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November 2020


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Safer Buildings




Lewden:Lux – inspired by challenging environments

Ledvance’s innovative LED solutions for industry

Brackenheath’s new LED Backlit Panel range

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elcome to this special supplement which focusses on Lighting. As we approach the winter months, lighting becomes ever more important – brightening up those dark mornings and evenings in the most efficient way possible. According to Allied Analytics, the intelligent lighting controls market is set to grow $26.06bn globally by 2027, at 17.4% CAGR. The increase in penetration of LED bulbs and lightings globally, and the rise in government initiatives toward energy saving measures, will fuel the growth of the global intelligent lighting controls market. On the other hand, high initial installation costs impede that growth to some extent. However, emerging smart city projects in developing economies and growing inclination toward energy-efficient lighting solutions are expected to create multiple opportunities in the industry. This issue features articles from the leading companies in the Lighting sector, including Tamlite Lighting, Brackenheath, Quickwire, BEG Lighting Controls, CED Electrical Group, Ovia, Ledvance, GreenBrook, Ventilux UK, Lewden and Emelux, bringing you up-to-date on the latest developments within the market. Our next supplement will focus on Smart Buildings and will be published alongside the March issue. If you would like to get involved or would like more information, please contact Kelly Byne by emailing

The editor and publishers do not necessarily agree with the views expressed by contributors nor do they accept responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the subject matter in this publication. In all matters the editor’s decision is final. Editorial contributions to ECN are welcomed, and the editor reserves the right to alter or abridge text prior to the publication. Published monthly by All Things Media Ltd., Suite 14, 6-8 Revenge Road, Lordswood, Kent ME5 8UD. Tel: 01634 673163 Fax: 01634 673173 Overseas Subscription Rates: Europe £60.00; Rest of World £70.00 Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved. Printed by Micropress, Reydon Business Park Fountain Way, Reydon, Southwold, IP18 6SZ.

CONTENTS… Lighting explains how 4 Tamlite smarter lighting can change warehouses and industrial buildings for the benefit of employees Senior Product 8 Brackheath’s Manager, Jason Covell, looks at the company’s new LED Backlit Panel range


Quickwire broadens its product range with a new T-Connector for flexible cable


BEG Lighting Controls explores why DALI lighting is quick to install and easy to control

is dedicated to offering 17 Emelux a product range and a level of service that ensures every project can be supplied with practical, aesthetic and cost-efficient LED lighting equipment Ratcliffe, Sales Director, 18 Peter explains why GreenBrook Electrical is fast becoming to go-to lighting choice for electrical wholesalers and contractors Electrical Group has launched 20 CED a tranche of new products this year, despite the obvious and numerous delivery delays

all emergency lighting designs is shedding light on Phase 2 of 21 Not 14 Ovia are equal, writes Neil Whittingham, its development Sales Manager for Ventilux UK

offers innovative LED 16 Ledvance lighting solutions for industry with highly efficient products specifically developed for use in this demanding environment

– inspired by 22 Lewden:Lux challenging environments

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November 2020 | 3

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LIGHTING AND THE WAREHOUSE REVOLUTION Stephen Biggs, Technical Manager at Tamlite Lighting, explains how smarter lighting can change warehouse and industrial buildings for the benefit of employees as the sector experiences unprecedented growth.


he warehouse and storage sector is experiencing growth like never before. During the UK lockdown, there was a 129% boom in online shopping[1] as consumers were rapidly required to shop online. As ‘e-tailers’ and traditional merchants ramp up their internet businesses, demand for warehouse space is surging to record levels. As the sector grows, so too will the number of people employed in warehouse operations. As of 2018, a yearly average of 188,0000 people were employed by warehouse and storage facilities in the UK[2]. With warehouses and industrial buildings being amongst the most hazardous environments to work in, the emphasis is firmly with employers to ensure personnel safety. And lighting can play a key role in achieving this, yet sadly it can often be over looked as a solution.

4 | November 2020

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Demand for warehouse space is surging to record levels



21/10/2020 10:13

TAMLITE LIGHTING The LED solution When you consider that people receive about 85% of their information through their sense of sight, it’s not hard to understand the need for well-designed lighting schemes in warehouses. In fact, if you need further proof, the World Green Building Council has linked improved lighting design with up to a 23% gain in productivity[3]. However, the reality is that these buildings are often lit with too much artificial lighting, and whilst lighting accounts for over 40% of a site’s electricity bill [4], money is often wasted on poorly designed systems. Creating a more comfortable working environment will go a long way in enabling employees to perform at their best. Today’s technology is not only highly efficient, it also offers a vast array of possibilities; there are products to suit every location and task. This can significantly improve operatives’ alertness, resulting in greater accuracy, boosted performance and productivity, and enhanced general wellbeing.

Getting the light right Whilst some organisations may be swayed by lighting solutions that offer the best financial savings, there is far more to consider. These are outlined in guidance set out by the Health and Safety Executive: “The assessment and management of risks attributable to poor lighting; what constitutes good practice; and the minimum recommended levels[5].” Specifying the wrong fixtures will create hazardous conditions for employees. The benefits of investing in high-quality and durable systems that provide the right light at the right time are clear, generating measurable improvements in wellbeing and productivity for workers. So what are the considerations of designing lighting in an industrial setting?

Let’s talk about light levels With LED lighting it is possible to be much more precise and targeted with the levels of light needed for specific tasks. For example, employees who are required to read labels will appreciate the vertical light distribution provided by LED high bays, whilst luminaires with a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) can be particularly beneficial in areas lacking natural daylight.

Take control The benefits of modern lighting moves up a gear when used in conjunction with motion sensors and overarching control systems. These make it possible to use and direct light where and when it is required. In areas which are infrequently used, the goal is to ensure that the lights are only activated when movement is detected.

We’re here to help At Tamlite, we specialise in lighting for warehouse and industrial spaces and we know how to deliver the right light for every type of task. Our EXPO lighting provides a perfect example of how this can be achieved. Whilst it is suitable for mounting up to 20 metres in high bay areas, it can be used in low bay areas. Whether it’s a large, ‘open’ distribution centre, a pick and pack unit or a communal area, we offer a range of technologies that are proven to deliver a powerful combination of operational efficiency and personal wellbeing.

It certainly pays to improve the safety of industrial buildings by investing in modern lighting systems. When visual comfort is enhanced, workers are not only safer, they are able to go about their work in a way that ensures accuracy and ultimately, productivity. No business can afford to compromise on the health and safety of its workforce – and lighting is the perfect place to make positive changes.  Tamlite Lighting,

Tamlite specialises in lighting for warehouses and industrial spaces

LUX Manufacturer

of the Year 2018

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The right light, in the right place Industrial buildings often have multiple operations under one roof. It is vitally important that lighting is designed to meet the requirements of any particular task. Overall, warehouses require uniform illumination, but it is the placement of lighting that is all important. There shouldn’t be any pockets of shadow or glare; both of which can make it difficult for workers to see any potential hazards. Having the right lighting design will ensure that the light is directed where it needs to be.

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November 2020 | 5

21/10/2020 10:13

Optical Control. With warehouses working overtime, the versatile EXPO has outstanding optical control to deliver the best possible light for workers in all areas of the facility – providing a seamless lighting solution for high/low bays, from racking to despatch areas.



Explore our warehouse lighting solutions

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LUX Manufacturer

5 Optical Beam Angles • • • • •

Wide Beam Extra Wide Beam Narrow Beam High Rack Beam Ultra High Rack Beam

of the Year 2018

IK10 rated



Up to 160 lm/W for outstanding efficacy

IP20, IP54 and IP65 version available

#BritishManufacturer Est. 1967

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BRACKENHEATH INTRODUCES LED BACKLIT PANEL RANGE Brackenheath prides itself on staying at the forefront of LED technology, investing heavily in product development, and providing high-quality, reliable, and competitively priced lighting solutions. The new LED Backlit Panel range is a prime example of how the brand uses innovation to expand its extensive product offering in response to the needs of the market. Senior Product Manager, Jason Covell, explains more about this exciting new range.


ntelligently designed, Brackenheath’s Backlit Panels offer the latest in LED technology, providing a superior and efficient light output at a highly cost-effective price. Offering both square and circular panel models, the range provides a complete solution for all types of commercial applications.

Beautiful, uniform lighting Thanks to the light diffuser mounted to the back of the panel’s body, the diffuser allows downwards distribution from the modules themselves. Due to this direct light there is no requirement for a Light Guide Panel (LGP), eliminating the risk of discolouration of the panel which can be a common disadvantage in Edge-Lit Panels. This also allows the panel to offer an increased performance of up to 110Lm/W and a more uniform light distribution, resulting in a much more pleasing working environment.

Engineered to reduce glare LED panels have progressively increased in lumen output over the years, which has made glare an issue in some workplace environments. The requirement to reduce glare has now become an important factor in ensuring the wellbeing of employees. Brackenheath’s Backlit Panels produce a smooth and even density of computer screen friendly light and feature a UGR<21 rated diffuser, which has been specifically engineered to reduce glare and meet the needs for visual comfort in the workplace.

Flicker-free technology

Flexible application

Equally, LED lights that flicker, even imperceptibly, can also make it harder to work in offices, causing headaches and eye fatigue. Light flicker occurs when the light reaches a frequency of below 100Hz (cycles per second), caused by fluctuating voltage and triggers the light to start flashing on and off repeatedly. Thanks to a special electronic control gear, Brackenheath Panels benefit from flicker-free technology, delivering a smooth regular voltage without the issue of flicker.

To complete the range, a universal three-hour Self-Test Emergency Pack option is available, compatible with both square and circular panels. With the ability to perform its own self-check, the Emergency Pack automatically ensures that the battery and lamp in each emergency light are fully operational, replacing the manual tests carried out on a monthly and annual basis. If a problem is detected by the self-test the system will display a visual warning. Brackenheath’s LED panels are perfect for retro-fitting straight into existing ceiling grids with ease or as part of a refurbishment project or new build. Complete with a range of accessories, panels are suitable for recessed, suspension or surface mounting installations.

Versatile lighting Brackenheath’s Backlit Square Panels come in a range of colour temperatures – 4000K for neutral daylight or 6000K for task lighting and where good visibility is required. Innovative CCT switching exclusive to the LED Circular Panel model allows choice of colour control (3000K, 4000K and 6000K) from the integral switch feature. This makes the range incredibly versatile and suitable for a range of different applications.

Easy installation Installation is quick and simple and the driver benefits from loop-in, loop-out terminals, simplifying the connection of multiple panels and reducing the need for the cost of additional wiring accessories. Featuring a slimline depth of just 30mm, panels can be easily installed in buildings where a lack of space is present between the ceiling and insulation.

Quality assurance Panels are delivered complete with an external ENEC approved driver, this ensures mains power is regulated and the driver has been tested for maximum safety and effective operation, in compliance with European standards (EN). The Panel diffuser is TP(b) rated in compliance with BS EN12464-1, meeting testing standards and verifying their ability to withstand the application of heat and fire required by regulations, when mounted into the ceiling. Teamed with its five year guarantee (three year for Round Panels) and economic lifetime, Brackenheath’s LED Panel range offers security to the contractor and end user.  Brackenheath,

8 | November 2020

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21/10/2020 10:14

a Deta Electrical brandnd








32W | 3,500 LM | 600X600MM 45W | 5,500 LM | 600X1200MM 4000K & 6000K CCT OPTIONS FLICKER FREE



3000K | 4000K | 6000K


call: 01582 544 544

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QUICKWIRE BROADENS ITS PRODUCT RANGE WITH NEW T-CONNECTOR FOR FLEXIBLE CABLE You’ve been asking us for a Quickwire prewired junction box that can be used with flexible cable since we first launched our Quickwire Splitter and Switch & Load. Well, we have good news: our design team have been working hard to come up with the perfect solution; the new Quickwire Plug in T-Connector.


he new Plug in T-Connector offers the same dramatic time savings and ease of use as all Quickwire Junction Boxes, and is perfect for use in conjunction with downlighters. So, what is the T-Connector? It’s a Quickwire Junction Box that consists of a plug and socket. The plug accepts flexible cable (usually to wire up a downlight), and the socket consists of two Quickwire solid core twin and earth, loop in loop out connections. One of the T-Connector’s most useful applications is rapidly connecting downlights. One T-Connector is used per lighting point. The T-Connector socket is used for the first fix, to create the lighting spine. The T-Connector plug is then wired to a downlight and simply plugged in at second fix. The complete T-connector and plug will fit through a hole in the ceiling as small as 30mm diameter, making it suitable for even the tiniest of downlights.

The socket The T-Connector socket has all the benefits of two Quickwire connections: screwless, push-fit terminals, which enable connection in seconds. It accepts 2 x 1mm or 2 x 1.5mm twin and earth cables.

10 | November 2020

Quickwire (Flex7).indd 10


The plug The T-Connector Plug provides a convenient connect/disconnect at each lighting point and accepts flexible cable. Once your plug is wired it simply plugs into the T-Connector socket, completing your connection to the lighting spine. The plug accepts 0.5 up to 1.5mm, 2 or 3-core flexible cable. The plug comes already opened up and ready to wire. Unlike almost all available plugs today, ours have smooth lead-ins into each terminal, deliberately designed to avoid wandering copper strands. Once wired, snap the one piece plug together (no screws) and, in doing so, your cable is automatically sheath gripped.

The Background Quickwire launched the Quickwire Switch & Load and Splitter fast-fit junction boxes in 2017. The Quickwire prewired, maintenance-free junction boxes were designed to help electricians save significant installation time on site – all four twin and earth cable connections can be wired in seven seconds! Simply strip your wire then insert into the push fit connectors for quick and easy termination – it’s that simple. The push fit design completely negates the need for fiddly screws, clamps or clips, and there is no cover to secure. The cable is automatically clamped as it is pushed into the cable outlet, and can only be removed with a special disconnection tool. The products proved a hit, and can now be found in many an electrician’s van. The speed at which it can be wired, and the simplicity of use give it an unrivalled place in the market. In an industry where your time is the most expensive element on any job, those doing the maths find it’s the most cost-effective solution out there. With social distancing becoming the new norm in all areas of our lives, Quickwire can help keep tradesman numbers down on site. The speed at which Quickwire products can be installed means that one person can complete a job in the same time it would normally take many more.

Junction box for 2.5mm cable The other big request we’ve had is to produce a version of our current splitter product that accepts 2.5mm cable for power applications. The good news is that we’ve made substantial progress on this front in the past few months. We’re hoping to release the product later this year.

Designed and manufactured in the UK Unlike the majority of electrical manufacturers, Quickwire is an entirely British designed and manufactured product. All of our parts and tooling are sourced from UK companies. Although there is always a temptation to outsource production to other countries where labour is cheaper, we feel strongly that it is important to remain UK based. This minimises our carbon footprint and gives us complete control over our production. You only have to hold a Quickwire Junction Box In your hand to recognise the high quality of the product. It really is British innovation at its finest (and we’re very proud of it). The recent coronavirus outbreak has revealed to us exactly how fragile international supply chains can be. We have benefitted from the fact that all our suppliers are based in the UK. With the huge effect the virus has already had on the UK economy we’re happy to be able to support British businesses in these difficult times.  QuickWire,



21/10/2020 10:15

uickwire New pluggable T-Connector for flexible cable Designed to dramatically speed up lighting installation time The new plug-in T-Connector consists of a plug and socket: The plug accepts flexible cable and the socket consists of two Quickwire solid core twin and earth, loop in loop out connections. It offers the same dramatic time-savings and ease of use as all of our Quickwire junction boxes.

Compact - fits through a 30mm diameter hole.

The fastest and simplest connector of its type.

One piece plug moulding simply snaps shut with cord grip.

Designed and manufactured in Great Britain. Rapid Quickwire™ connections

Dramatic time saving on site.

Easy disconnection for maintenance and testing.

Visit or your wholesaler for info 01183 840025





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08/10/2020 16:12


WHY DALI LIGHTING IS QUICK TO INSTALL AND EASY TO CONTROL Paul Jones, Country Director UK & Ireland, BEG Lighting Controls, looks at the benefits of installing DALI lighting.


Paul Jones, Country Director UK & Ireland, BEG Lighting Controls

12 | November 2020

BEG.indd 12

n non-residential buildings, energy consumption for lighting accounts for almost 20% in the UK – a significant proportion of total energy requirements. Many new buildings, or ones in partial use because of the impact of coronavirus, are installing or replacing their lighting systems with LED luminaires, which are an easy way to save energy costs and achieve better illumination at the same time. The LED luminaires are often DALI-capable, which makes it easy for them to be controlled from scene control, dimming or presence control. The addition of a smart control system to the lighting system provides further energy saving. When occupancy detectors are used, the light is only switched on when it is really needed. Areas that previously had to be permanently illuminated for safety reasons can now be illuminated according to presence, or even dimmed to provide a hold level of 10-20% of the lamp’s output. The light sensors integrated in the detectors measure the brightness of the room and regulate the amount of light that is required, measuring both the natural and artificial light levels. But once DALI lights are installed it opens up greater control, such as providing scene control. Installing a DALI lighting control system such as our DALI LINK is very easy. Normally such a system consists of three components: A DALI power supply, a DALI multi-master occupancy detector and a DALI push-button interface. To connect the DALI push-button interface, the two wires of the old light switch are used for the DALI bus, but now operating as low voltage. The old switch can be replaced with scene plates set to provide lighting levels for different requirements. Such as with a classroom, where the lighting can be set for the teacher to using whiteboard or reading or tests by just pressing the scene buttons.


If only one lighting group is operated on the DALI bus, the system can be operated directly by the preconfigured broadcast function. The main advantage of DALI, however, is the division of luminaires into lighting groups. With DALI LINK, the grouping of luminaires is also extremely easy. The push-button interface has a Bluetooth interface, so the system can be accessed via a Bluetooth enabled device such as a smartphone. The configuration of the luminaire groups is created with the appropriate app. In rooms with a single-sided window front, it generally makes sense to configure a luminaire group facing daylight and a luminaire group facing away from daylight. The luminaire group on the window is assigned a percentage brightness value in relation to the group facing away from it. This offset value makes the lighting in the room more homogeneous and makes better use of daylight. In larger offices, it is also possible to configure workstation-related light cells. If the room layout changes, the luminaire assignment can be quickly modified by the app without the need for rewiring. Different lighting scenes can be easily configured using the app, making it easy for electrical wholesalers and electrical contractors to meet their customer’s requirements. If the four-way push-buttons are not sufficient for the required scenes, these can also be stored for the customer in the end user access of the app. Often concrete values for the savings potential are promised. However, an absolute value cannot be bindingly specified. In individual cases, maximum values of up to 80% may be feasible, but this is not a rule. The saving is strongly dependent on the size, the spatial conditions and what the area was being used for, and this will be changing as businesses and organisations

Installing a DALI lighting control system is very easy

adapt to re-opening or partial re-opening because of COVID-19. In circumstances where buildings are closed or open with fewer people on timetables, it is a great time to install a lighting control system to be ready when all the staff return. In addition to the direct savings potential, there are also indirect effects: since the luminaires are targeted and no longer shine unnecessarily, maintenance intervals and the operating lifetime of the fitting can be extended. This is particularly interesting for LED luminaires where the LED lamps cannot be replaced later. However, the main advantage of such intelligent DALI LINK lighting control is that it can be implemented quickly, so saving time and money, both for the end user and the installer.  BEG Lighting Controls,

Different lighting scenes can be easily configured using the app



22/10/2020 17:04



DALI-LINK LARGE OFFICE SOLUTION ■ Addressable multi-master Lighting Control System

DALI Power supply

DALI Multisensor

DALI push-button module

PS-DALI-LINK-FC Part no. 92846

PD4N-DALI-LINK Part no. 93377

PBM-DALI-LINK-4W-BLE Part no. 92732

■ Supports DALI and DALI-2 luminaires ■ Ideal for retrofitting ■ Super flat multisensor available ■ Simple, intuitive operation ■ Free Bluetooth app with 2 functions: - Scene control for end customer - Commissioning tool for installers m 2.5 0



6.40 m 8m 24 m


0870 850 5412



FIRE RATED DOWNLIGHTS Advanced Series - Including Colour Change Technology FIRE RATED






på tværs 452m� walking across

frontalt 50m� 2 walking towards siddende 32m� 3 seated



* Colour Changing Technology Range - 3 Optional Colour Temperatures 2700k, 4000k & 6500k * Dim to Warm Range Also Available - Colour Temperature dims from 3000k to 2000k LUMENS OUTPUT




2700K 6500K 4000K




44-48 Freshwater Road, Dagenham, Essex RM8 1RX (United Kingdom)

Telephone. 020 8503 8500 | Facsimile. 020 8503 8900 |

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19/10/2020 15:46


OVIA SHEDS LIGHT ON PHASE 2 OF ITS DEVELOPMENT Exactly a year since its official launch, the Ovia brand goes from strength to strength, with revolutionary new testing equipment and a raft of new products.


hen Ovia was launched as an independent lighting organisation a year ago, the company’s aim was to fill a gap for a broad spectrum of entry level lighting products that are highly competitively priced, that offer a range of unique features and benefits, and are quick and easy to install to help contractors save time and money on any given project. The products were developed to cover a wide range of applications – domestic, amenity, commercial, industrial, utility, floodlighting and emergency lighting. A year later, and despite the major challenges to businesses and personal lives that coronavirus has thrown up, not only has Ovia managed to keep on track with its ambitious plans, it has continued to supply its full range of products to the market throughout the pandemic, and is now ready to take the wraps off the next phase of its development. Ovia has made some very significant investments in the last few months. These include the purchase of cutting-edge testing equipment and a revolutionary photometry testing scheme, the appointment of a former BSI testing expert and the addition of a raft of new products to its growing lighting and lighting controls ranges. Ovia has purchased its own Goniophotometer device and signed up to the revolutionary Gonio photometry luminaire testing scheme which has been created by the LIA, together with its partner Acal BFi, to enable lighting manufacturers to offer efficient third party certified luminaire performance testing. By bringing the light test facility in house, the ground-breaking testing scheme will radically speed up the testing process for Ovia’s lighting products and will also offer reassurance when it comes to validating photometric measurements such as lumens per watt and related performance claims. The appointment of former BSI electrical testing engineer, Michael Dunn,

14 | November 2020

Ovia.indd 14


to the role of senior testing engineer for the Scolmore Group of companies, is evidence of the importance the company places on the whole area of testing and compliance. He brings a wealth of experience garnered during an impressive career, which includes working within electrical installation and maintenance with a number of contracting firms in the early years, and latterly as electrical and lighting testing engineer for British Standards Institution. At Scolmore he is working alongside the technical team, providing vital product testing services across the whole group – Scolmore, ESP, Ovia and Unicrimp. He has overall responsibility for managing the testing requirements for effective delivery of compliant products and for ensuring that industry best practice is being adopted. Phase 2 of Ovia’s product development programme aims to build on the success of the first phase and sees the launch of a raft of new lighting solutions that will further enhance the offer for the professional electrical contractor. A critical part of the development process has been the continued engagement with contractors who are using the products, as well as the wholesalers selling them, to ensure these new products meet their needs. Ease of installation and cost-effective lighting solutions remain key elements to the development programme. There are new products as well as improvements and enhancements to existing lines; all designed to ensure a solution is available to suit all types of application and any size of project. A new range of battens has been added to the premium Inceptor collection. Inceptor B-Lite is a range of 4ft, 5ft and 6ft linear batten multi-current LED lights, which are a direct replacement for conventional battens and boast many features. A multi-current driver allows the installer to set the lumens in line with the particular location, whilst base to diffuser clips

and push-fit terminal blocks all make for easy installation and speed of termination of the conductors. The popular Inceptor EVO range of bulkheads has also been expanded. Among the additions is the Deco Excel – an extra-large bulkhead in a 20W version. It has a tri colour CCT switch integrated onto the LED board, making it easy to switch from 3000k, 4000k and 6000k. Mike Collins, Ovia sales director, comments: “It has been an extremely challenging but rewarding 12 months as we continue to grow the Ovia lighting range and raise the profile of the brand among an even wider contractor, specifier and wholesaler audience. “We are particularly excited with our investment in the new luminaire testing equipment. A significant amount of time and expense is invested in the critical testing element of new product development. What the LIA Gonio Photometry Scheme does is give us total control and puts both the product development and final evaluation process literally in our hands. This means a much faster turnaround in getting products tested and out into the marketplace.”  Ovia,



21/10/2020 10:19







call: 01827 300640


803707851 ECN Untitled-3 2 November Lighting Supplement ad - Ovia.indd 1




19/10/2020 10:30:16 19/10/2020 12:09


LEWDEN:LUX — INSPIRED BY CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENTS For over four decades, Lewden has supplied lighting solutions to some of Europe’s most challenging projects, including marine, gas and oil, chemical, mining, tunnels, shipyards, industry, food, agriculture, sports and ATEX, to name just a few.


stablished in 1946, Lewden is renowned as a supplier of high quality, innovative electrical solutions within the UK market. The engineering prowess of the company was enhanced in 2006 when it became part of the Palazzoli group. With over 100 years of industrial excellence as a manufacturer of electrical products, Palazzoli has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Brescia, Northern Italy which boasts the latest technology and innovation in developing quality engineered products. With a range of lighting fixtures designed specifically to cope with highly corrosive environments, high temperatures and areas at risk of explosion, Lewden:Lux, Lewden’s specialist lighting division engineers its luminaires to stand the test of time. Designed and engineered with aesthetics, durability, reliability, efficiency and peace of mind to the specifier, installer and lighting end user, you can be confident that with its range of highbays, floodlights, linear stainless steel, ATEX and architectural interior and exterior products, the company will have a solution for you.

Architectural Lighting by Lewden:Lux – for interior and exterior applications where aesthetic and modern sleek Italian design and quality are key to the decision-making process.

ATEX by Lewden:Lux – a comprehensive range of intrinsically safe lighting fixtures suitable for areas at risk of explosion, gas and dust zones 1/2, 21/22. Stral by Lewden:Lux – AISI 316L marine grade stainless steel, for coastal environments where corrosion causes premature failure or aesthetic degradation of ordinary products, Lewden:Lux offers lighting products that will operate longer and maintain their aesthetics and structural integrity in damp and salt laden atmospheres, whilst creating the most beautifully lit spaces.

The products within the Lux range offer great versatility with a wide range of Lumen outputs, mounting options and optical control ensuring the best photometric solutions for your next lighting project. Lewden:Lux is proud to have been awarded several prestigious international Red Dot Design awards for its product ranges, one of the most sought after seals of good quality for design. Lewden:Lux is a member of the lighting industry association and Lumicom to ensure compliance to best industry practices and that it is at the forefront of the latest industry developments. Certified in conformity to the ISO 9001 Standards, all of Lewden:Lux lighting fixtures are made in Italy and certified with several marks, such as ENEC, CESI, RINA, ATEX, IECEX, NEMKO and QL, giving you the assurance you would expect from a quality lighting fixture.  Lewden,

Palazzoli by Lewden:Lux – for harsh corrosive environments or where demanding industrial environments require well protected, high specification products that minimise the chances and impact of product failure, Lewden:Lux offers a range of lighting products suited to minimise the risk of failure due to corrosion and extreme temperatures.

16 | November 2020

Lewden.indd 16




22/10/2020 15:17


HIGH OUTPUT AND LONG LIFE — AT A COMPETITIVE PRICE Emelux is a UK company supplying quality LED luminaires direct from stock in its Sussex facility. The company is dedicated to offering a product range and a level of service that ensures every project can be supplied with practical, aesthetic and cost-efficient LED lighting equipment, even when last minute decisions are made.


roducts include battens, amenity fittings and emergency bulkheads, as well as ceiling and wall mounted decorative luminaires.

Trade pricing online Register for an account at trade.emelux. today. Once approved, you will be able to order online with competitive trade pricing. You can easily view and track your orders, check your order history and specify direct delivery addresses. All orders are despatched with FREE next day delivery*.

Scholar LED New from Emelux is the Scholar range of LED batten luminaires. They provide high light output and a long life at a competitive price. Scholar are available in two sizes – 1200mm (40W) and 1500mm (50W) – and are available with both mains and emergency operation. What makes Scholar a popular choice is its ease of installation and maintenance. The light module simply clips into place. This allows for quick installation and removal of the baseplate and access to the gear tray. The LED driver is electrically connected to the luminaire via a push-fit electrical plug. This allows the luminaire to be separated from the baseplate and gear tray with ease, even at height.

Like all Emelux standard mains luminaires, Scholar is available ex-stock for next working day delivery (emergency versions are built to order so subject to a short delay).

Emelux, *All mains products are held ex-stock. Emergency variations are made to order so will be subject to a short delay before despatch.



High output, IP65 polycarbonate base, fresnel lens.


High power, long life and simple to install with push button release of light module from baseplate.


Emergency lighting in the event of complete loss of normal mains supply. Wide distribution for good escape route illuminance. Maintained/non-maintained versions and EC/ISO legend kits available.



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high quality, competitively priced LED luminaires EX-STOCK FOR FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY All EMELUX luminaires comply with EN 60598

ELP.indd 17

EMELUX products are CE marked


A wide range of wall and ceiling mounted decorative LED lighting 22/10/2020 15:18


GREENBROOK ELECTRICAL THE LIGHTING MANUFACTURER... Peter Ratcliffe, Sales Director, explains why GreenBrook Electrical is fast becoming the go-to lighting choice for electrical wholesalers and contractors.


s the manufacturer of the Powerbreaker and Norslo brands, GreenBrook have taken their philosophy of quality and expert design into their LED Lighting ranges. Electrical wholesalers never really saw GreenBrook as a lighting company, but that is certainly starting to change, especially given our recent product additions and projects that we have secured. During these difficult times, when some LED lighting companies have gone completely off the radar, GreenBrook has launched three new LED ranges to complete their already full lighting portfolio, thus showing our company strength and resolve. Our aim over the next two years is to grow this part of our business in the UK and establish GreenBrook as a key supplier and manufacturer of quality lighting products to the market.

18 | November 2020

Greenbrook.indd 18


So, here are the new ranges... An addition to the infamous Vela range of fire rated downlights is the Vela Eco Fire – an IP65, open back fitting with GU10 lamp holder. This compact fitting offers a screwless ‘quick connect’ terminal block housing, making it quick and simple to install. This entry level product fits perfectly within the rest of the Vela range and now ticks every box for our customers; giving the choice and variety demanded in this challenging sector of the lighting industry. The new Nova range of LED Bulkheads offers the versatility of three different looks achieved by one fitting. Available with a wide glossy white trim, a narrow black trim and a tamper-proof wide black trim, this fitting can be used in both domestic and commercial applications. Available as standard, emergency, microwave and microwave/emergency these fittings are great options for corridors or areas that are sometimes unoccupied. With a history of commercial lighting projects with Next Retail and the Arcadia Group, GreenBrook’s lighting range is also able meet the changing demands of installations for house builders and contractors. Product quality and safety is paramount to the GreenBrook business and we regularly speak to contractors to find out what is important to them. The new Corvus range of non-corrosive luminaires are really nice quality fittings. With an integrated LED driver, metal gear tray and adjoining polycarbonate base and diffuser, this range is available in 5ft and 6ft lengths in standard and emergency. For additional security, this fitting offers stainless steel diffuser clips.

In a very demanding market, LED lighting is still a large growth area and I feel you must never stand still. This year has been a challenging year (to say the least!) which is why it is important to always be looking to develop new products. Our wholesaler stockists are vital to our growth and we value the relationships and support in delivering our exciting LED products to the UK market. We will continue to promote our ranges to the market via printed media and digital media, and with our post sales and technical support we will strive to be the best lighting supplier yet!  GreenBrook,



21/10/2020 10:17

GreenBrook Autumn ECA Advert 2020 Jen.qxp_Layout 1 23/09/2020 11:05 Page 1

An established supplier of quality LED & Emergency Lighting - Fire Rated Downlights - Floodlights - ACPs - Battens - Striplights - Panels - Bulkheads - Bathroom Fittings - Site Lighting - Lighting Connectors - Occupancy Detectors



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T: +44 (0) 1279 772 772

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22/10/2020 17:07


MERIDIAN LIGHTING’S NEW PRODUCTS — DEFYING LOGIC AND LOGISTICS IN 2020 2020 has been a year to remember for all the wrong reasons in terms of personal tragedies and business upheaval, yet the lighting market, along with many other industry sectors, is fighting its way through all the economic and logistical issues. Meridian Lighting by the CED Electrical Group is no exception and has successfully launched a tranche of new products this year, despite the obvious and numerous delivery delays.

UFO IP65 LED Fittings

LED Backlit Panels

April saw the first launch, with new LED UFO fittings. Available in 100w, 150w and 200w sizes and manufactured with pure aluminium heatsink bodies, these recessed fittings are finished in black with clear glass diffusers. Fitted with SMD LEDs providing a colour temperature of 5700k, they have an average lifespan of 40,000 hours and are backed with a five year warranty.

In August the range was enhanced with new 36w 600x600 LED Backlit Panels, available in 4000k cool white or 6500k daylight options, as well as emergency versions. Backlit for enhanced even light distribution, these panels are built with metal back covers and feature lockable DC connectors and flicker free CE approved drivers.

LED Slim Curved Floodlights

Meridian Integrated Fire Rated Downlights

July announced the arrival of new LED Slim Curved Floodlights. Available in 10w, 20w, 30w and 50w, these new style fittings have slim diecast bodies and come with angled brackets for ease of positioning, plus built-in integrated junction boxes for ease of wiring. Operationally there are two ranges – one Switch Start and one an IP56 Override PIR option – both with a 30,000 hour lifespan.

Fire Rated Open Body Downlights September brought new Open Body FRDs designed for LED lamps only and delivering improved performance and safety. Available in white, chrome and satin chrome finishes and built with all steel bodies, these downlights are fitted with new Quick-Fix loop in/loop out terminal blocks for easy installation.

Integrated IP65 Fire Rated Downlights Saving the best until last, October featured new technologically advanced Integrated FRDs – a three part series starts with standard 6w fittings, followed by a dim to warm range with dimming from 3000k to 2000k and, finally, the ultimate CCT (Colour Change Technology) range offering three colour temperatures of 2700k, 4000k and 6500k. Changes can be made by contractors or end users whilst the technology reduces wholesaler SKU count. White, chrome and satin chrome finishes all come with new QuickFix connectors. Quality assured – all ranges are CE approved meet BS Standards and with FRDs, are resistant to 30, 60 and 90 minute tests. CED Electrical Group,

20 | November 2020

CED.indd 20




21/10/2020 10:17


NOT ALL EMERGENCY LIGHTING DESIGNS ARE EQUAL An insight by Neil Whittingham, Sales Manager for Ventilux UK and member of the Emergency Lighting Technical Committee, Lighting Industry Association.


here is strong emphasis on ensuring that an emergency lighting system is fit for purpose, and a good start would be making sure that the emergency luminaires used on the project fully comply to BSEN60598-2-22 and have a full Certificate of Conformity. It would always be recommended to use a recognised emergency lighting manufacturer that operates an audited quality management system. But primarily we should be ensuring that the design is fit for purpose, as an uncompliant design would not only place the building users at risk, but it could also lead to additional costs or delays if the project fails to be completed due to an inadequate design or installation.

For any consideration for a new, or improvements to an existing emergency lighting scheme, BS5266 Part 1 highlights the need for the correct level of consultation between the responsible person, occupier of the premises, the design engineer, the electrical installation contractor and any relevant enforcing authorities. The consultation would help define the way the system is intended to operate and is guided by the risk assessment. If you are unsure on the requirements for the standards required for emergency lighting it would be beneficial to speak to an emergency lighting specialist, who will be able to assist. Like Ventilux, many offer a free design service and would help by providing a fully compliant design and engage with all stakeholders to assist in all stages of the development. However, is worth being cautious, as with emergency lighting products not all

products currently available within the market are fit purpose - the same could be said about designs. As an example, one clause within BS5266 Part 1 that is often neglected is clause 6.3 Failure of emergency lighting luminaire. The risk of occupants being in total darkness in the event of failure of an individual emergency luminaire should be minimised by ensuring that the illumination from at least two luminaires or emergency exit signs with a useable downward light element are present in both escape routes and open areas. For an emergency exit sign to be used for redundancy, the usable downward light element will require photometric data. The Ventilux Multilux range of exit signs provides a useable downward element, and comes available with multiple options for mounting.  Ventilux UK,

Multiple mounting options. 25m viewing distance. Supplied with universal kit legend.



One Luminaire, multiple Solutions.


Ventilux.indd 21

21/10/2020 10:18


INDUSTRY LIGHTING FROM LEDVANCE — THE RIGHT LIGHT FOR THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT LEDVANCE offers innovative LED lighting solutions for industry with highly efficient products specifically developed for use in this demanding environment.


ighting in industrial facilities must meet the demanding requirements of dusty, damp or vibrating environments. The right light in the right place improves efficiency, eliminates errors and boosts concentration. LEDVANCE’s impressive range of industrial applications stretches from lighting up entire assembly halls, to illuminating smaller units. LEDVANCE’s innovative lighting solutions for industry can not only improve quality, productivity and safety, but also significantly reduce warehouse energy costs.

LEDVANCE TruSys for advanced industrial LED lighting

LEDVANCE’s innovative lighting solutions for industry can significantly reduce warehouse energy costs

LEDVANCE’s trunking system, TruSys, is one of numerous specific LED lighting solutions for industrial use. The latest addition to the TruSys product family of trunking systems, the TruSys Performance luminaires, consists of three different models: TruSys Performance On/Off, TruSys Performance DALI and the TruSys Performance EM (emergency). All generate up to 11,200 lumens with a colour temperature of 4,000 Kelvin. Additionally, they have a very high system efficacy of up to 160 lumen per watt and an average lifespan L80/B10 with up to 60,000 hours. With four beam angles (very wide 120°, wide 90°, narrow 60°, very narrow 30°) and three different lumen packets (5,600lm, 8,000lm or 11,200lm) the TruSys Performance series can cope with different heights up to 10 metres in industrial buildings. The luminaires can be mounted quickly and easily without any additional tools through a click into place solution and the clever push-buttons also provide more comfort for demounting.

Ledvance.indd 22


In the industrial sector, for example, in factories with many open milling machines, damp-proof luminaires are needed which can withstand residues in the air. The damp-proof luminaires from LEDVANCE are suitable for a wide range of applications as they come in several versions (switchable, DALI, throughwired, battery for safety lighting). Thanks to extensive mounting and suspension accessories, the damp-proof luminaires are easy to install and offer energy savings of up to 50% (compared to luminaires that use fluorescent lamps). Offering IP67/IP69K protection, the damp-proof special luminaires are extremely robust and especially suited for industrial use with oily environments or uncovered outdoor applications thanks to high quality PMMA plastic in combination with stainless steel components. The visually attractive linear luminaires are extremely energy efficient at 150 lumen per watt and offer low flicker light thanks to special electronic control gear.

High bay luminaires

LEDVANCE’s impressive range of industrial applications stretches from lighting up entire assembly halls, to illuminating smaller units

22 | November 2020

Damp-proof luminaires

The smart high bay DALI luminaires extend the product family of powerful high bay luminaires for warehouses, factories and logistics centres. They can be extended with external presence and daylight sensors in a DALI environment – for daylight and occupancy-dependent operation. The high bay DALI constant lumen output is not only compatible with LMS dimmers and sensors thanks to DALI 2.0 interface, but also provides a constant luminous flux throughout its lifetime thanks to constant lumen output.

The newest addition to the LEDVANCE product family of high bay luminaires is the High Bay Value, which offers a very homogeneous light distribution due to a frosted tempered glass cover. Due to modern, attractive, slim and compact design, the luminaire is weight and size optimised. Separate accessories are also available, like an 80° beam angle, high quality aluminium reflector or brackets made of black steel with an adjustable swivel angle (±60°). The new HQI LED high bay lamps are ideal for use in large, high spaces such as production halls or high bay warehouses. With 13,000 lm and 20,000 lm they are an attractive LED alternative for applications with high lumen package demand. The HQI LED high bay models are a cost-efficient replacement for traditional 250 W and 400 W metal halide lamps with quartz technology (HQI) and can be operated on conventional control gears and ignitor. The lamps achieve a wide operating temperature range (-20 to 50 °C) thanks to an effective thermal management.

All-in one solutions The SubstiTUBE T5 UN and SubstiTUBE T8 UN are energy efficient all-in-one solutions, replacing traditional T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps. The LED tubes are made of glass, and bending is therefore avoided. They can be used in sensitive areas, thanks to a shatter protection film. The new SubstiTUBE T5 Universal is the first of its kind in the market. Low maintenance costs, due to an extremely long lifespan of up to 60,000 hours (L70/B50) and a very high luminous efficacy (up to 160 lm/W for the T8 Universal, up to 155 lm/W for the T5 Universal), ensure a high cost efficiency of the SubstiTUBE T5 and T8 Universal. Thanks to the new Universal models working with ECGs and AC Mains (T5) or even CCGs, ECGs and AC Mains (T8) respectively, wholesalers no longer need to keep different LED tubes for different driver technologies in stock. LEDVANCE lighting solutions come in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging with all relevant product information immediately visible on the outside of the box.  LEDVANCE,



21/10/2020 10:18


APPEALING. DISTINCT. FUNCTIONAL. From shops and hotels through to industrial production halls – LEDVANCE’s expanded selection of lighting solutions offer the right solution for various environments. This is because our entire range for standard applications combines technological and design innovations with proven strengths: great value for money, simplified installation and a guarantee of up to five years.


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16/10/2020 11:53

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21/10/2020 15:40

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