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t's certainly been an interesting last month or so, what with the presidential election and all the controversy surrounding the outcome. Translation: Christmas couldn't come at a better time. Everyone needs a little QT, a little time to decompress and rest up for 2017. Who knows what's in store for us in the coming year, but it's safe to say that it won't be dull - and neither will the month of December in the tri-state. After a fairly - and typically - low-key November eventwise, things are about to heat up. Major entertainment stars are coming to the Victory Theatre in downtown Evansville, beginning with rocker Melissa Etheridge on December 14. The "I'm the Only One" singer is bringing her Holiday Trio for a high-energy show full of Christmas classics. Then on December 17, country music's Kacey Musgraves arrives in support of her first seasonal album, A Very Kacey Christmas. The Grammy Award-winner spoke with News4U about the new release and what to expect when she hits the stage (see pg. 12). And you won't want to miss the "Fat Cupid" of comedy, Ralphie May. Talk about good timing... The politically-incorrect comic returns to Evansville on December 18 with an irreverent take on the holidays. What else did you expect? To fully prepare you, we chatted about the "White Trash Christmas Tour" with May among many other things like weed (see pg. 8). Also inside, we have previews (w/ interviews) of two great events coming in January: The Harlem Globetrotters and comedian Ron White. Last but not least, we thought it might be fun to lighten the collective mood with our own holiday piss-take, for better or worse. So check out our cover "story" on pg. 6. Just don't send me a bunch of hate mail. - TE


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"Fat Cupid" of comedy talks politics, political incorrectness, Midwest steakhouses and more


n 2003, Ralphie May burst onto the national comedy scene via a second place finish on NBC’s premier season of Last Comic Standing. His uncensored, pull-no-punches approach connected in a big way with a cross-section of America - people from all walks of life weary of a politically correct culture. Since then, the hefty comedian's fan base has only grown; May packs out venues all over the country, skewering all races, religions and lifestyles - and especially himself, always quick to mock his substantial girth. Back for an encore after last year's well-received set at the Victory Theatre, May is zeroing in on Christmas this time around, mining comedy gold from his Tennessee childhood and offering a typically R-rated take on the holidays. Chances are you might also get an earful about the recent election result. We all just witnessed a stunning victory by Donald Trump on election day. What's your take on the unexpected outcome? Well, it wasn't the outcome that I wanted. But to be honest with you, we put up two of the worst candidates in the history of our country - and then we expect everybody to be unanimous on this sh*t. First of all, over half of the population didn't even feel like voting and left it to the other half to decide where our nation is heading. The basic thing is, that's how democracy dies. I, for one, hope that in his first 100 days Trump doesn't burn down the Reichstag with his stormtroopers and start locking up all his political adversaries. But I've got to be honest with you - I'm extremely nervous. As a student of history, the last time that a really rich guy got this many poor white people supporting him was during the Civil War.

they're making more money on everything - and that's what's going to happen in California. That money can be used to build more schools instead of prisons. We should be investing in the future, not the past. What does a "White Trash Christmas" mean to you? Well, you know, never having much of nothing, sh*t gifts, always getting wasted, someone's trying to fight, somebody's trying to steal something, someone's always mad, someone's trying to burn something - like the sweet potatoes. There's always drama with somebody bringing the same dish or somebody trying to flirt with someone else's wife. Will you be filming this tour for another Netflix special? This is a holiday specific show, but we're going to work it this year and make a deal to record it for next year and put it out in 2018. We want to run it for awhile, let it build momentum and then record it when it's more refined. The majority of the show is new material with just a little bit of my previous stuff mixed in. This show is a dirty, filthy animal, but it's also a lot of fun, politically incorrect and hilarious. At this point in your career, are there any boundaries - any subjects you won't touch? No, no. There are no boundaries in stand-up comedy - never have been. The

But you had to be happy about the legalization of marijuana in several more states. I've been saying this for years - the major states like California and New York have to legalize it for recreational use. The other states will realize how much they benefit from residents buying marijuana and the taxes generated instead of that money going to Mexico and other places. And then it's going to become untenable for the rest of the nation not to have legal marijuana. People from around the world will come to places like California and not have to worry about bringing their own stash. Weed tourism is a huge benefit. In Colorado, Cont. on page 10


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only boundaries are what the performer puts on himself. The audience will resist sometimes, but what do they know? They're sheep and you're the sheep herder. Sheep don't want to do sh*t - they just want to "be" - you've got to steer 'em, Jack. Going back to your second place finish on Last Comic Standing in 2003, why do you think you've had such a successful, enduring career, while the winner, Dat Phan, has all but disappeared? I was prepared for the success when it happened. I had already been a headliner and been doing stand-up for 14 years at that point. Now I'm in my 27th year of comedy, and I am so strong. There are very few comics with as much power as I have that started as young as I did. I'm very, very lucky in that respect. Dat Phan was just too raw at the time, too inexperienced - and he didn't write enough jokes. He kept on doing the same material over and over again. When you come to Evansville, you always like to stop in at Turoni's. Are there other restaurants that you're a fan of in our neck of the woods? Hell yeah - House of Como! It's kind of a weird place, but it's amazing. I know all the great steakhouses in the Midwest. And I also love that great Fall Festival that you all put on. When I'm in town during that week, I'll just run that gamut and then I'm full as a tick of all the local stuff that's great. But man, Turoni's with that cracker crust... I just have to remember not to drink so much the next time I'm there. Last time, I thought I was fine, but when I stood up I had to sit the hell back down (laughs) - had to drink a pot of coffee before my show. Last time we spoke, you referred to yourself as a "fat Cupid" who gets everyone in the mood for love. Are you still having that effect? Oh, yeah. Guys tell me all the time, 'I don't know what it is about you dude, but you get my wife so horny.' I'm just doing my part, just trying to help out the people. Who are some of the comedians that helped to shape your career? Oh, man, so many - Mitch Hedberg, Doug Stanhope, Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor and others. There are so many wonderful guys that I draw from and love. They've all been an influence, but I've managed to pretty much just be me. There aren't many people doing my style of comedy - it's dirty and filthy but somehow it doesn't seem that way. If anyone else did the same material, they'd probably get booed. For tickets and more info, visit The Victory is located at 600 Main St. in downtown Evansville.

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Following her arrow: Country music's singular star discusses new album and tour, duet with Willie and more


n the short period of time that 28-year-old country singer Kacey Musgraves has been on the music scene, she's won seemingly every conceivable award for her singular style - a style that uniquely bridges the gap between the classic and current eras of the genre. Indeed, the Golden, TX native's dreamy vocals harken back to the days of Patsy Cline while her musical approach - aided by the production team of Luke Laird and Shane McAnally - is contemporary and fresh. Both 2013's Same Trailer, Different Park and the 2015 follow-up, Pageant Material, showcase this duality to mesmerizing effect on tracks like "Follow Your Arrow," "Merry Go Round," "Biscuits," "Blowin' Smoke" and Musgraves' show-stopping duet with Willie Nelson, "Are You Sure."

love with the sentiment behind it - it has this sweetness and this sadness to it. And to be honest, New Year's Eve has always been a little melancholy for myself. Maybe because I'm always thinking about memories of the past and the new year ahead. It's a little overwhelming sometimes, so I thought it was a cool concept to go through the whole album about Christmas and then land and end on New Year's - kind of pause there for a moment.

Lyrically, Musgraves eschews the typical "beer and parties" subject matter for sobering straight talk though it's often delivered with a playful wink. Her willingness to touch on the melancholy side of life is readily apparent on A Very Kacey Christmas, the singer's fantastic new holiday album. Once again, Musgraves has side-stepped expectations by crafting a collection of covers and originals that present a more sentimental view of this time of year.

On the melancholy tip, "Christmas Makes Me Cry" is another gem - and one that you wrote. That song was important for me to write. Not to be too depressing, but there is kind of a sad side to the holidays for a lot of people - whether it's thinking about family members that have passed or friends and family who can't get home for Christmas. Whatever the reason, it can be kind of sad. You think about the day after Christmas and all the presents are open and all the paper is on the ground and everyone's going home... I wanted to tap into that side of it and acknowledge it. I feel like there are very few Christmas songs that do that.

The final track on the new album, "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve," has to be one of your finest moments as a singer. Well, "What are You Doing New Year's Eve" is one of my favorite songs on the album. It's a song that was written in 1947 - I actually just did a video for it that should be out soon. I think the song was made popular by Ella Fitzgerald. I just fell in

You're often cited as the country artist that people who don't care for country really like. Yeah - I come across a lot of people that say they hate country music but really like what I do. That's always one of the biggest compliments to me, because I'm inspired by all different kinds of music - obviously, country music is included. But I just want what I do to speak to music lovers and not

12 |

December 2016 •

appeal to only people who like a certain genre of music. Your dreamy, fluid vocal style is such a throwback to classic era country. Well, I realized a long time ago that I don't have a really acrobatic, powerhouse kind of voice - that's not one of my strong suits. I feel like I did myself a lot of good when I realized what I could do best. Like, how can I use my voice to best fit each song rather than just showcase what I can do vocally? That's not very me, you know? How did your collaboration with Willie Nelson on "Are You Sure" come about? "Are You Sure" was a song that I heard randomly one night when I was YouTubing old country songs. And I freaked out, because I thought it was really, really awesome. We were on Willie's bus one night out on the road, and I just said, 'Hey, do you ever sing that song "Are You Sure?"' He looked really surprised that I even knew the name of the song. And then he asked if I wanted to cut it and said that he'd love to sing on it with me. The intention was for it to be a little surprise nugget at the end of the album after you've made it the whole way through. And then we got to do a video

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NEWS4U | UPCOMING EVENTS for it which is one of my favorites. It's really dreamy and smoky - it was just so much fun to film. You've forged a great songwriting partnership with the production team of Shane McAnally and Luke Laird. How did you all connect and what's the songwriting process like? I moved to Nashville and I wasn't really even intending to do the "artist" thing - I just wanted to write songs. And then I met Luke and Shane through mutual contacts and we started writing a lot together. It made sense organically and musically. Shortly after that I got the chance to put out an album. And it just didn't make sense to go to some previously successful producer - best to just stick with these guys that I write so well with, who already know the songs and my style. Each song usually starts with something that I've written down, something I want to say that resonates with me somehow - a fragment of an idea, a song title. And then the guys add to it. Luke is someone who's kind of famous for holing up in his room and making all these really cool tracks. That's kind of unique to a writing situation, because it kind of influences where you're going to go. And both of the guys are amazing with lyrics, but Shane has a huge love for country music. You won't meet a bigger fan of classic country - his knowledge of it is just crazy. The combination of their interests and talents makes for something really special. What can we expect from "A Very Kacey Christmas"? I think this Christmas tour is going to be really fun, though I'm sad that it's only nine shows. Most of the musicians that played on the album will be on the tour with me. There's a lot more production involved and a lot more instruments than I usually get to take with me on the road. I think it's going to be something that both kids and older people will totally enjoy. Some of my normal songs might be mixed in as well, but it will be mostly Christmas material. It's just going to be like a really festive, winter setting. For tickets and more info, visit The Victory is located at 600 Main St. in downtown Evansville.

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on White likes to go it alone. The cigarsmoking, tequila-drinking stand-up comic may have secured name recognition as part of the hugely successful "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" in the early 2000s, but he's always preferred to be a headliner, to take his sweet time and slowly charm audiences with his laconic, conversational style. For nearly 30 years now, he's been doing just that. White's loyal fans have made him one of America's biggest comedians even without TV exposure - and he couldn't be happier to keep plugging away, performing upwards of 140 shows per year. Quite simply, being a comic is what he was born to do. You've got a major milestone approaching December 18 - the big 6-0. How will you celebrate? I don't know what we're going to do. We really kind of celebrated it when my wife turned 50 in October. We spent 10 days in Mexico and then had about 30 friends come down at different times we really tore it up. But I'm sure we'll do something on my birthday if I'm not working - I haven't even had time to look at my schedule.

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Your wife Margo has battled cancer and other health issues. How she's doing these days? She's as ornery as ever. Still singing at the top of her lungs and has more stamina than anybody I know. She's come back from two bouts of cancer - both of them almost killed her. But she's resilient and her doctors were really, really good. She looks fantastic, she feels good. Now, my dogs are falling apart. We have two French bulldogs - one of them had to have a leg cut off because she had cancer. So she's hopping around. And the other one had to have a kidney removed and she also has cancer. What I want to do is use all those parts to make one dog - but Margo will not hear it. So, out of your family, you're the person in the best shape ? Uh, health-wise, yeah (laughs). I've been through less than anybody, that's true. Obviously, it's because I'm such a health nut (laughs). Nobody would have bet on me, that's for sure. I mean, my father died at 51, so I've already kicked his ass. I guess I just have my mother's DNA, because my dad was bald and I still have my Cherokee hair. Mom is 81 and still going strong - still drinks and gambles. Speaking of hair, your good friend Dr. Phil is famously bald. Do you razz him about it?

December 2016 •

You know, every once in a while I'll take a little jab at him. But he's been bald for so long - he was born bald. But that guy has a lot of self-esteem and self-worth. He could not care less about his hair. You can't really needle the Doc because he really knows who he is - he's almost like a Superman. He'll do three of his shows a day - unscripted. I can't even imagine. I would just get through half of one of them and be like, 'All right, I got nothing. Lady, just shoot yourself.' (laughs) Dave Chappelle recently hosted SNL for the first time. It seems like you'd make a great host. I've never been asked. But here's the thing about my fame. It all comes from stand-up comedy and not television. I'm not as famous as those guys Chris Rock, Louis CK, Chappelle. I've always said 'no' to television - I just want to be a comedian. Nothing has ever pointed me towards acting. I do a little bit of it and I'm not bad at it - I just know that I'm a comedian. My fan base is so solid that I can still play big venues despite not doing television. Don't take this the wrong way, but your comedy style could be described as sloth-like. As opposed to Robin Williams who was like a Tasmanian Devil. When I was really young, I heard George Burns say one time, 'In comedy, if you're doing bad, slow

down. If you're doing good, slow down.' That's one thing that Chris Rock said to me the other day - he said, 'Nobody works slower than you do.' So you have to have a patient crowd - sometimes crowds won't let me work that slow. But when they do, it's fun. I don't know if I totally like the "sloth" comparison (laughs), but I get it - I don't move, I don't walk around, I just stand there at the microphone and talk. I've always done that and it's by design. But you can do stand-up a million different ways - none of them are right or wrong. Would you advise anyone to get into the comedy game? Oh, god no. If somebody says that they want to get into stand-up, I tell them that if they don't want to do it as a hobby then don't bother. If it's because you want to make money like I do, forget it. It'll never happen it's really rare that a career catches on. If I were able to look back at all the things I was going to have to do to get here... but doing it the way I did it, I enjoyed every minute of it because I was blissfully ignorant. I wasn't making much money, but for once in my life, I knew who I was. All my life I had ADD, a form of dyslexia, a learning disability - so I had a pretty low opinion of myself for a long time. And the first time I walked on stage, I was like, 'Oh, I'm a comedian!' Why didn't anybody tell me? I still love it with all my heart, and that's why I can still do it after 30 years. I'm not sure that all the 30-year veterans in comedy feel the same way I do (laughs). After 30 years of stand-up comedy, do you feel invincible when you step out onto the stage? Well, people ask me if I still get nervous and I don't. But that's because I know what's going to happen. I know what you want and I know that what I'm going to give you matches up. And the reason that it matches up is that I do the work. I'm ready for this every single night. I do probably 12 sets a week in town - 15 minute sets bouncing around the clubs, working the beats out on new stuff. And the other big comics do it, too - Chappelle, Chris Rock, Louis CK, Ralphie May. It's a cavalcade, but we have to go do that to stay sharp. But the bottom line is, these are my fans that have come to laugh - and I've got a bunch of new stuff, some of the best stuff that I've ever written. So, I'm going to go out there and blister 'em - that's fun for me to do. I don't get nervous - I lick my chops. For tickets and more info, visit The Victory is located at 600 Main St. in downtown Evansville.

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FORD CENTER | JANUARY 12 | 7 P.M. Girl power: Second-year guard Ace Jackson shoots the breeze about life as a female role model and more


very January, the Harlem Globetrotters roll into town to light up the Ford Center with a sea of beaming, awe-struck faces both young and old. In fact, these Ambassadors of Goodwill have been spreading joy around the world for over 90 years, entertaining crowds with an infectious mix of humor and basketball wizardry all while championing character and sportsmanship. Second-year shooting guard Ace Jackson is one of two female players currently on the squad. At just 5'4" she's a little dynamo that can dribble her way out of any tight spot as well as launch the ball from virtually anywhere on the court. Most importantly, Jackson's making a big impact on young women both here and abroad, proving that "girl power" is more than just a slogan in today's world.

You were a rookie last year. What countries did you get to visit as a Globetrotter newbie? I feel like I came at a great time - I mean, every year is great, but it was our 90th anniversary when I joined. Being a third team female and not knowing what to expect, I was able to go to 12 countries - places that I thought I'd never be able to visit. Maybe in a million years if I saved enough money (laughs)... But just to name a few, I've been to France, Germany, the UK and Spain. And just to have the opportunity to experience the different cultures and play in front of their people is amazing. I feel like the Globetrotters are universal - everywhere we go people are smiling and having a good time. Even though there's a language barrier when we travel abroad, everyone is still having a blast. As long as they think what we're doing is funny and we look like we're having fun, the energy on the court translates. You're known for your ball handling skills and your play is reminiscent of a past - and equally short - Globetrotter, the iconic Curly Neal. What's been the hardest skill to master since joining the team? I would say the hardest thing to master is dunking (laughs). As you said, I am short and certainly Curly Neal and others have paved the way for ball handlers even [former Globetrotter] Lynette Woodard who

18 |

December 2016 •

actually paved the way for females. Of course, I grew up playing basketball and played all through college, but doing the tricks and mastering that is probably one of the biggest challenges - being able to perform in front of thousands of people daily. I've kind of had to come to terms with the fact that I am a great person inside and out and if I wasn't then I wouldn't be a part of this organization. The Harlem Globetrotters don't take anyone that is just mediocre - they look for players who are the best or that they can see becoming the best and that have the drive. When I go out in front of the crowd, I just have to know that I'm out there for a reason which is to make sure that everyone has a great time. Even if I screw up here and there, as long as everyone is laughing and having a good time then I'm doing my job. Do you sense the impact you're having on girls and women around the world? Goodness. Every day, every game, I'm always hearing "girl power." Being in my position on the Globetrotters, it just shows how powerful women can really be and how much we can do. In comparison to where women were in society in the past, we've come such a long way. I feel like some people still hold on to that stereotype of what women and girls are supposed to do. Even girls who aren't athletes, when they see me on the floor, they can't believe that I've made it to this level - that I'm a part of this team and I'm short (laughs)! Even young boys come up to me and tell me that I'm their favorite player and they say "girl power." It makes me melt because it's not just the girls who realize that they can be whatever they want to be in

life - the boys realize the same thing. And that's even more powerful. There's going to be a 4-point line for this tour. You must be excited about this rule change. We used to have 4-point mats, but now there's a 4-point arc that's going to be 30 feet away from the basket. Having the arc rather than the mats will help a lot with the transition game, and I should be able to just pull up anywhere on that arc and fire away. Practicing for this shot is a non-stop thing. You have to just shoot, shoot, shoot. Just like anything in life, you have to put the effort in if you're going to make progress. In college, I was a shooting guard - typically drove to the basket or shot 3-pointers. It all translates well to being a part of the Globetrotters. I'm able to do my fancy dribbling and shoot even further away than I did in college. It's so much fun. How is your mindset different when you step on the court as a Globetrotter as opposed to your college days? It is very different from playing in college, but we are still playing a game. In college, you're playing for your team and your coach and your school. As a Globetrotter, you're playing for your team, your coach, the people in the stands, the organization, your country - there's so much more to it and it's so much more fulfilling. I feel like there's so much more of a purpose. Nothing else matters more to me than being out on the court, and I absolutely love it. The last few years I have inquired about becoming a member of the squad despite nagging health issues which now include a dislocated thumb - not to mention my advanced age. [Globetrotters] Buckets, Moose and Zeus have all shot me down. I'm hoping that as a woman, you'll be kinder about my chances of fulfilling a lifelong dream. Well, you see what you did here, Tommy? You kind of put me in a spot (laughs). It is true that women are generally kinder, so what I'll do is kind of meet you in the middle. So, never give up on your dreams - that's number one (still laughing). If you keep on dreaming, that dream just might be fulfilled. Now that's not a guarantee that you're going to get a spot on the squad. But with lots of hard work and dedication, you just might, maybe, hopefully, some day... well, rehab your thumb and then get back to us (laughs). - TE For tickets and more info, visit or The Ford Center is located at 1 SE MLK Blvd. in downtown Evansville.

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EVANSVILLE PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA PRESENTS: Peppermint Pops & Messiah by Candlelight Kick-starting the Christmas countdown: EPO's annual holiday shows put everyone in a festive mood


ime sure flies. Case in point, we're already approaching the final two Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra productions of 2016. So far this season, Maestro Savia and company have wowed us with a series of diverse productions ranging from Leonard Berstein's Mass to the spinetingling sounds of Halloween. Now the EPO is set to close out the year with a pair of beloved holiday traditions.

Peppermint Pops Victory Theatre / December 3 & 4 An unforgettable evening filled with Christmas classics and a visit from none other than Jolly Old St. Nick, Peppermint Pops always sits at the top of wish lists all over the tri-state. And this year's show is sure to put everyone in a festive mood with the dynamic vocals of Daniel Narducci (Baritone) and Christina Overton (Mezzo-Soprano) backed by the Evansville Philharmonic Chorus and Evansville Children's Choir. The performance will also feature the Evansville Ballet and Legacy Dance Company. Due to the popularity of Peppermint Pops, fans will have two opportunities to get in the Christmas spirit with shows on both Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4. Bring your family and friends and feel the joy of the holidays as the songs of the season come alive on the Victory Theatre stage. Peppermint Pops times: 12/3 (7 p.m.); 12/4 (2 p.m.). For tickets and more info, visit The Victory Theatre is located at 600 Main St. in downtown Evansville.

Katherine Jolly

Messiah By Candlelight Trinity United Methodist Church / December 16 / 7 p.m. St. Joseph Catholic Church / December 17 / 7 p.m. Messiah by George Frideric Handel is one of those classical pieces that just stirs up something in the soul and transports people to a particular time and place. But you haven't truly experienced its majesty until you've heard the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra perform it inside one of the tri-state's many beautiful churches. This holiday season, there are two opportunities to do so as Maestro Savia and the EPO visit Trinity United Methodist Church in Evansville and St. Joseph Catholic Church in Jasper. Conducted by Andrea Drury, the Evansville Philharmonic Chorus will join in along with four of the area's most talented vocalists: Katherine Jolly (Soprano), Regina Davis (Mezzo-Soprano), John McVeigh (Tenor) and Reginald Smith, Jr. (Baritone). Jolly, an Asst. Professor of Music at St. Louis University, received the Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music in 2015, where she taught private voice and classroom voice. She recently performed as a guest artist for Opera Theatre St. Louis' Opera Tastings throughout the city. For more info, visit Trinity United Methodist Church is located at 216 SE 3rd St. in Evansville. St. Joseph Catholic Church is located at 1029 Kundek St. in Jasper.

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Christina Overton

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CLARKE PT. 2 Evansville's very own super hero makes triumphant return to Kentucky Muscle competition Last month we reported on weightlifter Collin Clarke's amazing run at the 2015 Kentucky Muscle competition, a performance made even more remarkable by the fact that he was born with Down syndrome. Triumphantly, he returned to Louisville in late October for an encore performance just as we went to print with the November issue. Here's a re-cap of the 2016 competition as well as a look back at one of the highlights of Collin's summer, an appearance at the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention in Orlando, FL. On October 29, Evansville's Collin Clarke took the stage once again at the Kentucky Muscle competition in Louisville. As he made his way to the mark, the crowd erupted, eager to welcome back this inspiring young man with Down syndrome who has refused to let the condition dictate his life. Trainer and mentor Glenn Ubelhor was right there cheering Collin on as he took fourth place in his division, bettering last year's unforgettable performance. "Collin made huge improvements - the choreography and posing were outstanding," Ubelhor says. "He worked incredibly hard every day in the gym to accomplish this. This kind of progress and artistry does not happen by accident." There was hardly a dry eye in the place as Collin's many supporters and hundreds of fans witnessed something very special, indeed. Particularly touching, a family that met Collin at the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention over the summer traveled from West Virginia just to see him compete. Talk about going the extra mile! And now it's on to prepping for the next marquee weightlifting event, the Kentucky Derby, a spring show put on by Kentucky Muscle. "I'm training really hard for that," Collin says, "and then I'm going to try and qualify for the Nationals all the way up to get my pro card and hopefully get on the Arnold stage." Schwarzenegger, that is. There's no bigger competition than the iconic bodybuilder's signature Arnold Classic that's held in Columbus, OH every March. For the 2016 event, Collination - a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping those with special needs - was invited to set up a booth and to share Collin's story (complete with photo ops) with attendees. Chances are people will be taking pictures of him on the stage next time, such is this young man's determination to succeed.

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December 2016 •

Post-2015 Kentucky Muscle, life has certainly been a whirlwind for Collin and his supporters - especially his parents, Jodie and Carter Clarke, and their tireless Collination partner and savior, Lindsay Berlin. Together, the three of them handle the day-to-day activities involved with running a nonprofit. "I saw that they [Collin's parents] needed help, because it's a really overwhelming thing when people are reaching out to you and you don't really know how to deal with it," Berlin says. "So, I came on board to help with that mostly in the way of marketing and social media. Jodie and I have kind of covered every aspect of the non-profit that there could be and Carter has handled the legal stuff. It's been a team effort to get everything up and going." Of all the wonderful events that Collination has been invited to attend, nothing could top the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention in Orlando, FL. Held every July, it's a truly unique gathering of siblings, parents and caretakers of loved ones who have the genetic disorder. Collin was graciously selected to give a talk and participate in a Q&A during the four-day summit - and he once again rose to the occasion, speaking from his heart to a captivated audience. "He inspired so many people at the convention in a much different way than in our normal community," Berlin says. "A lot of the parents and family members who were there said that 'If Collin can do it, then our kids can, too.' It was so cool - we cried a lot." Follow Collination on Facebook.

Collin posing with Jay Cutler



Evansville's first pole fitness and ashiatsu massage studio is changing lives - and minds


full-service exercise/dance studio that blends traditional exotic pole dancing with rigorous cardio and aerobic workout, Anti-Gravity opened last May as an exciting new fitness alternative. Founder Maigyn Jackson, an award-winning competitive gymnast from Evansville, wanted to share her passion for pole dance with her hometown and the tri-state area. She's both a certified pole instructor and a massage therapist who specializes in ashiatsu and deep tissue work. For Jackson, it's ultimately about finding a balance between our physical, spiritual and mental beings. Now, the term "pole dance" is sure to raise a few eyebrows for people not familiar with its ties to fitness. In reality, pole dancing is a test of endurance designed to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity, especially with strength development in the upper body. Training on a vertical pole helps to increase stamina, strength and endurance and over-all body conditioning. According to Jackson, AntiGravity participants also benefit from a sense of improved self-esteem which translates into all areas of life. The studio recently went co-ed. Available classes include: Pole Flow & Beginner, Beginner Skills, Intermediate Pole, Advanced Pole, Boot Camp, Stretch, Contortion and Acro. Single sessions are $20. Packages are available as follows: 6 classes/$65 or 10 classes/$100 (must be used within 6 months); one month unlimited classes/$100. Massage sessions include ashiatsu/ashi-tai, deep-tissue & Swedish: 60 mins/$50, 90 mins/$75. Sessions are by appointment only - please message, text or call. Come on in and experience a whole new way to keep fit - "Mind, Body, Soul & Pole." For more info, visit Call for Advertising Information (812) 426-6398 • December 2016

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or the past seven years, Jeanne's Gelato & More has graced its current location in the historic University of Evansville neighborhood. A family venture spearheaded by Valerie Ewers, Jeanne's serves students, faculty, and anyone craving hot or cold, filling and refreshing fare, and is a common presence at local festivals, markets, and fundraisers. With a cozy, hospitable ambiance, paninis, pastas, salads, homemade soups, baked items, sorbet, and coffee drinks, it's a one-stop shop for so much more than delicious gelato. The Italian dessert contains less fat and air than regular ice cream, creating creamier, richer flavors. First things first, however. During my visit, I tried two different paninis - the Gourmet Cheese, melted swiss, provolone, and cheddar with basil pesto on toasted sourdough, to which one can add feta, spinach, tomato, onions or mushrooms for a small up-charge, and for the meat-eaters, crispy bacon. Next was the Reuben. Although the origins of this sandwich are enshrined in speculation, one thing is clear - it's hearty, tangy, and one of my favorites, with sliced corned beef, Swiss, crunchy sauerkraut, and creamy Thousand Island dressing on pumpernickel rather than rye for a twist. Homemade soups rotate, and there were two options on offer - Spinach Tortellini and Chicken Tortilla. I had the latter -

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December 2016 •

large chunks of chicken with rice, black beans, and chiles in a spicy tomato sauce and topped with sour cream. To satisfy my sweet tooth, Valerie whipped up a sample size of a Funky Monkey Gelazzi (peanut butter-banana gelato shake) and a fizzy mango Italian soda. Next trip: Turkey Bacon Melt, 3 Cheese Tomato soup, and cannolis. Enjoy Jeanne's at home as well - get gelato in pints or quarts, and call ahead for carry-out or whole cakes and pies, perfect for your holiday gathering or birthday party. Ask about their gift card special - buy five and receive one free of the same amount. Whether you're in the mood for something savory or sweet, or a jolt of energy, or all of the above, Jeanne's Gelato has something for every appetite. Delizioso! - Whitney Patterson Hours: Mon-Thurs 11 a.m.-8:30 p.m./ Fri-Sat 11 a.m.-10 p.m./ Sun 12 p.m.- 6 p.m. For more info, visit

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RESTAURANT GUIDE Whether you're looking for a new place to eat or rediscovering an old favorite, check out our comprehensive restaurant guide for local favorites all around the tri-state!

AMISH STOLL’S COUNTRY INN 19820 Castle Creek Dr 812-867-7730

BARBECUE BANDANA’S BAR-B-Q 6636 Logan Dr 812-401-9922 BAR-B-Q BARN 1003 E Diamond Ave 812-491-9868 HAWG ‘N’ SAUCE 6580 Leonard Rd N Mt Vernon, IN 812-838-5339

MISSION BBQ 1530 N Green River Rd 812-213-0200 MOONLITE BAR-B-Q INN 2840 W Parrish Ave Owensboro, KY 270-684-8143 NISBET INN 6701 Nisbet Rd Haubstadt, IN 812-963-9305

HICKORY PIT STOP 1521 N Main St 812-422-6919

OLD HICKORY BBQ 338 Washington Ave Owensboro, KY 270-926-9000

J & B BAR-B-Q & CATERING 48 S Holloway St Henderson, KY 270-830-0033

OLE SOUTH BAR-B-Q 3523 Hwy 54 E Owensboro, KY 270-926-6464

MARX BARBEQUE 3119 W Maryland St 812-425-1616

PEAK BROS. BBQ 6353 US-60 Waverly, KY 270-389-0267


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118 W Locust St Boonville, IN 812-646-7110 4946 State Route 261 Newburgh, IN 812-858-0111

December 2016 •


5416 E Indiana St 812-476-4599 THOMASON’S BARBECUE 701 Atkinson St Henderson, KY 270-826-0654 WILSON’S GENERAL STORE & CAFÉ 11120 Broadway Ave 812-985-0202 WOLF’S BAR-B-Q 6600 N First Ave 812-424-8891

BREWERIES/ WINERIES CARSON’S BREWERY 2404 Lynch Rd 812-759-8229 MYSTIQUE WINEY 13000 Gore Road Lynnville, IN 47619 812-922-5612 TIN MAN BREWING CO. 1430 W Franklin St 812-618-3227 TURONI’S BREWERY 408 N Main St 812-424-9871

WINZERWALD WINERY (Tasting Room) 2021 W Franklin St 812-423-2427

CASUAL THEME ALLEGRA LOUNGE (Holiday Inn Airport) 7101 US-41 812-867-7999 ANOTHER BROKEN EGG CAFE 701 W 1st St Owensboro, KY 270-691-8960 APPLEBEE’S (East) 5100 E Morgan Ave 812-471-0942 (West) 5727 Pearl Dr 812-426-2006 (Henderson) 1950 US-41 270-826-9427 BAR LOUIE 7700 Eagle Crest Blvd 812-476-7069 BEANS & BARISTAS (Eastland Mall)

NEWS4U | RESTAURANT GUIDE 800 N Green River Rd 812-475-8566 Beef O’Brady’s 8177 Bell Oaks Dr Newburgh, IN 812-490-9464 Bonefish Grill 6401 E Lloyd Expy 812-401-3474 CKB Commonwealth Kitchen & Bar 108 2nd St Henderson, KY 270-212-2133 Cambridge Golf Course 1034 Beacon Hill Dr 812-868-4653 Cheddar’s Casual Café 2100 N Green River Rd 812-491-9976 Chili’s 600 N Green River Rd 812-475-1510 Dapper Pig 1112 Parrett St 812-401-3333 Double D’s 1206 E Main St Boonville, IN 812-897-8813 Fool Moon Grill & Bar 5625 Pearl Dr 812-467-7486 Hadi Shrine 6 Walnut St 812-423-4285 Hooters 4620 Lincoln Ave 812-475-0229 King’s Kitchen

104 N Water St Henderson, KY 270-212-2070 Kitchen Buffet The (Tropicana Evansville) 421 NW Riverside Dr 812-433-4000 ext. 6059 Lucky Joe’s Bar & Grill (Ellis Park) 3300 US-41 Henderson, KY 812-425-1456 Major Munch 101 NW First St 812-437-2363 104 N Water St Henderson, KY 270-212-2070 Mama Mia’s (Tropicana Evansville) 421 NW Riverside Dr 812-433-4227 Max & Erma’s (Tropicana Evansville) 421 NW Riverside Dr 812-433-4258 Mellow Mushroom 101 W 2nd St Owensboro, KY 270-684-7800 Popeye’s 3300 N First Ave 812-602-1599 Red Robin Gourmet Burgers 6636 E Lloyd Expy 812-473-4100 Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (Inside Cold Stone Creamery) 6401 E Lloyd Expy

812-437-2653 Royal Suite 4706 E Morgan Ave 812-402-5122 Show-Me’s (East) 1700 Morgan Center Dr 812-401-7469 (West) 5501 Pearl Dr 812-402-7100 TGI Fridays (Eastland Mall) 800 N Green River Rd 812-491-8443 Treehouse Grill & Pub 1550 Mesker Park Dr 812-266-9228 Walton's International Comfort Food 956 Parrett St 812-467-4255 Wayback Burgers (East) 115 N Cross Pointe Blvd 812-475-9272 (North) 624 E Diamond Ave 812-779-8208 Zoup Fresh Soup Co. (East) 6240 E Virginia St 812-477-2664 (North) 4660 N First Ave 812-423-1800

CHINESE Big Bang Mongolian Grill 2013 N Green River Rd 812-602-1400 Canton Inn Restaurant

947 North Park Dr 812-428-6611 Charlie’s Mongolian BBQ 315 E Diamond Ave 812-423-9897 China King 590 E Diamond Ave 812-423-1896 China Village 8423 Bell Oaks Dr Newburgh, IN 812-858-8238 Chopstick House Restaurant 5412 E Indiana St 812-473-5551 Crazy Buffet 701 N Burkhardt Rd 812-437-8833 Golden Buddha 3221 Taylor Ave 812-473-4855 5066 SR-261 Newburgh, IN 812-853-2680 Gracie’s Chinese Cuisine 12500 US-41 812-868-8888 Grand Buffet Mongolian Grill 1356 N Green River Rd 812-476-6666 Jimmy Jeng’s Szechwan Chinese Restaurant 669 N Green River Rd 812-479-7600 Lincoln Garden 2001 Lincoln Ave 812-471-8881 Mandarin House 1111 Barrett Blvd Henderson, KY

270-826-3001 MA T 888 China Bistro 5636 Vogel Rd 812-475-2888 Shing-Lee Chinese Restaurant 215 Main St 812-464-2769 Taste of China 4579 University Dr 812-422-1260 Two Brothers 3806 N First Ave 812-423-6188 Wok ‘N’ Roll 311 S Green River Rd 812-474-0181 Yen Ching Chinese Restaurant 406 S Green River Rd 812-474-0181

DELI/CAFES Acropolis Express Tea Room at the YWCA 118 Vine St 812-42-GREEK Anthony’s Heavenly Cheesecake 812-499-8273 Bits & Bytes 216 NW Fourth St 812-423-5713 Café 111 111 S Green River Rd 812-401-8111 Cleo’s Bakery & Brown Bag Lunches 9 W Jennings St Newburgh, IN 812-789-6485 Daily’s Annex Bakery & Café

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NEWS4U | RESTAURANT GUIDE 701 N Main St 812-484-6635

1446 N Green River Rd 812-471-2940

210 Main St 812-424-2253

Donut Bank Bakery & Coffee Shop (East) 5 N Green River Rd 812-479-0511 1950 Washington Ave 812-477-2711 1200 Lincoln Ave 812-402-4111 (North) 2128 N First Ave 812-426-2311 1031 E Diamond Ave 812-426-0011 (West) 210 N St. Joseph Ave 812-426-1011 (Newburgh) 3988 SR 261 812-858-9911

Jason’s Deli 934 N Green River Rd 812-417-9905

Pinch of Sugar 519 N Green River Rd 812-476-7650

Jeanne’s Gelato 2003 Lincoln Ave 812-479-8272

Planters Coffeehouse 130 N Main St Henderson, KY 270-830-0927

Emge’s Deli & Ice Cream 206 Main St 812-422-3026 Firehouse Subs (East) 1031 N Green River Rd 812-477-2141 (West) 222 S Red Bank Rd 812-401-0740 Flying Saucer Café (Evansville Airport) 7801 Bussing Dr 812-423-1113 Gayla Cake 422 N Main St 812-454-9791 Granola Jar 1033 Mt. Pleasant Rd 812-437-1899 Great Harvest Bread Co. 423 Metro Ave 812-476-4999 HoneyBaked Ham

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Jimmy John’s 701 N Burkhardt Rd 812-401-5400 8680 Highland Ave Newburgh, IN 812-491-7111 Just Rennie’s 100 SE 4th St 812-490-8098 McAlister’s Deli 2220 N Green River Rd 812-618-2050 Panera Bread 220 Burkhardt Rd 812-476-7477 Penn Station East Coast Subs (East) 137 N Burkhardt Rd 812-479-PENN (7366) (North) 4827 David Lant Dr 812-402-PENN (West) 5310 Pearl Dr 812-434-7366 (Henderson) 1111 Barrett Rd 270-826-7361 (Owensboro) 3625 Frederica St 270-683-1515 Penny Lane Coffeehouse 600 SE 2nd St 812-421-8741 PG Cafe 1418 W Franklin St 812-402-4445 Piece of Cake

December 2016 •

R’z Café & Catering Co. 104 N Main St Fort Branch, IN 812-615-0039 Riverview Coffee Company (Tropicana Evansville) 421 NW Riverside Dr 812-433-4280 Salad World (East) 3311 N Green River Rd 812-471-5083 (Downtown) 200 Main St 812-422-0777 (North) 601 E Boonville New Harmony Rd 812-867-2741 (Newburgh) 4222 Bell Rd 812-490-6070 Schlotzsky’s 301 N Green River Rd 812-471-4011 Spudz –N– Stuff (East) 815 S Green River Rd 812-401-7783 (North) 601 E Boonville New Harmony Rd 812-867-7783 (West) 5225 Pearl Dr 812-402-8287 (Henderson)

2630 US-41 270-212-1777 (Newburgh) 4222 Bell Road 812-490-6070 (Owensboro) 3500 Villa Point Dr 270-804-4747 Sweet Betty’s Bakery 5600 E Virginia St 812-402-3889 Tom + Chee 2121 N Green River Rd 812-401-2433 Twilight Bistro 221 Main St 812-421-0606 Zoup Fresh Soup Company (East) 6240 E Virginia St 812-477-2664 (North) 4660 N First Ave 812-423-1800

FAMILY/ HOMESTYLE Acropolis 501 N Green River Rd 812-475-9320 Bob Evans (East) 1125 N Green River Rd 812-473-9022 (West) 5201 Pearl Dr 812-425-5100 (Princeton) 2825 W Broadway St 812-386-1228 (Owensboro) 3123 Leitchfield Rd 270-683-3515 Buffalo Wild Wings (East) 715 N Green River Rd 812-471-9464

(West) 5404 Pearl Dr 812-471-9464 Burger Bank 1617 S Weinbach Ave 812-475-2265 Carousel Restaurant 5115 Monroe Ave 812-479-6388 Carriage Inn 103 E Gibson St Haubstadt, IN 812-768-6131 Cleavers Restaurant 5501 E Indiana St 812-473-0001 Cracker Barrel 8215 Eagle Lake Dr 812-479-8788 Cross-Eyed Cricket 2101 Pennsylvania St 812-422-6464 Culver’s 1734 Hirschland Rd 812-437-3333 Denny’s Classic Diner 5212 Weston Rd 812-424-4472 19501 Elphers Rd Newburgh, IN 812-867-7156 Denny’s Restaurant (East) 351 N Green River Rd 812-473-1063 (North) 3901 US-41 812-423-9459 Ellis Park Clubhouse 3300 US-41 Henderson, KY 812-425-1456

NEWS4U | RESTAURANT GUIDE FIVE GUYS BURGERS 5402 E Indiana St 812-401-1773 FRANKLIN LANES 1801 W Franklin St 812-423-5355 FRONTIER RESTAURANT 12945 IN-57 812-867-6786 GATTI TOWN 316 N Green River Rd 812-473-3800 GEMECA INN 802 E Locust St Fort Branch, IN 812-753-4441 GET AND GO CASSEROLES 6840 Logan Dr 812-475-8830 GOLDEN CORRAL 130 Cross Pointe Blvd 812-473-1095 1320 N Green Street Henderson, KY 270-869-9310 HIGHLAND INN 6620 N First Ave 812-402-2544 HILLTOP INN 1100 Harmony Way 812-422-1757 HORNVILLE TAVERN 2607 W Baseline Rd 812-963-0967 IHOP 601 N Burkhardt Rd 812-471-0510 IVY ROOM (SWIRCA) 16 W Virginia St 812-464-7800 KT’S FIRE GRILL 7247 Main St Wadesville, IN

812-673-4996 LIBBY & MOM’S CAFÉ 2 Richardt Ave 812-437-3040 LOG INN 12491 S 200 E Haubstadt, IN 812-867-3216 MERRY-GO-ROUND RESTAURANT 2101 US-41 812-423-6388 O’CHARLEY’S (East) 7301 E Indiana St 812-479-6632 (West) 5125 Pearl Dr 812-424-3348 OLD MILL 5031 New Harmony Rd 812-963-6000 PIE PAN 905 North Park Dr 812-425-2261 POPEYE’S 3300 N 1st Ave 812-423-4291 RAFFERTY’S 1400 N Green River Rd 812-471-0024 RED FEZ (Hadi Shrine Building) 6 Walnut St 812-423-4285 RED WAGON 6950 Frontage Rd Poseyville, IN 812-874-2210 ROCKHOUSE AT WOLF’S 31 N Green St Henderson, KY 270-212-1151 ROSE HILL CAFÉ

8133 Rose Hill Rd Newburgh, IN 812-853-8443 SMITTY’S ITALIAN STEAKHOUSE 2109 W Franklin St 812-423-6280 ST. JOE INN 9515 St Wendel Rd 812-963-9310 STOLL’S COUNTRY INN 19820 Castle Creek Dr 812-867-7330 ZESTO’S 102 W Franklin St 812-424-1416

FINE DINING CKB COMMONWEALTH KITCHEN & BAR 108 N 2nd St Henderson, KY 270-212-2133 CAVANAUGH’S (Tropicana Evansville) 421 NW Riverside Dr 812-433-4333 CORK ‘N CLEAVER 650 S Hebron Ave 812-479-6974 EDGEWATER GRILLE 1 E Water St Newburgh, IN 812-858-2443 MADELEINE’S RESTAURANT 423 SE 2nd St 812-491-8611 NW CHOPHOUSE & WINE BAR 7799 IN-66 Newburgh, IN 812-853-9500 RED GERANIUM (New Harmony Inn

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NEWS4U | RESTAURANT GUIDE Resort) 520 N St New Harmony, IN 812-682-4431

FROZEN TREATS Coldstone Creamery (East) 6401 E Lloyd Expy 812-437-2653 (West) 5435 Pearl Dr 812-461-0100 Jeanne’s Gelato 2003 Lincoln Ave 812-479-8272 Orange Leaf 701 N Burkhardt Rd 812-401-5215 Sweet CeCe’s 5625 Pearl Dr

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Ri Ra Irish Pub 701 NW Riverside Dr 812-426-0000

Owensboro, KY 270-686-8202

1100 N Green River Rd 812-473-2903 Sauced Italian Restaurant 1113 Parrett St 812- 402-2230

Gerst Haus 2100 W Franklin St 812-424-1420


House of Como 2700 S Kentucky St 812-422-0572


Angelo’s 305 Main St 812-428-6666

Little Italy 4430 N 1st Ave 812-479-7777

Biaggi’s 6401 E Lloyd Expy 812-421-0800

Manna Mediterranean Grill 2913 Lincoln Ave 812-473-7005

Acropolis 501 N Green River Rd 812-475-9320

INDIAN Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine 900 Tutor Ln 812-476-5000 Taste of India 4700 Vogel Rd 812-909-2880


December 2016 •

Café Arazu 17 W Jennings St Newburgh, IN 812-842-2200 DiLegge’s 607 N Main St 812-428-3004 Famous Bistro 102 W 2nd St

Milano’s Italian Cuisine 500 Main St 812-484-2222

Smitty’s Italian Steakhouse 2109 W Franklin St 812-423-6280

JAPANESE Fuji Yama 915 North Park Dr 812-962-4440

Oasis Cafe 5702 E Virginia St (812) 602-3660

Ginmiya Asian Diner 4827 Davis Lant Dr 812-471-8100

Olive Garden


NEWS4U | RESTAURANT GUIDE Japanese Restaurant 8401 N Kentucky Ave 812-868-0830 Kanpai Sushi & Asian Bistro 4593 Washington Ave 812-471-7076 Roppongi Japanese Steak & Sushi 7221 E Indiana St 812-437-5824 Tokyo Japan 3000 N Green River Rd 812-401-1020 Tokyo Teppanyaki 2222 US-41 Henderson, KY 270-869-1968 Zuki Japanese Grill 1448 N Green River Rd 812-477-9854

KOREAN Jaya’s 119 SE 4th St 812-422-6667

MEXICAN Cancun Mexican 341 S Green St Henderson, KY 270-826-0067 Carleos 3118 Alvey Dr Owensboro, KY 270-684-0290 Chava’s Mexican Grill 4202 N First Ave 812-401-1977 Chipotle Mexican Grill 499 N Green River Rd 812-471-4973 El Charro 720 N Sonntag Ave



El Maguey 3250 Warrick Dr Boonville, IN 812-897-6666

Los Portales 3339 N Green River Rd 812-475-0566

El Patron 943 North Park Dr 812-402-6500 El Rio Mexican Cuisine 1919 N Green River Rd 812-471-1400 Fiesta Acapulco 8480 High Pointe Dr Newburgh, IN 812-858-7777 Hacienda Mexican Restaurant (East) 990 S Green River Rd 812-474-1635 (North) 711 N 1st Ave 812-423-6355 (West) 5440 Pearl Dr 812-422-2055 Hot Head Burritos 5625 Pearl Dr 812-437-5010 Jalisco Mexican Restaurant 4044 Professional Ln Newburgh, IN 812-490-2814 La Campirana 724 N. Burkhardt Rd. 812-550-1585 Los Bravos (East) 6226 E Waterford Blvd 812-474-9078 (North) 3534 N 1st Ave 812-424-4101 (West) 4630 W Lloyd Expy

Los Toribios 2810 US-41 Henderson, KY 270-830-6610 1647 S Green St Henderson KY 270-831-2367

1313 N First Ave 812-434-6909 Boston’s Gourmet Pizza 3911 Venetian Dr Newburgh, IN 47630 812-853-3400 Cicis Pizza 101 S Green River Rd 812-477-2424 Cleavers 5501 E Indiana St 812-473-0001

Los Tres Caminos 12100 US-41 812-868-8550 Moe’s Southwest Grill 6401 E Lloyd Expy 812-491-6637 Qdoba Mexican Grill 922 N Burkhardt Rd 812-401-0800 Riviera Mexican Grill 10604 SR-662 Newburgh, IN 812-490-9936 Taco Tierra 420 S Green River Rd 812-402-8226 Tequila’s Mexican 408 Woodwind Plz Mt. Vernon, IN 812-838-2392

PIZZA/ SANDWICHES Archie & Clyde’s 8309 Bell Oaks Dr Newburgh, IN 812-490-7778 Azzip Pizza 5225 Pearl Dr 812-401-3572 Big M’s Pizzeria

812-437-4343 Highland Pizza Shop 6669 Kratzville Rd 812-402-8900 Kipplee’s 2350 E Division St 812-479-1542 Lombardi’s New York Pizza 513 Barrett Blvd Henderson, KY 270-854-4391

Dave’s Sports Den 701 N Weinbach Ave 812-479-8887

Mama Mia’s (Tropicana Evansville) 421 NW Riverside Dr 812-433-4227

Deerhead Sidewalk Cafe 222 E Columbia St 812-425-2515

Mister B’s Pizza 2611 US-41 Henderson, KY 270-826-1111

Fat Boy's Pizza 10722 Hwy 662 Newburgh, IN 812-518-3061

Old Chicago 6550 E Lloyd Expy 812-401-1400

Fetta 118 St Ann St Owensboro, KY 270-926-0005 Firedome Pizza & Wings 2046 US-41 Henderson, KY 270-831-1977 Franklin Street Pizza Factory 2033 W Franklin St 812-477-2141 Gardo’s Italian Oven 13220 Darmstadt Rd 812-868-8071 Gattitown 316 N Green River Rd 812-473-3800 Heady’s Pizza 4120 N 1st Ave

Pangea Kitchen 111 S Green River Rd, Ste E 812-401-2404 Papa John’s (East) 303 N Weinbach Ave 812-477-7700 5436 E Indiana St 812-473-5200 (North) 4204 N 1st Ave 812-425-2345 12414 Hwy 41 North 812-867-7272 (West) 4814 W Lloyd Expy 812-423-7272 (Newburgh) 3955 Hayley Dr 812-858-7272 Parkway Pizza 3911 Broadway Ave 812-423-3339

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NEWS4U | RESTAURANT GUIDE Pizza Chef 423 W Main St Boonville, IN 812-897-1600 4938 SR-261 Newburgh, IN 812-853-3338 Pizza Depot 2801 Boonville-New Harmony Rd 812-867-9131 Pizza King (East) 1033 S Weinbach Ave 812-476-9441 (West) 220 N St. Joseph Ave 812-424-7976 (Newburgh) 7777 SR-66 812-853-3368 Pizza Revolution 812-430-5945 Roca Bar North 12301 Hwy 41 N 812-868-8898 Roca Bar South 1618 S Kentucky Ave 812-422-7782

Schaum's Pizzeria 240 S Green River Rd 812-402-4733

Edgewater La Veranda Banquet Room 1 E Water St Newburgh, IN 812-858-2443

Tin Fish 300 W Jennings St Newburgh, IN 812-490-7000

Slice The 2011 Lincoln Ave 812-476-8518

Ivy Room (SWIRCA) 16 W Virginia St 812-464-7800

Eclipse Bistro 113 SE 4th St 812-463-6040

Spankey’s Una Pizza 714 N Sonntag Ave 812-402-6776

Just Rennie’s 100 SE 4th St 812-401-8098


Susan Bobe’s Pizza 101 W Broadway St Princeton, IN 812-385-2554 Talk of the Town Pizza 1200 Edgar St 812-402-8696 Turoni’s Forget-Me-Not Inn 4 N Weinbach Ave 812-477-7500 Turoni’s Pizzery & Brewery 408 N Main St 812-424-9871

Rockhouse at Wolf’s 31 N Green St Henderson, KY 270-212-1400

Turoni’s Pizza 8011 Bell Oaks Dr Newburgh, IN 812-490-5555

Rounders Pizza 510 W Mill Rd 812-424-4960

Walther’s Golf ‘n Fun 2301 N First Ave 812-464-4472

Rounders Too 12731 N Green River Rd 812-867-7172 Sam’s Pizzeria 2011 W Delaware St 812-423-3160 Sandy’s Pizza 609 S Main St Ft. Branch, IN

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Woody’s Pizzeria 518 S Main St New Harmony, IN 812-682-6666

PRIVATE DINING Ballroom at Sauced The 1119 Parrett St 812-422-2230

December 2016 •

Old Post Office 100 NW 2nd St 812-253-2102 Schmitt Catering & More 812-909-0566 812-774-6547

SEAFOOD Bonefish Grill 6401 E Lloyd Expy 812-401-3474 Harbor Bay Seafood 4428 N First Ave 812-423-0050 Lure Seafood & Grille 401 W 2nd St Owensboro, KY 270-240-4556 Madeleine’s Fusion Restaurant 423 SE 2nd St 812-491-8611 NW Chophouse & Wine Bar 7799 IN-66 Newburgh, IN 812-853-9500 Red Lobster 4605 Bellemeade Ave 812-477-9227


423 SE 2nd St 812-491-8611 NW Chophouse & Wine Bar 7799 IN-66, Newburgh, IN 812-853-9500


Outback Steakhouse 7201 Indiana St 812-474-0005

Cavanaugh’s (Tropicana Evansville) 421 NW Riverside Dr 812-433-4333

Smitty’s Italian Steakhouse 2109 W Franklin St 812-423-6280

Cork ‘N Cleaver 650 S Hebron Ave 812-479-6974

Texas Roadhouse 7900 Eagle Crest Blvd 812-477-7427

Double D’s 1206 E Main St Boonville, IN 812-897-8813

Western Rib-Eye & Ribs 1401 N Boeke Rd 812-476-5405

Haub House 101 E Haub St Haubstadt, IN 812-768-6462


Hornet’s Nest 11845 Petersburg Rd 812-867-2386 House of Como 2700 S Kentucky Ave 812-422-0572 Logan’s Roadhouse (East) 1 N Burkhardt Rd 812-471-8403 (West) 5645 Pearl Dr 812-421-0908 Longhorn Steakhouse 320 N Green River Rd 812-473-2400 Madeleine’s Fusion Restaurant

Pangea Kitchen 111 S Green River Rd, Ste E 812-401-2404 Thai Papaya 1434 Tutor Ln 812-477-8424

VIETNAMESE Vietnamese Cuisine 4602 Vogel Rd 812-479-8818

If you would like to be added to the dining listings, please contact us at (812) 426-6398


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Christian music's top acts joining together for a joyous holiday celebration


hristmas is coming early to the OCC. Some of the biggest names in Christian music, including Grammy-nominated NewSong, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Matthew West, acclaimed husband and wife duo Love & The Outcome and alternative/electro worship band Reno, are bringing the sounds of the season to Owensboro. Dubbed the "Very Merry Christmas Tour," this amazing gathering of talent also features Jared Emerson, a renowned and inventive painter who shares the message of his faith through art. Headliners NewSong are no strangers to big package tours. In fact, the band created the immensely popular, enduring Winter Jam Tour Spectacular that continues to sell out annually all across the Midwest, south and northeast sections of the country. But while that collaboration of A-list performers focuses primarily on current hits and back catalogs, the "Very Merry Christmas Tour" is all about the joy of the season. Expect to hear tracks from NewSong's brand new release, The Best Christmas Ever!, plus all of your holiday favorites from the other acts on the bill. Speaking of... Matthew West has been a regular presence on the Christian music charts for nearly 20 years, having scored big with songs like "More," "You Are Everything" and "The Motions"; Husband and wife duo Love & The Outcome released their self-titled debut album in 2013 to critical acclaim and have been featured on the Winter Jam Tour; alternative/electro worship band Reno rounds out the musical portion of the show, bringing a cutting edge vibe and all kinds of energy. Don't miss the holiday concert event of the season! For tickets and more info, visit

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December 2016 •

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Versatile acoustic performer growing with the times, finding the right fit in Owensboro music scene “I think I just saw you walk by. Lol” That’s the response I get from local musician Shawn Brashear as I text him from inside The Creme Coffee House in downtown Owensboro. A little embarrassed, I walk back outside into the orange-red glow of the sun rapidly setting over the nearby buildings. He's the only person sitting outside, and I have to laugh at my oversight as we shake hands and exchange pleasantries. I mention that since I don’t make it to Owensboro very often, I’m surprised by how different the downtown area seems since the last time I was there. “Oh absolutely,” he responds. “The city’s really been trying to attract more artists and musicians. Downtown is really growing.” And as Owensboro grows, so does Brashear's reputation as a musician and performer. A transplant originally from Meridian, Mississippi, Brashear started playing guitar at a very young age. He knew from early adolescence that music was going to play a key role in his life. Impromptu shows at parties and local bars in Murray, Kentucky were a good way to earn a little side money while in school (“I’d just show up with my guitar and say, ‘You guys interested in some live music?’ Sometimes, I’d have to give a sort of short audition with a song or two, but they usually were just glad to have anyone performing”), but he knew a move to a bigger town was inevitable if he wanted to play music for a living. So he accepted an offer from one of his friends to move to Boise. After all, a bigger city means better opportunities, right?

Watching him build the song one layer at a time is a good indicator of what he’s capable of, but songs like “Want” and “Peabody Calling” more accurately reflect his style (There are great live performances of each that were filmed at the Daviess County Public Library). They showcase a voice that’s gentle and airy one minute then powerful and emotive the next, reminiscent of a Midwestern Damien Rice. That singing is complemented by an acoustic guitar that, much like the versatile voice it accompanies, alternates between loosely strummed chords and solos that span the fretboard while soaring with delay/echo. Brashear recently played a show with Roots of a Rebellion (a reggae band from Nashville, Tennessee) on their national tour as it passed through Owensboro. Getting to play alongside a band gaining some exposure across the country was an honor. “Opportunities like that are great, both for me and for Owensboro,” he says, with a note of sincere humility in his voice. “It’s great to have these great but lesser-known bands coming through here… I’m just so humbled to have the opportunity to get to do what I love like this, and to have people want to hear what I have to say.” Currently, Brashear is working on recording an album of original material, which he hopes to release in the near future. It’s clear that as Owensboro continues to flourish, he’s going to be growing right along with it. Jonathan Gluff For more info, follow Shawn Brashear on Facebook.

“Boise just wasn’t the right fit for my style,” he recalls. “The music scene out there is mostly metal; nobody’s really interested in a guy whose music is more geared toward coffee houses and more intimate settings.” And that’s exactly what suits Brashear’s music. A quick YouTube search for “Shawn Brashear” will likely bring up his oneman-band version of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ hit “Uptown Funk.”

W E E K E N D S R O C K @ TAY L O R ’ S TAV E R N *Attention local bands and solo artists: Interested in playing live @ Taylor’s? Drop your press kit/band bio off after 8pm marked Attention Leslie. We look forward to hearing from you!

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December 2016 •

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Destination weekend: Kentucky's inaugural indoor event tailor-made for the region's bike enthusiasts


hile the River City PowerSports Show will make its premier in the western Kentucky area in mid-January, the tour has actually been going strong for four years with the event being staged at various biker hotspots throughout the region and beyond. The fact that organizers have deemed Owensboro worthy of joining in on this very successful venture speaks volumes for both the city and the venue itself. In fact, the Convention Center couldn't be more perfectly suited for such an ambitious show that features not only some of the most incredible motorcycles you'll ever see but also ATVs, UTVs and campers plus live music, great food (BBQ, anyone?) and a bikini contest. And that's just scratching the surface of what all will be on offer over the course of two fantastic days. Considering how well the event has been received since its debut four years ago, organizers are expecting fans to make the trek to Owensboro from many of the surrounding bigger cities like Chicago, Kansas City, Charlotte, Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati. And as luck would have it, the following Monday is Martin Luther King Day meaning that many people will be off work. This will allow out-towners, especially, to make the River City PowerSports Show a destination weekend, bringing more money into the Owensboro area and raising the city's profile. As noted above, the event will be jam-packed full of entertainment with something happening every hour to keep the show moving at a fast pace. Highlights include: - American Baggers Baddest Bagger in Kentucky Contest - Traditional Bike Show (Best of Show $500 and magazine cover shoot for Road Hawk Magazine) - Fashion Show (brought to you by world famous Pinup Baggers) - Over 60 vendors selling parts, tires, helmets, LED lights, motorcycle insurance and more - BBQ Rib Eating Contest - Live Music featuring Roadhouse Atlanta at the Saturday Night After Party - Bulleit Bourbon Bar - Bikini Contest (first prize $100 and a feature as Miss PowerSports 2017 and more) *Awards will all be given out on Sunday Don't miss the inaugural River City PowerSports Show in Owensboro. Come out and be a part of what is certain to become a Kentucky tradition! For more info, visit Advanced tickets only $12. Kids 11 and under get in free. The OCC is located at 501 W. 2nd St. / 270-687-8800.

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December 2016 •

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IN TOWN &AROUND Thursday, December 1 6:00 PM Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Irish Session Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Green 7:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Team Trivia Lyle's Sports Zone -- Karaoke Someplace Else -- Comedy Night w/ Headliner Danny Browning feat. Melissa Doran Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -Retro Shock 8:00 PM Cricket's (Newburgh) -- Live Jams 9:00 PM KC's Corner Pocket -- College Night w/ DJ & Karaoke KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Karaoke

Friday, December 2 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar -- Jive After Five w/ Mad Women 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Matt Clark 7:15 PM Ford Center -- Evansville Thunderbolts 8:00 PM River City Recreation / Legends -- Karaoke w/ DJ Bruce Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- The Van-Dells 8:30 PM Lyle's Sports Zone -- Two Miles Back 9:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Whiskey Up & Wine Down / Live Music w/ DJ Pitt Charley's Yellow Rose (Owensboro) -- Rebel Creek Band Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Lindsey Williams 10:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Nocturnal Lamasco Bar -- Roots of a Rebellion w/ Treehouse O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Live Music TBA 11:30 PM Someplace Else -- Amaya Sexton Saturday, December 3

40 |

1:00 PM Ford Center -- UE Men's Basketball 2:00 PM Victory Theatre -- Bunny Bread Candy Cane Express 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar -- Jive After Five w/ Sassafras 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- The Honey Vines 7:00 PM Newburgh American Legion Post #44 -- Jed Guillaume (open to the public) Victory Theatre -- EPO: Peppermint Pops 8:00 PM River City Recreation / Legends -- Karaoke w/ DJ Bruce Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- The Van-Dells 8:30 PM Lyle's Sports Zone -- Gravel Engine w/ Nick Gregory 9:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- The Pits Charley's Yellow Rose (Owensboro) -- Rebel Creek Band Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky Pistons Bar & Grill -- Bombshell Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Adam Blythe 10:00 PM Cricket's (Newburgh) -- Static Mojo KC's Corner Pocket -- Good Bye Violet KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- THBN: The Hair Band Night Lamasco Bar -- Factor Primo O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Dr. Moody 11:30 PM Someplace Else -- Amaya Sexton

Sunday, December 4 2:00 PM Victory Theatre -- EPO: Peppermint Pops 5:00 PM Deerhead Sidewalk Cafe -- Troy Miller Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -Steve Greenwell Trio 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Matt Clark 7:00 PM Newburgh American Legion Post #44 -- Open Mic Night w/ DJ Fallen Saint (open to the

December 2016 •

public) 8:30 PM Cricket's (Newburgh) -- Karaoke 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Karaoke, DJ & Cornhole Lamasco Bar -- Karaoke O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Karaoke 9:30 PM Someplace Else -- Social Drag Sunday! Monday, December 5 O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Free Darts 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Ballard Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -Sports Night 9:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Dance Music w/ DJ K Tuesday, December 6 11:00 AM Ford Center -- UE Women's Basketball 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Matt Clark 7:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Trivia Night Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -Terry Lee & The Rockaboogie Band 7:30 PM Old National Events Plaza -- Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience 8:00 PM Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Pub Quiz 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Big Ninja Delight Wednesday, December 7 KC's Corner Pocket -- Free Pool O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Free Darts 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- The Honey Vines 6:30 PM Kanpai Sushi & Asian Bistro -- Osiella 7:00 PM Lyle's Sports Zone -- Karaoke Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -Terry Lee & The Rockaboogie Band

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December 2016 •

NEWS4U | IN TOWN & AROUND 8:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Woman Candy Wednesday / Karaoke w/ DJ BK Old National Events Plaza -Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Rocks! Tour Someplace Else -- Bingo Night 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Karaoke Thursday, December 8 6:00 PM Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Irish Session Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Green 7:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Team Trivia Lyle's Sports Zone -- Karaoke Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Terry Lee & The Rockaboogie Band 8:00 PM Cricket's (Newburgh) -- Live Jams 9:00 PM KC's Corner Pocket -- College Night w/ DJ & Karaoke KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Karaoke Friday, December 9 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar -- Jive After Five w/ The Flatheads 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Matt Clark 7:15 PM Ford Center -- Evansville Thunderbolts 8:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Kari & Billy 8:30 PM Lyle's Sports Zone -- Akacia 9:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Whiskey Up & Wine Down / Live Music w/ DJ Pitt Charley's Yellow Rose

(Owensboro) -- Rebel Creek Band Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Lindsey Williams 10:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Fortag Lamasco Bar -- Gentlemen & Scholars O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Osiella 11:30 PM Someplace Else -- Classic Reunion Kick-Off Show w/ Jamie Sommers, Mysti Dawn, Krystal Dicanter, Donetta Dicks & Alexander Storm Saturday, December 10 12:00 PM Ford Center -- UE Women's Basketball 4:00 PM Old National Events Plaza -Faith Music Radio Christmas Concert 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar -- Jive After Five w/ Dog Town Three 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Matt Clark Duo 7:00 PM Newburgh American Legion Post #44 -- Mike Mitchell (open to the public) Old National Events Plaza -Faith Music Radio Christmas Concert 8:00 PM River City Recreation / Legends -- Akacia Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Kari & Billy 8:30 PM Lyle's Sports Zone -- Ryan Rigdon w/ Primal Roots 9:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Tailgate Revival Charley's Yellow Rose (Owensboro) -- Rebel Creek Band Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky

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Pistons Bar & Grill -- Nocturnal Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Osiella 10:00 PM Cricket's (Newburgh) -- Deadly Serious Party KC's Corner Pocket -- Tailgate Revival KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -- Fortag Lamasco Bar -- Groovement O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Bonfire Weekend 11:30 PM Someplace Else -- Classic Reunion Show w/ Cassidy Fellows Sommers, Kendra James, Saydie Michaels, Jackie P. Lee, Lexxus Chablis, Brianna Michaels, Monica Rivers & Ivana Michaels Sunday, December 11 5:00 PM Deerhead Sidewalk Cafe -- Troy Miller Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Chapel Park Trio 6:00 PM

44 |

Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Matt Clark 7:00 PM Newburgh American Legion Post #44 -- Open Mic Night w/ DJ Fallen Saint (open to the public) 8:30 PM Cricket's (Newburgh) -- Karaoke 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke, DJ & Cornhole Lamasco Bar -- Karaoke O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Karaoke Someplace Else -- Christmas Variety Show Monday, December 12 O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Free Darts 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Carrie Glenn Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Sports Night 9:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Dance

December 2016 •

Music w/ DJ K Tuesday, December 13 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Matt Clark 7:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Trivia Night Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Chapel Park Trio 8:00 PM Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Pub Quiz 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Cat Man Dog Wednesday, December 14 KC's Corner Pocket -- Free Pool O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Free Darts 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- The Honey Vines 6:30 PM Kanpai Sushi & Asian Bistro --

Monte Skelton 7:00 PM Ford Center -- UE Men's Basketball Lyle's Sports Zone -- Karaoke Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Chapel Park Trio 7:30 PM Victory Theatre -- Melissa Etheridge's Holiday Trio 8:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Woman Candy Wednesday / Karaoke w/ DJ BK Someplace Else -- Bingo Night 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Karaoke 10:00 PM Someplace Else -- Melissa Etheridge After Party w/ Sarah Cannon Thursday, December 15 6:00 PM Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Irish Session Tropicana Evansville

NEWS4U | IN TOWN & AROUND (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Green 7:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Team Trivia Lyle's Sports Zone -- Karaoke Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Chapel Park Trio 8:00 PM Cricket's (Newburgh) -- Live Jams 9:00 PM KC's Corner Pocket -- College Night w/ DJ & Karaoke KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Karaoke Someplace Else -- Christmas Variety Show Friday, December 16 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar -- Jive After Five w/ Fabulous Rodenberg Boys 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Matt Clark 7:15 PM Ford Center -- Evansville Thunderbolts 8:00 PM River City Recreation / Legends -- Karaoke w/ DJ Bruce Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Radio Incorporated 8:30 PM Lyle's Sports Zone -- No Curfew 9:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Whiskey Up & Wine Down / Live Music w/ DJ Pitt Charley's Yellow Rose (Owensboro) -- Rebel Creek Band Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Lindsey Williams 10:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Bombshell Lamasco Bar -- Max Allen Band O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Josh Merritt Band 10:30 PM Someplace Else -- Christmas Variety Show Saturday, December 17

5:30 PM Lamasco Bar -- Jive After Five w/ Deja Blu 5 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- The Honey Vines 7:00 PM Newburgh American Legion Post #44 -- Rapture (open to the public) 8:00 PM River City Recreation / Legends -- Karaoke w/ DJ Bruce Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Radio Incorporated Victory Theatre -- Kacey Musgraves: A Very Kacey Christmas 8:30 PM Lyle's Sports Zone -- Maceo 9:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- DJ Dance Party Charley's Yellow Rose (Owensboro) -- Rebel Creek Band Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky Pistons Bar & Grill -- Dixie Stomp Ri Ra Irish Pub -- The Good Routes 10:00 PM Cricket's (Newburgh) -- 2 Miles Back KC's Corner Pocket -- Valcoes KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Velcro Pygmies Lamasco Bar -- Henhouse Prowlers O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Never Been Caught 11:30 PM Someplace Else -- Jodi Santana, Bendovah Plenti & Chelsey Nicole Sunday, December 18 5:00 PM Deerhead Sidewalk Cafe -- Troy Miller Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- The Marlinaires 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Green 7:00 PM Newburgh American Legion Post #44 -- Open Mic Night w/ DJ

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NEWS4U | IN TOWN & AROUND Fallen Saint (open to the public) Old National Events Plaza -Straight No Chaser "I'll Have Another" Tour 7:30 PM Victory Theatre -- Ralphie May: White Trash Christmas 8:30 PM Cricket's (Newburgh) -- Karaoke 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke, DJ & Cornhole Lamasco Bar -- Karaoke O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Karaoke 9:30 PM Someplace Else -- Social Drag Sunday!

Ford Center -- UE Women's Basketball Lyle's Sports Zone -- Karaoke Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- The Marlinaires 8:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Woman Candy Wednesday / Karaoke w/ DJ BK Someplace Else -- Bingo Night 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Karaoke 10:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Drowning Pool w/ 9Electric

Monday, December 19 O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Free Darts 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Ballard Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Sports Night 9:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Dance Music w/ DJ K

Thursday, December 22 6:00 PM Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Irish Session Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Green 7:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Team Trivia Ford Center -- UE Men's Basketball Lyle's Sports Zone -- Karaoke Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- The Marlinaires 8:00 PM Cricket's (Newburgh) -- Live Jams 9:00 PM KC's Corner Pocket -- College Night w/ DJ & Karaoke KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Karaoke

Tuesday, December 20 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Matt Clark 7:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Trivia Night Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- The Marlinaires 8:00 PM Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Pub Quiz 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Dave Flick Wednesday, December 21 KC's Corner Pocket -- Free Pool O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Free Darts 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- The Honey Vines 6:30 PM Kanpai Sushi & Asian Bistro -Katie Watts 7:00 PM

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December 2016 •

Friday, December 23 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar -- Jive After Five w/ The Green Family Band 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Green 7:15 PM Ford Center -- Evansville Thunderbolts 8:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Entice Band 8:30 PM Lyle's Sports Zone -- The Smoke Rings 9:00 PM

Backstage Bar & Grill -- Whiskey Up & Wine Down / Live Music w/ DJ Pitt Charley's Yellow Rose (Owensboro) -- Rebel Creek Band Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Lindsey Williams 10:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Jenny's Bad Hair Day Lamasco Bar -- JEB O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Osiella 11:30 PM Someplace Else -- Destiny Monet

8:30 PM Lyle's Sports Zone -- Karaoke 9:00 PM Charley's Yellow Rose (Owensboro) -- Rebel Creek Band KC's Corner Pocket -- DJ & Karaoke KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Ultimate Xmas Eve Ugly Sweater Party Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Christmas Eve Blowout Bash 11:30 PM Someplace Else -- Christmas Show

Saturday, December 24 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob & Matt 8:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Entice Band

Sunday, December 25 5:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Bob Ballard & Shivaree 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob

Green 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Christmas Night Bash! Monday, December 26 O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Free Darts 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Ballard Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Sports Night 9:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Dance Music w/ DJ K Tuesday, December 27 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Green 7:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Trivia Night Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Unusual Suspects

8:00 PM Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Pub Quiz 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Joe Marcinek Wednesday, December 28 KC's Corner Pocket -- Free Pool O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Free Darts 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- The Honey Vines 7:00 PM Lyle's Sports Zone -- Karaoke Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Unusual Suspects 8:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Woman Candy Wednesday / Karaoke w/ DJ BK Someplace Else -- Bingo Night 9:00 PM KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Karaoke

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NEWS4U | IN TOWN & AROUND Thursday, December 29 6:00 PM Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Irish Session Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Green 7:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Team Trivia Lyle's Sports Zone -- Karaoke Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- Unusual Suspects 8:00 PM Cricket's (Newburgh) -- Live Jams 9:00 PM KC's Corner Pocket -- College Night w/ DJ & Karaoke KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -Karaoke & DJ Lamasco Bar -- Karaoke Friday, December 30 5:30 PM Lamasco Bar -- Jive After Five w/ Fabulous Rodenberg Boys 6:00 PM Tropicana Evansville (Cavanaugh's Piano Bar) -- Bob Ballard 7:00 PM Ford Center -- UE Women's Basketball 8:00 PM River City Recreation / Legends -- Karaoke w/ DJ Bruce Tropicana Evansville (Hoosiers Lounge) -- The Duke Boys 8:30 PM Lyle's Sports Zone -- John Hurst 9:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- Whiskey Up & Wine Down / Live Music w/ DJ Pitt Charley's Yellow Rose (Owensboro) -- Rebel Creek Band Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky Ri Ra Irish Pub -- Lindsey Williams 10:00 PM Lamasco Bar -- Live Music TBA O'Brian's Sports Bar -- Live Music TBA Saturday, December 31

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December 2016 •

5:30 PM Lamasco Bar -- Jive After Five w/ Monte Skelton 7:15 PM Ford Center -- Evansville Thunderbolts 8:00 PM Newburgh American Legion Post #44 -- New Year's Eve Celebration w/ Keith Vincent & DJ Fallen Saint/Karaoke (no cover/open to the public) River City Recreation / Legends -- Karaoke w/ DJ Bruce 8:30 PM Lyle's Sports Zone -- NYE Dance Party / Karaoke w/ Bryan Steele 9:00 PM Backstage Bar & Grill -- NYE Party w/ Future Thieves Charley's Yellow Rose (Owensboro) -- Rebel Creek Band KC's Time Out Lounge & Grill -NYE Party w/ Pfreak Show Leroy's Tavern -- Karaoke w/ Sparky Pistons Bar & Grill -- New Year's Eve Bash w/ Tastes Like Chicken Ri Ra Irish Pub -- ClusterPluck Sportsmans Grille & Billiards -NYE Party! 10:00 PM Cricket's (Newburgh) -- NYE Party w/ the Valcoes KC's Corner Pocket -- NYE w/ On Tap Project Lamasco Bar -- Calabash O'Brian's Sports Bar -- NYE Bash w/ DJ Electro Angel 11:00 PM Someplace Else -- NYE Bash w/ Cee Cee LaRouge & Venus Knight

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CLUBS & PUBS Al’s Corner Pub 301 W. Columbia St. Evansville, IN 812- 909-2249 Algonquins III 213 U.S. Hwy. 41 S. Henderson, KY 270- 827-4313 BackStage Bar & Grill Evansville, IN 524 Main St. 812-424-5020 Blush Ultralounge (Tropicana Evansville) 421 NW Riverside Dr. Evansville, IN 812-433-4000 Bob’s Lounge 907 N. Fares Evansville, IN 812-425-4929 Boiler Room Bar 1100 N. Walnut St. Owensboro, KY 270-684-4999 Bokeh Lounge 1007 Parrett St. Evansville, IN 812-909-0388 Break Time Bar & Grill 1323 S. Barker Ave Evansville, IN 812-602-1756 Buck’s Tavern 1005 N. Fulton Ave. Evansville, IN 812-429-0055 Buster & Becky’s 1000 N. Garvin Evansville, IN 812-423-7616 Carson’s Brewery 2404 Lynch Rd. Evansville, IN 812-759-8229 Chilly Willy’s 3039 Claremont Ave. Evansville, IN

50 |

812-423-0726 Corner Bar 2668 Mt. Vernon Ave. Evansville, IN 812- 425-5059 Cricket’s 518 W. Main St. Newburgh, IN 812-858-2782 Darmstadt Inn 13130 Darmstadt Rd. Evansville, IN 812-867-7300 Darren’s Pub 713 N. Green St. Henderson, KY 270-827-2206 Dave’s Sports Den 701 N. Weinbach Ave. Evansville, IN 812-479-8887 Deerhead Sidewalk Café 222 E. Columbia Ave. Evansville, IN 812-425-2515 De Vonna’s 919 North Park Dr. Evansville, IN 812-401-9400 Doc’s Nightclub 1305 Stringtown Rd. Evansville, IN 812-401-1201 Double D’s 1206 E. Main St. Boonville, IN 812-897-8813 Enigma Bar & Grill 4044 Professional Ln. Newburgh, IN 812-490-0600 Franklin Street Tavern 2126 W. Franklin St. Evansville, IN 812-401-1313 Fred’s Bar & Grill

December 2016 •

Your guide to local watering holes around the Tri-State. From taverns to dance clubs, there is something for everyone!

421 Read St. Evansville, IN 812-423-8040 Gerst Haus 2100 W. Franklin St. Evansville, IN 812-424-1420 Hagedorn’s Tavern 2037 W. Franklin St. Evansville, IN 812-423-0794 Haynie's Corner Pub 1114 SE Parrett St. Evansville, IN 812-423-8221 Highland Inn 6620 N. 1st Ave. Evansville, IN 812-402-2544 Hoosiers Lounge (Tropicana Pavilion) 450 N.W. Riverside Dr. Evansville, IN 812-433-4100 Horstketter’s Tavern 5809 Stringtown Rd. Evansville, IN 812-423-0692 J's Sports Bar & Grill 1602 S. Vann Ave. Evansville, IN 812-401-2266 KC’s Corner Pocket 1819 N. Fulton Ave. Evansville, IN 812-428-BALL KC’s Time Out Lounge & Grill Washington Square Mall Evansville, IN 812-437-9920 Koodie Hoo’s 231 W. 2nd St. Mt. Vernon, IN 812-838-5202 Korner Inn 15 W. Main St. Elberfeld, IN

812-983-4200 Lakeview Inn 515 W. Washington Ave. Chandler, IN 812-925-7384 Lamasco Bar & Grill 1331 W. Franklin St. Evansville, IN 812-437-0171 Legends (River City Recreation) 1050 S. Weinbach Ave. Evansville, IN 812-476-7444 Leroy’s Tavern 2659 Mt. Vernon Ave. Evansville, IN 812-464-8300 Lyle's Sportszone 1404 E. Morgan Ave. Evansville, IN 812-425-7729 Marigold Bar 2112 S. Weinbach Ave. Evansville, IN 812-475-8780 Milligan's Bar 3136 W. 2nd St. Owensboro, KY 270-685-3941 O’Brian’s Sports Bar & Grill 1801 N. Green River Rd. Evansville, IN 812-401-4630 Peephole Bar & Grill 2nd & Main St. Evansville, IN 812-423-5171 PG 1418 W. Franklin St. Evansville, IN 812-402-4445 Piston’s 2131 W. Franklin St. Evansville, IN 812-401-1699

Rick’s Sports Bar 1531 S. Green River Rd. Evansville, IN 812-477-4088 RiRa’s Irish Pub (District @ Tropicana) 701 NW Riverside Dr. Evansville, IN 812-426-0000 Rick’s 718 Bar & Grill 718 N. 3rd Ave. Evansville, IN 812-423-0872 Rookie’s 117 Second St. Henderson, KY 270-826-1106 Scandals Night Club 1352 E. Division St. Evansville, IN 812- 423-2121 Shorty's Bar 1209 Baker Ave. Evansville, IN 812-424-4550 Someplace Else Night Club 930 Main St. Evansville, IN 812-424-3202 Sportsman’s Grille & Billiards 2315 W. Franklin St. Evansville, IN 812-422-0801 Taylor's Tavern 2509 W. Parrish Ave. Owensboro, KY 270-683-5577 Tin Man Brewing Co. 1430 W. Franklin St. Evansville, IN 812-618-3227 TJ’s Stockyard Inn 1217 Baker Ave. Evansville, IN 812-402-9273

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In perfect harmony: All-female "show band" blends together effortlessly, rocks out vigorously PHOTO BY ERIN JONES


et's get something straight. The four musicians that make up the band MAD Women are not angry. In fact, they're actually quite pleasant to be around. It's just that they're a little bonkers, a little wacky. At least when they're together, anyway. Bassist/vocalist Cindy Ray Karges, drummer/vocalist Kim McCrady, guitarist/vocalist Barbara Ellen Allender and lead vocalist Amy Jo Madden have hit on just the right mix of MADness together - the culmination of nearly 150 years combined playing experience. That's not a typo, btw. Good luck finding another collection of wigged-out women that can go long stretches without rehearsing and not miss a beat. But that's what comes with a lifetime of rocking out. When these gals get together, it's musical telepathy. As the story goes, the "MAD" part of the equation actually stands for Mothers & Daughters. "Of course, none of us are related to each other,"

Allender explains with a sly grin. She's the so-called "instigator" of the group. A few years back, Allender invited Madden to attend the annual Harmony Fest in her hometown of Allendale, IL, an event that features a talent contest for vocalists and musicians. "So, Amy won, and I just thought, 'You know what, let's do a band,'" she says. "And I knew Cindy from years ago from playing in another band, and I knew a drummer." The first incarnation of MAD Women debuted at the Chestnut Festival in St. Francis, IL roughly two years ago with a wide-ranging set list: country, rock, pop, soul and more. But it wasn't until McCrady took over behind the kit some time later that the wheels really started turning. "Kim had helped out with another band I was in previously, and I was always super impressed with her," Karges says. "And she sings like a bird and was exactly what we needed - she had the personality and the energy." McCrady is quite simply a killer drummer with decades of incredible tales, including playing with none other than Johnny Cash when she was all of 12 years old (!) not to mention country star Charlie Rich. These days she moonlights with the likes of presumed son of Elvis, Kenny Presley, and other local/regional talents. But perhaps most impressively, despite her obvious skill, McCrady always stays focused on what the song calls for - there's no unnecessary flash or 10 minute solos. Instead, she's all about locking in with the bass and creating an unmovable groove. That's easy to do in MAD Women with Karges as her partner in rhythm. Not one to stay grounded in the root notes of a song, Karges likes to float around the frets a bit, but still serves as the anchor, effortlessly maintaining the "feel" regardless of the musical style. And with the rhythmic framework fully intact, Allender is free to sprinkle her guitar magic over the top; well, more like produce a wall of sound, really. It's been noted by more than a few people that for such a small unit, MAD Women can make a serious racket. But Madden has the pipes to rise above it all - and the stage presence to boot. "I've been singing since I could talk, and I jump around like I'm on fire," she says with a mischievous laugh.

52 |

December 2016 •

NEWS4U | LOCAL/REGIONAL MUSIC MAD Women are currently scheduled to play the second Friday of each month at Lamasco Bar & Grill - except for December which finds them rocking Jive After Five the first weekend. Bar owner Amy WordSmith is a big fan of the band along with Song House creator, Andrea Wirth. In fact, when the two staged an all-female hootenanny there about 18 months ago, it served as the first time that Allender, Karges, Madden and McCrady performed together; the bond between MAD Women and Lamasco has remained strong ever since. The group also has a great relationship with Animalpalooza, having played the animal benefit festival the last couple of years to a very warm reception. Still, nothing can beat the response these ladies received at Sullivan Lake in late September when over 100 golf carts surrounded the stage, with fans flashing lights and honking horns in appreciation of a wild set that included the likes of Johnny Cash, The Doobie Brothers, Tim McGraw, Greg Kihn, Elle King, Miranda Lambert, Ed Sheeran and more. As McCrady humorously puts it, "You just haven't lived till you've played on an old basketball court by the water." Truly, this band has no musical boundaries. But they do have stamina which was in evidence the first weekend of October when MAD Women played three shows in three different cities - Wadesville, Palestine and Lawrenceville over a 24 hour period. That would be a challenge for any band, but considering that Karges is diagnosed with terminal cancer, you just have to take your hat off to their grit and determination to make it happen. Something else they recently made happen is a studio recording of some of their best covers - though they managed to sneak in an original by Allender that the band nailed first take despite having never heard it before. In fact, the whole album was completed very quickly. But regardless of the speed, the recording's importance is clear. "The CD was a big deal, because we want to be able to play bigger, better places," Allender explains. "We can hand it to people, business owners, etc. and say, 'This is what we do.'" What MAD Women do is something pretty special, built on years and years of musical experience. And yet, as McCrady states with a big smile, the philosophy of this self-described "show band" can be boiled down to one simple philosophy: "You start the song, we'll finish it." For upcoming shows, follow MAD Women on Facebook.

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CALABASH Jam band's GoFundMe campaign helps to finance great new collection of songs


roduced by Patrick Preston at 77 Recording right here in Evansville, Quasar [quasi stellar radio source], signals the first new music we've heard from local jam band Calabash in a while - though the guys have hardly been silent. In fact, Jarod Heim (lead gtr), Paul Wiemeier (rhythm gtr), Greg Smitha (bass), Zach Slingerland (drums) and Ryan Hadley (percussion) have stayed very busy on the live front, playing shows all over the tri-state, including festivals and benefits as well as the usual hotspots like Lamasco Bar & Grill. But as the new album proves, they've clearly been hunkered down in their free time, crafting an impressive new collection of songs. Quasar was made possible by the generous support of fans, friends and family through a GoFundMe campaign, allowing Calabash the luxury of studio time to create a high-quality, professional product that captures the band's live energy without sacrificing clarity. It's just another shining example of the great production work being done at 77 Recording - local music has never sounded better. With most tracks clocking in at nearly seven minutes, Quasar sees the guys stretching out musically with the vocals often taking a backseat to long instrumental passages. This is what Calabash does better than anyone else in the tri-state - giving songs the room to breathe, build and develop into something extraordinary. Something else that's rather extraordinary is the dichotomy of Heim and Wiemeier. They represent the yin and yang of Calabash. Heim's songs generally take on a dark, brooding tone both musically and vocally - even his titles are bleak: "Braindead," "Upside Down" and "Pattern of Mistakes," for example. Wiemeier, on the other hand, has a looser, bluesier style - a less complicated sound that perfectly complements his more conflicted bandmate's groove. Having said that, Quasar ends with the amazing "Love, Laugh & Clap," a nineminute Heim jam that - while typically minor key - leaves us with a real sense of hope. For more info, visit

54 |

December 2016 •



Santa Baby,


Drop Some Money Down the Chimney Tonight POST GRAD PERSPECTIVE FROM MARISA PATWA



an had been working at the Natural History Museum for two weeks, when he first noticed the spotted wren. Perched as it was on tiny legs in first-basement storage, surrounded by other taxidermy birds, much larger birds, birds of prey, the tiny-legged wren seemed like the perfect thing to steal. The next day at work, Van kept the wren a secret. he swept and mopped the Paleontology department. Then he walked downstairs to see the wren. He took out the trash for the third floor offices, then checked on the wren, again. He did this all night, until it was finally time for him to leave. On his way out, he tucked the small bird in the pocket of his jacket. It was just small enough to fit. At home, he set the wren on his window sill as if it were watching its own reflection in the glass. He made dinner, glancing at the bird occasionally, pleased with himself. The rest of his apartment was bare, almost like he hadn't been living there, on the sixth floor of the Buena Vista complex, for the past three years. The next day, he made sure to open the window for the wren before he left for work. There was a note waiting for him on his employee locker. It was from Ted Bunt, head researcher for the Birds and Mammals Department. He was a short bearded man, who seemed to laugh mostly on the inside. When Van knocked on his office door Ted was packing up for the day. He seemed in a hurry. “Oh yeah, hey there, Van,” Ted said once he looked up. “Look, we think you might have misplaced one of our displays.” Then he went on to hurriedly explain the importance of organization and how if one thing is out of place, it can screw up the whole organization. The more he talked the more clear it was that he wasn't just talking about cataloging, but he was talking about Van's job. Ted stepped around Van to leave his office, but paused for a moment to say, “So, just bring the bird back and no one needs to know about it.” Van couldn't believe it. He should've gotten fired. He spent the rest of the night cleaning and emptying trash cans with a sense of urgency. It wasn't until he clocked out and passed through the storage room on his way out that he began to feel sorry for all the animals. They had no idea that their bodies were going to be stuffed and put on a shelf under the dim light of first-basement storage. He thought about burying the wren when he got home. It seemed like the right thing to do, but he liked his new job. He walked all the way home, taking the long way around Balboa Canyon. He climbed the six flights of stairs and opened his front door. A cool gust welcomed him home. The window was still open, but when he walked to the sill, the spotted wren was gone.

Every year, before Christmas, I would spend hours working on the perfect list of presents to give to my mom, who promised she would send them to her special friend, Mr. Claus. As a teenager, my lists turned into color coded pages with images and hyperlinks of the exact fur boots from Claire’s that I wanted. This Christmas, I’ll be 23 and for the first time, the only thing I can think to ask for is money. I don’t want snowflake shot glasses or cute Christmas sweaters. You see, by the time Christmas rolls around this year, I will have just had my newborn daughter Sansa and will be in the middle of maternity leave from my job. I no longer think about what I want or need but what my daughter might need. I would rather have money to spend on diapers and save up for the childcare costs my boyfriend and I will soon have to pay when I’m back at work. I’d rather have extra money to put into my savings account in case we have a medical emergency. Does this mean I’ve lost the spirit of Christmas? Or am I finally growing up and realizing that some expenses are more important than others? Maybe it’s my time as an adult to relinquish my desire for petty items and now be the one that spends all night wrapping presents and scarfs down the milk and cookies my daughter left out for me. But you know what, I’m totally ok with that. In fact, I welcome it.

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USI's 2016 Efroymson Bridge Year Fellowship winner gearing up for first major art show


hen I was 14 I fell in love with splatter painting/painting with my hands," local artist Jenna Citrus explains, gesturing as if in midstroke. "I actually did it so much that I broke out with a really rare skin condition - pustular psoriasis." Not to mention that her parents were "absolutely livid" after she took out her artistic aggression on a bedroom wall. But, as you'll soon find out, Citrus' creative evolution would slowly turn mom and dad's disapproval

into enthusiastic support. The 24-year-old recent USI grad is what one generally thinks of when they hear the term "free spirit," living by her own rules out in Posey County. Well, that's to say Citrus is not currently saddled with a career and other responsibilities that tend to relegate creative ambitions to the proverbial backburner. She does, however, play a part-time role at Studio B Photography where she first began interning while in high school. A teacher had suggested that Citrus get in touch with the owner,

Daniel Knight, and from there a fascination with cameras was born. "I always carried one with me," she says. Over time, her focus became "people photography" - i.e., portraits. But then a shift in her artistic vision occurred as Citrus began painting faces and constructing dresses and structural pieces with the sole intent of placing people inside and photographing them. "I think I have to photograph the art in order for it to be interesting to me," she says. This intriguing return to painting was jumpstarted in 2014 when her mom cleared out a section of the garage where an antique car was housed, leaving Citrus a wide open space to lay cardboard down

56 |

December 2016 •


"When I was 14 I fell in love with splatter painting/painting with my hands. I actually did it so much that I broke out with a really rare skin condition." and go to town. "I got my acrylics back out and that was exciting," she says. "I was spray painting with different materials, experimenting with all kinds of media." Naturally, this burst of creativity only inspired her to branch out into other areas such as body painting - or, more specifically, what she calls "hand painting." Quite different from Citrus' early days of splattering bedroom walls, it involves pouring "tons and tons" of paint all over a willing participant's hand and letting it drip down onto a canvas below. The effect is nothing short of spectacular. Though Citrus attended USI on a partial arts scholarship, she smartly picked up a two year business administration degree along the way - a move that certainly eased her parents' worried minds a bit. She also opted to major in graphic design despite her love for painting and photography. "It was the most marketable degree," Citrus says. Still, this pragmatic bit of planning for the future didn't make impending graduation any less nerve-racking. In fact, with just four days of college life to go, she was totally directionless. Then something very exciting happened. Every year, USI awards $10,000 to a promising art, photography or design student, providing "the opportunity to develop a strong portfolio in preparation for graduate study, which is often the foundation for a successful career." Known as the Efroymson Bridge Year Fellowship, it's a prestigious competition that attracts many applicants who must submit samples of previous artwork as

well as write an essay. When the dust settled, Citrus was named the 2016 Fellow - though she never dreamed it would happen. Well, she had a nightmare that she "bombed" the interview process, but nonetheless, she now can afford to concentrate on her painting and photography for the next two semesters (and her parents couldn't be prouder). Best of all, Citrus has her first major art show scheduled for December 7 at USI's McCutchan Art Center and Pace Galleries. Entitled "Process," the solo exhibition will provide a fascinating glimpse into her creative work, documenting the process from beginning to end: Painting-PhotoManipulation-Clothing Piece. In addition to her first major art show, Citrus is starting to display her work at more community gatherings like Funk in the City and continues to participate as a photographer for Project Reveal and other events. The fellowship should also give her time to create more objects like coasters and journals that have sold very well in the past and are available on her website. Long term, however, Citrus' artistic focus is setting up an art installation - a communal space that acts as an ever-evolving piece to which everyone contributes. "People could come in, maybe get coffee, buy art supplies - it would be a big awesome art house that would stay open all the time." For more info, visit

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YOUR GUIDE TO AREA MUSIC & ART ACTIVITIES IN DECEMBER Dec 3 & 4: Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra presents Peppermint Pops For many tri-state residents, the EPO's one and only Peppermint Pops marks the beginning of the holiday season and is at the top of their holiday wish lists. You'll hear plenty of your holiday favorites and see jolly old St. Nick as well. The traditional Christmas concert features Daniel Narducci (Baritone), Christina Overton (MezzoSoprano), Evansville Philharmonic Chorus, Evansville Ballet, Evansville Children's Choir and Legacy Dance Company. For tickets and more info, visit Victory Theatre: 600 Main St., Evansville, IN / 12/3 (7pm); 12/4 (2pm)

an unbeatable combination guaranteed to rock you into the holiday spirit! For tickets and more info, visit Old National Events Plaza: 715 Locust St., Evansville, IN / 8pm

Dec 6: Jason Bonham Experience Jason Bonham is the British drummer and son of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham. Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience 2016 line-up is as follows: James Dylan on vocals, Tony Catania on guitar, Dorain Heartsong on bass, Alex Howland on keyboards & guitar and Jason Bonham on drums. For tickets and more info, visit oldnationalevents Old National Events Plaza: 715 Locust St., Evansville, IN /7:30pm

Dec 10: Faith Music Radio Christmas Concert Back by popular demand, 93.1 FM and Faith Music Radio proudly present "Faith Music Christmas 2016" - a family-friendly traditional Christmas concert. This full-scale presentation will feature live performances from national recording artists David Chamberlain, 2015 FMR Soloist of the Year, Jennifer Skaw and the Old Fashioned Quartet. Plus other fun surprises and guests. The concert will feature many of your traditional Christmas favorites. The program will be produced and directed by Mr. Daniel Wolfe. For tickets and more info, visit Old National Events Plaza: 715 Locust St., Evansville, IN / 4 & 7pm

Dec 10: Santa Claus Arts & Crafts Show

Dec 7: Brian Setzer Orchestra 13th Annual Christmas Rocks! Tour The iconic guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and three-time GrammyAward winner Brian Setzer and his 19-piece orchestra whip up a huge dose of retro holiday cheer with their Christmas Rocks! Tour presented by SiriusXM. The acclaimed show also features music from their latest Christmas album, Rockin’ Rudolph, their three other best-selling holiday albums, as well as original Brian Setzer hits. Consistently cited as one of the world’s greatest living guitarists, Setzer’s trademark guitar work and vocal stylings are matched with the Brian Setzer Orchestra’s rockin' big-band horn arrangements -

58 |

December 2016 •

Shop handmade crafts and artisan items in three locations: Santa Claus American Legion, Santa Claus Community Center, and the Celebration Room inside Santa's Lodge. For more info, call 812618-2111. Various locations: Santa Claus, IN / 9am

Dec 11: Broadway Christmas Wonderland Broadway Christmas Wonderland is one of the most delightful and enchanting Christmas shows ever. This most-loved Christmas show features glittering costumes, a dazzling cast, and the highest kicking chorus girls this side of the North Pole. Start Christmas in style as Santa and his merry helpers take you on an unforgettable nostalgic Christmas journey. Songs include "White Christmas," "Winter Wonderland," "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and more. For tickets and more info, visit or call

NEWS4U | ARTS & ACTIVITIES 270-687-2770. RiverPark Center: 101 Daviess St., Owensboro, KY

Dec 13: Annie Moses Band Christmas Program The Annie Moses Band is a classical crossover band made up of six talented siblings. From their airings on PBS to the stages of Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry, the band has captivated audiences across the globe. This Juilliard-trained family combines the best of beloved genres that brings together all audiences including classical connoisseurs and roots enthusiasts, jazz aficionados, and bluegrass buffs alike. Annie, Alex, Benjamin, Camille, Gretchen, and Jeremiah Wolaver share their charismatic blend of folk and classical music in a show that will capture the spirit of Christmas just in time for the holiday season. For tickets and more info, visit Henderson Fine Arts Center: 2660 US-60, Henderson, KY / 7pm

headlining tour, "A Very Kacey Christmas Tour." Showcasing songs off her debut Christmas album, A Very Kacey Christmas, the 9-date outing will hit iconic venues throughout the U.S., including a stop at the historic Ryman Auditorium. Victory Theatre: 600 Main St., Evansville, IN / 8pm

Dec 14: Melissa Etheridge's Holiday Trio Etheridge hit her commercial and artistic stride with her fourth album, Yes I Am, featuring the massive hits “I’m the Only One” and “Come to My Window,” a searing song of longing that brought her a second Grammy. For this special holiday show Melissa will be performing songs from her 2008 holiday album, A New Thought For Christmas. Songs will include fan favorites and holiday classics such as “Merry Christmas Baby,” Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” “O Night Divine” and more. Victory Theatre: 600 Main St., Evansville, IN / 7:30pm

Dec 18: Straight No Chaser 20th Anniversary Tour If the phrase “male a cappella group” conjures up an image of students in blue blazers, ties, and khakis singing traditional college songs on ivied campuses... think again. Straight No Chaser are neither strait-laced nor straight-faced, but neither is their vaudeville-style kitsch. They have emerged as a phenomenon with a massive fanbase, numerous national TV appearances and proven success with CD releases. Straight No Chaser is the real deal, the captivating sound of ten unadulterated human voices coming together to make extraordinary music that is moving people in a fundamental sense... and with a sense of humor. Old National Events Plaza: 715 Locust St., Evansville, IN / 7pm

Dec 18: Ralphie May: White Trash Christmas

Dec 15: NewSong's Very Merry Christmas Tour Christmas is coming early to the OCC. Some of the biggest names in Christian music, including Grammy-nominated NewSong, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Matthew West, acclaimed husband and wife duo Love & The Outcome and alternative/electro worship band Reno, are bringing the sounds of the season to Owensboro. Dubbed the "Very Merry Christmas Tour," this amazing gathering of talent also features Jared Emerson, a renowned and inventive painter who shares the message of his faith through art. Owensboro Convention Center: 501 W. 2nd St., Owensboro, KY / 7pm

Voted one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch, May has starred in four record-breaking one-hour Comedy Central Specials, two Netflix Specials, and most recently he filmed a pilot for the CW and an episode of Inside Amy Shumer. Ralphie has sold out countless tours across the country and traveled the world for the USO. He has a no nonsense point of view and the ability to connect with a diverse audience by pointing out society’s hypocrisies. With no subject off limits, Ralphie reveals the hilarious quirks that infiltrate politics, race and even his family. Victory Theatre: 600 Main St., Evansville, IN / 7:30pm

Dec 17: A Very Kacey Christmas Tour Two-time Grammy award-winner Kacey Musgraves will be ringing in this holiday season by launching her very first Christmas Call for Advertising Information (812) 426-6398 • December 2016

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Tri-State Fashion with Gina Mullis, Owner of Amerie

Share the warmth with others: 'Tis the season for layers, bundling, and giving!


his year’s holiday style is funky and fun, and reminds us to share the warmth with others. Lucky for tri-state folks there are some great local boutiques to shop holiday fashion and wonderful local organizations to support!

looking for winter wear. Did you know there are several tri-state organizations seeking coats, scarves, hats, gloves, and other winter clothing items for their patrons? This year get one for yourself, and give one to someone else.

If you don’t own a blanket scarf yet, you should considering getting one stat! Blanket scarves are all the rage this year and are super versatile. They can be worn as ultra-cozy scarves, as shawls, or used as a warm winter blanket. Pair your blanket scarf with a flannel shirt layered with a long sleeve basic top or graphic tee and leg warmers with boots. This look is great for winter because it keeps you warm but can be easily altered throughout the day as the temperature changes.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to show some leg and layer your chunky sweater over a dress or extender with tall boots and boot socks. Loose fitting, oversized sweaters are the trend this year and look great with extenders, skinny jeans, and leggings. Always pair your winter boots, tall or short, with leg warmers, boot cuffs, or boot socks. You can wear them any way you want; there is never a right or wrong, making it a super easy look to pull off.

Another staple winter piece that every man and woman needs this year is a good knit sock hat. They come in a variety of styles and colors and go with any winter look. These make great gifts, as well, and are also great if you are considering donating to local organizations

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box with your winter fashion. This year’s style trends encourage mixing earthy colors with reds and blacks in ways that most people usually

wouldn’t consider. Layering is the big push, so stock up on basics to wear under sweaters, cardigans, and flannels. And as always, don’t forget to shop local and support ethical brands when you can. Consider clearing out last year’s wardrobe and donating to local shelters and organizations in need of warm clothing. The business of giving back is always in style! Amerie Positive-Purpose Boutique is located at 10 W. Jennings St. in Newburgh. Follow Amerie on Facebook.

“Don't be afraid to step outside the box with your winter fashion." 60 |

December 2016 •

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YOUR GUIDE TO COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES IN DECEMBER Dec 1-Jan 3: Ritzy's Fantasy of Lights This annual winter light show benefits local children and adults with disabilities. Drive-through event runs Thanksgiving through January 3 and features a mile of sparkling lights with more than 60 elaborate "fantasyland" scenes. Horse-drawn carriage rides available nightly (weather permitting) for additional cost. For more info, visit or call 812-437-2627. 5 to 9 pm Fri.; 5 to 10 pm Sat. $7-25 per vehicle, depending on number of people. Garvin Park: Evansville, IN

events in Newburgh in the 1800s. The event includes musicians, carolers, and chestnuts roasting on an open fire, trolley tours, Find the Elf contest, and photos with Santa. Historic Downtown Newburgh, IN

Dec 3 & 4: Breakfast w/ Santa & Mrs. Claus Enjoy a hot buffet breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus in Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden's Rainforest Grill. Children receive a treat bag and enjoy making a special holiday craft. Ticket prices vary. For more info, visit or call 812-435-6143. Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden: 1545 Mesker Park Dr., Evansville, IN

Dec 3 & 10: ITV's Pet Pictures w/ Santa Santa is coming to the It Takes A Village canine rescue. No appointment necessary! Just come on out and let your pup, bunny or kitty (or any pet except lions) tell Santa what they really want for Christmas. You can also bring your kids. Cost is only $15 and includes a 4x6 photo and digital file of your pet and Santa. All proceeds benefit the dogs of ITV. For more info, visit or follow them on Facebook. It Takes A Village: 1417 N. Stockwell Rd., Evansville, IN / Noon-5pm

Dec 2 & 3: Christmas in Germania Enjoy an evening of exceptional dinner theater and traditional German Christmas music. For more info, call 812-422-1915 or follow Germania Maennerchor on Facebook. Germania Maennerchor: 916 N. Fulton Ave., Evansville, IN / 7pm

Dec 2-4: Owensboro Christmas Show Stewart Promotions’ 3rd Annual Owensboro Christmas Show will feature over 200 High Quality Vendors from across the region selling 1000’s of Christmas Gift Items with even MORE Christmas Craft Booths than last year! This show draws over 8,000 shoppers from Owensboro, Evansville, Henderson, and beyond each year, and is quickly becoming a Christmas season tradition for families in the Tri-State!  There is truly something for everybody on your list! For more info, visit owensborocenter. com. Owensboro Convention Center: 501 W. 2nd St., Owensboro, KY

Dec 3 & 4: Historic Newburgh Celebrates Christmas This street musical features people in period costumes recreating

62 |

December 2016 •

Dec 5-9: Skate on Franklin Skate on Franklin will bring an ice skating rink to Franklin Street for the public to enjoy. This outdoor, synthetic ice rink is open at 10am daily. Cost is $7 for the general public. For more info, follow Franklin Street Events Association on Facebook. West Branch Library: 2000 W. Franklin St., Evansville, IN

Dec 6: Willard Library Victorian Christmas Decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments used during the Civil War and Victorian era, and learn the history of many of our

NEWS4U | COMMUNITY & FAMILY current customs. Guests may participate in stringing popcorn, cranberries, and other fruits, and the tree will be on display on the second floor through December. There will be refreshments, Christmas carols, and fun for all ages. Free. Seating is limited; reservations are requested but not required. For more info, call 812-425-4309. Willard Library: 21 N. First Ave., Evansville, IN / 6pm

Dec 6: SWIRCA & More Holiday Dance

Dec 17: Wreaths Across America Service Wreaths Across America is a national nonprofit organization whose mission - Remember, Honor, and Teach - is carried out each year in part through the laying of wreaths on National Remembrance Day each December. There will be a 6th annual local remembrance ceremony held at the Veterans' Plaza of Evansville's Oak Hill Cemetery. Oak Hill Cemetery: 1400 E. Virginia St., Evansville, IN / 11am

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with SWIRCA & More. The Holiday Dance, held in the Activity Center, puts members in a merry spirit. Guests will enjoy lunch and dance along to festive music. Santa and Frosty the Snowman may even stop by for a special guest appearance. $10 per person. For more info, visit or call 812-464-7800. SWIRCA & MORE: 16 W. Virginia St., Evansville, IN / 10am-2pm

Dec 17: Angel Run 4K Come run with the angels as First Christian Church celebrates the Christmas season. Awards to the top finishers dressed as angels and an award for the best angel costume will be given. Awards to top 10 males and top 10 females also. Stay after the run and enjoy Christmas in Newburgh, a Christmas festival hosted by First Christian Church. First Christian Church: 4544 Indiana 261, Newburgh, IN / 3pm

Dec 10: Dickens Christmas on Franklin

Dec 17: Brunch with Santa

Enjoy the Christmas experience of Franklin Street with shopping, Christmas carols, performances in the park, a winter bazaar, and more. The Winter Farmers Market is returning with winter produce, food vendors, and art and specialty craft vendors. There will be horse-drawn carriage rides; everyone is welcome to join in and carol on Franklin Street. For more info, follow Franklin Street Events Association on Facebook. W. Franklin St., Evansville, IN

Come join the fun when Santa visits Oasis Dementia Care. Enjoy brunch and take pictures with Santa plus carriage rides and more! For more info, call 812-303-3310. Oasis Dementia Care: 4301 Washington Ave., Evansville, IN / 10:30am-12:30pm

Dec 10: Candy Cane Hunt Hunt for thousands of wrapped candy canes in Atkinson Park in Henderson, KY. Prizes will be awarded. For more info, call 270-8311274. Atkinson Park: 1813 N. Elm St., Henderson, KY / 2pm

Dec 19: Evansville Philharmonic Guild Book Fair The Evansville Philharmonic Guild Barnes and Noble Book Fair is coming. Tri-State student choirs will perform through-out the day. A percentage of sales from the event will fund innovative, educational philharmonic concerts for more than 10,000 tristate youth. Â Barnes & Noble: 624 S. Green River Rd., Evansville, IN / 9am

Dec 15: Jingle Mingle It's the annual networking luncheon filled with holiday spirit and fun. Visit, talk, and laugh with colleagues as they celebrate the holiday season. Lunch is included so come enjoy a buffet of deliciousness. For more info, visit or call 812-423-3843. Tropicana Evansville: 421 NW Riverside Dr., Evansville, IN / Noon-1pm Call for Advertising Information (812) 426-6398 • December 2016

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Each month we’ll be checking in with the VHS for the latest good news and to help find furever homes for some of their more unique/older residents.


MEET BLANCH, GUNTHER & ANGELINA BALLERINA Blanch - This gorgeous girl is Blanch! She’s a female American Staffordshire Terrier mix. Her eye patch makes her look a little like Petey from The Little Rascals! Blanch unfortunately had her ears cropped very short sometime before she arrived at VHS, but she’s still beautiful. She is very focused and prey-driven, so she shouldn’t live with cats or other small animals. But she has made lots of dog friends at Cardio for Canines! Blanch is strong on a leash, even with a harness, and is very friendly with all people she meets. Her breed, energy level, and prey drive have made it very difficult for her to find a home, but VHS is confident her forever family will find her in time for Christmas. Her $100 adoption fee includes her spay, microchip, vaccines, heartworm testing, and more!

Gunther - Gunther is a 1 ½-yr-old male black & white cat. He has adorable facial markings. He gets along with other cats and has waited on a home for several months. He’s also known for giving kisses and “head boops” to young children when they visit the Cageless Cat Lounge! Gunther’s $30 adoption fee includes his neuter, microchip, vaccines, deworming, and more!

Angelina Ballerina - Believe it or not, one of VHS’ longest residents is currently a mouse named Angelina and her young son, Jaq Jaq. Mice are entertaining little pets and can live to be 2 years old or more! Their adoption fees at VHS are just $5 each. They would need to be housed separately, and the shelter has gently-used small animal supplies available for sale in the lobby. Both Angelina and Jaq Jaq can go home TODAY!

Vanderburgh Humane Society

400 Millner Industrial Drive • 2 blocks west of Garvin Park in Evansville 812-426-2563 • Adoption Hours: Tues-Sat 12-6pm •

64 |

December 2016 •


Fleta & Bullet

Animal lover Fleta Knox and her family live on an eight acre spread in Birdseye, IN along with a whole menagerie of pets, including three dogs (a full-blooded Chihuahua, a Chihuahua mix and a Yorkie) and somewhere in the neighborhood of eight cats. Looking to add to the "chaos" as she jokingly describes it, Fleta recently searched the VHS website for another dog and came across a large but very sweet Pit Bull named "Blue." After spending time with him at the shelter, she just knew that he was the one. The two headed back to Birdseye together at the end of October and Blue now renamed Bullet - has adjusted well to his new surroundings; he especially loves the wide open property where he can run off his "Tasmanian Devil" energetic bursts. A former certified dog trainer, Fleta had no reservations about adopting a Pit Bull. "I don't pre-judge a dog any more than I'm going to pre-judge a person," she explains. "Bullet doesn't try to fight with the dogs and if they fuss at him, he backs down. He's a sweetheart - I love him to pieces already!"

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with Kevin Fleming of First Presbyterian Church



with Jonathan Gluff

I’m breaking with the usual “Q&A” format this column follows to offer some advice as the holiday season approaches. The month of December brings Christmas, Hanukah, and other holidays. These are happy times with family and friends. We anticipate them and prepare for them. And when they come - and when they go - we may be left with feelings of frustration, disappointment, and regret. We hype the holidays so much that sometimes we can’t make the holidays live up to the expectation. For some of us, the holidays will be the first time we are without someone significant in our lives. A death, divorce, separation, or any of the other realities of life will threaten to put a significant damper on our holidays.

Here are three tips: 1. Don’t let the holidays get out of hand. Keep things simple. It’s not about expensive gifts. It’s not about threatening your financial future. Simplify where possible. 2. Keep your expectations simple. What will make the holidays meaningful to you? Identify that and pursue that and you’ll be much happier. 3. Don’t obsess about who is not there. Focus on who IS there. Leave your regrets outside your celebrations and enjoy the people that surround you. And have a wonderful holiday season! First Presbyterian Church is located at 609 SE 2nd St. / 812-423-6297.

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Behind Political Enemy Lines (Or "Unnatural Election") It seems like I say this every four years, but I don’t think many would disagree that this has been the most divisive election in recent memory (and definitely of my lifetime). People have been understandably passionate this electoral cycle, and with both major parties’ candidates having the lowest approval ratings of any candidates ever, it makes even more sense how it became so ugly. So from the beginning it’s been clear that no matter who won, a sizable chunk of the country wasn’t going to be happy. But just as all good things must come to an end, so must the bad ones. And no matter how you felt about the outcome, I think we all wanted to breathe a sigh of relief that it’s over. We don’t have to be constantly bombarded with the negativity and fear-mongering that both sides promoted. The very next day, my newsfeed was filled with requests from friends on both sides of the aisle to stop the negativity. And therein lies the problem - neither side was guilt-free. For every Trump supporter calling someone a“libtard”(a word which no intelligent comment has ever contained), there was a Hillary supporter there to baselessly call them a racist. For every Democrat/Republican telling thirdparty voters that they magically were contributing to both Trump and Hillary simultaneously, there was a Libertarian/Green Party member calling the major parties “sheeple.” So I have a challenge that I extend to all of you, regardless of party lines: Stop making every discussion into an argument. Quit the baseless ad hominem attacks. Quit equating the other parties and candidates with bigots or whiners solely because they’re the other guy (but by all means, call out actual discrimination). If you sit down and actually listen, you may learn something, no matter what your beliefs are. Because just like not every Democrat is a whining sore loser, not every Republican is a racist. Not every Libertarian is a cold-hearted Randian utilitarian. Not every Green Party member is an anti-vaxxer. Because the one thing we all are is American. As cheesy as that may sound, we have to get through this together. And no matter whether Trump turns out to be the savior the right hopes for or the destructor of human rights the left fears, we can’t continue being this divided, nor should we. Let’s be the change we want, deserve, and need.

December 2016 •




WHITNEY by Whitney Patterson


It's not over until we concede defeat

Think Indiana doesn't matter during presidential elections?

The election is over, but the repercussions will soon enough come to light. The startling devastation of many minorities and their allies is already painting social media, sparking rifts between friends and families. Those who supported Trump say things such as "it's not personal" or "just because I voted for him doesn't mean I agree with everything he believes." Although these statements may be true in some sense, as in those making these assertions believe what they're saying, it's still a bitter pill to swallow.

Watching the returns on election night has become an American tradition akin to watching the Super Bowl. In Indiana, another tradition that is commonly known among political observers is that we're always one of the first states to be called as a win for the Republican presidential candidate.

People like to say that "America has spoken, it is what it is. Get over it," which is incendiary in the very least. Although Trump is our President Elect, Clinton won the popular vote. In the information age, it's strange to me that we still utilize the antiquated system of the electoral college. Furthermore, where was half of the damn population in the weeks leading up to and on the day of the election? Disenfranchisement is real - I've felt the apathy, I've felt a strong distaste for the system. I also know that apathy is toxic and contagious. In good conscience, I refuse to sit by and let others speak for me. I also stand by my belief that a third party vote in a general election is a piss in the wind - the stakes are too high. In the same breath, I also agree that the two-party system sucks. It's a mess, and it's only going to get messier. And no - the President doesn't have absolute power, but he could potentially appoint up to three Supreme Court Justices. For life. He will also be working with a heavily Republican Congress, has the power of Executive Order, and will be the mouthpiece for the U.S. to foreign countries - this man with zero experience, who speaks about women like they're property, has made a mockery of people with disabilities, has threatened to tear apart immigrant families, has outsourced labor... and the list goes on. Our only hope is that he was blowing smoke to earn support from certain demographics. Guess we'll see, won't we? For now, hold onto your support system. Be an ally to the minorities being threatened, stand up to the bullies, be out and proud, be loud, and hope that all the hard work we've put in doesn't unravel under his administration. Know that for every person who let you down with their vote, there are thousands more who will stand up for you. It's not over until we concede defeat - this is just a massive bump in the road. "We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated." - Maya Angelou Signed, Whitney Patterson, rabble-rouser at large

Just a little history lesson: Indiana has gone red every election since 1964 with the exception of Obama's win in 2008. 2016 was par for the course. However, if you were to look deeper into Indiana's recent election history, it's astounding how much the margin of victory tells us about the ultimate winner. While a state like Utah will always vote overwhelmingly Republican and Massachusetts will always vote overwhelmingly Democrat, Indiana paints a different picture. Trump beat Clinton by 19% in the Hoosier State.  In fact, since 1980, the Republicans have carried Indiana by an average of 19% during years that the Republican is the winner. Contrast that to when the Democrats win the election and the margin of victory for the GOP in Indiana is only 5.1%! Keep this in mind in 2020 when the networks call Indiana. Trump will probably be declared the winner but his margin of victory will dictate if he gets a second term. You might be able to go to bed early based on Indiana's results. The views expressed in the article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of News4U.

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La La Land (PG-13) Release Date: 12/9

Written and directed by Academy Award® nominee Damien Chazelle, La La Land tells the story of Mia (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress, and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a dedicated jazz musician, who are struggling to make ends meet in a city known for crushing hopes and breaking hearts. Set in modern day Los Angeles, this original musical about everyday life explores the joy and pain of pursuing your dreams.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Unrated) Release Date: 12/16

In a time of conflict, a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire's ultimate weapon of destruction. This key event in the Star Wars timeline brings together ordinary people who choose to do extraordinary things, and in doing so, become part of something greater than themselves.

Collateral Beauty (PG-13) Release Date: 12/16

When a successful New York advertising executive suffers a great tragedy, he retreats from life. While his concerned friends try desperately to reconnect with him, he seeks answers from the universe by writing letters to Love, Time and Death. But it's not until his notes bring unexpected personal responses that he begins to understand how these constants interlock in a life fully lived, and how even the deepest loss can reveal moments of meaning and beauty.


Release Date: 12/21 Set in a world like ours but entirely inhabited by animals, SING stars Buster Moon (Academy Award® winner Matthew McConaughey), a dapper Koala who presides over a once-grand theater that has fallen on hard times. Buster is an eternal optimist - okay, maybe a bit of a scoundrel - who loves his theater above all and will do anything to preserve it. Now facing the crumbling of his life's ambition, he has one final chance to restore his fading jewel to its former glory by producing the world's greatest singing competition.

Why Him? (Unrated) Release Date: 12/25

Over the holidays, Ned (Bryan Cranston), an overprotective but loving dad, and his family visit his daughter at Stanford, where he meets his biggest nightmare: her well-meaning but socially awkward Silicon Valley billionaire boyfriend, Laird (James Franco). A rivalry develops, and Ned's panic level goes through the roof when he finds himself lost in this glamorous high-tech world and learns that Laird is about to pop the question. The straight-laced Ned thinks Laird, who has absolutely no filter, is a wildly inappropriate match for his daughter.

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December 2016 •


MOVIE R EVIEWS Suicide Squad (PG-13) DC Entertainment

Suicide Squad takes place just after DC’s Batman v Superman, in a world that has come to the sobering realization that Superman isn’t always the best deterrent against the super-powered baddies. From the start, you get the idea that the rights of these “metahumans” are inconsequential. You wonder who the villains here actually are. A murderous group of superhuman convicts - each implanted with a bomb and forced into a “suicide squad” of anti-heroes - fight against a would-be team member who has become the unwilling vessel of a matchless Enchantress who has escaped and threatens to destroy the world. Yes, it’s a little convoluted on the surface. However, Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), and the rest of the squad are such colorfully fleshed-out characters, each fun to watch. The movie shines here, as well as in the realization that the antagonist isn’t the obvious comic book villain on-screen. Instead, the conflict you get wrapped up in is the relentless inner struggle paralleled between each cast member as they fight that physical threat they always have in these movies. Better dialog and an R rating could have made this better, but as is, Suicide Squad is worth checking out. - Laura Engram

Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories (R)

Showplace Cinemas East 1801 Morgan Center Drive Evansville, IN 47715 Showplace Cinema North 4200 N. 3rd Ave. Evansville, IN 47710 Showplace Cinemas South 950 Hebron Ave. Evansville, IN 47714 Showplace Cinemas Newburgh 8099 Bell Oaks Drive Newburgh, IN 47630 Showplace Cinemas Princeton 2691 W. Broadway St. Princeton, IN 47670 Showplace Cinemas Henderson 406 Walker Drive Henderson, KY 42420 Showplace Cinemas Harrisburg 701 N. Commercial St. Harrisburg, IL 62946

FOR MOVIE INFO CALL 812-422-3456

Blood Moon Pictures

Homegrown out of Owensboro, Volumes of Blood was the surprise hit horror anthology of 2015. Now producers P.J. Starks, Eric Huskisson and Christopher Bower are back with the second installment: Horror Stories. I must admit here, I'm not an avid horror fan. So, I can’t say how it fares as another fan film. What I can say is that VOB2 has a consciousness - a sadistic one. It doesn’t always take itself incredibly seriously, but it knows when to be seriously and unwaveringly nasty. Though VOB2 features the likes of Moses Moseley (The Walking Dead) and a soundtrack by Rocky Gray (Evanescence), the real star here is the unrelenting, unsettling gore. The film centers on a couple taking a tour of a house for sale. As we watch them, room by room we snap to different points in the past, to all the evil energy, shocking murders and - well - volumes of blood, that have saturated the house. Some of the stories are the most excessive of any slasher tale out there; others leave you simply creeped out. But all of them have real moments of intensity.

December Movies Jackie La La Land Contract to Kill Office Christmas Party Nocturnal Animals Miss Sloane Rogue One: A Star Wars Story The Space Between Us

Collateral Beauty Passengers SING Assassin's Creed Why Him? Gold Fences

Where the movie struggles on occasion is mostly with scenes depicting conversations or lengthy chases. The rest is a gripping indie slaughterhouse. - Laura Engram

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NEWS4U | MUSIC REVIEWS Lady Gaga Joanne Interscope It's been a tough couple of months for America. And whether you feel content or upset, or just plain exhausted with the choices made collectively by the country, Lady Gaga’s new album will probably have a song in it that brings you something. I find Joanne to be up-beat, comforting, and in some places, a little reflective. Overall, it's overflowing with positivity and it's so healing, especially on songs like “Come to Mama." However, the album is something different than what fans may have come to expect from the dance-pop diva in the past. While her previous albums put fun-loving emphasis on dance, this album highlights her music, carrying her up-beat style into new genres. Gaga abandons a good portion of the electronica in favor of instrumentals - especially in country ballads “Joanne” and “Angel Down” - but still keeps the dance tempo throughout much of it, rendering a beautifully nuanced collection. She remains faithful to her style, assertiveness, and love, while showing a lot of creative growth. - Laura Engram

NOFX First Ditch Effort Fat Wreck Chords NOFX, the cynical godfathers of independent hardcore punk, have produced something very new for the band with their 13th release: a bit of authentic vulnerability. Not to say snide front man Mike Burkett (aka Fat Mike) has any less nerve, or that the band has lost their irreverent brand of thrashing. The ripping, howling edge that fans have come to love in their music is still there, and the lyrics are filled with the sardonic social commentary we’ve come to expect. Yet, there are some songs here that turn more distinctly inward than ever before. As with any NOFX album, there are always a couple songs serving no other purpose than to be the musical middle finger of the record. On First Ditch Effort, it’s the first two. But as the album gets going, Burkett barks out - between derisive stories and criticisms - personal struggles such as coming out as a punk crossdresser, the death of friend and scene legend Tony Sly, worries about his own reckless habits, and how his children deserve better from him, and the world. The realness here is a blast of fresh air. - Laura Engram

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December 2016 •

Brian Jonestown Massacre Third World Pyramid A. Records Don’t let the dark humor of the band’s name fool you; despite it coming partly from a famous tragedy, this is not a darkly humorous death metal band. Instead, their latest album, Third World Pyramid, is a bright ray of mostly ‘60s nostalgia. Middle Eastern/Indian instruments such as sitars and tablas pepper the early tracks. This nod to the salad days of psychedelic rock certainly would do peers of the first half of the band’s namesakes (original Rolling Stones member and guitarist Brian Jones) proud. That vibe continues throughout the nearly 10 minute-long “Assignment Song,” ending with a swirling, looping blast of fullblown psychedelia that would make even The Doors proud. BJM use instrumentals as effective transitions between decidedly dissimilar songs. “Oh Bother” breaks up the psychedelia of the first four tracks to pave the way for the surprisingly raucous post-punk title track, which would undoubtedly have stuck out like a sore thumb otherwise. Later, “Lunar Surf Graveyard” serves as a nice palate cleanser of its rather bland predecessor to “The Sun Ship,” a song that bears more than a passing resemblance to “I Am the Walrus.” There’s a common saying that if you wait long enough, most trends come back around. With the recent resurgence in both psychedelic rock and post-punk, perhaps Brian Jonestown Massacre will finally transcend beyond mere cultfollowing status after 26 years. - Jonathan Gluff

The Legal Matters Conrad Omnivore Recordings The Legal Matters are a somewhat-supergroup. I say “somewhat-super” because, while they’re enjoyable bands, I wouldn’t say that Hippodrome, The Phenomenal Cats, and An American Underdog are exactly household names; in fact, I couldn’t have told you a single one of those without having seen them listed on the band’s biography. But even without being well-versed in obscure Midwestern indie pop (and I certainly do not count myself in that camp, either), their sound is something that should appeal to anyone who likes guitar-driven pop-rock of any sort. The band’s moniker draws clear influence from The Who’s “A Legal Matter.” But it’s clear that the band who truly “made them wanna play their guitars” (as they sing on my favorite track, “Short Term Memory") was Big Star, a band best known as the original authors of the theme song to That ‘70s Show. The same hallmarks of that band - chiming guitars, layered vocal harmonies, and sardonic takes on deeper subjects than your typical pop song - pervade Conrad. That’s not to say they’re just another imitation, but one wouldn’t be mistaken in pointing out that they also have similarities to bands such as Teenage Fanclub (whose latest album I reviewed a couple of months ago) and Apples In Stereo. But it’s the kind of album whose cheery vibe is perfect for relieving election year stress. - Jonathan Gluff

NEWS4U | MUSIC REVIEWS American Football American Football Polyvinyl Records

The Wrecks We Are The Wrecks EP Self-Released

I feel the need to preface this review with the confession that Tim and Mike Kinsella can do almost no wrong in my eyes. From Cap’n Jazz and Owls to Make Believe and Joan of Arc, the Brothers Kinsella have been a big part of the emo/indie scene since the early/mid-’90s and are responsible for some of my (and many others’) favorite albums. American Football’s first self-titled release (yes, this one is self-titled as well) is one of those albums whose popularity has grown to legendary proportions in the last few years. And with good reason: Its intricately woven guitar lines, gentle jazz-derived drums, and introspective lyrics have stood the test of time. More of that same motif can be found on this record. The band bring the same dreamlike effortlessness that belies the complex melodies and polyrhythmic goodness they’re known for. Listening to this album immediately following the first, one would never know there was a 17 year gap between them. When a favorite band reunites, there’s always the concern that perhaps they might tarnish their legacy. All too often, there’s a feeling that it’s done less for love of the music than a quick cash-in. But every now and then, a reunion comes around that works out perfectly. The second LP to bear the American Football title thankfully is one of those. - Jonathan Gluff

Jonas Scott Cowan

A young quintet from California, The Wrecks are a fun surprise on the indie music scene with their bright, yet unapologetically self-assertive debut EP. In your face and full of love and hate, We Are The Wrecks has a sound that definitely draws its roots from the pop-punk genre, but offers something fresh and enjoyable with it in these three songs. The music itself playfully straddles the line between feeling vibrantly cheerful and somewhat angsty, while also venturing into a sometimes jazzy, sometimes classic rock feel of excitement and seduction. The lyrics that emerge between the range and honeyed gravel of Nick Anderson’s vocals contain a full-on sense of selfaffirmation and sarcasm that anyone who has survived an exciting relationship can get into. The first two songs on the EP definitely carry a sexy-but-you-can’t-have-this type of quality to them. And after the clean, punchy power chords mixed with the quick-strike pentatonic swag of the first two tracks, the final song, “Favorite Liar," breathes out a simple bluegrass sort of twang, but with the electricity that was present before, ending the album with a giant sense of contentment. - Laura Engram

Alicia Keys Here RCA

Been There Self-Released

Been There has been years in the making. For the last two decades, Evansville's Jonas Scott Cowan has played with virtually everyone and formed several potent bands, most notably Steakbone Church and the Jimtown Saints. And now he's crafted his debut release, a true hometown treasure born from deep inside a life that has seen its share of the blues. One of Cowan's influences, Townes Van Zandt, is known for writing songs that are often "heroically sad and poetic." This music is in sync with that universe. Like B.B. King said, "No one leaves here without singing the blues." Been There features a group of local all stars, including producer Tommy Stillwell on guitar and the solid-as-a-rock rhythm section of Jon Rochner (bass) and Danny Erkman (drums). In-demand pianist Carl Rodenberg is also in the mix along with the area's hardest working musician, Bob Green (organ/ horns). Then there's Owensboro fiddlephenom, Lacy Jean, who adds a bit of swamp spice. Last but not least, visiting Dutch bluesman Jeroen van Tujil kills the cut "Jacobsville Jail" with some smoking lead guitar. Cowan's music is electric and eclectic with broad influences and experiences that run deep. In other words, he's been there... and made it through. Been There will be available on CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes just in time for the Christmas rush. - Paul Mattingly

If we could take all the things that are hurting the world, get those thoughts together - really take them in - and then filter them through our ready hearts, we might each let out a low melodic storm of rhythmic concern, slowly ebbing into the swirling whisper of “please, love.” And like Alicia Keys, we’d say "here." Here carries a tempo of certainty in everything it presents, while ranging from the real of R&B and soul hooks to soothing, jazzy appeals to unity and love. But Keys never once drops the vibe of authenticity in the things she is singing about. A standout track is “Holy War," where she asks, “What if sex was holy, and war was obscene?” This album asks. It looks you in the eye. It pleads. It asks again. This doesn’t mark the height of Keys' musical capabilities. There’s no collaboratively extensive R&B ballad, her piano playing isn’t especially technical or impressive. Instead, you get the sense that this album is about her doing exactly what she feels. And it's her most sincerely moving. - Laura Engram

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Daniel Knight • 3.25 This is a sweet stout that should appeal to most any coffee loving beer drinker. It pours up almost black with a thick, pretty, two finger khaki-colored head that sticks around for a while and leaves a bit of lacing as it proceeds toward empty. The nose is sweet and all about the hazelnut. The flavor follows suit with that infamous hazelnut taste and a sweetness that gets dangerously close to too much. Personally, I prefer more traditional stout varieties but can see how many will truly enjoy this highly drinkable stout. Judge for yourself. Check it out.

Daniel Knight • 3.75 From one of the more creative brewers these days comes this IPA brewed with orange peel, lemon flesh and blood orange juice. It pours up a dark rich copper color with a lot of effervescence and not much head. Its nose is mostly citrus and hops. Nuanced and not overwhelming. The flavor packs a bit more punch up front with what seems to be the exact citrus details mentioned before. The finish is somewhat lackluster in my opinion and although it’s not flawed as a brew, it doesn’t call me back for more.

Paul Bragin • 3.25 A thick tan head tops this stout after pouring it into a traditional English pub glass and takes some time to dissipate. The black beer contains generous scents of coffee and hazelnut. The coffee and hazelnut notes remain while drinking the beer and during the long finish. People who enjoy beers brewed with coffee will probably want to try this beer. It might also work well as a breakfast or brunch beverage with sweeter dishes. .

Paul Bragin • 4 A thin white head forms on this reddish orange beer after pouring it into a traditional beer mug, but it evaporates very quickly. The citrus fruits used in the brewing process give the beer a very strong fruit scent. The citrus notes seem to fade at first when sipping the beer, but they return in the long finish. Pair it with cheese like aged Cheddar, spicy food like jerk chicken or pineapple upside down cake.

Jabez Martinez • 4.5 This is a dark beer. It says it is a hazelnut coffee milk stout. This sounds more like my breakfast coffee than a beer. It does have a strong coffee flavor but the hazelnut is a little light. Don’t get me wrong, I ready enjoy it, but maybe they should have bumped up the hazelnut a bit.

Jabez Martinez • 4.5 This is a clear copper-colored beer. I would consider this one of the best IPAs I've had, plus it has a 7.5% ABV. I can taste a hint of lemon and orange peel. This is a pretty smooth beer - the hops flavor isn't overbearing and doesn't drown out the other flavors.


Daniel Knight • 4 This one is from a brewery in Iceland. It pours up very dark brown and displays a beautiful one finger khaki-colored head with a lot of lacing on its way down. Its aroma is nice. Mostly roasty malts with subdued notes of coffee and chocolate. Flavor follows the nose here with a very drinkable dry replay of roasted malts, coffee and chocolate. If you enjoy porters or you just want to give one a try, I recommend this one. Paul Bragin • 3.5 Upon pouring this porter into a traditional English pub glass, a thick tan head forms and never totally evaporates from the opaque black beer. Scents of roasted malt and coffee direct the smell. The roasted malt and coffee start off muted on the tongue and come through in the finish. Pair it with meats like short ribs, roasts, prime rib, steaks and game, or as an after dinner drink with cake, ice cream, dark chocolate and cigars. Jabez Martinez • 4.5 This is a very dark beer that produces a chocolate head. I like the roasted malts with the toffee flavors. I also like the chocolate malt. This beer is extremely smooth and easy to drink and has a 6% ABV.

This month’s beers are available depending on supply & demand at all 8 Liquor Locker locations. Visit our website at

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Daniel Knight • 3.5 Yazoo is the brewery in Nashville, TN that brews the locally popular Gerst Amber Ale. Fall Seasonal is their interpretation of an Oktoberfest beer. It pours up a clear bright copper color with an airy one finger head that wastes no time fading away. Its aroma is classic Lager with upfront maltiness. Its taste offers that maltiness with

medium carbonation, smooth drinkability and a light hop kiss at the end. For me, Fall Seasonal doesn't "bring home the gold" but it's a solid and respectable brew that I'd happily enjoy again in the future. Paul Bragin • 4 A decent white head tops this amber lager. Bread notes from the malt first dominate the nose, with a little hop presence coming in as well. The malt remains with the first taste of the beer, and the hop flavors also become more pronounced while drinking. This lager works well with crisp fall weather. Pair this seasonal offering with slightly heartier dishes like bratwurst, German fried potatoes or other classic German foods. Jabez Martinez • 4 This is a clear, amber-colored beer that's bottled in Nashville - the fact that it's a regional beer is a plus. I would consider this a little better that your average lager. It has a little more sweetness and a little extra character.

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Daniel Knight • 3 In Bavaria, dunkel is a traditional style brewed in Munich and popular throughout Bavaria. This dunkel deviates from traditional standards by adding fruit juices in brewing. It pours a reddish brown like a very dark cola. Without bright light behind it one couldn’t begin to see through it. There’s a flimsy, quick to disappear, light burgundy, khaki-colored one finger head. The nose is mostly sweet, mildly roasted malts with a touch of yeast. The flavor follows form with those roasted malts and a touch of chocolate making it a smooth and drinkable experience. The finish also hints at the fruit juices in the brew that no doubt contribute to its sweetness. Sound intriguing? Give it a try. Paul Bragin • 4 A thick tan head rests on top of a black lager when poured into a pilsner glass. The balanced scent of roasted malt controls the nose. Some fruit notes come through with the first tasting of the beer, and the roasted malt notes return in the finish, along with more fruit flavors. Beer aficionados will want to try this new release from Leinenkugel while they can. This might pair well with hearty dishes like stew. Jabez Martinez • 4 This beer has a light brown color. The taste of various berries is there, but I'm not sure exactly which ones they are. I also notice a slight hint of coffee in the roasted malts. It's nice to see Leinenkugel branching out in new directions.


Daniel Knight • 3 A shandy is by tradition a beer blended with a soda such as ginger ale or lemonade. This one pours up with an airy two finger head atop a cloudy light orange colored brew. The head quickly fades to a light film. The smell reminds me of a fruit soda of some kind with undeniable overtones of cranberry and ginger. The taste follows suit with more subtlety thank goodness. It’s very drinkable and sweet. Most anyone would find this beer very palatable. Even those who can’t stand beer in my opinion. Its ingredients include added sweeteners and natural flavors. Paul Bragin • 3 A substantial white head crowns this cloudy wheat beer. The scent of cranberries arrives as soon as the cap comes off the bottle. The overwhelming cranberry flavor stays during drinking, with some ginger flavor showing up also, and followed by more cranberry in the finish. This seasonal is available from November through February. Pair it with honey glazed ham, Brie cheese, a green salad with tart vinaigrette dressing or any dessert with cranberries. Jabez Martinez • 4 This is a cloudy amber beer that I was a little hesitant to try. With the major trend on putting fruit in beer I was very surprised that this one is so enjoyable. The smell of the cranberry flavor is very apparent, and like the crisp finish this beer has. The taste of ginger is present but on the light side. I consider this a dessert beer since I can only drink one or two at a time.

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inally, the election season is over. Football is in full swing, basketball is right around the corner and the Hoosiers and Wildcats look to be good this year. Things are also looking up in the craft beer industry with breweries trying new and better recipes all the time. December is traditionally the month for the heavier, keep-me-warm type of beers to pop up. Here are a couple that we think will satisfy your palate and make you feel cozy at the same time. Founders Porter pours silky black with a creamy tan head. The nose is sweet with a strong chocolate and caramel malt presence. No absence of hops gives Founders’ robust porter the full flavor you deserve and expect. This is the porter that all other porters are measured by. Must try. 6.5% ABV Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout is carefully crafted by Alltech’s master brewers, building on the success of its barrel-aged

brother, the beloved Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout is brewed and aged with Alltech Café Citadelle Haitian coffee and aged in world-famous Kentucky bourbon barrels. The result is a complex stout with dark-roasted malts, hints of caramel and vanilla and a lightly roasted coffee finish. 8% ABV Can you believe the year is over already? We can’t. We here at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s want to wish everyone a happy holiday season. When you are out and about doing all that shopping just remember we are here for you every day to serve up some of the best food and craft beer in the area. If you are looking for something new, keep in mind that Beef’s will be adding a new menu item in December: Boom Boom Shrimp! This is such a great new item to go along with our new Nashville Chicken. Come out and give it a try. Thanks for making 2016 a great year!

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Walter the Wine Guy Get ready to PARTY!: Liquor Locker's resident expert has some tasty suggestions for the holidays




Well, it’s the holiday season and that means office parties, family get-togethers and having friends over to the house for libations. There's a lot going on and you may need a few ideas for what to bring. Also, it's the time for gifting, so hopefully, we can cover that too!

The last suggestion is a wine from California. It’s from Cooper & Thief and is rather high on the alcohol level for a wine. At 17% ABV it's almost a Port! I think it's a Zinfandel based wine, with extreme fruit and slight sweetness. This is a great wine to end the meal; serve it with a plate of chocolates and savor. It’s $34.99 a bottle and is sure to please!

First, let's talk wines that are sure to please both your friends and your wallet. We have two new wines that are going to impress wine drinkers when you need to have good wine, but don’t want to break the bank. The first is from TrumpeTer, a wonderful line of wines from Argentina. They have a Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Malbec/Syrah Blend, Torrontes, and a Chardonnay. Their wines are $9.99 and drink MUCH better than the price! The packaging is really classy and belies the price. I'm certain these will work for you if you need wine for a crowd, but are on a budget. The other suggestion is Alias from California. They make a Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Blend, and Chardonnay. All of these wines are very good, but the Cabernet Blend, Secret Agent Red, is just shocking! This wine SHOULD cost more for the flavor it delivers! This line is also $9.99! Some of the newer wines that should fill your gift list are wines aged in whiskey or bourbon barrels. We have three, one is from Apothic, the Apothic Inferno. It's a big red wine aged in whiskey barrels that runs $15.99 and is just a NICE wine with a slight whiskey finish. Another is Southern Belle, from Spain. The wine is Tempranillo, aged in a Famous Bourbon maker’s barrels. It's fruit forward with a cool bourbon finish and runs $19.99 - worth the price.

Because of the time of the year, Sparkling wine is always a good gift. They satisfy the gift idea, and they can be used for the New Year toast. Now, my favorite is Nicolas Feuillatte Brut or Brut Rose. It’s from the Champagne region of France and is just well made and a wonderful drink. I have talked about this wine before so if you read this column, you know about this one. The most important thing I would like to say as we come to the end of another year is that I've had a great time doing this column. Many people have come up to me and mentioned that they read the column and I can't thank you enough. Please have a WONDERFUL holiday season. Be safe and enjoy the people you surround yourself with. They are a gift that keeps on giving and you should enjoy them. Eat well, drink well and I hope to see you in the NEW Year! Again, be safe and enjoy your life, Walt

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