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Mark Gaydos - Nlyte Mark Gaydos, chief marketing officer at Nlyte Software has over 20 years of enterprise software marketing experience. He has held his current position for over three and a half years and is responsible for marketing and global inside sales. Prior to this appointment he served as senior vice president for marketing at Engine Yard, having also held a variety of marketing roles at Oracle, SAP and Comergent. What is your main motivation in the work that you do? I’m passionate about technology and enjoy working with people as well as helping customers get value from our solutions, which in turn helps them add value.   What are the biggest changes you have seen in the data centre industry in a nutshell? The biggest changes I have seen would have to be the massive increase in choices for computing infrastructure. From cloud to colocation to owned facilities, it is forcing everyone in the infrastructure space to improve efficiency and transparency just to stay relevant. 

14 | November 2017

Mark thinks an internship is the best route to take for young people looking to get into the industry

What, in your opinion, is the most important aspect of a successful data centre? It boils down to planning and collaboration. Too many operations such as apps, Dev Ops, ITSM, security and finance depend on infrastructure. For all these to work in harmony things have to be coordinated and made transparent.   Which major issues do you see dominating the data centre industry over the next 12 months? The increased use of a hybrid model and understanding what skills an organisation needs to keep in house and which they can outsource, at cost and risk, of course.

Can you tell us about any projects you are currently working on? Helping support the increased demand for Nlyte data centre management (DCIM) solutions such as Discovery and Nlyte 9.0 in Europe, Middle East and India. How would you encourage a school leaver to get involved in your industry? What are their options? Reach out to infrastructure directors and offer to perform an internship. Even if they don’t have a position right away they may be able to create one if they have someone eager to work. Failing that, if they don’t have something in the short term they will keep your details on file and will look you up when they have something.

DCN November 2017  
DCN November 2017