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Romain Russier Soccer e-book

“I can bring my experience of French Football to a college team.” Romain Russier


I hurt myself in training. I push myself to the limit. I am thoughtful, poised and a great worker. I have a deep, inner belief in my abilities.


I am a leader and bring a lot of experience as a regular team captain

Introduction Studying and practicing sport at the same time is very much part of the American culture than it is in France. I think I can bring my experience of European football, specifically, french.  The coach that selects me can rely on  me as a leader because of my experience as a Captain in the different divisions  that I have played in with my clubs.

Personal Information Name: Date of Birth: Citizenship: Sex: Email: Cell/Phone: Height: Weight:

Romain Russier 6 May 1992 French Male Available on request 176cm 72kg

Supreme Fitness

Academic Information School:

Tezenas du Montcel

Year of Education:

Correspondence courses in Biology and intensive English training


Bachelor of Science

Academic Goals:

Physiotherapist Physical Trainer

Soccer Information Current Club: Current Coach: Coach Contact Details: Bleep Test Result: 10m Sprint Stopped: 10m Sprint Launched: Vertical Jump: Bench Press: Neck Draw:

Saint Etienne Jean-Phillippe primard Available on request 17.7 1.71sec 1.20sec 58.9cm 107kg 105kg

Experienced and Reliable

Achievements Champion of the league, U14 National Tournament Winners, Montaigu, U16 National Tournament Finalist, St. Joseph, U18 France U19 Cup Final 3rd and 2nd Tournament U21 training centers in Ploufragan

Representative Teams Championship of France Amateur (CFA 4th National Division)

I work on my goals until they are realized fully


Combining my studies and soccer is something I feel I can do with great success in the US Collegiate system

Goals College Goal: To be successful in my academic pursuits and be a regular starter who contributes to my college’s on field success. Life Goal: To be happy, have a family and have a job for which I am happy to get up every morning and go to.

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Athletes USA's Romain Russier  
Athletes USA's Romain Russier  

French Soccer player, Romain Russier, is ready to embark on a college career.