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The Annual Report on Giving 2016-2017

Le Grande Mackiewicz Gary Mackiewicz on teaching language past and present

“A Mission of Love.” In his most famous work, “The City of God,” St. Augustine – converted sinner and bishop of Hippo – said that a nation should be defined as “a multitude of rational beings in common agreement as to the objects of their love.”

Second, we provide a vigorous academic curriculum that tests students to discover new ideas with curiosity and confidence. At Austin Prep we are not afraid of change. We embrace it. Change generates opportunity and change inspires growth.

What we value most highly – what we collectively love most – is thus the central test of this social contract.

Third, we expand our educational experience beyond academics, athletics and the arts. We provide opportunities to be challenged outside of the class, even outside of the school, in internships, international travel, Christian service, and hands-on learning programs.

As I wrote to you recently, our Board of Trustees has restated Austin Prep’s Mission in a more compelling way. It reads: Our mission is to inspire hearts to unite, minds to inquire, and hands to serve.

All these facets coalesce in a purposeful way so that Austin Prep students and alumni, armed with clear values and life skills, can really make a difference in the world. Many schools hope for similar results. At Austin Prep, we’re happy to be that inspiration.

Our mission is to inspire hearts to unite, minds to inquire, and hands to serve.


– Austin Prep’s Mission We live in a time of polarizing social division in our nation. Thankfully, an overarching goal at Austin Prep is to educate bridge builders. During a period when people are moving apart, our aim is to train leaders who can help others collaborate and move forward.

James Hickey, Ph.D. P’22, ’23, ’24 Headmaster

We do this in many ways. First, as a Catholic school, we develop habits based on love for others. From middle school on, we cultivate a spirit of servant-leadership.

Fall 2017


The Class of 2017 marched together with their class banner one last time at Baccalaureate Mass. At right, Lauren Joyce hugs Headmaster James Hickey.

Smile, Smile, Smile. There were plenty of reasons for Austin Prep’s 131 graduates to grin on commencement day, with every one accepted to college and having been awarded some $8 million in scholarships. The future is indeed bright. But perhaps Class of 2017 Valedictorian Timothy Cray summed it up best with his optimistic message. Looking to the years ahead, which will certainly be filled with dramatic changes globally and advances in technology, “in spite of all of this intrigue and uncertainty, I can guarantee one constant,” he said. “If you are a kind, charismatic, caring person, you will do well for yourself.

“You will never ‘out compute’ or ‘out produce’ a robot, but you will always ‘out smile’ it. “As a class, however, I think we also have a special responsibility to go beyond simply doing well for ourselves.” “We are a class noted for our benevolence and generosity – we are extraordinarily blessed. With this blessing comes a solemn responsibility, to humbly serve others and God, and I have no doubt that we are superbly well fitted to do this.” Salutatorian Jasmine Joseph echoed these feelings, pointing to the class sense of community “Throughout our whole time here. Whether through clubs, sports or just encouragement in the halls, we could not have done it without each other.” The general spirit of optimism continued as Rich Meelia ’67 former CEO of Covidien, a $11 billion global healthcare products company, addressed the group 50 years after his own graduation.


Fall 2017

Valedictorian Tim Gray

“You will never ‘out compute’ or ‘out produce’ a robot, but you will always ‘out smile’ it.” – Timothy Cray, 2017 Valedictorian (above)

Below: Mr. Rich Meelia ’67 addresses the graduates.

“It is important to adapt to change, embrace leadership and always be aware of your integrity,” Meelia said. “I am very confident that each of you lives with integrity. As you advance through your life, always keep integrity front and center.” These thoughts were also echoed in remarks from Headmaster James Hickey, Ph.D., who reminded students “Today, you begin your journey beyond this campus in a journey of faith, a journey in the footsteps of St. Augustine. Be confident as you explore the world. You have received a solid foundation in your Austin Prep education. You know how to be selfless, how to be determined, and how to persevere. Your Austin Prep education has prepared you for what life has waiting for you.” Always have confidence. And integrity. And a smile. Great advice to begin the next phase of life’s journey.


Trustees, from left, Kevin Kerrigan ’89, Treasurer; James Noga P’12, Chairman; Kate McHugh ’99; Headmaster James Hickey; Mike Barry ’79; Keynote Speaker Rich Meelia’67; and Damian Dell’Anno P’10, P’12, P’14.

Alexandra Monroy (left) and Kristina Talambekos.

From left, Rachel Dumond, Lily Ditchfield, and Bianca Macdonald.

Legacy families for the Class of 2017 are, from left, Bill ’81 and Ryan Letoureau, Jeffrey ’79 and Jamie Stone , and Tony ’81 and Sean Burke.


Lauren Joyce is off to the Naval Academy.

Salutatorian Jasmine Joseph addresses the audience.

Fall 2017 From left, Molly O’Leary, Caroline Lundy, Lauryn Cappuccio, Elizabeth LoCoco, Emily Tetrault, and Aislinn Connolly.

Class of 2017 Colleges & Universities Babson College

Roger Williams University

Bentley University

Rutgers University - Newark

Boston University

Saint Anselm College

Brown University

Saint Joseph’s College - ME

Bryant University

Salem State University

College of the Holy Cross

Salve Regina University

Curry College

San Diego State University

Dartmouth College

Santa Clara University

Durham University - United Kingdom

Seton Hall University

Elon University

Southern New Hampshire University

Endicott College

Stetson University

Fairfield University

Stevens Institute of Technology

Fitchburg State University

Stonehill College

Florida Gulf Coast University

Suffolk University

Fordham University

The Forman School (PREP)

Franklin Pierce University

The Hong Kong University of Science &

George Mason University

Technology - Hong Kong

Georgetown University

The University of Alabama

Gettysburg College

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Hamilton College - NY

The University of Tampa

High Point University

Trinity College Dublin - United Kingdom

Keene State University

United States Naval Academy

Loyola University Maryland

University of California, Berkeley

Marist College

University of California, Davis

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

University of California, Los Angeles

MCPHS - Massachusetts College of Pharmacy &

University of Colorado at Boulder

Health Sciences

University of Connecticut

Merrimack College

University of Florida

Nichols College

University of Maine

Northeastern University

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Northfield Mount Hermon (PREP)

University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Norwich University

University of New England

Pace University, New York City

University of New Hampshire at Durham

Pitzer College

University of Pennsylvania

Plymouth State University

Vassar College

Plymouth University - United Kingdom

Villanova University

Providence College

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Quinnipiac University

Western New England University

Regis College

Westfield State University

Rhode Island College

Wheaton College - MA

Rhodes College

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Rochester Institute of Technology

Worcester State University

Fall 2017


Just Do It. Experiential learning is more than fun, it’s changing everything. Assistant Headmaster & Head of Upper School Sean Brennan described how Austin’s curriculum is evolving to prepare kids for a new generation of challenges, including globalization, multiculturalism and constant, technology-driven disruption.

A math-loving middle-schooler learns to keep the student council books and discovers a talent for accounting. A student journalist turns out to be a much better — and funnier — writer than she ever imagined.

“The emphasis is moving from the acquisition of knowledge to its application,” he said. “It’s not what you know anymore, it’s what you can do with what you know.”

A senior news show producer learns how to use professional editing tools and wows prospective colleges. In some ways it’s new, in others it’s as old as humankind. It’s predicated on the benefits of stepping out of the classroom and testing your knowledge in the real world. Experiential learning is not a substitute for traditional education; it’s a complementary approach to learning that’s almost unlimited when used with creativity.


When asked how experiential learning and traditional education are melded at Austin Prep, Sean’s answer was emphatic. “You get the knowledge from books and lectures,” he said. “But you master it through experience.”

Failing forward Learning from actual experience means learning to value failure in ways that differ dramatically from what you might expect in a vigorous academic environment like Austin’s. Indeed, students are coming to understand that even repeated failure is nothing to get upset about.

Fall 2017

Student Council Secretary of the Treasury Tanush Mittal ’22 (at the computer) works with the Business Office and helps the council keep within its budget.

In principle, experiential learning consists of attempting a real world action, taking note of your results, thinking creatively about how to get better results, and then trying again. Edison failed at least a thousand times while inventing the first light bulb. In his view, however, there were no failures, just a single successful process with a thousand steps.

Mike O’Brien, Austin’s Director of Admissions, is impressed by the power of learning experiences to engage and motivate students. “Our student summit meetings used to be sleepy events,” he observed. “But now that the kids are running them, they are what they should have been all along: energetic, entertaining, and productive.”

“Experiential learning develops practical problem-solving skills,” Sean believes. “But it also strengthens tolerance for risk and frustration. Students become better at collaboration, critical thinking, and the self-directed pursuit of a goal.”

It’s no surprise to him that students find any form of doing — presentations, fieldwork, group projects — preferable to lectures, memorization, etc. Mike was an advocate of experiential learning long before he came to Austin and tells a funny story about one of his first efforts.

Moving out of the students’ comfort zone can also accelerate learning because they must tap into aspects of themselves they don’t typically access at school. In this kind of environment, even endless failure can boost self-confidence.

“I was teaching a geography class,” he said, “and decided to ask my students to go through their families’ trash cans and identify what was there, where it came from, and what they could deduce from their findings.” The Geography of Garbage isn’t part of the standard geography curriculum, but he knew right away that he’d come up with a winning assignment.

Fall 2017


“It’s not what you know anymore, it’s what you can do with what you know.” Seniors at Project Adventure in Beverly focus on learning leadership skills and values through experiences outside a classroom setting.

Mike also noticed that taking the experiential approach enables teachers to personalize the curriculum in meaningful ways. “If I explained a literary concept to a class and asked them to write an essay on it, I’d get 15 copies of the same essay back the next day. But, if I asked them to relate that concept to a personal event in their lives, I’d receive 15 original essays. And I can guarantee you the amount of effort expended on each would be greater.”

Students in Action Cosmo Siano ’23 doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, so his month-long experience as an archaeologist suited him fine. The assignment had two parts. In the first, he and three team members used their knowledge of Latin and Roman history to create artifacts from an agricultural estate near Pompeii. They then buried them for a second team to find, recover, and analyze. Next, it was Cosmo’s turn to conduct an excavation. “We marked off the site with ropes and recovered artifacts that included coins, a chest, and a column. Then we cataloged our finds, plotted the locations on a grid, and deduced that they had come from another Roman villa.”


Fall 2017

Students in one of Natalie Petrillo’s math classes are testing their grasp of linear equations by designing a miniature golf course. Austin’s environmental science classes join the arborists at the Harvard Forest every September as part of an extended effort to track changes in the world’s wooded areas. The students measure trees, calculate annual growth, and determine the presence of wildlife and invasive species. The data they gather helps ecologists model the ways in which the earth’s forestland is evolving. Tanush Mittal ’22 loves math and his experiences as Student Council Secretary of the Treasury have made him adept at using it for purposes of financial management. He has already mastered everything from classifying income and preparing expense reports to setting up budgets and tracking revenue.

The AP Ambassador Program: “This is actually leadership training.” Will Hamilton ’18 is one of the 16 leaders of the Student Ambassador program.

A final example of experiential learning at Austin is the Student Ambassador Program overseen by Mike. “This is actually leadership training,” Mike said. “Participants learn to conduct effective tours and interact with a variety of visitors. Naturally, many are prospective Austin families, so it’s important that ambassadors are able to impart a clear idea of what makes this school special.

Ultimately, experiential learning is just one aspect of a revolution in teaching going on right now at Austin Prep. As Dr. Hickey writes elsewhere in this issue: “We provide opportunities to be challenged outside of the class, even outside of the school, in internships, international travel, Christian service, and hands-on learning programs.” See you at the new miniature golf course.

“We also teach the ambassadors how to follow-up effectively with visitors after the tour, to take control of the relationship. Many people considering our school have told us how impressive it is to be contacted by an articulate student.”

Fall 2017


Montreal, February 1981

Paris, April 2001 (above and right)

Some of us remember when a French classroom might feature a few dog-eared copies of Paris Match and a map of the country’s wine regions.

“What’s the best way to prepare kids to succeed in a globalized world?” Gary asks. “Give them a multicultural perspective. How do you develop the capacity for critical thinking? By examining issues from different points of view. How do you strengthen your own culture? By enriching it with what you acquire from others. Our students are learning to navigate cultural differences in very practical ways.”

Gary Mackiewicz remembers. As a teacher at Austin Prep for more than 40 years, he recalls a time when an out-of-date French newspaper or a TV show on VHS were as close to France as most kids could get. “In those days, we studied the language,” Gary says. “Today, we live it.” He’s not just referring to the variety of French-language content available on-demand, although that’s indispensable in creating the immersive environment needed to attain real fluency in a foreign language. Rather, he values having the ability to show his students significant global events as the French are seeing them, online, in real time. 10

Gary is impatient with the idea that learning French is … passé. “It’s spoken in 75 countries on five continents,” he says. “As a world language, French is second only to English.” He also points out that Quebec is close by and that Canada is our No. 1 trading partner. And that at least 50% of English is derived from French. Over the course of Gary’s career he has led dozens of groups of French students to Montreal, Quebec City and France.

Fall 2017

Foreign Language Honor Society Induction, April 2016

Palace of Versailles April, 2009

French Club has always been an important adjunct to his classroom and the majority of students have been members throughout their study of French at Austin. The club has served as an introduction to French cuisine which, of course, has been a huge draw. The only requirements for membership are that the student be studying French, have a hearty appetite, and be willing to try new foods. Yet another advantage to studying the language, in Gary’s view, is its value as a medium for the discussion of Augustinian values. “We want every Austin graduate to leave here prepared for life, not just ready to take on the world, but spiritually able to meet life’s challenges, make moral judgments, and help others. And,” he adds with a laugh, “French is a more fertile field for that kind of conversation than chemistry.”

“The spiritual dimension I was just describing is veritas, of course. Unitas refers generally to the Austin community and specifically to the fact that I am often a student’s French teacher throughout his or her career at the school. Learning French is a mutual effort between us over four years or more. “And that brings us to caritas,” he says. “I believe all kids who study with me realize, whether they are brilliant students or not, that I care about them as people and want them to do well. The whole class cares about them. We’re a family. That can be hard to understand if you haven’t had the Austin experience.” What will he do if he ever retires? “Read the books I’ve been saving up,” he says. “As you’d imagine, a lot of them are cookbooks.”

When asked how Augustine’s veritas, unitas, caritas philosophy applies to his French classes, Gary has a thoughtful answer. Fall 2017



Still Feelin’


Rhodes Scholar to Senate President

Viet Nam. Inner-city riots. The early days of feminism. Political protests. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

Tom Birmingham made his way to Reading every day from Chelsea.

The late ’60s were indeed a period of social upheaval and change. Against this background the Class of 1967 entered Austin Prep when it was still a new school for boys primarily taught by a community of Augustinian priests and brothers. One popular hit song of the day urged the young generation to “Slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the morning last, looking for fun and feelin’ groovy.” While it may have sounded like an attractive offer then, 50 years later the ‘67s never were distracted or slowed down, and wrote a record of noteworthy contributions to their state, to their professions and to their school. Here are three members of that group who embody lives of service and personal journeys that are very groovy indeed.


A football and baseball player, he excelled in the classroom and remembers the discipline and hard work demanded by the faculty. “It was liberal arts based on values and ideals,” he recalled recently. Tom recalls his biology teacher Fr. Art Johnson in particular who made sure students came away from Austin with a clear appreciation of “the true, the good and the beautiful.” After Austin, Tom spent a PG year at Phillips Exeter enhancing a secondary school education that he says prepared him well for a “world class education.” He combined law with public service; from local school board to the state legislature, then serving as president of the Massachusetts Senate, Tom authored programs that elevated public education throughout the Commonwealth.

Fall 2017

Rich Meelia with Cardinal Sean O’Malley at the dedication of Meelia Hall on 2016.

Tom Birmingham at his AP Athletics Hall of Fame induction in 2015.

He attributes his lifelong commitment to a critical lesson learned from St. Augustine. Tolle Lege. Take up and read.

CEO to Philanthropist

Today he counts integrity and honesty as the keys to success – as he reminded the audience in June at the 2017 Austin Prep graduation 50 years after his own. Rich was chosen to deliver the commencement address in honor of his service and generosity to his alma mater.

Rich Meelia recalls working very hard at Austin. But on closer inspection, hard work seems to be the common theme in his life. A varsity basketball player at Austin and later at St. Anselm, Rich recalls a class of less than 100 students and a dedicated faculty. There were no short cuts, and expectations and accountability were drilled into the students. Even in spring semester of senior year, a physics teacher refused to clear Rich for baseball season due to a low grade despite the hard work. It was a valuable lesson and one he never forgot.

After earning an MBA at Boston College, Rich went on to an extraordinarily successful career in the medical supply business, culminating as Chairman and CEO of Covidien, now part of Medtronic. He was a Trustee at Austin Prep and now serves on some six boards, both for and non-profit. Years from now, whether celebrating Mass or shooting hoops in Meelia Hall, students will be following in the steps of an Austin Journey that started more than half a century ago. (Continued on the next page.)

Fall 2017


Paul McLaughlin (right) with fellow ’67 class members Tim Hynes (left) and Peter Cargill.

Hockey Player to School Savior When Paul McLaughlin first entered Austin Prep he knew he loved playing hockey. Years later he would say he learned to love Austin too. Studying pre-med at Boston College, Paul discovered that his journey would be winding and non-traditional. Instead of training to be a physician, he became a doctor of chiropractic and embarked on a career that paralleled breakthroughs in holistic medicine and non-western techniques like acupuncture. He attributes this curiosity and willingness to “take the road less travelled” to his Austin Prep education. While at BC, he also got disturbing news that the Augustinians were considering closing Austin due to financial challenges. Quickly embarking on a one young alumnus PR campaign, he arranged local TV interviews and news stories about his school’s possible demise. He even persuaded his father, a successful Boston banker to speak with the order.

In exchange for his father serving on the board, a post Paul later also filled, the Augustinians changed their minds. And the rest has been history. Today a prize goes to a graduating senior each year in honor of his parents: The Charles & Helen McLaughlin Medal for Leadership and Determination to Excel. Recognizing that academic standing is very important, this award also recognizes that the recipient has shown and accepted leadership responsibilities. In addition, she or he has exhibited a determination to excel in whatever experience she or he undertakes. It is the highest honor presented to an Austin Prep student. One might argue that Paul, or Rich, or Tom or others in the Class of ’67 each could have earned that medal in their day, or days after. And in the end they also lived up to the final line, and theme of that song. “Life I love you. All is groovy.”


Fall 2017

Class Notes

Send us an update on your life, your work, your Journey.

Mike O’Malley ’66 and Jim Maguire ’66 Mike and I were in San Diego

this past June and got a photo in front of my Viet Nam Squadron A-4. VA-23 onboard the USS Oriskany in Midway CV Museum in San Diego. Mike has an AP hat on and I’m in my Navy Hat. Say hi to everyone. - Jim

David Cormier ’67 writes that he “just retired down here in Punta Gorda, Florida. We just got back from a tour of China. We even got in a day at Shanghai Disney. I have been married 43 years with eight grandchildren. I haven’t been back to Austin since before I graduated as I missed graduation ceremonies to attend the Indy 500.” Allen Emmons ’67 reports “I just retired

from teaching 45 years at Bishop Egan and Conwell-Egan Catholic High School in Fairless Hills, PA. I hope to travel with my new trailer. Sorry to have missed the reunion! Hi to all and tell Joe Drotter - great picture!”

John Mullarkey ’70 says “Hi everybody!

Yes, I am still doing the Olympic sport of fencing as a coach and club owner. I don’t know how many of you remember in senior year when I competed in the World Championships in Madrid, Spain and made top 24. Do you remember when I started a fencing club and we had to fence in the then library? Those were the days!”

Ashley Endicott ’06 married Greg McCarthy on July 28th at the Castle Hill Inn in

Newport, RI. There were more than 35 Austin Prep alumni in attendance – and they brought along the school banner for a group photo! The photo is compliments of Joey Carregal ’05, who attended the wedding. Joey is also a new Trustee at Austin.

Dr. David Grams ’10 graduated at the

top of his class from Physical Therapy School in an accelerated program, becoming the youngest and first person to attain this accomplishment through MCPHS University. He has trained under the former Red Sox physical therapist, has worked with professional athletes, and is now on pace to become a Fellow of the American Association of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. Dr. Grams has been accepted to Evidence in Motion’s Manual Therapy Certification program with the intent to pursue Fellowship upon completion. He also has completed the Certification in Dry Needling through American Academy of Manipulative Therapy.

Fall 2017

Lauren LaMonica ’14 reports “I will

be entering my last year of undergraduate studies at Yale University pursuing a bachelor of science degree in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. I am also in an accelerated master’s program at the Yale School of Public Health and will be continuing at Yale during my fifth year to earn a Master of Public Health in chronic disease epidemiology. I hope to pursue a degree in medicine after my time at Yale, but cannot wait to see what the field of public health holds.”

Stay in touch. Email Susan Belanger, Assistant Headmaster for External Affairs, at 15

Uniting Hearts

Inquiring Minds

Serving Hands

Gifts that Give Back 2016-2017 Each year, we have the opportunity to advance the noble mission of Austin Prep. Our tradition of educational excellence and our future of endless educational possibilities drive our priorities. With higher and higher levels of support, the multitude of opportunities for our students and teachers are limitless. We make a difference by working together.

ANNUAL FUND $204,790

All gifts to the Annual Fund, regardless of amount, make a difference.

The Austin Prep Annual Fund Tradition Most independent schools rely upon additional revenue to cover the costs of delivering an outstanding educational experience, and Austin Prep is no exception. Offering a dynamic learning environment staffed by the best-trained, dedicated and experienced faculty requires resources beyond tuition.

Annual Fund and Mission Our mission is to inspire hearts to unite, minds to inquire and hands to serve. This is done through collaboration, creativity and character development and by offering students an active, challenging learning environment through a variety of programs.

RESTRICTED (scholarships) $221,762

Because of our Annual Fund, we are able to support our mission and advance excellence!

Annual Fund dollars at work 2016-2017 Experiential Learning: Field trips to outdoor centers, science labs, historic sites, and live performances make learning come alive and enhance learning experiences. Course Expansion: The popularity of our robotics course called for additional equipment purchases – including two “robot brains” and accompanying accessories. Faculty Summer Sabbaticals: Four faculty members were awarded Summer Sabbatical grants and brought those new techniques, ideas and inspiration back into their classrooms. Additionally, each year we send teachers and administrators to cutting edge conferences to further develop best practices in the classroom and those associated with co-curricular activities. Instructional & Rehearsal Pianos: The Department of Art & Design was able to create a Keyboard Lab and purchase nearly two dozen rehearsal pianos for a new music course. Athletics: Nearly every varsity team advanced to the post-season last year and 11 of our teams won Catholic Central League Championships. As teams qualify for any level of the regional and state tournaments, expenses increase: additional bus travel, officials, off-campus facility rentals (rinks, pools, baseball field), and equipment. The Annual Fund supports student success!

Fall 2017


Total Giving $495,107


Honor Roll of Donors Austin Prep is grateful to the following benefactors for making a contribution during the 2016 - 2017 fiscal year The Lumen Society $10,000.00 +

Mr. & Mrs. William G. MacKenzie P’03, P’99

Dr. Rebecca Kathryn McHugh ’99

Mr. & Mrs. James Patrick Maguire III ‘66

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Moynihan P’05

Mrs. Maryjane Restuccia GP’19, GP’23

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander T. May P’19

Dr. Gary J. Pare & Mrs. Mercedes Guiance P’17, P’20

The Meelia Family Foundation

Atty. & Mrs. Michael E. Mone GP’18, GP’20

Mr. Jonathan J. Pollard ’97 & Ms. Lindsay Fitzgerald

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Urick P’19, P’23

Mr. Thomas Mooney & Ms. Andrea Heil P’20, P’22

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Phillip Rioux ’67

Mr. Tong Xing & Ms. Xiaoxia Su P’18

Dr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Murphy, MD ’85

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Rivotto P’09, P’12, P’16

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Dr. & Mrs. Paul Gerard Robertie ’69

Mr. & Mrs. Ian Tinkler P’21

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Mr. & Mrs. John Weber P’18, P’20, P’22

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Sheehy P’08

Mr. Yongcheng Yu & Ms. Rong Ruan P’20

Mr. & Mrs. Sarabjit Singh P’17

The Austin Patrons $5,000.00 to $9,999 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Burke III P’16 Atty. Ralph Joseph Cinquegrana, Esq. ’70 Atty. & Mrs. William C. Geary, Esq. ’75

The Headmaster’s Circle $500.00 to $999

Daniel F. & Margaret MacAdam Loughry Foundation

Dr. Michael J. Barry ’79

NexDine, LLC

Ms. Susan E. Belanger

Mr. David D. Quirk ’84

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Bouchard P’10, P’14, P’15

Blanche M. Walsh Charity Trust

Mr. Robert G. Boyle & Mrs. Debra A. Kuczynski P’11

Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Duggan ’72

The Austin Society $1,000.00 to $4,999 Mr. & Mrs. Greg Alexandris P’20 Mr. & Atty. Stanley Alger III P’21 Dr. Paul G. Arrigg P’12, P’14, P’19 Bank of America Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Benson P’17 Mr. & Mrs. James G. Bloise Mr. & Mrs. John H. Bodette P’16, P’21 Mr. & Mrs. Roger C. Boucher P’20 Dr. Charles M. Brain ’68 & Ms. Maureen Murphy-Brain Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Burke ’77 Mr. Ronald E. Cahill ’82 & Ms. Anne Estabrook Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Callahan ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Cavanaugh Jr. P’96, P’97, P’98, P’01, P’03, Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Desrochers P’19 Joseph P. Donahue Charitable Foundation Trust Mr. Paul M. Dradransky ’86 Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Edward Duff Jr. ’67 Mr. John Francis Flynn Jr. ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Vincent Ford ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hampoian P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Happeny P’19, P’23 Mr. Edmund E. Hoell ’70 & Ms. Carole E. Center Mr. Chan Wook Jeong & Ms. Myung Joo Kang P’18 Dr. Daniel P. Little P’20, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Loporchio P’23 Atty. & Mrs. Mark J. MacDougall, Esq. ’74


Mr. Frank A. Capone Jr. ’85 Mr. Joseph M. Carregal ’05 Class of 2011 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Conley III P’14

Mr. & Mrs. John Joseph Spanks ’69 State Street Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Swanson ‘73 Dr. Lawrence S. Sykoff Mr. & Mrs. Marek Szczesny P’19 Dr. & Mrs. Paul D. Teague ’76 P’07, P’10 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Thiel ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Vaters P’21 Mr. Michael J. White ’71 & Ms. Jane Desforges Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Williams P’19

C-Suite Corp.

The Century Club $100.00 to $499

Mr. & Mrs. Damian N. Dell’Anno P’10, P’12, P’14

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ackerley P’22, P’23

Mr. & Mrs. John A. DeMarco P’95

Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Andrews P’16

Mr. Richard P. Donovan ’70

Applied Materials

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Michael Dunn ’70

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ardito P’18, P’21, P’21, P’22

Fidelity Foundation

Armor Door & Lock, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Frommelt P’07, P’11

Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Arthur Sr. ’79

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Gerry ’67

Mr. & Mrs. Jay H. Arthur ’82

Mr. & Mrs. Fredric R. Gilfeather ’69

Mr. Christopher Ayers & Ms. Amy Briesch

Mr. & Mrs. Serry Gouveia P’23

Ms. Celia A. Barletta

Mr. William M. Green ’10

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Barry P’19

Mr. Gregory Gryllakis & Mrs. Sarah P. Meier P’20

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Becker P’21, P’24

GW&K Investment Management, LLC

Mr. & Mrs. P. Stephan Bedrosian P’14

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Heffron P’17

Mr. Robert A. & Dr. Maureen A. Bencale P’19

Dr. & Mrs. James Hickey P’22, P’23, P’24

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Charles Bennett ’94

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Higgins P’24

Mr. Jose Bernal & Ms. Ivonne Magdaleno-Bernal

Dr. John Charles Hoell ’67

P’18, P’20

Dr. Thomas John Hynes Jr. ’67

Mr. & Mrs. Kurt W. Bimmler P’04, P’09

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Joyce P’17, P’18, P’20

Atty. Thomas Francis Birmingham, Esq ’67 &

Mr. & Mrs. A. James Kazmer P’18, P’20

Ms. Selma Botman

Mr. Kevin Kerrigan ’89

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Biscardi ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Kochocki P’17

Mrs. Leeann Blais

Mr. Josep Llorens & Mrs. Cindy Wang P’23

Ms. Julianne Bloise

Hon. & Mrs. Daniel Francis Loughry III ’69

Mr. John B. Blottman III ’78

Mr. & Mrs. Vito Marchetti P’17

BNY Mellon

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. McCarthy P’03

Ms. Jill C. Bonina

Mr. Lawrence P. Connolly & Ms. Eileen P. Kavanagh P’05

Mr. & Mrs. John Boulanger P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Briggs Jr. ’92 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph X. Bruno CPA ’75 Mr. & Mrs. Francis Edward Burke Jr. ’71 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Burke ’81 P’13, P’17 Mr. & Mrs. James Burnham P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Burns P’08 Mr. Steven John Caruso Jr. ’11 Mr. Gerard J. Caruso P’90, P’93, P’99 Mr. & Mrs. David Cerveny P’19, P’21 Mr. Marc E. Chapdelaine ’95 Mr. & Mrs. Roger Chouinard P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ciampa ’76 Mr. & Mrs. John David Clifford Sr. P’00 Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Cochran P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Patrick Connolly Jr. ’72 Dr. Richard W. Conron Jr. ’84 & Ms. Kristin Abbruzzi Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Correia P’81 Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Costello P’20, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent X. Costello P’07 Mr. Pierce O. Cray & Dr. Catherine Sheils P’17 Atty. Kevin Thomas Cronin, Esq. ’67 & Ms. Mary Jane Cleary Mr. & Mrs. James V. D’Agostino P’73, P’86, P’88 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew James de Garavilla ’00 Mr. Robert F. Derrah Jr. ’84 Dr. & Mrs. George Anthony DeVito Jr. ’68 Fr. Raymond Dlugos, OSA Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Doherty ’72 Mr. & Mrs. James B. Donohoe ’77 Mr. William Charles Donovan III ’93 Mr. Alfred T. Doughty Jr. ’75 Mr. John & Dr. Laurie Douglass Jr. P’19 Mr. & Mrs. David W. Drislane P’92 Dumas-McCarthy Family GP’18 Mr. Stephen Matthew Emery ‘05 Dr. & Mrs. Paul F. Fallon ’80 Mrs. Jennifer Fantozzi ’97 Mr. Vincenzo Fazzolari & Mrs. Sheila Hanson-Fazzolari P’22 Mr. Sean Fennessy & Ms. Mary Riotte P’16 Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Filadoro ’90 P’22, P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Flynn ’83 Mr. John R. Furey ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher John Gautreau ’89 Mr. Jared Edward Gentilucci ’00 Drs. Matteo L. Giamarco & Christine McKenna-Giamarco P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry R. Giuliano P’82 Mr. Jim Goebelbecker & Ms. Regina Pacor Mr. & Mrs. David Stanley Gonsiorowski ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Gordon Jr. ’72 Mr. Peter Gerard Gori ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Max Gouveia P’13, P’16, P’20

Ms. Deborah J. Gray

Mr. Vincent Parrella

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Griffin ’74

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Pendergast III ’70

Ms. Maria Christina Gritz ’05

Atty. Robert G. Peterson Jr. ’04

Dr. & Mrs. Himanshu Gupta, MD P’21, P’24

Atty. & Mrs. Robert G. Peterson Sr. ’75 P’04, P’06, P’08

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Hagan P’06, P’18

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Petrillo P’10

Mr. & Mrs. George J. Hamilton P’12

Mr. Nino J. Pingaro ’16

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Hatem Jr. ’79

Ms. Cynthia Pitta

Mr. Robert P. Hennessy

Dr. & Mrs. Steven R. Previte P’96

Mr. Charles E. Heseltine

Dr. & Mrs. Charles J. Przyjemski P’94

Mr. Frank H. Hoff ’86

Mrs. Nicole F. Putney

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Hoffman P’18

Mr. Michael V. Pytlinski ’82 & Ms. Sharon M. Kieffer

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Hughes P’19

Mrs. Judith D. Reynolds

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Jaena P’19

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Rice P’20

Joe’s Welding, LLC

Dr. Gregory S. Robinson & Mrs. Colleen C. Boggs P’20

Mr. Edward Kelley III & Mrs. Patricia Corrigan P’18

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Roselli, CPA P’15, P’20

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Kelley

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sacco P’18

Atty. & Mrs. David Jay Leavitt, Esq. ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Saindon P’17

Mr. Joseph B. Lehmann & Dr. Jeanne Velde P’06

Mrs. Virginia M. Samalis P’93, P’99

Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Lembidakis P’21

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Sciacca Jr. ’75 P’13

Mr. & Mrs. Keith G. Lucy P’14, P’15

Dr. & Mrs. Peter L. Skeirik P’03

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Luongo P’21, P’24

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Small P’94

Mr. David Michael MacDonald ’67

Mr. & Mrs. Walter A. Smith Jr. ’70

Mr. Gary E. Mackiewicz

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Snow P’18

Mr. Iain Grant MacLellan, OSB ’74

State Street Foundation

Atty. Thomas MacMillan ’73

Mr. Roger F. Stone

MacMillan Law Offices

Ms. Jessica C. Swindell

Mr. and Mrs. Elio Magdaleno GP’18, GP’20

Dr. Joseph B. Taylor, MD ’71 & Ms. Marie C.

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Martin ’70

Brennan-Taylor P’09

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Matos P’04, P’09

Mrs. Sarah Thain P’18

Mr. & Mrs. John P. McAnespie II ’80

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Joseph Thornton ’69

Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. McAuliffe ’78

Mr. & Mrs. George Joseph Toscano Jr. ’68

Ms. Janine McCarthy P’18

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Tower III P’09, P’11

Mr. & Mrs. James McDonough, CPA P’22

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Guy Trani ’67

Mr. & Mrs. David Everett McKenzie ’67

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Paul Verner ’90

Mr. Michael C. McLaughlin

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Vinal P’22

Mrs. Anne M. Merrill P’93

Mr. & Mrs. Henry T. Wadzinski P’87

Mr. & Mrs. Kurtis J. Meyer ’77

Mr. Paul Quinn & Mrs. Noreen Waldron Quinn P’22

Atty. & Mrs. John Miele

Dr. & Mrs. Michael David Walkenstein ’69

Millennium Matching Gifts

Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Widzinski P’07, P’11

Mr. Paul R. Mirabella ’88

Mr. Stephen Lawton Willett ’68 &

Mr. & Mrs. William V. Monagle Jr. P’01

Ms. Emer McCourt

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Moran P’93

Mr. & Mrs. Scott D. Wortman P’13, P’13

Mr. John A. Morley & Ms. Jennifer Karp P’15

Dr. & Mrs. David G. Wyman P’16

Mr. David Morley ’15

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Zerfas ’75

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Morrison P’19, P’21

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Zizza P’14

Mr. Raymond E. Nichols & Mrs. Margaret Durfee GP’16, GP’18 Mr. & Mrs. James W. Noga P’12 Mr. & Mrs. James Keating Noonan ’71 Mr. Michael O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. John M. O’Donnell ’77 Mr. & Mrs. John Charles O’Donnell ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Oneschuk P’13 Ms. Jocelyn F. O’Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth V. O’Toole P’03, P’07 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Ouellette P’19

Benefactors $1.00 to $99 Anonymous Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Steven Albanese P’20 Mr. & Mrs. John Allard Jr. P’21 Fr. Patrick Armano Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Arnold P’03, P’09 Mr. Michael Lawrence Baccari ‘03 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew N. Barr P’07

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Pardee P’23


Mr. Corey T. Bedrosian ’14

Mr. & Mrs. Noel A. Farah P’05, P’06

Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Pitts ’79

Mr. Matthew Joseph Bouchard ’15

Ms. Elizabeth C. Farrell

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Raza P’18, P’21

Mr. Sean P. Brennan

Mr. Brian J. Ford

The Reebok Foundation Matching Gift Program

Mr. Joseph W. Brine ’83

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Joseph Golini ’71

Mr. David J. Reilly ’75

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brown P’20, P’23

Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Gorman P’13

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rose P’19

Mr. Todd Brown P’20

Ms. Sydney Paige Gorman ’13

Ms. Faith A. Rose P’20

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Burke Jr. P’17

Mr. Daniel J. Graffeo

Mr. Paul Rufo Jr.

Ms. Carolyn Grace Burkett ’10

Mr. Donald B. Greenlaw Jr. ’76

Mr. & Mrs. Derek Russell P’21

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Burns P’18

Ms. Kayla M. Greenwood

Mr. & Mrs. Duane R. Sandler

Ms. Christine Bussone

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hanlon P’20

Mr. James A. Santagate ’86

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Camasso ’73 P’05

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Harrington P’21

Mr. & Mrs. John Anthony Sarto ’68

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Capone ’88

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Hartel P’86

Ms. Meg K. Shannon

Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Capraro P’02, P’05, P’97

Mrs. Erica T. Hedrick

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sherry P’24

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Carbone P’20, P’21, P’24

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Henehan P’10, P’13

Mr. Erik Smith

Mrs. Catherine Louise Hersey ’00

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Sport

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Carlson P’03

Mr. & Mrs. David I. Hoffses

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Sullivan P’06

Mrs. Jacqueline E. Cervone P’17

Mr. & Mrs. R. Warren Hopkins

Mr. Prisco Tammaro P’17, P’22

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Chase P’13

Mr. Anthony J. Joseph &

Mr. Robert Taylor

Ms. Paige M. Christie ’11

Ms. Judith J. Templer P’00

Ms. Michelle E. Teague ’10

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony B. Clemente P’15, P’18

Ms. Jannette Kling P’19

Mr. Joseph M. Teague ’07

Ms. Katherine Laura Connolly ’05

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen V. Landry ’73

Mr. & Mrs. Burt S. Tilley ’83 P’16, P’19

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Connolly P’80, P’83

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Layman P’09, P’11

Mr. Joseph Francis Tower IV ’11

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Croteau Jr. P’20

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Joseph Macdonald P’94

Ms. Mary Kristin Tower ’09

Mr. Francis DeCoste P’21

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Macione P’91

Dr. Pochun Cindy Wang

Mr. Peter DeLuca

Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. MacKenzie ’99

Mr. Edward Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony DeMarco P’21

Mr. William F. Maradei P’11, P’12

Mr. Jeffrey Denker &

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Massaro P’79, P’81

Mrs. Karyn VanDeMark P’20

Mrs. Jeanne Y. Maurand

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Joseph Dolan III ’69

Ms. Elizabeth R. McDermott ’13

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Dowling P’98

Ms. Victoria M. McDermott ’16

Mr. John Lawrence Carew ’67 & Ms. Judy Bralove

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip J. Dragone P’17, P’21

Mr. & Mrs. Brian McGrath P’20, P’21, P’21 Mr. & Mrs. William Joseph Meehan Sr. ’67 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Mothon ’66 Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Orphanos P’18

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Paulsen P’96, P’98


Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts are a thoughtful way to remember a loved one or mark a milestone. The following people had contributions made in their name.

In Memory Of Ross Alameddine ’05 Mr. Joseph M. Carregal ’05 Ms. Tiffany Clayton

Mrs. Karen G. Kaliris P’07, P’10

In Memory Of Joseph J. Bayusik Mr. Roger F. Stone

In Honor Of Robert Bell Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Arthur Sr. ’79

In Memory of Charles Kaliris Jr.

In Memory Of Maureen E. Bloise Ms. Julianne Bloise

In Memory Of Shane Boyle ’11

Mr. Robert G. Boyle & Mrs. Debra A. Kuczynski P’11

In Memory Of Marianne Cafazzo Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Reddy P’16, P’18

In Memory Of John Chuilli Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Tavernese

In Memory of Laurence Klimas Mr. Mark Costello ’75 Mr. & Mrs. James P. Dowd ’69 P’01, P’05

In Memory of Robert “Bob” Leighton ’82 Ms. Elizabeth B. Kelley P’78, P’79, P’82

In Memory of William & Janet Lewis Mr. & Mrs. William R. Lewis P’83

In Memory of Madelyn Liedtka

Mrs. Dorothy A. Darwin P’82 In Honor of Gary Mackiewicz Ms. Deborah J. Gray In Memory Of David & Hazel McAuliffe Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. McAuliffe ’78

In Honor Of Katherine L. Connolly

In Memory Of Annette Melchionda

In Memory of Rita DeCoste

In Memory Of Mr. George “Matt” Miller

In Honor of Deborah Gray

In Memory Of Hebert W. & Claire M. Peterson

Mr. Lawrence P. Connolly & Ms. Eileen P. Kavanagh P’05

Ms. Lynnette R. Alameddine P’02, P’05 Ms. Susan Greeley Mr. Joseph Kadich Ms. Barbara Scanlan

Mr. Sean P. Brennan

In Honor of Robert Hennessey Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Tanner Sr. P’01, P’03

Mr. & Mrs. William Joseph Meehan Sr. ’67 Fr. Iain Grant MacLellan, OSB ’74 In Memory Of Alyssa Nanopoulos ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Phillip E. Touchette P’05

Atty. Robert G. Peterson Jr. ’04

In Memory Of Claire Jordan Spanks

Mr. & Mrs. John Joseph Spanks ’69

In Honor of Peter A. Joseph ’00

Mr. Anthony J. Joseph & Ms. Judith J. Templer P’00


Scholarship Recipients Meet & Thank Benefactors Students who received Memorial Scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year had the chance to thank their benefactors and learn about those for whom the scholarships are named during a special event in May. The 2017 Memorial Scholarship Awards Ceremony and Luncheon also provided families who established Austin Prep scholarships in memory of loved ones with an opportunity to get to know the students receiving them. The event began with a Mass in the Chapel of St. Augustine. The school is grateful for the generosity of all those who donate to our memorial scholarship funds. Congratulations to the recipients: Katelyn Ardito ’18: The Aristedes “Artie” C. Speros, Jr. ’85 Memorial Scholarship Maggie Barden ’18: The James M. McGonagle, II ’01 Memorial Scholarship Kyle Barry ’18: The Marguerite Greenwood Hennessy Memorial Scholarship Lauren Barry ’20: The Francis T. Duggan Memorial Scholarship Andrew Dillon ’17: The Barbara Zarella Memorial Scholarship for Perfect Attendance Alden George ’20: The Herbert W. Peterson, Jr. & Claire M. Peterson Scholarship Award Julia Jenks ’20: The Austin Prep Teachers Association Scholarship Mitchell Kennedy ’18: The George “Matt” Miller Memorial Scholarship Rebecca Lowe ’17: The Barbara Zarella Memorial Scholarship for Perfect Attendance Nicholas Marchetti ’17: The Barbara Zarella Memorial Scholarship for Perfect Attendance Salina Nihalani ’18: The David E. Nelson ’81 Memorial Scholarship Mitchell Paige ’20: The Austin Prep Teachers Association Scholarship Margaret Peterson ’19: The Paul H. Sullivan ’75 Memorial Scholarship Elizabeth Richards ’19: The Kristen M. Corbett ’08 Memorial Scholarship Shanmukha Srinivasan ’18: The Ross A. Alameddine ’05 Memorial Scholarship Amanda Williams ’19: The William H. Turner Scholarship Award


Maggie Barden ’18

Lauren Barry ’20

Shanmukha Srinivasan ’18

Julia Jenks ’20

Mitchell Kennedy ’18

Salina Nihalani ’18

Mitchell Paige ’20

Elizabeth Richards ’19

Alden George ’20

Katelyn Ardito ’18

Margaret Peterson ’19

Amanda Williams ’19

Rebecca Lowe ’17

Nicholas Marchetti ’17

Andrew Dillion ’17

27 23

Scholarships, Funds and Gifts to scholarships contribute to the growing strength of the Austin Prep Scholarship Endowment. We are grateful to all who have donated. The Ross A. Alameddine ’05 Memorial Scholarship

The Austin Scholars Program – Inner City

Established by the Alameddine Family and named for their son and brother, Ross, who will be remembered for his kind and caring nature, his rich sense of humor and his love of music and performance. The scholarship recognizes a student achieving in language and technology.

Scholarship Fund

Ms. Lynnette R. Alameddine P’02, P’05 Mr. Daniel M. Beck Ms. Tiffany Clayton Ms. Diane Dugan Mr. & Mrs. Gardner D. Gray Jr. Ms. Susan Greeley Mr. Joseph Kadich Mr. Stephen R. McNaught Ms. Judith G. Murray RJ Gold & Company PC Ms. Barbara Scanlan

The John V. Aliberti ’70 Memorial Scholarship Established by the Class of 1970 in memory of their classmate, Dr. John V. Aliberti, who will be remembered for his kindness, friendship, and his ability to make everyone smile. Mr. & Mrs. Randall M. DeMarco Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Reddy P’16, P’18 Mr. & Mrs.Vincent J. Tavernese


The Austin Scholars Program is made possible due in part to the commitment of individual benefactors, foundations, our administration and Board of Trustees. We rely on the generosity of a number of benefactors whose support of The Austin Scholars Program helps to provide scholarships to deserving inner city students who otherwise would not be able to benefit from the Austin experience. Mr. & Mrs. John R. Ardizzoni P’19 Ms. Celia A. Barletta Mr. & Mrs. Brian F. Barrett ’74 Mr. & Mrs. William E. Bartley ‘78 P’21, P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Benson P’17 Mrs. Leeann Blais Mrs. Maria R. Blewitt Ms. Julianne Bloise Dr. Gregory S. Robinson & Mrs. Colleen C. Boggs P’20 Ms. Carol Brown Mr. & Mrs. Steven Carbone P’20, P’21, P’24 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Choma P’18, P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Coughlin P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Desrochers P’19 Mr. Matthew Lisa and Mrs. Leslie Dickey P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Ditchfield II P’17, P’19 Mr. & Mrs. James P. Dowd ’69 P’01, P’05 Mr. Robert J. Dunlavey ’74 & Ms. Sheila McEntee Ms. Elizabeth C. Farrell Ms. Kara A. Flynn ’08 Mr. Brian J. Ford Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Fothergill P’06, P’09 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Frommelt P’07, P’11 Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Giardina P’20 Ms. Deborah J. Gray Mr. Robert P. Hennessy Dr. & Mrs. James Hickey P’22, P’23, P’24 Mr. Edmund E. Hoell ’70 & Ms. Carole E. Center Mr. & Mrs. John J. Hoffman P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Carl Jaena P’19 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Karafilidis P’23 Mr. Lawrence P. Connolly & Ms. Eileen P. Kavanagh P’05 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Kelly P’19 Drs. David J. & Irene Kuter P’19 Mrs. Margaret S. Leighton P’11 Mr. & Mrs. David R. Lowe P’17 Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. MacKenzie ’99 Mr. Gary E. Mackiewicz Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Malloy Sr. P’18, P’22 Mr. George C. Malvey P’05, P’10 Fall 2017

Donors Mr. William F. Maradei P’11, P’12 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Marino P’19 Mr. & Mrs. John L. Markey ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mastrocola P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Alexander T. May P’19 Mr. Michael A. Hamel ’75 & Ms.Virginia Mayo-Hamel Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCraw P’23 Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. McKie P’16, P’17 Mr. Michael C. McLaughlin Mr. Richard Joseph Meelia ’67 Atty. & Mrs. John Miele Mr. John Joseph Newton ’67 Ms. Marla C. Pascucci-Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Nathan W. Piccini ’93 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard S. Pienta P’20 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Pimentel ’01 Mr. Jonathan J. Pollard ’97 & Ms. Lindsay Fitzgerald Dr. & Mrs. Ernest F. Powers Jr. P’03, P’04 Mrs. Nicole F. Putney Mr. William Ralls & Mrs. Siobhan Donofrio P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Reddy P’16, P’18 Mr. Bryan Rickard Mr. & Mrs. Louis V. Rubino P’18, P’19 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Russell P’20, P’22 Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Scanlon P’14, P’18 Mr. & Mrs. Sarabjit Singh P’17 Mrs. Jane E. Smallcomb P’02, P’03 Ms. Jessica C. Swindell Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Biron Thorpe P’15, P’17

The Paula C. Barraza ’94 Memorial Scholarship Established by the Barraza Family in memory of Paula C. Barraza ’94, one of the first female students at Austin. She is fondly remembered for her cheerful spirit, her sense of camaraderie, and her love of life.

The Kristen M. Corbett ’08 Memorial Scholarship Established by the family and friends of Kristen Corbett in memory of Kristen, a member of the Class of 2008 who is remembered for the joy and love she brought to all who knew and loved her. She was a bright student, beloved by her teachers, friends, family, and teammates on the Girls Hockey Team. Alumni Hockey Charity Challenge Ms. Danielle Marie DelDotto ’08 Ms. Caitlyn Elizabeth Dickinson ’02 Ms. Amy Elizabeth Fayne ’03 Dr. Carolyn Shea Fryzel ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Kee Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. O’Neil Jr. P’13

The Jeremiah J. Cronin Memorial Scholarship Established by the Cronin Family, John ’72 and Timothy ’79, to honor their father’s service to Austin.

The Francis J. Cummings Memorial Scholarship Established by the family in memory of Francis J. Cummings, father of two Austin graduates, grandfather of two graduates, and grandfather of one current student, Francis Cummings believed deeply in the value of Catholic education, encouraging all his children to attend Catholic schools. Mr. Michael F. Cummings ’73

The Michael R. Darwin ’82 Memorial Scholarship Established by the family and friends of Michael R. Darwin ’82. During his time at Austin, Michael was a National Honor Society member, class officer, and football player. Mrs. Dorothy A. Darwin P’82 Ms. Elizabeth B. Kelley P’78, P’79, P’82 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Stephens

The Francis T. Duggan Memorial Scholarship Established by family and friends in memory of Francis T. Duggan, father of three Austin graduates and a longtime, devoted supporter of the school. Mr. Duggan was involved in the early years of Austin’s athletic program. Mrs. Rita M. McCarthy P’00, P’97

The Alyce and Fred Gilfeather Memorial Scholarship Established by the Gilfeather Family in memory of their parents who embodied the ultimate Christian expression of friendship in their displays of compassion and offers of support for those in need. Mr. & Mrs. Fredric R. Gilfeather ’69

The Margot E. Girodet Memorial Scholarship Established by the family and friends of Margot E. Girodet. Mrs. Girodet was revered in the community for her compassion, strength, intelligence, and dedication both inside and outside the classroom.The scholarship hopes to honor her memory by acknowledging those students who strive for academic excellence and community service. 25

The Marguerite Greenwood Hennessy Memorial Scholarship Established by an Austin Family to recognize students who have demonstrated serious academic commitment to the study of the Russian language. Dr. Kevin M. Miller ’84 Mr. John Thaddeus Smolak Jr. ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Tanner Sr. P’01, P’03

The Scott J. Heseltine ’82 Memorial Scholarship Established by the family and friends of Scott J. Heseltine ’82 who served as a class officer. Andover Hockey Association

The George “Matt” Miller Memorial Scholarship This scholarship has been established by Linsey and Matthew Pimentel ’01 in honor of longtime faculty member George “Matt” Miller and his decades of teaching service to Austin Prep and its students.This scholarship seeks to provide assistance to deserving students based on academic merit and need. It also recognizes students who have demonstrated leadership abilities and a commitment to their community. Alumni Hockey Charity Challenge Mr. Mark Costello ’75 Mr. John P. Cummings ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Donahue ’77 Mrs. Karen G. Kaliris P’07, P’10 Mr. & Mrs. David G. McConnell ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Pimentel ’01 Mr. Mark Anthony Siraco ’92 & Ms. Isabel Nunes-Siraco

The Library Fund Established by the faculty at Austin Prep, contributions to this fund go toward the Fr. Arthur F. Smith Library & Media Center. Mr. Roger Stone

William R. Lewis, Jr. ’83 Memorial Scholarship Established by the family and friends of William R. Lewis, Jr. ’83. The scholarship seeks to recognize a student who demonstrates three qualities that were characteristic of Billy himself: friendship, leadership, and determination to succeed in the face of obstacles. Mr. & Mrs. William R. Lewis P’83

The Francis G. McCarthy Memorial Fund Established by friends, family members and Austin Prep faculty in memory of Frank McCarthy, a beloved faculty member at Austin Prep. He was instrumental in the implementation of process writing and peer editing in Austin’s curriculum.The Francis G. McCarthy Writing Center, named in his memory, allows students to share, discuss and critique each other’s work on any type of written assignment with ease. Contributions to the fund go toward improvements and updates to the Writing Center.

The James M. McGonagle, II ’01 Memorial Scholarship Established by the family and friends of Jim McGonagle, a beloved member of the Class of 2001 who is remembered for his contribution to family, classmates, and teammates. Mr.William C. Elliott & Mrs. Carol L. Burrows P’02 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Kee Jr.


The Mary E. Mullin Memorial Scholarship Established by the Friends of Austin to honor Mary Miller, longstanding member of the Friends, and made in memory of her mother, Mrs. Mullin. As a college graduate, Mary Mullin was a member of that elite class of women in her day. She preached the value of education to her sons and daughters who in turn transferred that value to their own children. Four of Mrs. Mullin’s grandsons are graduates of Austin: Peter ’81, Mark ’83, Kevin ’84, and Geoffrey ’90. Dr. Kevin M. Miller ’84

The Azniv and Adrineh Nalbandian Scholarship This scholarship has been established by Azniv and Adrineh Nalbandian and the Nalbandian Family to provide scholarship assistance to deserving students enrolled at Austin Preparatory School. Scholarships will be awarded annually to an incoming freshman (ninth grade) student of Austin Preparatory School based on academic merit and demonstrated financial need.

The Alyssa L. Nanopoulos ’08 Memorial Scholarship Established by the family of Alyssa L. Nanopoulos ’08. Alyssa, a beloved member of the Class of 2008, is remembered for the love she had for her family, friends, and community. During her seven years at Austin, where she never missed a day of school, Alyssa was involved in Big Sister and was inducted into the National Honor Society during her sophomore year. She also participated in Service Club, Latin Honor Society and served as a Senior Leader. This scholarship honors Alyssa’s memory by recognizing a deserving student who has demonstrated academic merit, active service, and financial need. Mrs. Amy K. Doucette ’98 Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Jasinski P’08 Mr. & Mrs. Phillip E. Touchette P’05

The Don Nealon Memorial Scholarship

The Paul Sullivan ’75 Memorial Scholarship

Established by friends, family members and Austin Prep faculty in memory of Don Nealon, who taught theology, worked closely with Campus Ministry to design and support the Senior Service Program, and coached skiing and tennis during his 15 years at Austin Prep. Contributions to this scholarship go toward a deserving student of economic need.

Established by the Sullivan Family and the Class of 1975 and named in memory of Paul H. Sullivan ’75, who will be remembered as a loving and caring husband, father and friend. A longtime Boston media personality, Paul was both the class clown and Class President during his days at Austin.The scholarship will recognize a freshman (ninth grade) student of Austin Preparatory School who has demonstrated academic merit and financial need, and who has an eagerness to learn, and to participate in activities such as class leadership and/or journalism/writing.

The David E. Nelson ’81 Memorial Scholarship Established by the family and friends of David E. Nelson ’81, a gifted athlete and positive student leader who was always proud to wear the green and white. He was the youngest of three Austin graduates, preceded by Fred ’73 and Ron ’75. The scholarship seeks to honor David’s memory. A/D Sales Alumni Hockey Charity Challenge Mr. John P. Cummings ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sean Donahue ’77 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Kee Jr. Mr. Ronald R. Nelson ’75 Synopsys, Inc.

The Herbert W. Peterson, Jr. and Claire M. Peterson Memorial Endowed Scholarship This scholarship has been established by the Peterson Family, including; Cynthia A. (Peterson) Kilday, Nancy E. (Peterson) Devlin, Stephen P. ’73, Robert G. ’75, James M. ’76, and Michael T. Peterson ’79 to honor their parents who believed in and encouraged Catholic education for all of their children and fostered the beliefs in hard work, commitment and family.

William H. Turner Scholarship Award This award has been established by Mrs. Lillian Turner and her family in honor of her husband, Mt. William H.Turner. Mr.Turner and his wife saw four sons (Patrick ’72, William ’73, Francis ’81, and Christopher ’83) graduate from Austin Prep. He nurtured family life by co-creating a loving and supportive environment. He fostered academics, religion, dignity, service, athletics and good moral character.This award recognizes a deserving current student who shows strong academic discipline and demonstrates a good work ethic.

The Barbara Zarella Memorial Scholarship Established in loving memory of his mother by Joseph Zarella ’77 to honor the role every mother has in her child’s successful completion of high school.The award is presented to a senior with four years of perfect attendance at Austin. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Paul Zarella ‘77

The Aristides (Artie) C. Speros, Jr. ’85 Memorial Scholarship Established by the family and friends of Artie Speros ’85. Artie was a beloved member of the Class of 1985 who is remembered for his contribution to family, classmates and teammates. During his time at Austin, Artie was the Class President, while also involved with the Ski Team and French Club.The scholarship seeks to honor Artie’s memory by recognizing a deserving student who has demonstrated leadership abilities and financial need. Mrs. Molly Bresnahan Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Connors ’85 Mr.Thomas P. Donohoe ’85 Ms. Elizabeth House Mr. John Francis Martin ’85 & Ms. Stacey L.Turner Mr. & Mrs. Edward J.Veno ’85


From left, Assistant Headmaster for External Affaris Susan Belanger, volunteer Maria Mangano P’17, P’20, and Golf Committee Chair Becky McKie P’16, P’17.

30th Annual Golf Tournament The 30th Annual Austin Open Golf Tournament on May 22, 2017 at Indian Ridge Country Club in Andover, MA, was an overwhelming success, raising $65,000 - the highest in a number of years. Proceeds support the transformation of the David Nelson ’81 Weight Room into the David Nelson ’81 Fitness Center (located in Meelia Hall). Golfers included parents, alumni, and friends who enjoyed an afternoon of golf before the evening festivities began. Thank you to all our golfers, sponsors, auction item donors, and raffle prize donors!

Committee & Volunteers


Chair: Mrs. Rebekah McKie P’16, P’17 Mr. Joshua Bartnicki ’18 Mrs. Julie Bonavita P’21 Mr. Logan Bravo ’18 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ciccarelli P’15, P’18 Mr. Andrew Gerety ’16 Mrs. Karen Goscinak P’20 Ms. Alicia Green ’17 Mr. William Hamilton ’18 Mr. Nicholas Hampoian ’18 Mrs. Jessica Hampoian P’18, P’20 Mrs. Pamela Miller Jenks P’20 Mr. Michael Joyce ’18 Mr. Mitchell Kennedy ’18 Mrs. Maria Mangano P’17, P’20 Mr. Shane McKie ’17 Mr. Liam O’Donnell ’18 Mr. Stephen Reddy P’16, P’18 Mr. Andrew Tucker ’19 Office of External Affairs

A & L Corporate Coach, Inc. Armor Door & Lock, Inc. Austin Preparatory School Teachers Association Ms. Susan E. Belanger Atty. & Mrs. Charles R. Bennett Jr. P’94, P’97 Mrs. Maria R. Blewitt Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bloise Mr. & Mrs. James G. Bloise Mr. & Mrs. Joseph X. Bruno, CPA ’75 Bunratty Tavern Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Burke ’81 P’13, P’17 Mr. Frank A. Capone Jr. ’85 Caras & Shulman, PC Central Signal Corporation Chapdelaine Law Office Comak Brothers, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. John F. Conley III P’14 Constant Temperature Systems Inc. DeMoulas Foundation Dodd House Gift Shoppe Dougie Duchesne Plumbing & Heating Mr. & Dr. John Douglass Jr. P’19 Five-O Promo Frommelt Equipment Co.


From left, Nate Budrow, Ron Nelson ’75, Fred Nelson ’73 and Alfred Nelson P’73, P’75, P’81.

Gphomestay J. G. MacLellan Concrete Co., Inc. Jeff Potvin Plumbing & Heating LLC Joe’s Welding, LLC JW Brine III Foundation Keane Fire & Safety Equip. Co., Inc. LaPlume & Sons Printing Latham Law Offices, LLC Mr. & Mrs. James Mangano P’17, P’20 Mass Elite AAU Basketball McKenna & Partners Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. McKie P’16, P’17 McLane Middleton Metalcrafters, Inc. Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky, & Popeo Mr. & Mrs. William V. Monagle Jr. P’01 Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage NexDine, LLC Noreasters Baseball LLC Northern Business Machine, Inc. NRTBUS, Inc. Pal Technical Resources The Party Connection Pimentel Construction Company Mr. David D. Quirk ’84 Reading Rotary Club RSM US LLP Mr. & Mrs. Louis V. Rubino P’18, P’19 S G Mechanical, Inc. SalemFive Charitable Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Steven B. Santos Security Design, Inc. Shea Concrete Products, Inc. Simply Elegant Catering Specialized Roofing Company StonehamBank Sullivan Buckingham Architects LLC Dr. Lawrence S. Sykoff (LSS Consulting) Tarpey Insurance Group Mr. & Mrs. Andrew N. Tucker P’19 Winn Street Service Mr. Chan Wook Jeong and Ms. Myung Joo Kang P’18 YMCA - Burbank Branch

Drew Gerety ’16 and Nick Hampoian ’18 assisted golfers as the Varsity Shot during the tournament.

Golfers & Dinner Guests Mr. Billy Andrulis Mr. Steve K. Anezis ’88 Mr. John R. Ardizzoni P’19 Mr. Michael Bailey Mr. Pasquale Bancarotta ’97 Mr. Virgilio Bancarotta P’97, P’00, P’02 Mr. Virgilio Bancarotta Jr. ’00 Mr. Glenn Bancroft P’15, P’18 Mr. Michael J. Baxter Mr. Michael H. Bravo P’18, P’20 Mr. Jeffrey J. Brine ’88 Mr. Joseph W. Brine ’83 Mrs. Kathleen Brine Mr. Stephen Bryer P’17 Mr. James W. Burns P’18 Mr. Eric J. Camire ’05 Mr. Robert A. Carleo Jr. Mr. John Caron Mr. Corey Carter Mr. Mark Chabra P’19, P’20 Mr. Christopher P. Choma P’18, P’20 Mrs. Laura Choma P’18, P’20 Ms. Monica Chung Mr. Anthony B. Clemente P’15, P’18 Mr. Mark A. Connolly ’83 P’15, P’20 Mr. Michael A. Costa ’05 Mr. Ray Cote Mr. Frank Cousins Mr. Leo Creegan Mr. Joseph E. Daly Mr. Timothy Daneau Mr. Jason Deeble P’20 Mr. Mark Denning Mr. William H. DeRoche Jr. P’14, P’16, P’18 Mr. Joe Digiammo Mr. Joseph DiMare Mr. Edward Doherty Mr. Shawn Doherty Mr. Michael Dooling Mr. Charles A. Duggan Ms. Carole Ellstein Mr. Jack Ferren

From left, Nick Hampoian ’18; Laura Choma P’18, P’20; Carole Ellstein GP’18, GP’20; and Jess and Scott Hampoian P’18, P’20.

Mr. Mark Fiato Mr. David M. Fletcher ’73 Mr. Ken Fluet Mr. Peter N. Flynn ’77 Mr. Jeffrey Frelick P’20 Mr. Alexander P. Frommelt Mr. Christopher J. Frommelt P’07, P’11 Mr. Paul G. Gagne ’88 Mr. Jamie Gagnon P’22 Mr. Jim Galipeau Atty. Todd A. Gerety, Esq. P’16, P’19, P’22 Mr. Russell J. Grant Mr. Russ Graves Mr. Gregory Gryllakis P’20 Mr. Matthew Guthrie P’22 Mr. Scott Hampoian P’18, P’20 Mr. Gregg Hartman Mr. Dale Hevy Ms. Sharon Iovanni Mr. Lou Izzi Mr. William Jacobs P’21 Mr. Greg James Mr. Ed Keenan Mr. Edward Kelley III P’18 Mr. Thomas J. Klucznik P’16, P’18 Mr. Daniel Kwiatek Mr. Marc LaCamara Mr. Barry Laidlaw P’22 Mr. David Lanci Mr. William Lawson Mr. Mark Linehan Mr. Mike Lyonnais Mr. John Maher Mr. Paul Mahoney P’18 Mr. Paul Mallahan Mr. Rob Mara Mr. Chuck Martin P’20 Mr. Sean McCaffrey Mr. Mike McDonald Ms. Meg McIsaac Mr. Paul G. McKie P’16, P’17 Mr. Jack McKinnon Mr. Lawrence P. McQuaid ’81, P’09, P’14 Mr. Lawrence “L.J.” J. McQuaid ’09 Mr. Matthew J. McQuaid ’86

Mr. Michael J. McQuaid ’82 Mr. Charlie Miraglia Mr. Tom Mondalto Mr. John Moody Mr. Kevin M. Murphy Mr. Alfred A. Nelson III ’73 Mr. Alfred A. Nelson Jr. P’73, P’75, P’81 Mr. Ronald R. Nelson ’75 Mr. Steven A. Pace ’88 Mr. Tyler Palmieri Mr. Bob Pendergast Mr. Rick Peterson Atty. Stephen P. Peterson, Esq. ’73 Atty. J. Tim Phelan, Esq. P’14 Mr. David Pilleri Mr. Anthony J. Pimentel P’99, P’01 Mr. Matthew J. Pimentel ’01 Mr. Joseph F. Pino III ’05 Mr. Jeremy Pozen Mr. John Prendergast Mr. Michael Prisco Mr. William Ralls P’22 Mr. Graham Ranks Mr. Stephen Reddy P’16, P’18 Mr. Robert A. Ricci P’15, P’20, P’22 Dr. Gregory S. Robinson P’20 Mr. Mark Romsavich Mr. Rick R. Rosania P’16, P’18 Mr. Joseph Ruscio Mrs. Lenore M. Scanlon P’14, P’18 Mr. Michael M. Scanlon P’14, P’18 Mr. John Seale Mr. Ed Sheehan Mr. Ronald Silva Mr. Gerry Sirignano Mr. Jason Slye Brendan J. Smith Mr. Kevin Spearman Mr. Guy Strazzere P’19 Mr. Ian Tinkler P’21 Mr. Andrew N. Tucker P’19 Mr. Martin Tucker Mr. Joseph Urick P’19, P’23 Mr. Kevin P. Walsh P’19, P’21 Mr. Nathaniel Williams P’19


AUSTIN PREPARATORY SCHOOL 101 Willow Street Reading, MA 01867-1599

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