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ISSUE 18, JUNE 2018

Celebrating uniqueness not trends!

The Models of L’Amour Diversity Present L’AmourSTYLE Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018 1 FACE PAINT & FACE PAINT BY TRINITY AIRONAUT


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


Publisher’s Note

Hello readers of Second Life. In the June issue we have some great stories for you including, Hadley Carrington's Domestic Violence, a Survivor's Story. We have a great editorial and spotlight story on Face Paint & Face Paint Style with Trinity Aironaut who is also the L'Amour Diversity's Fashion Editor. She was here about two years ago with a very lucrative Face Paint and then took a break. Well she is back with the best makeup as well as the new Face Paint Style. Ava is working hard as a blogger for Home & Garden Expo 2018. There is a lot to do and a lot to see as she speaks with Nikki Mathieson, coordinator for Home & Garden. And finally, a chat with Mika Palmyra of Luxe Paris about her life, as well as the Look of The Year that is about to start. There is much much more so grab some snacks and get all comfortable for a great read with L'Amour Diversity Magazine June 2018.

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Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


Editor’s Note

Celebrating uniqueness not trends!

ISSUE 18, JUNE 2018

STAFF PUBLISHER/EDITOR Ava Jhamin EDITOR IN CHIEF Rienna Rieko FASHION EDITOR Trinity Aironaut WRITERS Ava Jhamin, Hadley Carrington Rienna RIeko PHOTOGRAPHERS Ava Jhamin, Trinity Aironaut DIVERSITY MODELS Trinity Aironaut, Resmay Bloodstorm, Loreleil Coeur, Vichonette Constantine, JonelleDevonshire, Ava Jhamin, VanessaDelRio Underwood

The views and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher. ®2018 L'Amour Productions. All rights reserved. Second Life™ is a registered trademark of Linden Research, Inc.


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Spring has sprung, Fall has fallen, Summer is here, And it's hotter than...ususal At least here in the U.S. where I live. It is June now and in the Northern Hemisphere, that means fun in the sun and all those good time things we all love to do when it's hot outside. Summer BBQ's, pool parties and the kids are living fast and free without having to deal with school.

and whacky things people do in May, since May falls between the last issue and this issue, and there were some fun things going on in the world, we decided to share them with you! I hope you really enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you! See you in the fall and have a great summer everyone!!

In other parts of the world, it's winter and our friends down under can enjoy some cooler weather, and whatever people below the equator do in the winter! In this issue of L'Amour Diversity Magazine, we have some great things in store for our readers! We visit with artemisgreece of Artemis Corner Sculptures and we bring you the results of the 42nd and 43rd Pazzo Style Challenge! We also have some fun stories for you about some of the weird

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


Table of Contents

14 D omestic Violence

A survivor's Story. Read one woman's struggle with this important issue and a discussion by Hadley Carrington and friends.

64 May the Fourth Be With You! Our very own Rienna brings us a fun little article about this whacky day in May, Star Wars Day!

22 Face Paint Editorial Check out the L'Amour Diversity models in some of the latest designs from Face Paint & Face Paint Style by Trinity Aironaut.


Ava Jhamin tells us about some fun internationally celebrated holidays in May.

96 46

Home & Garden Expo 2018 Come with us to the 2018 Home and Garden Show as Ava talks with organizer Nikki Mathieson.

56 Luxe Paris Look of the Year An interview with Mika Palmyra and Parisian Skytower as they sit down to talk with Ava.

Weird International Days in May

Artemis Corner Sculptures Ava talks with Artemisgreece, owner of this amazing land of sculptures in Second Life.

88 42nd Pazzo Style Winner Noreen Barineaux and pictures of all the contestants.

100 43rd Pazzo Style Pictures from the Pazzo Style Challenge with winner HollyWren Asteroth.


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018



Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


Look for 68 Main back in September 2018


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018




The story of a survivor By: Hadley Carrington

Annie saw domestic violence on television. She couldn't understand why these women stayed with their abusers. "I'd have him buried under the jail," she'd say. Then, she began living with John.

While awaiting trial, Annie regained her confidence and self-respect. She realized why and how she'd come to let herself stay in such a relationship. She had been in the hospital for over a year without a boyfriend. She'd never The first time he hit her, she was experienced such a long term of being shocked he would do that. She feared single. The day after she came home, for her life. Annie had no chance of John rang her doorbell. She was lonely fighting back or getting away. It was and feeling like a stupid teenager in love. one of the most helpless feelings she'd Then, after the beatings started, it all ever experienced. Annie convinced John turned to fear and intimidation. OH, how to let her go to the hospital to check for he apologized! Yeah, right. any broken bones. She told the doctors she fell. She testified against him at trial and was in shock that he got such little John was Annie's first puppy love. She'd time. Annie changed her thoughts on never known him well, but he was "it" men and who she let into her life. She for her. So, got out and is when they now married got together to the most years later wonderful her teenage man in the dreams of world. This is being with a survivor's him came story, but so true; however, many women that old out there excuse that, aren't that "He only does it when he's drunk," came lucky. true in Annie's case. She did everything she could to keep John from drinking While in reality, domestic abuse is not because that's when he turned into a an issue only experienced by women, monster, but her efforts were useless. this article focuses on the experiences He always found a way to get more of five women, so we will offer those liquor. statistics as follows: Annie endured three beatings, but the third was the worst. He raped her too. After a long morning of abuse, and a lot of beer on John's part, he passed out, and Annie was able to get to the phone to call 911. She was still so frightened of John, she told the operator to ask the police not to knock, but just come in, terrified he would wake up and get to her before they did.

One in four women will be involved in a domestically abusive relationship during their lifetime. It is a national epidemic. Between the years of 2001 & 2012 almost 12,000 females were killed by their current or ex-partner. The statistics increase each year. Today, according to The Huffington Post, an act of domestic violence occurs against a woman every 20 minutes in the U.S.,

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


while almost five million women die at the hands of an ex or current partner each year.

help. It's never easy for women to stay in these dangerous situations when they are so miserable.

I decided to interview five random friends on the subject. Each interview consisted of the same questions. The sources will not be revealed to protect the innocent.

3. Why do you think a woman would stay in an abusive relationship?

1. Have you or anyone you know ever encountered domestic abuse?

As discussed before, some women reported situations in which money and children hold the woman in the relationship and make her feel trapped. They sometimes also feel there is no means of escape and feel stranded in the situation and unable to act.

All five responded that they had either experienced domestic violence or someone close to them had. This What else would keep a person in such shows the prevalence of this problem. a predicament? When asked what they Five random felt made them friends who've stay, several all had some of the ladies experience with interviewed felt this subject isn't that it could coincidence. The be the fear of abuse ranged being alone. everywhere from The woman's a child seeing confidence and her mother self-esteem being beaten either was, or by her father has become, to rape of the lower than zero. The National Domestic Violence Hotline disabled, crimes Several of the against the defenseless are 40% more ladies I talked to felt that the mental likely to occur. Others reported their side of domestic abuse could be as bad own personal stories about past events or worse than the physical beatings. involving such abhorrent behavior. This type of psychological manipulation is the kind of thing that breaks these 2. What do you think keeps women in women down and makes them feel abusive relationships? vulnerable and worthless. It is easy to see why this can be such a powerful and In the cases of three of these women, hurtful form of attack. We can all think they were involved in vicious marriages. of events we feel we have no control It can be incredibly difficult to escape over. a relationship of this magnitude because of the ties occurring in financial The affects on a woman from an areas and other familial issues such onslaught of negative comments such as children. Women sometimes feel as continuously being called derogatory hopeless and lost when caught in such names like "bitch" and "whore" or being a relationship and feel that there's no told, "no man would want YOU!" can


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

break their spirit and leave them with the idea that they have no choices. The mental abuse can be as devastating as the physical damage. Many times, if there aren't any bruises or broken bones, people don't recognize what a form of torment it can be or the wounds that it can leave.

not let anyone especially your partner, make you think you are less than them. Even if they don't believe it now, if they get out, they will see that there are so many other "fish in the sea," and many potential partners will treat him or her with the love and respect he or she deserves!

4. Do you know of any resources in your area for abused women? According to the respondents, they each found a good deal of services available to abused women in their area. The help they described ranged from safe houses, medical facilities, and lawyers; to aftercare work such as help finding jobs, houses and the like. Unfortunately, women don't always feel safe going for help. They are at times afraid of what the abuser will do if he finds them. 5. What advice would you give someone in an abusive relationship? The unanimous answer was that no matter what, a person must understand that there is help and get out. Other responses offered solutions to the first step of getting out. "You must tell someone." Whether a family member, a trusted friend, a pastor; or a hotline which could tell someone what services were available to help them leave, they must tell. One individual replied, "You are not alone." Another advised to keep the finances separate, or to open an individual bank acount on their own in order to save money for leaving. Either of these suggestions could easily solve the financial difficulties in leaving a life so interwoven with an abuser. My favorite response referred to selfworth, how important it is and how we are not defined by anybody else. Do L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018



Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


Spotlight Editorial 22Paint Issue 18 Choker June, 2018 | Bikini L’Amour Diversity Magazine Face and Pareo

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


24Paint Issue 18 Cyprus June, 2018 | Gown L’Amour Diversity Magazine Face and Cape

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


26 Paint Issue 18 June, 2018 |Skinny L’Amour Diversity Magazine Face Floral Jeans and Color Change V back Top

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018



Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, JuneSwim 2018 29 FaceL’Amour Paint Fringe One Piece Suit


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018 Shrug 31 Face Paint Golor Change Ruffle Dress and Lace

Face Knotted Tank Dress 32 Paint Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


34Paint Issue 18 Rainbow June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine Face Smoke Gown

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


36 Paint Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine Face Strapkini

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


38 Paint Issue 18 June, 2018GoGo | L’Amour Diversity Magazine Face 60s Dress

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


40 Paint Issue 18 June, 2018 | Cut L’Amour Diversity Magazine Face Gypsy Dress

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


Once in a great great while you will meet someone where everything just clicks in all the right ways. I met Trinity Aironaut after she closed the first Face Paint. A very successful makeup brand that she had on Second Life.

people. I remember being floored that someone could make real money selling virtual people, virtual things. I came into SL intending to sell land and I haven't looked back since.

Ava: What did you do when you first We hit it off and have pretty much been came to Second Life? inseparable ever since. What I love about Trin is her always out of the box Trinity: I flew around in confusion. way of looking at fashion, makeup and I remember it was Halloween and I life. She is a soft-spoken woman with couldn't figure out how to get freebies a fierce work ethic as well as a fierce out of the pumpkins. friend. Trinity was always my go to girl when things were tough for me. Ava: Can you tell the readers a little bit about the old Face Paint and why you When she told me, she was going to came to reopen this amazing brand? be bringing back Face Paint and adding a clothes line to her already amazing Trinity: I opened Face Paint several brand, I was beyond thrilled I was one of years ago. I was one of the first women the people on the grid that was highly to take advantage of the layers option devoted to the makeup of Face Paint. to add makeup to an avatars Face. I specialized in a natural look be it day I also brought Trinity on as Editorial wear or high glam night wear, it was Chief for L'Amour Diversity Magazine always natural, I re-opened because very early on. Again, for us we are the I thought I could fill a whole in the yin and yang of Diversity we always makeup lines by resurrecting the natural just jump on board with editorials on look. the same page with our vision for what we want. I sat down with Trinity to Ava: What made you decide to add a get inside the head of this truly artistic clothing line to your brand? woman we have the pleasure of gracing us with her presence on Second Life. Trinity: Clothing is a blank canvas and I'm a painter and it was an opportunity Thank you, Trinity, for taking time out to bring my real life skills into SL. I love to speak with me regarding your new to create something that people think venture of re-opening Face Paint. of as wearable art. A good stylist will add to my work and expand it in ways I Ava: How did you become part of the never thought of. wonderful world of Second Life? Ava: Tell me what was the inspiration Trinity: I was in a pre-aemester meeting for the new Face Paint & Face Paint and two of my colleagues presented Style? about Second Life as an alternative platform for teaching. During the Trinity: I missed color and design. presentation, they mentioned that there was someone who made a million Ava: Since you pretty much do it all in us dollars selling virtual land to virtual fashion, what is your favorite fashion


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

item to design? Trinity: Dresses Ava: What is your inspiration for your designs, and use of textures? Trinity: Non-objective art such as collage Ava: I know that you're an artist and painter in real life, does that help you as a designer in Second Life? Trinity: It has given me a vision and the skills and guts to pull off some bold and wild designs, it's also given me an eye for color in makeup as well as clothing Ava: As you were a designer before the age of mesh and all the different head appliers. What do you see Trin as the good and the bad of all of it? Trinity: I don't see good or bad, it's just a different medium Ava: I know you have your hands in a lot of different projects besides your Face Paint Brand. Can you tell the readers of your other endeavors on Second Life? Trinity: Modeling, Photography and Building, Building relaxes me, and you know I've made some wild things, who could forget Plane Wreck Runway? Ava: Thank you, Trinity, for sitting down with me and talking to me Trinity. If you have anything else, you would like to add please do so. I'd really like to thank you for the interview, this article and loving my designs. Trinity: Your very welcome and thank you for being my bff....giggles

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018



Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018



Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


Out on the Grid 48

The Home &Garden Expo 2018

Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

By: Ava49Jhamin

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018

Nikki: Nikki: Hello Ava! Thank you for this opportunity. I interviewed with you before when I was coordinating the Avi Choice Awards. It's great to hear from you again. So, I came into SL late in the year 2006. It was Christmas time and I was bored with all the computer games I had to play.

up a quaint little cottage bought from Julia Hathor and was just immersed in everything Second Life.

and money trees and that I could build whatever I wanted, too. I found the ladies from the chat board and some of them are still inworld today. One of them is, to this day, one of my very best friends.

2008 to not only raise money for The American Cancer Society but also to give home and garden designers a stage to receive attention I believed they richly deserved.

Ava: Nikki how did you get involved with H&G and RFL?

Nikki: The group of girls I referenced earlier, and I decided to join up with Relay. One of the girls in the group had I remembered that one of the chat been involved in RL and told us about boards I frequently lurked had a group the efforts in SL. We decided to form of women who were all discussing teams and join, and I've been relaying coming in to Second Life together. I ever since. The Home & Garden Expo decided to invite myself. I logged in, was just amazed at the Christmas decor was a project I created in the year

There are over 100 Designers and others participating in this year's event. All to raise money for RFL. 100% of registration fees, sponsorship fees and donation items are paid to Relay for Life of Second Life. 50% of the proceeds This year there is a new Coordinator for from the gachas will be paid to RFL and Home & Garden Expo 2018 Ms. Nikki 100% of the 10L hunt items Mathieson the previous owner and CEO The Home and Garden Expo raises of the Avi Choice Awards. money for Relay for Life of Second Life, The largest Home & Garden Event of its for The Expo exhibitors are required to kind benefiting Relay for Life, this Expo have two 100% donation items at the Expo. These items must be new and features the great creators of Second Life's Home & Garden products. exclusive to the Expo for the duration of the event. The first Expo was held in the summer I sat and had a talk with the new of 2008. Joining in with the Home director of the event Nikki Mathieson & Garden Expo this year is the RFL Breedables Faire. For the 6th year the regarding this year's Home & Garden Breedables are back, intermingled with Expo 2018. Thank you, Nikki, for the Home & Garden shops, and holding taking time out of your crazy schedule to answer some question for L'Amour auctions galore! Diversity Magazine. The venue was built, and the designers Ava: The one I always ask, how was it came in droves. All was set for yet that Nikki came to this fun crazy world again another amazing year for the we call Second Life? Home & Garden Expo 2018. I was asked again for 2018 to blog for the Home & Garden Expo 2018. I love blogging for this event as I get to really be creative and have fun with all that is Home & Garden.


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Ava: What did you first start doing in Second Life?

Ava: How many vendors are participating in the H&G Expo event? Nikkii: more than a hundred vendors

Nikki: Aside from exploring and hanging Ava: What was the hardest aspect of out on a sim for lindens (money chair, such a huge responsibility directing and I think it was called), I rather quickly obtained my piece of 'first land' and set overseeing the H&G Event? L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


Ava: How have you dealt with issues that come up for H&G?

We are all a part of a group in SL, called the Relay For Life Volunteers group and we have really made this season be about truly KNOWING what this work does right now. has done. and what it will continue to do. There have been times, during the Expo where it's been like I can see a light bulb turn on for some. That just makes me smile so big.

Nikki: on a case by case basis. Mostly it's been smooth running and ORGANIZATIONAL I couldn't ask for a better group of participants, merchants and crew. I'm Main Organizer - Nikki Mathieson Website - Nikki Mathieson truly grateful for them all. Directories / Billboards/HUD - Dextresis Dejavu Expo Center Activities Director - Dianna Wycliffe Ava: What advice would you give Luminaria Design - Dextresis Dejavu others that would take on the task Exhibitor Registrations - Nikki Mathieson you did with H&G? Registration Support - OldeSoul Nikki: Nikki: to do it. Make an outline Special Events Sponsorships - Nikki Mathieson Look Book, Visitors Guide - Autumn Fairlane and then start at the top and go. Expo Design - Sera Bellic Anyone who would be interested in Breedables Fair - Torgon Woodget coming aboard the Expo event, give Press Kit - Roman Godde me a call. Anyone who would like

We accomplish a LOT with the donations not just by sending it to Nikki: Nikki: That's a difficult question. ACS and giving them more for them to continue the initiative of funding There are hurdles to cross all the way through. Sometimes it depends on how research, promoting education and awareness but also the things we are much sleep I've had the night before. able to do right here in our virtual world It's not so much all the many, many tasks there are but more the many roles of Second Life. A world where we get to be involved with people from you must be face forward for. across the globe. some ill themselves, People tend to forget that a coordinator some after losing a loved one. We can listen and direct them to the avenues is handling a minimum of a dozen available to them from within this grid, things at one time. Full IM windows, through the year-round presence of a issues and crisis', someone is always needing something. most often several headquarters here in SL, the American Cancer Society island. someone's are needing something. It does get overwhelming and exhausting. But, I just remember the reason... keep We can provide the cancer patient in SL a year-round support group as well as my head down and eyes to the goal. his or her caregiver, too. It's the people It eventually, all seems to just come who have come to a new understanding together of our mission and the importance of it who have made me the happiest this Ava: What has been the most Expo. rewarding part of H&G for you Nikki? Nikki: This question would be better answered on June 2nd. But, then again, I feel certain that I already know this answer today. It has been helping our guests. those who might not know much about Relay come to an understanding of why we do what we do. We do not work our fingers to the bone because we want to throw money at The American Cancer Society


Here is the list of all the duties at the Expo and who handled what. This was taken from our website at

and just put a claim out that its doing wonderful things.

Ava: Can you please tell the Readers of Diversity all the people that make up the team for H&G, and what they do? Nikkii: I have an amazing team and I would be so lost without them. This is the largest crew I've ever worked with at an event I coordinated, and they are superstars.

Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

to do a big event for The American Cancer Society, give me a call, too.

Thank you, Nikki, for taking time out of your hectic schedule to talk with me. I hope this is the best year ever for Home & Garden Expo.

PR/MEDIA/PROMOTIONS Social Media/Press - Autumn Fairlane Blogger Manager/Recruiter - Roman Godde ACTIVITIES Awareness Hunt - Moxie Polano Breedables Fair OOAK Auction - Torgon Woodget Classes and Demonstrations - DeAnn DuFaux and Saffia Widdershins Entertainment • Music/Dance - Nikki Mathieson • Hosting - Gem Sunkiller, PrettyKitty Gumbo & Madonna Daehlie • Hunt - Moxie Polano • Gameshows - TS & Random Darrow • Lantern Releases - Saffia Widdershins • Meet the Designers - Saffia Widdershins • Blogger Appreciation Party - Roman Godde & Nikki Mathieson Home Decorating Contest - Saffia Widdershins, Kaerri Rae, Reven Rosca

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


LUXE Paris Look Of The Year By 58 Ava Jhamin

Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


shape to the body of the person wearing it, was very difficult to digest. We also had to make the mesh clothes in five different sizes. No more onesize-fits-all, and the arrival of the mesh bodies complicated things even more!

Ava: What inspires your creations? Mika: The fabrics and colors. This virtual world is so colorful, I want this beauty to shine in my clothes. Also, at LUXE Paris, we get a lot of our inspiration from the French Haute Couture. Our goals are elegance, class, style and luxury.

For one outfit, we have now a dozen sizes in the file, the five standard body sizes and six sizes for the most popular Parisian: Almost anything goes in this mesh bodies. This said, the mesh clothes look so much more realistic than virtual place. I love the freedom we have

I was thrilled to be asked to judge for the LUXE Paris Look Of The Year contest. I thought to myself, "let's support this competition." I asked Mika Palmyra if I could do a story on the Look of the Year contest. So, please readers of Second Life let's get to know these two amazing ladies Mika Palmyra and Parisian Skytower the ladies behind the LUXE brand and the Paris Look Of The Year! I sat down with Mika and Parisian who, I think, are two amazing ladies and are each other's yin and yang. I feel they contribute a lot on this wacky world we call Second Life.

by my friend. The idea of a virtual world seemed crazy to me, but I was curious, so I downloaded it and came in. Ava: How long have you been designing the Luxe Paris brand? Mika: We launched LUXE Paris in March of 2013. Paris was designing, while I was taking care of the administration. But then she taught me how to design, and now we create the collections together.

Parisian: At first the idea was very intimidating, as I had no experience with Photoshop at all. But, I was committed to learning the designing process in SL, and eventually succeeded. Then a few Ava: How did Mika and Parisian come to years later, I convinced Mika to give it a try, and here we are. live in the wonderful world of Second Life? Ava: Were you on the bandwagon with mesh from the start? If not explain. MIka: I wanted a millionaire villa by the sea and it was the only place I could Mika: Yes, because it was a must for the afford it! business. But, at the beginning I hated Parisian: I was introduced to Second Life it! The idea of clothing giving a specific


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

clothes that are only textured on the body! Parisian: Well, I was not happy. I finally learned how to get through the process of desinging for standard AV's, and then mesh came along. Creating mesh is an easier process than the old way, and the clothing is so much better. Imagine: a skirt used to be a pair of biker shorts with a prim between the legs to make it appear as a skirt. I have found if you're not willing to change things in any life, you are simply left behind.

to create. Ava: Do you have a favorite genre that you like to create? Mika: I prefer to create casual chic clothes than evening wear, but we all know that gowns are inescapable in SL. Parisian: I prefer casual as well. Ava: How did the LUXE Paris Look Of The Year contest begin? Mika: As a fashion editor in RL, I was

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


organizing the same kind of contest for my newspaper. We had 25,000 candidates every year, because we were publishing the pictures of hundreds of semi-finalists. There were seven winners, one in each category of age, from 18 to 99 years old! In SL, the age factor is not a problem because everybody can be young, but we still try to transmit the inclusive side of the contest. All stylish women can participate, it is not only for top models.

published at manierasl.mymaniera. com.

Ava: What is your favorite design from over the years?

Ten finalists will each win ten LUXE Paris outfits of their choice, and be the stars of two challenge-shows. The winner will receive: L$50,000 offered by LUXE Paris and Swank Event, one year of free shopping at LUXE Paris, a fashion feature in the magazines Maniera,

Mika: My favorite design is always the last one I made, my newest creation. But, we have some very old designs on Market Place that still have a lot of success. L'Aquabella, for example, a frilly skirt and a flared tank top in a very Parisian: I love building, landscaping, poetic blue, was one of our first mesh designing and I am really interested in learning about photography in Second Life. Ava: Tell me two things you love about SL, and two things you don't love?

We train the finalists that have no experience. We also publish the photos of many semi-finalists to give exposure to many women of style. It is not only a competition, it is also the occasion for many women to feel good about themselves!

Mika: I love the colors of SL, Windlights give you different visual environments, SL's fairy book side. I also have a lot of fun with my avatar, which I keep at the top of technology. Mesh head and body, makeup, a ton of hair and jewels, I guess I still "play dolls!"

Ava: For those that do not know, can you explain a bit about the LUXE Paris Look Of The Year contest? Mika & Parisian: It is a search to find the perfect woman to represent our brand, with elegance and style. But, it is also a fun experience and it's easy to participate! You wear a LUXE Paris outfit, you style it, snap a picture, put your name in the title, and send the full perm ModeLS, SL Confidential and L'Amour texture to LUXEParisLookOfTheYear Diversity Magazine. The winnerwill resident. also receive a scholarship to In-Nova Modeling Academy, an invitation to be If you add the password Glamour part of AIM Agency, gift cards from Pro in the title of your photo, you will Pose and Alma Makeup and a crown automatically win the LUXE Paris Stylish from Zuri Jewelry! For more details, Black Fatpack, a set of three outfits! please visit: lookoftheyear.wordpress. 30 semi-finalists will be selected by our com panel of judges and see their picture


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Mika: Photography, dancing and tourism. I love to visit beautiful sims and capture images, and I enjoy dancing to good Rock! I don't have much time to go dance, but I can practice photo-tourism in my work, since we photograph our vendors ourselves.

outfits and it is still hot!

On the other side, I hate the porno aspect of this world. I also don't like the fact that so many SL women go back to being objects, and push the boob size to the limit. I also hate lag! SL fashion shows are a dream of beauty, but it often tuns into a nightmare because of lag.

Parisian: I love meeting and interacting Parisian: I would say my favorite is the with people from all over the world. last outfit I released so it changes all the Second, would be the freedom to learn time. new things I might never be exposed to in real life. The things I dislike: the first Ava: What other passions do you have would be lag and second always having in SL, besides your obvious love of to adjust animations. fashion?

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


Ava: I would like for our readers to get to know the wonderful ladies behind the brand. Can you tell our readers, Mika and Parisian, things they might not know about you?

people. We love to create and we both love fashion. We are amazed at the talent that surrounds us here. We are honored every day to be a part of this world.

Mika: I told you pretty much all my secrets already! I love to play fashion, but I am also a believer of women's lib!

Ava: Obviously, we all know you love your brand, but are there other designers that Mika and Parisian love to wear?

Parisian: We are both just normal


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Mika: We always wear LUXE Paris. Most of the time we are working on an outfit or if we go out, we need to represent our brand. But Paris and I are both shoe and hair maniacs! I love Rezology hair, Essenz shoes and Zuri Jewelry!

Thank you, ladies, for taking time out of your insane busy lives to talk to me and for so graciously letting the readers of L'Amour Diversity Magazine get to know you. I wish you nothing but success for LUXE Paris Look Of The Year!

Parisian: Truth, Stealthic and DOUX Hair, Essenz and N-Core Shoes, and Alma Makeup to name a few.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


Just for Fun "May the 4th" celebrates George Lucas' Star Wars. It is observed by fans of the media franchise. Observance of the commemorative day spread quickly through media and grassroots celebrations.

Astrophysicist and author Jeanne Cavelos used the saying on page 94 of her 1999 book The Science of Star Wars. In 2008, the first Facebook groups appeared, celebrating Luke Skywalker Day, with the same catchphrase. While the initial group never received widespread acclaim, the phenomenon spread to college campuses a few years later, and Star Wars Day was born.

The date was chosen for the pun on the catchphrase "May the Force be with you" as "May the Fourth be with you". Even though the holiday was not created or declared by Lucasfilm, many Star Wars fans across the world have In 2011, the first organized celebration chosen to celebrate the holiday. It has since been embraced by Lucasfilm as an of Star Wars Day took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Toronto annual celebration of Star Wars. Underground Cinema. Produced by Sean Ward and Alice Quinn, festivities Apocryphally, the reference was first used on May 4, 1979, the day Margaret included an Original Trilogy Trivia Game Thatcher took office as Prime Minister Show; a costume contest with celebrity judges; and the web's best tribute films, of the United Kingdom. An online news article from the Danish public mash-ups, parodies, and remixes on the broadcaster says her political party, the big screen. The second annual edition Conservatives, placed a congratulatory took place on Friday, May 4, 2012. advertisement in The London Evening Fans (even government officials) have News, saying "May the Fourth Be with celebrated Star Wars in a variety of You, Maggie. Congratulations." The saying was used in a UK Parliament ways in social media and on television. defence debate on May 4, 1994.


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Since 2013, The Walt Disney Company has officially observed the holiday with several Star Wars events and festivities at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Disney had purchased Lucasfilm including the rights to Star Wars in late 2012. Minor League baseball teams such as the Toledo Mud Hensand the Durham Bulls have worn special uniforms as part of Star Wars Day promotions. On Star Wars Day 2015, astronauts in the International Space Station watched Star Wars.

Revenge of the Fifth Some recognize the following day, May 5, as "Revenge of the Fifth," a play on Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, and celebrate the Sith Lords and other villainous characters from the Star Wars series rather than the Jedi.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


I have more fun, seeing all the weird days in a month that people can celebrate. I think like me, people tend to call it a national day just, so they can indulge.

May 28

No Pants Day

May 6

International No Diet Day

Let's face it I think this should be an Originally the first Friday of May, a small every day campus club at the University of Texas I say live a little, don't be constrained by in Austin known as, The Knighthood of anyone's rules. Buh thought that dropping trousers on the first Friday of May was a humorous stunt for the end of the semester. Informal for years, promotion efforts began in 2000. The event attracted attention in other states and several parts of Canada as well as France, Sweden, Australia, Finland, and the United Kingdom.

May 18

World Turtle Day

Each year, is dedicated to saving the turtles of the world. Sponsored by the American Tortoise Rescue (ATR), an organization dedicated to rehabilitating and rescuing the creatures. Everyone should always do their part for all the animals of the world.

I think this is my most favorite, because nothing better than a national holiday to have an excuse to eat a juicy, yummy burger. I will take mine with cheese please.

Bike to Work Day

After you live the no diet day, then hop on your bike and ride to work.

World Naked Gardening Day

May 23

Hamburger Day

May 25

National Wine Day

Go to the fridge or if you're lucky enough to the wine cellar and celebrate National Wine Day. Held May 25th this national holiday is to celebrate with friends, family and a glass of wine.

The first Saturday in May is, (why not?), Naked Gardening Day. This is a worldwide holiday that is fun for both young and old and everyone in between.


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018



Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


People & Community

A Visit to Artemis Corner Sculptures

By Ava Jhamin 76

Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


I don't know if the readers have ever noticed this, but all the stories I do for L'Amour Diversity are with people that I have either met, or from items that I have purchased or bloggers I have blogged for. I think for me when there is a personal relationship there, for me it lets the story have life. I met Artemis from Artemis Corner when I blogged for her for the Home & Garden 2017. I then started to blog for her statues for H&G for 2018, when it came to me, a story about her wonderful statues. The first one I bought before I even knew Artemis was at an Auction for Models giving back in 2017 I believe. I fell in love with the red dressed statue with the skirt all around her that is in my agency still to this day.


my RL friend (also from Greece) built a whole Greek island as it is in real life. Soon enough I realized that building houses wasn't the way I wanted to express myself. So, I wondered what I could do that could give me the joy of creation and that could be "unique" in a way among so many wonderful creators in sl.

admit I still learning in blender.

So, statues came to my mind. I knew nothing about blender at that time, and for the first whole year was learning and reading and watching videos about blender and experimenting a lot till I was able to reach the result I was striving for or that would make me happy. I must

people's wishes.

Ava: What inspires you in your work? Artemis: At first my inspiration was from ancient Greece. But as I was developing several themes came to my mind. Mostly scenes from real life. I want to try several ideas and catch the

I want to thank you Artemis for sitting down with me today and talking about you and your wonderful work here in Second Life. Ava: How did you find the wonderful world of Second Life? Artemis: A real life friend of mine introduced me second life almost 5 years ago. I must admit that logging into sl for the first time took my breath away. I had never seen a pc game with such a quality in graphics. It seemed so real! From that day I never stopped been in sl. Ava: How did you come to do sculptures and art in Second Life? Artemis: I love creating things even in my real life, not as a profession but as a hobby. When I first entered sl me &

Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Ava: Are you an artist in rl? Artemis: No. My rl profession has nothing to do with art. But I like to create things in my real life too.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


Artemis. I want people to enjoy what they buy and to give them the satisfaction that even though they didn't create the piece they bought, it really touches something inside of them and that is why the bought the piece. Ava: Do you have a favorite piece that you created? A: To be honest yes... and that is my first one. Even though at the time I knew only few things from the technical point of view I believe that it really expressed my inner self in a very close way. I call that piece "woman makes the world goes around" and it's still my belief till today :) Thank you so much for bringing your joy of sculpture to the Second Life grid. I know speaking for me that my personal life and agency are better for having a piece of Artemis Sculpture in it.

Ava: Can you explain to the readers create. what goes on in your head when you do what you do? Ava: What is your RL satisfaction in regards to creating in SL? Artemis: I see every item I create as a baby, that with care will grow up. I Artemis: I believe that everyone who get joy when I see every one of them creates something in real life or sl finished and turned out the way I want. feels fulfilled. Speaking about sl my satisfaction beyond my own feelings Ava: Do you have a creative process is when anyone who sees what I do Artemis? always congratulates me. That gives me strength to go on and keep on trying to Artemis: I don't know, and I really don't get better and better. think about it, once I start I just let it Ava: What do you want the people to flow and if I am lucky it keeps flowing until the end. Knowing when something take away from owning a piece of your is complete is another thing altogether. artwork? But I'm always listening to music when I


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018



Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018



Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


The theme was put out there, High Fashion Gacha Challenge. The models and stylist came with their interpretation of the theme. Some nailed it, others not so much. But one thing is for sure, they brought it in their own unique ways and entertained all the judges and the audience. Participants included. HollyWren Astaroth Kim Bieler (kimberlyann.bieler) Noreen Barineaux Queen MaiaCer (maiacer.lysette) whskyWolf Oakleaf Sheva St.Claire Jude Tathem The winner of the 42md Pazzo Style Challenge was Noreen Barineaux. She killed the theme with her beautiful styling in gold and light pink. The top in light pink with shades of gold flowed to a long floor lenth coat. She paired it with a gold classy crop top and pants in the same gold. She finished the look with a messy bun, choker and perfect placed arm band of gold. Noreen received 1,000 Gift Card from Chop Zuey, 500 Gift cards from Face Paint & Face Paint Style and 500L cash from L'Amour Productions. Join us May 31, 2018 Moschino Spring/Summer Floral Challenge.


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Winner of the 42nd Pazzo Style Challenge Noreen Barineaux L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018 93


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018



Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


The theme was Moschino Spring/Summer 2018 Floral The contestants Misoindite Romano, Melinda Bayn and Challenge. We didn't have as many contestants show up as HollyWren Astaroth. brought their best Moschino outfits to signed up. The contestants that did come came to fight for the L'Amour Runway. the title of 43rd Pazzo Style Challenge winner. The Winner was HollyWren Astaroth. She won a 1,000 gift We had judges Ava Jhamin, Trinity Aironaut, Vichonette card from Chop Zuey, 500L gift card from Face Paint Face Constantine and our 42nd Pazzo winner Noreen Barineaux. Paint Style and 500L cash from L'Amour Productions.


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


Winner of the 43rd Pazzo Style Challenge HollyWren Asteroth


Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018


L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Advertising Special!!! CREATIVE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS GRAPHICS Magazine Layout by Rienna Lenoir PHOTOGRAPHY Photos by Ava Jhamin (46 - 51, 56 - 63, 74 - 85, 88 - 97, 100 - 105) Photos by Trinity Aironaut (Cover, 22 - 41)

OTHER IMAGES Pg. 7: Pg. 14: Pg. 15: Pg. 16: Pg. 17: Pgs. 48 - 53: Pg. 64: you_%28Star_Wars_Day%29.gif Pg. 65: Pg. 65 Pgs. 66 - 69:

Choose L'Amour Diversity for your advertising needs. The following are the advertising packages for ads within the magazine utilizing your own artwork (see specifications for each package). If you would like us to create your ad, please request that from Ava Jhamin, who will schedule that for you at an additional cost. ::NOTE:: These are special pricing packages for L'Amour Diversity Magazine, which means if you purchase NOW you are locked in at this price for consecutive future issues. If you cease to run your ad for even one month, the pricing specials will no longer be in effect.

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Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Contact Ava Jhamin with questions.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 18, June 2018



Issue 18 June, 2018 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L'Amour Diversity Magazine Issue 18 June 2018  

The June 2018 issue of L’Amour Diversity Magazine is out and it's summertime! Check it out! • We have a double feature of Face Paint & Face...

L'Amour Diversity Magazine Issue 18 June 2018  

The June 2018 issue of L’Amour Diversity Magazine is out and it's summertime! Check it out! • We have a double feature of Face Paint & Face...