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The authentic B&O experience. Outside.

Bang & Olufsen and Origin Acoustics combines our worldrenowned expertise in acoustics & outdoor speakers, to bring outdoor sound to the world of music lovers.

• 360-degree immersive sound performance

• Acoustical tuning by Bang & Olufsen

• 3 colors - 2 shapes

• DSP – full matrix DSP embedded

• S/P DIF link to multiple amps

• Class D technology

Get the complete sound experience with Beoamp 125.4

& shapes:

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Embracing the great outdoors

4 DESIGNED TO BE SEEN AS WELL AS HEARD! Italy’s Architettura Sonora is set to raise the quality and prestige of outdoor audio installations by making the source a distinctively natural part of the landscape, says CUK MD Stuart Thomson


Andy Atwell, Sales Director at RGB Communications, explains the opportunity waiting for installers in the great outdoors presented by Videotree TVs


DbM and Ambisonic Systems, an Origin Acoustics brand, developed a partnership a year ago to allow the industry-leading distributor to supply a range of audiophilequality outdoor loudspeakers to its professional integrator network


Outdoor entertainment continues to be a major growth category for integrators, says the L-Acoustics team


Amit Ravat, Managing Director of Lithe Audio identifies the key opportunities in AV systems moving outside


When it comes to outdoor lighting, it can be difficult to know how to approach a new project. Aside from aesthetic and design considerations there is a plethora of products and technologies to navigate, alongside energy efficiency and light pollution concerns. Dominic Harkness, Lighting Designer at Ansell Lighting offers some insight


Thinking ‘outside the box’ may be a cliché business management phrase, however moving outside the confines of the house walls can generate additional project revenue and Instagram-worthy results in even the smallest of green spaces, says Aldous Systems

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Welcome to this special supplement where we delve into the burgeoning realm of exterior audiovisual and automation technologies. As we witness an ever-growing appreciation for outdoor living spaces, the opportunities for professional installers in this domain are abundant and dynamic.

In recent years, the concept of the home has expanded beyond its traditional confines, with homeowners increasingly seeking to extend their living and entertainment areas to the great outdoors. This evolution has sparked a surge in demand for sophisticated solutions that seamlessly blend technology with nature, elevating outdoor spaces into immersive, multifunctional environments.

One of the most exciting trends in this landscape is the integration of exterior audio systems. As individuals seek to create

immersive entertainment experiences in their outdoor spaces, the demand for highquality sound solutions has skyrocketed. From discreetly integrated speakers to robust outdoor sound systems, professional installers play a pivotal role in delivering audio experiences that enrich outdoor gatherings and leisure moments.

Moreover, the advent of weatherresistant televisions and viewing options has revolutionised outdoor entertainment. Whether it’s a thrilling sports event or a cozy movie night under the stars, homeowners now have the freedom to enjoy their favourite content in the fresh air, without compromising on visual quality or durability. For professional installers, this represents a lucrative opportunity to showcase their expertise in designing and installing outdoor entertainment setups tailored to their clients’ preferences.

Beyond entertainment, the integration of smart lighting solutions has emerged as another key opportunity. Smart lighting not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces

but also contributes to safety and security. From vibrant colour schemes to intuitive automation features, the possibilities are endless, allowing homeowners to transform their gardens into enchanting, personalised retreats.

As we explore the growth and potential of the exterior audio-visual and automation markets, it becomes evident that professional installers occupy a central role in realising the aspirations of homeowners. Our sector’s expertise, creativity, and dedication enable them to turn visions into reality, crafting outdoor environments that seamlessly blend technology with nature, elevating the overall living experience.

In this supplement, we delve into the latest innovations, trends, and best practices shaping the exterior AV and automation landscape, offering insights and inspiration to professionals seeking to capitalise on this thriving market. Join us as we embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of outdoor spaces, one installation at a time.

Whatever the size of the space available, there are AV and automation solutions waiting to be integrated EDITOR’S COMMENT 02 OUTDOOR SYSTEMS SUPPLEMENT 2024 /Essentialinstall @Install_mag essentialinstall.com
specially designed casing is a fantastic alternative to an expensive outdoor television, allowing you to watch, protect and secure most televisions in almost any environment, to enjoy your TV viewing outdoors. Call: 01298 872233 I Email: sales@thetvshield.co.uk www.thetvshield.co.uk The TV Shield is the ideal outdoor TV protection; it’s a uniquely designed, universal, and secure TV enclosure, suitable for almost any kind of Plasma, LCD, or LED flat-screen television. P rotective E nclosures C ompany




Italy’s Architettura Sonora is set to raise the quality and prestige of outdoor audio installations by making the source a distinctively natural part of the landscape, says CUK MD Stuart Thomson.

In one respect at least, CEDIA’s ‘2023 UK Professional Smart Home Market Analysis’ confirms what we already know: the uber-luxury market is invincible. While other sectors oscillate in challenging economic times, luxury remains stable, even growing against the trend. At CUK we see it as our job to help you tap into this certainty, for mutual benefit, so I’m delighted to be working with a truly high-end outdoor audio brand.

CUK is now supporting Italy’s uber-luxury Architettura Sonora (AS) line with stock and demonstration availability, as well as our meticulous design and tech backup services. AS already has a foothold in the UK through a direct sales model, but now it will be easier to access and easier sell.

If you’ve yet to encounter Architettura Sonora, it has a peerless provenance, coming from B&C speakers, one of the largest and most prestigious professional loudspeaker transducer manufacturers in the world. AS is designed by engineers who really understand

transducers and electro acoustics. Its indoor and outdoor systems feature sophisticated full-range dual concentric ‘point-source’ configurations of horn loaded Mylar diaphragm compression drivers and 6in long excursion woofers, firing downward onto a proprietary acoustic lens for 360° sound dispersion. These are precisely engineered pro-driver designs with Hi-Fi performance, built for high quality ambient sound in the home and perfect for wide, uniform coverage outside.


This is significant because everything changes when we step outdoors. In free air, audio cannot be contained. This means that a real design effort needs to go into systems to meet the expectations of every client who believes that the in-room sound quality they’re used to can be reproduced al fresco and targeted at defined garden areas. In typical applications where the proximity of directional satellites is critical to success, the grail of an even high-quality sound field isn’t always possible, especially when designing in consultation with garden designers or landscapers. The nature of AS dispersion can help to cure this headache.

Omnidirectional sound poolside from Architettura Sonora’s uniquely arresting Cube speaker in black marble
Suspend disbelief with the quality of 360° sound from the Spherina Air model

Architettura Sonora’s distinctive on-ground, Sphere, Cylinder, Cube and Cubino models and ceiling/floor Spherina models reflect fullrange time-coherent sound outwards with integrity for up to 10 metres in all directions, and they’re engineered with pro sensibilities to deliver high volume levels without distortion reliably over many years for commercial and residential applications. Matching full-range and subwoofer versions (supplied with or without internal crossovers) allow for the design of aesthetically consistent wide bandwidth systems for a variety of project sizes. And while most AS systems feature 6in long-excursion woofers, there’s support for deeper bass from the ‘Big Cylinder’ model, which deploys an 8in driver and the ‘Cube-400Ten’ with a 10in driver. In addition, a dedicated subwoofer model, the 12in Cube2LV is available, as well as 100V line options for Sphere, Cylinder, Cube and Cubino models.


But great sound is just part of the story. To perfect Architettura Sonora’s signature aesthetic and acoustic results, the choice of models in different shapes, sizes and deployments supports the ability to blend high quality audio with a wide choice of natural stone or concrete enclosures, making AS designs a natural complement to any outdoor setting while providing the ideal non-resonant acoustic environments for its driver systems.

These are not the ‘stone effect’ mouldings available from most suppliers, but are either cast from concrete in black, grey, red or white or machined from the finest natural white/black marble or classic/walnut travertine limestone. Particularly fastidious customers can order from a range of over 100 custom stones, as well as special ‘Klondike’ finishes for a ‘monogramed’ degree of exclusivity. The stones will of course have inherently unique qualities for a one-ofa-kind design appeal, which is enhanced by a choice of colours/materials for the trims and other metalwork. As a finishing touch, the

aesthetic impact is boosted by integral LED mood lighting options for every model save the Cubino, Cube 2LV and Spherina Floor designs. Nothing is mass produced, everything custom finished. The Architettura Sonora range brings something truly unique to your projects and allows your proposals and designs to stand out while meeting the demands for exclusivity and individuality from designers and customers.


For Architettura Sonora, CUK Group’s key aims are to better support existing clients, to increase brand awareness, and to grow the integrator base in the UK and Ireland while respecting the high end, exclusive nature of AS and its products. And now that resi integrators are more likely to be involved in commercial projects, as well as 100V design for residential, you’ll benefit from our peerless experience in these areas to deliver without compromise for your customers.

What’s more, we’ll help you to meet your outdoor performance goals for different budgets with design services involving our wider product portfolio. Age-old challenges

can be made to disappear. For instance, we can help you to equalise SPLs from satellites at varying distances from the listening area by recommending multi-channel amplifiers from Powersoft, built to drive any topology (70/100V or low impedance). Assign individual amplifier channels to specific speakers and deploy onboard DSP to ease the commissioning process. Built-in limiters will ensure the system remains protected even from the wildest of parties. And when subwoofer positioning can add a further layer of complexity in compensating for time and level differences, all of this can be handled by the management within the amplifier. Powersoft’s prodigious and versatile power density, sharing and EQ will also optimise the performance of other high-quality speaker systems available from CUK, such as Focal’s all-weather ‘Littora’ architectural speakers, satellites and subs, TruAudio’s excellent OP Series of outdoor on-walls, and its innovative 10 and 12in ‘SubTerrain Pro’ subwoofers, fully accessible from the top to avoid the upheaval of digging them out to fault-find.


Even though it represents a fraction of overall CI market revenue, outdoor audio is supplied with a bewildering choice of products, all of them challenged by free-air acoustics that can ruin best laid plans and reputations. CUK Group can help you to avoid the pitfalls and add value at all levels with a technical team dedicated to system design and commissioning for products and solutions beyond the standard sat/sub fair, including the remarkable and uniquely provisioned Architettura Sonora line of luxury outdoor audio systems, now available to see and hear at CUK’s new showroom and training facility at Ascot.

For further information, please contact: +44 (0)141 440 5333, enquiries@cuk-group.com cuk-group.com

Exclusivity guaranteed: choose the enclosures for the AS Cylinder models from a range of over 100 custom stones
Garden sculpture: Architettura Sonora’s elegant Sphere speaker at one with nature


Andy Atwell, Sales Director at RGB Communications, explains the opportunity waiting for installers in the great outdoors presented by Videotree TVs.

Outdoor spaces have increasingly become spaces for leisure, relaxation and social gatherings. Gardens and patios serve not just as extensions of our living spaces but as venues for bringing people together—be it through shared meals, sporting events, or simply the joy of open space. In the modern age, the integration of technology with these outdoor settings has further transformed how we interact with these spaces. With the rise of online streaming platforms, the idea of moving this digital experience outdoors, during day or night, introduces a novel way to diversify our leisure routines. It offers the perfect opportunity to get cosy under the stars, breathing new life into our viewing habits and turning routine into remarkable experiences.

The Aquiom TV from Videotree was designed for outdoor enjoyment. This television, built in the UK, is the epitome of luxury and innovation. Tailored to enhance any outdoor viewing experience. Available in sizes ranging from 55in to an impressive 98in, the Aquiom TV caters to all outdoor settings, ensuring that every viewer can find their perfect match. The Aquiom’s optical bonding enhances the display’s visibility and durability, providing viewers with a clearer image even in bright conditions. It has a 4K UHD display that brings the industry’s leading clarity and detail to every scene. Complemented by high brightness levels of up to 2000 NIT, the product is ideal for viewing even in the glare of direct sunlight. With anti-glare glass and a simple installation process facilitated by VESA mounting brackets, this TV combines convenience with an incredible viewing experience. Its fully waterproof IP66 rating and marine-grade connections underlines its durability, ensuring that it is ready for any weather conditions.

The poolside area, often the heart of any luxury garden or outdoor space, presents a unique opportunity for entertainment and leisure. Imagine enhancing this backdrop with the Aquiom TV, where the brilliance of its 4K UHD display transforms swimming or lounging by the pool into an immersive cinematic experience. Enabling viewers to watch their favourite Netflix series whilst enjoying the fresh air and natural light from the outdoors, the television’s robust build and waterproof capabilities mean that it seamlessly integrates into the poolside setting, offering endless entertainment without worry about the elements.

For those seeking a retreat in their outdoor living spaces, the Aquiom TV offers more than just visual entertainment. It transforms relaxing areas into dynamic entertainment hubs, where watching TV and engaging with an entertainment system become experiences to savour. The on board amplifier creates an immersive auditory experience. Whether it’s enjoying a quiet evening under the stars or hosting a lively gathering with friends, the Aquiom TV ensures that any outdoor space is equipped for each occasion, blending seamlessly with the ambience of the garden or patio.

Yachting or sailing on large boats offers a unique luxury lifestyle, embodying freedom, privacy and comfort. Integrating the Aquiom TV into this maritime environment elevates the yachting experience, opting for another level of entertainment. Whether it be on the bow seating area or the aft deck, a TV entertainment system keeps the atmosphere alive, allowing owners to control the mood. From music, to watching favourite TV series, or watching live sports there’s something for any moment. Designed to withstand the harshest marine conditions, its IP66 rating and marine-grade connections ensure durability and performance, whether anchored in a tranquil bay or sailing the open ocean. The high brightness and anti-glare features guarantee superb viewing, making the

Aquiom TV an essential luxury for those who demand the best in on-board entertainment.

The technical specifications of the Aquiom TV highlight its robust all-glass frameless design, an anti-reflective, optically bonded screen for superior visibility, and a contrast ratio of 5000:1 for deep blacks and vivid colours. Its remarkable IP66 rating ensures it is both water and dustresistant, capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C. For sound, it comes with a 30W digital amplifier and is compatible with high-quality outdoor speakers. The device is equipped with multiple control interfaces, including IR IN/OUT and RS232, and offers excellent system compatibility with most home automation systems.

The Aquiom TV from Videotree redefines outdoor entertainment, blending state-ofthe-art technology with the timeless appeal of nature. Its superior visuals, robust construction, and versatile installation options make it the industry’s leading addition to any outdoor area. By bringing the magic of cinema to the comfort of any garden or poolside, the Aquiom TV ensures that every moment outside is as engaging as it is memorable, setting a new benchmark for luxury outdoor living.

RGB Communications rgbcomms.co.uk

AQUIOM Exclusively distributed by sales@rgbcomms.co.uk 01488 73366


DbM and Ambisonic Systems, an Origin Acoustics Brand, developed a partnership a year ago to allow the industry-leading distributor to supply a range of audiophilequality outdoor loudspeakers to its professional integrator network.

Ambisonics’ exceptional outdoor audio range is renowned for high-quality speaker engineering, thoughtful design and superior audio performance. Its fully scalable, weatherproof audio solutions for outdoor spaces are discreet but capable of delivering serious SPLs. DbM offers these outdoor loudspeakers with Origin Acoustics’ range of powerful amplifiers preloaded with the Ambisonic DSPs to ensure peak performance.

Whether dealers are working on a new project that includes outdoor audio in the brief, or an opportunity to return to previous projects with a new proposition, there is an Ambisonic product for every install.

Let’s take a look at the range.


Ambisonics’ Landscape Ribbon LSR40, LSR60 and LSR80 loudspeakers pack a big audio punch from a compact size. Available either as an 8-Ohm solution or with a high-quality transparent 70v transformer on board, the LSR range can be free-standing or buried into the ground and partnered with either a 10in or 12in subwoofer for outstanding performance.


For larger entertaining spaces, outdoor cinemas or party zones, DbM provides the super versatile Ambisonic 6.5HD loudspeaker. Featuring larger planar magnetic ribbons and woofers than the LSR series, the 6.5HD can be used individually or as a part of a line array solution that can deliver over 130dB continuous output at 1m.


All Ambisonic Bollard speakers feature the company’s high-performance round planar magnetic ribbon tweeter technology, and combines it with a burial, integrated subwoofer to ensure superior high-frequency reproduction and clarity with lower distortion at higher power

levels. The targeted directivity and low drop off of volume over distance give Ambisonic a serious advantage over rival speakers in the outdoor space.

The ability to effectively zone areas in the garden and reduce unwanted transmission of sound into the neighbouring spaces is a real game-changer in this space and, combined with exceptional fidelity, Ambisonic are really turning integrators’ heads.

The new Ambisonic Bollards are available as 6in, 8in and 10in versions, featuring an easy-tobury 6in, 8in or 10in integrated subwoofer, and a 4in, 5 ¼in and 6in down-firing driver and the respectively, coupled with the Ambisonic ribbon tweeter that disperses 360° sound patterns. The sub is ported from the same opening as the mid/tweeter for cohesive sound.

Additionally, a modern new hexagonal aluminium speaker sleeve will eventually replace the existing round and square options in the series. These have been incredibly well received, combining simple integration with a modern, classy look. Bollard speaker sleeves are designed to withstand harsh outdoor elements, including moisture, heat, and the sun while maintaining the aluminium’s natural beauty. The sleeve styles are available in three colours to complement any outdoor environment—Midnight Black, Stargazing Silver, and Champaign—which are backed by a five-year warranty.

For more information about Ambisonic and its exquisite range of powerful outdoor speakers, please contact DbM at sales@distributedbym. co.uk or visit www.distributedbym.co.uk.



We specialise in home cinemas and distributed audio systems that deliver exceptional quality and unparalleled performance.


Our complimentary design & specification service provides integrators with a customised, expertly designed, and integrated AV solutions.


We specialise in designing high-end audio-visual systems for luxury homes and residential spaces.


Providing expert calibration and commissioning services, we ensure your systems are set up for optimal performance and user experience. Book your experience at sales@distributedbym.co.uk

The Pinnacle of Image and Sound distributedbym.co.uk Proud Distributor


Outdoor entertainment continues to be a major growth category for integrators, says the L-Acoustics team.

In the latest Professional Smart Home Market Analysis 2023 report by CEDIA, 81% of integrators participating in the study stated that they now install outdoor entertainment, with the sector highlighted as a significant area for expansion in the year ahead. Those surveyed expected the category to grow by 34% in 2024.

L-Acoustics is an excellent choice to help integrators take advantage of the market opportunity, given our outstanding heritage in live events, which demand the highest level of audio quality and are often staged outdoors.

Our Soundvision real-time 3D audio modelling software is a key component in the L-Acoustics success story. It allows professional users to import the drawings of their space and model placement of a sound system so they can map the SPLs and frequency response throughout and ensure the highest quality performance.

This same software can be used by residential integrators for their outdoor projects. A garden area that a homeowner is looking to cover is typically smaller than most festival fields, so scaling down the process is easy.

L-Acoustics is also continuing to innovate, having recently launched two new loudspeakers,

the X6i and X8i, which are IP55 rated. With their elegant design, exceptional sound quality, and adaptability to various acoustic needs, the Xi Series offers a concert-grade sound solution for any indoor or outdoor space.

One of the key features of the Xi Series is its coaxial technology, which allows for a compact design and constant tonal balance over distance. This technology ensures smooth coverage for off-axis audiences, eliminating the need for a minimum listening distance, and ensuring high feedback rejection. These innovative loudspeakers provide exceptional flexibility on projects as they can be installed, with or without subwoofers.

In our view, homeowners expect the same level of sophistication and functionality from their outdoor AV systems as they do indoors, even extending to the latest immersive audio standards.

Most integrators are limiting Atmos playback in the house to cinema rooms and media rooms. With Airplay 2, installers simply require an Apple TV, AV processor and correctly designed speaker layout to enable clients to listen to Atmos Music anywhere in the home, including the great outdoors.

Two years ago, CEDIA Award-winning residential integrator, Homeplay, brought an end-user to the L-Acoustics showroom

in Highgate where the client experienced our 18.1.12 setup and said ‘I want that in my garden’.

Our application engineers, then, created a system which would give them the closest possible experience. It ended up being a 13.1 system with 10 subwoofers, connected to a Storm Audio AV processor, which can decode all the usual surround sound formats.

When the installation first went live, Atmos music did not yet exist, so the end-user just upmixed their favourite stereo tracks. Now they sit by their pool as a family, playing back Atmos music streamed from Tidal and Apple Music on their Apple TV.

On another recent project in Westlake Village, California, we worked closely with the integrator, Bliss, to maximise the super-cool pool party vibe for the customer’s incredible home. Elegantly and discretely positioned to match the colour and architecture of the beautiful Tenenbaum Residence, a pair of our Syva loudspeakers and a Syva Subwoofer are providing a powerful, high quality outdoor soundtrack for the outdoor pool and patio area with an impactful 142 dB of peak SPL and 140° of coverage, extending up to 35 m/115 ft.

So, when bringing the concert home, why not bring it to the garden as well? Relax and let L-Acoustics entertain you.

Xi Series l-acoustics.com
X6i X8i



Amit Ravat, Managing Director of Lithe Audio identifies the key opportunities in AV systems moving outside.

A significant shift is underway in the realm of home entertainment, particularly in how we experience audio in our outdoor spaces. The days of cumbersome installations involving indoor amplifiers and extensive cabling running through walls to outdoor areas, are fading into obsolescence.

The catalyst for this change? The advent of weather-resistant speaker systems with integrated amplifiers and advanced wireless technologies such as Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast. This new breed of outdoor audio systems is not just a step forward; it’s a leap into a future where high-quality, immersive audio and cinema experiences are seamlessly integrated into our outdoor living spaces with unparalleled ease.

Traditional outdoor audio systems required significant planning and physical infrastructure. Running cables from indoor amplifiers to outdoor speakers often entailed complex installation processes, which were not only timeconsuming but also disruptive to the aesthetics

of outdoor living spaces. The introduction of wireless technologies has dramatically altered this landscape. These systems offer high-quality audio transmission, eliminating the need for physical cabling and allowing for a more flexible, clean and user-friendly setup.

Lithe Audio has developed a product that transforms an outdoor space into a sophisticated entertainment zone with one easy-to-install all-weather audio unit. The IO1 indoor/outdoor speaker, which recently won the Smart Building Award for Best Outdoor AV System, delivers high-quality audio with amplifier and connectivity built-in, a choice of six simple mounting methods, and only requires connecting to an outdoor power source required for installation. The IO1 system exemplifies the integration of amplification and connectivity into a single unit, offering creative and flexible placement of speakers, enabling homeowners to design their outdoor audio setups without the constraints of traditional wiring systems.

This versatile weather-resistant IP66-rated unit supports both Bluetooth 5.0 and 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi. Embedded AirPlay 2 and Chromecast technologies enable the simple creation of distributed audio systems. It’s available with drivers for Control4, Elan, KNX, and Loxone control systems. It also supports Alexa and Google for convenient voice control.

As we look to the future, the concept of outdoor active audio is becoming increasingly prominent. These systems are not just about listening to music or watching movies outdoors; they are about creating a fully immersive, high-quality audio-visual environment that complements and enhances the outdoor living experience. The integration of wireless technology, weather resistance and ease of installation positions these systems at the forefront of outdoor entertainment, offering a glimpse into a future where our outdoor spaces are as technologically equipped and versatile as our indoor environments.

As this technology continues to advance, we can expect more sophisticated and user-friendly solutions, further blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living, elevating the quality of our home entertainment experiences.

specific needs.
provides flexibility
customisation.. 01359 270280 | info@invisionuk.com | www.invisionuk.com
Experience the versatility of the iO1 speaker, suitable for both indoor and outdoor
offering six different orientation
to suit your
Available in both active and passive
as well as black and white color
this speaker


When it comes to outdoor lighting, it can be difficult to know how to approach a new project. Aside from aesthetic and design considerations there is a plethora of products and technologies to navigate, alongside energy efficiency and light pollution concerns.

Dominic Harkness, Lighting Designer at Ansell Lighting offers some insight.

Outdoor lighting has a huge impact on buildings and their use. From highlighting building and landscape design to enhancing safety and security, it is an essential element of any development.

Often though, undertaking an external lighting installation can seem like a challenge. With a choice of features and spaces to illuminate, not to mention a wide variety of products and technologies available, deciding what to incorporate can be a headache for installers.

As a lighting designer, when approaching any space I’d advise to start by considering the area in its entirety alongside the project’s specific requirements. Is the brief purely design-led or is safety and security a key focus? Whatever the aim, this step should help you to fully understand the scope of the project.

The next step is to consider individually the different spaces that require illumination. Of course, the design elements will differ according to the requirements of each individual project, but commonly in commercial installations this will encompass car parks, pathways, pavements, façade’s and entrance ways, whilst in domestic projects gardens, driveways, patios and porches will be the main focus.

For patios, facades, porches and entrance areas wall mounted lights are an ideal choice. Available in a huge range of traditional and contemporary designs, they are not only practical lighting options but have decorative appeal too.

For pedestrian walkways, paths, borders, driveways or other access areas, bollard lights

are a stylish and practical way to illuminate the space and improve safety after dark. Typically 2-4ft high, bollards improve visibility by projecting light horizontally and/or downward.

In bigger, security conscious spaces such as car parks or larger driveways, floodlighting is a great option, providing high levels of illumination to light the space.

Visual design requirements should also be considered at this stage and will help to shape product specification.

Up-lighting for example gives a very dramatic lighting effect and is ideal for highlighting features such as buildings and fountains, or for making trees and foliage stand out. It can be achieved very easily with spike fittings or up-lights. Similarily, wall lights can be installed to down-light areas from above, including doorways and patios.


In today’s world, effective outdoor lighting schemes must go beyond simply providing illumination. Light pollution and energy efficiency are also major considerations and will impact the overall design and specification process.

Unfortunately, much of the outdoor lighting we use at night is too bright, ineffectively shielded and badly directed - which is causing the many issues associated with light pollution. But by following simple best practice design principles, these problems can be easily prevented. Opt for products that reduce glare and ensure that any lighting installed meets the objectives of being useful, targeted, low level, easy to control and of the right colour.

As energy prices remain at an all-time high, unsurprisingly the number one objective of most new lighting projects is energy efficiency. This is where the benefits of smart technology come into play.

Enabling numerous luminaires to be linked together, automated and controlled, smart lighting systems will deliver the most controllable and energy efficient solution available and can help to reduce lighting energy use by up to two thirds.

Time of use, duration, output levels and colour temperatures can all be pre-set and different scenes, groups and schedules created.

One important caveat of installing smart lighting outdoors is to check the Wi-Fi coverage first. If there is not sufficient coverage then a Wi-Fi extender can be used.

Another huge benefit of smart technology is that it is measurable. Recent advances in equipment mean that many smart lighting solutions now come with dashboard controls which enable building occupants or facilities managers to accurately view lighting-based energy consumption data and identify opportunities to reduce unnecessary use.

If smart lighting isn’t a realistic solution, products with either photocell or motion sensor detection technology will also help to optimise energy use. Outdoor products such as floodlighting, street lighting and bollard products are often fitted with this technology, enabling the luminaires to turn on as either daylight reduces or motion is detected, and off as morning light brightens or stillness resumes.

Whilst it is clear that there are many factors to consider when approaching outdoor lighting projects, an effective installation can be achieved with relative ease. Investing time into planning, design and specification will ensure that every required objective is met.

Elevate your outdoor living with Origin Acoustics. Extend your music to any corner of your garden, transforming your entire space into a vibrant soundscape – all without bothering the neighbors. Enjoy exceptional audio quality with effortless installation and easy operation. 01359 270280 | info@invisionuk.com | www.invisionuk.com


Thinking ‘outside the box’ may be a cliché business management phrase, however moving outside the confines of the house walls can generate additional project revenue and Instagram-worthy results in even the smallest of green spaces, says Aldous Systems.

As the weather warms up and more people are looking to spend time outdoors, garden audio systems and outdoor entertainment spaces are becoming increasingly popular. In today’s fastpaced world, having a relaxing and entertaining outdoor space can be a welcome escape from the stresses of everyday life.

One of the main benefits of garden audio systems is that they allow you to enjoy your favourite music while you’re outside. Whether you’re relaxing on your patio, cooking in your outdoor kitchen, or hosting a backyard barbecue, having high-quality sound can enhance the experience. The right audio system can create a beautiful and immersive soundscape that complements the natural beauty of your garden.

There are a variety of garden audio systems available on the market, ranging from simple, portable speakers to complex, multizone systems that can be customised to suit your specific needs and preferred aesthetic. These solutions offer a range of products that are designed to withstand the elements, deliver high-quality sound, and be seamlessly integrated into your outdoor space.

In addition to garden audio systems, outdoor video spaces are also becoming more popular. Several options now exist from patio (covered area) screens to models that can survive fully exposed, and multiroom video distribution manufacturers are stepping up to offer HDBT and VoIP receivers that are designed to coexist in these outdoor areas with protection against the elements.

For installers, there are many opportunities to make money with these types of projects. As more homeowners invest in their outdoor spaces, there is a growing demand for professionals who can design and install custom audio and video systems that meet their specific needs sympathetically and in collaboration with landscaping, designers, and the physical build of the outdoor space.

In order to be successful in this field, installers need to have a solid understanding of the latest audio and video technologies, as well as a keen eye for design. They also need to be able to work closely with their clients to understand their specific needs and preferences. By offering a range of services that are tailored to each client, installers can build a loyal customer base and generate repeat business.

When it comes to specific products, Speakercraft, Cerasonar, and AVProEdge all offer a range of high-quality solutions that are well-suited for outdoor entertainment spaces. Speakercraft, for example, offers a range of outdoor speakers that are designed to deliver clear, high-quality sound in any environment. These speakers are available in a variety of styles and sizes, making it easy to find a solution that fits your specific needs. Cerasonar, on the other hand, best known for invisible speakers, have created a unique

solution for the ‘industrial’ designed outdoor space with a natural concrete coloured speaker and subwoofer. Finally, AVProEdge offers a range of video distribution and control products that can be used to create a complete outdoor entertainment system including receivers with Sealoc treatment to protect against the elements.

In conclusion, garden audio systems and outdoor entertainment spaces are becoming increasingly popular as more people look for ways to enhance their outdoor living experiences. For audio visual custom installers, these types of projects offer many opportunities to make money by designing and installing custom audio and video systems that meet their clients’ specific needs. By staying up-todate with the latest technologies and offering a range of services that are tailored to each client, installers can build a successful and profitable business in this exciting field.

Aldous Systems can help you navigate the many options and specify the right solution, from a simple pair of outdoor rated cabinets, through to the largest zoned outdoor system in both residential and commercial environments.

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Aldous Systems(Europe) Ltd distribute over 30 brandsof audio, networking, control, and video equipment exclusively to trade.

Residential and Commercial Outdoor Audio Solutions for every

Find your harmony in nature with Landscape, Spike, Rock, Block, Planter, Bollard and Cabinet Loudspeakers from Aldous Systems. Our vast selection of speakers blend into their surroundings and elevate virtually any outdoor environment bringing quality sound to outdoor audio.

Rock speakers are available in granite, speckled granite, sandstone, and shale brown, while the planter speaker - that can be used with live plants -comes in a weathered concrete finish. Cerasonar's innovative Concrete series speaker and subwoofer blocks come in grey, anthracite or white with a smooth or rough top finish or try the new Concrete mini. Episodes Radiance system brings a different approach to the bollard style using a single cable for power and audio.

Need something a little more traditional - we've cabinets in black and white in multiple driver sizes. Plus burial subwoofers to complete the most discrete of installations.

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+ Outdoor Installations aren't just about audio - simplify your external video projects with a SEALOC treated HDBT or VoIP Receiver from AVProedge.

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Audio Solutions
AC-EX70-444-RNE-SEA - 70m 4K HDBT Receiver AC-EX40-444-KIT-SEA - 40m 4K HDBT Extender Set AC-MXNET-1G-D-SEA - MXNet (V1 & V2) Video Over IP Decoder
budget, style and price

On-ground and pendant models in natural marble, limestone or cast concrete

Matching full-range and subwoofer versions in five distinctive styles

One-of-a-kind design appeal: choose from over 100 custom stones

360° high quality sound for wide and uniform coverage outdoors

Precision engineered to deliver high volumes with low distortion

100V line options

Italy’s Architettura Sonora is set to raise the quality and prestige of outdoor audio installations by making the source a distinctively natural part of the landscape. A choice of speaker models in a variety of styles and sizes offers integrators the ability to deliver the omnidirectional coverage of high-quality audio from natural stone or concrete enclosures, helping Architettura Sonora’s designs to complement the look of any outdoor setting. Bring something truly unique to your projects and proposals while meeting the demands for exclusivity and individuality from designers and customers

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