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Charlie McLean Golf

Charlie McLean

Personal Date of Birth: Address: Sex: Height: Weight:

10-04-1990 England Male 5’10” 80 kg

Academics High School: Current Year:

Severn Vale School 2006 Graduation


English English Literature Math Science Double Award Geography Physical Education D&T Resistant Materials French

Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Sports and Excellence Merit


I would like to study Business Management at University. I have always shown a keen interest in this field and would like to strengthen my knowledge in the subject. I think it would be a great degree to have with a lot of opportunities after graduation. I want to achieve a bachelor’s degree.

02 | Charlie McLean | Golf | England


Elite Charlie is an elite competitor. He is strong in every part of his game and continues to improve with every round he plays.

03 | Charlie McLean | Golf | England

Athletic info Sport: Current Coach: Handicap:

Golf Paul Mitchell +1


Junior Club Champion 2 time Men’s Club Champion (youngest ever, 15) Gloucestershire under 15 Champion Joint course record at Brickhampton court golf club (64, -7) Gloucestershire county player U14, 16, 18, and current men’s first team player Captained Hartpury college men’s team Gloucestershire men’s order of merit winner 2012 West of England Amateur Open Stroke Play Champion 2012 (England order of merit, WAGR Event) 37th England men’s order of merit 2012 Top 10 finish English champion club finals 2012 (-3) Burnham Challenge Salver Champion 2013



04 | Charlie McLean | Golf | England

Winner A proven winner in his home country, Charlie wishes to take his skills to the US to compete.

05 | Charlie McLean | Golf | England

Interview What makes you different to other athletes? I am the most hardworking, dedicated person you could put In your team. I have complete confidence in my ability to achieve my goal and will overcome any obstacle in my way. I am willing to do whatever it takes to become the best college golfer, and will dedicate myself to achieve all expectations. I am willing to go the extra mile in every walk of life. Why do you want to compete in college? I want to compete at college because the level of competition should stimulate my competitive attitude and improve my golf in the best environment in the world. I feel a US college offers me everything I’m looking for and I will improve my standards as a person and golfer. College Goals I feel my high level of tournament experience will bring strength to the college team I represent. I have experienced the highs and the lows of competitive team golf, and have learnt how to win. I enjoy competing under pressure and feel it brings the best out of me. This ability will allow for me to integrate well into the college team I represent. I want to be the No.1 athlete on the team and will do whatever it takes to win national championships. I want to bring the most to my college team and will give 100% dedication to being the No.1 player. I think the US provide the best facilities and coaching to give me the best chance in fulfilling my life time goal of gaining a tour card and winning major championships. Life Goals My whole life I have been dedicated to becoming the most elite golfer I can be, trying to fulfill my potential in every way possible, playing and practicing up to 10 hours a day. This goal is very apparent to this day, and I will not stop until I achieve it. Apart from golf I want to gain a business degree at university. I feel a degree will give me the qualification to have a successful life In whichever path I wish to take. But competing at college level, it gives me the opportunity to further my education and golf progress at the same time. The USA has the best facilities to rocket me to the top of the golfing ranks. Apart from golf and education I want to be a genuine, good, kind person, be able to start a family, provide for them and give them the best chance in life.

07 | Charlie McLean | Golf | England

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Charlie McLean  

Top golfer from England

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