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HDBaseT: The global standard for digital connectivity The audiovisual industry is experiencing a technological revival. With the growth of consumer expectations for high-quality and real time audiovisual experiences, various markets are upgrading their AV installations. The HDBaseT Alliance states its case. The medical field demands higher quality imaging, the transportation market needs real time digital signage on multiple screens, education sector requires a new digital approach to collaboration, and the list goes on. The more these markets become digitalised, the more the audiovisual industry needs to advance and enrich its offerings. In a time of increasing demand for quality, distance, interoperability and simplicity, across a myriad of markets, HDBaseT technology stands strong as the definitive standard for ultra-high-definition data transmission. The cornerstone of HDBaseT technology is 5Play, the converged delivery of ultra-high-definition digital video and audio, Ethernet, control signals, USB 2.0, and up to 100W of power through a single, 100m/328ft LAN cable. With 5Play, HDBaseT brings a rich feature set, increased reach, and better performance. HDBaseT eliminates cable clutter without compromising performance and highquality. It supports several native interfaces, providing a gamut of options for installers and integrators. With thousands of HDBaseT-enabled audiovisual products in the market today, HDBaseT offers a range of connectivity opportunities, addressing the needs and demands of different markets and applications. The HDBaseT Alliance advances and promotes the adoption of HDBaseT for ultra-high definition, digital connectivity. Since its founding in 2010 by LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Valens, the Alliance has brought together the leading names in the consumer electronics, professional AV, industrial and automotive sectors. Today, the Alliance is comprised of more than 200 members, that constitute the leading names in the Pro AV and consumer electronics markets. Over the years, Alliance members have introduced a variety of products to address the evolving needs of their customers, including extenders and adapters, matrixes and switchers, displays, projectors, AV receivers,

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and industrial PCs. In addition to members, the Alliance engages with a thriving community of installers, integrators and AV professionals. They are active members of the Alliance Installer Zone ( installers), an online portal with numerous resources such as whitepapers, best practices & do’s and don’ts, case studies, online expert courses and an interactive forum. One of the main benefits of HDBaseT is interoperability, including backward compatibility, while future-proofing installations. HDBaseT products are certified by the HDBaseT Alliance, per the features they support. Installers and AV professionals can check the features supported in the Alliance website or in the available app, including checking compatible products. All HDBaseT-enabled audiovisual solutions share a common management system for end-to-end optimisation, simplifying installation and optimising connectivity. HDBaseT allows the customisation of installations according to each project’s unique requirements. HDBaseT over fibre supports in-room, cross-floor and cross-campus connectivity over single mode or multi-mode fibre for longer distances. HDBaseT also supports Visually Lossless Compression to deliver 4K 60hz 4:4:4 content over a traditional category cable with virtually no latency. HDBaseT has become the technology of choice for several use cases, such as digital signage and video walls, projectors, corporate settings, and more. It has been deployed in different verticals, from enterprises, hospitality and retail, education, government and more. HDBaseT is the ultimate choice for any scenario where there is a need to transmit high-throughput content over long distances, and the growing community of Alliance members and installers are defining its evolution. For more information please get in touch with Sandra Welfeld, Communications, HDBaseT Alliance

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Essential Install March 2018