMI? I mean how far you can go within your Richard: For me, I think the most difficult challenge was Pose Mr. MMI Richard De Grataine Souh (richardgratainesouh) Off, where fights were organized. Having to pose in addition to the fight animations going according to the clothes, fulfilling the rules of modeling, was really a challenge. Still today, I wonder if I could not have looked for some more fighting animations. It was after this work that I realized that I was very corseted in my work as a model and since then Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


1st Runner Up Balhem Soulstar Kushy: It is definitely a competition you will want to do in order to strengthen your stylings and represent who you are. You learn so much from this competition, from posing to taking pictures, to working with others, and more. It is open to everyone, from those who model to those that do not and is a great way to advance your fashion knowledge as well. I have noticed more freedom in my creations. Kushy: Since it was my first competition, there were a couple areas that were the hardest. Trying to learn how to take pictures, style for each theme, and posing was very challenging. You are given feed back at the end of each week, so I did my best to try and fix the areas where the judges felt I was the weakest. Ava: What would you tell others about joining MMI? Richard: I advise everyone to try new challenges and encourage them to participate in MMI. It is not an easy contest and especially if the expectations are mainly to win because there are moments of discouragement, stress and impotence. If the expectations are among others to grow as a model, stylist and/or person, and check how far you can go then, sure, go ahead. It is a wonderful adventure!


Ava: Kushy & Richard do you have a mind set, on your expectations with being the face of MMI? Richard: I would describe the team of MMI and L'Amour as dynamic, eager to evolve and bring new things to the world of fashion and SL in general. I would like to keep being part of all this in the future and during my reign to be able to collaborate as much as possible in this journey full of different dynamics and energy. Kushy: For now, I am just doing my best to represent MMI and L'amour in the 1st Runner Jan Bacon (Jan1be Ying) best possible way IUp know. Be kind,

Issue 23 April, 2019 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

attentive, and always look my best. I love helping others and listening when one needs someone to talk to. So whenever someone asks me about MMI or modeling, I do my best to help them out as much as I can. I am also looking forward to any upcoming opportunities and hoping to put my best foot forward. Ava: Had either of you done a competition before and if so what made MMI different than those? Richard: I had participated in other competitions. In my opinion, it was a MMI CEO Ava Jhamin

how so or no how so? Richard: Yes! For me, it was very stressful at times because I felt I did not understand what was expected of us in the challenges. This happens because some of us are used to being classic catwalk models. For me it was a great change that taught me that the concepts of modeling doesn't have to stay behind, that there's always room for innovations. The last week for me it was exhausting and the most difficult one. I thought about leaving it, not because I did not like it, but because I felt with no more ideas but it only lasted for one day. My fear was not being able to count with enough time or to accomplish each of the challenges on time. I suggest taking a few days before moving on to each new challenge, some time for yourself to distract and let inspiration and ideas to flow naturally.

Kushy: Actually, I was very stressed during the challenge. I wanted to great start in this journey of challenging quit and I was working alongside more myself, self-discovery, perfecting my advanced people, not to mention I had weakness, improving and growing in not been in the game for very long. I had general and I can say with certainty the to do a lot of research in order to try and differences are especially in leaving classic get pieces to fit or to look a certain way, modeling and giving more freedom to only to find that the judges would think the traditional concepts of modeling. It it was awful or that my styling needed does not imply to leave the rules accepted more improvement. It was tough, but the by all, but to be more creative, fun and only thing I could do was sweat out the fearless in our work; to risk it all! negative on the dance floor and come back to do better the next time. It also Kushy: No, this was my first competition helped that the friends I made that were and it blew past any ideas I had coming participating with me were there to cheer into it. me up if needed or advise me on how to do better. I appreciate and love everyone Ava: Did you find MMI stressful and if yes for helping me. Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Ava: How did you balance real life and MMI?

to get them even better. There was also feedback on our styles and whether or not it fit the weekly challenge. The feedbacks were tough but helpful.

Richard: I have been lucky to be able to have free time for an indefinite lapse of time which made possible during this Ava: What was your favorite challenge competition. Not sure how I would have during MMI? managed if I were working and competing at the same time. Richard: My favorite challenge during the whole contest, personally, was the last Kushy: It was difficult, I am a student challenges. There were three challenges in real life so I had to do my best to try that for different reasons I was passionate and get my homework done and do my about. I am a lover of Japanese culture, stylings for my challenges. But, after a while it started 2nd Runner Up LeAnn Clawtooth (jaztone) to become routine to knock out my homework and have enough time to get my styling and pictures done (though I did nearly miss the deadline on MMI challenges twice). Ava: Because you get feedback every week on what you're doing, did you use it the in following weeks to improve your performance? Richard: I always read the feedback and see the constructive critics side of it even though sometimes I may not agree but after a while (even a week), I saw that they had a fair point and I decided to use it in advantage for my improvement. As much as we want to be humble and accept everything they tell us, sometimes we have moments of disagreements and frustrations but the important thing is to be patient and wait because sooner or later they will bring interesting things into our lives.

and the first challenge was that. I do not consider myself very funny, however, the final story that I invented for the challenge of My Funny Valentine always provokes me a smile.

And for the last challenge but not least, was an Avant-Garde .... Well I consider it the most difficult styling, so I usually like to do some Avants as practice. In the end, it turned out to be a very interesting week. Thank you so much for this opportunity Kushy: I definitely used the feedback for and your time, Ava and also a big thank improvement. My first photos to enter you for L'Amour Diversity Magazine and the challenge we not that great but after our lovely readers. I look forward for a while, the judges started to approve of more interviews to come in the near them a little more and give advice on how future!


Issue 23 April, 2019 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

Kushy: I have to say I loved the 70s challenge, becoming Pebbles and walking around very short was extremely fun for me. Even the runway was set up with living room furniture and we walked thru a television to pose for the audience and judges. It was so cool.

Thank you Richard and Kushy for sitting down with me for this interview. I must say, ladies and gentlemen, that we have had a bit of a meeting when we did the last feedback meeting, and I am very excited to see what the new board along with Kushy and Richard bring to MMI 2020...Keep an eye out.

n i m a h Ava J

3rd Runner Up Harmony (Harmony2017)

4th Runner Up Hadley (HadleyCarrington)

5th Runner Up Cynthia Lenoir (Cinzia Barzane)

6th Runner Up Lola Bacon (lolapandoraresident1)

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


The Best of Me

By: Ava Jhamin It was set. The runway was built, the contestants were ready to go. Jude Tatham, brainchild behind “The Best Of Me” was ready to take her new competition on the grid and let it loose. The premise behind “The Best Of Me” is that all avatars from all walks of life can come and show their creative side.

Ava: Why did you decide to join The Best of Me - 2019

A little background on Jude Tatham, she is a model, writer and wannabe Barbie. Jude has a passion for fashion and wanted to put on a show that offered participants the freedom to express themselves. So many fashion shows are linked to modelling academies, agencies and fashion houses, where often a new model can feel excluded or out of depth.

Ava: How did you find out about The Best of Me Competition?

The first winner of The Best Of Me is Nonoya, Nony to her friends. I sat down with Nony to ask her some candid questions. So sit back, grab a cappuccino and enjoy my visit with Nony.


Nony: I'm interested in this contest because it seemed a challenge for me. Allowing me to demonstrate my taste and creativity to make an outfit that pleases and impresses.

Nony: I found out about it from my friend Catalysis, I work for her as a model at The Mall. Ava: Did you enjoy doing the Best of Me? Nony: Yes, I really enjoy doing my best, seeing the topic that fills me and find every detail of it. It seemed very fun to think how to achieve something wonderful and especially interesting for the spectators.

Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Ava: Was doing The Best of Me what you expected to be? If so why if not why? Nony: Well I believe I did my best. I managed to express what I wanted to interpret and transmit to everyone. Ava: Was this the first competition you have ever done? Nony: This was my first experience in a contest of this style. Ava: What was the most challenging aspect of this competition for you? Nony: First, choosing the right theme, then I managed to find everything that I had in mind to achieve this style of fantasy, then I can get my outfit to transmit my idea. Ava: What is your overall impression The Best of Me? Nony: My impression in general I liked it a lot, because it helps you to strive to make the best of you. Demonstrate to yourself that you can achieve what you want.

achieve something dazzling, so I asked to change to Fantasia because it's a theme that I love. I was thinking about the idea that I could work, I went to several places to see what I could create. I arrived at a store with many wonderful things and I told myself this I want and this I am going to create. So I went looking for the right pieces to be able to achieve exactly what I wanted. There were many changes until I reached what I could and could transmit with my DARK BIRD QUEEN Ava: What would you tell others about the Best of Me Nony? Nony: I would tell them to participate in this contest of the best of me .. It is a challenge for yourself .. That helps you to strive and improve in your dreams of achieving something wonderful. It is good to work under pressure because it pushes you to show that you can give. Thank you Nony, for sitting down and answering my questions.

Ava: How does it feel to be the first winner of The Best of Me? Nony. Well for me it was a surprise to win the first place. I felt so happy, I wanted to cry of joy to see that my work was valued and appreciated. It is something I can never forget. Ava: Can you tell the Readers of Diversity a bit about the process in you getting ready for this competition? Nony: Well the truth is that the first moment thought to do urban style. I started to see it, but I said to myself: It does not fill me, it's not a style I can

I also spoke to the creator of The Best Of Me, Jude Tatham. I know from experience that this sweet lady is a hard working, driven, amazing talent. I know anything Jude puts her mind to, will just be done. She has worked for L’Amour Diversity for a bit now, a model for L’Amour and just an

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


easy peasy person to work with. Ava: Hi jude thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. Why did you decide to do this wonderful Competition? Jude: First and foremost I love fashion. Second I love to organise! I have participated in many shows, sat in the audience of many shows and I decided it was time to produce my own show. I also found some of the current contests to be restrictive with theme and I thought it would be fun to let everyone do what they do best and dress to THEIR theme, not a theme that someone else has chosen.

was the sponsorship I received - most of the people I contacted were happy to donate prizes, lindens or simply ideas and guidance and THAT certainly exceeded my expectations and I will always be thankful. Ava: Jude what was the most challenging part of putting together The Best of Me? Jude: I think, as I said above, the challenging part is making sure all the elements work, that people participate, that you can get great prizes, that the venue looks good, etc. Managing people is always a challenge, but I have to say all the contestants were extremely hard working and professional. They were all a delight to work with.

Ava: How did you come up with the name of The Best Of Me? Ava: Can you please tell the readers of Diversity if other people were involved Jude: Well I knew I wanted people to style with helping you do The Best of Me? their best, choose their best or favourite theme and I knew that with the panel of Jude: Absolutely! No woman is an island judges I had, only the best could win. and I absolutely could not have done this without the help of a few key people. Ava: What did you feel about the first My good friends Hadley Carrington competition of The Best of Me? and Hollywren Rose Love were 100% supportive and gave up their time for Jude: I am delighted, totally over the me, no questions asked. Another dear moon and I don't think it could have gone friend, Jaylen Oh was extremely generous much more smoothly. There are always sponsoring the show and allowing me nerves involved when you run a show to build my stage on the same land his will people enter, can I get sponsorship, fashion event, On9, is based. will people come to watch, etc, but I have to say all my family, friends and contacts Then of course there are my mentors, really came through for me. those I have looked up to, admired and respect; PWA's Vichonette Constantine, Ava: Was your first The Best of Me Zibb Scaggs the creative genius behind competition beyond your expectations Zibska and our very own Diversity/ Jude and why? L'Amour Queen, Ava Jhamin. My judges were also amazing and I am in awe of Jude: I am not sure it was beyond my them all. Ludmilla Umarov, Chop Zuey expectations....I always aim high and I supermodel manager who is a new consider myself a perfectionist. What I friend to me, but someone I have deeply will say is that some of the competitors respected for a long time. Skell Dagger certainly exceeded my expectations. who I have admired from afar via his The most shocking and humbling part website and flickr page; he is an amazing


Issue 23 April, 2019 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

stylist and I am glad to call him a friend and then of course my fashion crush, Ms. Wicca Merlin - the reason I got into modelling! I am blessed to have these people in my life.

present what you want, how you want. The prizes and all round experience are a bonus of course. I also don't put too much pressure on the contestants when it comes to the walk and poses. Yes we are looking for great things, but for me it is Ava: What would you tell potential really about how you present your chosen Candidates about why they should do The theme. I want to be wowed! Best of Me? Thank you Jude & Nony for sitting down Jude: Creative freedom is one of the with me, and I know the The Best of Me is biggest pulls to the contest I feel. You going to be a great success. can really let your fashion juices flow and

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


Luna B

Body Art

By: Ava Jhamin

Mr. & Miss Model International would not be the competition that it is without the amazing sponsors that we have. I have known Lua Vendetta for a while and as nervous as I was the first time asking designers to sponsor MMI, Lua didn’t even hesitate. She became a sponsor the first year, in 2015, and has done so ever since.

found a new life and I can't complain. Things have gone well, even missing a big city, I have the chance to regularly travel by car to Lisbon and experience the city escape since where we live is a little boring and there isn't much to do. Ava. How did you find the wonderful world of Second Life?

Thank you Lua for all of your support, and thank for taking time out of your busy Lua: It actually was funny because my schedule to sit down and talk to me about husband read about SL in a magazine and you and Luna Body Art. he told me, “hey! since you are bored here and your life isn't like in Venezuela, why Ava: Where is Lua in this great big world, don't you check this out?” outside Second Life?

Lua: First of all, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be in the magazine, it is an honor.

In Venezuela, I had my own advertising agency but we left everything behind when we moved.

Is there a world outside of Second Life? just kidding. 13 years ago, I had to leave my country of Venezuela, because of the situation, and I moved to Portugal, with my husband and two daughters, since then we have lived in a small city named Castelo Branco.

I read it and I thought, “well ,this is like being in a chat room but with a doll,” so, I joined on October 5th, 2007, I created Lua and landed on a sim where newbies land. In the exact moment I arrived, two guys start to run naked after me to have sex, so imagine my face in RL, I was like, “ok, this is it?” I left, but days later, I decided to give it another chance, I think it was October

I really miss my country, but here we


Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


17th, and since then I have never left. My husband read that people use SL a lot for sex, so he panicked and created an avi just to be sure in what world he put me and if he can trust me. He tried to approach me with his fake avatar to see if I responded or what, but it didn't go well for him because I muted him.

my first flexy hair for 150L$ and after that a gorgeous dress for 300L$. Then I purchased some Lindens and rented a little land and I started to decorate it. I remember that I started at 8:00 pm, my friends at 12:00 am went to bed and said goodnight.

Ava: Can you tell the readers what you did They came back at 7:00am and said, “Hi when you first came to Second Life? Lua Good morning when did you login?” Lua: Well after running away from the So I told them, “I never left hahaha!” I was two naked guys, I started to visit sims, nice crazy really.

places and also met really cool people, as well as a few not so cool, but i learned from each of them.

Ava: How did you start out your career in Second Life?

Lua: Well, after I started decorating When I joined I wanted to have the nice my little house, I saw that things were hair and clothes that other avis had so, I expensive and I thought, “why not make started camping, I camped a lot. In 2007, them myself.” So, I went to a few good camping was a way to get more traffic building schools, learned the basics and in a sim. Sim owners would put chairs or I thought about selling the stuff that I furniture and you'd sit there for hours and made. I created my first store in 2008, earn a few L$. Purple Moon Decorations and it was fun, creative and it distracted me a lot. I remember a place where I went a lot and for each hour I received 12L$, not much, My modeling career came after that, I was but after a few days, I finally bought in a sim and I saw this gorgeous runway


Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

in the middle of the plaza and I jumped on it and started to walk with my only sexy walk that was free back then, it was horrendous but I felt like I was the sexiest model on SL and I went there every day just to walk the runway. One day a lady shouted in the sim: "I need 2 models, IM me NOW" I was like what? So IMed her and she passed me a bikini, told me to wear it and to follow her. Then put me in a pool with other people, took a few pics and I got paid 20L$, yessss, 20L$ LOL it was my first job!

not know what you have done, can you tell them? Lua: Wow! Ava, this year will be 7 years since I have been a model in Second Life. So many amazing things have happened. I did so many things, I won a few picture contests, I was fourth Runner Up in Miss Mundo Virtual in 2012. I represented my country, Venezuela in Miss Metaverse in 2013, I was MISS V? VENEZUELA in 2014 and in 2013, I won Miss Vero Modero Face.

Since then I told myself: The next step is to be a top model in SL, I participated in a few picture contests and in one they told me, “why don't you become a professional model?” So I enrolled in the academy, then another few more and here I am. That was back in 2012 and I'm still enjoying it!

I still model for some of the top brands in SL, I do runways, ads for magazines and vendors. I have been an in-store model for Chop Zuey since 2014, I have made videos, I've been a judge for a lot of contests, I have hosted a lot of shows, produced a few shows and I do a lot of charity shows also. OMG! So many things in all these years and I hope that there Ava: I know you have also done a ton as a will be more as long as the designers, model, Lua. For all the readers that may agencies and my fans want me, I'm here!!! L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019


I am Latin American and I proudly conquered a good place in SL modeling, and for me it's weird when people say, “Hey look, it's the top model Lua!” But I feel that I am only where I am because I have worked so hard to be here and I had the support of the most sweet and amazing people of the grid.

that being like this, made me go this far. Ava: How did you decide to open up Luna's Body Art? I'm a designer in RL, I love to create, I love photography, I have used Photoshop for forever, and I was looking for nails once, and didn't find the specific type that I wanted so I decided to give it a try.

Ava: Can you also tell the readers of Diversity the things you love about being a model in Second Life. Nails are harder to sell than an outfit, or hair, etc, but it's relaxing to do them Lua: A lot of things Ava, really to have and I love to have the nails looking nice people like you is the nicest thing, the and matching the outfit so in Fall 2014 I people who saw something in me, have created .::LUNA::. supported me and still support me, that has no price. Ava: What inspires you in your work? I have made good friends, learned the skills to be a good model. Sometimes people tell me, “Oh being a model is easy, you just have to wear what is inside the box and walk!” But, it's not that easy. You need to wear it well, sell it, match it in a fabulous way. You need to look for RL trends. If the outfit is from the 50's, for example, what people used that era, the makeup, the jewelry, the hair, spend time, money and effort to look the best possible and then eat that runway with your walk and poses and you can easily spend hours choosing them. I feel amazing when I'm backstage and then when I go out to the catwalk, walk and pose I just feel so good!

Lua:. Anything. First I look for RL trends, what is hot for the next season and I try to replicate that using the same color palette. Also in the events, when they ask for a specific theme, I search a lot and I create the nails based on that, I draw my nails but I also use images from the web and add my touch to them. I also like to take advantage of the season or a special date, for example, Valentines, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Ava. Can you explain to the readers what goes on in your head or the process of making your beautiful nails?

Lua: It is not that easy to create them, Ava: Are there things about modeling in since I have to do them in photoshop. Second Life that you don’t like so much? Depending on what I do, I paint them. Normally, I do 10 variations for each Lua: There are more things that I like than set and I do them for Maitreya, Slink, I dislike to be honest, I hate gossip and Belleza, Vista and Tuty and they each have here, just like in RL, people love gossip and different layouts, so it's a process, creating to talk behind your back. And sometimes a set of nails can take hours. Then I need people tell me that someone is talking to upload each texture to SL and here in or doing something behind my back and SL I have to do the work of creating the for sure people talk about me in a bad or HUD for each brand. good way, but I avoid that and I only do So it's a little tricky, but I like to do it. my work, I focus on my career and I think Ava. Lua, can you tell the readers of


Issue 23 April, 2019 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Diversity if you do custom work?

my RL job behind when we moved to Portugal, this is my way to relax, to be me, Lua: I did a few for pageants and for to feel that I still got it and I still can do customers. If I do them custom, and I will things even for a virtual world that, for me, sell them in the store it is one thing, but if is RL. the customer wants it exclusive, they have to pay a little more since it is a unique Thank you Ava for having me! work that will be sold just once and it Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re very welcome Lua, and thank you takes a lot of work. for taking the time to allow our readers to Ava. What is your RL satisfaction in get to know you. I personally could go on and on about Lua and how much I love regard to creating in SL? her...But I think the readers will also fall in love with this great human being, who Lua: For me my SL work is real, I'm an happens to live in Second Life. avatar here but with RL feelings, RL commitments, the person that I'm here in SL is the same person in RL, well better shaped in SL, hehe. I love to create for SL since I had to leave

Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019

161 CREATIVE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS GRAPHICS Magazine Layout by Rienna Lenoir PHOTOGRAPHY Photos by Ava Jhamin (4, 20 - 29, 36 - 43, 120 - 125, 150 - 153, 154 - 161) Photos by Nani Xue (Cover, 44 - 67, 74 - 99, 124 - 135, 140 - 145) Photos by Ali Reignn (AmethystReignn) (10 - 15) Photos by Jude Tatham (132 - 135) Photos by Kody Meyers (140 - 145)



Issue 23 April, 2019 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine

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L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 23, April 2019



Issue 23 April, 2019 | Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amour Diversity Magazine

Profile for Ava Jhamin

L'Amour Diversity Magazine Issue 23 April 2019  

The April 2019 issue of L’Amour Diversity Magazine is out and it's loaded with great things! Check it out! • Our feature story and Editoria...

L'Amour Diversity Magazine Issue 23 April 2019  

The April 2019 issue of L’Amour Diversity Magazine is out and it's loaded with great things! Check it out! • Our feature story and Editoria...