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Celebrating uniqueness not trends!


Publisher/Editor’s Note

As usual, the L’Amour team has been very busy bringing to the readers Diversity Magazine as promised. Well February is no exception. We have great stories inside this issue, starting with a dear friend VampirePam, CEO of Moolto and Posh Pixels. We also have some wonderful love stories from right here on the SL grid. L’Amour Mr. & Miss Model International is off to an amazing start, and I want to personally thank each and every sponsor of MMI 2017. What I love about the sponsors this year is they are as diverse as this magazine.


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Also inside, a fun story with the owner of Turtle Coast, Kaiya Manbi. Plus we’re introducing a new and fun section of L’Amour Diversity: ToddleeDoo Talk with Twylabear (aka Molly Stakz). Twylabear will bring you stories from her vantage point, plus all that is ToddleeDoo. We have an amazing tribute for Dani Plassitz, who we love and will miss greatly. I visit with the rough and tough man with a heart of gold and owner of Big Dog Iron Customs, Jardasius Ecksol (aka Hardcore). There is much much more so read it from cover to cover.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of the people behind L’Amour Diversity Magazine for their hard work in putting together this wonderful magazine.

Celebrating uniqueness not trends!

Anyone that has been in Second Life for a period of time and loves what they do and succeeds at it will just have haters. I want to give a piece of advice to all those haters out there. You can keep on hating and live with that cancer that is in your soul, or you can get to know the person to whom all the anger is directed and really know them instead of assuming you know them. I live by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Those that know me know…those that don’t lie and gossip. Which would you like it to be for your Second Life? Life is too short people, and Second Life should be a place of fun, peace, and creativity.


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n i m a h J Ava Ava Jhamin CEO Publisher/Editor L’Amour Diversity Magazine


WRITERS Ava Jhamin, Bai Nigtfire, Molly Stakz (Twylabear), Queen MaiaCer Lysette, Rhiannon Colclough, Rienna Rieko Thorne, Sita Writer PHOTOGRAPHERS Ava Jhamin, Jena Adder, Trinity Aironaut DIVERSITY MODELS Ava Jhamin, Bai Nigtfire, Cyberdawg Foxclaw, Jena Adder, Rienna Rieko, Resmay Bloodstorm-Coba, Sita Writer, Trinity Aironaut, VanessaDelRio Underwood, Vichonette Constantine ON THE COVER Modeled & Photographed by Jena Adder for “Faces of Diversity” The views and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher. ©2017 L’Amour Productions. All rights reserved. Second Life® is a registered trademark of Linden Research, Inc.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017



10 MMI is Off and Running

Ava Jhamin gives us an update on

the contestants, sponsors and judges for MMI 2017.

18 Spotlight - VampirePam

As owner of Moolto and Posh Pixels,

VampirePam is very busy. She shares her story, her accomplishments and plans for her businesses.

48 Valentine’s Stories

”When Love and Worlds Collide” Rienna Rieko Thorne brings us four love stories about RL couples who play and work together in SL.

62 Designers - Remembering Dani Plassitz

Sita Writer remembers Dani Plassitz of

Styles by Danielle and highlights some of Dani’s creations throughout the years.


Jardasius Ecksol (aka Hardcore) of Big Dog Enterprises.


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

86 People & Community - Kaiya Manbi

Owner of Turtle Coast Adult Beach, Kaiya brings a side to SL few dare to venture into. Read about this incredible business woman, creator and animal activist.

102 Arts & Entertainment - Thickerdenasnicka

”A Host By Any Other Name” who loves to party and

have fun, but Thickerdenasnicka is also the tie that holds her family together. Molly Stakz tells us why.

112 Fashion - Faces of Diversity

Capturing the faces of diversity, Photographer Trinity Aironaut and the Diversity Models showcase makeup on system and mesh heads. 132

34th PAZZO Style Challenge Winner Molly Stakz.


Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge January 2017 Winner Saori Kido Rey.

142 ToddleeDoo Talk with Twylabear

”ToddleeDoo Talks to Los Stakz” -

This new section by Twylabear is dedicated to stories about the ToddleeDoo world.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


Mr. & Miss Model International is Off and Running Story and Photos by Ava Jhamin Everything was in place, notecards were done, ads were finished and sent out, the website and social media in place. The contestants did the first initial walk held over three days at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. (SLT) each day. They were asked to come as who they are in casual “YOU”. They did not disappoint as they came in droves in amazing looks that showed us who they saw themselves as. It was a lot of fun, and I would like to thank all of the judges who participated over the three days. Thank you judges for taking time out of your busy schedules to be part of MMI 2017.


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

JUDGES Ava Jhamin Bai Nightfire Caesar Langer Cyberdawg Foxclaw Daneen Sands Denis Lenoir Jena Adder Leezah Kaddour Nola Hellershanks Sidney Abbot Suki Rexen Vanessadelrio Underwood WrenNoir Cerise Zzoie zee Dethly

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the — CONTESTANTS Andyy35 Catalysis Celina Lavecchia Dakota Lavarock Jazzy Teardrop Resmay Bloodstorm (Meishagirl) Kayla (natsumiayamisaki) QueenBrat Bracken

for MMI 2017 — Rienna Rieko Thorne Xplicit (riezxplicit) Saddii Saori440 Shinjekyo Trinana3 Tryska1104

Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


each contestant to think outside of the box and grow as individuals and stylists. MMI winners receive amazing prizes that include Lindens, products from sponsors, modeling opportunities, and scholarships to various modeling academies. YOU WIN BIG in more ways than one as you develop friendships with fellow contestants during the competition, and learn valuable modeling and

MMI prides itself on being the first competition on the grid to not care who you are behind the screen, only who you are in the Second Life realm. Our goal is to celebrate the uniqueness of each of us, to celebrate who we are, where we come from, and share with others our mission for SL. MMI will also work with the winners to organize a charity of their choice and what they’re passionate about. MMI competitions are not only fun and unique, they also challenge


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

styling tips from experienced L’Amour instructors and hand picked mentors. We pride ourselves on being not only the first of its kind competition but also the most honest competition. Sponsors stepped up to take part in the best Competition on the grid. I am very happy with the diversity of Sponsors from various realms of Second Life, not only in fashion. I would like to personally thank the following MMI 2017 Sponsors:

PLATINUM SPONSORS B. Barbie Big Dog Iron Customs Chop Zuey Catwalk Agency Del Renee Villas Designer Showcase DOPE Magazine Galland Homes Glint Jewelry J&W Jewelers Hilly Haalan MOOLTO Poses With Attitude

Posh Pixels Shoenique SWANK GOLD SPONSORS Muse NSP Perfections SILVER SPONSOR Park Place Home Decor ITEM SPONSOR B. Barbie Style (items for one of the competitions)

For MMI event schedule, visit

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

Spotlight VampirePam

Moolto & Posh Pixels


Getting To Know VampirePam – Posh Pixels and Moolto –

Interview by Ava Jhamin (Photos by Jena Adder and Ava) I remember as a new model, I did everything and anything that Moolto put out there for models. I think the one thing that always stuck with me, and I carried throughout my career on Second Life, was the fairness in which they did everything. I had the honor of sitting down with VampirePam, just Pam to her friends, to pick her brain about her brands: Moolto, Posh Pixels … there is much more to the dynamic woman and her brands. Posh Pixels also has been a staple in the fashion industry for as long as I can remember. Ava: Hi Pam and good to see you, honey. I always ask this first for readers who may not know: What brought VampirePam to Second Life? Pam: I rezzed in SL July 3rd, 2011, which ironically is only four days prior to my real life Birthday. I first found SL surfing the Web in search of a vampire game to replace one I had been playing. A Google search brought up a link for Bloodlines, a vampire role play system, and I created an account

to check it out. I didn’t last long in Bloodlines, it had far too much drama for my taste. Ava: How long have you been in Second Life? Pam: I have been in Second Life for more than five years now … hard to believe some days that it actually has been that long. I almost left the game entirely, as my early impressions were that it was primarily based upon those looking to enhance their intimate fantasies with a visual component and that really was not what I had in mind from a virtual world. However, after some time of exploring opportunities, I did decide to stay. I love the fact that SL gives us the opportunity to explore whatever desires we have in such an environment as a Virtual World, allowing for us to be and do what we may never have the confidence to do in the real world. From modeling to owning a club, it feels like I have Continued next page...


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

VampirePam, CEO Moolto and Posh Pixels, COO Marvelous Events

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


done it all. I have seen many friends come and go in my time here, but I intend to be here for many more years to come. Ava: And you must tell the readers of Diversity about the name Pam. Why VampirePam? Pam: The name? It’s a question I am often asked, and a few know immediately where it came from, but for those that don’t, I will give you the answer. As I said, I found Second Life searching for an online vampire game, but I am a HUGE Sookie Stackhouse fan. I have read all the books, as well as being a die-hard True Blood Fan. Pamela Swynford De Beaufort is my favorite character in both the books and the show. Her morbid sense of humor that has a sweet-but-lethal charm is much like me in real life…it is a persona I can identify with. Not only is her charm rooted in her humor, but also in her always fashionable facade. She may come across as unapproachable, but underneath it all she is loyal, dedicated and personable. The character as a whole sums me up pretty well. I give 100% to anything I start, I’m always happy to help where I can, I take time out to give back to the community and support those aspiring to take their SL careers to that next level. My generosity,

however, has its limits, and once crossed it is a bridge forever burned. Ava: Can you tell the readers of Diversity how Moolto was created? Pam: was the vision of Maxes Loon, a very down to earth person with a genuine love for the community, which impresses me. I discovered we shared a very similar view for and the importance for it to continue to have a presence in Second Life, which is why I took it over in July of 2016. Created in 2009, Moolto is a Social Network designed for Second Life Avatars. We do not require Real Life info, only Second Life personas, unlike many of the social media sites out there that have blackballed us because we want to keep our real lives separate from our Second Life. We are not only a social media site, though. has much more to offer. From contests to rentals, Moolto is committed to providing opportunities for the Fashion Industry to grow and stay current, and with that focus in mind, we give the fashion industry a chance to connect with all aspects of the community. Ava: What is the Mission Statement for Moolto? Continued next page...

Pam: The mission statement for is simple...”We keep you current”. From helping gain exposure for our advertisers, models, bloggers and designers to connecting those same people to the community. We aim to bridge the gap between the creation community and the resident of SL allowing everyone an equal platform in which to communicate. We are always connected to the community with our website, in world location and monthly publication exposure. Ava: Where does your inspiration come from with Moolto? Pam: I remember when I first came into SL, and Moolto was one

of the first services I encountered here, in the form of the “Sisters Hunt”. It struck me then, as it still does today that is very community oriented. I aim to keep that standard high here in SL. I see talent everywhere, quality designers, talented bloggers and photographers, and models who aspire to be the next Top Model on the grid. They all inspire me. The inspiration to build the focus to help them attain recognition, and gain access to those that may have been previously out of their reach is what drives Moolto and our services. From well-known brands to the new guy on the block, we find inspiration to keep things moving forward. We all start from a single pixel in this vast

The Sim – all of VampirePam’s ventures are housed on a single sim, including Marvelous Events, Night Moves, Posh Pixels, Mode Magazine and Moolto headquarters.


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

virtual world and need that helping hand at times. That is what Moolto is, a helping hand to the fashion community, whether you are an agency, media partner, blogger, model or designer...we are here to help. Ava: I know what it takes to be an entrepreneur on Second Life. Can you tell the readers about all the companies you own Pam, and what a day in the life of Pam is like? Pam: My primary companies are and {POSH PIXELS} in

Second Life. They bring the best of both worlds together for me. I am able to express my creativity and still provide value added services for the community. In addition to those, I am also the coowner, along with my partner, of two other businesses: Marvelous Events and Night Moves Night Club. All of our ventures are housed on a single sim. A typical day in my life is pretty jam packed. I start early in the morning, and many nights I am not logging out until the wee hours of the morning. Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017



Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Moolto Building – a gorgeous theatre setting, dim romantic lighting and stunning interior detail.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


POSH PIXELS Store – two floors of fashion ranging from clothing to hair and makeup and includes lots of gifts, giveaways and event goodies. There’s something for everyone.


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


I spend a majority of my time designing for the store, but also talking with designers, attending shows and the day-to-day management of four separate companies, and looking for ways to improve and grow my business. It’s a busy day for sure, but with the help of some really wonderful people, we get it all accomplished. Ava: I know that Moolto was one of the places where models could be seen. Can you tell us some of the projects both past and present that Moolto is doing with regards to that?


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Pam: Previously, Moolto was known best for the “Sisters Hunt”, a gridwide hunt and always a fun event for the community, complete with matching male and female outfits and the ever popular “Magic Glasses”. We have revamped the previous hunts to include both male and female fashions. The upcoming “Love is in the Air Hunt” starting February 1, 2017, is the first big Moolto event of the year. We have also launched MODE Magazine and brought back the Blogger of the Month, in partnership with We Love to Blog.

We are also in the planning stages of a Modeling Agency, as well as the Faces of Moolto 2017, with a bit of a twist from the old version, and are looking into more opportunities for Agencies, Models, Bloggers and Designers to engage with the community. Ava: Pam what for you is the downside, if any, of owning businesses in SL? Pam: My days are very busy and long. I would have to say limited personal time within Second Life, and long days are the biggest downsides of owning businesses in SL. I am however fortunate that my partner is also my business partner, so we still get to spend quality time together even when working. The other downside of owning multiple businesses is the need for

a large staff, and to stay connected with them to make sure things run smoothly. Moolto brings me into contact with many people, and I have made great friends along the way, so in reality there really isn’t a downside. I spend my time doing what I love, designing and helping aspiring models or designers. Ava: What are your thoughts on the fashion Industry past and present? Pam: The fashion industry as a whole has waxed and waned over the years that I have been in SL. From when I first started and everything was about being a Super Model or that ‘Big Name Designer’ to present day where there are many opportunities to excel in this industry. Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


The changes I have seen in the industry have had both good and bad impacts upon the community. I have seen a dramatic rise in events around the grid, an increase in pageants, and an influx of designers, schools and agencies. While it is great to see so many areas of the industry flourish and grow, sadly, I have also seen many long-time businesses close their doors. I think as a whole, the present day industry needs to support each other to help keep it flourishing, be it via partnerships or mentoring the up and coming. Ava: Was there anything in the industry that got you upset enough to want to change? Pam: The modeling industry is one area that has always been something that vexed me. I have been a Modeling Instructor and a runway and print model, and in all arenas, it always struck me as a very singular mindset: look like this, do this and not that. Models seemed to forget where it is they started. It was a mindset that I did not agree with and still don’t. I left the fashion circle for a while to clear my head and rethink the path I was following, but in the end fashion and all it entails is still a passion for me. So, I decided to change the path and carve out a new one, on my terms. Not all models are shaped alike, nor do


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

we look like cookie cutters spilled out from a factory. Not all designers create one specific genre of clothing. So why should the fashion Industry treat us as if we do? We are individuals, and all of us bring our creativity to the table and it should be celebrated not shunned or made to fit in any type of mold. That is where Moolto came in, to celebrate individuality, diversity and creativity to allow the mold to be broken and allow everyone a fair platform for success in the fashion industry.

Ava: Do you feel any negativity towards other magazines or the fashion industry with Moolto? Pam: Negativity within Second Life is inevitable. It is human nature I guess and can’t be completely absent even from a virtual space. I see a lot of it while surfing social media searching for new faces to showcase with Moolto. From sites fuelled by gossip and ill-begotten fact to those who hide behind their screens to take shots at everyone

and everything who might have an opinion different than their own, trying to undermine or shame those that put their heart and soul into what they do, to attack others only to create gossip and scandal and put the focus on the negative are the bane of SL existence. This is the one place where we can be who and what we want to be, do what it is that may not be possible for us in RL, and as such the creative efforts should be applauded. Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


There is an old saying that holds true... “Those who can, do…those who can’t start drama”. Moolto doesn’t tolerate drama, we keep our focus on the positive side of the industry and how we can help it grow. Ava: Pam just when I thought I couldn’t respect someone anymore, you took my respect to a whole other level. I totally agree with everything you said. I love our friendship and I love the fact that we are looking forward to working together in SL with no drama mamma (giggles).


Have you seen changes in the fashion and magazine industry on Second Life? Pam: I have seen changes. Some for the good of the industry and some not so great. It seems in my five years in SL the number of magazines on the grid has multiplied like rabbits. Some are in it only for the money it can bring in, and many are truly just passionate about what it is they showcase. I see many more magazines that focus on style and interpretation of designs and that is a great thing for the industry. In years Continued next page...

Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Night Moves Night Club – the cool neon colors inside and out easily set the mood for clubbers to kick off their shoes and dance the night away, or chill with friends in one of many hangout spots. L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


past the only time I saw things like Avant or Fierce Styling was at a show, but now I see it many more places in everyday travels in SL as well as within the pages of some of my favorite magazines… from extravagant gowns to the completely out there designs from talented designers. This is thanks to those magazines and fashion icons who take it that one step higher to showcase everything the industry has to offer. I also have to mention bloggers have helped take the industry to that next level as well.


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

It is a wonderful thing to see how many interpret a design or how they style it, and they make it easier for the community to know where to find all those great designs! Ava: Can you let the Diversity readers know a little about Posh Pixels? Pam: When {POSH PIXELS} was conceived, it was a must that I have the freedom to create what I wanted and in the styles that I wished. I did not want to get

pigeonholed into one genre or style of clothing. We have customers that come to the store that are from many walks of life and tastes in fashion. So our focus is, and always has been, providing quality clothing and accessories that appeal to many, at affordable prices. Ava: Where does your inspiration come from when designing clothes? Pam: I attended many Modeling Academies within SL. As I said, I have done print work and runway,

but the clothing always fascinated me. Having the opportunity to sample some of the finest designers in SL was both an honor and an inspiration. I draw my inspiration from what I enjoy wearing. I do not cater to only one genre as I feel it would be very limiting, and well frankly boring, so I pull inspiration from everywhere: the Internet, magazines, my own personal style... everywhere there is inspiration to be found. Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


Ava: I know with a lot of businesses you have to go through a lot of people to get to a CEO. Do you feel that you are a hands-on CEO? Pam: Customer Service is something we are committed to, and the only way I can bring that to the table is by giving my customers personalized service. I have been known to teleport into the store in the middle of a design to model an outfit that there is no demo for, show it on a specific mesh body if needed, create custom color packs on the fly, or simply direct a customer to where something can be obtained if it isn’t from my store.

My IMs are always open and I do respond to any and all messages sent to me directly. My partner, Apollo770, who also helps in the day to day business is a contact point for the UK time zones as I am in EST (SLT+3) and can help with anything I can, but I enjoy interacting with my customers and do so when I am able. In short, there is only one other person in my organization at a management level, so the line to get to me is very short. Ava: As a designer what changes, if any, have you seen in fashion? Continued next page...

Pam: I have seen a vast number of changes in the industry. When I first started it was mostly system clothing with very little in the way of mesh. Now mesh and all its benefits are all the rage. Although, we have also seen it go full circle with the introduction of appliers for these mesh enhancements and

shortage for designers to choose from. I participate in many events from weekly sales, to bi-weekly and monthly events, as well as bigger ones such as Fashion for Life and Fantasy Faire. I feel these events fit with our beliefs at {POSH PIXELS}. They offer a wide variety of fashion, skins, enhancements and accessories

I look for loyalty [in a blogger], dedication and attention to detail...someone who is proud to wear our brand and happy to tell anyone. bodies that have taken system clothing to a whole new level. So as a designer, I would have to say that change can be good, but with it comes pitfalls. Not all mesh will fit the mesh bodies. For designers who do not create their own mesh, they run the dilemma of a flooding of identical templates to those of their competitors, so the market has produced some fierce competition and forced designers to think outside the box to make their items unique. Ava: I know that events are very popular right now. What are your thoughts on events? Pam: I think the grid is overflowing with them. There is never a


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

that are an eclectic collection of designers from all genres suitable to all budgets of the SL community. Also, the charity events we participate in are not only bringing fashion forward designs to the table but helping worthy causes as well, it is a win-win for everyone. Ava: I know bloggers are also very huge right now. What do you look for in a Posh Pixels blogger? Pam: I look for loyalty, dedication and attention to details. In short, someone who is proud to wear our brand and happy to tell anyone where they got it. To blog for Posh Pixels means, in many cases, you are the first impression someone may have of my brand and as

with anything you only get one chance at a first impression. We no longer keep a staff of personal bloggers, but exclusively utilize event bloggers and the services provided by “We Love to Blog”. The reasoning for that is very simple, we ran into bloggers who stopped making that first impression a good one. They were initially go-getters that got lax and lost the attention to detail and drive along the way. Also, those who simply rezzed boxes and never did anything with them. There were, however, those few rare gems that we do anything in our power to keep...those are my Fashionistas. They aren’t just bloggers though, they are family and my ambassadors for Posh Pixels. They shoot ads for every vendor in the store and are paid, giving them the recognition they deserve. They proudly represent the Posh Pixels brand and blogging our items comes naturally for them, but only the best of the best earn that coveted spot from me. Ava: Is there anything else you would like the Diversity readers to know about you? Pam: We currently have a staff of bloggers, models and writers but we are always on the lookout for those rare gems to add to our

family of talented individuals to help take the fashion industry to the next level. Ava: Thank you, Pam, for sitting down with me and for being so candid, telling it like it is, and letting the L’Amour Diversity Magazine readers get to know your brand and the amazing person that is Pam. I think for me VampirePam gives me hope for things to come on the grid. I adore the fact that she can take two brands and bring them together for the good of the whole. I feel that is where Pam and I are. I would do anything for her and I know she would do the same. n

Links & Landmarks: MOOLTO Website | Facebook | Flickr POSH PIXELS Website | Facebook | Flickr Mode Magazine SL Headquarters

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

Valentine’s Stories When Love and Worlds Collide 48

Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


Valentine’s Stories

When Love and Worlds Collide Story by Rienna Rieko Thorne, Photos by Ava Jhamin We often hear about people in Second Life who have real life marriages or significant others that do not play Second Life with them and who develop other relationships with new people “in-world”, but what we do not hear about as often, is those people who build homes and lives with their real-life partner or spouse in Second Life.

married in Las Vegas, NV. They have raised children together and are still very much in love, to this day.

I found out when I decided to write this article for the Valentine’s issue of Diversity Magazine that there is a surprising number of these couples running around the grid. So, we have decided to highlight four of them who each have their own unique stories to tell.

In February of 2016, Abbey was searching for an online game to play and found Second Life. She created an avatar and began to make friends there. Five months later in July of 2016, her real life husband, Scorpion, decided to join her in the new virtual environment and together they began to build a life there. Abbey and I talked about the fact that they are very much together in Second Life and that they haven’t developed new relationships with other people. She said, “Oh we could never do that, we are still too into each other.”

Recently, I attended the wedding of my Second Life husband’s SL sister, Abbeylilly, and her SL fiancé, Scorpion. Abbey and Scorpion have been married in real life for ten years and met in a small-town factory where they had both worked for ten years until the factory shut down. A year after they met in real life and they

In November of 2016, Scorpion and Abbey decided to have a Second Life wedding and on January 14, 2017, they renewed their vows together and became husband and wife in Second Life as well. Friends of Abbey and Scorpion tell me that Second Life has really helped Abbey to blossom. They say that when she first started Second Life, she would never have dreamed


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Scorpion and Abbey of being in a job dealing with the public and since she started playing, she has become Public Relations for the sim Track and Roll, owned by their friends LeAnn Jaztone and Jason Kirshner, where Abbey and Scorpion live and work. Scorpion is the sim Police Officer and helps to maintain order and keep the peace on the sim. In her Public Relations role, Abbey greets newcomers to the sim and gives them tours and helps with sim promotions. Abbey recently started working as a host at The Blackheart’s Café, a dance club that has become a second home for them in Second Life. Abbey and

Scorpion are both passionate about learning as much as they can in their new virtual environment and they are enjoying doing it together. They love to ride their motorcycles at Track and Roll and both enjoy surfing and sailing. Abbey and Scorpion love their SL family and friends dearly— LeAnn, Jason, Blacky, Rienna, Lyrical, Athena, and AJ. When thinking about their future together in Second Life, Abbey states that they plan to enjoy what Second Life has to offer to the fullest extent and live their lives together with all of their SL family and friends.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


NennySue and Shadowchylde NennySue and Shadowchylde met on a chat site called Paltalk in 2004, when a mutual friend invited Nenny into a chatroom under the pretext of getting help determining the English region of Shads accent. Nenny knew something was up when she discovered his accent was American. Nenny says, “We all laughed and pretty much didn’t stop laughing from then on.” When they met, Shads was a DJ for a radio station called Spotlight Radio, which played a lot of unsigned artists, Shads happened to be one of them. So not only was he a DJ but he was also a featured artist. Shortly after,


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Nenny became a DJ for the same radio station. After they had known each other for a year and had become good friends, Nenny decided to take a trip to America to see some of her friends she had met online, Shads was one of those people. She says, “I know it sounds corny, but our second kiss told me that he was someone I wanted in my life.” Shads proposed to Nenny live on air after playing one of his own songs, Magick Woman, for her. This completely swept Nenny away. They were married in real life on April 26, 2006.

The person that ran the radio station at that time had discovered Second Life and she persuaded Shads and Nenny to join. Nenny states she was skeptical at first, but soon after joining, she was hooked. Nenny started DJ’ing for Spotlight in Second Life and Shads played live concerts. They had a lot of fun. Nenny and Shads are both Pagans by faith and became involved in the Covenstead Sim. They made a lot of great friends there. Nenny also DJ’d at Covenstead. Eventually, Nenny and Shads got their own land and Nenny discovered the joy of building in Second Life. She states, “Now I was totally addicted!” Shads continued to do live concerts and even persuaded Nenny to sing with him. During this time they became involved with the D/s (Dominant/submissive) community in Second Life, continued their involvement in the Pagan community and ran their own Sim, Imaginarium. She says that things turned sour for them for a little while as there was a

lot of drama within the D/s community for them at that time and when they could no longer afford to keep their sim running, they left SL for a time. They tried a different grid for a little while, but didn’t feel they fit in there, so they gave up on virtual worlds all together for a little while. Shads returned, slowly, and eventually Nenny says, the call of building was too strong for her, so after a threeyear absence she also returned to SL. They came back with a new start, new friends and a new sim. Nenny rediscovered The Blackheart’s Café, a club she had frequented previously, and now spends a lot of time there with a great group of new friends. She hasn’t been able to return to DJ’ing yet, but works now at Blackheart’s as a host and loves it. Shads and Nenny have set up their new Imaginarium sim as a beautiful role play sim for the sexually adventurous. There is a castle with many rooms where there are various scenes, and as Shads put it, “If you can imagine it, we can create it.”

After they had known each other for a year and had become good friends, Nenny decided to take a trip to America...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


Sam and Abbie met in 2001, in an online chat program. They were both divorced and happened to live in the same city. Abbie had planned to move from England to Australia with her young child but after she met Sam, she decided to stay in England and they have been together ever since. Sam joined Second Life in 2009, and a week later, Abbie joined up. They were both unemployed in real life at that time, and soon became addicted to their new virtual world. They were both on different avatars back then and decided to explore everything Second Life had to offer, and Sam states that they fell into what most new avatars fall into in their early days: sim hopping, BDSM, adult sims. They decided to remain a couple in SL at that time but had an open relationship where they would explore separately and play with others. They eventually got bored with these things and decided to learn how to create together in SL. They taught themselves building, landscaping, and creating animations out of world and importing them into SL. Sam decided to try his hand at DJ’ing in SL and Abbie would come hear his sets at the clubs where he worked. Abbie later went on to DJ and host as well and they ended up with a pretty busy Second Life together. They never had to put any real life money into Second Life, but could rent land for building and


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

creating animated products on the Marketplace. Between that and the money they made DJ’ing, they made a comfortable Second Life for themselves. Eventually, they got involved in breedables and started with a few horses, eventually had 500 or more. When Meeroos came around, they got involved in breeding those as well and ended up being horse and Meeroo auctioneers...they even had their own auction sim and rental stalls. During this time they were spending a lot of late nights running their sim and met with a lot of success, but this caused other auction houses to try to sabotage them, and they were constantly moving their sim to try to stop the attacks from happening. The stress was affecting them physically in real life, so they decided it was time to make a change. They wanted their fun back in Second Life, so in 2014, Sam and Abbie decided to start over as single avatars without breedables, DJ’ing or creating. Sam had a computer in the living room of their real life home and Abbie in the bedroom. They both met different people, but they were so used to being in Second Life as a couple, they often ended up in the same places together, even though no one knew they were a real life couple. At that time, Abbie was dating someone on SL who knew Tia and

introduced Sam to her. They all ended up hanging out together and eventually, the person Abbie had been seeing could no longer get on Second Life, so Abbie started hanging out with Sam and Tia every day. The three of them were always together. They taught Tia how to create mesh clothing and decided to start their own clothing business. Sam and Abbie also started DJ’ing again in SL. Up until that point, however, Sam and Abbie still hadn’t told Tia they were a real life couple. Since they were in separate rooms, they could Skype together without

Tia realizing they were in the same house. Sam states that as time went on, it became harder and harder for them not to tell Tia that they were a real life couple because all three were so close. Eventually, however, they did tell Tia they were a real life couple, which Tia was fine with as she had already guessed a long time before they told her. Finally they all decided that since they were always on SL together, and were running their business together in a partnership that they would make it Continued next page... L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


official and all three of them would get married and they became the “Mystic Three.” Mystic stores were then created and is still going strong to this day. Abbie moved her computer into the living room with Sam and now they DJ, usually at the same time, at different clubs. Sam states, “It takes some skill, and I have to say ‘I’m going on mic now’ so they don’t clash on air with each other, but they both have headsets and are able to make it work. Tia is from Australia and Sam and Abbie are in the UK, so the time difference has always been a factor for them, but they seem to make it work and are still going strong as the Mystic Three. Sam and Abbie report that they are very much enjoying their Second Lives this time around and avoid drama. They both DJ four times a week, and Tia keeps the clothing store updated and Sam and Abbie help her when they can. They all work together on the items they create—Sam mainly making accessories and animations and Abbie and Tia make mesh clothing. Sam and Abbie have been a Second Life couple for nearly eight years now and feel the move from their first avatars to Sam and Abbie was the best move they could have made for themselves, as it gave them a fresh start and they got their fun back.


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Angie met Caleb in real life when she was 16 years old. They were in high school and Caleb was dating a friend of hers. Angie states that their relationship didn’t last but their friendship did all throughout high school. They drifted apart after high school but were reconnected through a personal tragedy when Caleb called her to tell her his younger brother had passed away. She attended the viewing to show her support. They were both in other relationships at the time, but their friendship soon blossomed and developed into something deeper. Shortly after, they began dating and, as Angie says, “The rest, as they say, is history…we’ve been together ever since…best friends, lovers, husband and wife.” One night in 2015, a late-night show caught Caleb’s attention as they were talking about Second Life and it piqued his interest. Caleb and Angie have three kids in real life, so they don’t get very much time to go out and he thought it might be something they could do together as a couple, since he knew he had been spending too much time playing another online game by himself. When they started their exploration of Second Life, they shared one avatar as they became familiar with this new world and what it had to offer. On their second day in world, someone gave them a new skin

Angie and Caleb and that’s the day Angela, now Angie, was born. Angie made a name for herself quickly in Second Life, with both at the controls, with women first and eventually with men. Caleb soon became consumed with playing Second Life as Angela, but his wife wasn’t as interested in their new world and arguments began for them in real life as to what they were doing with their one avatar. Ultimately, they agreed that Angie would take over Angela and Caleb would make his own avatar. Angie set about creating the look for the new male avi and after a long search, Caleb was born. Now on two avatars, the couple began to make friends with some long-term SL residents who taught them a lot about living in SL. They are very grateful to their friends Ellie and Lamp for

everything they taught them. When Caleb was born, they decided to try living as single avatars even though they were married in real life. After some broken hearts and a few misunderstandings, and the heated arguments that go with those, it was clear to them that if they were going to continue their time in Second Life, they needed to become partners in world and make their RL and SL relationship one in the same and to make that very clear in their profiles. They also decided to set very clear rules and boundaries that they both follow very strictly to avoid conflict. Now, they decided to make the jump to mesh from their system avatars, and armed with their new smoking hot looks, they began to explore Second Life as a couple. Caleb recounts that they began to draw a lot of attention Continued next page... L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


for themselves in their Second Lives because they both constantly work to improve their looks and because they both have bi-sexual proclivities, and they have used these experiences to enhance their playtime in both worlds. Caleb looks at Angie lovingly and says, “She’s the hottest red-head on the grid.” He states that they have had so many hot adventures together in Second Life, there’s not enough space to write about them all. They started their SL lives in a Linden house, which Angie still owns, to a rental at Balanvi to their current tropical resort skybox at Mystical Rentals. In August of 2016, Caleb asked Angie to marry him in Second Life. To some this might seem odd, since they have been married in real life for over 20 years now, but to them RL and SL are two different worlds and even though they do cross at times, they try to treat them as separate experiences. As they became more comfortable exploring their bi-sexuality on Second Life, they started meeting some very special people, who to their amazement and delight, were crazy about them both equally. After discussing it, they decided that since they had such a huge space to share in their beach skybox, and they had been fortunate enough to find people that desired them equally, they would


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

form a bisexual, poly family with them to share their Second Lives together. Caleb states, “We are so fortunate to have met these people all coincidently at our favorite hangout, Ku’Lani Bisexual Beach, owned by the most amazing couple in SL, Lani and Thomas Corbain.” As of today, Caleb and Angie have six very dear family members in their group: Nessa, Nightshade, Wildcat, Phoenix, Jayne and Jen. They state, “We love them all and are so thrilled to be sharing our SL life with them.” They are looking forward to getting married later this year at home on their beach at Mystical Rentals in front of family and close friends. A lot has happened for them in their year and a half on the grid and they are just getting started.

These are only a few of the many stories that real life couples contribute to the world we call Second Life, couples who build lives together on the grid and use their experiences to bring their relationships closer and to enhance their lives together both in world and out. We hope you have enjoyed reading just a few of them, and seeing that not everyone who is married in real life uses Second Life as an escape from their marriage or real life relationship. For some couples, Second Life is a very rich environment full of possibilities and experiences to create together as a couple. n

F rom everyone at L ’Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


Designers Dani Plassitz

Styles by Danielle


Dani’s Memorial Friends, family and fans of Dani Plassitz paid their respects at her memorial. (Photo by Ava Jhamin)


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine


Lost Splendor Dani Plassitz Remembered By Sita Writer Because our day is of time, of hours and the clock-hand turns, closes the circle upon us and black timeless night sucks us in like quicksand, receives us totally without a rain check or a parachute, a key to heaven or the last long look, Dani Plassitz was an icon in SL. The meaning of “icon” has changed. Today it is an overused word that refers to a “notable figure” (i.e. star, diva…you know who the “icons” are). An icon is someone that is unforgettable and Styles by Danielle is “iconic“ in that regard, and so is Dani Plassitz—a performer and designer lost to SL and RL suddenly and unexpectedly in December. Being an “icon” would have had a special meaning to Dani because the original meaning of an icon is best illustrated by Eastern Christian or Orthodox art that depicts a Christian work of art of saints and

angels; anyone that knew Dani knows she is with the angels now. Dani’s young life was cut short and many grieve. We have lost a designer and a performer in SL and in RL. Her husband, family and friends are devastated, but perhaps because they know that Dani is loved across the world, even in a “virtual world” where we are all “real people”, is a comfort. In RL, Dani comes from Croatia and made her home in Bulgaria with Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


Sita Writer wears Styles by Danielle Ivona Gown created by Dani for Fashion for Change. (Photos by Sita Writer)


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

a wonderful RL husband. She was happy in both lives. A creator and always with an opinion and a sense of humor, Dani was delighted that Melania Trump, a woman from her country, is now the First Lady in the US. Love or hate President Trump, Melania is elegant and Dani was very proud of this. Dani was versatile and her work through the years (seven as a designer and five as a popular performer) leaves us in SL with many choices and many styles… and with many memories. Dani’s gowns for MVW for Indonesia in 2015 called Dewy Sri, for example, is fit for a dancer that has her torso

wrapped in a sabuk (sash) that can be up to 15 metres in length and the lower body is wrapped in two meters of cloth that is extremely tight creating a beautiful silhouette. Dewy Sri is the goddess of life, love and rice in Indonesia. She reigns in Hindu Bali, she has dominion over the underworld and the moon, and she is revered. The gown itself has layers of silk artfully draped and perfectly textured. Ivona was created as a tribute to Dani’s Croatian roots for Fashion for Change. Dani was always generous and thoughtful with her work. Ivona is a wine-colored silk gown that is fit for an empress with its Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


intricate baroque-inspired gold thread traditional embroidery from Croatia. Here, embroidery is a lavish floral art form garnished with geometric patterns made with gold and silver thread for clothing made from silk or wool. Diversity is the main characteristic of the Croatian woman folk artist whose work with fabric and her use of colors, threads, weaving patterns and intricate embroidery stitches come together to create a beautiful and traditional look that reflects the life of her rich cultural heritage. Ivona reflects this perfectly. Dani was proud of her heritage and celebrated it. To remember her 7th Anniversary, she celebrated with an elegant gown called Ava. Boasting a lavish floral pattern, the gown is sleek and sexy with a V neckline and thin spaghetti straps and a waistline framed by a gold belt that evokes an elegant silhouette. Seven is a magical number. The number seven represents the one that seeks beauty... a thinker that seeks truth. The number seven never takes anything at face value. The number seven always tries to find the hidden truths. Why did we lose Dani? None of us has that answer. We don’t know why, but we all know one thing, Dani Plassitz will not be forgotten. Her spirit, her bright voice, her kindness and her love of creativity lives on within us. Dani Plassitz is an inspiration. That is all we can ask… and remember. n


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Ava Jhamin wears Ava Gown created by Dani to celebrate Styles by Danielle’s 7th Anniversary. (Photo by Ava Jhamin)

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R S

M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

Designers Jardasius Ecksol (aka Hardcore) Big Dog Enterprises


Hardcore - A Bad Ass with A Heart of Gold Interview and Photos by Ava Jhamin I met Jardasius Ecksol (aka Hardcore) when he was a guest on the Pam Show [a live radio show that showcases the talents of people in many different aspects of Second Life]. I think what struck me and endeared me to this outside tough and rough man was that he very much had a heart of gold and would help anyone. I was lucky enough to win one of his custom bikes, and he stayed with me hours after the show ended to make adjustments. He then made a custom plate, Ava’s Hog. We had a great time! I sat down with Hardcore to talk about his SL. Of course, the first thing I always ask everyone I interview is “What brought you to Second Life?” He responded, “A real life software engineer friend told me about it. We talked about it a bit where my friend explained more in depth and I decided to get on board.” Hardcore has been in Second Life since October 2002 on his

first avi. When he figured things out, he hung out with builders, talked and built a lot of stuff. He explains, “I basically built a little of everything. Out of this came Big Dog Enterprises, which is the Construction Division where we work mainly on buildings and weapons.“ Big Dog Club Consultants consists of helping club builders with design and layout that works in conjunction with a theme and to reduce lag to a minimum. Hardcore says, “We also make it more appealing both size wise and to the eye. We finish off by helping club management build a stable and productive staff to ensure a successful club venture.” Big Dog Iron Customs Division consists of the motorcycle building company of Big Dog, and as Hardcore explained, “We design and build custom hogs of all types. We utilize the best parts across the grid along with the best scripting system and make all custom poses Continued next page...


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Jardasius Ecksol (aka Hardcore) - Owner of Big Dog Enterprises, Big Dog Club Consultants, and Big Dog Iron Customs.

and animations in-house as well. Big Dog Iron Customs came to be in a HUGE part thanks to my passed brother Pops Oldrich, a very key influential man in the biker community. I loved to build, design and make things for fun, so I watched Pops to see where he would take the next step. He and I would sit for many hours late at night talking about bikes, cars and other neat things to build in SL. So, after building hogs before on my first avi, then kind of quit building due to real life workload, I placed building hogs on the back burner and after meeting Pops on Jard, he


Issue 9, December 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

lit the fire under me to get back into it again.” Hardcore’s inspiration comes from many places. He states, “I like to envision a bike in my head and basically after I drop down a frame, slap in an engine, the picture gets more clear and I just keep cranking till it’s done. I add special touches that set me apart from others. I basically like to make a hog in SL as I would build a bike in RL and add those finishing touches that make it stand out with more realism (e.g. kickstands, wiring, switches, valves, filters etc). I also believe,

as my brother Pops did, to always sign my work. It’s not just a hog, it’s a piece of art and every good artist should sign their artwork— make a signature piece that makes you stand out from the crowd. I implement this into all of my hog builds.” Besides all of the companies that Hardcore has, he also does a lot of charity work. “Well I worked with Wounded Warrior Project until the official RL fundraiser group in SL closed,” he says. “I then changed

My squadron and I have also helped with work on a house for homes for our troops.” I asked Hardcore what he felt was the downside of owning a business in Second Life. He responded, “Well keeping up with the curve and advances within the grid is one of the biggest challenges I have seen over the years. So, falling behind is a big downside.” Sometimes, especially on Second Life, you need to go through a ton

Hardcore also helps raise funds for Toys for Tots...My squadron and I have also helped with work on a house for homes for our troops..

to Homes for Our Troops, which I was with until I respectfully stepped away from due to personal reasons.” Hardcore also helps raise funds for Toys for Tots using their official kiosks and by donating hogs to help raise funds for it, and went on to say, “Every year my colleagues at work chip in $100 and we all go buy toys for Toys for Tots in RL and drop them off at a TFT drop-off location.

of people to get to the CEO, so I asked Hardcore if he is a handson CEO. “Oh most definitely,” he states. “I have spent many many hours talking with other companies, collaborating with them for fundraiser benefits and/or charities and other things such as PR and advertising and such.” Hardcore is also an officer and military man in the United States Air Force. He is currently an officer Continued next page... L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 9, December 2016


in the Auxiliary Search & Rescue division. He explains, “I signed up back in 2004 and I’m still currently serving as an Airmen. My job is a Computer Systems Engineer. I build, repair and maintain computer systems both in the field and within the departments I am assigned to. It keeps me quite busy, but I would not change it for the world.” Hardcore is also part of the Biker Veterans Administration (BVA) that is an SL group (not RL) which helps veterans within SL by pointing them to the help they may need whether it be finding them information on the VA, finding information to help them acquire paperwork on their service or at times they just need to talk and have someone care enough to listen. So, it has a broad range of help and support to vets and their families. As a true biker in real life and a biker in SL, I asked Hardcore what the differences are. He replied, “Ha-ha! Well sadly RL bankers are not what 90% of the SL biker groups are… that’s for sure. A TRUE biker is a person who loves to just get away from all of the BS


and stress in life by getting on his hog, firing it up, slamming down the throttle and just ride. Not being a douche within a video game, trashing others, crashing sims, listening to other people’s BS, and causing havoc and drama just because they think they have a legit reason for doing so.” Hardcore adds, “A TRUE biker loves to ride, help his brothers and his family, give back to his community as often as he can, and have the balls to admit when they are wrong and say sorry when they have done wrong to others. So basically, being a true biker comes from within, and it’s part of what makes you, you. It can’t be taught or seen on TV and become a popularity club. You’re either a real life biker or you’re not. So be true to being a REAL biker not a punk bitch… and we all know who y’all are (wink).” I would like to thank Hardcore for giving the Diversity readers an insight into who he is and what he does. I asked him if he would you like our readers to know anything else about him. He responded, “Yes, I would. I do not always believe the

Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

hype, the drama and the heresy we all see and hear daily in SL. We are all human beings behind these computer screens and most of us have real lives, but come to SL to get away from the real life stress and drama. So remember this is just a game and should be played as such. Have fun, create, build, and make friends. If people mess with you or cause you drama, just click

that block button. Be an adult and call it a day folks!!� Those are wise words of advice. For myself, I so have enjoyed this interview with one of the most chill, laid-back man I have ever met. Hardcore does it all: business, charity and, of course, rides balls out every chance he gets. n

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

People & Community Kaiya Manbi

Turtle Coast Adult Beach

People & Community

Taking You to a Land Above and Beyond – The story of Kaiya Manbi – Interview and Photos by Ava Jhamin Somewhere far far away in a land called Second Life Turtle Coast, The Wild Coast Naturist Resort was born. Let’s start from the beginning. It came to be that I was told of this woman on SL. Her name is Kaiya Manbi and this, readers of Diversity Magazine, is her story. So, sit down, grab something to drink and get all comfy. It all started when Kaiya got a call from her brother, a very wild and eccentric chap, the Innovator of her family and the one who was always the first to discover everything. He said to her, “You won’t believe this sis, I am sitting in a jacuzzi in the air, in a forest, talking to people from Brazil, California and Germany. This place called Second Life…you HAVE TO GO SEE!” So she did. That was 2006 and she has never left! He, however, only lasted three months.

The story goes on as Kaiya explored the world of Second Life and explains, “At first it was all Barbie doll—all I did was dress up in the sexiest outfits imaginable (in retrospect they weren’t very sexy at all). I think I looked more like an alleyway hooker. For the first three months, upon discovering cybersex, I had sex with just about EVERYONE…no holds barred! Then, phase two was relationships, which phases out. Then I went on to rent a tiny plot of land and fell in love with a Dutch guy, who broke my heart.” Kaiya then uninstalled SL for two days. When she came back she got into building on her tiny plot and explains, “Space was never enough, but whatever I built there were always arbitrary people there. I kind of built stuff just to watch how people interacted with it all. I soon Continued next page...


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Kaiya Manbi - Owner of Turtle Coast Adult Beach, KAI - Home Design and Kaiya Islands Land Rentals.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017



Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

realized that my little oasis was attracting quite a crowd, and I thought it was time to buy an Island, so I did, The Bay. It had a little public beach and was a HUGE hit. It was always busy and had a few plots to rent around it.” So, the plot thickens as Kaiya is now the proud owner of The Bay. It was busy and doing great. She says, “The land rentals were all rented out, so it was time to get another island.” You guessed it folks, Kaiya bought more sims, made up the parcels and each rented quickly. It seemed like she landed on a winning combo. Life was groovy!

Kaiya Manbi with Manager, Janey Humphreys

Kaiya explains, “I then met a man from Gor and the whole sub dom thing fascinated me, so I became his sub. Half my time was working as a landlord and venue owner, the other half I was his slave. I found the whole thing very sexy. However, being the bossy boots that I am, I think I was the worst slave he ever had. It lasted a few months, BUT I realized that being naked was something that I found extremely erotic, and I thought that if I felt this way, then I bet thousands of others did too! So, I took one of my little plots at the Wild Coast and turned it into a tiny nudist beach. I knew there were other nude beaches in SL, but nothing with the theme of sensuality rather than sexuality, in a gorgeous jungle setting with secret spots to visit and most importantly NO clothing allowed. It was a new concept and it worked immediately!! People Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


Relax and take in Turtle Coast’s breathtaking scenery that boasts plenty of wild life, lush greenery, tree houses, beaches and views that extend far beyond the mountain tops.

loved it. It grew and eventually took over the whole sim, and there was born The Wild Coast Naturist Resort.” The Wild Coast was a business that was easy for Kaiya…it just flowed. She states, “I loved everything I did. Then came staff, tenants and guests. I would say those three things were the very best of my business and the very worst. At the highest point of The Wild Coast, I had around 20 staff, 23 sims with about 60 tenants and around 20 thousand members in the Wild Coast Group. Then like most businesses we had staff drama amongst each other and amongst some members. It was hellish! It was up to me to find a way to keep the staff happy and at the same time, keep the venue in good nick—it was a tricky slippery fish.” Kaiya’s story goes on with the satisfaction of running a Second Life business. She says, “When the place is full and people are having a blast, nothing beats that!” She smiles and adds, “Also, I was lucky enough to find the most fantastic crew over the years—all amazing staff. They gave so much and asked for so little. They are the glue that holds everything together. I could not have done what I have without each one of them. I would need


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

another two paragraphs to name each one of my managers over the years and how incredible they were in their time. Today I still have a good few of them and some new wonderful ones. Janey and Sweaty, my two main managers for the last eight years, are still with me and still my rocks! I would not be here without them!” The things that Kaiya loves most about SL is the building, creating and planning spaces. She says, “I love watching people enjoy my venues and land rentals. I hate the nasties in SL, though. There are so many angry, bitter and quite twisted people that for some reason manage to cross my path now and then and make my heart pound, my hands shake and the blood to leave my face. Those interactions are just unpleasant. I think there will always be people like this. I have gotten much better at handling them, but now and then one manages to knock me off balance.” This is the story of many in Second Life… typical but in so many ways not.

In real life Kaiya is a full on, hardcore animal activist. She works part-time for two companies, both animal activist’s groups. She does all of their Web design, corporate identity, social media, videos, etc. She says, “My real life is very much dedicated to awakening the world at the tremendous suffering we inflict on animals in so much of our blindfolded everyday lives, and finding ways for our world to treat

animals better. If I had one wish it would be that tomorrow morning every single person on the planet wakes up with the same compassion for animals that I have. I think if that happened, I would be out of a job, but in a good way (smile).” Kaiya goes on to say, “In SL I will keep going until people stop coming. When that day happens, I will let my sims and my venues Continued next page...

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017



Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

grow old gracefully. I will let her go grey, no more Botox, no more face lifts, no more hair dye. I will let her naturally take her leave and slowly minimize and leave quietly (smile).” Never have I come across a business person on Second Life with such a warm and funny sense of humor like Kaiya. I think if all of us looked at life the way that she does, not only would the animals of the planet be saved (animals are also one of my greatest joys), but through laughter the world as we know it would be a better place. Thank you, Kaiya, for your words of wisdom, your sense of humor and above all Turtle Coast and all that it entails. n

Links & Landmarks: Turtle Coast Adult Beach KAI - Home Design Kaiya Islands Land Rentals

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

Arts & Entertainment Thickerdenasnicka Club Host

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A Host By Any Other Name

Introducing Thickerdenasnicka By Molly Stakz (aka Twylabear), Photos by Ava Jhamin I had the honor of interviewing one of the best hosts in Second Life – the Amazing Thick Stakz (Thickerdenasnicka). Not only is she a host, but a family woman, a mother, grandmother and so forth. This is a lady with a huge heart and much love to give to her family and friends.

where you walk with dots, to Second Life where you can walk in more of a natural way…how difficult this must have been. With anything new, it was a process transitioning to Second Life, but fortunately Thick was not alone as she came to SL with some of her IMVU sisters and family.

Thick came to Second Life in July of 2000. When I asked her what brought her here, she stated, ”I heard about it from a friend and decided to try it out.” Second Life was a lot different to what she was used to, as there was a lot of different virtual games she had been in prior, ranging from AOL, Paltalk, Yahoo, IMVU and now Second Life.

She became a host two years ago with the love of partying and going to many different clubs and sets. She was asked by many where the parties were at. When I asked her what inspired her to become a host she stated, “The money (just joking). It was actually that I loved to party and have a good time. What better way to do that than to host.” So she became a host on SL and added many people to her friends’ list.

I asked her what she did when she started SL? She responded, “Once I learned how to dress and walk, I partied.” I can only imagine the difference coming from IMVU

Thick was named best host in SL. I asked Queen of da South (Niecey35) why she thought Continued next page...


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Thickerdenasnicka - Club Host. Winner of the Best Host Award from Soul Train in 2016. Honored in the 2017 Dope Honoree Awards.

Thick is the best host? She stated, “Thick is the best host because she is humble and she honestly loves what she does.” This being confirmed by her hard work and dedication, Thick received the best host award from Soul Train in 2016 and what also honored in the 2017 Dope Honoree Awards. Congratulation Thickerdenasnicka! When asked what she thought makes her different as a host to others in SL, she humbly replied, “Hmm…my personality.” TastyTemptation Resident (who is also a host) was also asked what she believes makes Thick different as a host compared to others on SL.


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

She responded, “Thick is unique and in her own way she is totally herself. She’s more down to earth and just likes to have fun and makes the sets fun. Plus she doesn’t flood local with spam…she is more personal with her hosting.” Thick states that she has seen many clubs come and go, but one thing is for sure she loves her job as a host. When asked why, she stated, “I love meeting new people and working with different DJs on the grid.” Hosting is not the only thing in Thick’s life on SL. She also has a very large family. She takes care of her youngest son and has custody

of two of her grandchildren. She is extremely close to all of her family. Many times quite a few of her family will be dancing with her at the sets she hosts. She states that in her spare time she spends time with her family and likes to shop. One thing I can say personally is you will never find Thick in the same outfit twice. When I asked her about this, she said, “If I remember the outfit I won’t wear it.” This woman is the monarch in the family. She is loved by everyone! In speaking to some of her older grandchildren, they all say how grateful they are to her, as she helped raise them and therefore in many ways she was just like a mom (Grammy Thick). How beautiful to see the fond memories they have for Thick. As Thick’s granddaughter I can honestly say this woman is not

only a very humble and honest person, but she is extremely supportive. If there is something we really want to do, she is right there to back us up and be our No. 1 fan. There have even been times where she will change the time of her set because one of us kids had something on and she wanted to be there to support us. She holds her family high and is very protective. The kids are fortunate that her sets are suitable for us to dance right alongside her. When she’s done we get to play games with her or go to amusement parks, or we go to events like Tres Chic and just go shopping. Granma will shop for hair, as that’s one thing she loves to do. We also look for things for us too. She is the most down to earth “real” loving person and I’m honored to have met her almost a year ago at one of her sets. n thing is for sure Thick loves her job as a host...meeting new people and working with different DJs on the grid.

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

Fashion Faces of Diversity Makeup Editorial Photos by Trinity Aironaut


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Daring Trinity Aironaut Lelutka Bento Mesh Head Zibska Sia Eyeshadow Zibska Cierra Lipstick

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017



Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Exotic Bai Nightfire System Head Epoque Essential Liner Thin I [nn] Dark Romance Madrid Solo Eyes & Lips Shena Eyes Only-Dark Night Madrid Solo Lip Designs Bubble Gloss - The Nudes Vamp Nude Gaelin Mesh Lashes Mysteria

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017



Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Wild VanessaDelRio Underwood Yummo Bento Head Catwa Zibska Didane Eyeshadow Zibska Blacktop Lips

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


Mystical Ava Jhamin System Head Makeover Mock Makeup Blue Skies Red Rivers Makeover Mock Electric Makeup Blue Cotton Candy Ocene Paper Cute Mesh Lashes Mons Eyeshadow Kitten Yellow Cyberstar Black series Lashes & Liner Jumo Vega Lips Deep Red

Whimsical Vichonette Constantine System Head Eyeshadow/face tats: La Boheme “Sheba” Set 9a (Blue) Deluxe Body Factory “Emma Carnival Eye Makeup”   Madrid Solo “Weird Carnivale” from the Body Art Hunt Zibska “Ricana” Shade 03 Lipstick Chop Zuey “Mblieu Mblieu Mblieu” Brows & Other Jewelry Darling Mesh Lashes

Soft Resmay Bloodstorm-Coba Mesh Head LAQ Camille 02 Eyeshadow - Soft Black LAQ Camielle 05 Deep Red Lipstick Vextra Beauty Spot Oceane Bombshell Mesh Lashes REDGRAVE Lashes 16 - Elemental

Fiece Rienna Reiko Thorne Bento Mesh Head HV Apostate Metal Face Piercings Zibska Herrick Eye Makeup (Blue) MUA Deep Lipstick Flashtrack Mandala Stretched Ears Mandala Takayama Face Piercings EB Neck Corset PIa Navy

M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R


Issue 9, December 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

Fashion L’Amour 34th PAZZO Style Challenge


34th PAZZO Style Challenge The theme for Pazzo 34 was Christmas in the Tropics and we had some lovely stylings this time. The winner for January was Molly Stakz (Twylabear). Twylabear did a super cute beach styling with shorts and top that she custom made with an Australian flair. She even brought her stuffed koala bear! There were so many unique and special stylings for January’s competition. Let’s see what people bring to Pazzo 35 in February!

(l-r) COO Pazzo Style Challenge Bai Nightfire, Ava Jhamin CEO Pazzo Style Challenge, Runner Up Rienna Rieko Thorne, Winner Molly Stakz (Twylabear). Photos by Ava Jhamin.


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

Molly Stakz (Twylabear) 34th Pazzo Style Challenge Winner

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R


Issue 9, December 2016 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

M M I 2 0 1 7 O F F I C I A L P L AT I N U M S P O N S O R

SAORI KIDO REY (SAORI440) - WINNER Time Traveler Styling Challenge, Model’s Workshop, January 2017 Saori visited Model’s Workshop from the future where she was inspired by the uniform worn by pilots of the Macross Frontier squad in the year 2059. She wore a sexy white leather suit made up of pants, harness, skirt, arms and shawl. Saori complemented the suit with mechanical wings, neon boots and a headset. Her keen eye for detail puts this fashion warrior ahead of the flock. Congratulations Saori! (Photos by Lira Savira) Next Challenge: February 15, 2017 at 5 PM SLT. Click for more info

Toddle Molly Stakz (aka Twylabear) brings stories from her vantage point and all that is ToddleeDoo, the first realistic fully adjustable mesh avatar for children, babies and toddlers in SL, created by Bit McMillan.

ToddleeDoo Talks to

Los Stakz

Owner of Baby Stakz and Club Stakz, and Designer at ToddleeDoo. (Photos by Molly Stakz)

Links & Landmarks: Club Stakz ToddleeDoo Main Store

Welcome to the very first edition of ToddleeDoo Talk. I’m Molly Stakz, and this month I will be introducing you to a very talented young ToddleeDoo, who not only owns his own store but designs his own clothing, makes his own gestures, and owns his very own club. That’s right…his very own club. Introducing Los Stakz (LosCortes). Cortes came to Second Life from IMVU back in February 2014. He transitioned over with his Mother at the time. Cortes, being a humble boy, wanted to learn everything he could so he can earn his own money to purchase things and not rely on family. He set out on his journey and by March 3, 2016, made his very first outfit. Cortes says he started making shorts, but soon went on to making many more outfits, and is now coming up to his very first anniversary of his store Baby Stakz, which originally opened March 18, 2016. WOW! What an amazing milestone to reach! Not only did Cortes start making clothes, but he also makes all of his own gestures and does custom ones as well.


Issue 10, February 2017 | L’Amour Diversity Magazine

eeDoo Talk r a e b a l y w T h wit

When asked how he started designing, he stated that he learned all on his own through watching tutorials and such. He said, “I didn’t have help from anyone when I first began. It’s a task just to learn and on your own, as there are many facets to designing and designing an outfit well.” But Cortes stood up to the challenge and now he is doing well with making not only the ToddleeDoo boys’ clothing but also the girls’ clothing. Although many would think that would keep him busy, Cortes still has time for his family and his Frat brothers of Omega Mu lota. Cortes went on to open his very own club, Club Stakz. When I asked him about the club, Cortes didn’t want to take any credit for the idea but referred it to his grandmother, Thickerdenasnicka. He stated, “she is a very hard working host within SL, hosting many parties and sets.” He went on to say, “I am not allowed to attend some of Thickerdenasnicka’s sets, and I wanted to make a place that we all could party together.” (That is what love is all about...the

bond between a grandparent and the grandchild is always unbreakable.) Cortes went on to say that the other reason he wanted to make a club was that then the club could accommodate child DJs and hosts who want to throw their parties there. Thank you, Cortes, for having this conversation with me. For all the readers of Diversity, I hope you got to know a little about a designer and club owner who happens to be a ToddleeDoo. Look out for more exciting and fun articles on just the ToddleeDoo world. I am Molly Stakz, aka Twylabear, and I look forward to writing more about the little ones, ToddleeDoos, which I am one (giggles). n

L’Amour Diversity Magazine | Issue 10, February 2017


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C R E AT I V E A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S GRAPHICS Magazine Layout by Jena Adder PHOTOGRAPHY Photos by Jena Adder (Cover, Pg 22-39) Photo by Dani Plassitz (Pg 62) Photos by Sita Writer (Pg 66-67) Photos by Ava Jhamin (Pgs 6, 10-13, 18-21, 48-58 , 64, 69, 74-81, 86-97, 104-107, 134) Photos by Trinity Aironaut (Pg 114-127) Photos by Lira Savira (Pg 140) Photos by Molly Stakz (Pg 142) OTHER IMAGES Designed by Freepik – Heart shaped hot air balloons for Valentine (Pg 59) – Disco party poster with silhouettes (Pg 102) – Watercolor woman (Pg 112) – Girl with balloons cartoon (Pg 142)

L’Amour Diversity Magazine

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L'Amour Diversity Magazine Iss 10 Feb 2017  

The February 2017 issue of L’Amour Diversity Magazine is out and we’re spreading the Love. Check it out! • MMI is Off and Running and Ava Jh...

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