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Zennio helps create sustainable buildings

Having the ability to collect information and enable you to act upon it will be key to the design and construction of sustainable and energy efficient buildings of the future.

The Zennio KNX BMS covers all aspects of building automation

• Metering of electricity, water, and gas

• Consumption visualization enabling efficient use of energy

• Collection of energy consumption data and transfer to 3rd party for billing

• Automatic operation of systems based on energy consumption or presence

• HVAC control

• Lighting control (including human centric lighting)

• Blinds control

• Video door entry

• Access Control (NFC cards and/or Bluetooth)

• BMS Software with BACnet integration

• Remote support and updates

• Reports to enable preventative maintenance

• Limitless integration with 3rd party software and apps via API

Contact us and we will assist in designing the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your project.

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Guidehouse Insights’ latest report has predicted that the market for smart home technology that enhances the health and wellbeing of residents will grow to almost $10 million by 2031 – a compound annual growth rate of 11.6% from the $3.6 billion market it is today.

The report says that the market is evolving from the smart speakers and lighting that are now part of everyday life, to solutions to improve health and wellbeing, such as indoor air purifiers, consumer-healthy home equipment like CPAPs, and telemedicine.

William Hughes, Principal Research Analyst with Guidehouse Insights, said that this rapidly growing smart homes segment helps healthy people stay well, supports people with chronic issues

so they can avoid emergencies, and informs caretakers about any potential crises, so the elderly can remain in their homes as long as possible.

However, the report states that there are several barriers that hinder faster growth in the market, including a wide range of solutions at different price points which can be confusing for consumers, and supply chain problems and a shortage of skilled labour.

This Smart Buildings Supplement brings you the latest from leading companies in the smart buildings industry, including Sonos, Eltako, Webro, BEG, Ledvance, American Audio, Zennio, Prefect Controls and ESP. Read on to find out what they are doing in the smart buildings sector.

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4 Sonos expands support for the installed solution channel

6 Matter will change the smart home market

8 The time to switch on is now

9 Ledvance creates optimal lighting conditions in offices

10 Seen to do the right thing

11 Making kitchens safer

12 Businesses must take ‘immediate action’ as energy support for firms is reduced from April

13 Let’s take this outside!



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ESP adds Wi-Fi thermostat to its Fort smart range


At a recent UK installer event, Sonos revealed its drive to strengthen its position in the installed solutions (IS) market. Stephen Rhead, Installed Solutions Manager UK at Sonos explains more.

Tell us about your event in London?

SR: We recently welcomed 20 of our top installed solutions partners to an exclusive event at the incredible DC-inspired venue, Park Row, in London. This was the first installer event Sonos has hosted in the UK since the pandemic, providing an opportunity to get feedback from the IS community and share our plans for strengthening the professional business of Sonos installers.

SR: Sonos is a respected audio brand with a powerful appeal to consumers, but the professional installer channel is where Sonos actually started. For 17 years, installers have been a key partner in our journey to becoming the leading sound experience company, which is why the developments that we are working on –specifically for the benefit of professional installers – are so exciting. This is a market that is incredibly important for us.

Take AMP, for example. Four years ago, Sonos completely redesigned AMP based on direct conversations and feedback from installers. This feedback allowed us to deliver a product that is twice as powerful as its predecessor and fits perfectly into standard AV racks. HDMI and line-in ports make it easy to bring TVs, turntables,

Blu-Ray players, CD changers, and other audio sources into the Sonos system, as well as enabling installers to incorporate AMP into integrated smart home set-ups, including smart lighting and centralised control systems.

How else is Sonos supporting installers?

SR: We’ve already started to roll out our open developer platform, making it easier than ever for partners to innovate on the Sonos listening experience. We provide access to the tools, documentation, and support our partners’ need to drive faster innovation, enabling partners like Control4 to develop new ways to control Sonos speakers and interact with the Sonos system. As part of this platform, partners can secure the ‘Works with Sonos’ certification so Sonos owners can be assured that companies building and innovating on the platform deliver experiences that meet Sonos’ high bar for quality.

In addition, we recently announced ‘Multi-Product Setup’, the first installerdriven feature on the S2 app. The new setup experience allows installers to defer individual firmware updates for newly added products. Once all new Sonos devices are on the network, a single firmware update and registration process

can be performed to cover all newly added products at once, reducing set-up time. We’ve just introduced the much anticipated Sub Mini, a wireless subwoofer that delivers bold bass in a more compact size - making it ideal for smaller room applications. Dual custom woofers face inward within the unique cylindrical design, to create a force-cancelling effect that neutralises distortion. Advanced processing generates deep, dynamic low-end bass for a richer, more immersive sound without any buzz or rattle, while Trueplay technology adapts the bass to the acoustics of the room – even when placed against a wall.

What’s next?

SR: We’ve built a strong portfolio of solutions that are quick to install, simple to use and built to last for installers and their clients. From TV rooms to architectural sound and home cinema, the Sonos ecosystem can be applied to almost every residential application. We have you covered in terms of product, but we know there is work to do, and that’s why feedback from our IS community is so valuable. Right now, we’re talking to installers and working on professional tools to better support them and their businesses. Watch this space!


4 | Febnruary 2023 Smart Buildings SONOS @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine
As a well-known consumer brand, why is the installer community so important to Sonos?
Sonos is a respected audio brand with a powerful appeal to consumers


Previously called Connected Home Over IP (CHIP) was designed to bring together tech companies, manufacturers and IoT platforms to give true smart home interoperability. A good number of manufacturers including Google, Apple, Amazon and Eltako are already onboard – Version 1 of the Matter specification was launched on 3 November 2022. The software is truly open source, and the only requirement is to register and consent to the terms and conditions.

controlling blinds. As well as working with Matter, they can be integrated into and work with Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon (Alexa) and the configuration can be made over the free Eltako Connect software. This will open a whole new world of possibilities for homes to become truly integrated and smart.

will add the device to the selected app. You then select a name for the device such as ‘Lounge Lights’ from a drop-down box or type in your own selection and basically that’s it. Any updates are downloaded automatically. It should be noted that the software is encrypted and totally secure.

Eltako has initially launched four devices, for switching and dimming lights and controlling blinds

Unlike Eltako’s wide range of EnOcean devices, which are wireless, Eltako Matter devices can be controlled via wired switches and the Wi-Fi app. Eltako has initially launched four devices, for switching and dimming lights and

The Eltako modules will need to be professionally installed, which means that UK electricians will be able to install smart controls into properties with minimum fuss. Switching devices can be standard UK switches or retractive switches, which can be purchased from any wholesaler and come in many different designs (not just white). In general, once the devices are installed and powered up you will hear a tone after a few seconds. Then, scanning the correct QR code supplied

Once the devices are integrated to make a system and configured via the chosen app, they can then be controlled via wall switch, over the smart home app or by voice control over “Hey Siri”, “Hey Google” or “Alexa”.

Matter will also open many possibilities for assisted living, for example, PIR sensors to see where people are in the home, is their door locked at night, is the temperature of the room correct, and so much more. These things are already possible with Eltako’s wireless devices, but now there will be an alternative wired/Wi-Fi possibility.

There will soon be hundreds of devices for heating, lighting and blinds that work with Matter, some professionally installed, some plug and play. Matter is open protocol, so you are not dependent on one single manufacturer. Matter will put the smart home in the reach of just about everyone.

For installers, this opens up a new and lucrative revenue stream, without the need for expensive commissioning gear or training. For the homeowner, it means smart control, without the expected high price tag and little or no disruption to their home. You could start with one room or the whole house and take away or add devices as you need. It has long been the desire to easily integrate all the smart devices in a home using one open protocol – now we can. Matter will bring all the devices together.

Eltako also offers an open API for anyone who would like to configure and control the new IP devices from Eltako with their own software. Information on this can be downloaded from the Eltako website.

Eltako is a German based, family-owned company that has been manufacturing control products for over 70 years, with offices based around Europe and beyond. Eltako stands for innovation, quality and being cost effective.


6 | February 2023 Smart Buildings ELTAKO @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine
It’s not very often that something new comes along that will have such a big impact on the smart homes market, as Matter will, says Stephen Payne, Eltako UK Sales Manager.



If ever there was a good time for developers, property professionals and end users to switch on and invest in technology to future-proof buildings and commercial premises to become sustainable and save energy, it is now.

The first step to saving energy is monitoring how much you are using on a regular basis and understanding where that consumption is coming from. Automation specialist, Zennio, has been leading the way in offering such solutions for residential and commercial properties, as well as the hospitality industry.

Alongside its vast product portfolio of KNX* products that spans from access control systems to sensors, Zennio also manufactures essential energy saving devices which detect and assess energy consumption and identifies where consumption is at its greatest and least. Provision of such data allows for better energy management.

Energy saving devices via KNX

The KES Plus (KNX energy saver) from Zennio is an energy saver of electrical energy for single-phase or three-phase

systems, so can be used in a residential or commercial context. Able to measure and notify within the KNX system the amount of energy consumed or produced, it can also assess the associated costs according to six different tariffs (sources), the amount of CO2 emissions,

and provide other information related to the use of electrical energy in the installation. Alarms and notifications can also be configured as warnings when power exceeds the limits established, for example, to disconnect low priority systems to reduce consumption.

The KCI 4 SO Interface by Zennio collects readings and information for up to four consumption meters. Specifically, up to four S0-pulse generators can be connected independently to the inputs of KCI 4 S0, which will interpret these S0 pulses as energy, water or gas consumption measurements depending on the external S0-compliant meter that has been connected. It makes it possible to notify other KNX devices about the consumption levels measured by external S0-pulse generators.

The KNX system can also communicate directly with and extract data from individual consumption meters or HIU/CIU units via third party protocols such as MODBUS or M-bus.

* The KNX system is a standardised bus system and open protocol for building automation, supported by over 500 manufactures worldwide. This means that all devices in a KNX system use the same transmission method and can exchange data via a common bus network, independent of manufacturer.

8 | February 2023 Smart Buildings ZENNIO @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine
energy prices are a growing factor in the squeeze on households and commercial properties budgets. They are also adding further financial strain on the leisure and hospitality businesses in the wake of COVID-19, writes Zennio
The first step to saving energy is monitoring how much you are using on a regular basis


The system uses daylight and presence sensors to improve the use of lighting in rooms. It provides light in the right place at the right time and at the right intensity. On the one hand, it ensures a high quality of light for all defined requirements, and on the other hand it helps make potential savings that go far beyond the efficiency of LED light sources used. Compared to conventional fluorescent lighting technology, an LED lighting system with presence and daylight control achieves energy and CO2 savings of up to 80%.

VIVARES is available in Zigbee or DALI versions. VIVARES Zigbee communicates wirelessly with up to 200 compatible devices using the highly reliable Zigbee 3.0 standard and is always the first choice when no additional control lines should or can be laid.

VIVARES Zigbee is also ideal for changing room situations because it is flexible and easy to adapt. VIVARES DALI is available for new construction or large-scale renovation

projects where additional control lines can be laid without any problems. It uses the international DALI-2 standard for controlling lighting solutions and stands for maximum compatibility and versatility. VIVARES DALI also has an optional KNX interface and can be integrated into the building control system.

Both as Zigbee and DALI versions it is particularly comfortable. Thanks to well-designed tools such as the VIVARES Portal or the VIVARES app, planning, preconfiguration, commissioning and maintenance during operation are easy to carry out. LEDVANCE also offers everything from one source – all LMS components as well as matching LED luminaires. Flexible LED strips can now also be combined with VIVARES to achieve standard-compliant illumination in offices. What’s more, various SMART+ lamps can be controlled via VIVARES Zigbee. Conventional lamps can be integrated via SMART+ plug.

A new system is now available in VIVARES HCL. In combination with

compatible luminaires and in addition to the other light management functions, the human centric lighting system mimics the natural changes in daylight very precisely, providing biologically effective light in open-plan offices and on entire floors. This not only boosts the performance, well-being and satisfaction of the employees but also the company’s economy. The results are measurable and range from an extra two hours of effective working time per month and a 4.5% increase in productivity to a year of longer employee retention. At the same time, the error rate is going down by 2% and the sickness rate by 1%.

For even greater economy there are optional VIVARES cloud services. They provide users with access to the lighting system data at any time, regardless of location, and allow them to take optimising measures and plan upcoming maintenance work in advance.


VIVARES you can provide optimal lighting conditions in the office while being flexible and future-proof.
all the LMS components and the matching LED luminaires from a single source for maximum stability and compatibility. The new IoT light management system from LEDVANCE is not just easy to install, but you can also choose between wireless Zigbee or wired DALI technology. And our optional cloud services allow you to diagnose the system remotely and carry out energy monitoring from anywhere.
the comfortable way of inspiring your customers! LEDVANCE.CO.UK
With VIVARES, a light management system that is comfortable for installers and users alike, LEDVANCE offers an energy-saving, climate-friendly and future-proof lighting solution for all office applications.


In the hospitality environment, where people gather in greater numbers, it’s fair to assume that CCTV in pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants is a good thing for the general safety of everyone. The technology itself has developed considerably, delivering many more uses, such as facial recognition, people counting and analysis, all with a wealth of detailed information.

The following article explores some of the latest advances in CCTV technology and why these matter to you as an installer.

Usable imaging

Not surprisingly, modern-day CCTV systems display and record with much higher detail than ever before, driven by cameras that offer superb quality imaging. Cameras with resolutions of up to 4K are now installed as standard, with as much as 20 times more detail than what was available just 10 years ago. Of course, the more detail you have, the more useful the information is that’s presented. In simple terms, it’s the contrast between being able to identify a person or not.

Time to upgrade?

In some regions of the UK, it’s part of the licencing approval process to ensure that licenced premises have an effective, fit-for-purpose CCTV system. Primarily, a robust CCTV system helps proprietors to carry out comprehensive health and safety procedures – protecting employees, spotting irregularities, and ensuring the welfare of customers. Considering this, it’s important to note that commercial CCTV systems are also far superior to domestic systems, offering a greater degree of detail, reliability, and functionality.

Other key advantages of installing and operating an up-to-date surveillance system include:

• Both staff and customers alike want to work, and to be entertained and relax respectively, in a secure environment where they feel safe.

• As analytics become increasingly important, facial recognition and people counting for capacity regulation are invaluable benefits.

• The flipside of a highly visual surveillance system is that it acts as a deterrent to would-be offenders.

• If there is an incident, then the appropriate staff and security team members can be directed to trouble spots instantly.

• Following incidents, the CCTV system produces tangible evidence that helps to identify and find offenders –ultimately, to bring them to justice.

If your customers’ current systems can’t deliver these benefits – especially if they’re legacy systems that have been inherited that are costing way over the odds to maintain, then it’s probably time to talk to them about upgrade options. It’s certainly worth remembering that CCTV systems are included in fixtures and fittings. Therefore, it’s essential for them to understand the worth of their system at exit, and how much they’re being charged for it upon entry. This can run into thousands of pounds, so sound professional advice is vital, rather than relying on a brewery-appointed valuer.

Practical tips

It goes without saying that across networks, all cameras need to point in the right direction. That said, there’s a lot more to consider – such as view angles, lighting conditions at various times of the day, and whether operation is indoors or outdoors.

There’s also the fundamental justification for having each camera. For example, cameras could be sited for ‘general surveillance and situational awareness’. These tend to cover a wide area, and view angles of around 100° are typical. These offer good detail throughout the entire area and would provide enough information to recognise a particular person. To get ‘Facebook quality’ detail for identification you would normally mount cameras at ‘pinch points’ and entry/exit points.

The health, safety and wellbeing of staff and patrons in more remote areas is a huge concern these days, and so additional cameras in cellars, on stairs,

and in outside areas, can further add to the all-round usefulness of a CCTV system.

Remote monitoring, recording and playback

Constantly on the go as most of us are these days, being able to see live information remotely is vital. Modern CCTV systems provide instant access via quick login, providing live camera views and footage playback options via laptops, PC’s and other smart devices with an internet connection. Cameras from multiple sites can even be displayed at the same time.

All camera footage is recorded onto a digital recorder, which is normally located in a locked cupboard or cabinet, and saves the information for a designated period – normally 30 days before then being overwritten. At any stage, authorised users can review recordings and save footage onto a USB flash drive.

Clearly, data protection is a serious consideration, so any system needs to be managed properly to avoid abuse, ensuring operation in accordance with current legislation around public CCTV systems. Correct registration of the system, along with signage to notify patrons, are legal requirements.

What next?

The first requirement is to ensure that your customers have compliant, fit-for-purpose systems. Engage your customers by offering a site survey, discussing legal requirements in line with their individual needs to propose an ideal solution. Subject to approval, you should then ensure that the system is installed with minimum disruption to the owner’s building and operation. Finally, provide step-by-step instructions to make sure that they’re comfortable using the system on a day-to-day basis.

By way of reassurance, the latest CCTV systems are highly intuitive, being very easy to navigate and operate. The bottom line is that with a carefully planned design that has limited black-spots, a comprehensive made-for-the-job system can be designed for any establishment.

Ultimately, you’re looking to install a reliable, cost-effective solution that’s simple to operate and protects your customers and their clients.


10 | February 2023 Smart Buildings WEBRO @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine
Opportunities abound in the hospitality industry for installers, writes Chris Commercial CCTV systems are far superior to domestic systems


HobSensus is a safety product for use in the kitchens of vulnerable adults, student accommodation, housing associations, or those living with dementia. It alerts residents if there is potential for a pan fire and ensures hobs are not left switched on when no one is in the kitchen.

It couldn’t be simpler to use – a press of the red button commences the pre-set timer, so, if the person preparing food is distracted and leaves the kitchen, the hob will automatically switch off.

The Power Switching Unit is installed between hob and the incoming power supply, usually under the work surface. The Sensor Head is located centrally above the hob.

The sensor observes the cooking space across 64 zones.

When temperatures rise above 250°C HobSensus will alert those cooking and, well in advance of a flashpoint, tell the Power Switching Unit to turn the power to the hob off.

The manufacturer of HobSensus had installers in mind when developing this product as installation is very straightforward, whether in new-build or retrofit situations.

Both units are standard double gang fitments. The Sensor Head mounting plate is secured to the wall, 600mm above the hob, with screws. Where this is impractical, for example, if glass splashbacks have been used, VHB adhesive pads are available.

The Sensor Head can be hard wired to the Power Switching Unit, or 4AA batteries will supply power for approximately two years. The Power Switching Unit’s 40Amp (resistive) capacity provides maximum loading of 9.2kW to control most electric hobs. Large terminals make access easy for substantial cables.

Volt Free Contacts in the system enable connection to smoke or fire alarms. Should these trigger, the power to the hob will switch off.


In larger, multi-occupancy properties, such as student accommodation, HobSensus can be linked to Irus, the building energy management system. Bluetooth connectivity adds a number of further features that can be accessed remotely, via the Irus internet portal. These include battery level indication, leak detection, and the multi-hob cut-off. This will turn all hobs within a block off if there is a fire alarm and the building has to be evacuated.

HobSensus is tamper-proof thanks to clever design and robust manufacture. A hard-wearing fascia is easy to keep clean and ensures the units’ effectiveness in the most challenging environments. Being fully compliant with EN50615:2015, conscientious landlords can be confident their kitchens are safer with HobSensus.

Prefect Controls,

HobSensus prevents hobs from being left on when the person preparing food is distracted or leaves the kitchen. The sensor monitors the pans on the cooking surface, and if temperatures reach dangerous levels or the pre-determined ‘on’ time elapses, the power to the hob is cut, resulting in safer kitchens.

Hob control Scan for product comparison
The sensor observes the cooking space across 64 zones


A lighting controls specialist insists it is vital that businesses and organisations take ‘immediate action’ by working to reduce their own energy consumption in the wake of the government’s decision to scale back support from April.

Under the new energy support scheme announced on 10 January, firms will now get a discount on wholesale prices rather than costs being capped. The current support package, which was first launched in September after prices were driven up in the wake of the pandemic and war in Ukraine, ends on 31 March.

Now the new energy support scheme, which is mainly used by businesses, public sector organisations and charities, will run from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024. However, Paul Jones, Director at lighting controls manufacturer B.E.G. UK, says businesses need to do all they can to reduce energy consumption themselves, especially as firms will only benefit from the new scheme when energy bills are high.

Paul says, “Rising energy costs have been a major concern for businesses, and indeed households too, for some time and whilst the government will continue to provide some help to businesses, it will be at a less generous level than before from April.

“It will also vary from industry to industry depending on how heavy energy-using these companies are in order to operate. Therefore, it is imperative that organisations take immediate action and do what they can themselves to reduce their own energy consumption.

“The lighting industry is constantly looking at ways to help ease the burden felt by businesses hit hardest by soaring energy costs and one of the most effective ways to use less energy is by ‘controlling’ how it is used. Modern motion and occupancy sensors are totally focused on ensuring that lighting is only used based on demand.

“These products are designed to consider the luminosity of the room in regard to natural light and engineered in such a way that the sensors automatically dim the artificial lighting to the required brightness. This means the sensor includes as much ‘free’ available natural light as possible in order that energy consumption is significantly reduced.”

“At B.E.G., we have seen organisations using lighting control sensors make energy savings of up to 50% in an office building, up to 60% in a high-bay warehouse and up to 80% in washrooms.”

■ Addressable multi-master Lighting Control System

■ Supports DALI and DALI-2 luminaires

■ Ideal for retrofitting

■ Super flat multisensor available

■ Simple, intuitive operation

■ Free Bluetooth app with 2 functions:

- Scene control for end customer

- Commissioning tool for installers

DALI Multisensor PD4N-DALI-LINK Part no.
DALI push-button module PBM-DALI-LINK-4W-BLE Part no. 92732 DALI Power supply PS-DALI-LINK-FC Part no. 92846 B.E.G. LUXOMAT ® net DALI-LINK
Modern motion and occupancy sensors are focused on ensuring that lighting
only used based on demand
2 1 3 24m 8m 6.40m 2.50m 1 på tværs 452m� 2 frontalt 50m 3 siddende 32m� walking across walking towards seated 0870 850 5412


Garden audio has always been a struggle to provide for customers as there has only ever been two options. Cheap, portable Bluetooth speakers which anyone can buy and use, or expensive systems that need separate amplification and control.

American Audio Co and OSD Audio are setting out to change that in 2023. Their unique, Bluetooth, on-wall and in-garden speaker packs give the luxury of built-in audio, without the traditional set up headaches or silly costs.

Simple to install and use, you just mount them on the wall or hide them in the garden, wire the speakers together, plug in the waterproof power supply and they wake up with a Bluetooth connection for you to play from your phone, tablet or even via an OK Google/Alexa command.

With the Bluetooth built into the speaker housings, they look good too. The modern, rounded design of the 5” and 6.5” on-wall patio speakers wouldn’t look out of place on the wall of your favourite

bar’s patio, whist the 5.25” or 8” Bluetooth rocks easily melt into the foliage of a garden boarder.

Then there is OSD’s super cool Sub/Sat system, again with Bluetooth built in. Power the 8” subwoofer, connect to the Bluetooth and the sub and up to four smaller satellite speakers will have your garden dancing in next to no time. Perfect for parties, around a pool and hot tub or sharing tunes to different areas in your garden.

With a Sub/Sat system there is no need to deafen those on your patio area just to be able to hear the music further down the garden, and because everything is mounted low down, in amongst the foliage, you won’t be entertaining the neighbours at the same time.

The design suggestion is to position the main subwoofer (bass) somewhere

in the middle of the garden boarders and fan the supplied waterproof speaker cable out to the left and right for the satellite (mid/high range) speakers.

American Audio also recommends feeding both a left and right channel in either direction to give an even distribution of sound as you move around the garden and prevent any unusual sound imaging. This is best achieved in a L/R/Sub/L/R style of configuration.

With retail prices starting at £379.50 for the smaller 5.25” on-walls, only climbing to £799.50 for the Sub/Sat kit, with good trade margins, these simple garden systems are an easy system addition and install for anyone working with smart home systems, garden rooms, lighting and electrics.



ESP continues to expand its Fort portfolio of smart products and the latest addition to the range is a new smart thermostat – offering installers the opportunity to easily add a smart control function to their customers’ home heating.

The Fort smart thermostat allows you to control and monitor the room temperature and thermostat activity from anywhere in the world, via a smart phone or tablet. It is controlled through the subscription-free ClickSmart+ app from Scolmore, which offers users control of a raft of connected home and security products all from one secure, easy to access platform.

As more and more households are seeing the benefit of smart devices to control various elements in the home, so too the demand for smart controls that can help with energy saving in particular is on the increase. ESP’s Fort smart thermostat offers energy efficient programming, and with remote access via the app, it allows for constant monitoring and control at your fingertips. It can be voice controlled through Alexa and Google Assistant.

It has been designed to be straightforward to install and operate and is suitable for electric, gas or oil systems. A boiler can be controlled either by wiring into the Fort thermostat or the thermostat’s receiver – giving full installation flexibility.

Key features of the thermostat that will help with the control of energy usage include the optimal start function and the open window/door detection feature.

Optimal start function

This ensures that the optimum temperature conditions are achieved at the required times. The boiler is gradually fired as the set time approaches, as opposed to large inefficient surges and demand for heat at the scheduled time. This energy efficiency feature adjusts the start time of the heating system depending upon how cold it is. For example, on cold days the heating system will be started earlier to ensure the home is warm at the scheduled time and on warmer days the heating system will be started later to save energy.

Open window/door detection

This uses sudden changes in temperature to detect if a window is open and switches off for a while to save energy. For example, if the room temperature drops significantly within three minutes the thermostat will stop a call for heat. The thermostat will then resume the call for

heat if either the temperature recovers or 30 minutes elapses.

The new smart thermostat has a slimline, contemporary design, with touch button for manual control and a clear LED display. It features a keylock facility to avoid any buttons being pressed accidentally or by children. It comes complete with table stand or wall mount option.

The Fort thermostat combines Wi-Fi smart control, seven-day scheduling automation and optimisation to assist Boiler Plus compliant requirements.


14 | February 2023 Smart Buildings ESP @ElecConNews /electricalcontractingnews @ecn_magazine
email: visit: call: 01527 515150 POWERED BY CLICK SMART+ WIFI • Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostat • Remote Monitoring and Scheduling • Multiple Energy Saving Features • Clear LED Display and Manual Controls • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Connection Required • Assists Boiler Plus Compliance FEATURES SPEND LESS TIME WORRYING Be in control of your heating & spending this winter with the new Fort Smart Thermostat Product code: ECSPST

Eyenor’s in the back of your head

Eyenor high performance IP video surveillance cameras and recorders are now available from Webro. With Intuitive AI for precise face detection, behaviour search and people counting, Eyenor o ers the ultimate solution in video surveillance.

• Easy to install, with pre-loaded Secnor software

• Simple to operate from a PC or mobile app

• Multiple HD camera recording and playback

• Infra-red heat detection

• NDAA & ONVIF compliant

• System warranty up to 5yrs

Look no further for class-leading surveillance solutions at competitive prices with expert support.

Available from Norden partner Webro Cables & Connectors Ltd E: | T: 0115 972 4483 We do more than you think...
Inspect Detect Connect 64 Channel Embedded 4k Network Video Recorder 5MP
PTZ Dome
Address SystemSurveillance System Access Control System UPS System Cat 6 U/UTP Cable
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