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Corey DeCandia

Corey DeCandia, Australian, Tennis e-book

Sports Scholarship Agency

Sports Scholarship Agency


I work extremely hard on trying to reach my goals and do what it takes in order to allow me to achieve them.

Introduction I have aspirations to obtain a high level of education as well as compete in a team environment in the sport I love at the highest level possible. I have an easy going personality which allows me to engage with many different people, whether English speaking or otherwise. I enjoy playing in a team with a good camaraderie and who have the ability to keep working hard when losing or when things are not going my way.

Personal Name: Email: Date Of Birth: Sex: Height: Weight:

Corey Jack Decandia August 1, 1994 Male 185cm 80kg

I believe I would be an asset to any team as I am an individual who strives to be the best they can be.


Name of High School: Current Year of Education: Grades: Academics Goals:

SAT Score: NCAA clearinghouse ID:

Prince Alfred College Year 12 (Final Year) in 2012 Maintaining a B Grade Average An ATAR of 85+ to ensure I am accepted into the University course of my choice (Australian University Entrance scoring system) Preparing for Test In process of registering

Tennis Current Club: Current Coach: Coach Detail: Beep Test: Max Bench: 20m Sprint: 3km Time Trial:

Broadview Tennis Club Adelaide, Australia Mark McMahon Contact number available on request Level 13 95kg 3.2s 11 min 20s


I enjoy playing in a team environment.


2007 2007 2007

Tasmanian Junior Open Winner U/12 Port Pirie Junior Open Winner U/12 WA Open U/14 Finalist

2008 2008 2008 2008

France Montaleigne Winner U/14 France Montaleigne Finalist U/16 Darwin Open Finalist U/14 NT Open Winner U/18


October Age U/16 finalist


4th place in The World Championships in Calais, France


AMT Finalis

Representative Teams 2007-2009 Member of the Adelaide National High Performance Academy 2007 U/12 State Team 2008

U/13 State Team

2009-10 2009-10

Member of PAC State Champions Team Member of PAC National Champion Team (AUS Champions)

2010 2010-12

Member of 2010 PAC Touring team Member of Broadview State Pennant team


Member of Broadview Tigers NTL team.


College Goals I aspire to play in a successful college team as well as receive a degree in the area of study I choose. I also hope to form new friendships which I will be able to have for the rest of my life. Depending on my success, I would like to aspire to achieve the highest level of tennis possible so that I wont have any regrets later in life.

Life Goals To earn a comfortable income which will allow me to lead the life I want, as well as support my family. I believe playing college tennis would be an experience I would cherish for the rest of my life and allow me the opportunity to become a respected person in the community and be able to offer guidance and advise to my peers.



Sports Scholarship Agency

Athletes USA's Corey DeCandia  
Athletes USA's Corey DeCandia  

Corey, from Adelaide, Australia, is a Tennis Player of significant ability who is looking to further his tennis career by playing in the NCA...