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From The Publisher Thank you for taking the time to enjoy the 2011 Ford Mustang Boss 302 edition of Automotive Street Style magazine. We’re excited about all the new content offered on our media platform. In this issue, we take a trip to the east coast to visit our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. In our community section, the JYD Project goes abroad to spread happiness and joy to our friends in the state of Israel. Also, you’re definitely going to want to check out how GM Performance blows the roof off with their monster 572 crate engine. Oh, and President Obama takes a ride in the new Chevy Volt too. At Automotive Street Style, we strive to inform, inspire, educate and entertain our readers with articles about automobiles, style, culture, and community. We enjoyed producing this issue and hope you enjoy spending time with us. BTW, you’ll also want to check out our Website, and return often to see what’s new. Here at AS2, we’re fully interactive—write us with your comments; we love to hear from you. And always remember, life is as beautiful as you allow it to be! Take a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Cheers!!


Magazine credits: Jerome “JYD” Williams Chief Executive Officer / Publisher Stan Mitchell Brand Manager/Co-Publisher Joshua Williams Executive Marketing Director Seaquett Williams Creative & Communications Director / Managing Editor Sara Sylvis Senior Designer Nikkollette Williams Layout Coordinator Lyndon Conrad Bell Road Test Editor Shirley Hampton Staff Supervisor Mario Rivas Videographer / Photographer 702-589-4657 Johnnie E. Williams III Community Initiative Director Automotive Street Style, LLC. 2831 St. Rose Pkwy, Suite 203 Henderson, NV 89044 (702) 589-4657 Automotive Street Style magazine is published by Automotive Street Style, LLC. No content (articles, graphics, design, or any other information) may be reproduced without written consent from Automotive Street Style magazine. The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher, who along with his representatives, accepts no liability for the products and/or services of his advertisers. ©2010 Automotive Street Style, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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The hottest automotive & electronic products. Stop and stare edition.

Magic Show: Las Vegas Gets Back To Business.



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JYD Project Visits Israel

Pam Anderson: Jaguar

A Drive Through Detroit

Travel Tips for Washington D.C.

JYD Project visits Isreal

Francisco Cordero: Phantom

GM Performance 572 Monster

This Month’s Car Shows

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What’s New: Stop & Stare « Plasma Glow Lighting
 PlasmaGlow 1.877.878.4569
| Specifically designed to bring the popular new style of LED running lights found on high-end Audi vehicles to any car, these unique LED strips shine at an angle of 90 degrees off the surface. They can be mounted in thin places and the light will show out of the side. When mounted under your headlights, the flexible strip is invisible while it is turned off—but features extremely bright LEDs when your vehicle is on. $49.99 pair

» Isimple Wireless FM Transmitter for Ipod iSimple A plug and play device, the transmitter installs in seconds and is compatible with any FM radio. Offering wireless control of iPod or iPhone via remote along with other advanced features on radios featuring RDS, its PurSound technology delivers superior sound performance—while the MiniUSB car charger keeps your iPod or iPhone ready to go.

» Nine-inch Digital Wide Screen Video Monitor with 720X480 resolution panel Tivax
| The monitor has a user-friendly interface and features superior picture quality. It works with either an antenna or most cable systems. Lightweight and compact, its features include; parental control, auto/manual scan/EPG, and built in stereo speakers. $76.99 pair


Automotive Street Style | October 2010 | Automotive Marketplace

» Cool Cap Cockpit Covers Cool Cap 1. 888.905.4669
| Tired of your vehicle baking out in the hot sun? Dashboard surface temperatureson a sunny day can be over 200 degrees! The easy to use Cool Cap heat blocking cockpit covers are guaranteed to keep your vehicle at least 90 degrees cooler. Made of durable and waterproof Reflectionite fabric, the covers use Velcro straps for the side view mirrors. The rubber coated, bendable Soft Hook System will keep your Cool Cap securely fastened to your vehicle. A plastic coated cable lock that retracts through a grommet at your side view mirror is also offered. $49.99 each

« GPS Tracking Key Land Air Sea 1.847.462.8100
| The GPS Tracking Key let’s you avoid monthly service fees while tracking and storing travel information for later download and viewing. Incredible in its simplicity, the Tracking Key runs for about 20 to 25 hours on just two AAA batteries. There are no cumbersome wires, antennas, or power cables required for installation or operation. Potential applications include; keeping tabs on a newly-licensed teen driver, keeping an account of company vehicles and their drivers out in the field, documenting business miles driven, recording data for budgeting and tax purposes. $199.99

» Rydeen Rear View Mirror wITH built in GPS, Camera & Bluetooth Rydeen 1.877.777.8811
| Features include navigation, touch panel operation, a built in speaker, Bluetooth, FM modulator output, backup camera input, text to speech, 3D and 2D turn-by-turn views, favorites list, points of interest, a built-in GPS antenna, hands-free calling with caller ID, and two additional video inputs. Plus, the SD card slot can be used to update maps, or as a music/movie player or picture viewer.



hot shots

Street Style’s Inside Scoop!

2011 Mercedes-Benz AMG CLS With the normal Mercedes CLS now accidentally revealed, the only two CLS versions that are interesting are the Shooting Brake and AMG versions. And since there still has been no sighting of the Shooting Brake, we have to be satisfied with the latest AMG photos.

2011 Audi S1 What looks like an Audi A1 with the S-line package, is actually the first Audi S1 prototype. Only minor things give it away, like the larger exhaust system. Another detail is hard to show in photos— namely the sound of that 180 horsepower engine connected to a DSG gearbox. This will be the first S model from Audi that will not come with Quattro, as all S1s are front wheel drive. With this little toy, Audi is in line to join the pocket rocket league.

2012 Range Rover Evoque The five-door version of the upcoming Range Rover Evoque made its first appearance on the Nurburgring this month.

2010 BMW M6 The new BMW M6 has made another appearance at the Nurburgring. This time, it had the M front bumper mounted.


AutomotiveAutomotive Street Style Street | MayStyle 2010 | | May Henderson 20102010 | Our Days Sponsors Car Show October | Street ScoopCoverage


Las Vegas Gets Back To Business by Alison A. Nieder, Executive Editor August 20, 2010


he industry got back to business during the recent run of trade shows here, as buyers braved sweltering temperatures traveling between multiple events and multiple venues. At the center of it all was the MAGIC Marketplace, which tweaked its splitvenue format this season to add its Indie Pool Tradeshow to the lineup of men’s resources—and a few upscale contemporary women’s collections—at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. This season, Mandalay Bay hosted MAGIC’s contemporary and


premium-denim show, Project, as well as the trade show giant’s Menswear, S.L.A.T.E., Street, Premium and Workroom shows. Over at the Las Vegas Convention Center, WWDMAGIC featured women’s resources, alongside footwear brands showing at MAGIC’s FN Platform, now in its second season, and Sourcing at MAGIC. The event featured more than 700 exhibitors, including domestic and international apparel factories, textile mills, original-print providers, and other supply-chain resources.

“The minute we opened we were busy.” said Greg Fiene, president of Clothing for Modern Times, the Canadian fast-fashion maker with its U.S. design headquarters in Los Angeles. For the August shows, the company divided its booth to showcase its two core brands, Urban Behavior and Costa Blanca. Fiene said on opening day, buyers from Macy’s, Ross Stores and Bebe were among the visitors to the booth. “Everybody’s been here today,” he said.

Automotive Street Style | October 2010 | Street Styles



Contingent of Players Welcomed by President Shimon Peres By Haaretz Service


resident Shimon Peres welcomed a delegation of former and current NBA players to Israel recently. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee planned the trip to strengthen American-Israeli relations by introducing leading figures in American sports to Israel and its unique challenges. 
 The delegation included Jerome Williams, David Wood, Allan Houston and Dwight Howard Sr., as well as Memphis Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace. Accompanying the group was Sacramento Kings player and


Israeli national team member Omri Casspi. 

 In his opening remarks at the meeting with Mr. Peres, former NBA player Allan Houston stated the delegation’s support of Israel. Houston also declared he would stand by Israel as negotiations with Palestine were relaunched in Washington. 

 At the conclusion of the meeting, the players signed a basketball and gave it to the 87-year-old president, who in turn crisply passed the ball to one of his advisers like a seasoned player.

Automotive Street Style | October 2010 | Happenings




Style2010 | October 2010 Garage: | Marketplace AutomotiveAutomotive Street Style Street | October | Celebrity Pamela Anderson

by Jerome Williams Pamela Anderson is a CanadianAmerican actress, model, producer, author, activist, and former showgirl. Best known for her role on Baywatch, Anderson has also graced the television series’ Home Improvement, and V.I.P. Chosen as Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month in February 1990, here’s Anderson getting into her white Jaguar XK. Sitting on 20 inch chrome wheels, her car looks pretty good, but in our opinion this kitty could use a sexier set of shoes. The AS2 suggestion to the bounteous Ms. Anderson would be to add a white/ chrome combination to bring the Jaguar the red carpet eye catcher look this Hollywood Diva deserves.



Written by Lyndon Conrad Bell


ord’s Mustang owns the distinction of being the only continuously produced American muscle car. Originally introduced in 1964, there have been many high performance variations of the Mustang over its lifetime. One of the best known is the Boss 302. Named for its engine, the Boss 302 was created to give Mustang an edge over Camaro in the then red-hot Trans Am racing series. That car enjoyed 290 horsepower from 4.9 liters, ran 14.6 quarters, and went 0 to 60 in 6.9 seconds.


This coming spring, what’s old will be new again when Ford brings back the Boss 302. This time, the Boss Mustang will cradle a 440-horsepower 5.0-liter V8, ferociously funneling an estimated 380 ftlbs of torque through a six-speed manual transmission. For us to say exactly how ferociously will have to wait until the 302 is released to us for testing. However, the 2011 Mustang GT 5.0, which makes 412 horsepower and 390 ft-lbs runs to 60 in the mid four-second range. Keeping the 302 firmly grounded in its roadracing heritage, Mustang engineers went to great pains to improve the handling of the Boss to go along with its more

powerful engine. Higherrate coil springs; stiffer bushings, and a larger diameter rear stabilizer bar improve the agility factor. To give the car a more aggressive appearance, the body is lowered 11 millimeters in front but only one millimeter in the rear. This also just happens to recall the stance of the original car. To enable drivers to tailor the car to their preferred driving style, Boss 302 Mustangs get adjustable shocks and struts. One thing though, the shocks aren’t adjustable from the cabin. Instead, they employ a race-style underhood adjustment built into the shock tower.

Automotive Street Style | October 2010 | Cover Story: 2011 Ford Mustang Boss 302

To adjust the suspension, all you’ll need is a flat head screwdriver Additionally, the traction and stability control programs have a new intermediate sport mode to allow for more flexibility on the track. For ground contact, the 302 poses on a set of unique 19-inch blackalloy racing wheels, nine inches wide up front and 9.5 inches on the rear. Pirelli P-Zero tires get grip duty. According to Ford, the Boss 302 is capable of more than 1.0 g of lateral acceleration. In other words, this pony will cut!

exciting Mustang variants released to date. When we learn more, you’ll know more.

Pricing has yet to be set, but the Boss 302 promises to be one of the most




he Chevrolet Volt has won a presidential endorsement and the support of leading environmental activists. Now it needs to garner consumers’ embrace when it comes to market later this year. General Motors’ new extended-range Volt is just one of many advanced electric vehicles that will charge into showrooms over the next several


years. Proponents believe the nascent switch to electric propulsion will be a critical step in reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil and toward the goal of reducing global warming. But skeptics question the viability of vehicles like Volt, citing their high cost and limited range as factors that could minimize demand, especially at a time when gasoline prices

are relatively affordable. Analyst Joe Phillippi of AutoTrends Consulting said he was surprised by GM’s decision to price the Volt at $41,000, even higher than the $40,000 figure that had been floating among industrywatchers and at least 50 percent higher than a comparable well-equipped compact sedan using a conventional gasoline engine, like the new 2011

Automotive Street Style | October 2010 | Marketplace Newsworthy

Written by Paul A. Eisenstein

Chevrolet Cruze. Other observers were less kind. Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh used the news to launch a tirade against GM, which he often refers to as “Government Motors,” suggesting the Volt will be a major failure. Commentators in mainstream media outlets including the New York Times also questioned Volt’s viability.

There’s no question the price tag is high, especially when compared with the other major battery car launch scheduled for late this year. The Nissan Leaf will come in just under $33,000. Like Volt, it will also be eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit, which will bring the Nissan offering down to around $25,000, while Volt will have a transaction price of around $33,000 after the credit.

Both makers expect to lease a significant number of their new battery cars, perhaps the majority of them. In that case, Nissan’s advantage largely evaporates, since both models will carry a lease price of $350 a month. That is perhaps a level that green-minded motorists could accept, suggested Phillippi.




all is always an inspiring time to visit Washington, D.C. The city is bustling as Congress and the Supreme Court come back in session, new college students arrive at many universities (like Georgetown, Howard, American and Catholic), and the cultural community kicks off an amazing array of live performances and exhibitions.

fall events including the musical HAIR. Bill Cosby, The Joffrey Ballet’s Nutcracker, and the Chekhov International Theatre Festival are also on the schedule. Museum crowds thin out a bit in the fall and tend to be more civilized. Visitors have more space to take in the fabulous permanent collections at the District’s art museums and galleries.

Fall’s line up of cultural events and happenings gives travelers plenty of reasons to return to the nation’s capital again and again. D.C.’s museums and galleries put on some of their most compelling exhibitions and performances in the fall.

D.C. is also a surprising place for fall foliage. Visitors can experience the fall colors and change of season in many public spaces, including the National Mall, Rock Creek Park, the National Arboretum, Theodore Roosevelt Island, and in the C&O Canal National Historic Park. The beautiful grounds and gardens at Hillwood Estates & Museum, Mount Vernon and Tudor Place are all well worth the time to discover. 
Fall visitors can also take

Arena Stage kicks off its 60th anniversary season in the sparkling new Mead Center for American Theatre on the southwest waterfront while the Kennedy Center presents


700 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20004 Reservations: (800) 649-1202 Hotel: (202) 628-7177 Fax: (202) 628-7277 An Award-Winning Luxury Boutique Hotel Near the Capitol Mall. Sophisticated, stylish, warm and inviting describe the newly renovated downtown luxury Hotel Monaco Washington DC, a Kimpton Hotel located within walking distance of the National Mall.


part in popular annual events like the Library of Congress National Book Festival on the National Mall, the fall edition of WalkingTown D.C., a weekend of free walking tours, and neighborhood festivals such as Adams Morgan Day and Taste of Georgetown. 

 On Veterans Day, D.C.’s world-famous monuments and memorials hold wreath-laying ceremonies to honor the men and women who’ve served in conflicts—attracting thousands of veterans and their families. There’s no better place to honor these men and women than Washington, D.C. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, National World War II Memorial, Navy Memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery all hold individual ceremonies on November 11.

Georgetown Suites Washington DC Hotel

1000 29th Street NW & 1111 30th Street NW • Washington, DC 20007 Phone: (202) 298-7800 Toll Free: (800) 348-7203 Georgetown Suites is the premier choice for Washington, DC suite hotels. This all suite hotel is located in the heart of Georgetown, a historic DC neighborhood. If you need a hotel near Georgetown University or a hotel near George Washington University, these spacious suites are ideally located between the two campuses.

Automotive Street Style | October 2010 | Road Trippin’: Washington DC

1789 Restaurant: 1226 36th str. NW Washington DC

City Zen Restaurant: 1330 Maryland ave. SW Washington, DC

Sequoia Restaurant: 3000 K str. NW Washington, DC

Chef Daniel Giusti serves the finest regional game, fish and produce in a Federal period townhouse in historic and residential Georgetown. Pastry Chef Travis Olson prepares fresh breads and traditional desserts. Open daily for dinner, a jacket required. Prix-fixe menu nightly $40.

Cutting edge cuisine from a chef of global renown, Eric Ziebold, joins the ranks of James Beard Award Winners denoting the ‘Best Chefs in America’. As he demonstrates his rare talents and instinctive creativity, numerous accolades are continually bestowed.

Indoor and outdoor dining with absolutely stunning views overlooking the Potomac River, Kennedy Center, Memorial Bridge, Roosevelt Island, Watergate, Key Bridge, and the Virginia skyline. Semi-private areas, the private State Room, or the entire restaurant may be reserved for events & weddings.

Sequoia Restaurant



Written by Todd Warnick


hile touring Israel, the former NBA players took a break from their busy schedule to conduct a “Basketball Boot Camp” clinic for 200 basketball players in Jerusalem from ages 9-15. Jerome “Junkyard Dog “ Williams, Allan Houston, Anthony “A.B.” Bonner, David Wood, Paul Grant, and Choo Smith, a former Harlem Globetrotter conducted the clinic. The pros put the young players through a series of defensive drills and demonstrated offensive fundamentals. “JYD” energized the players from the start with group cheers and lots of pushups. Former New York Knick, Allan”H20” Houston, demonstrated the shooting fundamentals that made him one of the league’s all-time great scorers.


The young players then split into groups to hone their newly learned skills, including the pick and roll. “A.B” didn’t let the kids rest for a minute, enthusiastically emphasizing defensive strategy and good foot movement. Junkyard Dog made sure energy levels stayed high during the clinic, as he did throughout his entire NBA career. Houston said, “JYD’s Boot Camp style was very exciting to be part of. The kids loved it”. After “Boot Camp”, the players and kids connected for some one on one time that included autographs, handshakes and plenty of smiles all around. The players were in Israel for several days, touring and studying history from ancient to modern times. They visited Jewish,

Christian, and Muslim sites under the auspices of SportsPower International, an organization founded by former Boston Celtic chaplain Bill Alexson.. SportsPower International is dedicated to using basketball worldwide to bring young people together to build character and instill positive values into their lives. Chris Wallace, general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies—a frequent visitor to Israel—is also an integral part of the group. While in Israel, the group played basketball with an inspired group of young immigrants from Ethiopia, conducted a clinic for 600 young people in Tel Aviv, and played an exhibition game against an Israeli professional team, B’nei Hasharon.

Automotive Street Style | October 2010 | Marketplace Automotive Street Style | October 2010 | JYD Project



by Jerome Williams


rancisco Cordero, the “lights out” closer for the Cincinnati Reds, became a three time AllStar in 2010. With 39 saves, Cordero is ranked second in the National League— only to SD’s Heath Bell, 42—having led his team for the second straight season. Cordero’s white Rolls


Royce Ghost sits on a set of 24″ Vellano wheels. The Vellanos, white with chrome lines on the face and a chrome lip compliment the car nicely. Rocking the first Mansory body kit for the Ghost in the United States, MCA Customs in Miami did all the customization. Mansory builds the best

body kits in the world, hands down. Take it from AS2, you’ll never go wrong with a Mansory. Still though, Cordero’s RR isn’t quite perfect (and no, we ain’t hatin’ y’all). Rolls’ signature brushed aluminum hood paired with those sweet Vellano rims would have earned his Ghost a perfect score.

Automotive Street Style | October 2010 | Celebrity Garage: Francisco Cordero




hen you’re ready to really step it up, it’s time for the GM Performance Parts ZZ572 and its massive 620 horsepower and 650 ft-lbs of torque. This is flat-out, the baddest ‘Street Rat” available that will run happily on pump gas. The ZZ572/620 features 572 cubic inches of pure big-block dynamite and ships to your door as the coolest array of orange paint, chrome detailing and aluminum construction you’ve ever seen. Several custom-designed components make the ZZ572/620 king of the street. Chief among them


is the strong, four-bolt block created with a 4.560” bore to achieve the 572 cubic-inch displacement. The 572 is fortified with a forged crank, forged rods and forged pistons. Everything about it is designed to offer you the ultimate bigblock experience. To feed all of those hungry cubes, the 572 is topped off with a single-plane intake manifold—port-matched to the rectangular-port aluminum heads. A custom hydraulic roller camshaft uses .632” lift perimeters to lead the charge. GM makes no apologies when the

loping, aggressive idle of this camshaft attracts rapt attention from the sidewalk. The Deluxe ZZ572/620 comes complete from oil pan (with windage tray) to carburetor, including an 850-cfm Demon fourbarrel, HEI distributor, red sparkplug wires, an aluminum short-style water pump, and the automatic transmission flexplate. The ideal combination of big-block parts designed and validated to GMPP standards, the 572 has been vigorusly tested in real world applications.

Automotive Street Style | October 2010 | Performance


Shows & Events

Weekly Cruise–Ins Boulder City Donut Run

Every other Saturday, 7am-9am Tasty Pastries 825 Nevada Highway Hosted by 2 Guys and 3 Other Guyz Car Club

Cars & Coffee

Every Saturday, 8am-11am Sansone Park Place Shopping Center. 9500 S. Eastern (215 & Eastern Ave.)

Classic Cruisers & Coffee Every Sunday, 8am-10am Boulder Station Casino Parking Garage


Every Saturday, 8am-10am Denny’s Restaurant at I-215 & Tropicana Jake: 702-491-2161

Henderson Donut Run

Every Saturday, 7am-9am Friendly Donuts, 806 Boulder Highway In Smith’s Shopping Center Hosted by 2 Guys and 3 Other Guyz Car Clubs

TUCKERS Classic Auto Parts

Every Saturday, 9am-12pm 7685 Commercial Way in Henderson FREE Coffee & Snacks to ALL Hot Rods

West End Boys

Every Sunday, 7am-10am Santa Fe Mining Co. across the street from Santa Fe Casino


Shows & Events

October 1-3, 2010

BMW Club Track Event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Contact Los Angeles BMW Chapter President Delight Lucas at: or Sin City BMW Chapter President Chris Willett at: or call: (702) 308-4191

Sponsored by the Sin City, Sonora, Central Cal, Roadrunner and San Diego Chapter BMW Clubs. The LA Chapter reserved the Las Vegas Motor Speedway road course for October 1-3. Planned activities are Friday Instructor Training School, Friday Club Racer’s Practice Sessions, Friday Invitational (advanced student) Sessions, Saturday 1-day Driving School, Saturday Car Control Clinic, Sunday 1-day Driving School, Sunday Tire Rack Street Survival, and Sat/Sun Club Race which has been designated as a Premier Race. They have secured an excellent rate of $85/night at the Aliante Station Hotel.

October 3, 2010

20th Annual Veterans Memorial Car Show Loma Linda, California Location: Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center Contact Phone: 909-350-9816 Website: Details: The show is produced by the Volunteer’s for Veterans Foundation, we are a Non-Profit 501(C)(3) organization. All funds are used to help Veteran’s and Military organizations in some way. 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Automotive Street Style | October 2010 | Shows & Events

October 9, 2010

15th Annual Cruise for the Cure Barstow, California Contact Phone: 760-242-5348 Website: Details: Over the Hill Gang Apple

Valley presents the 15th Annual Cruise for the Cure on October 9, 2010 from 10am-2pm, check in 9am at the Tanger Outlets at I-15 & Lenwood Exit (east). Trophies, Top 10 Picks Special Interest Picks. Entertainment - Raffles & Super Raffles - games - Event Shirts - Dash Plaques - 50/50 Drawing - Free Tanger Coupon Book - great shopping - More!

October 16, 2010

Harmony Car Show Monterey Park, California Location: Barnes Park, 320 W. Newmark Ave. Contact Phone: n/a Website: Details: Pre-registration entry cost $25.00 includes T-Shirt, Spectator cost FREE.

Oct. 23rd, 2010

Monster Mash Car Bash 11am-5pm - Monster Mash Car Bash - 3rd Annual Car Show to benefit F.A.S.T. at the Las Vegas Hilton is Nevada’s

October 30 -31, 2010

The 24th Annual Santa Barbara Concours D Elegance Santa Barbara, California Contact Phone: 805-884-9977 Website: www.stratusmediagroup. com

Details: The automobile festival that celebrates a unique fusion of vintage, classic and new automobiles, motorcycles, live music, exquisite food and fine wine.

October 30, 2010

Jackass Run 2010 to Oatman, AZ

Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow car enthusiasts on our annual run to Oatman, Arizona - an authentic western ghost town straight out of the early 1900s with wild jackasses roaming the town, colorful characters, and the occasional gunfight in the street. We depart Cars and Coffee, 9500 South Eastern Avenue, just south of Interstate 215 at 10:00am. First stop is the Laughlin Ranch in Bullhead City for lunch. From there we go on to Oatman for some sightseeing, funnel cakes, souvenirs, and the feeding of the jackasses. When we are done, we head back to Vegas. For those wanting to make it an overnight trip, we will stay in Laughlin and meet for breakfast on Sunday. Go to to register and for more information, or contact Chris Tromba at (702) 494-8489.

largest Halloween event. Decorate your vehicle and bring candy for the kids. All makes and models are welcome. For more info and to register in advance see



Are you the kind of person you want to be? Do you have the integrity you want to have? Are you living the best life you can live? Integrity is defined as a consistency Israel, “I have been your leader from of actions, values, methods, my youth until this day. Here I stand. measures, principles, expectations Testify against me in the presence of and outcomes. In western ethics, the Lord and his anointed. Whose ox integrity is regarded as the quality of have I taken? Whose donkey have I having an intuitive sense of honesty taken? Whom have I cheated? Whom and truthfulness in regard to the have I oppressed? From whose hand motivationsforone’sactions.Honesty have I accepted a bribe to make me refers to a facet of moral character shut my eyes? If I have done any of and denotes positive, virtuous these, I will make it right.” attributes such as truthfulness and straightforwardness—along with Not one person rose to make a claim the absence of cheating and theft. against Samuel. The word “integrity” stems from the Latin adjective integer (whole, People look for leaders that can complete). be trusted. These characteristics One view of integrity in a Christian become part of our everyday life context states: The Christian vision when we as individuals look in the of integrity suggests personal mirror and say, “No more burned authenticity entails living in relationships, broken promises or accordancewithpersonalconvictions commitments, no more going back based on an understanding of God’s on my word. I am going to live a life purposes for creation, humankind, of integrity”. and the person as a disciple of Jesus. Here are a few ideas for restoring After surveying thousands of people personal integrity: around the world, and performing • Create an “Absolute Integrity List.” more than 400 written case studies, Make three promises to yourself to James Kouzes and Barry Posner restore your integrity. identified those characteristics most • Create a personal vision statement desired in a leader. In virtually every for your life that gives you clarity survey, honesty or integrity was about your core beliefs to help you identified more frequently than any become the person you’ve always other trait. wanted to be. If people are going to follow • Identify areas in your life where someone, whether into battle, you sometimes act with less than business or ministry, they want complete honesty and integrity. assurance their leader can be Make a step-by-step personal trusted. They want to know he or commitment to improve in those she will keep promises and follow areas. through with commitments. The Bible illustrates a life of integrity With these tools, you can develop in 1 Samuel 12:1-4. the integrity you need to live the best life you can live. Samuel the prophet said to all of


Automotive Street Style | October 2010 | Words of Wisdom


October 2010  

Automotive Street Style: October 2010, Las Vegas Style, trends and automotive reviews.

October 2010  

Automotive Street Style: October 2010, Las Vegas Style, trends and automotive reviews.