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Logan Kleffer Soccer

Logan Kleffer

Personal Date of Birth: Address: Sex: Height: Weight:

08-19-1993 22 rue des champs 67130 Russ France Male 6’07” 178lbs

Academics High School:

Ecole technique privé AS Cannes


Brevet des colleges Baccalaureate


Sitting exam in 2013 Sitting exam in 2013


Get a Masters in Business International

02 | Logan Kleffer | Soccer | France

Elite A true athlete in the net, Logan has what it takes to compete at the next level.

03 | Logan Kleffer | Soccer | France

Athletic info Sport: Current Club: Position: Current Coach:

Soccer AS Cannes Goalkeeper Franรงois Lemasson


Promoted to the first team of A.S Cannes 2011 - 2012 France champion amateur Winner of championship and cup with F.R Hagueneau 2009 - 2010


AS Cannes Team Country of Alsace FR Hagueneau AS Erstein


04 | Logan Kleffer | Soccer | France

Winner When you want something, you can get it, you just need to work again and again. Like training, working and i never give up. Logan Kleffer

05 | Logan Kleffer | Soccer | France

Legacy Logan is determined to extend his legacy in the US collegiate system. Not only on the field, but in the classroom as well.


What makes you different to other athletes? I am different from others, when I have a goal, I do everything to succeed. I am patient, I know it takes time and efforts to get something. According to me, when you want something, you can get it, you just need to work again and again. I like training and working, I do not give up easily. I listen to remarks and I start again and again until I succeed. I played with some excellent goalkeepers (like JĂŠrĂŠmy Gavanon who played the finale of the 2004 UEFA) who provided me help based on their own experience, help I used to improve myself as well I could.

College Goals My first goal is to graduate, because I’m aware that becoming a professional soccer player is a hard to fulfill dream. If I get hurt, I would like to be able to easily find a job, and a good one. Soccer is not the only objective one since I know that one day I will have to stop playing and live a normal life. When this time will come, I really want to be able to find a job I like.

Life Goals I am determined to become a professional soccer player and become the best goalkeeper as I can. I would like to live a beautiful "success story" with soccer and give my team a lot of victories. l would really enjoy living a life full of various experiences.

07 | Logan Kleffer | Soccer | France

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Logan Kleffer  

Logan Kleffer top soccer athlete from France