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From The Publisher Thanks for picking up this copy of the 2010 JYD Signature Series edition of Automotive Street Style magazine. We are very excited about all the new content offered here on our media platform. In this issue, we pay homage to the late, great, Boyd Coddington and his “Ghetto Princess”. The JYD Project also goes to the hoop with the back-to-back high school basketball national champion Findlay Prep team. And, you’ll love the new JYD Signature Series 2010 Chevy Camaro, slated to debut in the Fidanza booth (# 21035) at the upcoming 2010 SEMA show. The crew here at Automotive Street Style strives to inform, inspire, educate, and entertain in every issue. Our new format covers automobiles, style, culture, and your community. We enjoy producing it and we hope you enjoy spending time here with us. We do this for you, so please, write us with your comments; we love to hear from you. And please, return often, there’s always something new to see. In parting, always remember, life is as beautiful as you allow it to be, take a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us all. Cheers!


Magazine credits: Jerome “JYD” Williams Chief Executive Officer / Publisher Stan Mitchell Brand Manager/Co-Publisher Joshua Williams Executive Marketing Director Seaquett Williams Creative & Communications Director / Managing Editor Sara Sylvis Senior Designer Nikkollette Williams Layout Coordinator Lyndon Conrad Bell Road Test Editor Shirley Hampton Staff Supervisor Mario Rivas Videographer / Photographer 702-589-4657 Johnnie E. Williams III Community Initiative Director Automotive Street Style, LLC. 2831 St. Rose Pkwy, Suite 203 Henderson, NV 89044 (702) 589-4657 Automotive Street Style magazine is published by Automotive Street Style, LLC. No content (articles, graphics, design, or any other information) may be reproduced without written consent from Automotive Street Style magazine. The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher, who along with his representatives, accepts no liability for the products and/or services of his advertisers. ©2010 Automotive Street Style, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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The hottest automotive & electronic products. Stop and stare edition.

Street Style’s Inside Scoop

‘64 Impala

2011 Audi A7: The Hatchback Revived

Danika Patrick Off the Line

California’s Central Coast

JYD Project work with Findlay Prep

JYD Works Coddington’s “Ghetto Princess”

This Month’s Car Shows

2012 Nissan Versa

Automotive Marketplace

What’s New: Stop & Stare « Borla Stainless Steel Cat Back System “S-Type” BORLA EXHAUST 1.877.GO.BORLA
| Chevrolet pulled out all the stops to ensure the re-launch of the legendary Camaro was worth the wait to agonized fans, and the world’s most foremost exhaust manufacturer has responded in kind. Rather than simply work from concept vehicles and drawings, BORLA’s R&D engineers headed down under to the GM Holden facility in Australia to work directly with the GM Camaro team to produce an optimal system for the legendary pony car.

« Optima Yellow top Battery Optima
 1.888.867.8462 | To make sure you’re getting every ounce of performance out of your electronics give them enough juice to annoy everyone around you. Optima’s Yellow Top’s deep cycle capabilities allow you to amp it up longer and stronger while draining your battery deeper than traditional batteries will endure. That comes in handy at DB drag competitions.

| STS TURBO’s remote-mounted turbocharger systems have been recognized around the world as the most innovative technology available for dramatically increasing the horsepower of any vehicle. We patented the technology in 2003 and remain the only legally authorized company to design and sell remote-mounted turbo systems.


Automotive Street Style | November 2010 | Automotive Marketplace

« Pirelli Tires P-Zero Nero Pirelli Tires 1.800.PIRELLI
| P-Zero Nero All-Season is the ultra high-performance all-season leader dedicated to the North American market. Nero provides a winning combination of quiet ride, precise cornering and superior grip in both wet and dry driving conditions.

« Forgiato Andata Wheel Forgiato Wheels 1.818.771.9779
| Forgiato has become the benchmark in the automotive industry for excellence in design and craftsmanship. Every so often an industry leader takes a step forward and revolutionizes the entire industry as a whole. This new Andata wheel from Forgiato does exactly that!

« Blackline GPS Entourage CIS Blackline GPS 1.403.451.0327
| Powerfully leveraging always-on cellular networks, top-tier GPS tracking and motion-sensing technology activated from your own keychain, Entourage also incorporates the exclusive, instantlytriggered BlacklineGPS Recovery & Monitoring Service to speed the return of your stolen vehicle. Entourage CIS is your extra layer of assurance for the things you value most.



hot shots

Street Style’s Inside Scoop!

2012 chevy camaro z28 The new Camaro Z28, seen running with lighter cammo than ever before, running shakedown laps at the Nurburgring.

2012 Mercedes Benz ML AMG Once again, the ML 63 AMG has been caught near the Nurburgring in Germany, but this time in the same light camouflage like the normal ML.

2013 Lexus GS Lexus has started working on the next generation Lexus GS as this early mule shows. For now it looks like the length will remain the same but the track will be slightly wider.

FORD FIESTA SUV Here’s proof Ford is working on a little brother to the Kuga. While the body is still wearing most of the Fiesta looks, the correct front end is in place to ensure accuracy of test data for this cooling test.


Automotive Automotive Street StyleStreet Street | MayStyle Style 2010| |November | May Henderson 2010 2010 | Our Days|Sponsors Car Show Coverage Automotive Street Scoop



velocity intake runners and D-shaped s far as crate engines go, this exhaust ports to promote efficient and one is a winner. The ZZ4 350 Turn-Key crate engine has been unobstructed flow through the engine – providing one of our most popular high The ZZ4 comes to you with strong power performance a full 355 horsepower and and torque at all RPM levels. crate engines 405 lb.-ft. of torque. With its The ZZ4 350 is since we started high level of performance delivered with GM Performance and durability, it could an aluminum Parts. Its very well be the perfect dual-plane intake legendary status crate engine – able to meet manifold, HEI is based on the needs of car builders distributor, cast iron an incredible water pump, damper, performance from all phases of the and flexplate. Our level that is stone motorsports world Turn-Key ZZ4 350 cold reliable. crate engine also We’ve packed ships with all the parts you need to get the ZZ4 350 crate engine with a it running. That includes an accessory forged steel crankshaft, hypereutectic drive package, fuel pump, chrome air pistons, hydraulic roller camshaft cleaner kit, Holley 750-cfm carburetor, and lifters, and aluminum cylinder heads. The ZZ4’s Corvette-derived starter, and spark plug wires. high-performance heads feature high


Automotive Street Style | November 2010 | Performance



Written by Lyndon Conrad Bell


he word “hatchback” used to conjure images of an economical inexpensive runabout with a folding rear seat. A car that tried to be as many things as possible to its owner—who was typically younger and had goings on that required a capacious vehicle from time to time. Today, all of that has changed. Witness Audi’s A7, a luxury hatchback, designed to compete with the growing wave of luxury hatchbacks like Porsche Panamera, BMW 5-Series Grand Turismo, and at the extremely high end of the scale, Aston Martin Rapide. Based on the next generation Audi A6, the A7 is an amalgamation of all the qualities we’ve come to admire so assiduously in the automobiles from


Ingolstadt. First of all, the sleekly tapered styling combines sporty and luxurious in a thoroughly modern manner. Heads will continually swivel in this car’s wake.

that detects fingertip movement, Google Maps data, a heads-up system, blind-spot monitoring, radar sensors for detecting stopped traffic, and smart cruise control.

Materials like layered oak, silk nappa leather and genuine aluminum trim headline the sumptuous accoutrements of the interior. The high center console contributes to a cockpit like feeling, while housing secondary controls in a way that is at once exciting as well as ergonomically sound. The instrumentation is characteristically bright and crisp.

The sole engine choice in the U.S. at launch will be a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 delivering 300 horsepower and 325 ft-lbs of torque through a seven-speed dual clutch automated manual transmission—to all four wheels. Said to be more than adequate for motivating the A7’s 4100 pounds (0 to 60 = 5.6 seconds), true performance oriented drivers might still want to hold out for the S7. And while horsepower and torque figures for that engine have yet to be released, given it’s a twinturbocharged 4.0-liter V8, 450 horsepower (at minimum) is a reasonable assumption.

Audis are also known for hosting serious tech and in this regard the A7 benefits in no small measure from the handme-downs of its A8 big brother. These include a touchpad controller

Automotive Street Style | November 2010 | Cover Story: 2011 Audi A7

Over the road, the A7 is smooth when you want it to be and tenacious when you need it to be. The balance of ride and handling is maintained admirably. Audi’s torque vectoring all-wheel drive system helps the car through corners faster by accelerating the drive wheels needed to turn the car more sharply. The A7’s overall attitude is neutrality, yet on rough roads the car absorbs irregularities without transmitting them to the driver’s posterior—just like an Audi should. Which is really nice, especially for a hatchback.




Automotive Street Style | November 2010 | Garage: Marketplace Automotive Street Style | November 2010 | Celebrity Danica Patrick

by Jerome Williams Danica Patrick, at age 28, might never live up to all the pressure piled on top of her. However, fierce, focused, Patrick’s not about to let anyone, including any group of men, block her path to success. While Patrick is not the first woman to strap herself into an open-wheel racing car in this male-saturated sport, she is the first woman to win. We think it’s safe to say she’ll wind up holding the checkered flag more than a few more times in her racing career.



booth # 21035 SEMA Show

JYD Signature Series Chevy Camaro to Debut 2010 SEMA show


ormer NBA star and automotive enthusiast Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams, in partnership with General Motors and Automotive Street Style magazine, will debut the JYD Signature Series Chevrolet Camaro SS at the upcoming 2010 SEMA show. The customized 2010 Camaro SS will be unveiled in the Las Vegas Convention Center on November 1, 2010. This will mark the third vehicle JYD has partnered with GM on to customize for SEMA. Bob Kern, General Motors SEMA-relations director, said he was glad to work with Williams to help the JYD P.R.O.J.E.C.T. “Having the opportunity to use the Chevrolet Camaro as a rally point within urban


communities is a great way to help Jerome bring people together to improve our cities and give youth an inspiration to achieve their goals,” Kern said. Williams was first inspired to create the custom build to be showcased for the JYD P.R.O.J.E.C.T. after seeing the Unrestricted Motorsports 2010 Chevy Comp Series Camaro SS at the 2009 SEMA show. Having worked with aftermarket body kits for the past 20 years, he had specific criteria, and the Phoenixbased company’s kit offered the greatest potential for the JYD Signature Series. “It had that ‘wow’ factor without being overdone,” Williams said of the retro-inspired muscle car design that features sleek, clean lines. Dr. Jamie Meyer, product integration manager of GM Performance Parts, agreed

the combination of Camaro and JYD would advance an already exciting design to another level. “Just like on the basketball court, JYD brings his ‘A’ game to a vehicle project. He always brings a unique style, blending a little street, some muscle, and a lot of swagger into anything he builds,” Meyer said. The build required teamwork from some of the automotive industry’s best manufacturers. The JYD Signature Series Chevy Camaro SS was built in Henderson, Nevada at Autobahn Excellence and features STS twin turbos, Fidanza twin plate clutch kit and Borla headers that will boost the car to 600 hp, while the car’s Baer six-piston brakes will slow down the Camaro enough to permit the appropriate stopand-stare reaction.

Automotive Street Style | November 2010 | Cover Story: Camaro SS

Sleek styling is underscored by powerful performance, thanks to GM Performance Parts. Unrestricted Motorsports’ SS Comp Series Camaro body kit features a custom blue and silver paint scheme from the Kustom along with a Hammerhead Stripe. The front fascia is accented with a custom diamond plate T-Rex Billet grille matching the Hammerhead Stripe, while seamlessly blending with the headlights. The car’s Pirelli tires are wrapped around Forgiato’s Azioni 22s, along with MotionLite wheel illuminators. AACstyle’s Afterburner taillights round out the JYD Special Edition Camaro’s exterior.

Providing the ultimate in convenience and protection, the JYD Signature Series Chevy Camaro is fitted with an Escort Passport Qi45 radar detector and Escort’s SmartMirror rearview mirror merging GPS Navigation and Bluetooth technology. Escort’s Blackline GPS-powered Entourage CIS GPS provides vehicle security, recovery and location awareness. Naturally, JYD added his custom speaker and amp package to the existing stock system to bolster the tunes powered by the Yellow Top Optima battery.

To cap it off, JYD’s logo is featured throughout the Signature Series Chevy Camaro SS. You’ll find it on the Barton Industries shifter, the seats, and in billet aluminum accents on the dashboard, trunk, hood, and engine. For an extra bit of flash, LTL Audio’s door projectors project the JYD signature logo onto the ground each time a door is opened. The JYD Signature Series Chevy Camaro SS is available to order at Findlay Chevrolet in Henderson, Nevada.




Automotive | November | Marketplace Automotive StreetStreet Style Style | November 2010 2010 | Cover Story: Camaro SS

Dr. Jamie Meyer, Product Integration Manager of GM Performance Parts, agreed that the combination of the Chevy Camaro and JYD will bring an already exciting design to another level. “Just like on the basketball court, JYD brings his ‘A’ game to a vehicle project. He always brings a unique style to any project. He blends a little street, some muscle and a lot of swagger to anything he builds,” Meyer said.




Road Trippin’ to the Central California Coast

or a quick and scenic weekend or midweek getaway, head north out of L.A., about five hours on the Central California Coast. San Luis Obispo, the hub of San Luis Obispo County, is home to historic Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa and America’s first motor hotel—The Motel Inn. Tree-lined streets, a charming shopping district, distinctive hotels, and historic buildings comprise the delightful downtown area with its array of stores, outdoor cafes, coffee houses, and galleries.

Surrounded by coastal farms, every Thursday evening, San Luis Obispo’s open-air Farmers’ Market fills four blocks of the downtown. Buy just-picked produce, sample a variety of barbecued specialties from local restaurants, or simply stroll the many arts and crafts booths while nibbling on delicacies offered by the many street vendors. If downtown is the heart of San Luis Obispo, then Mission Plaza is its soul. The beautifully landscaped plaza is the background for many events and festivals throughout the year. Parishioners still gather


daily for services at the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, the fifth in a chain of fourteen Franciscan stations lacing coastal California. Visit the original padres’ residence, now a museum, where you’ll find artifacts, glassware, documents, and photographs from days gone by.

San Luis Obispo’s wineries are becoming

known for world class wines. Driving south along Highway 227 and beyond, you will find well over 3,000 acres planted in vines that produce superb chardonnays and pinot noirs, as well as less common varietals like rieslings and gewürztraminers. Many of over two-dozen wineries offer tastings in attractive wine rooms. Sun worshippers will adore the many beautiful beach towns situated along the Pacific Coast Highway (aka Highway 1). One of which is the village of Cambria. Cambria boasts a thriving artists’ colony and supports an impressive selection of fine restaurants, specialty shops, art galleries and a wide variety of hotels and

inns. Towering Monterey pines frame the dynamic

coastline along its unique Moonstone Beach Drive. A beautiful seaside village just off the beaten path, semi-precious agate and jasper stones can be found in the sand along its beach.

Slightly farther north is San Simeon. Nestled in a stunning setting on the ocean just south of Big Sur, San Simeon’s outdoor activities contrast nicely with the amazing opulence of the

Hearst Castle.

For a dip into history, the original Sebastian’s General Store (opened in 1873) is still operating as a gift shop. A family picnic is the perfect way to enjoy the William R.

Hearst Memorial State Beach. For strolling and

fishing, San Simeon’s 1,000-foot pier is still one of the best around. On it you can imagine the steamers docking at the pier to unload the building materials and treasures found at Hearst Castle. Set aside 3-4 hours to visit San Simeon and enjoy a step back in time while walking through all of the opulence of the breathtakingly beautiful Hearst Castle estate.

Automotive Street Style | November 2010 | Road Trippin’: San Luis, CA


The Apple Farm Inn San Luis Obispo, California 2015 Monterey Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 1-800-255-2040 or 805-544-2040 Traditional American hospitality, comfortable deluxe lodging, and honest value are the guiding principles behind the Apple Farm Inn, embodying a true atmosphere of tranquility. Combining the charm of Victorian country inns with the modern conveniences of a luxury hotel, Apple Farm Inn offers the best in San Luis Obispo lodging.


Mustache Pete’s Cambria, California 4090 Burton Dr # 1 Cambria, CA 93428-3021 (805) 927-8589 Mustache Pete’s identifies itself as a restaurant offering traditional Italian foods. Established in Cambria in 1986 by Dennis Blume, whose goal was to bring authentic Italian cuisine to residents and visitors of the central coast. Always eager to bring the best foods and service, Blume has spared nothing in his quest to keep the Mustache Pete’s experience the best it can be.


Moonstone Beach, Cambria and The Hearst Castle, San Simeon 50 Hearst Castle Road, San Simeon, CA 93452-9741 Tour Reservations (800) 444-4445



Findlay Prep’s Global Citizenship Class Written By Todd Simon, Associate Head Coach, Findlay Pilot Basketball


he 2010-2011 school year is in full swing, which means another season of Findlay basketball is around the corner. Coming off their second consecutive ESPN Rise National High School Invitational Championship, the potential for the 2011 Findlay Pilots is strong for another run at the national crown. In three seasons under Coach Michael Peck, the program has a 97-3 record. Equaling Findlay’s success on the court, the program produces a 100% graduation rate, NCAA qualified 100% of the student athletes, and every single Findlay graduate has gone on to play NCAA Division 1 on scholarship. This year, Jerome Williams is contributing to the educational experience as Findlay’s


director of player development. In addition to helping daily practices, JYD has taken on a weekly role as part of the Global Citizenship class, sharing his experiences and knowledge. This is wholly in keeping with the JYD Project’s educational program, which focuses on preparation for an ethical civic life. One of the core tenets of the JYD Project is imparting responsibility for themselves and the world around them to young adults. The JYD Project’s life skills series equips students with the skills necessary to navigate their educational experiences, make a positive community impression with good life choices, and live purposeful lives. JYD covers a wide range of topics including choices and

consequences, first impressions, education and networking, financial responsibility, leadership, and life after the game. Great things are happening as the Findlay program and the JYD Project continues to invest in our next generation. To follow the program, go to www.

Automotive Street Style | November 2010 | Marketplace Automotive Street Style | November 2010 | JYD Project



Ghetto Princess


Automotive Street Style | November 2010 | Celebrity Garage: Boyd Coddington


ords may have always been the kings on the hot rod circuit, but for customizers, Chevrolet has had the title since the postwar days. In the Southern California Chicano culture in particular, Impalas remain the canvas of choice for cool paint jobs, radical lowering and cruising “low and slow.” The Coddington take on this is true to the spirit of classic lowriders, yet pays rapt attention to modern performance, handling and detailing. Retaining the stock bumpers, grille, quad headlights and “eyebrows” over the lights, the Princess is immediately recognizable as a ‘59 Chevy coming at you. Those wild, but stock, rear fins and long taillights were wisely retained. The all-over smoothing and flawless paint and bodywork with

a piercing green Candy paint job would have been enough to satisfy the dreams of many the lowrider afficianado, but check the side view of the Ghetto Princess. She was not a convertible when Coddington found her. The job of de-roofing a car involves reinforcing the chassis and making new trim for the tops of the doors. More than just the lack of a top, the addition of that beautiful, hand-formed aluminum tonneau cover with the flared headrests, ala the ‘62 Thunderbird Sports Roadster, is a stroke of customizing genius. A stroke that immediately radicalizes the overall impression of the car, the original concept drawing of which was by Eric Brockmeyer. Riding low on Boyd’s “Junkyard Dog”

wheels (their name for them, not ours—though JYD is honored. - Ed. ), you can’t see the awesome chassis work and Morrison IFS with Wilwood disc brakes unless the hood is opened, in which case you’re in for a shock. Most customs have relatively mild engines for reliable cruising, but mild is not in the Coddington dictionary. Under that hood lives a fully-dressed, 496-cubic-inch big-block, built by M&R Engines, with aluminum Edelbrock heads and a dual-quad intake topped with two huge billet throttle bodies to complete a serious EFI setup. It may be titled “Ghetto Princess” but with some 700 hp and 610 ft-lbs of torque on tap, performance is more on a gladiator scale.

Courtesy of Boyd




Shows & Events

Weekly Cruise–Ins Boulder City Donut Run

Every other Saturday, 7am-9am Tasty Pastries 825 Nevada Highway Hosted by 2 Guys and 3 Other Guyz Car Club

Cars & Coffee

Every Saturday, 8am-11am Sansone Park Place Shopping Center. 9500 S. Eastern (215 & Eastern Ave.)

Shows & Events

Saturday, November 6th Goldstrom’s 9th Annual Classic Car Show 5375 S. Cameron Street 8am-4pm (702) 873-6576


All Proceeds benefit American Parkinson Disease Assn. Southern Nevada. Open to all pre-1974 Classic vehicles • Food, fun & Entertainment • Vendor Booths • Live & Silent Auction • Raffle Drawings

Henderson Donut Run

Sunday, November 7, 2010 Cars and Coffee Track Day –

Classic Cruisers & Coffee Every Sunday, 8am-10am Boulder Station Casino Parking Garage

Every Saturday, 8am-10am Denny’s Restaurant at I-215 & Tropicana Jake: 702-491-2161 Every Saturday, 7am-9am Friendly Donuts, 806 Boulder Highway In Smith’s Shopping Center Hosted by 2 Guys and 3 Other Guyz Car Clubs

TUCKERS Classic Auto Parts

Every Saturday, 9am-12pm 7685 Commercial Way in Henderson FREE Coffee & Snacks to ALL Hot Rods

West End Boys

Every Sunday, 7am-10am Santa Fe Mining Co. across the street from Santa Fe Casino


Please join us for the inaugural event of the year. Open track, autocross, and lunch time track tours. Sunday November 7, 2010. Gates and Tech open at 7:30am, driver’s meeting starts at 8:15am. Track goes hot at 9:00am. We’ll be running the NEW 2.5 mile configuration. Spring Mountain has made a 0.6-mile addition to the back straight, you’ll be one of the first to run this exciting layout. $150 preregistration ($175 at the track registration) Track day event fee includes lunch and a long sleeved T-shirt. Timing and helmet rentals will be available for $20 each. All makes and models are eligible. A SCCA sanctioned autocross will be put on by the Las Vegas Region: $40 Members $55

Automotive Street Style | November 2010 | Shows & Events

non- members. Lunchtime track tours will be FREE, but no students please. There will not be any instruction for the track event, though check out rides will be available. Novice, intermediate and advance run groups means more seat time for all. For track event registrations, go to www. For information and registration for the Autocross please visit

Friday, November 19th Findlay Chevrolet “Friday Cruise Night” I-215/ Rainbow Blvd. 6pm-9pm (702) 743-4793

Sunday, November 28, 2010 Las Vegas F-Body Association of Camaros and Firebirds 7:30pm In-N-Out on West Sahara, just West of I-15. Meeting Sundays at 7:30pm, with announcements/news at 8:15. Stop by and introduce yourself. You’ll get decals/ stickers after three meetings. There’s an after meeting activity at least once a month. Check the board before each meeting to see the planned event. These include bowling, pool, go karts, or cruising the strip.

Open house cruise night • Free food & beverages • All years, makes & models • Music

Saturday, November 20th Frank’s “Thanksgiving” Saturday Car Show I-215/ Rainbow 10am-4pm (702) 743-4793 Free Car show • Free food & beverages • Trophies and awards • All years, makes and models



Written By Stan Mitchell ou may not have ever heard of Nissan Versa, or if you have, perhaps you’ve paid it NO attention. Well, tune in… The Nissan Versa is actually a very important car for Nissan Motor Corp., especially in Asia. The Versa is also making its mark on the US market. Nissan sold 7,021 Versas in September 2010 in the United States, an increase of 47 percent over the same period in 2009. Versa sales through the first nine months of the year are up 20 percent, to 76,736 units. The Versa belongs to



the economy class, it’s affordable, quite nice and well-equipped. To no fault of its own, the Versa has always looked like a everyday, just like everybody else economy car! Well, my guess is that’s

watch out toyota Corolla, you may have competition! about to change. Recently, Nissan released this teaser rendering previewing the next

generation of the Versa scheduled to go on sale in 2012, and rumors say it will reach the US market as well. The rendering shows a redesigned Versa with contour lines down the sides and a gracefully sloping roof line. This new Versa is quite a departure from the previous version (see inset). Some speculate the car shown is a coupe, however, upon close examination, there appears to be line to the center of the rear wheel well that resembles a rear door. Watch out Toyota Corolla, you may have competition!

Automotive Street Style | November 2010 | Newsworthy: Nissan Versa



to have a warm place to sleep in the winter.”“I’m so fortunate to live in a safe neighborhood where I can take walks.”“I’m so fortunate to be able to see the beauty around me.”

he point of Thanksgiving is to remember things we have to be grateful for. It’s our special time to give thanks—not just for the obvious, like food, but for the thousands of fortunate moments, the multitude of blessings we receive each year. That’s not always as easy as it sounds. We tend to remember bad things much more easily than good. That’s where this article comes in, using the nine tips below, giving thanks can become a daily habit. It’s a skill that will benefit everyone throughout the year.

4. List people you’ve known that have made you thankful for their existence. They can be family, friends or simply people that you’ve read about or seen on television.

1. Begin keeping a gratitude journal. Write only positive things. For example, “I’m grateful I made it through that heavy rush hour traffic safely.”“I’m grateful I got to see a beautiful sunset.”“I’m grateful I have a job I really enjoy. 2. List all the good things that happened because something bad happened first. For example, “If that slow driver hadn’t pulled in front of me, I might have gotten a speeding ticket.” 3. List what you have. For example: “I’m so fortunate

5. List people who may have made life hard for you. Then list the things you accomplished because of them. You’ll see the negative forces in your life can be hidden blessings—worthy of your gratitude. 6. List the hard times that made good times sweeter. Obstacles and challenges make you stronger and force you to explore outside the comfortable routine you’ve settled into. Without challenges, there can be no progress. Without obstacles, there can be no achievement. Give thanks for the opportunities they provide. 7. Now pass it on. True gratitude involves action. Lend a hand. Pitch in.

Make a gift. Give your time. Listen. Give back as often as you can. Even a friendly greeting can make all the difference in the world. 8. Create your own opportunities for gratitude. Do you know someone who never seems happy? Give them a smile and a kind word each time you see them. It may require patience, but eventually, they’ll begin to smile when they see you. Your interactions with them will be much more pleasant. Guess what? You’ll have a new reason to be thankful! 9. Let others know when they’ve done something you’re thankful for. For example, “I’ll never forget how you stood up for me. It meant a lot.”“That email you sent really made my day.”“You make shopping here a pleasure.” An attitude of gratitude spreads like ripples from a tossed pebble,, ultimately benefitting all it touches. In conclusion, giving thanks is a powerful tool, one that can dramatically improve our lives and the lives of those around us. Embrace gratitude’s special day and make giving thanks a daily habit!


November 2010  

Automotive Street Style SEMA Edition focusing on JYD Project's Camaro SS Special Edition

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