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Denica Dobreva



Based on my many years of experience in sport, and given my desire to gain new knowledge and skills, I believe that I can be valuable for the college's athletics team. I expect to enhance my intellectual growth as well as reach new heights in sport.



Denica Dobreva

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Personal info & Academics

Date of birth: Citizen: Sex: Height: Weight: NCAA Clearinghouse No. High school:

04.08.1996 Bulgaria Female 1.75m 55kg Pending

!! 9 French  Language  School   ! Alphonse  de  Lamartine              

Graduation: 2015 Grades: Very good 5.10 (out of 6.0)


SAT: Pending TEOFL: Pending


College education goals: I have always had keen interest in Maths. I understand quickly new materials and I can filter out the important information. I would like to continue in this subject and develop further my knowledge.


Why America? “From now on I shall exert all my efforts to fulfill my dreams of supporting my higher education by exercising my favorite sport. It can only happen in the US College system encouraging both sport and education.�


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Why Denica “I believe in myself and I am certain that I will manage to succeed.�


Athletic Information


Track & Field

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At National championships: For kids 2013 – 3rd – bronze medal For juniors 2013 – 3rd- bronze medal For juniors 2012- 3rd- bronze medal


2013 2013 2013 2014

National National National National

Youth Youth Youth Youth

Indoor Championships 100m hurdles - 3rd place, 15.67s Outdoor Championships 100m Hurdles - 3rd place, 15.97s Indoor Championships 60m Hurdles - 2nd place, 9.54s Indoor Championships 60m Hurdles - 2nd place, 9.71s

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What makes you different to other athletes? What makes me different is that when I set my mind on a goal, I do everything in my capacity to achieve it. I'm really dedicated to what I do if I find it worthy and in case there is a challenge, I always accept it.

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Why do you want to compete in college? I plan to go to college to advance my education and progress my career in the track and field. I am sure that in USA my elaboration will be best ever. My ambitions are great and I shall do my best in pursuing them. I do hope my participation to the College team will be valuable to the enhancement of the College sport image.

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Life goals? I believe that the meaning of life comes down to living happily and enjoyably. I want to accomplish my dreams and live, I mean, live in the full sense of that word. I hope to become a great athlete like Sally Pearson or Yordanka Donkova. I want to be brilliant and fantastic in life and backed up by a sound professional career to see the world and experience everything positive I can.


Im ready “I hope that hard work at the fields will lead to good results.�

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Denica Dobreva  
Denica Dobreva  

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