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Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition

From The Publisher I’m excited to share this charity edition of Automotive Street Style with you. In this edition you will be informed of the role that you can play in assisting a student along the road to the workplace. As an auto enthusiast, I love the way car owners customize, wax and show off their unique rides. But, I am troubled by the lack of TLC that our kids receive in polishing up and presenting their skills to a rapidly shrinking workplace. So this upcoming school year, I have assembled an awesome pit crew to inspire 50,000 students to gather up the tools needed to navigate the highways and back roads of life. The Project 50/50 is my personal goal to do something more than just sit back waiting for Superman to save us.

THE PIT CREW: Larry Mosley Director of NV Dept. of Employment Training and Rehabilitation Johnnie Williams III TWG III, LLC (The Williams Group) Byron Goynes Workforce Connections, Project 5,000 Kids Gerry Schroeder City of Henderson Councilwoman Pastor Benny Perez Church of South Las Vegas Jim Manning Interstate Plumbing & Air Conditioning Terry Janison Clark County School Board Odalys Carmona State Manager of Youth Initiatives John Fogal Las Vegas Rescue Mission Spencer Haywood Retired NBA Basketball Player Ricki Barlow City of North Las Vegas Councilman Sherri Goldstrom Co-owner of Art and Shirley’s Auto Collection and Museum

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Brian Siegel Director of Henderson International Schools

Rally Events Schedule


About Jerome Williams


Driving Change


JYD Project Charity Events scheduled for 2011

His Career and Passion

Four Charities Touching Lives

Sponsors Wanted!


JYD Project


JYD Project: Rally 4 Kids


Outlining the plans to our children’s futures

Our Vision, Mission and Action for the Future

Our Vision, Mission and Action for the Future


at Town Square Thursday, April 28th 6:30pm - 8:30pm Location: Pete’s Piano Bar This year the JYD Project will present 4 local charities with their “Driving Change Awards”.

Friday, April 29th 7:30pm - 9:30pm Town Square Lawn This year the JYD Project has added a community Press Conference and Movie on the Lawn, “Waiting for Superman”.

Saturday, April 30th 10:00am - 12:30pm Starts at Blue Martini Jerome Williams and his Pit Crew drive down the strip in 5 school buses with supporters and followers.


Automotive Street Style Automotive | January Street 2011Style | JYD | January Project: Charity 2011 | JYD Edition Project: Charity Edition

Saturday, April 30th 6:30pm - 8:30pm Blue Martini The Rally Cocktail party allows drivers and celebrities to mix and mingle while they organize their team strategy.

Sunday, May 1st 9:30am - 3:30pm Front parking lot of Town Square Las Vegas blvd. & Sunset This unique car show will serve a dual purpose that will promote education as much as the “best of show” cars.

Sunday, May 1st 11:30am - 1:30pm Car Show - Pit Row This years corporate/family teams will set out on an auto-scavenger hunt, in search of the “key to success” which will unlock the 2011 JYD Rally Cup.. |




Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition


erome “JYD” Williams is considered one of the greatest role players to ever pass through the NBA. Whether on the court, in the community or in the classroom, he provides 100% effort and now inspires students and staff around the world to do the same. Despite never becoming a star player, Jerome cultivated a starring role as NBA Cares Ambassador, NBA TV correspondent, NBA Fit spokesperson and NBA Goodwill Ambassador to South Africa, Israel, Beijing and Bahrain. His community efforts gained him national media exposure, community service awards and two special invitation to dine at he White House during the George W. Bush administration. For Jerome’s efforts to prepare for high school seniors with life skills for independent living; Fannie Mae Foundation awarded him with their National “Home Team” Award. His corporate appeal scored invitations to ring in the opening bell at both the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges. No retired from grabbing rebounds and exciting NBA fans, Jerome remains busier than ever running both an automotive magazine publication and much needed children’s charity. His passion for both cars and motivating people has spawned the theme, “preparing kids along the road to the workplace”. |



Project 5000 Kids is designed to help you graduate from high school while at the same time helping you make connections to meaningful work experiences. They work to match youth to educational and work opportunities that will help them now and in the future.

Providing a safe place for women and children to reside in times of need that offers programs to assist spiritual growth.

Providing after school programs for both boys and girls that provides tutoring and sports activities at CCSD elementary and middle schools.

Providing a safe space for kids to play and belong that offers a variety of programs and activities that build young lives.


Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition |



PIT CREW SHIRTS Logo Placement 5,000 Pit Crew Shirts


RALLY FLAGS Logo Placement 5,000 Flags on Cars

EVENT BANNERS Logo Placement 5 Main Events

BEVERAGE SPONSORS Product Sampling 5,000+ Attendees

WEBSITE BANNER Logo Placement 2 JYD Websites


Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition

ENTERTAINMENT Lead Sponsors 2 Events

FLYER SPONSORS Logo Placement 25,000 E-Flyers

MEDIA SPONSORS Exclusive Involvement 5 Media Events

STAGE BANNERS Logo Placement College and Cars |



The 2011 Rally 4 Kids will support the Williams Group in its effort to confront the drop out issue at 5 CCSD high schools, 15 middle schools and 30 elementary schools. Nevada currently ranks 50th in both education and students dropping out of school. The Project 50/50 is an effort to rally 50,000 citizens around 50,000 students in need of motivation, college prep assistance and teacher motivation. A Student Success Initiative has been constructed to inspire elementary and middle school students, support teachers, prepare high school students for college entrance and re-engage more parents. Two years of research has shaped the five support programs that will be offered at schools spanning each corner of the Las Vegas valley:

• Boulder City • Henderson • Las Vegas • North Las Vegas • Summerlin

The JYD Project is attempting to raise more than $2.5 Million Dollars to fund this ground-breaking, five year effort to save Nevada billions in support services that student dropouts will cost the state.


Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition |




Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition

Take the 5 for 5 pledge and challenge 5 others to do the same. We ask that you step up and accept your challenge to activate Project 50/50. Your contribution will make all the difference in our efforts to “build communities and change lives�.

Thank you in advance,

Pledge Requests: The Church Challenge

$50 x 5

The Casino Challenge

$5,000 x 5

The CCSD Challenge

50,000 students

The Company Challenge The Citizen Challenge

The Celebrity Challenge |

$500 x 5 $5 x 5 5 appearances




The JYD Project will pursue its mission to unify people of all nationalities in a collective effort to support and provide opportunities for those in need.


The JYD Project has a vision to leverage celebrity influence to motivate youth to excel academically, physically and personally.


The JYD Project raises and issues funds to initiate programs that service both youth and adults. Each year the project will host five events that maximize the involvement of celebrities and community leaders coming together. From feeding homeless families during Thanksgiving, toy drives during Christmas and Rally 4 Kids, Team JYD remains busy inspiring youth and adults all over the world. The JYD Project is a non-profit organization(501c3) guided by a Board of Directors comprised of leaders in education, business and community development. These dedicated individuals give generously of their time and resources in support of the JYD Project’s critical mission.


Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition Automotive Street Style | December 2010 | Newsworthy: SEMA 2010


Jerome’s Youth Development Project


Promote Parental Involvement Raise expectations regarding student achievement Organize youth development programs and partnerships Join other initiatives focused upon supporting families in need Engage more student volunteers Challenge the business community to offer more internships Touch as many lives as possible |




unity in the community

By Paul Bosman

On Saturday, April 17, 2010, Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams teamed up with Zion United Methodist Church to sponsor a neighborhood cleanup event in North Las Vegas. Zion United Methodist Church is located at 2108 N. Revere Street, near Lake Mead Blvd. This event was aimed at promoting a sense of goodwill and cooperation in this transitional urban setting. Jerome Williams and


the JYD Project have done outstanding work in the Las Vegas Valley with community programs directed toward youth from all walks of life. But from personal experience with Jerome, I know that his dedication to the community stems from his personal commitment to his faith in Jesus Christ. It is the foundation upon which he has built his personal success and accomplishments within each community where he has lived.

The Bible says in Titus 2:6-7: “...encourage the young men to be self-controlled. In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned…” Jerome Williams has lived his life according to these values and continues to do so with every opportunity to reach out.

Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition

Zion United Methodist Church is a beacon of the Christian faith in North Las Vegas. Teaming up with a faithful servant like Jerome, Zion is striving to make a positive impact in the local community. The cleanup event in April is part Zion’s continued effort to bring the community together. |


JYD PROJECT: Student Success Initiative



he 2011 school year will kick off with a rather tall student embarking upon 50 Clark County campuses to challenge students to step up and take the 50/50 Challenge. Targeting 50,000 caring adults willing to sacrifice five dollars from five paychecks to fund a 50-school/50,000student motivation tour; the 50/50 Challenge is hosted by the Williams brothers—Jerome and Johnnie—founders of the JYD Project. Even while political figures, school board members and parents

work to implement much-needed solutions, more than 122 students drop out of Nevada schools each day. Of those that remain, a solid 50 percent qualify for

and motivation, the Williams brothers have spoken to more than 1.3 million students collectively. The Williams brothers refuse to just sit back and lament the fact that Las Vegas is tabbed “the nation’s dumbest city”. To participate, simply donate $25 (or $5/per paycheck from five checks), as well as challenge five friends and five co-workers to do the same. The goal is to raise Nevada’s number 50 ranking among American states in both education and student graduation. For more information, visit

Team JYD Launches Campaign to Motivate 50,000 Students.


free lunch. The local gaming industry, small businesses, religious institutions, and caring citizens will all be challenged to support this success campaign to get our children back on the road to re-tooling our workforce. No strangers to youth engagement

Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition |


n OUR Community


Henderson International Reading Week

he JYD project’s Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams has been involved in the NBA’s Read to Achieve program since 1997, when he played for the Detroit Pistons. Mr. Williams has always encouraged youth to develop a passion to read. After playing nine years in the NBA with Detroit, Chicago, Toronto & New York, JYD continues to keep his reading campaign alive. This month he visited Henderson International School’s 2nd Grade to show how the DoggPound loves to READ! “ The


books you read, give you the knowledge you need, so join the reading team, and get in the league, if you believe than you can achieve, sometimes you need to pick up a book and read” said JYD. “We wish to thank you for your wonderful gift of

time, that it took to read, gift of joy, because you brought us happiness!!! And, last, but never least, you made reading an event to remember, a moment to cherish, and gave us a tune to live by!” - Ms. Whited’s Class

“Dear Mr. Williams, Thank you for reading to us and singing the rap song I loved it” - Elizabeth (2nd Grader)

Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition |



JYD Project Partners with Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada

The Sam & Mary Boyd Club gets a new name and a makeover!! by: Stan Mitchell

On January 14, 2010, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada hosted a rededication and ribbon cutting ceremony for its newly renovated and renamed Mary and Sam Boyd Boys & Girls Club in Henderson. The Boyd Family was honored for their support of Boys & Girls Clubs movement for over 50 years. Also in attendance was the Rubeli Family for the unveiling of the new Rubeli Family Teen Center. Local politicians from the City of Henderson, top business leaders, Boys & Girls Club board members, and key supporters were also present at the ceremony. “The renovation of this facility will allow us to provide more programs for the kids, while increasing the club’s visibility and membership”. Mike Meyer, CEO


of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada went on to say, “The JYD Project’s design concepts and contributions, even in the small details, brought in something special that we didn’t see. The finishing of the building was done very

well and I don’t think we could have a better job. Jerome Williams and The JYD Project

team brought it all together”. The Mary and Sam Boyd Boyd Club building renovation includes a new teen center complete with a lounge area and computer workstations, a learning/study center, a gameroom with a kitchen and eating area, and an outdoor sports area adjacent to the Wells Park Recreation Area. Program staff and kids alike are excited about the newly renovated Mary and Sam Boyd Boys and Girls Club. The JYD Project team would like to say “thank you” and

Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition

give special appreciation to the following JYD Project supporters for their assistance with the Mary and Sam Boyd Boys and Girls Club renovation, as well as their ongoing contributions to the JYD Project . Contributors Include: Grand Canyon Construction and The Kennedy Family Helix Electric OSM Landscaping and Walter Jones, General Contractor Pat Clark, Painter Abi the Painter |



Findlay Prep’s Global Citizenship Class Written By Todd Simon, Associate Head Coach, Findlay Pilot Basketball


he 2010-2011 school year is in full swing, which means another season of Findlay basketball is around the corner. Coming off their second consecutive ESPN Rise National High School Invitational Championship, the potential for the 2011 Findlay Pilots is strong for another run at the national crown. In three seasons under Coach Michael Peck, the program has a 97-3 record. Equaling Findlay’s success on the court, the program produces a 100% graduation rate, NCAA qualified 100% of the student athletes, and every single Findlay graduate has gone on to play NCAA Division 1 on scholarship. This year, Jerome Williams is contributing to the educational experience as Findlay’s


director of player development. In addition to helping daily practices, JYD has taken on a weekly role as part of the Global Citizenship class, sharing his experiences and knowledge. This is wholly in keeping with the JYD Project’s educational program, which focuses on preparation for an ethical civic life. One of the core tenets of the JYD Project is imparting responsibility for themselves and the world around them to young adults. The JYD Project’s life skills series equips students with the skills necessary to navigate their educational experiences, make a positive community impression with good life choices, and live purposeful lives. JYD covers a wide range of topics including choices and

consequences, first impressions, education and networking, financial responsibility, leadership, and life after the game. Great things are happening as the Findlay program and the JYD Project continues to invest in our next generation. To follow the program, go to www.

Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition |



Written by Todd Warnick


hile touring Israel, the former NBA players took a break from their busy schedule to conduct a “Basketball Boot Camp” clinic for 200 basketball players in Jerusalem from ages 9-15. Jerome “Junkyard Dog “ Williams, Allan Houston, Anthony “A.B.” Bonner, David Wood, Paul Grant, and Choo Smith, a former Harlem Globetrotter conducted the clinic. The pros put the young players through a series of defensive drills and demonstrated offensive fundamentals. “JYD” energized the players from the start with group cheers and lots of pushups. Former New York Knick, Allan”H20” Houston, demonstrated the shooting fundamentals that made him one of the league’s all-time great scorers.


The young players then split into groups to hone their newly learned skills, including the pick and roll. “A.B” didn’t let the kids rest for a minute, enthusiastically emphasizing defensive strategy and good foot movement. Junkyard Dog made sure energy levels stayed high during the clinic, as he did throughout his entire NBA career. Houston said, “JYD’s Boot Camp style was very exciting to be part of. The kids loved it”. After “Boot Camp”, the players and kids connected for some one on one time that included autographs, handshakes and plenty of smiles all around. The players were in Israel for several days, touring and studying history from ancient to modern times. They visited Jewish,

Christian, and Muslim sites under the auspices of SportsPower International, an organization founded by former Boston Celtic chaplain Bill Alexson.. SportsPower International is dedicated to using basketball worldwide to bring young people together to build character and instill positive values into their lives. Chris Wallace, general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies—a frequent visitor to Israel—is also an integral part of the group. While in Israel, the group played basketball with an inspired group of young immigrants from Ethiopia, conducted a clinic for 600 young people in Tel Aviv, and played an exhibition game against an Israeli professional team, B’nei Hasharon.

Automotive Street Style | JanuaryStreet 2011 Style | JYD |Project: Automotive JanuaryCharity 2011 |Edition JYD Project: Charity Edition |



MISSION STATEMENT: The Rally for Kids will drive at its mission to keep our kids on the right road to the workplace.

VISION STATEMENT: The Rally vision is to craft a role for everyone to play in reshaping the values lost in our homes, schools and community. Rally events will each serve a specific purpose and target an exact audience in attempt to engage change and awareness.

ACTION STATEMENT: The Rally for Kids will raise and issue funds to activate the Student Success Initiative that will service 50,000 students, parents and teachers for a five year period.


Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition


Close the achievement gaps of students residing in low income households Acknowledge local charities “Driving Change” in the lives of children Remind the masses to take time to care about others


Realize that change starts with you Accept the challenge to touch five lives Learn the facts about what’s wrong Lend your resources to help out Your input will make the difference |




ally Drivers, celebrities & JYD Project supporters were revved up and raring to go for the JYD Project’s Second Annual Finish Line Dinner and Auction. This year’s theme, “Fast & Furious” promised to be a lot of fun. The Palazzo Hotel played host for the celebrities, politicians, community leaders and supporters for an evening of fun and excitement. Fox 5’s Olivia Boyle hosted the evening that started with a silent auction where guests were treated to cocktails sponsored by Johnny LOVE Vodka. Marc Savard, Planet Hollywood’s comedian hypnotist, was on hand to entertain, as well as R&B vocalist Patrick Wilson. Attendees were also treated to a fashion show sponsored


To benefit local children’s charities Scouts of Nevada, The Shade by Syrup Swimwear where Tree, and The Boys & Girls models blazed the runway!! Clubs of Southern Nevada. The donations from JYD Project sponsors, Dal the event will help Toro’s Italian Restaurant, benefit the JYD Fox 5 and GM Chevrolet project as it prepares helped make this event a for another year of huge success. JYD Project community service president Jerome Williams with health & fitness and staff, were thrilled to camps for kids, have 20 drivers participate neighborhood clean in this years Rally including ups and educational/ seven local businesses for leadership work shops the corporate challenge. to encourage youth “It is always important to to excel in all that have community support they do. For more whenever non-profits try to information about fundraise, having only been how you can support in the Las Vegas for three the JYD Project please years, I’m even surprised visit www.jydproject. at all the support that my charity has received from the com, All donations can be made online or community”, Williams said. mailed to 2831 St. Rose Pkwy, The JYD Project supports Suite 203 Henderson, After-School All-Stars, Boy NV. 89052

Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition |


Automotive Street Style | January 2011 | JYD Project: Charity Edition

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