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Walking the Walk Joe Drotter ’67 helping the smallest victims of Agent Orange

The Annual Report on Giving 2015-2016

“Know Your Faith and Live It Well.” The theme of the 2016-2017 academic year turned out to be particularly relevant. Both inside the school and out, the ideas of being purposeful and intentional in our thoughts and actions gained credence as vital to living balanced, happy, and meaningful lives. One can’t help but notice that the essence of these concepts has been the core of Austin Prep’s mission for almost 60 years. How else can one interpret veritas, unitas and caritas other than as guiding principles to lead lives full of positive purpose? I recently came across a quote from turn-of-the-20th-century orator and Democratic populist Williams Jennings Bryan. I think his words are spot on today.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance: it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be awaited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”

Too many in our world awaken each day with the simple goal of just finding enough to eat and drink to survive. Still others fall into the group identified by our Massachusetts neighbor Henry David Thoreau who once wrote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” But Austin Prep educates those lucky few able who make choices about how they want to live their faith. We are blessed as a Catholic prep school to blend the ethos of St. Augustine with our academic education and our professional endeavors. This is what makes us a true Community in the Augustinian tradition. It is the heart of what we do, and perhaps the most valuable lesson our alumni take with them after graduation. They have been educated to make good choices and formed to lead lives of meaning and purpose. In a society that often seems full of too much polarization, acrimony and harsh rhetoric, of selfishness, lacking empathy and wisdom, an Austin Prep education is a gift worth celebrating. This was a year well spent.

Williams Jennings Bryan

On each of our individual Austin Journeys we make personal choices. Who do we want to be? How do we want to live? What do we hope to achieve? In what way can we serve others?

Sincerely, James Hickey, Ph.D. P’22, ’23, ’24 Headmaster

Together, these decisions create a roadmap for the Journey. Sometimes we succeed, other times we stumble — Bryan himself made three unsuccessful runs for the Presidency. It’s in the trying, however, that we find meaning.

Spring 2017


Joe Drotter ’67 (pictured above in the back holding a small child) started the Tam Binh Center in Vietnam for physically disabled children. These are images from everyday life at the center.

Walking The Walk. Agent Orange is a defoliant that the U.S. military used extensively for 10 years during the Vietnam War. The long-term effects have been catastrophic for the environment and the people who were exposed, including their descendants. Up to a million Vietnamese people now suffer from deformities, cancers, and other serious health issues caused by Agent Orange. Joe Drotter ’67 became aware of the situation in a very personal way during a visit to the country in 2003. “A woman invited me to see a Vietnam tourists never see,” Joe remembers. He said yes and was taken to meet a severely physically disabled child and her desperately impoverished family.


Joe asked himself what he could possibly do. “I wasn’t a doctor. I didn’t have contacts in the government or at charitable foundations. I was just one person, but I knew I had to find some way to help these people.” Since that day in Hue, Joe has managed to meet and collaborate with other caregivers. He has bought and renovated a factory that is now the Tam Binh Center, a school for 20 physically disabled children. He has overcome an intractable bureaucracy. He has become an EMT in order to provide basic medical care. During annual visits to Vietnam, he teaches CPR to healthcare providers. He delivers enormous bottles of vitamins and pill cutters. He even bought a CPR machine. In short, he does what he can, and he’s done amazingly well.

Spring 2017

“The story of Joe Drotter in Vietnam is one of the most impressive and affecting examples of Augustinian values in action that you will ever read. If you want to understand the deepest meanings of veritas, unitas, caritas, look no further.” – Dr. James Hickey, Headmaster But this isn’t a feel-good story. Not yet. The Tam Binh Center could accommodate up to 75 children, but lacks the financial resources to do so. Most of its operating budget comes from a Dutch Buddhist group, and funding could disappear at any time. “I’m trying to make the center self-supporting,” Joe says. “But it’s a struggle.” He has raised money for an incense-making machine and a loom that students use to manufacture hats and scarves for sale. Some students are deaf, which makes them virtually unemployable in Vietnam. Thus, the new machines are also a job-training program.

“The good news is that a dollar goes a long way in Vietnam – $500 allows us to support 10 children in the Tam Binh Center for an entire year; $200 will buy a year’s worth of hot lunches for a child. Literally any donation will make a big difference to kids with very limited prospects.” It’s been 50 years since Joe graduated from Austin Prep, but veritas, unitas, caritas still drives him on. You can learn more about Joe and the Tam Binh Center by visiting the following Facebook pages:

Spring 2017


Happy 30 to the Middle School th

Sixth-graders in Ms. Christie Spadafora ’02’s science class (above) take time out for a photo.

Walk down the halls of Austin Prep’s Middle School, and you might notice some lockers decorated for students celebrating birthdays. According to Michael McLaughlin, Head of Middle School, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“Choice and voice, that’s what we give our students. We allow them the opportunity to decide some things for themselves, to take calculated risks.”

“It’s totally age-appropriate for our students. We try to create a learning environment that fits. Decorating lockers might not always work in the Upper School, but it’s perfect here.” The entire Middle School could be wrapped in a bow this year as it celebrates its 30th year of operation. And while some things are the same, much has changed during that time. Austin Prep does middle school right. It’s a school within a school, optimized for sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders and staffed by professionals who are specialists in engaging, motivating, and teaching kids that age. “The Middle School has its own culture,” says Nate Piccini ’93, head of Austin Prep’s history faculty and a member of the first Middle School class in 1987. Early adolescence is a time of intense transition for kids, emotionally, physically, and academically. With small classes of 15 students, instead of the more typical 30 in many area schools, teachers can get to know the whole child and create a learning style that works.


Michael McLaughlin, Head of Middle School

To meet the demand for rigorous academic programs, the faculty takes a multidisciplinary approach, with an emphasis on developing a global perspective. According to Michael, “Studying a subject from a variety of angles at once enables kids to go deeper and make connections they might otherwise miss.” He cites the Egyptian Museum created earlier this year by students from several classes. “The kids worked collaboratively, but, as individuals, became experts in different aspects of Egypt’s history and culture. The exhibits they created were amazing.”

Spring 2017

The Middle School has a multidisciplinary approach to learning, with an emphasis on developing a global perspective. Pictured here are scenes from history class (above left), The Nutcracker Suite (bottom left), science and anatomy (above right) and the Egyptian Museum (below).

Other students in the new Comparative Cultures course will be doing a similar project with a focus on China. “It’s a perfect opportunity to study a 1,500-year arc of human history,” he says. “And, of course, our growing cohort of Mandarin language students will have a great deal to contribute. “Choice and voice, that’s what we give our students. We allow them the opportunity to decide some things for themselves, to take calculated risks. That’s why we offer courses in everything from technology to Broadway choreography. The underlying objective is to help them get a better idea of who they are and where their talents lie.”

already planted and ready to sprout right away by the time they enter freshman year. “By then students are ready academically and also know the importance of Augustinian values, and the importance of community and service.”

As rich as the Middle School curriculum is, students also must participate in co-curricular activities to get the most from their Austin Prep education. Community service, for example, is taken very seriously. To quote Headmaster James Hickey, Ph.D., “It’s not enough to study theology, you have to do theology.” “On Tuesdays, small groups visit elderly people at a nursing home,” Michael says. “Not just once, regularly. This gives students a chance to develop relationships over time. Everyone benefits.” Involvement in the community multiplies the ways you can learn – it puts academics into action, adds Nicole Putney, English faculty. “The classroom, playing field, service site, home environment all intersect to the benefit of student development.” Michael puts it well. “Given a sense of stability during this time of change, students are able to put down roots. That way, the tree is

In the Class of 2017, 47 graduates were “lifers,” the term for students who attended Austin Prep for all seven years, including Valedictorian Tim Cray who is heading to Georgetown. Observes Nicole, “I can always tell the kids who have been at the Middle School. They are capable and confident in unexpected ways. They’re ready for anything.”

Spring 2017



The Rule Of

For some reason people seem to remember things best in threes. The Three Musketeers. Three blind mice. Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Three Wise Men. The Holy Trinity.

Take the case of three young women who found each other in what would be the first steps of a friendship that has lasted for more than 25 years.

In famous quotes we recall Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness from the Declaration of Independence, or Veni, Vidi, Vici from Julius Caesar.

Tara Williams-Cahill ’96, Kate (Hersey) Ronan ’96 and Danielle (Cirigilano) Cataldo ’96 were part of Austin’s first class of women and have remained close through college, marriage, careers and motherhood. And now they are literally close, living within 10 miles of one another and campus.

But here’s a trio you should also remember who came, saw and conquered their days together at Austin Prep. These three truly rule when it comes to representing the best results of an Austin Prep education. The year is 1992. Imagine you are a 13- or 14-year-old girl about to enter a boy’s school that’s becoming co-educational for the very first time. What kind of courage would that require? How brave would you have to be? But anything is possible in life when you’re not alone facing challenges like that.


As Kate remembers, “All three of us were encouraged by our parents to consider Austin Prep because of the small classes and focus on academics. But when we entered the foyer for the first time academics was the last thing on our minds!” Tara adds that seeing so many boys “was intimidating. But faculty, staff and other students were so welcoming we knew we’d find our way.” Sports and clubs and co-ed classes helped. Tara and Kate were cheerleaders and Danielle played soccer. Tara, an award-winning swimmer, helped the school establish its first co-educational swim team. They all recall that typical high school challenges were easier to deal with because they had each other for support.

Spring 2017

The trio with Mrs. Marla Pascucci-Byrne, English faculty.

From left, Kate (Hersey) Ronan ’96, Danielle (Cirigilano) Cataldo ’96, and Tara Williams-Cahill ’96.

“All three of us were encouraged by our parents to consider Austin Prep because of the small classes and focus on academics. But when we entered the foyer for the first time academics was the last thing on our minds!”

After graduating, the trio went to different colleges but have all enjoyed successful careers in marketing and communications. Danielle says with a smile, “And later we all married and became mothers. Today we talk frequently, have dinners, or see one another at our children’s athletic events.” They also still celebrate one another’s achievements. When Tara was inducted into the Austin Prep Athletic Hall of Fame in 2015, her two best friends were by her side, along with the rest of the Williams and Cahill families. Friendships are based on shared experiences. They are also based on shared values. Values like veritas, unitas, and caritas. On life’s journey one often faces challenges. But the journey can be made easier when you have one or two other close friends by your side that have always shared truth, unity, and love.

Spring 2017


Diamonds in the Rough Catcher Peter Burns ’18 readies for the pitch.

New England weather can be very unpredictable. You can start your day sunny and 75, and by lunch rain has moved in and you are putting on a sweater.

For the past three years both teams have not only been at the top of the Division III state ranking, they have also found themselves among the top 10 schools regardless of division in the entire state.

These days can test us all, but for a baseball or softball player, these tests can be insurmountable – especially when playing on a dirt (also known as a mud) field. But at Austin Prep one area you can consistently predict in the spring is baseball and softball success … and lots of it! Despite some difficult winters and springs over the past few years, Austin Prep baseball and softball teams have elevated their programs to be considered among the most elite teams in the state of Massachusetts. Beyond the wins and championships these teams are also among the most elite students at Austin Prep, with recent alumni matriculating to schools like Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, Wheaton, WPI, Holy Cross, Trinity College and West Point. This commitment, both in the classroom and between the lines, is certainly the defining characteristic that instills the resilience in these student-athletes. 8

They overcome indoor tryouts, seasons beginning with over a foot of snow blanketing their respective fields, entering their schedule without an on-field practice, and prolonged delays between games as fields dry out. They combine these factors with many other year-end activities. Balancing graduation, the senior class trip, Austin Prep testing, finals and prom demands that these athletes learn how to adapt to inconsistency – a mandatory skill for the 21st century college student and working professional.

Spring 2017

Logan MacDonald ’18 winds up her pitch.

For the second year in a row, Softball is the Division III North Champions. The Cougars lost in the state finals to defending state champions Turners Falls.

Logan Bravo ’18 gets a hit.

Boys Baseball is the Catholic Central League Champions for the third year in a row, and made it all the way to the state semifinals this season.

It’s exactly what Director of Athletics Jonathan Pollard ’97 had in mind when he returned to his alma mater after a successful college baseball career and a stint as Head Coach for Team USA. “While difficult, our young men and women never utter a word of complaint as they find ways to accomplish their goals,” JP recently said. “This is important to succeed in sports, but also in life.” Achieving goals is in no short supply between these two programs. Baseball has won the Catholic Central League title for the third straight year, and softball captured its own CCL championship and returned to the Division III State Championship for the second year. For the past three years both teams have not only been at the top of the Division III state ranking, they have also found themselves among the top 10 schools regardless of division in the entire state. Lastly, with the final regular season games completed, softball finished the season with a record of 18-2, while baseball finished 16-4 (against one of the toughest schedules in the state). Just imagine what they could do with a turf field. Something to dream about. Spring 2017

Austin Prep Softball

Head Coach Frank Sorrenti 2016 & 2017 Division III State Runner-Up 2016 Massachusetts Division III Coach of the Year Logan MacDonald ’18 Division III Player of the Year

Austin Prep Baseball

Head Coach Steve Busby Consistently producing college players every year for the past four years No. 1 ranking in Division III from the pre-season to the end of regular season CCL Champions three years running 9


Art and Design teacher Rob Taylor also teaches two week-long sessions of filmmaking to students during Austin Prep’s summer programs. Many students from outside Austin Prep sign up for the program during the summer.

At a time when many schools are struggling with the issue of technology, Rob Taylor has clear ideas about how to use it, teach it, and incorporate it into the larger Austin Prep curriculum. More important, he knows how students and learning have been transformed by digital tools and leads his technology and filmmaking classes accordingly. “Kids are too impatient to listen to instructions,” he says. “They would rather dive right in and learn as they go. When you think about it, that’s ideal. And it changes everything. “Instead of supplying facts and figures, I provide concepts. Instead of giving lessons, I assign challenges – and leave it to the individual to discover a solution.” In each of Rob’s three years at Austin Prep, he has found his students more advanced, more capable. “A course in how to use an iPad is obsolete today. We work on how to use it creatively. How to say what you’re trying to say with impact.” 10

Storytelling is a major focus of Rob’s approach. In addition to guiding students in the creation of apps, video games, and podcasts, he teaches filmmaking, both during the year and at Austin Prep’s summer programs. A filmmaker himself, he sees Austin as a rich source of potential stories – and so do his students. They have already created a number of exceptional films, ranging from parodies and humor (Toastbusters) to more philosophical works (The Puddle). “These are hands-on courses,” he says. “The kids use professional equipment and software. Their level of commitment is high. One student brought in a 15-page script on the second day of class.” When asked how technology fits into a liberal arts curriculum like Austin’s, Rob offers a three- part answer. “First,” he says, “You don’t need a STEAM-focused curriculum to incorporate technology. It’s already in use all over the place here.

Spring 2017


During the year, Rob hosts a series titled Student -Teacher Podcast where teachers and students sit down together to discuss ways to make education better. He alternates between Middle and Upper school guests.

“Second, you’ve got to remember that our mission is to educate good, ethical people, not to train technologists. That’s the essence of a liberal arts education, especially in a school based on the Augustinian ethos. “Finally, values make the technology meaningful, not the other way around. You can design an app for money or you can design it to help people. Austin students understand the difference.” Rob had an equally well considered answer to the question of how to educate students for life in a world where the concepts of “job” and “career” will be very different. “The key is to stop learning things and start learning processes,” he says. “Critical thinking and analysis. How to approach a creative problem. How to organize a project. How to collaborate with other people. You can’t ever know what’s going to happen, but you can prepare yourself to react to whatever happens effectively.”

According to Rob, Austin Prep also endeavors to provide students with tangible skills that will be useful in any environment: public speaking, statistics – and now coding and filmmaking. “You know, I don’t think I would have gotten my job here if I didn’t know a lot about shooting and editing videos,” he jokes. Returning to the subject of semi-independent study, Rob emphasizes that, iPads notwithstanding, it can be a difficult transition for some kids. “They are used to structure and following a teacher’s directions. They aren’t comfortable out on their own. It can be intimidating. “It’s always satisfying to me when students move from asking me questions constantly to waving off my offers to help because they know they can do it better and faster themselves.”

Spring 2017


The Austin Prep S P E A K E R


Victoria Cataldo ’18 welcomes the school’s St. Augustine Lecture speaker, Dr. Steven R. DiSalvo, president of Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. They are pictured with Headmaster James Hickey, Ph.D. P’22, ’23, ’24.

College president urges students to have faith. In a culture where negativity has taken hold in politics and television, carrying out an act of kindness for someone else is more important than ever. This was the message that Dr. Steven R. DiSalvo, president of Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, told the 740 students at Austin Prep. “This is the question I want you to ask yourselves: How can you live your faith and make a positive impact in someone else’s life?” he said. Faith was the topic of Dr. DiSalvo’s remarks. He selected the topic because it aligns with the school’s theme this year, “Know your faith and live it well.” “Knowing your faith requires you to be educated in ways that transcend books and articles … and embracing the belief that we were put on this earth for a higher purpose,” Dr. DiSalvo said. The college president visited Austin Prep as part of the school’s St. Augustine Lecture Series. Named for Austin Prep’s patron, the series is designed to enrich the intellectual life of the school 12

community by exposing students to accomplished individuals who share their experiences and lessons learned in life. Previous speakers were Brian Montgomery, former Deputy Assistant to the President and Cabinet Secretary in the Executive Office of President Bush and former Housing & Urban Development Secretary for President Obama; and Major General Charles W. Whittington, Jr., the Deputy Commanding General of Operations in the U.S. First Army. The challenges we face in life are part of our life’s journey, so embrace those challenges, Dr. DiSalvo said. “The future is right in front of me,” he said. “You must know that you can do anything, because together, we can change the world for the better.” Dr. DiSalvo is the first lay president in Saint Anselm’s 25-year history. He is a longtime leader in higher education and philanthropy, and a former president of Marian University in Wisconsin. Prior to Marian, he worked at several nonprofit organizations, including the Hopewell Group Inc., the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation, and the Junior Achievement of New York, Inc.

Spring 2017

Class Notes

Send us an update on your life, your work, your Journey.

Charles “Chuck” O’Leary ’70 reports

that “For six years, I have been a Certified Peer Specialist at Boston Medical Center. I work with people dealing with mental health challenges at our Resource Center. I also do outreach at MGH, Carney Hospital, Mass. Mental Health and Shattuck Hospital. I also work on our Peer Support (phone) Line. At age 63, this is the most rewarding job of my life! ... I have also been in a committed relationship for over nine years with my life partner Suzanne.”

Martha Fraser, wife of Michael J. Fraser ’74, is saddened to notify the Austin

community that her husband passed away unexpectedly in March 2016. He was loved and will be missed by many friends and family. Our prayers and condolences are with Martha and her family.

Robert “Bob” Hatem ’79 writes that:

“My wife Gail and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in October, we have two children, Rachel, 22, a recent college graduate from Champlain College in Burlington, VT., and Robbie, 18, a recent graduate from Scarborough High School in Maine who will be embarking on his college career in the fall. As a family we are closely tied to the American Heart Association and have raised over $100,000 in the past 17 years in honor of the many survivors and those that may not have survived heart related events, me included. I am currently living a healthy lifestyle thanks to the great work of the AHA. I continue to work for Hannaford Supermarkets as a Director of Operations, entering my 34th year of service.”

wife continue to ride their tandem bikes and typically ride around 5,000 miles a year and are known to ride up to 100 miles in a day.

Christine Mirisola ’07 and Sung Eun Kim

Richard Messina ’86 after graduating

Angela Hart ’11 graduated summa cum

from the University of New Mexico, served as a pilot in the United States Air Force at assignments throughout the U.S., Japan and Norway. After 22 years, he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in September 2014 then opened a Play It Again Sports store in Omaha, NE. Richard and his wife, Cyndi, celebrated their 25th anniversary by attending the Olympics in Rio.

John McKee ’91 and his wife, Kate,

are happy to announce the birth of their daughter, Lily McKee. A future AP Cougar no doubt!

John “Jay” Gill ’94 and his wife, Kristen, welcomed an adorable set of twins, John and Katherine, into their family on February 21, 2017. Matthew “Matt” Passeri ’97 reports he is now living in Merrimac, MA with his wife and daughter and is working as an Associate Attorney at Monahan & Associates, P.C. in Boston.

William “Jay” Watt ’00 and Cassie Watt welcomed their third child, George Grosvenor Watt, on February 27, 2017.

Jennifer Hagan ’06 is happy to report

she is currently working as an officer in the United States Refugee Admissions Program. She divides her time between her office in D.C. and traveling to interview in the field.

Joseph “Joe” Marino ’81 started a new

job as a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices - Verani Realty. Joseph and his Spring 2017

are excited to announce they are getting married! Congrats to the couple from AP!

laude from Georgetown University on May 20, 2016 with a Master of Arts in Communication, Culture, & Technology and is attending American University on a full scholarship to pursue a doctorate in Communications.

Christina Brzezenski ’16 writes that: “Meg Braciska ’16 and I climbed up Mt. Olympus in October. This was an excursion that we could sign up for through the American College of Thessaloniki, where Meg and I are attending school for the semester. We got accepted into the NUin program through Northeastern University. If students are accepted into this program, they have to spend their first semester abroad. Meg and I both chose NUin Greece. It has given us so many opportunities, such as traveling to other European countries or going on excursions such as climbing Mt. Olympus. Personally, climbing Mt. Olympus was one of the hardest things I have done in my life, but the views as we were climbing and the view at the top made it worth it. Meghan Bodette ’16 has worked as

Director of Outreach at Kurdistan Aid, an international capacity-building and humanitarian nonprofit, since September 2016. She was also chosen for the highly selective Mortara Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Stay in touch. Email Susan Belanger, Assistant Headmaster for External Affairs, at


The cheerleaders pose for a photo with Headmaster James Hickey, Ph.D. P’22, ’23, ’24 before the start of the first football game of the season. Once again, the new stadium was packed and the stands filled to capacity.

Parent volunteers helped raise more than $50,000 at the Parents Association Signature Event in the fall. They included, from left, Nate Williams P’19, who served as the auctioneer; and Jack Ardizzoni P’19 and Bill DeRoche P’14, P’16, P’18, who sold raffle tickets.

Having a blast at the 29th Annual Austin Open Golf Tournament are, from left, Vinny Ragucci P’16, Carmine Cardillo, Todd Gerety P’16, P’19, P’22 and Tom Mannion P’16, P’18.


Laura Choma P’18, P’20 (left) is ready for the shotgun start at the 29th Annual Austin Open Golf Tournament. From left, Charlene DeRoche P’14, P’16, P’18, Veronica Tucker P’19 and Lin Chabra P’19, P’20 volunteer at the Parents Association Signature Event.

The 2015-2016 Annual Fund Your gift makes a difference. The Austin Prep Annual Fund The Austin Prep Annual Fund supports academics, the arts, athletics, student activities, and our campus. The Annual Fund is crucial to our growth and is pivotal in sustaining our success as an academic institution. Every gift is important and is an investment in the lives of all our students. Each dollar raised helps bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost to educate a student. (Represents gifts and donations of support made to the school between September 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016)

The Memorial Scholarships at Austin Prep The Memorial Scholarships at Austin Prep have been created in memory of individuals who have been part of the Austin Journey, whether they were alumni, faculty, staff, or family loved ones.


(donations marked for a specific purpose)


ANNUAL FUND $135,049

RESTRICTED (scholarships)


Total Giving $526,736.00 Spring 2017


Honor Roll of Donors Austin Prep is grateful to the following benefactors for making a contribution to the Annual Fund between September 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. The Lumen Society $10,000 +

Atty. & Mrs. John J. Burke, III P’16 Meelia Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Urick P’19

The Austin Patrons $5,000 to $9,999

Blanch M. Walsh Charity Trust Daniel F. & Margaret MacAdam Loughry Foundation Fidelity Foundation

The Austin Society $1,000 to $4999

Mr. & Atty. Stanley Alger, III P’21 Anonymous Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Benson, P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bloise Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Bouchard P’10, P’14, P’15 Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Boucher P’20 Dr. Charles M. Brain ’68 & Mrs. Maureen Murphy-Brain Atty. & Mrs. Steven M. Burke ’77, Trustee Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Choma P’18, P’20 Atty. Ralph Joseph Cinquegrana ’70 Mr. Paul M. Dradransky ’86 Execuspace Construction Corp Mr. & Mrs. William Heffron P’17 Mr. & Mrs. James Hickey, Ph.D. P’22, ’23, ’24 Mr. Edmund E. Hoell, Jr. ’70, Trustee & Ms. Carole E. Center Dr. & Dr. David J. Kuter P’19 Atty. & Mrs. Mark J. MacDougall, Esq. ’74 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mastrocola P’18 Merck Partnership for Giving Atty. & Mrs. Michael E. Mone GP’18, GP’20 Mr. Thomas Mooney & Mrs. Andrea Heil P’20, P’22 NRTBUS, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Brian Rivotto P’09, P’12, P’16 Mr. Richard W. Robbins ’70


The Headmaster’s Circle $500 to $999

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey F. Aronis ’87 Bank of America Dr. Michael J. Barry ’79, Trustee Atty. & Mrs. Charles R. Bennett, Jr., P’94, P’97, Trustee Mr. & Mrs. Kurt W. Bimmler P’04, P’09 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph X. Bruno, CPA ’75 Atty. Ronald E. Cahill ’82. & Mrs. Anne Estabrook Mr. Frank A. Capone, Jr. ’85 Class Gift - Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. John F. Conley, III P’14, P’21 Mr. & Mrs. John A. DeMarco P’95 Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Desrochers P’19 Mr. Richard P. Donovan ’70 Mr. Richard Gallagher & Mrs. Ann Powers Gallagher P’22 Dr. Matteo L. Giamarco & Dr. Christine McKenna-Giamarco P’17 Mr. William M. Green ’10 Mr. Gregory Gryllakis & Mrs. Sarah P. Meier P’20 Mr. William F. Handley ’74 Dr. Thomas J. Hynes, Jr. ’67 Joseph P. Donahue Charitable Foundation Trust Mr. Kevin M. Kerrigan ’89, Trustee Mr. & Mrs. William G. MacKenzie P’99, P’03 Mr. & Mrs. Brent L. McKenelley P’16, P’18 Mr. Gary J. Pare & Mrs. Mercedes Guiance P’17, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Reddy P’16, P’18 Dr. & Mrs. Paul G. Robertie ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Rick R. Rosania P’16, P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Sheehy P’08 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Spanks ’69 State Street Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Swanson ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sweeney P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Marek Szczesny P’19 Dr. & Mrs. Paul D. Teague ’76 P’07, P’10 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Thiel ’78 Mr. Michael J. White ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Williams P’19

The Century Club $100 to $499

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ackerley P’22, P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Steven Albanese P’20 Mr. & Atty. William M. Applegate, Jr. P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ardito P’18 Mr. & Mrs. John Ardizzoni P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Doug Barry P’19 Mr. & Mrs. William E. Bartley ’78 P’21 Mr. Keith Basile & Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Dowd) Basile ’01 Mr. & Mrs. P. Stephan Bedrosian P’14 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Beeley P’17 Mr. James A. Betses ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bianchi P’22 Mr. & Mrs. D. Scott Blodgett P’17, P’18 Ms. Julianne Bloise Mr. & Mrs. John H. Bodette P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick R. Boyle P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Bravo P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Briggs, Jr. ’92 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick F. Bruno, CPA ’72 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Burke ’81 P’13, P’17 Mr. Ryan T. Burke ’13 Mr. & Mrs. James Burnham P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Burns P’08 Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Canizalez, Jr. P’18 Mr. Gerard J. Caruso P’90, P’93, P’99 Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Caruso P’11, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. David Cerveny P’19 Mr. Mark A. Chaykovsky & Dr. Bonner N. Chaykovsky P’13, P’15 Mr. & Mrs. Roger Chouinard P’18 Mr. Michael J. Ciampa ’76 Atty. & Mrs. John F. Cohan, Esq. ’82 P’15 Dr. & Mrs. Corey Collins P’19 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Collins P’18 Collins Medical Consulting Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Connolly ’83 P’15, P’20 Mr. Thomas P. Connolly, Jr. ’72 Dr. Richard W. Conron ’84 & Mrs. Kristin Abbruzzi Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Cornetta ’01 Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Correia P’81 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent X. Costello P’07 Mr. Jason B. Craven ’88 Mr. Pierce O. Cray & Dr. Catherine A. Sheils P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Cronin ’69 Mr. & Mrs. James V. D’Agostino P’73, P’86 Atty. & Atty. Blaine DeFreitas P’18, P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Sean R. Delaney P’13, P’15 Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Derrah P’84, P’85, P’87 Dr. & Mrs. George A. DeVito, Jr. ’68 Dr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Donahue P’00 Mr. Gerald J. Donohoe, Jr. ’81 P’20

Mr. William C. Donovan, III ’93 Mr. & Mrs. William R. Driscoll ’89 Mr. & Mrs. David W. Drislane P’92 Ms. Annemarie E. Drumheller ’01 Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Duff, Jr. ’67 Mr. & Mrs. George R. Dumas GP’18 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Dunn ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher T. Ellis P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Elwell, Jr. ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Enos P’13, P’17 Dr. Paul F. Fallon ’80 Mr. & Mrs. George Farraher P’18, P’21 Mr. Vincenzo Fazzolari & Mrs. Sheila Hanson Fazzolari P’22 Mr. Sean Fennessy & Ms. Mary Riotte P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Ferri P’14, P’17, P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Floramo P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Foulds P’18, P’19 Mr. Christopher J. Gautreau ’89 Ms. Jodie L. Glennon P’17, P’19 Mr. Jim Goebelbecker & Mrs. Regina Pacor P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Golini ’71 Mr. & Mrs. David S. Gonsiorowski ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Gordon, Jr. ’72 Rev. Peter G. Gori, O.S.A. ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Max Gouveia P’13, P’16, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Gray Dr. & Mrs. Himanshu Gupta P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Haggerty P’86 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hampoian P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. David M. Hazel ’82 Mr. Robert P. Hennessy Mrs. Kelly Herrity Mr. Charles E. Heseltine Mr. Jeffrey Hodgin ’89 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Hoffman P’18 Mr. Benjamin R. Hubbell ’95 & Mrs. Melissa N. Pratt Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hughes P’19 Mr. R. J. Igo ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Carl Jaena P’19 Mr. Anthony J. Joseph & Mrs. Judith J. Templer P’00, P’03 Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Joyce P’17, P’18, P’20 Juniper Networks Dr. & Mrs. Scott Kamelle P’19, P’21 Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Kazmer P’18, P’20 Mr. Edward Kelley & Mrs. Patricia Corrigan P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Kelley P’95 Mrs. Karen A. Kennedy P’16, P’18 Col. & Mrs. James A. Knowlton ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Kochocki P’17 Mr. Mathias Kokot & Ms. Judith J. Watkinson P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. LaMonica P’14, P’18 Mr. Ernest J. Landry P’94 Atty. & Mrs. David J. Leavitt ’88 Mr. Joseph B. Lehmann & Dr. Jeanne Velde, P’06 Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Lembidakis P’21 Mr. Edward F. Lohoski, Jr. ’69 Mr. Paul S. Lyman, Jr. ’71 Capt. Michael J. Lynch ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lynch P’18 Mr. David M. MacDonald ’67 MacMillan Law Offices Atty. & Mrs. Thomas K. MacMillan ’73 Mr. & Mrs. James E. Mahan P’17

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Small P’94 Mr. John L. Markey ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Smith P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Matos P’04, P’09 Atty. & Mrs. Michael Smith P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Mayer P’09 Mr. & Mrs. Adam Sperling P’22 Mr. Mamadou Mbaye & Mrs. Mame Diouf P’18 Mr. Alexander C. Sullivan ’13 Mr. & Mrs. John P. McAnespie, II ’80 Mr. James Thain P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. McAuliffe ’78 Mr. & Mrs. William Thomson P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. McAvoy P’98, P’01, P’02 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Thornton ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin G. McCadden P’16, P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick B. Thorpe P’15, P’17 Ms. Janine M. McCarthy P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Tina P’11, P’16 Mr. & Mrs. David G. McConnell ’73 Mr. & Mrs. George J. Toscano, Jr. ’68 Mr. & Mrs. James McDonough P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Tower, III P’09, P’11 Mr. John L. McKee, Esq. ’91 Mr. Toine Van Doremalen & Mr. David E. McKenzie ’67 Mrs. Nathalie Van Doremalen-Raes P’20, Mrs. Anne M. Merrill P’93 P’21 Mr. Kurtis J. Meyer ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Vaters P’21 Mr. Paul R. Mirabella ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Eric P. Verner ’90 Mr. & Dr. Paul J. Monagle, Jr. P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Vinal P’22 Mr. & Mrs. William V. Monagle, Jr. P’01 Mr. & Mrs. Stefan Vounessea P’18, P’21 Atty. & Mrs. Michael E. Mone P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Wadzinski P’87 Mr. & Mrs. James G. Moran P’93 Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Walkenstein ’69 Mr. John A. Morley & Ms. Jennifer Karp P’15 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Wallace P’93, P’96 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Morrison P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Walsh P’19, P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mozzicato P’18 Mr. Stephen L. Willett ’68 MUFG Union Bank NA Mr. & Mrs. Andy Williams Mr. Shirish Nadkarni & Dr. Sangeeta Mr. Edward Williams Nadkarni P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Williams P’96 Mr. & Mrs. Steven Napolitano P’22 Mr. W. J. Woodford, Jr. ’75 Capt. John J. Newton ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Zdrojewski P’16 Northeast Retirement Services, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. John A. Zerfas ’75 Mr. John C. O’Donnell ’67 Mr. & Mrs. John M. O’Donnell ’77 Lt. Col. James P. Ogonowski, USAF ’75 Benefactors Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Olson P’18 $1 to $99 Mr. Peter J. O’Reilly Mr. & Mrs. David Abdoo P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Ouellette P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Andrews P’16 Ms. M. Margaret Palmer P’99, P’09, P’10 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Andre Paquette P’20 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Pendergast, III ’70 Mr. Alexander J. Bailey ’05 Atty. Robert Peterson ’04 Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Barrall P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Phong T. Pham P’07 Mr. Corey T. Bedrosian ’14 Mr. Joseph A. Pingaro & Mrs. Christine S. Atty. Thomas F. Birmingham ’67 Scola-Pingaro P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Biscardi ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Poe P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bono P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Polignone P’17 Ms. Isabella M. Bouchard ’10 Dr. & Mrs. Ernest F. Powers, Jr. P’03, P’04 Mr. Luke D. Bouchard ’14 Dr. & Mrs. Steven R. Previte P’96 Mr. Matthew J. Bouchard ’15 Mr. Aaron P. Price ’91 Mr. Douglas F. Bouvier ’05 Mr. Michael V. Pytlinski ’82 & Ms. Sharon Kieffer Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Bramante P’19, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Quinn P’22 Mr. James L. Breau P’93 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D. Rakers P’14, P’16 Mr. & Mrs. William F. Buckley, Jr. ’68 Raytheon Company Mr. & Mrs. David G. Burns P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Venkata Reddivari P’21, P’22 Mr. John L. Carew ’67 Mr. & Mrs. James E. Regan P’94, GP’20 Mr. & Mrs. John G. Carlson P’03 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Rice P’20 Mr. Steven J. Caruso, Jr. ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Peter I. Richmond P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Casaletto P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Roscillo P’07, P’10 Mr. Tarcisio L. Castro & Atty. Lorraine Rossi P’20 Ms. Nivia R. DeOliveira Castro P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sacco P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Christopher P’19 Mr. Matthew Samalis ’93 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Ciardiello P’22 Mrs. Virginia M. Samalis P’99 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony B. Clemente P’15, P’18 Dr. & Mrs. Russell C. Scaduto, Jr. ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Colello P’12 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Scire P’19 Mr. & Mrs. James J. Connolly P’80, P’83 Ms. Shivani V. Shah ’97 Ms. Katherine L. Connolly ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Sherr P’03, P’05, P’07 Mr. & Mrs. Darrin M. Courtney P’18, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Sarabjit Singh P’17 Mr. Lawrence Crehan P’19 Dr. & Mrs. Peter L. Skeirik P’03 17

Mr. & Mrs. David Cross P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Kristian A. DeMarco P’18, P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. DiTota P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Dolan, III ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Donnelly P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Dorrance P’00 Mr. Alfred T. Doughty, Jr. ’75 Mr. Philip J. Dowd ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Dowling P’98 Mr. & Mrs. William H. Driscoll P’89, P’92, P’97, P’03 Mr. William H. Drugan ’71 & Mrs. Colleen Collins-Drugan Mr. Allen R. Emmons ‘67 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Estabrooks P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Flanagan Mr. & Mrs. John P. Flynn P’08, P’21 Mr. Davis A. Foster ‘14 GE Foundation - Institute of International Education Mr. Gene Gebolys & Mrs. Jacqueline Corrado Gebolys P’17, P’19 Ms. Sydney P. Gorman ‘13 Mr. Donald B. Greenlaw, Jr. ‘76 Ms. Kayla M. Greenwood Mr. & Mrs. Hugo Guerra P’19 Mr. H. William Hamilton & Mrs. Carol Galluzzo-Hamilton P’18 Mrs. Catherine L. Hersey ‘00 Mr. David I. Hoffses Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hueston P’21 Mr. Reginald A. Joseph & Mrs. Cheryl Grant P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Kass P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kelley P’19 Mr. Timothy J. Kelley, Esq. ’82 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Kelly ’69 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Kiley P’15, P’16, P’19 Ms. Janette Kling P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kouyoumjian P’19, P’22 Mr. Tyler P. LeBlanc ’11 Mr. William I. Leuci P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Lidoski, Jr. P’17, P’19 Mr. & Mrs. David R. Lowe P’17 Mrs. Nicole C. Luongo Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. MacDonald P’17 Mrs. Robin L. MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. MacDonald P’14, P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Macdonald ’94 Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Macione P’91 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mahoney P’18 Mr. Sameh Makary & Mrs. Heba Fanous P’19 Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Mandell P’03, P’05 Mr. & Mrs. James Mangano P’17, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Mastrocola P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. McDermott, Jr. P’13, P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McDuff GP’17 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Meehan, Sr. ’67 Mr. Richard Moro & Mrs. Sophia Flaxen P’19, P’22 Mr. Philip Mothon ’66 Mr. Fernando Nascimento & Mrs. Patricia Silva P’17 Mr. & Mrs. David M. O’Brien ’85 Mr. Michael O’Hearn Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth V. O’Toole P’03, P’07 Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Parr ’99 18

Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Pasquale P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Jayesh Patel P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Paulsen P’96, P’98 Mr. Jonathan A. Pennington ’90 Ms. Caroline Perriello-Fabiano P’15, P’18, P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Perrone P’17 Mr. Michael Powers & Ms. Angela Mellon P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. Regan P’18, P’20 Mr. Eduardo Rosado & Mrs. Wanda Rivera-Rosado P’18 Ms. Faith A. Rose P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rose P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Roy P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Duane R. Sandler Mr. James A. Santagate ’86 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Santostefano P’19 Mr. & Mrs. John A. Sarto ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Schiff P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sharp P’18 Mr. Daniel R. Sherr ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Boris Tabenkin P’17, P’19 Mr. Prisco Tammaro P’17, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tapscott P’19 Mr. Joseph M. Teague ’07 Ms. Michelle E. Teague ’10 Mr. Joseph F. Tower, IV ’11 Ms. Mary K. Tower ’09 Ms. Jane Trullo P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Whittaker P’19 Mr. & Mrs. David Williams P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Zerfas P’71, P’75, P’79

Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts are a thoughtful way to remember a loved one or mark a milestone. The following people had contributions made in their name.

In Memory Of Colleen J. Adamo

In Honor Of Gary E. Mackiewicz

Mr. Roger F. Stone

In Memory Of John Baccari Mr. Roger F. Stone

In Honor Of Celia A. Barletta Mrs. Virginia M. Samalis P’99

In Honor Of Coach William Maradei Mrs. Virginia M. Samalis P’99

In Memory Of Louis G. Centore Mr. Ryan T. Burke ’13

In Memory Of William L. Maradei

Mr. Ryan T. Burke ’13 Atty. & Mrs. John S. Miele Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Petrillo P’10

In Memory Of Jenny D’Ambrosio Mr. & Mrs. Dean DeMarco Mrs. Louise M. Tavernese

In Memory Of Francis G. McCarthy

In Memory Of Stephen Ditchfield Mr. Roger F. Stone

In Honor Of Isabella C. Giamarco Dr. Matteo L. Giamarco & Dr. Christine McKenna-Giamarco P’17

In Honor Of David K. Gramling Mrs. Virginia M. Samalis P’99

Mrs. Virginia M. Samalis P’99

In Memory Of George Heseltine

In Memory Of Scott Heseltine Mr. Charles E. Heseltine

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Flanagan Mr. David I. Hoffses Mrs. Virginia M. Samalis P’99

In Memory Of George “Matt” Miller

In Honor Of Jean E. Gramling

Ms. Audrey C. Acciard Mr. & Mrs. David S. Bartle Mr. Robert Buonopane Cabela’s Mr. Jeffrey S. Caves Ms. Sally A. Cuffe Mr. John E. Humiston Mr. Walter M. Kimball Mr. & Mrs. John W. Parsons Ms. Edith Torrisi

Mr. John L. McKee, Esq. ’91 In Honor Of Megan M. Mahan Anonymous Mr. Joseph McDuff

Mrs. Catharine G. Heimbach Mr. & Mrs. Louis Heimbach Mr. & Mrs. David G. McConnell ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Pimentel ’01 Mr. Mark A. Siraco ’92 & Mrs. Isabel Nunes-Siraco Mrs. Virginia M. Samalis P’99 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Wallace P’93, P’96 In Memory Of Robert Mitchell Mr. Roger F. Stone In Memory Of Pamela Richard Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Joyce P’17, P’18, P’20 In Memory Of Thomas A. Samalis Mrs. Virginia M. Samalis P’99

In Memory Of Mary Stone

Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Barrall P’18 Mr. & Mrs. James P. Dowd ’69, P’01, P’05 Atty. & Mrs. John S. Miele Rev. & Mrs. James F. Morris P’99 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Wallace P’93, P’96 In Memory Of Cecile R. Zaccari Atty. & Mrs. John S. Miele Mr. Roger F. Stone 19

Scholarships, Funds and Gifts to scholarships contribute to the growing strength of the Austin Prep Scholarship Endowment. We are grateful to all who have donated. The Ross A. Alameddine ’05 Memorial Scholarship

The Kristen M. Corbett ’08 Memorial Scholarship

Established by the Alameddine Family and named for their son and brother, Ross, who will be remembered for his kind and caring nature, his rich sense of humor and his love of music and performance. The scholarship recognizes a student achieving in language and technology.

Established by the family and friends of Kristen Corbett in memory of Kristen, a member of the Class of 2008 who is remembered for the joy and love she brought to all who knew and loved her. She was a bright student, beloved by her teachers, friends, family, and teammates on the Girls Hockey Team.

Ms. Lynnette R. Alameddine P’02, P’05 Class of 2005 Class of 2010 Ms. Tiffany Clayton Dr. Sara E. Mandell ’05 Mr. Michael T. Nuttall ’05 Mr. John C. Rendeiro Jr. ’05

Alumni Women’s Hockey Charity Challenge Ms. Helen Adamson Mr. Daniel Bolt Ms. Maureen Buckley Mr. & Mrs. Glenn P. Corbett P’08 Mr. John Flynn Ms. Laura Flynn Mr. John G. Jamieson ’06 Ms. Shana Elizabeth McMahon ‘02 Ms. Kathleen Parsons

The John V. Aliberti ’70 Memorial Scholarship Established by the Class of 1970 in memory of their classmate, Dr. John V. Aliberti, who will be remembered for his kindness, friendship, and his ability to make everyone smile. Mr. & Mrs. Randall M. DeMarco Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Reddy P’16, P’18 Mr. & Mrs.Vincent J. Tavernese

The Jeremiah J. Cronin Memorial Scholarship Established by the Cronin Family, John ’72 and Timothy ’79, to honor their father’s service to Austin.

The Francis J. Cummings Memorial Scholarship

The Paula C. Barraza ’94 Memorial Scholarship Established by the Barraza Family in memory of Paula C. Barraza ’94, one of the first female students at Austin. She is fondly remembered for her cheerful spirit, her sense of camaraderie, and her love of life.

Established by the family and friends of Michael R. Darwin ’82. During his time at Austin, Michael was a National Honor Society member, class officer, and football player. Mr. Michael F. Cummings ’73

The Austin Scholars Program – Inner City Scholarship Fund The Austin Scholars Program is made possible due in part to the commitment of individual benefactors, foundations, our administration and Board of Trustees. We rely on the generosity of a number of benefactors whose support of The Austin Scholars Program helps to provide scholarships to deserving inner city students who otherwise would not be able to benefit from the Austin experience. Anonymous Mrs. Margaret B. (Blake) Barreto ’97 Mr. Thomas W. Dingman ’13 Mr. Edmund E. Hoell, Jr. ’70, Trustee & Ms. Carole E. Center Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kent, II P’01, P’03, P’05, P’07 Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Moran Ms. Michaela K. Welch ’13 20

Spring 2017

Donors The Michael R. Darwin ’82 Memorial Scholarship

The Scott J. Heseltine ’82 Memorial Scholarship

Established by the family and friends of Michael R. Darwin ’82. During his time at Austin, Michael was a National Honor Society member, class officer, and football player.

Established by the family and friends of Scott J. Heseltine ’82 who served as a class officer.

Mrs. Dorothy A. Darwin P’82 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Stephens

The Francis T. Duggan Memorial Scholarship Established by family and friends in memory of Francis T. Duggan, father of three Austin graduates and a longtime, devoted supporter of the school. Mr. Duggan was involved in the early years of Austin’s athletic program.

The Alyce and Fred Gilfeather Memorial Scholarship Established by the Gilfeather Family in memory of their parents who embodied the ultimate Christian expression of friendship in their displays of compassion and offers of support for those in need. Mr. & Mrs. Fredric R. Gilfeather ’69

The Margot E. Girodet Memorial Scholarship Established by the family and friends of Margot E. Girodet. Mrs. Girodet was revered in the community for her compassion, strength, intelligence, and dedication both inside and outside the classroom.The scholarship hopes to honor her memory by acknowledging those students who strive for academic excellence and community service.

The Marguerite Greenwood Hennessy Memorial Scholarship Established by an Austin Family to recognize students who have demonstrated serious academic commitment to the study of the Russian language, and plan to continue their studies.

Ms. Audrey C. Acciard Mr. & Mrs. David S. Bartle Mr. & Mrs. Robert Buonopane Cabela’s Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Caves Ms. Sally A. Cuffe Mr. Robert Guerin Mr. & Mrs. John E. Humiston Mr. & Ms.Walter M. Kimball Mr. & Mrs. John W. Parsons Ms. Edith Torrisi Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program

The Library Fund Established by the faculty at Austin Prep, contributions to this fund go toward the Fr. Arthur F. Smith Library & Media Center. Mr. & Mrs. John Barrall P’18 Atty. & Mrs. John Miele Rev. & Mrs. James Morris P’99 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Petrillo P’10 Mr. Roger F. Stone Mr. & Mrs. William Wallace P’93, P’96

William R. Lewis, Jr. ’83 Memorial Scholarship Established by the family and friends of William R. Lewis, Jr. ’83. The scholarship seeks to recognize a student who demonstrates three qualities that were characteristic of Billy himself: friendship, leadership, and determination to succeed in the face of obstacles. Mr. & Mrs. William R. Lewis P’83

Dr. Kevin M. Miller ’84


The Francis G. McCarthy Memorial Fund

The Mary E. Mullin Memorial Scholarship

Established by friends, family members and Austin Prep faculty in memory of Frank McCarthy, a beloved faculty member at Austin Prep. He was instrumental in the implementation of process writing and peer editing in Austin’s curriculum.The Francis G. McCarthy Writing Center, named in his memory, allows students to share, discuss and critique each other’s work on any type of written assignment with ease. Contributions to the fund go toward improvements and updates to the Writing Center.

Established by the Friends of Austin to honor Mary Miller, longstanding member of the Friends, and made in memory of her mother, Mrs. Mullin. As a college graduate, Mary Mullin was a member of that elite class of women in her day. She preached the value of education to her sons and daughters who in turn transferred that value to their own children. Four of Mrs. Mullin’s grandsons are graduates of Austin: Peter ’81, Mark ’83, Kevin ’84, and Geoffrey ’90. Mr. Kevin M. Miller ’84

Mrs. Rita M. McCarthy P’97, P’00

The James M. McGonagle, II ’01 Memorial Scholarship Established by the family and friends of Jim McGonagle, a beloved member of the Class of 2001 who is remembered for his contribution to family, classmates, and teammates. Mrs. Carol L. Burrows & Mr.William C. Elliott P’02 Mr. & Mrs. John P. McGonagle

The George “Matt” Miller Memorial Scholarship This scholarship has been established by Linsey and Matthew Pimentel ’01 in honor of longtime faculty member George “Matt” Miller and his decades of teaching service to Austin Prep and its students.This scholarship seeks to provide assistance to deserving students based on academic merit and need. It also recognizes students who have demonstrated leadership abilities and a commitment to their community. Alumni Men’s Hockey Charity Challenge Mr. & Mrs. James P. Dowd ’69 P’01, P’05 Mr. Sean R. Farrell ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Heimbach Mrs. Karen G. Kaliris P’07, P’10 Mr. Donald O. Lyman ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Pimentel ’01 Mr. Steven Sheldon ’78 Mr. Mark Anthony Siraco ’92 & Mrs. Isabel Nunes-Siraco Mr. & Mrs. William J. Wallace P’93


The Azniv and Adrineh Nalbandian Scholarship This scholarship has been established by Azniv and Adrineh Nalbandian and the Nalbandian Family to provide scholarship assistance to deserving students enrolled at Austin Preparatory School. Scholarships will be awarded annually to an incoming freshman (ninth grade) student of Austin Preparatory School based on academic merit and demonstrated financial need.

The Alyssa L. Nanopoulos ’08 Memorial Scholarship Established by the family of Alyssa L. Nanopoulos ’08. Alyssa, a beloved member of the Class of 2008, is remembered for the love she had for her family, friends, and community. During her seven years at Austin, where she never missed a day of school, Alyssa was involved in Big Sister and was inducted into the National Honor Society during her sophomore year. She also participated in Service Club, Latin Honor Society and served as a Senior Leader. This scholarship honors Alyssa’s memory by recognizing a deserving student who has demonstrated academic merit, active service, and financial need. Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Jasinski P’08 Mr. John Charles Rendeiro Jr. ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Phillip E.Touchette P’05

The David E. Nelson ’81 Memorial Scholarship

The Paul Sullivan ’75 Memorial Scholarship

Established by the family and friends of David E. Nelson ’81, a gifted athlete and positive student leader who was always proud to wear the green and white. He was the youngest of three Austin graduates, preceded by Fred ’73 and Ron ’75. The scholarship seeks to honor David’s memory.

Established by the Sullivan Family and the Class of 1975 and named in memory of Paul H. Sullivan ’75, who will be remembered as a loving and caring husband, father and friend. A longtime Boston media personality, Paul was both the class clown and Class President during his days at Austin.The scholarship will recognize a freshman (ninth grade) student of Austin Preparatory School who has demonstrated academic merit and financial need, and who has an eagerness to learn, and to participate in activities such as class leadership and/or journalism/writing.

Alumni Men’s Hockey Charity Challenge Mr. John P. Cummings ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Alfred A. Nelson Jr. P’73, P’75, P’81 Mr. Ronald R. Nelson ’75 Mr. Steven Sheldon ’78

The Herbert W. Peterson, Jr. and Claire M. Peterson Memorial Endowed Scholarship This scholarship has been established by the Peterson Family, including; Cynthia A. (Peterson) Kilday, Nancy E. (Peterson) Devlin, Stephen P. ’73, Robert G. ’75, James M. ’76, and Michael T. Peterson ’79 to honor their parents who believed in and encouraged Catholic education for all of their children and fostered the beliefs in hard work, commitment and family. Ms. Catherine T. Peterson ’06 Mr. David J. Peterson Ms. Mary E. Peterson ’08 Mr. Robert G. Peterson Jr. ’04

Law Office of Ryan P. Sullivan

William H. Turner Scholarship Award This award has been established by Mrs. Lillian Turner and her family in honor of her husband, Mr. William H.Turner. Mr.Turner and his wife saw four sons graduate from Austin Prep. He nurtured family life by co-creating a loving and supportive environment. He fostered academics, religion, dignity, service, athletics and good moral character.This award recognizes a deserving current student who shows strong academic discipline and demonstrates a good work ethic. Mrs. Lillian M.Turner P’72, P’73, P’81, P’83

The Barbara Zarella Memorial Scholarship The Aristides (Artie) C. Speros, Jr. ’85 Memorial Scholarship Established by the family and friends of Artie Speros ’85. Artie was a beloved member of the Class of 1985 who is remembered for his contribution to family, classmates and teammates. During his time at Austin, Artie was the Class President, while also involved with the Ski Team and French Club.The scholarship seeks to honor Artie’s memory by recognizing a deserving student who has demonstrated leadership abilities and financial need.

Established in loving memory of his mother by Joseph Zarella ’77 to honor the role every mother has in her child’s successful completion of high school.The award is presented to a senior with four years of perfect attendance at Austin. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Paul Zarella ’77

Mr.Thomas P. Donohoe ’85 GE Foundation - Institute of International Education Mr. John Francis Martin ’85 & Ms. Stacey L.Turner Mr. & Mrs. Edward J.Veno ’85


Igniting Hearts, Transforming Lives: Completion of Phase One

Thank you to the following people for helping us raise just over $1 million to build our new athletic stadium complex, representing the first step in a campaign that will take place over many years. This incredibly successful program has completely transformed our sports programs and all the associated activities. Currently, we are engaging in the necessary planning and research to move forward with the next phase of the campaign, which calls for significant infrastructure upgrades such as a newly renovated dining hall and kitchen facility. More details of this next phase of the campaign – including a timeline – describing how parents and alumni can participate will be forthcoming. 24

While all this may sound ambitious, it is also part of our collaborative efforts to build a bold and exciting future for Austin Prep where the experience is the underpinning for a lifetime of character, scholarship and contribution. If you need any additional information about our overall charitable efforts, or would like to discuss your involvement in our philanthropic events, please contact Susan Belanger, Assistant Headmaster for External Affairs, at, or 781.944.4900 x817.

Donors Anonymous (5) Ms. Cheri Amari The Ardizzoni Family P’19 Dr. Paul G. Arrigg P’12, P’14, P’19 Mr. Christopher Ayers Mr. Michael L. Baccari ’03 The Bancroft Family P’15, P’18 Ms. Celia A. Barletta Dr. Mike Barry ’79, Trustee Ms. Susan E. Belanger Charlie & Maureen Bennett P’94, P’97, Trustee Ms. Stacy Bishop Mr. Paul Bimmler ’09 Biogen Idec Mr. Tony Biscardi ’88 Mrs. Leeann Blais Stephen and Maria Blewitt Ms. Julianne Bloise Mr. John B. Blottman, III ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Bouchard P’10, P’14, P’15 Ms. Michelle Brewer Mr. Nelson S. Burbank Steven ’77 and Katie Burke The Burke Family ’75 P’06, P’07, P’10 The Capone Family ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Cavanaugh, Jr. P’96, P’97, P’98, P’01, P’03, Trustee Bruce Cerullo & the Kristen Lynch Family Fund Ms. Paige M. Christie ’11 Ms. Claudia A. Colannino Mr. Mark A. Connolly ’83 & Family P’15, P’20 The Cortese Family P’91 Mrs. Maureen A. Crowley The Dell’Anno Family P’10, P’12, P’14 Mr. Peter DeLuca The DeLuca Family P’00, P’04, P’08, P’12 Mrs. Nancy Der Sarkisian Mr. Matthew P. Diapella ’98 The DiPerna Family Ms. Jeanne Shanley DiPietro The DiRupo Family ’82 P’11, P’14 Ms. Samantha DiVito Fr. Raymond Dlugos, O.S.A., Trustee Mr. & Dr. John Douglass, Jr. P’19 Mr. & Mrs. James P. Dowd ’69, P’01, P’05 Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Duggan ’72, Trustee Mrs. Jennifer L. (Throp) Fantozzi ’97, Trustee Ms. Elizabeth C. Farrell The Filadoro Family Mr. Sean Finn Ms. Alison Fish Mr. & Mrs. John P. Flynn P’08, P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Flynn ’83, Trustee Ms. Jessica Foster Frank & Patty Fothergill P’06, P’09 Dean & Mary Freeman P’15, P’18, P’20

Ms. Alexandra A. Garcia-Mata Mrs. Emily Gatti Mr. & Mrs. William C. Geary, Esq. ’75 The Gebolys Family P’17, P’19 Eugenia and Tom Georges The Gerety Family P’16, P’19, P’22 Fred and Rose Gilfeather ’69, Trustee Ms. Stephanie Grace Mr. Charles D. Gracy Ms. Deborah J. Gray Ms. Kayla Greenwood GW&K Investment Management Pete and Sue Hajjar The Hampoian Family P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Harkins Mr. Douglas H. Hayman ’67 Dr. Paul F. Healy ’66 Mrs. Erica T. Hedrick Mr. Robert P. Hennessy Mrs. Kelly Herrity Mr. James Hickey, Ph.D. & Family P’22, ’23, ’24 Mr. Edmund E. Hoell, Jr. ’70, Trustee Mr. Edward G. Igo ’69, P’94, P’95, P’04 Mrs. Allyson Jaena & Family P’19 The Jeong Family P’18 JNB & Associates Ms. Heather Jones Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kelly P’19 Ms. Cara M. Kennedy Mr. Kevin M. Kerrigan ’89, Trustee Mr. Steven E. Kintigos Mrs. Lori Lambert-Osburn Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Lane Mr. Alex J. Lehmann ’06 Ms. Jessica Lenci The Luongo Family P’21 Mr. Edward G. MacKenzie ’99 Mr. Gary E. Mackiewicz Ms. Sally A. Maijenski Mr. George C. Malvey P’05, P’10 Coach Bill Maradei P’11, P’12 Mr. Billy Maradei ’11 The Marchetti Family P’17 Ms. Jeanne Y. Maurand Alec and Sheila May P’19 Mr. Paul W. Mayo P’01 The McCadden Family P’16, P’19 The McCarthy Family P’16 The McKie Family P’16, P’17 Mr. Michael C. McLaughlin Ms. Briana N. McLellan ’12 Mrs. Sarah P. Meier P’20 Mrs. Doreen P. Miele Mr. Nicholas J. Mulcahy ’14 The Christopher J. Murphy Memorial Fund The Nadkarni Family P’19 Jim and Marcia Noga P’12, Trustee The Park Family P’19 Mr. Vincent Parrella Ms. Marla C. Pascucci-Byrne The Paulsen Family P’96, P’98 The Petrillo Family P’10 Nathan ’93 and Nicole Piccini

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Pimentel P’99, P’01, Trustee Pimentel Construction Company Mr. Derek Piper Ms. Cynthia Pitta Mr. Jonathan J. Pollard ’97 Mr. Aaron P. Price ’91 Dr. Charles & Frances Przyjemski P’94 The Putney Family Mr. Edward L. Quinn, Jr. ’72 Mr. David D. Quirk ’84 The Rakers Family P’14, P’16 Terri & Stephen Reddy P’16, P’18 Mrs. Maryjane Restuccia GP’19 The Reusch Family Judy & Jim Reynolds Ms. Holly M. Robinson ’13 The Rubino Family P’18, P’19 SalemFive Charitable Foundation Mr. Duane R. Sandler Mr. Steven B. Santos The Sciacca Family ’75, P’13, Trustee Ms. Meg K. Shannon Mr. Nathan F. Sherr ’07 Mrs. Linda M. Sherry Ms. Nicole A. Siciliano Mr. Edmund Silva The Smith Family P’19 Ms. Christie S. Spadafora ’02 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Spengler The Strazzere Family P’19 Mr. Steven M. Swanson ’73 Ms. Jessica C. Swindell Mr. Robert Taylor The Theriault Family P’15, P’17, P’19, P’22 Andrew & Martha Tucker P’19 The Urick Family P’19 Ms. Susan M. Vacanti Dr. Ricardo A. Vanegas Mr. Eric P. Verner ’90 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Wallace P’93, P’96 Ms. Po Chun Wang Mark and Jeanne Westervelt P’11, P’14 Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Williams P’19 The Xing Family P’18


The Parents Signature Event The 2nd Annual Parents Association Signature Event on November 4, 2016 was an even bigger success than the inaugural event! The gala at Andover Country Club in Andover, MA raised more than $50,000 – twice the prior year’s total – and more than 260 parents enjoyed the cocktail reception, dinner, and silent and live auctions. The proceeds support the Annual Fund. We look forward to seeing parents at this year’s event on Friday, November 3, 2017 – be sure to save the date! Helping spearhead the Signature Event are Parents Association members, from left, Susan Ardizzoni P’19, Association President; Michelle Walsh P’19, P’21, Signature Event Committee Chair; and Michele Williams P’19, Signature Event Volunteer Coordinator.

Signature Event Committee



Mrs. Michelle Walsh P’19, P’21, Event Chair

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Conley III P’14, P’21 Heller Eyecare, Inc. Law Office of James Peterson ’76, P’19, P’21 Leonard Orthodontics, LLC. Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Loporchio P’23 Mr. Robert G. Peterson Jr. ’04 Pacific Sunshine Inc Salon 77

Mr. Abe Achab & Mrs. Yvonne Garcia P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ardito P’18 Mr. & Mrs. John R. Ardizzoni P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Bayusik P’18 Mr. Donovan Beckel P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Becker P’21 Mr. & Mrs. John H. Bodette P’16, P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Boucher P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Boulas P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Bravo P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Bray P’12, P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brosnan P’21, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. James Burnham P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. James W. Burns P’18 Mr. & Ms. Brian S. Cann Jr. P’19, P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Steven Carbone P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Gerard A. Caruso ‘90 P’20 Mr. & Mrs. John A. Cataldo P’17, P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Dominick A. Caturello P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Chabra P’19, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Chambers Jr. ’85 P’18, P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Choma P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Christopher P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Clarke P’21, P’23 Ms. Victoria Clifford-Fiorante P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cobb P’17, P’20 Mrs. Irene Collins P’14, P’16 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Collins P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Connolly ‘83 P’15, P’20 Mr. & Ms. Christopher Connolly P’17, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Corapi P’20 Mr. & Ms. Darrin M. Courtney P’18, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Crowley P’15, P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Domenico D’Angelo P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Joe Davis Mr. & Mrs. Jason Deeble P’20 Ms. Lisa Deleo Mr. Mark Demarco Mr. & Mrs. William H. DeRoche Jr. P’14, P’16, P’18 Mr. & Ms. John DiFranco P’22 Mrs. Lisa Ehrgott P’20

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Ardizzoni P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brosnan P’21, P’22 Mrs. Dana Burnham P’18, P’20 Mr. James Burns P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Dominick A. Caturello P’18 Mrs. Lin Chabra P’19, P’20 Mrs. Laura Choma P’18, P’20 Mrs. Sheila Clarke P’21, P’23 Ms. Michele Davis Mr. & Mrs.William H. DeRoche Jr. P’14, P’16, P’18 Mr. & Mrs. H. William Hamilton P’18 Mrs. Manuela Gouveia P’23 Mrs. Jessica Hampoian P’18, P’20 Mrs. Barbara Heffernan P’09, P’20 Mrs. Ann Hueston P’21 Ms. Paula Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Joyce P’17, P’18, P’20 Mrs. Carin Macnamara P’20 Mrs. Debra Maffeo Jr. P’18 Mrs. Judy Mastrocola P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mozzicato P’18 Atty. & Atty. James M. Peterson ’76 P’19, P’21 Mrs. Laurene Polignone P’17 Mrs. Gloria Reddivari P’21, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rose P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Schiff P’19 Mrs. Amanda Siano P’23 Ms. Jennifer Smith P’19 Ms.Veronica Tucker P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Williams P’19 Office of External Affairs


Dana and James Burnham P’18, P’20 were among the 260 parents in attendance. Dana is a volunteer on the Signature Event Committee.

Mrs. Clare Elkins P’20, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Fagan P’22 Mr. Domingo Farias & Mrs. Massiel Gutierrez P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Farrell Jr. P’16, P’19 Mr. Vincenzo Fazzolari & Mrs. Sheila Hanson-Fazzolari P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Karsten Fetten P’22 Ms. Victoria Clifford-Fiorante P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Fish P’20 Ms. Meghan Frey P’19 Mrs. Yvonne Garcia P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Gerety Esq. P’16, P’19, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Giardina P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Serry Gouveia P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Grasso P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Himanshu Gupta, MD P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Guthrie P’22 Mr. H. William Hamilton & Mrs. Carol Galluzzo-Hamilton P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hampoian P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Happeny P’19, P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Heffernan P’09, P’20 Dr. & Mrs. James Hickey P’22, ’23, ’24 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Hickey P’16, P’20 Ms. Heidi Hoff Mr. Frank H. Hoff ’86 P’21 Mrs. Ann Hueston P’21 Mr. & Ms. Carl Jaena P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Joyce P’17, P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Karafilidis P’21, P’23 Mr. & Mrs. A. James Kazmer P’18, P’20 Mr. Edward Kelley III & Mrs. Patricia Corrigan P’18 Mrs. Karen A. Kennedy P’16, P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Kiley P’15, P’16, P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Klucznik P’16, P’18 Mr. Mathias Kokot & Ms. Judith J. Watkinson P’19 Dr. & Dr. Kevin Kuntz P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Barry Laidlaw P’22 Atty. & Mrs. Paul Leavis P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Levine, Esq. P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Liatsos P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Lidoski Jr. P’17, P’19

Enjoying the evening are Jennifer and Christopher Smith P’19, P’21, and Roger Boucher P’20. Jennifer is a volunteer on the Signature Event Committee and designed the event’s beautiful Program Book.

Dr. Daniel P. Little P’20, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Loporchio P’23 Mr. Steven F. Lucas P’17 Ms. Erika M. Lucas P’12, P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. MacDonald P’17, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. John Macnamara P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Maffeo Jr. P’18 Mr. Jose Bernal & Mrs. Ivonne Magdaleno-Bernal P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mahoney P’18 Mr. & Mrs. James Mangano P’17, P’20 Mr. Thomas J. Mannion & Mrs. Mary E. Lewis-Mannion P’16, P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Vito A. Marchetti P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Martin P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mastrocola P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Rich Mazzocchi Mr. Robert Burke & Ms. Eileen McAnneny P’19, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCraw P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Owen McHugh P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. McKie P’16, P’17 Mr. Michael C. McLaughlin Mr. Robert Middlebrook & Mrs. Stephanie Stachow Middlebrook P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Regan N. Mills P’17, P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Mone P’18, P’20 Mr. Thomas Mooney & Ms. Andrea Heil P’20, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Morrison P’19 Mr. & Ms. Richard Mozzicato P’18 Mrs. Kathleen O’Donoghue P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O’Neill P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Andre Paquette P’20 Dr. Gary J. Pare & Mrs. Mercedes Guiance P’17, P’20 Atty. & Atty. James M. Peterson ’76 P’19, P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard S. Pienta P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Polignone P’17 Mr. William Ralls & Mrs. Siobhan Donofrio P’22 Mr. & Ms. Anthony J. Raymond P’16, P’19 Mrs. Gloria Reddivari P’21, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Reddy P’16, P’18

Mrs. Maryjane Restuccia GP’19,GP’23 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rose P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Roselli CPA P’15, P’20 Ms. Rong Ruan P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Russell P’20, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Derek Russell P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Russell P’12, P’14, P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Schiff P’19 Mrs. Patricia C. Sesar P’20 Mr. & Mrs. John Siano P’23 Mr. & Ms. Christopher G. Smith P’19 Ms. Kathi Spurr Mr. & Ms. John B. Stenson Jr. P’13, P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Lee C. Sullivan P’15, P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Tarpey P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Biron Thorpe P’15, P’17 Mrs. Veronica Tucker P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew N. Tucker P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Mark VanderZouwen P’21 Mrs. Sara Vinal P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Stefan Vounessea P’18, P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Walsh P’19, P’21 Mr. & Mrs. John Weber P’18, P’20, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory R. Whittaker P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Williams P’19 Mr. & Mrs. James Douglas Worden P’17


Drew Gerety ’16 speaks to parents and alumni before the start of dinner.

29th Annual Golf Tournament The 29th Annual Austin Open Golf Tournament on May 23, 2016 at Indian Ridge Country Club in Andover, MA raised more than $50,000 supporting the renovation of the school’s Health Office. Golfers included parents and alumni, who enjoyed an afternoon of golf before the evening festivities began. Dinner-only guests joined us for the cocktail hour, dinner buffet, and silent and live auctions.

Committee & Volunteers


Mrs. Rebekah McKie P’16, P’17, Event Chair

A & L Corporate Coach, Inc. Armor Door & Lock, Inc. Ms. Susan E. Belanger Mr. & Dr. Robert A. Bencale P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Bennett Jr. P’94, P’97 Bisbee-Porcella Funeral Home Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Blewitt Mr. & Mrs. James G. Bloise Mr. Frank A. Capone, Jr. ’85 Caras & Shulman, PC Chapdelaine Law Office Comak Brothers, Inc. Cornerstone Architects, Inc. Delta Sales of Amherst Inc. DeMoulas Market Basket Dougie Duchesne Plumbing & Heating Dr. Mickey Kids DMD Dr. Scott Goldberg D.M.D. Drs. Matteo L. Giamarco & Christine McKenna-Giamarco P’17 Five-O Promo Frommelt Dock & Door Galleria Stone & Tile Garrick-Santo Landscape Co. gphomestay

Mrs. Kerry Carey P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ciccarelli P’15, P’18 Mrs. Jacque Corrado Gebolys P’17, P’17, P’19 Mrs. Karen Kennedy P’16, P’18 Mrs. Maria Mangano P’17, P’20 Mrs. Karen McCadden P’16, P’19 Mrs. Terri Reddy P’16, P’18 Ms. Kerrimarie Rist-Morris P’15, P’16 Mrs. Lenore Scanlon P’14, P’18 Mr. Andrew Tucker P’19 Office of External Affairs


Committee members, from left, Carol Ciccarelli Becky McKie P’16, P’17, Golf Committee

J. G. MacLellan Concrete Co., Inc. Jackson Lumber & Millwork JNB & Associates Joe’s Welding, LLC Mrs. Karen A. Kennedy P’16, P’18 LaPlume & Sons Printing Co., Inc. Latham Law Offices, LLC Leavis & Rest, P.C. Mr. & Mrs. James Mangano P’17, P’20 Manzi, Bonanno & Bowers - Attorneys at Law Mass Elite AAU Basketball McKenna & Partners McLaughlin- Dello Russo Funeral Home Mr. & Mrs. Keith Thomas Mercer ’88 Metalcrafters, Inc. Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky, & Popeo Mr. & Mrs. William V. Monagle Jr. P’01 Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage NexDine, LLC Norfolk Kitchen & Bath Northern Business Machine, Inc. Pal Technical Resources Party Connection (The) Pimentel Construction Company Mr. Michael E. Rickley & Atty. M. Daria Niewenhous P’13, P’15 RSM US LLP SalemFive Charitable Foundation Simply Elegant Catering Solomon & Wright Associates, P.C. Specialized Roofing Company St. Robert Bellarmine Parish StonehamBank Mr. & Mrs. Andrew N. Tucker P’19 Wilmington Builders Supply Wilmington REMax Encore Winn Street Service

P’15, P’18, Lenore Scanlon P’14, P’18, and Chair, celebrate the start of the tournament.

Players Mr. Mark A. Connolly ’83 P’15, P’20 Mr. Michael Adam Costa ’05 EJ Coveney Mr. Garry S. Cuneo P’04 Mr. Jay Czarnecki Mr. Patrick Delaney ’09 Mr. Sean R. Delaney P’13, P’15 Mr. Damian N. Dell’Anno P’10, P’12, P’14 Mr. Keith Dennis Kary Dickens Mr. Joe Digiammo Mr. Joseph DiMare Mr. Edward A. Doherty P’89 Mr. Shawn Doherty Mr. Michael Dooling Mr. Louis A. Finocchiaro P’17 Mr. Steven F. Flagg P’16 Mr. David M. Fletcher ’73 Mr. Paul G. Flynn P’17 Mr. Joe Fodera Mr. Jeffrey Frelick P’20 Mr. Christopher J. Frommelt P’07, P’11 Mr. Jim Galipeau Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Gerety Esq. P’16, P’19, P’22 Mr. Russell J. Grant Mr. Gregory Gryllakis Mr. Jack Hackett Mr. William J. Heffron P’17

Golfers, from left, Russ Grant, Joe Ruscio, Joe Pino ’05, and Roben McCabe’05 get ready for the shotgun start.

Mr. Greg James Mr. Daniel F. Kelly P’19 Mr. Thomas J. Klucznik P’16, P’18 Mr. Christos Kourkoulos ’14 Mr. Wayne Lawson Atty. Paul Leavis P’19 Mr. Edward LeFlore Mr. Joe Leydon Mr. Fred Mackay Mr. Chris Macomber Mr. Paul Mahoney P’18 Mr. Paul Mallahan Mr. Thomas J. Mannion P’16, P’18 Mr. Ken Martin Mr. Phil Massa Mr. Roben McCabe ’05 Mr. James McCann Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. McKie P’16, P’17 Mr. Keith Thomas Mercer ’88 Mr. Charlie Miraglia Mr. Scott J. Mulcahy P’10, P’14 Mr. Gary Munsen Mr. Kevin M. Murphy II ’81 Mr. Frank Muzio Mr. Dan Noyes Mr. Jim Noyes Mr. Steven A. Pace ’88 Mr. Dave Pearce Mr. Timothy Phelan P’14 Mr. Dave Pilleri Mr. Anthony J. Pimentel P’01, P’99 Mr. Matthew J. Pimentel ’01 Mr. Joseph Frank Pino III ’05 Mr. Steven P. Poe P’16 Mr. John Pendergast

Mr. Robert Prendergast Mr. Vincent J. Ragucci III P’16 Mr. Graham Ranks Mr. Paul Robinson Ms Nicole Rosania ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Rick R. Rosania P’16, P’18 Mr. Michael J. Rossetti ’00 Mr. Joseph Ruscio Mr. Cole Rushford Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sacco P’18 Mr. Kevin Samson Mr. Enzo Scalora Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Scanlon P’14, P’18 Mr. Patrick Scanlon ’14 Mr. John Seale Mr. Jason Slye Mr. Jim Smyly Mr. Guy Strazzere P’19 Mr. Charles L. Throp P’97 Mr. Ian Tinkler P’21 Mr. Chris Urick Mr. Joseph Urick P’19, P’23 Mr. Kenneth Vallace Mr. Brian Verrier Mr. Daniel Yameen Mr. James Yameen Mr. Ken Yee Mr. Mike Zaino


AUSTIN PREPARATORY SCHOOL 101 Willow Street Reading, MA 01867-1599

Address Service Requested

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