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June - July 2010

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June - July 2010

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Letter From The Office


Regular readers of Go Team will likely notice some changes to the magazine this month. That’s because we have added not one, not two, but four new photographers to our staff of professionals who seek to showcase the best, most colorful sports and competitive action in the Tri-State. Look for their work here and in future issues as we continue to cover over a dozen events each month. And as always, be sure to visit our website,, where you can peruse and purchase not only the photos that you see published in the magazine, but also tens of thousands more from every event we’ve covered.

Let’s meet each of our new photographers: Terri Adams has been shooting professionally for six years, and has worked from her own studio for three. She loves sports photography because, as she says, “[it] captures other people doing something that they are passionate about.” As for children, Adams enjoys photographing them to see their expressions and their personalities. Michelle Lehman is a professional who, as she says, “enjoys the concentration of the players’ facial features as they try to get their shot in the sport they are playing. Also, I love watching the child’s excitement when they see their pictures and learn from their pictures.” Kids, she states, “are the best to photograph, I think. They don’t stress about the little things that adults do; they are themselves!” Matt Presley brings years of experience with both still, film and video imagery to Go Team. “Kids are a lot of fun to shoot,” Presley says. “They are unpredictable and full of character. Watching the kids light up when they find out that they are going to be in a magazine. Not to mention Dylan Gibbs Managing Editor

June - July 2010

the occasional kid that will try to show off, knowing a camera is pointed at him or her. But kids have the youthful exuberance and excitement that we as adults wish we had. I feel that when I’m shooting kids maybe some of that will rub off on me.” Photography is a passion and an art for Ashley Underhill, whose experience with photography stretches back to the age of 13. The excitement and fun of shooting sports is what makes her happy, and, and she puts it, “Capturing that moment when they catch a ball, slide into home… it just excites me that I was able to capture that moment.” The unpredictability of youth athletics is enjoyable for her, because “you just never know what they are going to do, the faces that they make when they do something really good. I love how excited kids get when they see that they are getting their pictures taken; those moments to me are priceless.” As always, look for those “priceless” moments here and online – this and every month of the year.

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CONTENTS JUNE - JULY 2010 Publisher


Bashar Hamami Business manager

Sharon Tindle

6 Champions! Memorial takes tops in lacrosse 8 u6 soccer At Vann Park 10 Holy Rosary Baseball The Muckdogs vs. The White Sox


12 Boys Baseball Panthers vs. Knights at Castle

Dylan gibbs Promotions Coordinator:

Tori Weaver Account Executives

Carolyn Cummings Keith LaCrosse Nick Doerter web Programming

Jeff Lingis

14 High School Softball Bosse vs. Wood Memorial

Production Supervisor

16 More Boys Baseball North vs. Gibson Southern


18 City Track Meet Middle Schoolers Meet at Central 20 Hoops At Metro Sports Center 21 High School Softball II North Huskies vs. Reitz Panthers


managing editor

22 Boys Golf at Helfrich Between North, Mater Dei and Central 24 Little Guys Baseball McDonald’s vs. Reis Tire Sales 25 girls Tennis Evansville Day School vs. Central 26 Little Guys Baseball II St. Ben’s Dragons vs. Holy Rosary A’s

Jaqulyn Woolsey Terri Adams Michelle Lehman Mark McCoy Matt Presley Ashley Underhill

on The coVeR This issue memorial high school’s Brett Bohls central high school’s Chris Sutton Cover Photo Mark McCoy

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27 Tumble Tots At Metro Sports Center

1 Letter from the Go Team Office/ 3 coaches’ corner 4 Athlete of the Month Aniesa Ricketts

5 Core Essentials by Chick-Fil-A

28 Schedule of Family Friendly Events 30 Behind the numbers 32 Coupons


About Kindness 4 • Browse & Buy Hundreds of Photos Online!! •

June - July 2010


Coaches Corner

Have a favorite coach you’d like to see featured in the Coaches Corner? Send an email to or

iT’s awfully TemPTing To geT ouT on The couRse This Time of yeaR. And whether you’re an old “pro” or a beginner, it’s always a more enjoyable game when you know as much as you can about it. That’s why this month we turned to John Berges for help. Here, he answers some of the questions you might have about one of the greatest sports on earth. GT: What’s your experience with golf? Who turned you on to it and when/how did you become an instructor? JB: Tom Wargo, Senior PGA Tour Player and former Dylan Gibbs Senior PGA champion, was the first person to turn Managing Editor me onto golf. I remember as a youth catching pitch shots for Tom. He would hit and I would catch them on the range with a baseball mitt. It was an easy job, he hit it very accurately. I quickly became hooked on the game. Now I am a Pga Class a Member, a PgTCa Master golf Coach (Professional golf Teachers and Coaches of america). To date I have spent over twenty years traveling around the world teaching & coaching the game of golf to players of all abilities and given between 30,000 and 40,000 lessons. I love teaching and coaching. It is especially satisfying to see a player improve and achieve their goals. You have in front of you a person who has never even swung a club: What’s the first thing you show them? I teach them the hold on the club. This is an obvious place to start as it is the only connection we have to the club itself. Moreover than the grip, I try to convey the concept of hitting the ball with momentum vs. force. The golf club and golf ball are both fairly light. The best players in the world control their swings by allowing momentum to do most of the work. If a player uses excessive force or tension.... well, there will be random outcomes. you simply cannot jerk the club around the same way twice. Once some of your student’s basic mechanics are in place, what will you move on to from there? Short Game. All those little shots around the green can add up pretty quick on your scorecard. any experienced player will tell you this. However, most everyone likes to work on full swing. I’ll tell you this, if you improve your shortgame, you will also improve your long game. One affects the other. What do you consider to be an intermediate player/student? Probably someone that can shoot from 90 to 100 on 18 holes of golf. Can a player fully enjoy the game without instruction? yes and No. a player can only fully enjoy this game when they get proper instruction. I see beginning golfers all the time come to the range and get advice from a spouse or relative. They mean well, but sometimes I cringe to hear the tips they give out. Often the player walks away frustrated and confused. This is not an easy game, after doing this for years, I can tell you there is art for focusing a player on the right stuff to get better.

COURTESy| John BeRges

What’s more important - putting money into instruction or equipment? Is it the Indian or the arrow? Most of the time, it is the arrow. Granted having a good arrow is important, but you still need the Indian to aim and shoot it. Everyone wants to buy a game. It’s more fun to buy a driver than to take a lesson. Technology helps. I would take the lesson, then perhaps talk to my pro in the lesson about my equipment needs... June - July 2010

John Berges, PGA Professional and instructor at Tee Time What’s your ultimate goal with instruction in general? My main goal is to make golf more fun. In my opinion, golf is only fun when you hit the ball far and straight at your target while thinking about something else. It certainly isn’t fun when you’re thinking a lot about it, and it doesn’t go where you like. A good instructor will work with a student on a particular move so much, until that player can do it without thought. Then it becomes second nature. What’s your personal best score for 18 holes? Where was it? Do you remember a particular shot that day? 65 at Norton air Force Base in Southern California. However, probably the most memorable round was when I shot a 68 at Pga West in La Quinhta, California from the back tees. Know a coach, instructor or team leader you’d like to see featured on Coaches Corner? Send an email to

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of Athletethe Month

sponsored by:

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14-YEAR-OLD ANIESA RICKETTS REACHES GREAT HEIGHTS IN HER LIFE – both literally and figuratively. a straight-a student at Perry Heights Middle School, Ricketts has run track for the past three years, and set a high-jump record for the year at four feet, ten inches. Here, Ms. Ricketts takes a bit of time to answer our questions as Go Team Magazine’s Athlete of the Month:


aR: Basketball, volleyball, track and field and I also [belong to] Student Council.


Volleyball, basketball and track… I like them all a lot.


[I like] to be competitive and try to do my best.






I focus on my grades first, because that’s my main priority.

WHAT DO YOU DO TO COPE WITH THE FRUSTRATION OF SPORTS AND SCHOOL? I talk to other people about how I feel [which] calms me down.

WHO ARE THE BIGGEST INFLUENCES IN YOUR LIFE? My family – they push me to excel.

Log on to and nominate someone today! 6 • Browse & Buy Hundreds of Photos Online!! •

June - July 2010

PHOTOgRaPHy | daniel knighT sTudio B

Science. I don’t particularly like gym, but I like all my other classes that I have to take.

Core Value of the Month: Kindness KINDNESS: Showing others they are valuable by how you treat them. Each of us has the opportunity to add value to another person through our actions. What lessons do children need to learn about kindness? Kindness requires us to “tune in” to others around us. The benefit of connecting with others is impossible to measure. We can all get caught up in what we need or want. When we step into someone else’s shoes and think of what they would appreciate someone doing for them, we can easily know how to be kind. Kindness allows us to have another’s interest at heart. Turning from ourselves to others gives us the opportunity to express kindness through practical actions. Realizing the value of an individual and making their interest as important as our own is the beginning of acts of kindness. Kindness doesn’t expect anything in return. The motivation for kindness is the potential for helping someone else who has a need. Children may believe, however, that they will receive a reward for acts of kindness. There is, in fact, a reward though it is often different from a child’s expectations. A familiar wise saying is “do to others as you would have them do to you.” It gives us the basis for demonstrating acts of kindness. Kindness makes us feel valued. By helping a child make this connection, we will give him or her one of the basic tools for growing up to be a kinder person. © 2010 Core Essentials, Inc. All rights reserved.

June - July 2010

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//// Lacrosse chamPioNshiP central v. memorial ////

coverage of this event by:

(270) 318-3166

RoBeRT lamey #63 for Memorial is in control and looking for an opportunity to score.

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PHOTOgRaPHy | maRk mccoy

We have 124 additional photos from this event online!

June - July 2010

//// Lacrosse chamPioNshiP central v. memorial //// caleB fRank #44 for Central and sam cuRTis for Memorial are showing great sportsmanship, sharing the excitement of both teams being in the championship.


Zac wehneR #22 for Central runs away with the ball after a steal and looks for the open shot.

luis monToya #26 for Central is looking for an open teammate to help move the ball down the field.

PHOTOgRaPHy | maRk mccoy

hayden deem #2 concentrates hard to make it passed the defenders and keep the ball in his possesion.

June - July 2010

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//// U6 soccer mitchell v. hayes ////

coverage of this event by:

(812) 479-5425

Blake loThameR gives the ball a big kick before the defenders come to make a steal.

PHOTOgRaPHy | maRk mccoy

We have 129 additional photos from this event online!

10 • Browse & Buy Hundreds of Photos Online!! •

June - July 2010

//// U6 soccer mitchell v. hayes //// sPenceR kellams is using fancy foot work to keep control of the ball.

isaac RuiZ

is back to run in for another steal.

a miTchell PlayeR looks for

an opening to charge toward the goal.

PHOTOgRaPHy | maRk mccoy

kaleB Bowen takes off with the ball as defenders and teammates follow behind. June - July 2010

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//// basebaLL holy rosary muckdogs v. White sox ////

We have 397 additional photos from this event online! 12 • Browse & Buy Hundreds of Photos Online!! •

June - July 2010

PHOTOgRaPHy | michelle lehman

young holy RosaRy whiTe soX hurler aims for a strike.


basebaLL holy rosary muckdogs v. White sox ////


action at the plate.

The whiTe soX’s #11

kicks up dust rounding 2nd.

PHOTOgRaPHy | michelle lehman

muckdog PlayeR

scans the field.

June - July 2010

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//// basebaLL castle v. reitz ////

Panthers batsman

JaRReT young #17

alone readies his swing.

casTle’s PiTcheR

keeps a side eye on the runner as he readies himself from the stretch.

Reitz’s #6, eRik BRyanT tries to check his swing.

knighTs sluggeR #2 follows the flight of the ball from his bat. .

14 • Browse & Buy Hundreds of Photos Online!! •

PHOTOgRaPHy | michelle lehman

Celebrations on the knighTs’ side of the field.

June - July 2010

//// basebaLL castle v. reitz ////

Reitz’s aleX

TRinkle #34

delivers a wicked pitch to the plate.

We have 377 additional photos from this event online!

PHOTOgRaPHy | michelle lehman

coaches and PlayeRs alike are also

on field crew duty.

June - July 2010

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softball Bosse v. Wood Memorial ////

Kaylan Whitehead (#10) takes off, after a long hard hit, to make it to first.

The ball’s in play as Bosse’s offense gets going.

shows excellent form while fielding the ball.

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June - July 2010

Photography | Mark McCoy

Taylor Schottman


soFtbaLL bosse v. Wood memorial ////

laRamy PARKE (#5) has

one mean arm for 3rd base! She really knows how to get it to first and get outs.

A well-placed tag by

Bosse’s caTcheR; a perfect slide by wood memoRial’s #14.

We have 82 additional photos from this event online! PHOTOgRaPHy | maRk mccoy

grit and determination on the face of the lady Bulldogs’ pitcher.

June - July 2010

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//// basebaLL North v. Gibson southern //// giBson souTheRn’s #20 watches a ball fly past the plate.

huskies RIGHThandeR #7 studies an

oncoming pitch.

pulls back and releases quickly for a fast ball.

noRTh slides into base before giBson souTheRn got the

chance to tag them out.

PHOTOgRaPHy | maTT PResley

We have 48 additional photos from this event online!

noRTh’s PiTcheR #2

giBson souTheRn’s #9 readies himself for the pitch.

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June - July 2010

June - July 2010

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//// miDDLe schooL tracK at central ////

Zach TuRi from Oak Hill makes jumping over hurdles look easy as he takes the lead.

PHOTOgRaPHy | maRk mccoy

We have 151 additional photos from this event online!

20 • Browse & Buy Hundreds of Photos Online!! •

June - July 2010

//// miDDLe schooL tracK at central //// ashlyn gomoll of Oak Hill makes it over the bar for the high jump.

eThan mounTs

from Perry Heights is running hard hoping to win.

The ladies take off and glennwood takes the lead.

PHOTOgRaPHy | maRk mccoy

ThomPkins shows their power in shot put. June - July 2010

saRah BRyan from Helfrich Park is in it to win it. The determination and concentration are in her face and her stride.

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//// basKetbaLL at metro sports ////

We have 177 additional photos from this event online!

Nathan Springer

Cordalb Straub Hayden Kopshever

22 • Browse & Buy Hundreds of Photos Online!! •

June - July 2010

PHOTOgRaPHy | TeRRi adams

Hayden Kopshever, Nathan Springer, Cordalb Straub

kelsey RoBaRds

//// soFtbaLL North v. reitz ////

runs hard to make it to the plate.

anna BallaRd

winds up for a hard pitch. As a sophomore at Reitz, anna has really dedicated herself to her sports and school. She is an all around excellent athlete, not just a softball player.

desiRee daniel from North tags the plate for an out before Reitz could tag base.

We have 128 additional photos from this event online!

PHOTOgRaPHy | maRk mccoy

aleX schuTTe from Reitz swings hard to try and make it to first base. June - July 2010

BRiTTany schnaaRe

stands in the dug out cheering on her teammates.

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//// GoLF North, mater Dei & central ////

PHOTOgRaPHy | maRk mccoy

We have 111 additional photos from this event online!

24 • Browse & Buy Hundreds of Photos Online!! •

June - July 2010


GoLF North, mater Dei & central ////

A noRTh golfer takes a hard swing and watches closely hoping to hit the green.

A maTeR dei golfer holds his stance and watches intensely until he sees the ball drop.

PHOTOgRaPHy | maRk mccoy

June - July 2010

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//// basebaLL mcDonald’s v. reis tire //// The catcher for


team prepares for another inning.

A player for Reis TiRes swings hard and takes off with great speed towards first base.

Reis TiRe players slides into home plate safely as a McDonald’s player tries to tag him out first.

We have 88 additional photos from this event online!

A player for


raises his arms in complete excitement, on the way back to the dug out, after making another run home!

PHOTOgRaPHy | maRk mccoy

The picther for

Reis TiRe’s

pulls back with anticipation of a strike!

26 • Browse & Buy Hundreds of Photos Online!! •

June - July 2010

//// teNNis evansville Day school v. central //// The Teams

congradulate each other on a game well played.

We have 52 additional photos from this event online! PHOTOgRaPHy | maRk mccoy

An eVansVille day school player digs low to hit the ball.

June - July 2010

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//// basebaLL holy rosary a’s v. st. bens Dragons //// #8 for the A’s catches the ball and throws it hard for an out.

We have 150 additional photos from this event online!

A player for the

sT. Ben’s dRagon’s PHOTOgRaPHy | michelle lehman

swings hard at the ball.

28 • Browse & Buy Hundreds of Photos Online!! •

June - July 2010

//// tUmbLetots at metro sports //// PRachi PaTel shows the other tumble tots how to hang around upside down!

Prachi Patel, Neel Patel, Skylar Werne

We have 177 additional photos from this event online!

PHOTOgRaPHy | TeRRi adams

Nathan Raben

maggie RaBen is getting ready to make her debut on the bar. June - July 2010

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Schedule of Events Do you have an event? Let us know! It’s not all sports and competition all the time at Go Team. Here are several family-friendly events to pencil into your calendar:

Camp Mound Mayhem Summer Day Camp

Angel Mounds State Historic Site: 812-853-3956 June 21 through 26 & June 28 through July 2

Angel Mounds’ signature day camp is back! This summer classic focuses exclusively on the Native American culture that once thrived at Angel Mounds. Throughout the week, campers will participate in activities and games that teach them the basics of living off the land – how to identify native plants and their uses; how to make and use tools from basic natural resources; and, of course, how to train and hunt like a warrior. The camp concludes with a grand finale featuring a games tournament and Friday Feast. Campers will dine on deer jerky, pecans, cattails (Yes, cattails.), and other Mississippian fare, including a turkey baked in an earth oven. Registration fee includes a free t-shirt, snacks, and lunch on Friday. Early drop-off and late pick-up options available. $110 per camper. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Toddler Tuesday

Evansville Museum: 812-425-2406 July 6

Bring your toddler to the Museum the first Tuesday of each month and enjoy a story and activity related to items in our collection. Each visit will include a story and game or special activity. Toddlers ages 2-3 are welcome to participate in this admission-free event along with an adult. All Toddler Tuesdays will begin at 10:30 a.m. and last approximately 45 minutes.

Toddler Tales

Wesselman Park: 812-479-0771


Interaction with nature is important in a child’s early stages of learning and development. This seasonal nature story and craft class is a fun and enriching experience for parents and children up to 5 years old. Begins at 10 a.m. Toddler Tales is free; donations are gladly accepted.

Downtown Farmer’s Market Corner of 2nd and Sycamore Streets, downtown Evansville Fridays throughout the summer

This ever-growing annual event offers locally-grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants and various other agriculture-related items to the public each Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Farmer’s Market is presented by the Vanderburgh County Farm Bureau. 30 • Browse & Buy Hundreds of Photos Online!! •

June - July 2010

What’s Happening at the Koch Family Children’s Museum of Evansville? cMoe: 812-464-2663

June 20 – Father’s Day and Military Appreciation Day Treat Dad or that special male in your life to an afternoon of fun at cMoe. Receive one free male adult admission with each paid child admission all day. Military Appreciation Day is made possible by AmeriQual Group. All military personnel plus one child admitted free!

June 26 – Amazing Animals!

Animals do amazing things! Learn about their unique abilities in this hands-on demonstration from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Plus, make your own animal track art!

July 1 – Free Family Night

Sponsored by St. Mary’s Children’s Services, everyone receives free admission on this and every first Thursday of the month from 5 to 8 p.m.

Evansville Otters Home Games Bosse Field

Photography | Dylan gibbs

June 20 – Otters vs. Grizzlies – 6:35 p.m. June 21 – Otters vs. Grizzlies – 6:35 p.m. June 22 – Otters vs. Grizzlies – 6:35 p.m. June 23 – Otters vs. Florence Freedom – 6:35 p.m. June 24 – Otters vs. Freedom – 6:35 p.m. June 25 – Otters vs. Freedom – 6:35 p.m. July 6 – Otters vs. Wild Things – 6:35 p.m. July 7 – Otters vs. Wild Things – 6:35 p.m. July 8 – Otters vs. Wild Things – 6:35 p.m. July 9 – Otters vs. Crushers – 6:35 p.m. July 10 – Otters vs. Crushers – 6: 35 p.m. July 11 – Otters vs. Crushers – 1:05 p.m.

June - July 2010

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Behind the


MATT DONOVAN, NOW A SENIOR AT NORTH HIGH SCHOOL, IS THE DEFINITION OF AN all-star athlete.He plays on the varsity team for soccer, hockey, swim and lacrosse. He is determined to be the best he can be at all of his sports; his teammates notice this ability and look to him for guidance. yet this isn’t what makes him an all-star. This year Matt was stricken with acute Myeloid Leukemia (aML). aML is a fast growing cancer in the bone marrow. His ability to remain upbeat during his treatments makes him an all-star athlete. He was diagnosed in early January and had to stop playing hockey midway through the season. Matt started chemotherapy on January 16 at Riley. He says that this first round of chemo was the most frightening because he didn’t know when he would be home again or if he’d ever be able to play sports again. After 23 days he was released and was able to practice lacrosse with his friends. When he went back for his second round of chemo, he was less afraid because, “I knew I would be able to go home and do the thing that I love.” He kept his lacrosse stick in his hospital room along with many pictures of this season’s games. He was determined to get to play a lacrosse game his junior year. Donovan began physical therapy and was eventually able to walk a mile a day. He got permission from his doctors and played on april third at the North vs. Central game. Matt remembers the thrill of that first match: “It felt amazing to be out on the field with my teammates. Everyone was excited to see me and I was excited to see them. It was one of the best times while being home.” He was able to play in 6 games and scored 9 goals. His teammates were very protective of him during games; if an opponent hit him then everyone would attack that player. Matt seemed to unite the team in just one game. Just like the lacrosse team, North became more united. North students held fundraisers, sent him cards and constantly wished him luck on his upcoming treatments. One senior put on a walk-a-thon called Miles for Matt, his sister and others sold bracelets in honor of him, and many students passed around donation buckets. The school bonded together and hoped for a safe return. Matt was “surprised and happy” for all the support from North. He remembers when Principal Skinner came to see him during his third round, “it was really nice to know that our principal cares that much about his students.” This summer, Matt went back to Riley for a stem cell transplant. His sister Lindsay happened to be the perfect match and was more than willing to donate. He can’t express his love and gratitude enough, “Thank you Lindsay! I love you so much.” He is now in the recovering stage waiting for his blood counts to go back to normal. Unfortunately, Matt will not be able to attend first semester of senior year nor will he be able to play soccer. However, the doctors are saying that he will be able to finish his senior year at North. After high school he hopes that he will follow in the footsteps of his brother, Kyle, and play lacrosse at Indiana Tech. Throughout this journey, he’s learned a lot and wants to share it with all he meets, “you should think that nothing is impossible and everything happens for a reason. Kate Grimm Contributor

32 • Browse & Buy Hundreds of Photos Online!! •

Not everything is impossible because I was able to play my favorite sport even with cancer and everything happens for a reason because this helped me realize that I could be a much better person. It showed me how strong someone can actually be.” To read more about Matt visit keyword mattdonovan or the Facebook group, a Prayer for Matt Donovan.

June - July 2010

PHOTOgRaPHy | lesley donoVan

It felt amazing to be out on the field with my teammates. Everyone was excited to see me and I was excited to see them -- Matt Donovan

June - July 2010

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June - July 2010

June - July 2010

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June - July 2010

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Go Team Magazine June/July 2010  

Go Team Magazine is the Tri-state's only local magazine that features the area's local youth athletes. Covering everything from football to...

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