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Corey DeCandia

Corey DeCandia, Australian, Tennis e-book

Sports Scholarship Agency

Sports Scholarship Agency


I work extremely hard on trying to reach my goals and do what it takes in order to allow me to achieve them.

Introduction I have aspirations to obtain a high level of education as well as compete in a team environment in the sport I love at the highest level possible. I have an easy going personality which allows me to engage with many different people, whether English speaking or otherwise. I enjoy playing in a team with a good camaraderie and who have the ability to keep working hard when losing or when things are not going my way.

Personal Name: Email: Date Of Birth: Sex: Height: Weight:

Corey Jack Decandia August 1, 1994 Male 185cm 80kg

I believe I would be an asset to any team as I am an individual who strives to be the best they can be.


Name of High School: Current Year of Education: Grades: Academics Goals:

SAT Score: NCAA clearinghouse ID:

Prince Alfred College Year 12 (Final Year) in 2012 Maintaining a B Grade Average An ATAR of 85+ to ensure I am accepted into the University course of my choice (Australian University Entrance scoring system) Preparing for Test In process of registering

Tennis Current Club: Current Coach: Coach Detail: Beep Test: Max Bench: 20m Sprint: 3km Time Trial:

Broadview Tennis Club Adelaide, Australia Mark McMahon Contact number available on request Level 13 95kg 3.2s 11 min 20s


I enjoy playing in a team environment.


2007 2007 2007

Tasmanian Junior Open Winner U/12 Port Pirie Junior Open Winner U/12 WA Open U/14 Finalist

2008 2008 2008 2008

France Montaleigne Winner U/14 France Montaleigne Finalist U/16 Darwin Open Finalist U/14 NT Open Winner U/18


October Age U/16 finalist


4th place in The World Championships in Calais, France


AMT Finalis

Representative Teams 2007-2009 Member of the Adelaide National High Performance Academy 2007 U/12 State Team 2008

U/13 State Team

2009-10 2009-10

Member of PAC State Champions Team Member of PAC National Champion Team (AUS Champions)

2010 2010-12

Member of 2010 PAC Touring team Member of Broadview State Pennant team


Member of Broadview Tigers NTL team.


College Goals I aspire to play in a successful college team as well as receive a degree in the area of study I choose. I also hope to form new friendships which I will be able to have for the rest of my life. Depending on my success, I would like to aspire to achieve the highest level of tennis possible so that I wont have any regrets later in life.

Life Goals To earn a comfortable income which will allow me to lead the life I want, as well as support my family. I believe playing college tennis would be an experience I would cherish for the rest of my life and allow me the opportunity to become a respected person in the community and be able to offer guidance and advise to my peers.



Sports Scholarship Agency

Athletes USA's Corey DeCandia  

Corey, from Adelaide, Australia, is a Tennis Player of significant ability who is looking to further his tennis career by playing in the NCA...

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