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Overload protection of an RCCB As per the 18th edition guidelines, overload protection of an RCCB or main switch shall not solely be based on the use of diversity factors of the downstream circuits. To achieve the correct overload protection of RCCBs or the main switch, the rated current of the upstream fuse must be selected accordingly. There is no defined standard between regional electricity providers with reference to the main fuse rating. While it is clear that the maximum permissible rating for a normal domestic installation is 100A, the main fuse ratings can vary between 63, 80 and 100A. Electrical installers should coordinate with the electricity supplier to adjust the main fuse rating to suit their design requirements. frequencies produced by connected appliances. In all cases, appliance manufacturer’s instructions must be considered when selecting the appropriate type of RCD for a particular item of equipment. Whilst the new regulations still allow the use of Type AC devices, Lewden have introduced a new range of RCCBs and single module RCBOs in ‘Type A’ running alongside the conventional ‘Type AC’ offering, allowing installers flexibility of choice between Type AC and Type A, depending on specific application needs.

Surge protection devices are recommended for installations that are exposed to transient over voltages in order to protect sensitive electrical and electronic equipment

Electrical installation in caravan or camping parks As per the new regulations, every socket outlet or connector must be interlocked in order to prevent the socket contacts being live when accessible. Hence noninterlocked sockets can no longer be installed in Caravan / Camping parks and similar locations. Lewden has recently launched a new range of Caravan Hook Up Units


comprising individually RCBO - protected switched interlocked sockets featuring an overall 100A 2P main switch and 2P 30mA Type B 6kA RCBOs compliant to EN 61009. Allowing safe electrical operation, the Caravan Hook Up units range from Lewden includes a slim line single interlocked version as well as models with two or four socket outlets. The range is available in both unmetered and MID certified metered versions for each socket to ensure accuracy for consumer billing purposes. The interlocking arrangement is achieved mechanically via the socket outlet and an integral AC3-AC23A category isolator switch. The flexible and robust enclosure design of the Caravan Hook up units allows either 16A or 32A switched interlocked sockets to be interchanged on the same fixing flange and wire harness, making it easy to upgrade additional sockets quickly at a later stage. Lewden,


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