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Alexandre Costet Soccer

Alexandre Costet

Personal Date of Birth: Address: Sex: Height: Weight:

05-29-1992 France Male 1.78m 154lbs

Academics High School: Current Year:

University of Jean Monnet Sophomore year in Law (2014 graduation)


I would like to obtain a bachelor degree in Law, because I intend to become a diplomat. This is the reason why I would like to improve my English Level too. Then I would like to imagine my future between my birth country and an English spoken one. My favorite one will be USA.


TBD 81


During school I have always shown a keen interest for the actuality of our society. This is the reason why I chose to study the law, my grades reflect extremely well upon my capacity to understand the subject and to absorb information. Ideally I would like to continue to study in this subject allowing me to improve my knowledge and to obtain a bachelor in law.

02 | Alexandre Costet | Soccer | France

Elite Alexandre is an elite athlete, not only excelling on the soccer field but in cross country as well

03 | Alexandre Costet | Soccer | France

Athletic info Sport: Current Coach:

Soccer Jean Marie Lorillot

Achievements: U15 U18 Senior

Second year championship of Elite 7th round en coupe Gambardella lost against Mont Ferrand Finalist of Houte Loire Cup (lost against Puy en Velay) First year championship of exellence

School Athletics

2009 France champion of cross country (UNSS) 2009 Auvergne champion of room-soccer (UNSS) 2010 Auvergne champion of cross counry (UNSS)


Leonard de vinci cross country team Leonard de vinci room-soccer team Interfoot (club soccer team)


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04 | Alexandre Costet | Soccer | France

Winner A winner on and off the field, Alexandre is a tireless worker and never avoids and opportunity to get better.

05 | Alexandre Costet | Soccer | France

Legacy Alexandre has big goals for himself. He not only wishes to succeed on the field but is a very gifted student as well. His legacy is determined by his work ethic and given the right opportunities he will become very successful.

Interview What makes you different to other athletes? What makes me different from another athlete is that when I have got a good support, I will improve faster than any other athlete. Thanks to it I became French Champion of cross country in high school. Followed by my coach every day, I developed myself from a classic runner to an excellent one. I am sure that I can find this support for the soccer in USA. I always give the best of what I’ve got. When I intend to do something, I’ll do anything to achieve it. Why do you want to compete in college? I know that an important part of my life will be guided by my job, and I know how it is important to succeed in my studies. For me, sports are as important and competing in college will give me the change to develop my mind by studying and playing soccer at a high level. The American system is the best for it, as a real culture. This is a chance for me to learn more about myself. College Goals I have learned to combine my studying with my sports in order to get high results in both sides. I want to be part of a college ream and will do what it takes to win the national championship. My objective is first to work hard in order to improve my English and my soccer level. I really want to know how strong I can become into an American university. My goal is to come up to my limits by working really hard. I have got a competitive spirit, my first goal will always be to win the match with my teammates, no matter if I score 2 or 3 points. What makes me strong is my mindset. I will never give up and will always give the best of myself. Life Goals I know that money is not the most important thing in life. But I think having money will avoid some problems in life, and allow me to focus on the pursuit of happiness. This is why I want to study a lot and hard to build a comfortable future. I also want to find myself through the sport.

07 | Alexandre Costet | Soccer | France

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Alexandre Costet  

Alexandre Costet